December 29th, 2011

Second Policy Salvo Against Miliband
Mandelson Backed Think-Tank Launches Another Broadside

For the second time in a month Peter Mandelson’s think-tank, Policy Network, has launched a policy salvo against the direction the Labour Party is taking under Miliband. Mandelson privately is contemptuous of young Ed, these high-minded wonkish policy exhortations are the respectable manifestation of that contempt.

Last month his think-tank published “In the Black Labour: Why fiscal conservatism and social justice go hand-in-hand” is a discussion paper in which the authors; Graeme Cooke, Adam Lent, Anthony Painter and Hopi Sen, called for Labour to embrace fiscal conservatism. The paper was an explicit rebuttal of the kamikaze economics of Ed Balls endorsed by Ed Miliband, which poll after poll shows is not seen as credible by the public. Despite the state of the economy Cameron and Osborne are supported by the British public to a far greater extend than Miliband and Balls.

In exactly the same vein shadow pensions minister Gregg McClymont MP and Oxford historian Ben Jackson have written a paper for the think-tank warning that austerity governments often defeat opponents and that historically the Tories have achieved this on multiple occasions. They also urge Miliband to abandon his “predators and producers” rhetoric and “put forward a more convincing strategy for private sector growth than the Conservatives”. McClymont and Jackson further warn that Ed Miliband must avoid the “tax and spend” trap and “a simple defence of the public sector and public spending”Alas that is Labour policy in a nutshell..

See also: Labour-Centrists Laying Down Reality-Based Policy Ideas


  1. 1
    First ! says:

    Wheres Billy. ?

    • 4
      ffs! says:

      Who cares?!

      • 22
        British Tourist Board says:

        Visit Britain 2012 – Olympics Year! See Vietnamese style head-shot executions in ‘mad’ Madchester; fatal stabbings over Chinese-made tat in ‘footwear’ stores in London’s ‘prestigious’ Oxford Street; fatal stabbings of babysitters in ‘affluent’ Hertfordshire; the UK’s No.1 Christmas visitor attraction, the, er, German Market in Birmingham, from good old, er, Germany.

        Ah, fuck it, it’s a freakshow. Come and see the spastics before they nuke the fucking shithole for the benefit of mankind.

        • 29
          Ry Smiler says:

          Thanks for that chuckle.

          • Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

            Mandleson, Miliband, Balls, Cooper, they all want power for the sake of power and will develop any strategy to grasp the reins that they have all been groomed to hold.

            When Ed became Labour leader, his first words were “I will work 24 hours a day, 7 days week until we are back in No. 10″ and that’s the rub, they just want the power.

            I really do think that Cameron, George et al are actually trying todo the best for the country – it’s not as if they need the money!

            The Prince of darkness can get rid of Ed, but who is untainted by the Brown/Blair fiasco with enough weight to do the job. If they bring on their best prospect too early, he could become the new William Hague.

          • Jeronimo says:

            GM, politicos get in to power not for immediate wealth, it is the patronage that they can bestow, for example, the mega-exploiter one T B’Liar, the idea is that they give various gifts and honours that are within realm to give and hope that they are then returned in appreciation, there is a saying I cannot remember which describes this effect

          • post hoc says:

            Millitwat’s new year’s message also failed to thrill. It was Labour that got into bed with the privileged few and did down the working classes. What a first class hypocrite he is.

        • 32
          Goddess, Empress, Dictator Frau Merkel says:

          The German market is the best attraction, I should know. Britain is not a freakshow it has been constructed under my guidance by my Blair and Brown poodles. I can now look at Britain and compare the massive superiority of Germany.

        • 52
          pale azure and gules says:

          Blair’s Britain at its best.

          • Harry-et has piggy iiiii's says:

            Who honestly cares what this bunch of discredited weasel lying scumbags even thinks?
            Why are they still awarded any credibility whatsoever?
            They should find a hole and crawl into it, emerging only to be met with utter contempt.

          • Gilbert Fiddler says:


            All these nulabyrinthian arseholes just keep pissing about with their ‘idealogy’, without ever dreaming that they should actually go and do some real work!

            It’s prats like these dreamers who just fester amongst themselves, and between them, they’ve never had to do anything productive, just prattle their silly ideas, and expect the lumpen thickery to vote for them.

            The Tosserati rules in their tiny minds.

        • 113
          Nigga' Shopping For Nike says:

        • 121
          Jimmy says:

          And it’s only been 18 months

        • 203
          Anonymous says:

          Arf! Very good

      • 67
        Sir Barrington Minge says:

        Mandleslime and Millislop…yech!!

    • 8
      ADHD Anonymous says:

      Is that you billy?

    • 11
      Two Eded Labour says:

      Why is Bollock ED determining Labour policy, did he not lose the Leadership election?

      • 14
        National Inglish Council of Inglishness says:

        The nominations for “Inglishman of the year 2011″ are

        Ed Milliband
        Ed Balls
        John Terry
        Piers Morgan
        Harriet Dromey
        Frankie Cocozza
        Jane Pilgrim
        Bob Crow

        Makes you proud eh !

    • 177
      Next to 1st. says:

      If Cameron is a winner (and a very strong one at that…. Call him a lucky general if you like)….. then by definition the opposition will be twats.

      Only twats oppose strong winners. Doh.

    • 263
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Im free

    • 299
  2. 2
    nellnewman says:

    Well bullyballs will say mandy doesn’t know what he’s talking about and militwit has just launched his new phrase for 2012 – oh what was it now I forget and he’s only just said it on the news…..

  3. 3
    Backstairs Billy says:

    Mandy can fuck right off. A thoroughly nasty little shit.

  4. 6
    Robert Mugabe - Marxist (Like Ed Miliband and Ken Livingstone) says:

    Leave Ed alone Mandleson….we want Labour out for eternity

    • 70
      Sir Barrington Minge says:

      Labour will go nowhere as long as the Blair/Brown connection exists….Milliband, Balls, Cooper, Harman etc etc

      Long may they last!!!

      • 84
        East India Company wallah says:

        And while the BBC continue to wheel that vain prick with a rock on each shoulder now known by the aristocratic term Lord John Prescott out for a sniping soundbite at every opportunity they can forget re-election
        The public do not share the beebs awe of this lout and consider it treasonous to have inflicted the oaf on the inhabitants of these islands for thirteen long years

        • 91
          Our fully integrated transport system says:

          I believe his full title is “Robber Baron Prescott”

        • 111
          Bill Hayden says:

          Bang on, whoever looks after the Labour media appearances must be in the pay of Tory Party Centre! Letting a knob like Prescott and that sinister old queen Mandelson on the screens is to keep Dave in power for next 10 years. As for Millibean the only danger for Cameron is that they get rid of him before 2015.

          I fully expect Ed to take Labour to the polls and repeat their ‘progressive triumph’ of 1983. Bet he cries

        • 163
          Some BBC Mong says:

          If we kiss enough Labour arse, we will get a higher TV Poll Tax from a grateful Labour Party – that is what the Party members running the BBC tell us.

        • 232
          Prescott's chipolata says:

          Leave my man alone.

  5. 7
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Funny that for 13 years no one in Liebore gave a shit whilst the one eyed idiot was handing out billions he stole from private pension and his endless stealth taxes.

    Liebore can’t work it out that people woke up to the Nu Liebore lies and that whilst the public sector vermin still want to keep their cosy lifestyle most people are fed up of being ripped off.

    • 40
      Albert hall says:

      you’re quite right but there are still 30 odd % of low iq people who are prepared to vote for this shower of s***,

  6. 9
    MrAngry61 says:


    There is nothing right wing about fiscal conservatism. It simply means that those from whom the state borrows can have absolute confidence that it will meet its obligations to repay, come what may.

    Even his definition involves borrowing! Where are the Austrian school think tanks?

  7. 10
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Keep up the great work Red Ed.

    David Cameron should take the advice of Daily Express readers by having a General Election in May.

  8. 12
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Hopi Sen is seriously cerebral, one of the few lefties who doesn’t make an oxymoron out of”Left-wing intellectual” and hate him or hate him, Mandy may be ethically challenged, but he’s no fool either. Fortunately, both are indelibly contaminated by association with the Blair era and therefore Policy Network will be ignored by the hard-of-thinking PS union leaders who are presently running the Labour party.

  9. 13
    Allegedly Posh Jock says:

    Mandelson would criticise whoever was in charge of the current Labour catastrophe simply because, like the scorpion stinging the frog, he is what he is. That just happens to be an extremely unpleasant, easily disliked, money grubbing, hypocritical scumbag.

  10. 15
    No chance for Labour with these two in charge says:

    Miliband has three big problems…first the public perceive him to be “left wing(whatever he says to the contrary) and under the control of the unions particularly UNITE to whom he owes his leadership and unless he ditches them he’s no chance of winning any election(as Michael Foot discovered and Kinnock);his economic policies are simply not credible and the public understand this(so ditch Balls he loses another few hundred votes everytime he opens his mouth) and lastly he’s not regarded as having “Leadership Qualities” which whatever you personally think of Cameron …HE has in spades.

    Whilst Labour is led by the two Ed’s and appealing to their “core voters” they have no chance of ever returning to government as they simply do not appeal to the vast majority of “floating voters” including female voters that decide elections

    • 51
      Sir Aston Martin says:

      Did you hear that geriatric wretch, Dennis Healey, on t’wireless last night? Absolved himself of all blame for Labour’s 1970s clusterfuck, so he did, and, interspersed with other fatuous dribblings, denied Brown’s clusterfuck too, then pronounced his benediction on young Ned Miliband. And to think we’re paying for his daycare!

      • 58
        Gonk says:

        They’re all infected. Read 23, the illness still exists in dank pockets.

      • 82
        Anonymous says:

        No, but I heard Sir Victor Blank justifying the destruction of Lloyds Bank. It doesn’t get much worse than that. Another bank destruction denier who’s like a weak battery: needs charging.

      • 168
        Frank says:

        Aw, come on, Healey’s not a complete hypocrite. At least he paid for his wife’s eye treatment (at the same time as trying to stop anybody else doing the same!)

  11. 16
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Labour civil war. Rejoice!

  12. 19
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    The lights are going out all over the Liebore Party.

    Rejoice! Just rejoice at that news :-)

  13. 20
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Mandleson came back to support Brown knowing he was running the country into the ground. Mandleson is a leach on our society, in denial about his past, and a crook. How has he afforded his multi-million pound London home? Mandleson is also in the elite clique of this country, jobs for the boys and all that!
    Ed Miliband is a Brownite, and controlled by the union boss 6 figure salaried hypocrites.
    Both Mandleson and Miliband are political losers, and serve no purpose whatsoever.
    Long may they continue to stab each other in the back, and continue to play at socialism.

    • 27
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      His london home is paid for by his EU payoff and pension.

      • 122
        correction says:

        “His london home is paid for by his EU payoff and pension us.”

      • 123
        Archer Karcher says:

        His London home was paid for by very grateful oligarchs, who he awarded swe*ethe*art crony de*als to, while he was EU trade commie-zsar. Allegedly.

    • 47
      I Hate Tesco AND the Pope says:

      I was giving up on Guido, with all that pointless crap coming from wankers like Anonymous, when, out of nowhere, comes the best discussion in years. Don’t forget that shortly before the One-Eyed Scottish Moron went down the tubes, Lord Mandelslime of the Back Passage said HE WAS READY TO WORK WITH THE TORIES. It shows what a yellow-spined, opportunist, unprincipled sack of shit he really is. If this intervention finally sticks the shiv into NuLiabore then Mandy will go down in history as the killer of his own party. It certainly looks that way…………. There’s no way a stuttering halfwit like Eddie M can fend off a nightclub bouncer like Balls, so here’s hoping………

      • 80
        A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

        Mandleson already applied the coup de grace to his parties re election prospects when he delivered his “if I can comeback , so can you ” line. Made the Country go oh oh !
        I still cant decide whether him drawing parallels with himself resigning in disgrace several times was an act of utter hubris or a clever ploy to ENSURE the party was unelectable under Brown. Either senario would be typical of the man.

        • 127
          Passing Thought says:

          Mandlescum the double agent? Interesting concept.

          • A Bloke Of A Cerrtain Age says:

            Not so much for his support for Cameron as heir to Blair but more because of the mutual hatred between him and Brown. He is also astute enough to know the party winning the election would receive a poisioned chalice. Added to this the fact that in the end he seeks only personal advantage…

          • Elvis Presley says:

            Mandelsons hiring of the Elvis Impersonator for Brown said it all.

            He was taking the piss out of the mong right infront of his face in the end.

          • Elvis impersonator says:

            Thats the wonder….the wonder of you !

          • Anonymous says:

            Well,he does like it both ways!

  14. 21
    chinky bear keeper says:

    labour … they have “answers” to problems not yet conceived by sensible people because they are the frackers that cause the problems in the first place!

  15. 23
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    ‘Despite the state of the economy Cameron and Osborne are supported by the British public to a far greater extend than Miliband and Balls.’

    I suppose you’ll recall that the National government elected in 1931 and 1935 had almost overwhelming support from the British electorate as it pursued its suicidal course of cuts and appeasement? The British economy, of course, was only saved by the massive public spending involved in subsequent rearmament.

    • 34
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      And a War Loan which was finally paid off 60 years later. Mind you, Labour didn’t have the excuse of a significant threat to the Nation, they had to manufacture a war to rack up the same size of debt.

      • 77
        nellnewman says:

        ‘The same size of debt?’

        The debt labour left us was greater than the debts incurred in WW1 and WW2 combined. And most of it ended up in their own pockets!!

        • 108
          Anonymous says:

          Eh? Has someone told the British public, as I don’t recall that ever being made clear.

          • Mr Helpful says:

            The post-WWII British de*bt to the U.S. was $225billion in today’s money. We owed Canada, too, but it was less. I don’t know the figures for WWI, but I would thought it was less than WWII, but I am assuming here that WWI cost the same WWII.

            Assuming WWI cost the same as WWI, and we owed Canada half of what we owed the U.S., the d*ebt would be

            $125billion x 2 + $225billion x 2 = $675billion = £437billion.

            Less than half of the £1trillion de*bt left by Labour.

          • Mr Helpful says:

            “Assuming WWI cost the same as WWII

          • We never paid back our WW1 war debt to the Yanks. We defaulted in 1932 and they wrote the whole lot off.
            We borrowed from them and then lent large sums to France and even larger sums to Russia. About 85% of our ww1 war debts went to our allies.

            Its the main reason the Yanks were so reluctant to lend us any credit in 1939/40. We had a very poor credit history, still owing them some $50 billion at todays prices.

          • The men who are to blame are..... says:

            You certainly won’t hear the BBC telling you that’s for sure they’re too busy blaming the Bankers whereas of course the main culprit is Brown who positively encourage them in their massive overlending and consumer boom whilst having no effective regulation to control them and then panicked seeking to blame everyone but himself and 13 years of failure, including 11 years at The Treasury ably assisted by the two men are now leading Labour

            But then again this was the team who sold the nation’s gold reserves at the bottom of the market and destroyed the Worlds most secure private pension structure by their punitive £5 billion annual tax to fund his spending boom.

          • A Bloke Of A Cerrtain Age says:

            Can someone helpfully provide the figures for the Bank Bailout as a proportion of the total deficit. I am led to believe that even without the bail out then the deficit would still be humungous. Can someone please clarify ?

          • Jesus Wept says:

            It’s a terrible indictment of our supposedly educated country and our national media (aka Pravda) that none of us seem to know our total indebtedness.

            According to the Daily Mail, our total public debt when the coalition took office was £966 Bn and is forecast to rise to £1546 Bn by the end of this parliament, assuming it goes full term, and that’s in spite of ‘the cuts.

    • 342
      Greychatter says:

      A New Year’s resolution that everyone should adopt:

      “My policies are based not on some economics theory, but on things I and millions like me were brought up with: an honest day’s work for an honest day’s pay; live within your means; put by a nest egg for a rainy day; pay your bills on time; support the police.”
      Margaret Thatcher in 1981

  16. 24
    Albert hall says:

    Personally I am contemptuous of mandelson

  17. 26
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    Don’t you just hate this political system. Where parties exist within parties within parties – and the only thing any of them are interested in is power, status, control and their own wealth

  18. 28
    Hava Nagila says:

    The “predators and producers” line is taken almost directly from Marx, y’know. It’s the foundation of all Marxist theory that there are the producers (the poor who survive purely by selling their labour) and the predators (capitalist bourgeois class-oppressors who use their capital to control the means of production).

    • 39
      Perish the thought says:

      What? Are you suggesting that a man who was brought up by one of the countries foremost Marxists and whos home was regularly the meeting place for the Countries most influencial marxists and left wing thinkers might actually be deeply influenced by this philosophy ? Surely not !

      • 61
        Hava Nagila says:

        I’m suggesting that both Balls and Milliband claim to be members of a “social democratic party” that abandoned its commitment to socialist ownership of the means of production nearly twenty years ago but are still advancing unreconstructed Marxist rhetoric of the type that got Militant Tendency expelled from the party.

  19. 30
    Iprintmyown businesscards says:

    Mandy is yesterday’s man with yesterday’s policies.

    Ed milli is a pretty cool cookie. He came from nowhere to win the Labour lea

  20. 31
    Daffy, Witney says:

    So people who support the authoritarian Right are moaning at nL, which are another authoritarian Right party. Waste a waste of energy. The Conservative supporters who keep going on about nL haven’t worked out that their biggest problem isn’t nL it is UKIP. nL cannot possibly SPLIT the Conservative vote.

    Wake up and smell the coffee. In the words of Jello Biafra You’ll be the first to go x 3 Unless YOU THINK.

    Let me know when that happens. Cheers

    • 44
      Buster Gonad says:

      How are NL a right wing party ? Authoritarian yes.

      • 60
        Sir Aston Martin says:

        The clue is in his name. Like the famous duck, but without the political nous.

      • 71
        Daffy, Witney says:

        That is how. For anyone to suggest nL are even vaguely Left shows how politically ignorant people actually are. Only TWO political mainstream parties are vaguely libertarian are Greens and LibDems. Of the smaller ones The Syndicalist Party stand out.

        • 96
          East India Company wallah says:

          Green ideology is to strangle the human race to reduce population how can that be libertarian FFS?

          • AC1 says:

            +1 They’re (Melon Party) the most high taxing authoritarian marxist wankers EVER.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Daffy you dunce, fascism, corporatism and environmentalism are all left wing socialistic, authoritarian mantras. They all hate with a passion, free market capitalism, personal liberty or free choice and all place the state and the collective, above the individual or individual rights.

          • Spartacus says:

            nanny knows best.

            Now stop drinking and smoking or you will have to sit on the naughty step.

    • 65
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      New here aren’t you? The majority don’t support the authoritarian anything, which is why Nanny Dave and his wets get a new one ripped daily, and Tory sleaze gets air time. UKIP is about as relevant to the Conservatives as the SWP or Griffin’s lot are to Labour. Do come back and get your reality adjusted whenever it suits. Ta-ta for now.

    • 118
      Hava Nagila says:

      So, fundamentally, everyone is authoritarian if they disagree with you and everyone is rightwing if they disagree with you. Why not just go the whole hog and start describing anything and anyone you dislike as fascist?

      I swear to Christ, reading your posts is like walking into the student union at an Inner City polytechnic circa 1986.

      • 138
        Marmite says:

        Grumpy … you are a sanctimonious sod! Sure you’re not Schrodingers cat? He’s a feckin know-it-all too.

        • 192
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          I’ve worked hard all my life to get to sanctimonious sod-hood. Good of you to you to affirm I’ve made it. SC has had 9 lives, I’ve made it in one.

      • 148
        armed forces from other EU countries at the ready says:


        The windowlickers here are as deluded as NewLabour if they think The Cons can turn this around.

  21. 35
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    wouldnt it be easier if Mps listened to thier constituents insead of whips/wonkers ?

    • 46
      rinka scott says:

      The problem is most MPs would rather whip a wonker any day of the week.

      It is a privilege and honour to serve your country by sitting in the House of Commons and putting the interests of your fellow countymen ( and libyans israelis and europeans) above your own interests and those of your family supporters and friends.

      In fact it is such a privilege that people should be limited to one maximum five year appointment.

      You know I am talking sense here.

      • 81
        Anonymous says:

        The dismissive attitude of the electorate to their MP’s is as nothing compared to the MP’s contempt of their electorate.

      • 83
        A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

        And a minimum age of 30 with at least 10 years work experience outside Politics before standing for Parliament.

        • 86
          Anonymous says:

          And sack Rees-Mogg immediatly as a complete no hope wanker.

          • Colourful characters says:

            Rees Mogg is a parliamentary treasure, a bit like Denis Skinner, both represent political stereotypes and give us a good laugh. Nobody takes them seriously mind you.

          • red/yellow/blue/establishment = all the fucking same cunts says:

            Why the hell do they take themselves seriously then?

            Fucking wankers the lot of them.

        • 109
          Anonymous says:

          Good idea, and then a maximum of 10 years IN politics

          • Cato Street Conspirator says:

            Being an MP should be like doing jury service – random selection, one term only.

    • 132
      Sir John Franklin says:

      Billy: That’s uncharted territory, and accent not just on “tory.”

    • 160
      fuck Billy says:

      Wouldn’t it have been better if you’d listened to your mother?

  22. 36
    Iprintmyown businesscards says:

    Mandy is yesterday’s man with yesterday’s policies.

    Ed milli is a pretty cool cookie. He came from nowhere to win the Labour leadership and he will follow the same route in the 2015 General Election.

    Look at cleggie’s face: he has already smelt the coffee.

    Who put that banana in dave millis right hand?

    Remember you heard it here first

    • 42
      A Bloke Of A Certain Age says:

      I take it the effects of the Christmas sherry hasnt worn off yet ?

    • 55
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Ed is still a sock-puppet controlled by the unacceptable face of Socialism.

      • 76
        Daffy, Witney says:

        nL have never been more Left than right. Do you actually understand British politics? Nothing you have said backs your case up. nL Socialist? Don’t make me laugh.

        • 136
          Archer Karcher says:

          Luckily we have had socialist governments all around the world and in every instance they have failed miserably, le*aving the poorest people in those countries virtual prisoners, far worse off and in at le*ast 150 million instances, de*ad.

          Good old socialism eh?

        • 206
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          I’ve taken an interest in British politics since 1960, which puts me 2 generations ahead of you. That tick-test you’re so proud of discovering has been around for some time. It is set up for the USA as a political student such as yourself obviously picked up immediately, so is of limited use when describing British political positions. In the case of the now defunct New Labour ( RedEd himself has announced it’s demise), Blair was the sheep’s clothing that the socialist wolf hid behind. Annihilating private pension funds is not right-wing. Re-nationalising Railtrack is not right-wing. Committing social engineering by allowing unrestricted immigration into an already over-crowded country for political purposes is not right-wing. Creating an immiserata iaw Marx’s grand design is not right-wing. And nationalising Northern Rock for political gain is certainly not right-wing. Toddle off and read some Schumpeter. He is equally devastating to all main political thought streams, so you may just broaden your mind.

    • 90
      NeverRed says:

      Not a surprise you print your own business cards, nobody else would employ you, same as dead Ed.

    • 94
      Dobby says:

      I will never forget the Bliar confidence trick. I even voted for the little bastard first time round (never voted Liebour before and now never will).

      • 217
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        But you did it once and I’m afraid that when the day comes that will be marked against your name and up against the wall with you. Those of us who call ourselves ‘left wing’ saw through the little hoon even before he was leader.

        • 230
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          A labour town councillor who I knew, now deceased, told me that though Blair was a weasel he was the only hope Labour had of winning a GE. Did you vote for Blair too?

  23. 38
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Why doesn’t Mandy put himself forward as a possible PM? Or perhaps the ‘iron lady’ is a bit rusty!!

    • 54
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Primarily because he is a Lord, and knows on which side his bread is buttered.

      • 104
        Ed Moribund says:

        Thith country needth a sthtrong weeder.
        I hope to be that weeder.

        Follow me to victorwy

      • 107
        Lord Prezza and Lady Pauline of cowshit farm says:

        ‘Ere. don’t you knock bein’ a Lord, Mandy.
        Always get t’ut good table down t’ chinkie.
        An’ they treat me right proper an’ downn’t make a fuss when I say bung it on expenses and make the bill out for stationary..All right?

        They even give me a chinkie name when I go in. Fat-So they call me. The little monkeys.

  24. 53
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I love Mandy Ѿ ;)

  25. 59
    The Red Wag says:

    Presumably the wonky brackets are evocative of the wonkiness of the policies.

    Arseholey typography for wankers with too much money spent on “designers”.

  26. 62
    Was Hoping We'd Seen The Last says:

    Oh god has he cropped up again?

  27. 66
    Juggler says:

    Miliband is becoming a stooge for the unions, the sloppy public-sector, the welfare workshy and looters.

  28. 85
    Mandelscum says:

    I am a firm believer in post-democracy.


  29. 92
    Al Togethernow says:

    Mandy is busted.

    *   FLUSH    *
  30. 95
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    • 100
      HANDYCOCK Save The Children (Mines that little blonde) says:

      Suppose it’s better than Mandelson throwing “White custard” over you !

    • 198
      A technical expert says:

      This video has been touched up to run backwards, running it the proper way we can see what actually happened was the green slime emminated out of Lord Mandleson himself which he then projected onto the hands of that young woman.

  31. 99
    HANDYCOCK Save The Children (Mines that little blonde) says:

    Has Mandelsons jaw locked out again,
    after his third attempt at the world cock sucking contest ?

  32. 112
    Ed Moribund says:

    Be fair! I didn’t choose Ed Balls for chancellor. He was the one who created Gordon’s suicide pact policies that got us into this mess..I knew that.

    So I chose the postman. Ok, thought VAT was 108% and that the answer to rising fuel costs was 2nd class stamps. but still..

    The other choice was Yvette. She knows which way up the borrowing graph goes. Which is more than Balls does.
    But Ed went mental when i suggested it. He said he’d flush my head down the bog again. So I had to let him be chancellor.

    • 131
      The Labour Party says:

      Be fair, we didn’t choose Ed Miliband as our leader. He was the looney who looks, speaks and acts like a mong. You hate him, we hate him; we are in agreement. That’s why we chose his brother.

      But then the communist union dinosaurs leaders realised David Miliband isn’t a complete left-wing imbecile, and seeing that they’d have little control over him they pushed through their vote and gave us all retardEd Miliband.

      Rats. Sorry for that, everyone. We’ll try and get a decent leader after our inevitable car-crash in the 2015 general election.

  33. 133
    Engineer says:

    What a shame that Mandelson and Co. did not discover the benefits of ‘Fiscal Conservatism’ about a decade and a half ago.

    This merely confirms that Mandelson is an opportunist politician, going whichever way the political wind blows, having no discernable political foundation, beliefs or convictions.

    • 137
      East India Company wallah says:

      Having seen his arrival at Manchester University hospital in the fag end of labours misrule I formed the opinion that he adored the fuss bestowed on him by the career beurocrats who dashed to the carpark to gush over him like the returned messiah,I am sure they would have licked dogshit off his shoes to impress him the pathetic cretins-nothing is worse than seeing a professional man or woman in their fifties sucking up to a career criminal.
      money and power are what motivates peter so ignoring him is probably best,thats exactly what peter did for his loyal voters in Hartlepool

    • 150
      Occam's Razor says:

      It suggests he’s either a slow learner or he was lying through his teeth about how the country’s finances should be managed when Labour was in government.

    • 154
      post hoc says:

      Absolutely, well said Engineer. The hypocrisy and opportunism of the current and previous Labour crop know no bounds, and no decency. As someone else said, long may they continue. I know of several old labour decent types who have jumped ship. Mandlebum is merely another reminder of that taint of corruption. I rejoice at seeing the ferrets in the sack behaving as ferrets do.

    • 161
      lol says:

      And it took you 13 long years to think this gem of a post up?

      • 167
        Engineer says:

        No. I thought it up after reading Guido’s post at the top of the thread.

        • 172
          lol says:

          Never occurred to you before today then, marvelous!

          • Engineer says:

            Guido hadn’t written the above post before today, so it didn’t need to.

            My opinion of Mandelson in 1997 was that he used his undoubted intelligence not for the benefit of the country, but for the benefit of Peter Mandelson. I’ve seen nothing to change my opinion since.

          • Typcal visitor to this site. says:

            No if you’d actually been following this blog over the years you would know that many posters sussed Mandleson out from day one. Do keep up.

  34. 139
    Curious onlooker says:

    En passant, is this ‘think tank’ “real” – or is it another so-called “fake charity” – ie one which only survives because of taxpayers’ contributions to its funding?

  35. 140
    Ed Miliband says:

    I am an opportunistic snivelling little shit.

  36. 149
    Lord Mangled Bum of Boy says:

    I believe in democratic socialist government – especially the North Korean model, which matches future EU policy exactly.

  37. 155
    post hoc says:

    Indeed. I trust Guido will also turn his formidable attentions to that wonderful monument to new labour, the HMRC – and its beneficent CEO who ought, at minimum, be locked up and forced to listen to speeches by Ed Millibore ad nauseam.

  38. 156
    nellnewman says:

    Just a thought . This Policy network that Guido says belongs to mandy? Does it make money? If so who’s paying it?

  39. 174
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    We need more threads. I have virtually been keeping this blog going over crimbo. I did not post on the first thread today because I had to walk the fence but am now ready for some serious posting if Guido and Neo can point us in the right direction

    • 178
      fuck off already! says:

      Fuck off you pompous arsehole.

      • 181
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        So should I only post comments that you approve? If you dont lick it here, then feel free to take a full refund and fuck off

        • 194
          Anonymous says:

          but seriously Billy, and I know you will defend my right to say this, you are a huhne and this blog would be better if you fucked off

          • Billy Bowden is the most-nicked moniker on this blog ! says:

            I doubt if “Ontablets” Billy Bowden posts more than just the first entry in the thread. I tell a fib. He also retweets. But other than that I think he just gets a kick out of watching mon-nickers use his name in vain.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            I do tweet – you can follow me if you lick

          • I lick... says:

            Steve jobs also created products which are good enough to lick.

          • Speeeech The Rapist says:

            Billy, “lick” is what you do to lollipops.
            “Like” is what you do if you approve of their taste.

            Clear now?

    • 209
      Bob Hendley says:

      You didn’t notice Sedgwick’s case on the ground, then ?

    • 213
      Louise Mensch. says:

      Ok Billy. We could have a thread on how witty and pretty I was on Have I got News For You when I mentioned Giggs in the full knowledge it would be edited out. And then we could mention how no mention is made in any of the British press of the name Dr Gaspar, or her statement, even to the point that comments left on the Daily Mail webshite remove the name Gaspar… it naughty to mention Dr Gaspar? I think we should be told.

      • 300
        Voltaire for dummies says:

        Billy I may not agree with what you say but I will defend to the death the right of others to point out what a stupid prick you are for saying it.

  40. 175
    Barry Manilow says:

    One poofter of Hebrew parentage to another:

  41. 179
    Apathy Rising says:

    How could anyone doubt the sincerity and unselfish motives of Lord Sniffy ?

    I wonder what he didn’t get to provoke this outburst.

    • 182
      nellnewman says:

      ‘ what didn’t he get ‘ ?

      militwit has taken the kinnochios as his bosom pals and advisors. can’t you just hear the labour civil war and mandy saying ‘ why is he listening to them and not to me’?!!

      Long may it last.

  42. 196
    Louise Mensch. says:

    Naughty squabbles, lets all focus on how pretty I am still. Don’t forget to buy my new book. x

  43. 197
    Jeremy Clarkson says:

    “I’ve given the matter a great deal of thought all week, and I’m afraid I’ve decided that it’s no good putting Peter Mandelson in a prison. I’m afraid he will have to be tied to the front of a van and driven round the country until he isn’t alive any more.”

  44. 202
    Kim Il Young Porker says:

    Remind me to have my barber and tailor shot.

  45. 204
    Tim Lovejoy says:

    Hi, my names Tim Lovejoy and i am a BBC legend.

  46. 212
    Anonymous says:

    All this and Mandy so keen on the EURO-what wonderful,quality,glorious advice he gives and how important it is that we should all listen and mavel at his pure genius.

  47. 219
    annette curton says:

    Misclassified, this is just a Walt Disney clip and is not intended as any kind of political allegory.

  48. 224
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    So the Indian bloke shot in the head in Salford is being treated by the cops as a “hate” crime cos the alleged attacker is white and the community suspects it as such… WTF?

    Meanwhile the Boxing Day Oxford Street trainer-based savagery has disappeared down the BBC memory hole.

  49. 225
    BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

    Forgot about the pea word embedded in the above post. :-(

    • 226
      BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:

      Try again:

      So the incident where the Indian bloke was shot in the head in Salford is being treated by the cops as a “hate” crime cos the alleged attacker is white and the community suspects it as such… WTF?

      Meanwhile the Boxing Day Oxford Street trainer-based savagery has disappeared down the BBC memory hole.

      • 228
        Chief Sitting Bull says:

        We will be the North Indians of American eventually, a few of us living on ‘reserves’ all aided and abetted by fellow whites and Marxists.

      • 231
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Wait till the next white kid gets shot by a ‘black youf’ you can bet that “hate crime” will come no where near the lips of the BBC or the plods.

  50. 229
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Exclusive footage from the BBC on what happened at TV centre the night Gordon Brown lost the election

  51. 237
    the beast of north manchester says:

    This corrupt j ewish pe ervert walks into a think tank and says

    oooooo get her and £20 million duckie

    • 240
      Peter the full brazillian fondlesboys says:

      May I just say that Im am seriously analy relaxed about getting to be a filthy bitch

  52. 238
    Voice of Reason says:

    The mere sight of the reptilian Mandelson should be enough to turn anybody away from NL. Miliband is fucked anyway but he certainly doesn’t need advice from the creature of the dark hole.

    • 242
      Peter the full brazillian fondlesboys says:

      I cannot get enough darkhole

    • 267
      Brian Cox says:

      Black holes suck.

      • 295
        Stick to keyboards says:

        Brian, you should know better.

        Black Holes do not suck. They warp spacetime. If spun fast enough they may even create a wormhole to an alternate universe – though I doubt there are any where Ed Miliband is not completely useless.

  53. 241
  54. 243
    Gooey Blob says:

    If Mandelson and the other disgruntled Blairites honestly believe this, they should join one of the coalition parties. Labour won’t go back to Blairite policies, so there is little point in remaining within Labour’s ranks if you hold these views. It’s like joining the Tory party because you cannot bear to join labour, then trying to persuade everybody to embrace communism.

    • 256
      Bewowulff says:

      There were no Blairite policies other than Educashun.
      It was all smoke and mirrors and the same old socialiste shyte
      Nationalising Railtrack
      Dumbing the proletariat
      Subverting the State Meeja
      Stealing from the pension funds
      Borrowing from tomorrows generation
      Nationalising the banks after luring them into bankruptcy
      Starting wars to duff up the fuzzy wuzzies
      Enobling louts and weirdos
      Creating swathes of non jobs for expert do nothings
      Destroying manufacturing
      Empowering the amoral and the unions
      Etc. etc. Etcetera,

      • 277
        The Doddering Old Fart says:

        Kudunt agrii moor mayt. Wot dus manufacturing meen. I dunt no that wurd.

        • 287
          Bewowulff says:

          You can’t be that old otherwise you wud be able to write proper.

          Seems like you had the benefit of educajun, mait, doubtless achieving multiple gold stars plus in GCSEs in Englisch and toilet cleaning.

  55. 244
    fuck off plod says:

    Police are treating the murder of an Indian student who was gunned down at point-blank range on Boxing Day in Manchester as “hate crime”.

    What the hell is wrong with plain old murder ffs?

    • 246
      BillyBob... says:


      I just hate it when they do that……

      • 248
        BillyBob... says:

        Hate crime that is……

        Just wondering what percentage of crimes and prison population in the UK are immigrants and ass. seekers ??

        • 249
          Someone Said They Knew Him From the House of Lords says:

          Lord Mandelson is an “ass” seeker and he’s not in prison. Whether he should be, w-e-e-l-l-l-l…

        • 268
          nellnewman says:

          I’m jolly glad to know that garydobson and davidnorris are not English like me. I’d hate to think I share anything with scum like that!

    • 250
      IPCC -- move along nothing to see here my lad says:

      It’s not murder when it’s Plod vs. Duggan in Tottenham — see the results of our whitewash due to be published in 2111.

    • 253
      WVM says:

      Fuckin’ politically correct morons!

    • 255
      Tarquin says:

      Our lecturer at Uni told us that any crime or misdemeanor perpetrated toward a none white is an automatic hate crime.

    • 264
      Peter the full brazillian fondlesboys says:

      If he wwere a Sikh it could have been a “hat” crime
      boom tish

    • 273
      albacore says:

      BBC: “Ch Supt Kevin Mulligan, divisional commander for Salford, said: “We have not established a clear motive for the senseless murder of Anuj and there is no definitive evidence pointing to it being racially-motivated.
      “However, we are treating this as a hate crime based on the growing perceptions within the community it was motivated by hate.”
      Is there now a three-tiered hierarchy comprising plain, hate and racially-motivated crime?

      • 276
        Judge Harman says:

        “The court of public opinion”

        • 278
          albacore says:

          My, my. Isn’t poor old Mr Plod going to have a hard time making his mind up come the very wonderful 2012 Olympics?

      • 281
        Rich immersive community experience says:

        Any public-sector shirker employee who uses the word “community” should be shot in the head, in front of their family.

        And then each family member should be shot in the head, too.

      • 298
        Is there such a crime as non hate murder and is that not as serious ? says:

        Yes, the brainwashed clowns are now more concerned about what terminology to use for fear of damaging their careers than actually solving what is a particulaly horrific MURDER.

    • 282
      Miss Marple says:

      Man gets shot in head = hate.

      Man gets shot in head = crime.

      Hate crime. Simples.

      Of course, it’s only a hate crime if (man shot in head = non-white) and (man with gun = white). Otherwise it’s just (their culture, innit = nothing to see, move along).

    • 305
      Peace man... says:

      Asians ( 1st in Birmingham and now in Manchester) supported the wider community are into peace marches in response to violence.

  56. 247
    Tent City says:
    • 254
      Tarquin says:

      Look I had to go home for winter festival dinner, mummy would have worried her self sick otherwise.

      • 265
        nellnewman says:

        I think it was more about Daddy who sent the chauffeur and the Merc to pick me up. Said if i didn’t come home for Christmas to put my Mummy’s mind at rest he’d be cutting off my allowance.

        How would I manage without my allowance to buy booze and stuff?!!

        • 279
          Socialist Revolutionary Charlie "Storm Parliament" Gilmour says:

          Well, I simply had to go home because mummy said if I got into any more bother she wouldn’t hold my hand as I go to court.

          Plus she said she’d got me an iPhone 4S thingy. They’re devine! Working-class oafs in prison would rape one for one of those, don’t you know?

    • 317
      Michael Moore says:

      Saw the list of top 20 richest supporters of Occupy Wall Street and Ben Elton did not make it.

      Shows thta he is a talentless fuck!

  57. 257
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have decided to celebrate new years day in Athens and will be flying out there tomorrow.

  58. 261
    Lobster Throttler says:

    Looks like he’s describing how he sucks cocks, the slimey arse bandit.

    • 262
      Peter the full brazillian fondlesboys says:

      Now that is unfair!

      Lobsters should either be shot, stabbed in the head or eaten alive

    • 270
      Saffron says:

      To 253
      Could’nt agree with you more,him and his ilk would left to their own filthy ways would eventually breed themselves out and good riddance.
      Arse bandits and lesbo’s are a stain on this worlds peoples.
      How the hell we let these kinds of misfits get away with this outrageous behaviour is beyond me.

  59. 266
    Saffron says:

    Mandelscum what a role model this piece of shite is.
    Never had a real job in his life.
    So far up his own arse his feet have gone missing.
    Shacks up with some unsavoury characters.
    Suddenly can command large amount of wealth?.
    Thinks he is gods gift to reasoning.
    What an overblown disgrace of a man this guy is.
    Mandelscum just feck off to some desert isle so we hear of you no more,and that would be a nice new years present.

    • 292
      Beowulff says:

      Lesson 1. Firstly you need to borrow/take the £100 mill from unsuspecting proles who are sleeping soundly in their beds cos you’ve told them things are gonna get betta cos the new PM can play 3 chords on a guitar.

      Lesson 2. Do more of No. 1 You can forget the investment crap cos you’re now on a socialist Ponzi role.

      Lesson 3. Tell everyone you’re a very clever world expert and go on Pravda Newsnight and talk bollocks.

      Lesson 4 Enjoy your money and fame with other like minded warlocks

  60. 274
    The Doddering Old Fart says:

    After everything I have witnessed of the Labour party for the past sixty years, it’s about time it became illegal to vote for them. The only thing you can say about the Labour party is that at least you know where to find the people of Mangles lying incompetence and disgusting persuasions. And that’s based on what I know about them. What about the things they get up to that the public don’t get to know about.

    • 290
      Kim Il Jong Jr. says:

      You’re not allowed to know that and even thinking about it will be a hate crime, once our glorious socialshyte world revolution comes to pass.

  61. 280
    Got to be a spoof right? Billy would not be funny? says:
    • 302
      Some Geezer wot has seen busy-work projects come and go says:

      If that Diversity Officers Magazine is a piss-take, it’s the best one I’ve seen since Pontius was a pilot. (And I’m reasonably sure that it’s not Billy’s website, since everything is the correct spelling.) You can’t make these things up, folks (or maybe you CAN); Labour types create demand for services that Labour types provide– they are as entrepreneurial in their own way as any good Tory. Perhaps these are the “private sector” jobs his Lordship thinks the Labour Party should be encouraging the development of, to up the employment numbers and spur economic recovery?

      • 326
        Mike Hunt says:

        Prices are in USD and phone number is also in US format, looks like either the septics have the same problem with useless fuckers as we have or they have more of a sense of humour than I thought.

  62. 284
    sheepshaggar says:

    Mandelscum. Giver or taker?

  63. 285
    Darth Miliband says:
    • 291
      Beowulff says:

      Any chance Brand could be introduced to Mandelslug and his Oligarch Pals.
      The results could be great cutting edge humour for Pravda One

    • 318
      Michael Moore says:

      So it is all over between Jo Brand and Katy Perry?

      • 320
        Katy Perry says:

        Yeah right, very funny, I Kissed A Girl and Jo Brand, who looks like she mighta kissed one or two along the way. Not that I’d ever give you a tumble, Mr 30-st-poseur-as-radical. I assume it’s that Michael Moore and not the MP Michael Moore, because he’d probably have better sense than to make that remark– I take that back; MP? Sense? How naive of me.

  64. 293
    Angela says:

    Why do we trust the Germans after they started two world wars?

    And why do they pronounce Anjela Angela?

    • 304
      Frau Merkel, Reichskanzler und Pedantik Putz says:

      Because ve haff no “DZHAY” sound in our langvage you silly cow.

  65. 294
    Yep its me, Oxymoron Klaxon!!!! says:
  66. 301

    I have long thought that we are in a decade that is actually mirroring the 80′s.

    Rich getting richer, Labour divided and no strong leadership, Conservatives in power with jobs for mates and laws for backbenchers, Liberals in disarray and with as much influence as a football fan at Manchester United, Prices rising, Unemployment rising, world peace at critical mass and crap music in the charts.

    Oh yes, all we need are puffbal skirts and legwarmers and it’ll be back!

  67. 310
    Someone watching the fun says:

    Lesson 5. Spend the rest of your life fearing retribution.

  68. 325
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    After losing his job, Peter was driving home when suddenly he passed a big sign that read “Do you want to succeed? Come to Palms Hotel!”.
    “Why not?” he said, turning his car around.
    He got to the hotel’s front desk and the receptionist sent him to room 352.
    “What should I do there?” Peter asked.
    “Just turn on the lights and say why you are here” the receptionist answered.
    He got to the room, turned the lights on and shouted “Hello, my name is Peter and I’m here to succeed!”
    Suddenly a big black bloke appeared waving his huge cock in front of him.
    “Hello Peter. I’m Sid.”

  69. 327
    Sally Bigcow says:


    Going to the boat show with John. What does one wear to a boat show? Knickers or no knickers?

  70. 328
    Single ticket to the Hague, please says:

    This went up last evening but was pulled by breakfast-time. Perhaps the shit-storm of vitriolic comments had something to do with it?

    Why do the msm continue to lend oxygen to this nauseating creature?

  71. 329
    National archive papers show Thatcher wasn't a greedy trougher like Blair and Brown says:

    Under the 30 year rule, cabinet papers have been released and they show that Mrs Thatcher wanted spending on No10 to be as economical as possible. In handwritten notes she said she’d pay for an ironing board and other things, and that she wanted the minimum spent on everything else. Absolutely remarkable. Compare that to the truly repulsive indulgences of Blair and Brown. Cameron too. And she also gave a dressing down to one department who spent too much on furnishings.

    • 337
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      Looking at the state of those new kitchens I have had to pay for Dave is not Margaret Thatcher’s love child that is for sure.

  72. 331
    CiderKing says:

    is it over yet?
    can I come out?

  73. 332
    Gatso Flasher says:

    Huhne ‘declined’ to answer police questions about estranged wife’s speeding points

    Read more:


    • 334
      albacore says:

      Dave is, of course, exercising his right to remain silent.

    • 335
      Ah! Monika says:

      Funny, you can’t shut him up most of the time.

    • 336
      Thomas from Tonna says:

      It is all very well PC Plod sending out pro forma letters to people demanding money and further penalties if the money is not sent quickly.

      Plod should always check his facts first however.

      If the Daily mail can find out the truth then why not Plod or even Theresa May?

      This is lazy policing and in 18 months Cameron has done diddly squat about it.

      • 339
        albacore says:

        Perhaps they’re all too preoccupied in rehearsing their observations on the outcome, imminent as it is, of the latest Stephen Lawrence murder trial.

  74. 333
    I know what I like says:

    Sunday night
    Mr Farmer called
    He said “Listen son
    You’re wasting time
    There’s a future for you
    In the fire escape trade
    Come up to town”

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Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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