December 26th, 2011

12 Most Popular Stories of 2011

Everyone does round-ups of the year, only ours was chosen by our readers, here are the most read stories of the 2011:

  1. Piers Morgan Knew Award Winning Scoop Was Hacked
  2. A Story You Won’t Get from the BBC, Guardian or The Times
    The Secret of Three of Westminster’s Media Gate-keepers
  3. Bet Giles Coren Wishes His Tweets Were Sub-Edited
  4. Morgan Mocked Macca’s Misery Voicemails
  5. Guido’s Celebrity Super-Injunction Advice
  6. Farage’s Rage Going Viral
  7. The Full Boundary Review
  8. Exclusive: Alastair Campbell Evidence to Leveson
    Speculates Morgan’s Mirror Hacked Cherie Blair’s Voicemail
  9. + + + Osborne Coke and Hookers Story Breaking Tonight + + +
  10. Sexist Laurie Penny Exploits Unemployed
    Pays Staff Below Minimum Wage
  11. Unbankable Story
  12. Scandalous European Parliament Email Triggers Gossipping

Not sure that “popular” is the right term for Piers Morgan, nevertheless he is the subject of three of Guido’s most read stories this year. Super-injunctions also occupy three stories (#4, #6, #12). Andrew Marr’s menage a trois is #3 despite being three years old and subsequently disproved by DNA.

The story which amused us most was probably comrade Laurie Penny’s exploitation of an intern. This was funny on many levels, the hypocrisy, her crazed response and the knowledge that whilst travelling in the back of a Mercedes limousine with her, courtesy of the BBC, it was Guido who had urged her on, telling her she “simply must get an intern”.

The Boundary Review scoop was just another example of Guido beating the BBC and the rest of the mainstream media to a story that everyone was chasing. You’re either in front of Guido, or behind…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Really outstanding year Guido and Neo guido.

    Thanks :-)


    • 2
      BillyBob... says:



      • 40
        Anonymous says:

        Not such a good year for Billy, caught lying, caught stealing lines from other blogs, claimed prize won by won of his fakes and numerous new arseholes torn. Roll on 2012.


        • 43
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          “claimed prize won by won of his fakes”


          Ps all the others are just rubbish and you know it.


          • Billy loves Guido says:

            Billy, don’t get drawn in to an argument – you will end up with a new one torn again


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            so you fail at the first hurdle of evidence.

            Oh dear.

            Merry Christmas.


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (the original and best fake ever !) says:

            I am not sure which of the fakes provided the winning line – it was not me. I think that the original Billy claims it was him – seems unlikely but you never know. They say that if you put a chimp in front of a typewriter, he will eventually write a novel.


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            It was an original line that I came up with – please stop saying it was somebody else.


    • 18
      Backstairs Billy Vague says:

      Sit on my face.


  2. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    Grunt Parp Parp splatter ohhhhh……. Thrump plop


  3. 4
    Cell time says:

    Nice to be reminded of Marrs’ troubled story.

    Reason enough to sell the bloody BBC.


  4. 5
    Gordon Brown says:

    Was I popular?


  5. 7
    Your happy marriage to your hero is imaginary, you might as well believe in the imaginary Santa says:


  6. 9
    albacore says:

    So corruption rules, a crying shame
    High crimes committed, no sod to blame
    You can’t depose the high and mighty
    In LibLabCon Trick’s ersatz Blighty
    Our noses rubbed in their cunning stunts
    The good and the great? Just rancid runts


  7. 12
    Fat alcoholic mick says:

    Hic! I’ve just had my seventeenth bottle of gin of the day. Hic!


  8. 13
    eyes wide open says:

    That’s one hell of a site!!!


  9. 14
    Ken Dodds Dads Dogs Dead says:

    Did anyone ever take up that wonderful internship opportunity with Comrade Penny?


  10. 15
    Jimmy says:

    Don’t forget all the other scoops. Fox to survive, Laws to survive, Huhne to be charged, Gideon to Kensington. So many exclusives.


  11. 17
    CiderKing says:

    As I sit watching the local Boxing Day Chunt and chunters rambling across fields nearby I must congratulate you Guido on the continued success of this blog. It has indeed given airing to many a fine topic – ones no doubt all the chunters around here would hope would disappear leaving them to continue their rape of our country


  12. 22
    St Polly of Tuscany says:

    Gorgeous weather here dahlings!


  13. 23
    Eddie Miliband says:

    Comradeth! Thith time next year, I’ll be prime minithter! Now let’th all thing the Red Flag!


  14. 24
    The mice in Schrödinger’s skirting board says:

    We churn out more productions to savor :

    Thrill to the tilsit tones of Julie Anthotyros in The Pound of Mihaliç

    Pungent satire with Mike L Rennet in Beyond the Fridge

    Guest star L N Bursztyn in our gruyere-some horror, Catupiry

    A lyceum trip to Wonderland in Oh My Ears And Vlaskaas

    Steamy passendale with Casein Rindback in A Squeaker Named Désirée

    Madcat comedy in Arseniko and old Naxou

    And one we know you all lika so much, Škripavac


  15. 31
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Just noticed, Ed Miliband does not feature on the list.



  16. 33
    Billy Bowden is the biggest cunt ever ! says:

    Im sat here posting utter shite like a c’unt on Boxing Day because im a fucking sad idiot.


  17. 41
    GrandMaste says:

    There is no money to pay for trolls anymore.


  18. 50
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:



  19. 51
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I was on the naughty list this year, or to give it’s official name the sex offenders register.


    • 55
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (the original and best fake ever !) says:

      Oi. Billy is my bitch – fuck off and find somebody else to abuse


  20. 56
    Gooey Blob says:

    Ah, Christmas. In years gone by, I used to rush down the stairs and rip open as many parcels as I could as quickly as possible. There was always an argument with the others about who had the best toys, but we always made up in the end. After that we’d sit down for a three hour meal, then watch telly for the rest of the day.

    I really miss working at the Royal Mail sorting office.


  21. 59
    Gordon Brown says:

    To save the world in the new year, I will make my ploppies the new gold standard. Discussions are already well advanced with the MFI.


    • 62
      Ed Balls, Shallow Chancer says:

      Gordon, you sold nearly all our Gold. You’re so full of shit there’s no chance that there’s enough Gold left to keep that promise.


  22. 60
    Gordon Brown says:

    I would shit my pants if I had to get a job in industry


  23. 61
    Bristol Boy says:

    Most popular stories of the year? What about Handycock? Non-stop fun with the ‘Ocean-going Shagger’.


  24. 63
    the thoughts that run through ones mind during the holiday period says:

    As Xmas fades after hanging around like a bad smell since about the middle of November, our thoughts turn once again to the really important things like hot chicks and shagging. In my case I often fall for something quirky about a girl’s character that makes me laugh, but saying that they mustn’t be fucking mingers. One time, I absolutely knew I was attracted to someone when she stopped mid flow in the corridor, scratched the right side of her head, and then carried on. In that split second I was hooked. Funny innit? In my case at the moment this requirement comes in the form of a whacky, well stacked brunette, taller than the types I usually go for but ‘sex on legs’ just about sums her up. Just hope she’s still free after the Xmas hiatus.


  25. 64
    Let Me At 'im! Let Me At 'im! says:

    In honour of Boxing Day, why not a little boxing?


  26. 67
    ENGLAND says:

    Once again, Baroness Thatcher proved correct. The Left won’t like this


  27. 76
    a 'reasonable' man says:

    Besieged on all sides,
    A dark castle stands alone,
    On a windswept plain.


    • 84
      a none says:

      Unfortunately the lack of any ‘IQ’ in the moderation has prohibited compliments for your offering. Your thought processes are impressive.
      Perhaps another time , another place.
      I cannot believe giving the nom de plume gra-sshop-per [to indicate student of an art] should have upset the automod.


    • 85
      lawnhopper says:

      High queues in vogue?
      Winter sails gather all
      till ringings subside away.


  28. 86
    Alizee alizee says:

    Even more popular


  29. 89
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am a coward

    I hate my country


  30. 95
  31. 98
    Peter Stringfellow says:

    Merry Jizzmas.


  32. 99
  33. 100
    not a machine says:

    I think we may have to open a book on which party will make the most faliable rafio/tv piece before midnight on 31st .

    Ed “I think labour had a good year”


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