December 2nd, 2011

McBride Back to His Old Tricks

Having recently joined Twitter, it was only a matter of time before Damian McBride would be back to doing what he does best: slagging off Labour MPs. Last night during Andrew Neil’s “This Week” he sent this tweet:

Is that really fair?



  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    They say a lepoerd cant change spots, but he does have a point…

  2. 5
    Jimmy says:

    For heaven’s sake get a room you two.

  3. 6
    Josiah Bartlett says:

    It is literally impossible to distinguish between Damian McBride and a huge piece of shit.

    • 14
      Aaron D Highside says:

      …which comes in various colours, shapes and sizes: Draper size, Balls shape, Kinnock ginger, Gordon brown, Mandy size, etc

      • 57
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Don’t forget Serwotka, if you want a really large piece of shit.

        • 93
          gildedtumbril says:

          There are some really discerning folk on this blog. It is a constant pleasure to read such comments.

  4. 7
    Smear today gone tomorrow says:

    Don’t you just love watching Labour self destruct?

    • 16
      What a plonker. says:

      Yes ,when it comes to sewerage Labour just float to the top.

    • 47
      t says:

      Having read the 2 pieces in Telegraph re; Balls and the stirring against him, I feel this particular ‘purge’ will be so much more enjoyable, he’ll hang on by his nails, exposing his imbecillity daily on TV, until his removal, oh the delicious anticipation

      • 84
        jgm2 says:

        Yeah – even if it’s just a bit of shit-stirring the paranoia of Ned will be glorious to behold.

        It’ll be Captain Queeg all over again. ‘.. spreading wild rumours about steaming round in circles..’

        Except of course Ned was never remotely competent in the first place.

    • 95
      gildedtumbril says:

      Unfortunately they do not self destruct completely. I want to be appraised that they have disappeared up their own arsehole.(millipede, MK 1 or 2)

  5. 8
    Tuscan Tony says:

    It is never difficult to distinguish between a Scotsman with a grievance and a ray of sunshine, Damian.

    As Plum almost said

  6. 10
    Buford T. Justice says:

    sheeit, that’s my ID parade screwed.

  7. 12
    Smear today gone tomorrow says:
    • 24
      Moussa Koussa says:

      No One Reads The Express, or even pays it any attention anymore. Can we have another Diana headline tomorrow

      • 46
        The Daily Express says:

        Lady Di sp*eaks from beyond the grave:

        ‘Jimmy Koussa is a Labour Apologist C*nt’ she says.

      • 49
        Archer Karcher says:

        Absolutely MK, at last you have hit the nail on the head.

        Only 640,000 odd sales a day for the Express, compared to the towering sales of the Grauniad of 270,000 and Indy of around 180,000.
        Ye*ah none read it anymore.
        Can we have another climate warming danger story in either the Graun or Indy mass circulation rags tomorrow?

        • 64
          Lord Stansted says:

          The FT has a larger circulation than either the Indie or that God awful self-rightous paper than Polly Kettle writes for. You wouldn’t think so from listening to the paper review on Today.

    • 42
      Mornington Crescent says:

      The shares were worthless anyway – you couldn’t give ‘em away.

  8. 13
    I'm Jeremy Clarkson says:

    He should be taken outside and shot in front of his family.

  9. 15
    crank it UP says:

  10. 17
    Ed Bbbbbbballs says:
    • 21
      Jeremy Clarkson says:

      Some say his scrotum has its own small gravity field…

      • 31
        The Paragnostic says:

        Is that a post-neoclassical endogenous growth in your trousers, or are you just pleased to see me?

    • 39
      simon r says:

      F – F – F – F – FUCK OFF YOU C – C – C – ….

    • 41
      Gonk says:

      Name calling and jokes are a disgrace, aren’t they ?
      Have no place in an internationalist socialist society.

    • 51
      jgm2 says:

      Whereas dressing up in full Nazi regalia and giving it Seig Heil every time Osborne speaks is in no way offensive.

      You sanctimonious c-c-c-c*unt.

    • 67
      Lord Stansted says:

      This suggests that Balls follows the tweets of some very odd people.

    • 94
      annette curton says:

      But I thought it is you who are the tweeting, stammering,… joke.

    • 116
      Ed B-b-balls, Sh-sh-shadow Ch-ch-chancellor of th-th-the Exch-ch-chequer and Meat Loaf Wannabe says:

      In respect of which, I am asking for legislation that will ban any broadcasting outlet based in the UK from showing Porky Pig cartoons, as they would constitute discrimination against the vocally-challenged.

  11. 18
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  12. 19
    BillyBob... says:

    Chop off ‘is knob, the knob….

  13. 20
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Another weak Thread. Private Eye have been running the spot the difference for 20 Years.

    Guido and Porky Pie Pickles for instance

  14. 23
    Rump Gulley says:

    Easy to tell them apart. Only one of them is an anagram of ‘Colin Wanker’

    • 28
      Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

      Laughing aloud, dear. My teeth dropped out just before I made a puddle on the floor.

  15. 26
    • 50

      Palmolive’s dog , I spose , hun x

      I has always done it , so can’t stop .

      But i has done my fist first piccy last nite , darlin xx .

      All new tech for little me .

      SC x .

  16. 27
    James says:

    What does the school make of him posting such comments in an official capacity and whilst using their emblem?

    • 32
      BillyBob... says:

      Good point James, I am now as outraged as a trade unionist is at the Clarkson comments, McB should be arrested, we need to seek legal advice on this.

    • 83
      Engineer says:

      He’s moved on from the school. Think he’s inflicted himself on Cafod as a PR bod.

      • 110
        James says:

        Looks like he’s still using the school’s emblem, though.

        The very fact that it’s on his Twitter account, along with the school’s details etc, made me think that he was still linked to the school. I for one am outraged – OUTRAGED! – at this and will be contacting Paul Dacre to see how this ties in with house prices in the school’s vicinity.

  17. 30
    Solly says:

    I know who Gisela Stuart is.
    I know who Neil Warnock is.

    Who is this no-mark McBride?

    • 33
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      1 a decent labour mp
      2 a loud mouthed football coach
      3 a Ed Balls friend and smearer in chief.

      • 112
        phil says:

        Gisela Stewart,Frank Field and a very few others were the only Labour MP’s ever worth voting for.
        She actually demanded that Brown give us a referendum on the lisbon treaty even though she was for greater european integration but was honest enough to say that a promise made in the maniifesto should have been a promise kept.

    • 34
      BillyBob... says:

      McB is a very naughty little fat man, looks like Billy Bunter, ’tis suspected he has a little willie.

    • 53
      Lord Stansted says:

      Fortunately, I know of neither Stuart nor Warnock or McBride. It helps not to look at television.

    • 56
      Archer Karcher says:

      His girlfriend is a nasty piece of work also.

  18. 35
    Man in the Street says:

    I never thought that I could hate anyone more than I hate Gordon Brown. But Ed Miliband is making me ill, I loath him so much.

  19. 36
    Smear today gone tomorrow says:

    McBride & Predujice – they go together like Chutney & Cheese

  20. 43
    I don't need no doctor says:

    McBride should be taken outside and shot in front of a public crowd. It would be the best thing for him.

  21. 44
    Free Emma West says:

    She does look like Warnock though?

  22. 48
    Billy Bowden's Trophy Cabinet says:

    So is it true, will the caption competition silverware be coming home???

  23. 52
    Mrs Crewe says:

    Labour never had real policy, ideas or intelligence they will always resort to the na na na form of politics. It is telling that this was one of the children Brown surrounded himself with to make him feel superior

  24. 53
    bergen says:

    Almost as impossible as distinguishing McBride from a steaming pile of shite.

  25. 58
    Free Emma West says:

    Intersting news about the woman all the lefties and Mr Milliband seem to be happy to perscecute to death

    “Miss Finch, 31, has also told how West went to see a therapist at the Tamworth Road Resource Centre, in West Croydon, two days after being released from a psychiatric ward in Foxley Lane, Purley”

    The woman is severely mentally ill it turns out, hope all the twatterati will be happy when she commits suicide.

  26. 61
    Ed Miliband says:

    If it were not for the unions I would not be leader of the Labour party and Edward Balls would not be shadow Chancellor. :lol: And I would still be a single man. :cry:

  27. 63
    BillyBob... says:

    Twitter ye not McB.

  28. 65
    FavershamAss says:

    His good looks have left him conceited.

  29. 69
    Chalky Lowland says:

    Is that crest in the corner from the school where he works? Do they know he’s using the computer in term time to post his own half wit opinions?

    • 77
      Nick says:

      The image is of arms. The crest is the bit that goes above the helm, which goes above the shield.

      • 107
        Bercow Tapeworm says:

        Correct. But don’t ask me for a financial breakdown for the various parts.

      • 108
        Triumph Herald says:

        Azure a saltire sable — breaks the rule of tinctures. What a deuced bounder the fellow is.

  30. 70
    annette curton says:

    Disgruntled Queens Park Rangers supporter: “I would have Gisela shot, I would take him outside and execute him in front of his family”.

  31. 73
    QT Dilema says:

    Being a blog for political title tatle this might be the place for my question:

    Anyone know who the bald headed twat was on QT last night, obvious he was a socialist twat, but could not be bothered to wait for his moninker to appear on screen.

    I love the way he said he was not striking because he was not affected by the issue which the strikers were striking about.

    The usual national socialist self interest there then!

  32. 74
    Aulde Nick says:

    What a shameless red-marbled, prematurely aged poonani.

  33. 75
    Loungelizard. says:

    If Ed’s on the way out perhaps if the IMF don’t need him to run things, he could go into the church. Used to send the thick brother into the church. Father Ed. sure the BBC would run a series.

  34. 87
    Can't Wait says:
  35. 88
    Jeremy DVDseller says:

    McBride should be taken outside an shat on in front of the pupils.

  36. 91
    Chuckle Bros says:
  37. 99
    Kaitlyn H. says:

    Hah, some good laugh here…Fools bashing each other..

  38. 100
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ed Miliband chose Alan Johnson as his first Chancellor, which didn’t add up, neither could Johnson, and then the buffoon known as Ed Balls. Doesn’t that shown poor judgement Mr. Speaker. The leader of the opposition just doesn’t get it, so I’ll explain it to him Mr. Speaker. Miliband you are a useless loser.

  39. 102
    I don't need no doctor says:

    How much time is wasted by MPs in the HOC saying Mr.Speaker or Mr. Deputy Speaker etc. If Bercow wants to save time and let more MPs speak why doesn’t he do away with this ridiculous procedure.

  40. 103
    I don't need no doctor says:

    4:02 and 4:09 comments being moderated by the fuckwit. Is the moderator a relative of Ed Miliband, and useless as well?

  41. 104
    This Week is getting boring says:

    Did not watch it. I saw a bit of Billy Bragg who can bore for England and decided to watch something else.

  42. 106
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    She knows more about football.

  43. 114
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Dear Mr McBride

    We all know on here that you are reading this blog checking every post about you.

    To save you time I can sum up the general thoughts about you.

    In short you are a lowlife piece of loathsome chite. Nobody is interested in your spite, you are a bully that has been ousted and shown to be a coward at heart. no fucker is interested in anything you say or do.

    Now why don’t you find yourself a length of rope and do us all a favour and fuckoff from the face of this earth. leave us a note as nobody will notice you are gone.



    The public

  44. 120
    PC clitoris says:

    why doesnt someone just smack mcB in the fucking gob.

  45. 121
    PC clitoris says:

    Cameron should be stuck on top of the downing st christmas tree unless they want a real fairy , they could use Haig.

  46. 122
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Damien McBride and fairness? Does not compute.

    Who is directing him, now, I wonder?

  47. 127
    Anonymous says:

    What a horrible thing to say. I’m not a Labour supporter, but I’ve always found Gisela Stewart to be extremely nice.

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