November 30th, 2011

Downing Street Strike Breaker

According to a tweet from The Sun, glamorous Gabby Bertin, the PM’s press secretary is breaking the strike to man the border at Heathrow.

Echoes of Churchill’s strike breaking aristocratic bus drivers from the 1926 General Strike…


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    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

    Good on her!

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      Tax Payer says:

      Tokenism. And, she would have probably have helped more elsewhere.

      • 18
        Billy Bowden in the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Since the depot is closed with the strike, I will be heading over to help out as soon as I have finished my coffee. At 4.75 a cup I don’t want to rush it. Not really had expensive coffee before – better than the tea with two sugars that we get at the security booth :). See you soon Gabby.

      • 80
        Anon says:

        Totally agree. This is spin and nonsense. If this government was serious they would have been recruiting alternative staff to replace many of those who have gone out on strike today. Permanently.

        The failure of the NHS to operate essential services like a proper blood testing service at Whipp’s cross hospital and in clinics in Waltham Forest is a total disgrace.

      • 382
        Ivor Tapeworm says:

        Ed Millibrainless at PMQs today:

        “Unlike him, I’m not going to demonise the dinner ladies, the cleaners, the nurses, people who earn in a week what the Chancellor pays for his annual skiing holiday.”

        WTF? Dinner ladies earn enough in a week for a skiing holiday?

        Or Ed can’t even learn his prepared lines properly.

        What a loser. What a twat.

        • 383
          Ivor Tapeworm says:

          Edit to add: I now note that other posters have also noticed the twatness of the twat.

          It is rather obvious, I suppose, unless one has the IQ of a Labour supporter.

    • 11
      Larry the Cat. says:

      Gabby came in to feed me.

    • 20
      Any one comment on this blog? says:

      Aren’t you collecting friends and family from Heathrow today?

    • 204
      AC1 says:

      Not much comment on the monetary bukake party over savers faces?

      • 268
        Thick as pig shit voter from Cowdenbeath says:

        OT- Picture of Bob Crow at a rally in Newcastle with a Ralph Lauren jacket on…You couldnt make this shit up……….Wonder if he is losing a days pay today………

    • 395
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Jeremy Clarkson on the striking tax eaters.

  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

    “glamorous Gabby Bertin”

    Totty watch?

    Just askin.

  3. 3
    nell says:

    Strike breaking hmm?

    Except there are nowhere near 2million on the streets of the UK so this is nothing like the 1926 General Strike.

    • 7
      Tax Payer says:

      She IS breaking the strike? Otherwise she wouldn’t be there?

      Agree or disagree on the strikes as you want, but setting worker against worker isn’t a good idea.

      • 12
        Ah! Monika says:

        The only thing broken during the ’26 strike were our shop windows.

      • 17
        The Sleeper says:

        “setting worker against worker isn’t a good idea.”

        Forgive me…but in this case, who is setting worker against worker?

        Have we entirely abandoned the concept of individual choice?

        • 23
          Tax Payer says:

          This stunt may just possibly have been ‘arranged’?

          BTW – if Gabby can so easily take a day off from her important job, is there really a job there for her? Isn’t that exactly the criticism made of the public sector?

        • 25
          Trev says:

          Since when are civil servants workers? Idle fuckwits waiting for a pension would be a better description (with apologies to Billy who I had assumed until now was a private sector security guard rather than a local council security guard).

          • Anonymous says:

            Gabby is a civil servant?

          • Millligan from beyond the grave says:

            If Billy works ‘security’ for a council I hope he keeps his political leanings quiet, if his job does not call for his own pc – does he post using a smart phone, if so I begin to understand why all the typos creep in.

      • 26
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Really? Consider that just maybe that this strike sets the tax-payer funded public sector pensionable worker against the money-purchase self-funded private sector worker. Who is setting whom against what?

        • 62
          nell says:

          Let’s face it this strike is about people who want someone else to pay for their goldplated endsalary pensions whilst they work less than the rest of us have to.

          • Anonymous says:

            Or, it’s people fighting to retain the T+C’s they were given when hired?

            It isn’t their fault the government knackered their pension scheme, is it? It isn’t ours, either – but 2 wrongs don’t make a right.

          • Texan S Bend says:

            If they want the terms they had when they were hired, that’s fine. But they don’t. They want payrises every year, something the private sector does not guarantee.

          • The Sleeper says:


            It wasn’t this Government that knackered final salary schemes…it was that twat Brown with his £100bn raid in 1997.

            Public sector workers are only just catching up with everybody else!

            Poor things.

          • Tax Payer says:

            They’ve just had 0% for 2 years, and are only getting 1% p.a. for the next 2 years.

            My private sector pay rises have been crap, but not that crap.

          • jgm2 says:

            It is their fault the (Labour) government knackered private pension schemes – they wanted more money and so Brown plundered private pension schemes in order to give them more money. And employ another million of the fuckers.

            Did they sit there in their canteens giving it ‘I say chaps, do you know it is rather unfair us getting these super pensions paid for by plundering public sector pensions’ or did they just laugh their fucking bollocks off, shrug their shoulders and give it ‘tough – I don’t give a fuck where the money comes from’?

            Well, we all know of course that it was scenario B.

            Well chaps – right back at ya.

          • jgm2 says:

            I say chaps, do you know it is rather unfair us getting these super pensions paid for by plundering private sector pensions

          • Call me Infidel says:

            My heart bleeds for you anon it really does. So the government is shafting you. Get used to it. At least you still have a job for life and a good pension at the end of it. The majority of the private sector are not so lucky.

          • Anonymous says:

            Er, I work in the private sector and have had my pension similarly robbed. However, I am not so bitter and envious that I wish it on other people.

            I don’t agree with strikes – but what is happening here is wrong.

            Ignoring the facts doesn’t help.

          • jgm2 says:


            but what is happening here is wrong.

            But it’s been wrong for 14 years now. Do you suggest we keep ignoring it?

            There’s no money left. We can’t undo Brown’s pension theft because it represents – over the past 14 years – tens if not hundreds of billions of pounds. That money is gone. Spent. Given away on the day-to-day payment of these strikers.

            We have to make savings. And come up with a credible plan for paying these fuckers pensions in the future. So, they can either pay in more salary, work longer or take less. Or the government hikes taxes massively for everybody – and you can bet they won’t like that either.

            There is no alternative. Just as there’s no making up the cash Brown stole from private pensions.

            It’s harsh. But I think most folk understand what’s happened and how we arrived here. Even if the unions are stamping their foot whining about how it’s not fair. Sorry kids, mummy and daddy don’t have so much money any more so we can’t afford to give you so much pocket money.

          • Anonymous says:

            Gordon Brown’s raid in 1997 cut my final pension by 20% at a stroke.

            By the time I was due to retire the further damage he had done to the stock market and pensions industry meant that the fund was worth barely 1/3 of what I had been given to expect when I entered into the contract – and I could no longer get an index-linked annuity with what was left.

            It is about time the public sector learned to live with what their beloved Labour government’s spendling splurge has done for the rest of us.

            I am not vindictive – I’d settle for a 10% cut to all public sector pensions that are more than double the private sector average – and end to index-linking for those that are.

          • John Bellingham says:

            my brother-law was a Superindendent in the British South African Police (Rhodesia), he retired on independence on the equivalent of £1000 per month ( spending power equivalent of £5000), but it was in Zim Dollars. When the value dropped to 17p per month in the late 1990s he stopped bothering to claim it. The way to sort out these kleptocratic pensions is to de a Mugabe on them.

          • Anonymous says:

            Brown took 20% of your pension. Osborne is going to take the lot and give it to his friends. He calls it investment in infrastructure projects.

      • 60
        jgm2 says:

        It’s a bit late to worry about that. that’s precisely what Brown did in 1997 by destroying private pensions to (part) pay for the one million Labour voters he recruited with private sector pension money and 30bn quid of borrowed cash every year.

        • 169
          Cynical-old-bag says:

          I agree. They should think themselves lucky they still have a bloody pension.

          Brown robbed us of ours in the early part of the last decade.

          • gildedtumbril says:

            It is exceedingly misfortunate that dear old blighty finds herself with a million or so snivelling servants who fondly imagine that they have a job.
            We need, nay, desperately need, to trim these misguided creatures from the public burden. I suggest 50% this year and another 50% trimmed orf next pear. That would leave 25% (only about 50% overmanning) It would be a good start towards sanity.
            The number of outreaching, community inclusiveness,lead membering what the hells? Seems to increase exponentially. One suspects they are breeding in ‘government’ offices and town halls.
            Sod ‘em all. Perhaps I should rephrase that.

          • Marmite says:

            Same thing happened to my pension – Brown & Leiber are just thieving b*stards, but stop trying to convince the thick tw*ts like anonymong & co, as they just aren’t clever enough to understand – typical Leiber voters in other words.

  4. 5
    Any one comment on this blog? says:

    In the latest YouTube clip filmed on a train between London and Manchester, the woman is seen yelling at a group of passengers: ‘You’re in my country now, talk my language. Don’t f****** talk your ****, talk my language. You ****, ****

    Read more:

    • 13
      Ah! Monika says:

      Life sentence at least

      • 44
        Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

        Deportation probably fits the bill.

        • 182
          Komsol Political Correctness Custodian 497 ( South East Area ) says:

          Komrades, there is a rigid form of punishment available when someone bre*aks the thought crime laws. Prison and then re-education.

          Of course if this does not correct this kind of behaviour, then the only other option is remand to a secure mental institution.

          Now go about your work and be aware, we are watching, always.

      • 46
        BillyBob... says:

        Indeed……… thought and verbal hate crimes are without doubt more serious than traditional crimes of violence and dishonesty :)

      • 54
        Loungelizard says:

        After Labours disastrous social experiment with this country I’m not sure exactly what language they would be expected to speak. The way things are it could be anything.

    • 43
      The Paragnostic says:

      Anglo Saxon as it is spoken – in the finest traditions of English.

      What’s not to like?

    • 86
      Joe the Plumber says:

      As in the case of Emma West (no relation to Rose) it is hard to see where racism is involved. Foul langage, yes. But how is expressing an opinion racist? I suppose it doesn’t matter that Emma West has been banged up without trial pending “psychiatric reports” just the way the old KGB used to deal with dissenters–you don’t toe the party line, so you must be mad. I shall repeat that-EMMA WEST HAS BEEN IMPRISONED FOR EXPRESSING AN OPINION.
      Her Member of Parlaiment has condemned her in print as “the kind of person we don’t want in this country”, so his colours are flying.
      There are hundreds if not thousands of web comments threatening to kill or rape or beat up Ms West couched in the most vile racist tones–yet hordes of thought police are yet to act on that.
      Few would think that Ms West is a role model for anyone, but as many of the posters here often make jokey references to Non-Whites, Jews and Homosexuals and we know that the Leftie Stasi read these pages, they should ponder a moment on this disgraceful attack on English Freedom of Thought, if not of Speech.

      • 172
        Blob Knob says:

        Anyone asked why these people are snapping like this, could it be anything to them being pissed off with their streets, shops and public transport being filled with people they do not recognise or understand. Are the feeling like strangers in their own world???

      • 177
        Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

        Joe you missed out the full frontal attacks on the English language that appear regularly here.

    • 87
      AC1 says:

      “You’re in my country now”

      Not since Blair changed the law it’s not.

      It’s their country and you’re the serf.

  5. 6
    Winston Churchill says:

    Just as the unions went on strike during the Second World War, their lazy, greedy, self-interest is palpable at a time when everyone in this country needs to pull together to face this crisis. A financial crisis caused by the smug political party they happily fund.

    • 41
      Little Govey Nonce "Boy" says:

      All pull together? Excellent idea – mutual masturbation made me the person I am today.

    • 68
      jgm2 says:

      I knew the miners went on strike during the first world war. Being unaware/insensitive/indifferent to the brutal slaughter of their fellow Britons in France.

      I thought they’d knuckled under a bit more for the second world war.

      Perhaps not.

      • 150
        Dr Longdongle says:

        strikes in the UK sky-rocketed to reach a record 2,194 stoppages with 3,700,000 days lost in 1944 alone !

        • 159
          jgm2 says:

          Jesus christ.

          A fucking war on. Folk getting machine-gunned on the beaches and the fuckers were on strike. I’d have given ‘em a fucking pair of boots and a stick with a bayonet on it and had them run up the beach absorbing bullets for the better men coming behind.

          The c*unts.

          • Dr Longdongle says:

            This one I really like jgm2 =
            Workers at the former Chrysler factory converted to make Halifax bomber tail fins were subject to Essential Works Orders banning all industrial action. In 1943 they challenged management policy of locking the gates at 8:30 for the morning by threatening to turn up en masse at 8:31. Management threatened to use the Order, but then capitulated.
            The reason why it was Essential Works was that Halifax’s were crashing due to the tail assembly which needed to be changed A.S.A.P crews were dying but they still went on strike !! !

          • jgm2 says:

            You’d think the fuckers would be in there at 6:30 working a few hours overtime for free. Get the job done. War on and all that.

            The Germans must scratch their heads wondering how the fuck they lost a war to such a shower.

            Then they remember the Russians.

          • Joe the Plumber says:

            They also beat up the Bevan Boys who were conscripted and technically not permitted to strike ensuring that they didn’t work either.

          • Home Front says:

            People were working 12 hours shifts during the war and watching their families starve during a period of it at the same time. Still, point taken that this country is cursed with class division bullshit.

          • Home Front says:

            Hmm, looks like I am mixing up World War 1 with World War 2 regarding starvation. Post in haste, repent at leisure.

    • 188
      Lucky Luciano says:

      No unions in the States that my goombahs controlled went on strike during the war. Of course, this singular feat was accomplished in exchange for the promise that Jed Hoover turn a blind eye (not a Gordon Brown reference) to what all else we were doing in terms of black marketeering and the like. We even managed to convince the US military that we would run a 5th column operation in Sicily if Patton (and Montgomery, of course!) would oblige us with an invasion. Union relations aren’t all that difficult if you know who to talk to and what to offer them in exchange for “co-operation.”

      • 202
        John Bellingham says:

        Yes, but US Unions worked for the Mob. British Unions worked for Uncle Joe Stalin.
        Capitalism Vs. Socialism.

        • 259
          Lucky Luciano says:

          That might account for anti-war strikes 9/39 thru 6/41, but why would Joe Stalin want to shut down British industry after that date? Enemy of my enemy and all that?

  6. 8
    Spartacus says:

    welcome to britain. yes welcome to it.

    and that should have read uk

  7. 9
    Alf Garnett says:

    Glamorous? If the photo is anything to go by, she’s no oil painting. Perhaps she’s a scarecrow set out to frighten off illegal entrants.

    • 178
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      If we wanted to do that there are many, many more suitable candidates in the ranks of Labor MPs

      • 251
        Alf Garnett says:

        Quite right. Usually one rook scarer is much the same as another, but the female Labour MPs number some terrifying examples. That said, I wouldn’t like to miss out some of the less pulchritudinous Tory MPs. In both groups, some are of dubious sex, rather resembling Les Dawson in drag.

        I wouldn’t go near Heathrow or anywhere else with them in prospect.

    • 303
      Randy Scousegit says:

      Dunno, Alf, probably not anyone’s FIRST choice, but an expression involving “bed” and “saltines” does spring to mind…

  8. 16
    WVM says:

    Sorry O/T here but I’ve just got in after driving past my local School were we have the placard carrying mongs blowing whistles and making a racket. As I drove past I stopped and shouted out of my car window “What’s so special about you?” I was met with the usual two finger salutes and shouts of “Fuck off Tory boy” I’ve experienced in the past. A genuine question I thought but it was answered with abuse.

    • 30
      The Last Quango in Paris says:

      my mates teacher is shopping in bluewater

    • 52
      Good on yer! says:

      I remember you doing that and posting it on here the last time the teachers were on strike this year WVM, they obviously remember your car.

    • 57
      Mornington Crescent says:

      “Fuck off Tory boy” is at the upper end of most teachers’ intellectual capabilities – I hope you enjoyed it!

      • 116
        WVM says:

        I enjoy seeing them drop in to sudden silence and the look on their faces for that split second when they realize some hasn’t pressed their horn in support, but instead stopped and questioned them and what they’re doing. It’s gold :)

    • 93
      AC1 says:

      Proof that state provision of education will never work.

    • 147
      Anonymous says:

      They might give you the finger, but they’ll still help themselves to your money to top up their pension funds to the detriment of your own.

      It’s too bad we can’t actually do as they suggest and ‘fuck off’ – taking our money with us to prepare for our own retirement.

  9. 19
    Nigel S says:

    Form an orderly queue.

  10. 21
    Gordon Brown says:

    I would like to thank you all for all your kind words after my great performances in the house over the last two days.

  11. 23
    • 97
      AC1 says:

      Their hands on my income to fund their pension.

      When the extortion funded sector wins, the country loses.

  12. 27
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:


    1:Was Carlos Tevez at the protests?

    2:Should we not be pleased that somechildren are being denied a day off left wing brain washing at school?

    3: where is this 99%?

  13. 33
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  14. 40
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    What’s young Gabby on? £80,000?

  15. 42
    Steve Miliband says:

    I’ve just been online searching for a skiing holiday for the price of a week wages. Can’t find one.

    • 154
      Classic Ed 2011 says:

      Classic Ed

      Mr. Speaker, eh Mr. Speaker, I’m not going to demonise
      People who earn in a week what the chancellor spends on his annual skiing holiday

      • 216
        John Bellingham says:

        Zermaat £665 per person, Verbier £750, Gstaad, £1049 including Nanny.
        Family of four–say £3000
        £3000 per week for a dinner lady? When do I start?

      • 257
        Gordon Brown says:

        Actually that was around the going rate for my “cleaner” whom of course I “paid” out of the public purse via my brother.

    • 171
      Classic Ed 2011 says:

      Classic Ed

      Mr. Spe@ker, eh Mr. Spe@ker, I’m not going to demonise
      People who earn in a week what the chancellor spends on his annual skiing holiday

    • 230
      AC1 says:


      Flight 80 quid
      250 Accommodation with food and wine.
      Insurance 30 quid
      Board Hire 60 quid
      Drinks bill Hundreds.

    • 273
      Ewanme says:

      Hiya , Stevie , petal xx .

      Last time I lit up the pistes wiv my snowploughs , I done 5 weeks in Wengen / Murren for a grand all in , darlin x .

      Hostel in Lauterbrunnen woz cheap , snow fell from the skies and the Swiss all speaks English but tends to spy on ya .

      I thinks their lives is a bit borin an that , babes x .

      Return EasyJet to Basle woz 24.95 booked early . This woz a few years ago , tho .

      Good luck E x .

  16. 48
    Ah! Monika says:

    Mail Online

    It’s a damp squib strike’: 40% of schools open, full ambulance service, just 18 out of 900 job centres shut… and Heathrow running ‘like a dream’

    • 70
      AndyJailsoon says:

      So when the double dip occurs, Gideon cannot claim £500M taken out of economy and blame the strikes….make your mind up

      • 79
        Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

        The state is not the econmey.

      • 81
        jgm2 says:

        Oh but he will. And it’ll stick.

        The public will associate any double-dip with self-interested unions destroying the economy in a fit of spite after Labour got slung out. Just like the early 1980s.

        You should be grateful that nobody is being seriously inconvenienced by this strike otherwise public opinion will really turn against Labour.

    • 73
      Male Online says:

      Don’t forget to check out our scantily-clad bikini babes.

    • 90
      Maths were never our strong point to be fair says:

      Sophie Raworth on BBC one of clock news interviewed woman from NASUWT(presumambly an official ?)who said that they didn’t understand what the government’s offer on the table was even though she seemed to accept that the government had made an improved offer to her members only yesterday(?) but they were striking anyway because ??? …..given that this woman was representing teachers whose union presumably is made up of at least a few maths teachers didn’t seem to understand the maths of the offer says a lot to me if correct about the standards of maths teaching in this country…even Sophie was taken aback and had to ask the question twice….and that about sums up the union argument…there is an offer there are negotiations but we can’t understand them…what a way to run a union let alone anything else… those rank & file striking actually understand what they’ve been offered or have been confused by union leaders into striking for political ends ?? They can’t even agree whether negotiations or meetimngs have or are taking place..which seems to me quite a simple thing to work out… Richard Littlejohn sayys…”You couldn’t make it up !”

      • 102
        AC1 says:

        Unions are on strike because they don’t like democracy and feel entitled to other peoples money.

      • 312
        Wavy Davy says:

        I think she said the offer was made at the last moment to basically muddy the waters, it’s called misinformation and the Tory government are wizards at it.

    • 146
      John Bellingham says:

      Public toilets in Swansea are closed!

  17. 53
    The Sleeper says:

    A typical striker on Pravda….

    “As a teacher,I was going to retire at 60,then it was 63,and now,out of the blue it’s 66″

    Said woman was at least 59.5 years of age.

    And she’s a teacher????????

    FFS….you”ll be at least 75 in 2026,madam.

    • 128
      The Last Quango in Paris says:

      or the moron who said she will pay more into her pension with NOTHING to show for it – what like a bigger pension? Or the stupid tart who has just qualified as a PE teacher but was not prepared to teach PE ‘when she’s old’. If I have ever had a job where I didn;t like the conditions or pay etc I LEFT OT AND GOT ANOTHER JOB. I can’t stand the workshy.

      • 266
        Anonymous says:

        Or the other cow who said she used to be an accountant before becoming a teacher, but she now believes she could have made more money if she had remained an accountant. Well fuck off then, we can do without teachers like you who are only in it for the money.

  18. 58
    Anonymous says:

    Gabby £80K to be a SpAd.

    I’d keep quiet about Gabby, this doesnt look good. Tax payers paying £80K for a Cock head None Job SpaD

    • 66
      BillyBob... says:

      She is multitasking….. get over it !

    • 71
      The Paragnostic says:

      No more than union members (or perhaps the UMF) pay for donkeys like Bob Crow, Mark Serwotka and the other useless bastards leading their members in a counterproductive and transparently political act of national sabotage…

  19. 65
    AndyJailsoon says:

    Gabby £80K..he is a SpAd on £80,000.

    None Job…sack her

  20. 67
    AndyJailsoon says:

    Gabby £80K..she is a SpAd on £80,000.

    None Job…sack her

    • 72
      BillyBob... says:

      multitasking, money well spent :)

    • 77
      jgm2 says:

      On this we can agree.

      No need for 80K passport checkers. I’ll do it for free for a few days just for a laugh.

      Where do I register my interest?

      • 95
        jgm2 says:

        I’ll need to get a CRB check but maybe, assuming my local state schools are on strike, I could be of more use in a ‘Big Society’ kind of way volunteering to give maths lessons the next time the teachers fancy more of my money.

        ‘Hello kids, now – can anybody tell me what happens if you only earn 350bn quid a year but you spend 530bn quid a year?

      • 104
        John Bellingham says:

        As border control let in 930,000 people that they shouldn’t have, one wonders if they were working anyway.

      • 135
        Call me Infidel says:

        Funnily enough jgm as an ex ukba worker I was considering “volunteering” The talk was they were going to pay £600 a day. Not too shabby for sitting on your arse for 7 1/2 hours and collecting government stats, but I never found anywhere to sign up!

        • 199
          another anonymong says:

          Me too, I left to start my own business a while ago and actually contribute something to this country, but I’d have gone in for the day to do the job properly. Funny, when I left many colleagues agreed that the pensions were far too generous and were expecting to have to pay more, especially as the country is in big doo-doo.
          Good on Gabby for helping out but she wont have any idea what to do.

          • Mornington Crescent says:

            Putting a passport on a scanner and taking it off again isn’t the most onerous of tasks. In addition, she can speak perfect English and French and is probably capable of uttering a very polite “Good Morning” – skills and tasks which few of the usual berks on the desks are capable of doing, in my my pretty wide experience.

    • 78
      Tessa Tickles says:

      It’s “non job”.

      And it is, indeed, a non-job. And she is indeed a public sector parasite.

      You’re learning! Isn’t learning fun!

      • 82
        BillyBob... says:

        I suspect she puts in more hours than the part-time teachers who are paid far too much for what they do. :)

        • 110
          Edukatiun says:

          If they taught people properly they would be worth every penny. Sadly, they churn out illiterates who are not fit to survive in the modern economy.

        • 239
          Widescreen2010 says:

          The possiblity that she might waste many hours doing it doesn’t matter.
          Public sector parasite whether she turns up or not.

      • 83
        jgm2 says:


  21. 88
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

    Right just asked boss if i can have a pay rise not matter if the buisness makes money or not.

    Can you guess then answer?

  22. 101
    Brown was RIGHT wing says:


  23. 105
    Duncan says:

    PR bollocks.
    Oh yes, she works for Cameron.

  24. 117
    Voice of Reason says:

    ‘Glamorous’ Gabby Bertin. Dear me if this manly looking woman is considered glamorous I think it’s time for Specsavers for somebody.

    • 205
      Mike Hancock says:

      Gabby Bertin? Not THAT young, and not Eastern European, but…I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating saltines, come to that…

  25. 118
    AndyJailsoon says:

    Please Please Please Keep keep Gabby in the news

    Gabby Bertin, paid £25,000 by drug firm Pfizer to work as a researcher for Atlantic Bridge. Given the research work ( £25K for 1/2 days work ) by Foxy

    • 122
      jgm2 says:

      Ah, the Labour smear machine swings into action.

      Sometimes I think you lot are chiefly upset because News International represented competition in the smearing department.

      • 132
        AndyJailsoon says:

        errrrrr not a smear. A mere fact. 80K and expense of tax payers money + 25K moonlighting for Foxy. errrrrr this after Cockheads promise to cull the Spads

        To make it worse the poor girl recently divorced……shhhhh dont tell the neo cons

        • 156
          jgm2 says:


          It’s becoming clearer alright. Labour wants to be in control of what ‘facts’ are allowed to be known.

          When Draper was fired for cooking up lies you were all whining, not about how disgraceful it was that your smear machine was generating lies on an industrial scale, but how Guido found out about it! Ohhh – he ‘h*cked us. Ooooh we should be free to tell any old lies.

          The same mind-set that had Blair/Campbell spit the dummy out when they were caught telling lies over Iraq – but made a staggering recovery by having a tame judge find them not guilty and fired Greg Dyke and the entire BBC board in revenge.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            What fascinates me is that during enquiries into phone hacking Tom Watson has been adamant Rupert Murdoch must be aware of everything going on at one of his operations 3000 miles away.

            At the time the MacBride scandal broke Watson was adamant that he knew nothing of MacBride’s activities despite sitting at the next desk.

            What a tw*t.

          • jgm2 says:

            Likewise Campbell is free to speculate and comment on the correspondence between News International editors and directors dating back years and yet can’t remember who he e-mailed his statement to only a few days ago.

            And yet this testimony stands.

            It’s a fucking farce.

          • They couldnt run a bath says:

            Thats nothing remember Jack Dromey was the actual treasurer to the Labour party who claimed to know nothing about oodles of money being “donated” in the form of “loans”. Did he never once look over the bank statements ?

      • 138
        McPoison says:

        You rang ??

      • 142
        Cutting Waste has To Start at the Top says:

        I don’t care who said this. I want to know if it is true. As you are defending her, are you in a posotion to confirm or deny this? Otherwise, please stop being tribal.

        • 167
          jgm2 says:

          I agree that it seems there is no requirement for this woman at all. She should be fired and her salary put against the national debt. Along with the other 700,000 or so that Osborne mentioned yesterday.

          I’d have been quite prepared to go down to Heathrow and scan passports myself for free today. But nobody is showing me where I need to go in order to sign up for the next strike.

          I’m also available (pending CRB approval) as a teacher at primary or secondary level if they want a bit of maths or science cover during the next strike.

          Anybody got any idea where I might find the website to register my interest. To show these fuckers they’re not that special and, actually, we really can manage without them?

  26. 119
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

    Portsmouth fans ask for a review of the fit and proper person test.

    not for Mps, but for football club owners.


  27. 123

    Report: the supermarket and garden centre were heaving with people doing their bit to keep the consumer bubble inflated, or at least to let the air out of the balloon slowly. We were all taking advantage of the reduced rush-hour traffic to get out and get done early or do Christmas shopping with the children. Some people have been inconvenienced but a lot are just working round it and treating it as the equivalent of a spare Sunday.

    In the supermarket carpark was a police van full of preparing officers, stocking up with packets of crisps, jelly babies, sarnies, soft drinks and choccy biccies, news papers etc. Important safety note: putting bags and bags of chocolate peanuts on the dashboard is going to result in a painful hail of sweets if the driver has to bung on the anchors. Constable Flatfoot didn’t look as if he was in immediate danger of starvation so surely it isn’t necessary to have a cwt of intermediate snacks to put him on until lunchtime.

    Or was the plan to visit Westminster and sell a van load of Freddo Frogs at vastly inflated prices to starving MPs?

    • 129
      Loungelizard says:

      Looks like this strike might be just the injection the retail trade needed.

    • 168
      Professor MagnusPyke says:

      Woeful understanding of Newtons First Law motion. The vehicle has the brakes not its contents.

    • 195
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      If you want to see where most of the wasters on strike today are try sticking your head through the door of the nearest pub.

    • 262
      bergen says:

      The roads were empty this morning without the school-run.No doubt the teachers were all down their favorite place-the travel agents-booking their three overseas holidays a year and doing their best to revive the economies of the Club Med at the expense of the rest of us.

  28. 130
    Jer oboam says:

    Just got back from a local council market and outdoor market and both are open and full,the town centre is bursting, it appears da managment have gone on strike and the little people are working hard as usual, from what I can see , christmas is going to be a good’n and winterval can fkoff, interesting point, notice most of the oldies are paying by cash and the young’ns are paying by card, but I think that’s just the way things go.

  29. 133
    Alyingstare Campbell says:

    From the people that brought you the original ‘dodgy dossier’.

    • 148
      Lord Fardy-da says:

      Hang on.

      Campbell says he is confident Guido didn’t get the version he got from the people he (Campbell) sent it to.

      So – how the f*ck DID Guido get it, then? If Campbell is right, it would have been impossible for Guido to get it?

      Guido had better be VERY clear on this tomorrow. No doubt he is being stepped through it as we speak.

    • 152
      Lord Fardy-da says:

      Hang on.

      Campbell says he is confident Guido didn’t get the version he got from the people he (Campbell) sent it to.

      So – how the f*ck DID Guido get it, then? If Campbell is right, it would have been impossible for Guido to get it?

      Guido had better be VERY clear on this tomorrow. No doubt he is being stepped through it as we spe ak.

      • 158
        Alyingstare Campbell says:

        I’m also a regular kinda guy.

      • 162
        Selohesra says:

        How can Campbell make that statement when he says he cant remember who he leaked it to himself

        • 176
          jgm2 says:

          Because the whole thing is a fucking show-trial. Nobody is interested in the truth. This is a means to introduce press reporting restrictions and there-by muzzle the press and a revenge operation by Labour for getting dumped by Murdoch.

          It’s a showtrial. A fix.

          It’s Hutton II.

    • 154
      annette curton says:

      Don’t mention Watson!. Body language alert!, body language alert!, 45 minutes to bomb freedom of the press.

  30. 135
    old grumpy says:

    Has anybody noticed the Beeb’s exaggerations in reporting the strike?……… Funny how SKY and ITV are much more balanced………

  31. 139
    Jimmy says:

    He’s sending his own staff to keep out the darkies in person. If that doesn’t make you lot happy what will?

    • 149
      1980's says:

      You lot?

      Is that a ‘us and them’ term Jimmy?

      • 225
        Jimmy says:

        I mean guidophiles of course. While we’re on the subject, why do so many of you seem to be turning up on trains in youtube videos? Is this some new trend?

        • 241
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          I thought she must be related to that women who accosted Gordon Brown up in Rochdale before the last election – you know the lifelong Labour voting “bigot”.

          • Jimmy says:

            I must admit I was shocked. Not by the racial slurs you understand, one gets used to them here, but I always assumed that your people disapproved of public transport.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Not really – use it a lot myself despite the best efforts of Ken Livingstone to fuck up the Tube and London buses

          • Jimmy says:

            I can imagine that having to share a bus with poor people must have been distressing. Boris’ fares policy will go a long way to discouraging them.

  32. 140
    Selohesra says:

    When the FTSE plunged from 5500 to 5100 over a few days there were wailings about the billions slashed of the value of British companies – now its back at 5500 again a few days later will the headlines rejoice at this new found value?

    • 153
      Fuck Nose says:

      Who cares? Headlines are for those that can’t think for themselves. Sell now and buy again tomorrow when it drops back to 5200.

    • 181
      AC1 says:

      It’s the yield that matters, that number isn’t too useful.

      Can be a sign of economic growth or expectations of inflation.

    • 233
      John Bellingham says:

      Yeah, but it is VALUE, not money. My house was valued £350,000 last month, but at £375,000 this month. But I am not eating any better.

  33. 143
    Electronic Trail says:

    The link is about Climategate emails but it equally applies to all organisations’ Emails and their IT systems. Having read it I can now see why Andy Coulson and Rebekah Brooks must be quaking in their boots. All the emails they ever sent will be available somewhere, it just depends on whether the plod go looking for them or not.

  34. 145
    They're all in the fucking pub! says:

  35. 151
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The real bastards are here

    Francis Maude’s publicly funded pension is £43,825 a year with a pot of £731,883 David Cameron’s publicly funded pension is £32,978 a year with a pot of £550,725 George Osborne’s publicly funded pension is £32,978 a year with a pot of £550,725 Nick Cleggs’s publicly funded pension is £28,404 a year with a pot of £440,000 Eric Pickles’ publicly funded pension is £43,825 a year with a pot of £731,883 Vince Cable’s publicly funded pension is £39,551 a year with a pot of £660,507 Andrew Lansley’s publicly funded pension is £39,551 a year with a pot of £660,507 Danny Alexander’s publicly funded pension is £26,404 a year with pot of £440,942

    Wankers,every one of them !!

    • 160
      Fred the Shred ( knighted by Gordon Brown ) says:

      Chicken feed.

    • 166
      annette curton says:

      Just in the interest of balance… Come on then, do tell, what is Gordon Browns? (don’t bother with an extensive list of the rest of his parteh).

    • 200
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Does Pickles include anything from his days at Bradford council?

  36. 157
    AndyJailsoon says:

    She isnt even a senior staff member. Gabby is a deputy Spad. £80k

    Classic cockhead. I bet he and Gabby thought the passport job would be jolly larks for the day.

    Can we request Gabby is docked 1 days pay as a Spad, and paid minimun wage for the day instead. Saves the tax payer a few hundred quid

    • 174
      jgm2 says:

      As I’ve said – I’ll do it for free. Jolly larks indeed. How hard can it be?

      Passport [look at punter] check date, swipe passport.


      • 175
        annette curton says:

        I managed to break OUT while they were all looking the other way.

      • 191
        jgm2 says:

        In retrospect though I’m much closer to Gatwick so it’s probably best I volunteer there.

      • 236
        Jo Bloggs says:

        Must be easy, I went through Gatwick once on my deceased Father-in-Law’s Cyprus passport. It was an accident, but it was the one I was holding as I was waved through. Cyprus wasn’t even in the EU at the time and I was bringing his papers to his ex-wife.

        • 281
          Anonymous says:

          Thats nothing I have a friend who went to Spain and back for a footie match with his wifes passport.

          • fucky nell says:

            Was he Michael Gove? His “wife” is a very manly looking person, although probably more at home watching rugby.

        • 317
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          I went to Cork on a stag weekend a few years ago. A lot of the lads were Kiwis. One had forgotten his passport – wasn’t checked on the way into Ireland and allowed back into the UK without it as well.

          This was back in the late 90s.

          Even earlier than that there was a trick used by people on two year work permits to effectively extend them. You got a credit on your visa for time spent out of the UK. Trick was to leave Britain via France and get an exit stamp – then cross over to the Republic of Ireland, over the land border to the north (no passport checks there) and then back into the mainland. One year later repeat in reverse and hey presto it looks like you have been out of the country for a year.

  37. 164
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  38. 180
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Not true , the news at dinner time said all the temp staff trained by the government , were not used

  39. 184
    Que? says:

    Glamorous! I know you’re from Ireland but please!

  40. 185
    Colonel Madd says:

    The Colonel has it on excellent authority that Gabby has a Brazilian with a large turning area at the north of the runway

  41. 190
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  42. 193
    nell says:

    Cameron to end public funding for union salaries in workplace – just read on twitter

    • 194
      jgm2 says:


      Take that you fuckers.

    • 197
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Has he announced it or actually done it – a big, big difference.

      • 201
        nell says:

        As far as I can tell its just an announcement – lets hope it comes to fruition. What was the last estimate for the cost of pilgrims £213million pa and rising?

        • 206
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          I’d like to think he will do it but it is one of the many areas where Cameron closely resembles Blair – big announcements followed by u-turns or complete inactivity.

          • nell says:

            perhaps for once his backbone will hold up.

          • On benefits and proud says:

            Perhaps for once you may be right, but it’ll be a first for both him and you.

          • fucky nell says:

            Cameron? Backbone? Not very likely.

            Just another load of bullshit from the heir to Blair – still manages to fool some of the simpletons though.

          • Boy Mulcaster says:

            Lady Virginia is quite right, Cameron is schooled in the art of PR it’s what people remember you said that counts not what you did. Lots of announcements, initiatives, task-groups etc.. but real change? Not a lot in reality just tinkering here and there but essentially keeping the status quo in place and hoping that ‘growth’ will rescue them, it’s becoming clear that it won’t.

            There are several key market sectors that need to be corrected still and the Public Sector is the one that the Government has the most direct control of. It really does mean confrontation and hard decisions, sack the strikers and replace them with new workers on lower pay and benefits. Then apply the same clear discipline to every aspect of the Public Sector.

  43. 203
    Fuck the BBC says:

    Well I’m in London and not noticed a thing. Just think how much we saved not paying these lefty c u n t z

  44. 213
    Anonymous says:

    The fucking Union Hunts…

    Why doesn’t someone simply ask one of them if they think it is fair that a “hard working family” should pay to provide them with a pension they can not afford for themselves.

    Then keep at them for a fucking answer rather than let the spout off their own points without answering the fucking question…

    Fuck them all. Bleed them dry. And if all fails, sack every fucking one of them without exception.

  45. 217
    Loungelizard says:

    We can but hope.

  46. 219
    Gonk says:

    I’ve been trying to get across my home city to see a customer.
    And guess what ? blocked by a demo. Still, they’ve all dispersed
    now and gone shopping. Or to refill their enormous stomachs
    and their enormous children. Still, I’ll work late or maybe go
    on strike myself. And then sack myself. What a shit hole.

  47. 221
    SimmoTheGypo says:

    Hi folks, given what is going on today, I thought you might be interested in the essential public service Cambridge City Council provides. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I give you Bling Ya Ting: . Ari Henry is an “Equalities Development Project Worker” (based, naturally in Mandela House) and responsible for spending our money on this fantastic, crucial (sic), and important public service, just in case you are wondering why teacher’s, nurses et al’s pay and pensions are being ‘reviewed’…

  48. 240
    On benefits and proud says:

    Every public sector worker’s pension arrangements are up for grabs.
    MPs excluded, of course.

  49. 243
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  50. 244
    Engineer says:

    Update from this neck of the woods.

    Have been out and about – seems like a normal Wednesday. People are digging up roads all over the place. The bins have been emptied. Next door’s children are off, so presumably their school’s shut, but that’s the nearest I have seen to disruption.

    On the subject of Unions spoiling for a fight, they need to be careful. They might get one. If they start really inconveniencing people, perhaps by prolonged school closures, whatever public support they now have will diminish quite qiuckly.

  51. 247
    nell says:

    militwit said in pmq’s that there were no government union meetings ongoing over pensions.

    I suppose he could have been ignorant of the fact but given how many meetings are going on, as shown in the link above, I suspect he was lying.

    • 258
      annette curton says:

      Theresa May stated unequivocally that union meetings are ongoing when quizzed about it on the news by the biased BBC today, they had meetings last week and they have got meetings next week, so Ed is lying (apart from being an ignoramus anyway).

  52. 250
    Anonymous says:

    Here we go again and no referendum on offer either

    Britain to agree to amend treaty in return for much less influence. What a bargain

    • 305
      fucky nell says:

      That can’t be right – there’s no way that “Honest” Dave Cameron would stand for that. It would mean breaking his word and he’s a man of total integrity.

    • 315
      AC1 says:

      This will be like the deal on CAP reform…. there will be no reform.

  53. 255
    God says:

    Good on her! At least she has more guts than the grovelling politicians who are afraid to cross a picket line! What pathetic losers they are!!!

  54. 264
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  55. 265
    Bobg says:

    There are indeed echoes. This whole govt reverberates with aristocratic entitlement and that will be it’s
    (as the last ever Tory govt) Undoing.

    • 269
      BillyBob... says:

      You really think that Labour are better ?? Call the doctor…..

      • 271
        Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

        mental illnes is not a barrier to becoming a MP let alone PM.

        However that is another debae.

  56. 270
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  57. 278
    Jer oboam says:

    Oh dear , occupy London is taking the PR away from the uncivil servants, how awful, how terrible, how funny.

  58. 280
    you have to admit...... says:

    Milliband really is fucking useless

    • 309
      Rick the Roman says:

      “Irresponsible, left-wing and weak” (CMD – 30 November 2011) The new WedEd strapline.

  59. 284
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

    Guido Fawkes a Leveson at 2pm.

    If you dont know.

  60. 286
    Bruce Dickinson says:

    What, in the name of all that is holy, has happened to Miliband’s nose in the last couple of weeks? It looks like it has collapsed in the middle; he’s even more annoyingly adenoidal and frankly resembles our drummer Nicko McBrain. But weirder along the lines of Nicko meets ‘Rain Man’ meets ‘The Simpsons’ via Fritz Lang’s ‘The Cabinet of Dr Caligari’.

  61. 295
    Loungelizard says:

    Diane Abbott says strikers are not enemy but are the people holding society together. How that? Teachers have failed society….Civil Service now politicized unproductive burden on taxpayer. This strike is not about money it’s about the destruction our democratically elected government.

  62. 298
    Traditionalist says:

    30% higher rate of 999 calls for Ambulance Services in London today! Wtf? Criminal lefties and anarchist bastards putting lives at risk!

    • 326
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Most of the calls being for ‘feeling a bit faint’ or a broken toenail, having wheezed and waddled down Whitehall for all of ten minutes.

      Coz it’s free and it’s me right, innit?

      Idle c’unts.

    • 343
      It's me 'ooman rites innit ?? says:

      Nothing new…..they often get called out cos’ people have cut their finger on a piece of notepaper and need a sticking plaster,…..such plonkers ought to be billed for the service and time wasting

      • 375
        HandyPara says:

        A 30% increase in calls today, when 40% of ambulance service members are on strike, clearly suggests an element of bogus and malicious calls deliberately timed to stretch and harass services with apparent disregard for the impact on genuine need.
        Couldn’t possibly be strikers and sympathisers, could it?
        Truly, c’unts!

  63. 300
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
  64. 301
    RED ED - SON OF BROWN says:

    Public sector workers can get a pension worth 20 times value of their contributions

  65. 302
    Anonymous says:

    Keep young and beautiful* is it me ? are bbc newsmen having eyebrow plucked?

  66. 308
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
    • 313
      Calamity Clegg says:

      Does the Freedom of Information trump the Data Protection Act or is that against someone’s Human Rights ???

  67. 310
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labour MP Liam Byrne really is a shit. Lies, denial and hypocrisy, all labour have to offer.

    • 320
      Liam Byrne ( aka Baldemort ) says:

      I’m not a complete lying shit.

      I did confess that there was no money left when we left office.

  68. 321
    Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
    • 330
      Mornington Crescent says:

      Presumably cos the old four-by-two has realised he’s going to get a load of oeuf on the visage.

      First Ken Dodd, now Guido Fawkes!

    • 331
      Selohesra says:

      Leveson running scared that a bit of truth may leak out from his ‘enquiry’

    • 356
      Just Another Elephant in the Parlour, don't worry says:

      I suppose his evidence couldn’t have been that “crucial” to the inquiry. Entertaining, yes; embarrassing to certain people, yes; subversive to the whole Leveson hearings, perhaps. But “crucial” it is not, apparently. At this point Campbell has made such an ass of himself with that idiocy of: “I don’t know who may have had the damned thing, I sent it all over the place”, no purpose is served by summoning GF to throw more dirt in the grave. One wonders if this whole thing was theatrics, anyway; Campbell apparently needs to share his prepared statement (why, exactly?) with others he believes he can trust (why, exactly?), which would leave his arse showing when a copy turns up somewhere? Really? Did he arrange for GF to get a copy (surreptitiously, of course) to have a whipping boy? If GF redacted the copy so that it was obvious that whatever he published was NOT what Campbell disseminated, thus balking attempts by Campbell to say that the copy was illegally obtained, GF effectively clean-bowled Campbell for a duck, and whatever they hoped to accomplish by making GF a villain in the piece went horribly pear-shaped for them.

  69. 322
    a non says:
  70. 325
    Wavy Davy says:

    As I thought free education was given to the masses to enable basically free childcare so that the proles could continue to work their arses off for the fat corrupt few (private sector) and then get convinced they had a ‘say’ in what went on………..let’s get real people we are being lied to for the Establishment/Big business to work us into the floor for longer for less. One does not have to be an economist to work that out.

    • 327
      Your Boss says:

      If you don’t want your job you leftie troll why don’t you fuck-off and let a deserving young person have a chance.

    • 329
      Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

      you have no understanding of the term “free”.

  71. 332
    Wavy Davy says:

    well free at point of contact/service. Leftie? Troll? LMFHO?! Someone who disagrees with you Sir and your oppressive postings.

  72. 333
    Aldo - teacher and former tory voter says:

    There are two ways of looking at this – either the government can be less kind to public sector workers or the private sector can be more generous to theirs. This ‘crush the public sector’ attitude just reduces everyone to the lowest common denominator and closes off one of the few avenues that working class people have to a decent job. Wasn’t one of the chief criticisms of communism that it’s only advantage was in shared misery? Well, that’s what the daily mail et al are calling for today – shared misery. Bunch of commies!

    • 346
      The Paragnostic says:

      There is a third way (how I hate that term) of looking at it – the view from reality which is that there is no way to fund the generous public pensions with the current bloated public sector without either borrowing unsustainably or taxing so much that real wealth creation is discouraged. Neither option will work, so the two possible solutions are to reduce the size of the public sector or to change the basis of the pensions so that they can be afforded from a reasonable level of taxation. A combination of both approaches seems to be the coalition’s favoured choice – it satisfies nobody but causes least pain. If you can’t see that we were in an unsustainable position then you really shouldn’t be teaching our future.

      • 363
        Aldo - teacher and former tory voter says:

        What I see is a government prepared to spend money on virtually anything – foreign aid, military adventures, benefits for single mothers and immigrants – anything, that is, apart from honouring an agreement with its own workers. Now I can see where you are coming from. Perhaps change of some sort is inevitable. But if the public sector unions had accepted this without contesting it then that would surely make us an easy target in the eyes of the government – more than ripe for future taking of liberties, no?

        What has angered teachers especially is the ‘triple whammy’ – or maybe even ‘quadruple whammy’ of A) having to work longer B) having to pay more into the pension scheme C) getting less out of it than before and D) having to endure a pay freeze followed by below inflation pay rises for several years. A couple of these things might’ve been acceptable. But all of them at once?

        Someone’s taking the piss….

        • 366
          Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:

          Welcome to the private sector.

        • 370
          Self employed. says:

          Work longer?

          Start at nine finish at 3/30, and how many weeks a year do the school kids get holiday.

          • Aldo says:

            Start at 9 and finish at 3.30? I wish!

            Teaching is a job that you can never really afford to forget about. The planning and marking takes up a huge amount of time outside school hours. Weekday evenings and weekends are regularly written off. The holidays are long, yes – but that’s one of the few perks of the job and compensation for the shit we have to put up with the rest of the year.

        • 372
          Apostrophe says:

          Surely Teachers’ have been taking the piss, and It’s got to stop.

        • 374
          Jer oboam says:

          Enjoy what you have could be the next step to privatisation of the teaching trade, nothing to stop this coalition from doing it, the uni’s are already more or less privatised by Liebour with the kids paying for their education, nothing like getting a contract from a private company and hoping it lasts until you’ve paid your mortgage and debts off, tends to sharpen the mind.

          • Aldo says:

            Privatisation of schools would mean the government still having to pay a fortune to educate the children of families who don’t have enough money to pay the fees. As private companies are profit orientated, the amount paid out would probably exceed what is spent on education today.

            British rail – a state enterprise that ended up costing the government four times as much post privatisation – is a prime example of privatisation gone wrong. Privatised schools would make that one look like a picnic.

    • 384
      Phil says:

      I’m working class pal and my pension wasn’t just taxed it was exterminated by Brown whilst you and your public sector comrades sat on their arses and we are still picking up the tab for your pension shortfalls. If you want to join the workers I suggest you try the private sector for a year or two and get a dose of reality.
      The party’s over comrade Labour spent all the money.

      • 388
        Aldo says:

        Two wrongs don’t make a right – Brown’s raid on private pensions doesn’t justify today’s raid on public sector pensions.

        I would also like to say that I thought Brown was a prick – he and people like him in both main parties have presided over such a comprehensive destruction of society that many schools are now dominated by the effort to control and manage behaviour rather than actual teaching. I’d see Brown strung up in a minute – so don’t assume I’m pro-Brown or even pro-labour just because I’m a public sector employee.

        As for there being no money left – an oversimplistic mantra that is now wearing thin. Evidently there is money left – for foreign aid, Libya, bailing out Europe, keeping single mothers in the lifestyle to which they have become accustomed. Of course there’s money left – it just suits them to tell you otherwise.

  73. 335
    News Flash says:

    ‘my teacher says your wrong’

    Did I just see that on a Union banner on the news ?

  74. 341

    Yesterday, I suggested that Guido take his position at the enquiry. I still stand by my reasons for saying what I did but I believe that the ground has changed today. Lord Justice Lost-his-mind has confirmed that Guido’s legal expenses will not be paid by the enquiry. David Allen Green has called this a coercive act. He is quite right.

    It is bad enough that Tom Watson MP has been treated on a completely different basis to Guido. But this latest twist has all the signs of a ratchet job. All advantages are bagged whilst no leeway will be given. Guido has some very good points in his favour but it is by no means clear how they will run with the judge or how much the judge will attempt to muzzle him with contempt threats. If he cannot get his points out, then it will be, as others have already said, a show trial.

    What Guido decides is up to him. But I would suggest that he points out to Leveson that he is a citizen of another state, the blog is not run from the UK and that he has, without prejudice, taken down the offending item as an act of goodwill. If the Inquiry fails to treat him on an equal basis, then not only shall he refuse to attend but he will restore the evidence that he was showing before. He should also seek assurances that he wont be put under a dog muzzle.

    In saying this, I appreciate that there are other factors to be taken into account which need not concern us now. If he does attend, I will understand and support him fully.

    • 344

      Typical. Come back and write this and then upon refresh see the tweets above. Any links to verify?

      • 347
        Billy Bowden is the most hated poster on here says:
        • 350

          Then does this then not become an attempt to hide M’luds embarassment at his own ineptness?

          If Peter Cook were still alive, he would be having a field day.

          Meanwhile we get spoonfed with garbage from the establishment.

        • 352
          Ewanme says:

          OMG !!

          We’s all silly , ain’t we ??

          Wot’s the fuckin point , otherwise ??

          E x .

        • 353
          .243 Win says:

          Competent, eh ?

          Odds on the BBBC reporting this particular twist ?

        • 367
          Jer oboam says:

          So I won’t have to record a lot of hot air and waste all that C02 recording Gu id o going to clink, what a swiz, seems that they got a real lawyer in to do a bit of lawyering and suddenly realised they forgot to dot the I and cross the T these inept people are getting paid, sometimes sending your bank account details to help a deceased Nigerian ministers family with £22million in a bank account is a cheaper way to waste money.

    • 359
      Ewanme says:

      Fuck that !!

      Too many words , babe x .

      Keep it short :)

      E x .

  75. 348
    Boy Mulcaster says:

    If Cameron wants to take this bunch of ineffective ‘workers’ on then its simple sack them and recruit new staff. There is no shortage of people who will do these jobs for less pay and less pension.

    Its time to let the market sort this out, but that would need a Real Tory Government and not this Son of Blair we’ve got. In 1926 the miners soon learnt the value of their ‘comrades’ support and went back for less. Time to repeat the experience for our bloated and ineffective public sector.

    • 379
      Aldo says:

      “sack them and recruit new staff” – erm, that would be against the law.

      “there is no shortage of people….” – pay peanuts, get monkeys.

      “time to let the market sort this out” – like it sorted out the banks?

      • 393
        jgm2 says:

        Quick show of hands – change the law. Labour’s packed house of Lords don’t like it? Appoint more Lords.

      • 399
        Boy Mulcaster says:

        “sack them and recruit new staff” – erm, that would be against the law.
        Change the law Parliament is Sovereign if we are free of EU meddling

        “there is no shortage of people….” – pay peanuts, get monkeys.
        No wages need to be realigned with the work involved I’ve seen mid to senior civil servants in action (I was a SEO for a couple of years in the Dept of Employment and the what is now the Justice Department I left appalled at the waste and idleness )

        “time to let the market sort this out” – like it sorted out the banks?
        If governments had not intervened with your money they would have

    • 391
      David Jatt says:

      Presumably the market does sort it out and all the dim-witted wimps get shit on in poorly-paid private sector jobs while the brighter among us go for better jobsd with better holidays and a good pension.

      So you’re thick. What do you want me to do about it?

      • 400
        Boy Mulcaster says:

        Exactly markets are not about equality of outcomes, but equality of opportunity. If you want equality of outcomes then you are advocating a Communist Command Economy. Not everyone will get what they want from a market, but not everyone will get what they don’t want

  76. 358
    phil says:

    My highlight of the day was Cameron’s threat to make pilgirm’s history.
    Unions being funded by the taxpayer for their own private army to stick a spanner in the works is not even remotely what I want my taxes spent on and while I am on the subject more of our taxes to”remodernise” the same shower is taking the piss to the extreme especially when there is a nagging suspicion that we are also bankrolling Labour by default with the same funds.

  77. 364
    anon. says:

    Chris Bryant MP’s Leveson inquiry draft submission leaked…

  78. 365
  79. 381
    Cameron says:

    I am regular traveller. Just flew into LHR from Basel. Plane landed early, no queues at passports, everything went like clockwork, no queues on M25. From landing to home in 45 minutes. With any luck these airport staff have striked themselves out of a job.

  80. 385
    Chin Chin says:

    Round the striking fuckers up and send them to Trashcanastan oops I mean Afghanistan….

  81. 386
    Anonymous says:

    Scabs can look forward to regime change.

  82. 390
    David Jatt says:

    Why do all you sad fuckers work in the private sector if it’s so miserable there?

    Grow some and join me in the public sector. You wouldn’t last a morning in my classroom.

    • 392
      jgm2 says:

      And if you’re so upset about being so badly treated in the public sector why don’t you just all quit and become city bankers?

      • 397
        David Jatt says:

        I don’t want you letting the government steal my pension because you’re angry that you rolled over and let them take yours.

        Plenty of mouth on the net but no bollocks when it matters. Your kids must look up to you.

  83. 396
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Here’s an idea: Keep the soldiers manning the border checkpoints. When the shirkers turn up for the next shift, have them say: “You are no longer required. Please go home. And yes, this is a gun I am pointing at you.”

  84. 402
    Still more popular than the rally against debt... says:

    So what…one person who Cameron actually bought into No.10 so she is only employed by the CS out of a convention, decides to break the strike. But who was doing her work while she was out…?

    And what about the group of actual CS’s who went out on strike against the propsed cuts? Cameron didn’t mention them and there were far more of them than the few who did what this Cameron Stoodge did?

    You people are really deperate…

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