November 27th, 2011

Watson Hits Delete Button

Scourge of Murdoch, Tom Watson, tweeted his 50 thousand odd followers a link to the reference to himself in the Campbell submission to the Leveson Inquiry and he blogged the evidence submission in its entirety this afternoon. He put it all on his blog:


For some reason he has removed it now, though it is still in his blog feed and in the Google cache


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Class Guido :-)


    • 6
      nell says:

      Absolutely class Bill. What fun!

      And no doubt leveson , when he questions the slimy campbell, will be asking him about the press harassment of d r d a v i d k e l l y and who orchestrated it won’t he?


    • 8
      Rebekah Wade, No 1 says:

      This is getting personal now Billy.


    • 9
      Ooops says:

      I don’t get it – you said you’d posted it before him?

      So surely he can claim he reposted until it surfaced it may have been obtained dodgily, and then he deleted it?

      I can’t see how this discredits Watson at all. And the end of it all, Guido’s the one being called up to explain, not Watson…


      • 12
        Basil the Cat says:

        Troll Alert


      • 51
        jgm2 says:

        The pompous Lord can go and fuck himself. ‘Required’ to attend? Oh do fuck off. I’m sure Guido will be delighted to attend. I expect a bravura ‘Galloway’ performance.

        The whole pantomime is just a sop to the establishment and the BBC. A spiteful Labour getting its revenge when, after 15 or more years off uncritically printing Labour lies Murdoch decided to cast the wicked and malicious fuckers adrift. And the T*ries won’t be too bothered either. After all – they were on the receiving end of the 15 years of lies.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      Any of your friends and family coming into UK next Wednesday?


      • 52
        jgm2 says:

        I’m betting tickets from Lahore and Lagos are changing hands for 10,000 quid a piece right now. No customs?



    • 59
      Beccy says:

      Twatson came to believe in his own publicity and that Parliamentary privilege put him above the law.

      Then suddenly reality checked in this afternoon.


    • 71
      AC1 says:

      xmas may be coming early…

      Labour MP Graham Stringer last night said he would be writing this week to BBC director-general Mark Thompson to demand an investigation into the Corporation’s relationship with UEA.


      • 78
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Have you a link plz?


        • 243
          The Paragnostic says:


          About 5 paragraphs from the end. Stringer’s a bit of a knob, but he used to work in a lab, so is probably one of the more knowledgable of Labour’s crop of losers.


    • 88

      Fucking hell!

      Well played, sir!


    • 232
      Peter Grimes says:

      Oh dear, the fat fucker Watson has blabbed once too often!
      That’s what comes from trying to be clever when you are a useless fat cnut!
      I do hope that Leveson gives him 6 of the best!


      • 275
        Anonymous says:

        Peter G~~don’t hold your breath waiting for Leveson to fulfill your hopes.
        That result is not part of the reasoning for selecting him for the job.


    • 265
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      “Guido Fawkes will be required to give evidence” – Leveson Inquiry statement.

      Haha, I guess you might drop by if you happen to be passing Westminster.

      Was it your idea for Tony Balir to get an Irish passport by the way? Jolly handy when there might be an enquiry into something.


      • 266
        Ivor Tapeworm says:

        And amongst the ‘Digital Pledges’ Watson makes on his own website:

        “4. We should have a right to control our data.”

        I would presume that doesn’t include publishing confidential statements supplied by others. :D


  2. 2
  3. 3
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    You’ve played an absolute blinder, Guido!

    Remind me never to take you on at poker…


  4. 4
    Mike Litorus says:

    Feel free to discuss any injunctions that TWATson may or may not have. And the fact he has been shagging around.


  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    If you get dragged infront of Leveson, can’t you say Tom gave you the copy and he covered his tracks!!!! lol


    • 45
      Fit & Proper Test. says:

      A statement issued by the Leveson Inquiry read: “Lord Justice Leveson was extremely concerned to hear that, on November 27 2011, a copy of the evidence that Mr Alastair Campbell intended to provide to the inquiry was published on the ‘Guido Fawkes’ website Tom Watson MP website.


  6. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    and dont forget to mention that Tom Watson may have been shagging another MP in Brighton.

    If you get the chance…..


  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    quality read cant wait fir the film


  8. 13
    Mrs Crewe says:

    Ooh errggg who would shag Tom Watson I will never get that image out of my head, it was bad enough with Prescott! Watson is such a nasty piece of work, why do we spend money on anti bullying initiatives and then allow someone like him in parliament?


    • 56
      jgm2 says:

      How do you think you get ahead in the union? Fucking gangsters is all they are. A fucking protection racket.

      The Labour Party is just the political wing of the Provisional TUC.


  9. 14
    Eileen Critchley says:

    My nipples are erect.


    • 75
      Jethro says:

      Thank you for that news: I’ve been wondering for about five years when my sensuous spell (a.k.a. finger) would take effect.


  10. 15
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    High Five to you Guido.

    Can’t wait to see the egg on their faces come Wednesday.

    Might even be in time for a few plant questions @ PMQs?


  11. 17
    nell says:

    Thanks Guido you’ve made my weekend!!


  12. 18
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Could you just clear up one thing, what time did Tom Watson post his Campbell post?



  13. 19
    Sir Aston Martin says:

    Not a scourge so much as a 2nd-hand Brillo pad. Or maybe an old loofah.


  14. 21
    Jimmy says:

    So is this the scoop?


  15. 24
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Sorry Guido but……


  16. 27
    Fiona says:

    But didn’t you post it before he did? (or else why did you say you had it as an exclusive?)

    In which case, surely the question is about how you got it and put it in the public domain?

    Once you’ve put it in the public domain, it’s not unreasonable for him to post it as well, is it?


    • 29
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      “N.B. Guido obtained this text by legal means, Alastair Campbell’s evidence can be read here.”


    • 32
      nell says:

      hmmm. the timing on the blogs will sort that out , suspect twatson’s in a bit of hot water. Why else has he deleted it?


      • 48
        Anonymous says:

        Guido has given us the facts, but not the legal consequences of those facts. Perhaps he doesn’t even know.


      • 67
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        He will be booted/asked to resign from select committee…after the mafia remark and now this, his grandstanding has fucked himself up good and proper.

        Thats what you get for being mates with McBride and Jonah!


        • 80
          jgm2 says:

          Naaah. If he was going to be booted he’d be gone already. The Chairman didn’t bat an eyelid when Watson slandered Murdoch.


        • 87
          Anonymous says:

          Come to think of it, he’s the last of the gang of three left standing. Maybe for not much longer.


  17. 28
    Well it's a thought says:

    Just wonder if it is within the rules, everything else these MPs get up too seems to be.


  18. 31
    +++ BREAKING WIND+++ says:

    Sky news has just informed on this story and that GF will appear on the Leveson inquiry.


  19. 34
    50,000 cretins? says:

    “Tom Watson, tweeted his 50 thousand odd followers”

    Odd is an understatement.


  20. 41
    N Breakdown says:

    I have been pooing all afternoon


  21. 42
    In other news... says:


  22. 43
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Sorry Guido



  23. 50
    A bit thick says:

    So is it Guido or Watson who’s in the shit?


  24. 57
    Disco Biscuit says:

    would it have anything to do with repetition being no defence against a claim for defamation?


    • 77
      jgm2 says:

      Defamation of Campbell?


      I’d like to see Campbell try and defend his reputation in court.

      Alcoholic. Depressive. Gatekeeper to the Blair regime.




  25. 61
    Harry Hill says:

    Now we have have Guido and we have Tom Watson……….


  26. 63
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Yes, yes, alright, but what about Emily’s nips in Friday’s Newsnight.

    Any video links?


    • 69
      Mike Powers says:

      You mean Emily Maitlis the post-op tranny?
      No no no Billy those nips will be surgically implanted or tattooed on, not cricket at all old boy.


  27. 65
    Pie Trap says:

    I can’t believe that you were so clever to set up a Pie Trap for Thomas Watson, Guido.

    But even if you did not intend to do so, all I can say is well done.


  28. 73
    Guido lives to fight another day says:

    Well it means you are safe now Guido. A Labour MP has published the same material you did and he even put his own spin on it, just as you did.

    Game set and match.

    You is one lucky Hunt and you owe Watson many pies.


  29. 74
    Larry says:


  30. 82
    nell says:

    I like the way that Guido sat on that for a few hours and never said where he got his info from , other than that it was legally obtained. Great example of ‘keeping your powder dry’.

    Then the smug alycampbell started opining about le@ks and misrepresentation and such, bit of a laugh really given that that was his modus operandi in no,10.

    Then leveson was prompted (by campbell?) to call Guido to attend the Inquiry because of concerns about how he got the letter.

    Then Guido says it came off twatsons blog site. (So presumably if leveson is worried about where guido got the letter from he must be doubly worried about where twatson got it from!!

    twatson in a panic then deletes it. Except nothing really can be deleted from the web.

    Ho Hum. Ho Hum.


    • 84

      Bull’s eye. Twice.

      Wait for the third …


    • 99
      ToM Watson says:

      Oh no! oh Horror!
      Someone’s been hacking into my blog! Hacking in and writing thousands of words and pretending to be me..
      Call the security services!

      MI5..The FBI..DI6 ..International Rescue..Help! I’ve been hacked everybody! I bet it was the News of the World!
      Call Liaison 9.. Harry Palmer..Quiller..Smiley and James Bond..
      Its cyberterrorism .. and I’m the VICTIM..

      {that last bit is very important..please try to remember it..I’m the VICTIM}


      • 120
        ToM Watson says:

        This is serious..
        Call the Sweeney. Agent 99. The men from Uncle.Joe 90. Police Squad, the Professionals and Hawaii 5-0.
        My blog has been hacked into and I’ve been made to appear to be in collusion with Ali Campbell to damage the Murdochs.

        Agent Orange, Stingray, K-9, Ben 10, Dangermouse, Scooby-Do{and shaggy too} Help! Help!


        • 251
          Hendrik Verwoerd says:

          Too late, fat boy. By the way, I have some photos for sale. Pinhole camera, Labour conference, remember?


    • 102
      From Russia with love says:

      You mean Guido got it from Twatson rather than Twatson got it from Guido?

      I suspect young H@rry going to Russia before this was leaked may be the key.


      • 108
        nell says:


        Y’mean the russians gave him it?

        What gripe have they got against alycampbell and twatson? Do tell!!


      • 113
        Major Omassova says:

        Please don’t involve us Russians. We’ve got enough problems trying to get rid of that ageing, lib dem, sex pest
        Since he’s been booted from the defence committee he’s useless to us.

        Yet he turns up here, just this week ,wanting to fondle his beloved Katiya.
        How foolish this dupe is..She says he makes her physically sick.
        Please take him back to your country and keep him there. He is of no use to us.


      • 128
        the plot is very thick says:

        So, Campbell leaked it to Watson via the Russians?


    • 124
      Waiting for Gordo says:

      The link in the piece points to the Leveson depository. It was probably placed there early. Twatson added his piece this pm, hence GF protesting he didn’t get a hat tip. GF published a précis of what was in (accidentally) the public domain…


  31. 86
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This song is dedicated to Tom Watson!!!!!


  32. 90
    Ed Balls says:

    Just finished watching the Roadshow.
    A real hoo..
    Did you see that man get ripped off on those turtle-shell thingies? Poor old hoo..waa..waa..more kleenex please Yvette..


  33. 93
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Watson, what a loathsome fat useless bastard he is.


  34. 97
    Simple Simon met a pieman says:

    Have to say I was rather taken aback when Watson stupidly published Campbell’s leaked statement to the Leveson inquiry on his blog. I guess his obsession with destroying all ex NOW employees made him take leave of his senses.


  35. 107
    Alaistair Campbell says:

    Honest folks!, this time I really am depressed.


  36. 110
    annette curton says:


    • 123

      Saw the original lineup play this at Bournemouth Winter Gardens. (I was 2 at the time…)


    • 256

      I am so grateful to my followers here. Really. The adulation that they show me is so intense that it seems that I feel that I could fart for the rest of the night and still walk off to rapturous applause. The trouble is that some of the followers are just too emotionally attached. They have lost Michael Jackson. They have lost Amy Winehouse. They have lost George Michael – well almost. I cannot hope to fulfil their Jungian fantasies. Their expression of repressed unconscious sexual desires. They need to get out more. They should try going out on Clapham Common. They could meet some interesting people, especially at this sort of time. Some influential ones, even. They could even end up with a cottage.


  37. 118
    nell says:

    Night folks. God Bless.

    Best fun I’ve had in ages.


  38. 138
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Now, about perverting the course of justice.


  39. 143
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The awkward moment when you sit on a public toilet and the seats all warm…
    Because someones already on it.


  40. 144
    Da Gweed Is Mah Man! says:

    What Tom Watson gets for telling porkies:


  41. 147
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    I wonder if the senior judiciary favour labour for raising their pension pots to £1.5million after putting a cap on the general populations pension pot of £1million.

    Nice to be made an exception, you scratch my back etc.


  42. 152
    Mace says:

    Was it Tom
    Or was it Guido
    Who spilled bad Al’s beans
    On the world web wide o?


  43. 157
    Chris Huhne says:

    Don’t worry Tom. Perverting the course of justice is a charge for the little people.


    • 166
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Well said Chris, as is treason, under age sex and blatant theft from the taxpayer. Boaz.


    • 172
      Mrs Crewe says:

      Never mind justice Tom Watson is a perversion of the human race there is no excuse for the amount of self interest that man has or the depths he will sink to to further his own aims. I sincerely hope that this is his cumupence and that he is ejected from parliament and never allowed into position where he can do harm again. All joking apart the Labour party should hang thier heads in shame that they ever selected a man like that for election. It is very revealing that once he had shown his true colours instead of removing him they went on to promote him. Vote Labour if you have no honour principles or regard for the rule of law


  44. 161
    jgm2 says:

    Al Cambell’s claims he’s upset
    That his ‘evidence’ leaked on the net
    But the rest of the world
    Aren’t so easily fooled
    ‘Cos we’ve not forgot K.e.l.l.y yet.


  45. 177
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Hopefully the new “coached” Tom Watson’s voice will get more and more quiet so that eventually nothing he says will be heard.


  46. 181
    Anonymous says:

    Effing marvelous Guidos.

    Just heard the BBC report at the top of the Westminster Hour, strangley no mention of the source being Mr Watson’s blog.


  47. 193
    Watson's Blog says:

    Westminster Bubble

    – Leveson has emailed Fat boy Watson and asked him to resign from the select committee. Watson has gone to McDonalds to drown his sorrows. Fact

    Campbell livid at leaks, do one will you. Muppet. What goes around comes around.
    He is an embarassment to the Dingle Dome (Turf Moor). Fact


  48. 196
    Anonymous says:

    Twatson to resign from Standards Committee in morning.


  49. 204
    HappyUK says:

    There is a bit more than meets the eye with Watson, isn’t there?

    He sat next to McBride and was allegedly mentioned in the emails to Derek Draper, was he not? And there are unanswered questions as to whether he knew about the existence of Red Rag attack blog.

    Or is Tom Watson what I’ve always suspected: a dirty, smear filled, personalised, negative, divisive political campaigner that was at the heart of the Brown bunker – brutal, malevolent, mendacious unpleasant-to-the-core people at that. Tom Watson was Minister for the Civil Service. What did he do when he found about those smeargate emails? Did he berate Damian McBride and tell him to stop abusing his position? Or did he tacitly or overtly encourage McBride to send more of the same? So it’s OK to ‘receive’ such material without making comment or taking action to stop such behaviour?

    Tom Watson is about to discover the old systems of vote rigging/ballot stuffing/block vote buying/dog whistle politics/character assassination/postal vote fraud/friends and family in the dead tree media/BBC/ are all crumbling in front of his eyes.


  50. 212
    tom says:

    can’t wait fot twatson to get fucked over


  51. 214
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Guido called to Leveson inquiry.


  52. 215
    Flyswatter says:

    I think that Mr. Watson’s actions today expose him as the thicko that he really is.
    Be very interesting to hear his pathetic excuses in the morning.
    It all comes around in the end . . . .


  53. 217
    Rebeka's Unborn says:



  54. 220
    Pawn Sandwich says:

    Maybe he was hacked.


    They used that excuse too many times!

    Someone hacked my email, twitter acct, facebook acct – wait and see.


  55. 221
    Iron says:

    Can’t wait for The Iron Lady film. Saw the trailer at the cinema and it got a tremendous reaction from the audience.


    • 227
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Yes, I started wanking furiously and immediately on hearing the applause from said audience, so much so I blocked the Dolby surround sound within two minutes flat.


      • 237
        tardy troll watch says:

        How the real Billy would have written it. Lesson over, you may go.

        “Yes, I started wanking furiussly and imediately on hearing the applawse from said awdience, so much so I bloked the Dolby surrownd sound within two minuets flat.”


  56. 226
    A Bloke of a Certain Age says:

    Im I missing something here, I skimmed read Watsons blog and agreed with what he said . What is the problem ?


  57. 233
    A Bloke of a Certain Age says:

    Doh! Just realsed what is going on here, to much vino Im afraid, please forget my last comment ever took place :)


  58. 234
    Fit & Proper Test. says:

    Alastair Campbell’s Evidence to the Leveson Inquiry

    By Tom Watson (Lab).


  59. 247
    Fit & Proper Test. says:


  60. 257
    Sir Michael Shite ( not for publication) says:

    I saw you at a lunch once every one else was in a tie, you were in a Rugby shirt and someone says thats Guido Fawkes Billy Bowden and I said get away is it….


  61. 258
    Foo says:

    It’s depressing how easily the schemers and friendly platforms ( that’ll be the BBC) are so easily set up.
    Thick as F**k.
    No wonder they believe you can solve a deficit crisis by borrowing more.

    Incidentally “My blog was hacked”
    In theory, it should be possible to get at least the IP address of the perpetrator from the server access logs. So, get Mr Watson to give me a call & I’ll nail the fat, four eyed fucker that did this.


    • 267
      Ivor Tapeworm says:

      I suspect the IP address wuld point to somewhere Hibernian in nature and outside UK jurisdiction.


      • 279
        HappyUK says:

        With a server located in the USA and the content cached all over the place, safe from the kinds of stuck-up, interfering, officious, censorious twats that the UK is so great at producing.


  62. 262
    cyclops says:

    Rarely have I seen such a high standard of informed comment and debate as posted above.
    Structured arguments avoiding the personal denigration so loved by bigots and and the ignorant. Well done.
    Who am I kidding?


    • 263
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      Thanks Piers.


    • 264

      Don’t want to depress you with such dreary items as facts but probably at least 20 of us have got a copy saved of Tom Watson’s page before he decided it needed a change. You have arrived rather late on the scene and the Google cache has cleared. We’ll let the facts do the talking, shall we?

      Maybe you have some of your own to offer?


    • 268
      Terry C says:

      Does my bum look big in this?


  63. 269
    Wendy says:



  64. 272
    Desperate Dan says:

    When you appear in front of Leveson don’t forget to ask him why there is no transparency in the matter of his appointment or the appointment of his ludicrous panel.


  65. 276
    Gary from stoke says:

    Bend over for the Judge Guido, nice and easy.
    Reveal all and take one for the team.
    Grease your little purt ass nice and good now, dya hear?


  66. 277
    Anonymous says:

    So has Watson been called to give evidence to Levenson as well as Guido?


  67. 286
    Anonymous says:

    What unpleasant people you lot are. Actually, more than unpleasant: immoral to the point of psychopathy.

    You are attacking a man who has helped to bring the very worst types of press intrusions – the utter degration and completely lack of respect for people at the very summit of despair.

    A woman’s baby has died, and the press hound her. And all you lot can do is sneer at Watson. Come on, you clever clever little people: take a step back and look at yourselves.


  68. 287
  69. 289
    Anonymous says:

    George Osborne abnd all this govt are Nazi dreamers


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