November 11th, 2011

Is Being a Dickhead No Longer Cool?

The East London Tech City is the pet project of some of the trendier inhabitants of No 10. Yesterday Dave announced 600 new businesses have started up in the area Old Street.

He also appointed a “Tech City Ambassador” – Ben Hammersley of Wired. A King of the Dickheads, if you will…


  1. 1
    Guttah Pwess says:

    They are twats but so are you fat boy.


  2. 2
    Ed the Axeman says:

    What the plonkers don’t realise is that you don’t need a silicon anything unless its page three you want to appear on.

    What you need to get fledgling industries going is to cut the losses and raise the profits.

    That means lower taxes on gains
    It means lower regulation
    It means lower business rates
    It means flexible working environments

    That not surprisingly works for other businesses too.

    However, they have fucked up the government accounts that they are desperate for any cash.

    Just remember the next time you hear growth mentioned, that the liar speaking the words has left out that they really mean growth in tax revenues.


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:

    So where does this leave Tom watson (headline)?

    And did Ed get his wish for a emercency summit?


    • 7
      Anonymous says:

      I don’t about silicone valley, looks like Dave is having a sneaky peek down happy valley if you get my drift!


    • 45
      Tessa Tickles says:

      I bet Milimong booked a suite and caught a flight to Brussels this morning. Right now he’s probably sat in a hotel conference room, by himself, gazing stupidly out of the window at the rain as he waits for the eurozone’s prime ministers, finance ministers, presidents et al to walk through the door and warmly shake his hand.

      The cleaners will wake him up tomorrow morning.


  4. 4
    Senator Blood N'Gore says:

    By trendy Mr. Cole do you mean the Hiltonator, Steve Hilton (Guru).


  5. 9
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:

    Oh Guido/Neo Guido

    As there no prize for this weeks caption contest does that mean there will be no winner?


    • 11

      Remember that old expression: Winning is not everything.

      Well, here Winning is not Anything…


    • 17
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      Remember Billy, caption contests must not produce winners.


    • 36
      TaT Piss soaked tramp and part time rent boy says:

      Even if there was a winner it wouldn’t be you
      you’re about as funny as a fire in an orphanage


      • 61
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I actually find the thought of a fire in an orphanage to be very, very, funny. Very funny indeed.

        Especially a fire at an orphanage late on Christmas Eve; the excited children lying in bed, listening to an unusual crackling noise in the hallway outside their dormitory. “Oooh,” they squeal with joy, “that must be Santa! Santa’s bringing our mummies and daddies back to us for Christmas!” squeal the soon-to-be-very-disappointed orphans.

        Ha ha ha!


        • 113
          Airey Belvoir says:

          The recession means a bleak Christmas ahead and must be done on a tight budget. I shall be firing a starting pistol in the small hours on Christmas Eve, and telling the kids that Santa has shot himself.( I can’t really repeat the ploy from last year, which was giving the youngest an empty box and telling him it contained an Action Man deserter.)


  6. 10
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    How many of those 600 companies actually make money?
    How many of them do anything useful?


    • 15
      geek guerilla says:

      Durr , this site is a consequence of silicon success, or is it?


    • 67
      non believer says:

      Shoreditch based Tweetdeck was sold recently to twitter (who have their offices in Shoreditch) for £25 million, google has offices there as do many other very profitable companies; I know a good few people making a mint who are based there. My own company (not a tech start up admittedly) is doing pretty well.

      Lot of money being made here right now, not quite sure why you find that so hard to grasp.


      • 79
        The Paragnostic says:

        Google’s useful, and needed cheap offices, but Twitter stuff?

        Bite sized chunks of thought for those who can’t manage more than a mouthful. Shiny shit for shallow people again.

        You’ll be telling me that Facebook is useful next.


        • 92
          non believer says:

          “Google’s useful, and needed cheap offices, but Twitter stuff?”

          Cheap offices? In Shoreditch? You really have no idea what you’re talking about or why they chose to base themselves there.

          “Bite sized chunks of thought for those who can’t manage more than a mouthful. Shiny shit for shallow people again.”

          tell that to Guido who’s a fairly adept user of twitter and his many followers, a good few of whom post on here

          in any case when you look at the crass shit that passes for comments on this blog you don’t look in much of a position to look down your nose at twitter or comment on it’s profundity (or lack thereof.)


      • 80
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I am being cynical and deliberately old gittish. It amuses me to do so.

        I’m not impressed with services and advertising, and I have already described one of the dim trends in our economy as “selling ringtones to each other”.

        Tweetdeck? looks like someone wasting £25million. Good luck to ‘em perhaps, but its not the foundations of a solid economy. feels like the dot com bubble 2.0


    • 101
      Our Denry says:

      Probably companies which are not actully trading or subsidiarity of an excisting company


    • 116

      One of the most insightful comments.

      Nice idea for tech city but do any of the 600 actually make money or create jobs? Or do they cost US money?


  7. 12
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Chris Morris was ahead with Nathan Barley; rent in Old Street / Shoreditch environs cheaper than Soho.


  8. 13
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:


    • 19
      AC1 says:

      Because their presence would make the Religion of Peace attack them.


    • 20
      AC1 says:

      Because their presence would make the P43do prophet followers attack them.


    • 31
      nell says:

      It’s pity that people like them and the poppy burners keep trying to politicise the poppy for their own tawdry purposes.

      It’s also a pity that those people don’t do something worthwhile with their lives like all the ordinary ( or rather extraordinary) men and women of the British Legion whose only aim is to ‘ respect the dead and care for the living’


    • 42
      The Paragnostic says:

      In{sufi}ccient towels being worn on heads, I presume.


  9. 25
    Tony says:

    Yep, that video just about sums it all up


  10. 27
    Gordon Brown says:

    Good Luck to the Republic of Ireland tonight.


  11. 29
    ex-Tory says:

    I work in EC1 and the media/digital industry has been growing around here for 5yrs+. Its a private sector, enterprise success story. It has nothing to do with State intervention whatsoever The slimey PR man, Cameron, is trying to hijack it to claim its all down to him. Just like Balir


    • 35
      Moussa Koussa says:

      Classic Cameron…The Silicon Tit

      Tech City started by Brown in 2008. Within a few month 15 IT dedicated companies moved in to Tech City

      There are over 1000 companies / sole traders registered in the area, and The Silicon Tit is counting companies / sole traders that have been there both prior to 2008 and in most cases have nothing to do with IT. These include marketing agencies, lawyers, architects, photographers, PR firms, art galleries, financial services and dance studios etc. Many of which have just relocated to the area. …Classic Cock Head


      • 59
        The Paragnostic says:

        “…that have been there both prior to 2008 …. Many of which have just relocated to the area.”

        Typical fucking socialist – wanting it both ways.

        You thought that your poor writing style would make us miss that little contradiction, didn’t you?


    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      This is why governments should not do enterprise zones and the like, they hardly ever work and usually cost more money than they create. The best enterprise areas just spring up where the conditions are right, there is no need for governments to force them up

      That Solar energy chappy said all new teccnology needs government subsidy. No it doesn’t that is the last thing it needs as you end up with something useless and wasteful. The internet wasn’t created by government subsidy, the PC wasn’t and neither were the canals and railways.

      It’s the government’s job to put in place the right conditions for growth, it is not the government’s job to interfere.


      • 46
        The Paragnostic says:

        “the internet wasn’t created by government subsidy”

        Well, unless you count the US DARPA as an arm of government…

        Silicon Roundabout’s all trendy fuckwits, most of whom will fail, and none of whom will produce anything that a sane person would want anyway. A circle jerk for Apple fans and other ginger types.


      • 64
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Theres a bit of truth in it, but of course governments tend to pay more to things that stroke their vanities.
        Jet engine technology gets paid for by governments for example.

        Theres a great big black hole for money when doing fairly speculative science/engineering, where most companies wouldnt want to risk. Kind of things one should perhaps have PhD students doing.

        Its possible that one day that someone will come up with a 10p/kwhr solar panel. you would hope that some big chemical company would be paying for that investment, but its an uncertain investment.


        • 111
          The Observer says:

          Not often I agree with Any Mouse but I do on his last effort.
          Poor old Whittle had to go through a lot of hoops to get any investment and only got really famous after his death.
          Governments can’t pick business winners but they will spend plenty of our money proving us wrong.


  12. 37
    A proscribed organisation recently banned says:

    Onward Christian soldiers!

    Not in your name?


  13. 38
    Jimmy says:

    Just seen the Old Bill have been rounding up rightwingers from the Red Lion.

    You ok?


  14. 40
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Just had to steal this picture of a rare sighting of Gordon Brown !
    It’s a fucking classic !


  15. 52
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:

    Today would ba a good day for all members of Parliament to resign.


  16. 53

    Gordon Brown goes on a state visit to Israel. While he is on a tour of Jerusalem he suffers a heart attack and passes away. The undertaker tells the British diplomats accompanying him, “You can have him shipped home for £500,000 or you can bury him here, in the Holy Land, for just £100.”

    The British Diplomats go into a corner and discuss for a minute. They come back to the undertaker and tell him they want Gordon shipped home.

    The undertaker is puzzled and asks, “Why would you spend £5,000,000 to ship him home, when it would be wonderful to be buried here and you would spend only £100? With the money you save you could help pay back some of the deficit, help pay for the Olympic Games or help the elderly”.

    The British Diplomats replied, “Long ago a man died here, was buried here and three days later he rose from the dead. We just can’t take the risk.”


  17. 54
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:


    • 63
      The Paragnostic says:


      It’s OK to harass the haram then, is it? Fucking dhimmi bastards.


    • 68
      Tessa Tickles says:

      To “prevent” a breach of the peace? I take it the EDL members didn’t actually breach the peace then? So, they were arrested because they hadn’t done anything wrong.

      Yeah, that sounds about right.


      • 75
        annette curton says:

        ‘The thought police’, must be a glaring contradiction in that phrase.


      • 76
        The Paragnostic says:

        They might have taken a walk to St Paul’s and upset Tarquin and Jocasta who are protesting against the evils of capitalism.

        That’s the Met’s latest excuse, anyway. The AP report is a fucking disgrace – “far-right activists” who might have upset the “protest camp against corporate greed”.

        It’s like Ingsoc has taken root 27 years too late.


        • 88
          How many Angels on the head of a pin argument beckons says:

          If the police have exceeded their authority/or themselves acted unlawfully then no doubt the “Met” will have to defend their actions in court..although of course they will have achieved their ends for all practical purposes in breaking up the March..although a police officer only has to have reasonable grounds to think that a breach of the peace may be committed to act lawfully in arresting the person/person whom he thinks may breach said peace…the fact is that arguing the point could be another nice little earner for m’learned friends methinks


      • 78
        t says:

        Thought crime, introduced by Rev. T.Blair


    • 73
      I. M. Pistoff says:

      As opposed to not rounding up vagrants who use churches as a bog.


      • 89
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        They should now sue the met police for wrongful arrest !
        What happened to freedom and democracy ?
        Oh of course they are not muslim


        • 95
          Tessa Tickles says:

          Isn’t it ironic – the only people who have freedom in this country are the ones who don’t want it.


    • 112
      The Observer says:

      Perhaps if they had all worn burka’s they would have been left alone?


  18. 66
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Hoxton. Urgh.


  19. 69
    carry on up william hague says:

    Let the muzzies have this country, a fair swap, then we get all the oil and sunshine whislt they open market stalls and spend half the day with their arses in the air enjoying the rain


  20. 77
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! (Episode six, the Umpire strikes back) also in Cunt3DHDTV says:


  21. 90
    Our Denry says:

    Guido, is that kid one of your interns?


  22. 91
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    FFS ! London has just won the right to hold the 2017 international athletics championships !
    So that means that that idle fucker Seb Coe will not have to find a job for another 6 fuckin years
    and we will have to stump up shit loads more cash because we can’t have them using second hand stadia
    Problem is that holding the games here
    that when it’s over half the fuckers disappear and don’t go home !


  23. 98

    Oh to be a dickhead…


  24. 103
    Michael Fine and his magical tùrd says:

    There are far too many dickheads in this world.


  25. 105
    Edinburgh is full of repetitive dickheads says:

    They should reported to police at the dickhead department.


  26. 106
    Second class citizen with no rights. says:

    Can’t stand bullying, demeaning and exploitive dickhead.


  27. 107
    Second class citizen with no rights. says:

    Can’t stand bullying, demeaning and exploitive dickheads.


  28. 108
    Crimewatch watching the BBC says:

    The Big Bullying Hunt-BBC-Is full of dickheads. This Corporation is far too big for its boots and deserves a police truncheon up the arse.


  29. 110
    jpt says:

    The age of the geek is upon us.


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