November 1st, 2011

Two Snapshots of St. Paul’s

Guido took a stroll round the distinctly underwhelming camp at St Paul’s last night. One or two things did make him giggle though:

His face lit up by a thousand corporations…

It all go a little too tiring and emotional for one merry camper…

UPDATE: Behind the paywall The Times have some disgruntled voices:

“Zakandrew Roberts, 18, joined Occupy London on its first day, but left on Saturday after a series of incidents, including someone urinating in his tent and a friend being threatened with a penknife. He claimed that the camp had deteriorated from a group of serious campaigners intent on highlighting issues about economic equality, to “drunks and drug-takers . . . here for a laugh”. Mr Roberts, an unemployed charity worker, said: “Half the people there don’t know why they are there or what they are protesting about. I want political change, not to get high and drunk all the time.”

Watch out for that progressive punch, it’s lethal…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    They have no message, plus they like thier showers and own beds.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ps Guido

    How did you manage without getting attacked by the anti-capitalists?


  3. 4
    Umm says:

    I don’t get it – so you’re not allowed to protest if you have money?

    Did I miss a memo?


    • 31
      Trinny says:

      The right to be a hypocrite is universal.


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      you can protest by giving it away since its so evil…..thought not


    • 100
      Anonymous says:

      In the Christian tradition, you either claim things to be true because they have been ‘revealed’ as such or you prove that what you believe is ‘true’ by enduring pain, up to and including death.

      It is all irrational.


  4. 5
    TK Views says:

    Just been passed Finsbury Sq – ‘protesters’ currently engaged in a radical game of keepy uppy.


  5. 6
    Carole's Handjobs Inc. says:

    You can’t blame Blair for giving Caplin the hot beef injection. Imagine waking up next to this every morning:


  6. 8
    nell says:

    Well livingstone said the people camping out are homeless, out of work and angry at the system that’s made them the have-nots looking in at workers with wages and homes.

    Of course our ken completely ignores the newspaper research that shows a number of the protestors are middle and upper class and have at least one comfortable home to keep going back to each night.

    But then ken never was very good at reality.


  7. 11
    Bah. Humbug! says:

    Guido. On the side of the ordinary person. Unless they
    criticise his mates in the city.


  8. 12
    Bob says:

    What is striking is that the attack shows someone using a Mac computer. Its not even clear if the person is a protester, or just someone who came down to look at what is happening or maybe just looking for girls. The only critic is an image of a person on a Mac near the event. Or maybe they are journalists or doing a study. I go down there to track a twitter analysis tool in real time, does that somehow reflect on the movement itself?

    What Guido and no one can say, no one is saying, and no one will say is that they trust the banks, that the banking reforms of the past 20 years are working, and that the system as is is going to come out of this stronger than every. Because no one believes that anymore. There simply is no longer a rationally expressible defense of the radical free market changes of the past 20 years.


  9. 14
    Polly Toynbee says:

    I’ll be back in January but I want all the protesters to know I stand in full solidarity with them. Keep fighting! I’ll think of you from my balcony in Tuscany.


  10. 15
    Dyanne Fatbutt says:

    That Herman Cain is a big hunk of love. I’d love to lick ryce and pee off his johnson.


    • 74
      Real Estate Cult says:

      Why not, you pee off everyone else.


    • 77
      Some Geezer Wot Looked Into It says:

      Herman Cain, former president of the industry association for the restaurant industry in the US, hence lobbyist; former board member of a regional Federal Reserve bank; and “Man of the People.” Look, such a man as he is is likely to have sexual harassment allegations thrown at him for the shakedown value alone; I doubt anybody takes those charges seriously.


  11. 19
    A Nonny Mouse says:

    What’s it like, having nothing left but ad hominems as a reply?


  12. 21
    Sir Robert Crow says:

    Up da workaz!

    Oi, garçon! Ou est my fucking bolinjer?!


  13. 24
    C****e Cap*** says:

    Tony’s spunk tastes very salty.


  14. 25
    C****e Cap*** says:

    I sucked T**y off while C****e took him up the jacksie with a strap-on. Happy memories.


  15. 28
    #OccupyMarcusBrigstocke says:

    These wankers are the salt of the earth. When I’m down to my last 10 million I’ll be joining them.


  16. 35
    annomymous says:

    Dear Mam, some one’s drank the Paint strippers, and past OUT , LUV you ED.


  17. 36
    WVM says:

    Looks like the recovery is now weaker than the Depression of the 1930s, figures compiled by Deutsche Bank economist George Buckley.


  18. 37
    Anonymous says:

    What degree courses is the “Tented University” offering ?


  19. 41
    cheche says:

    Its just a cover story the BBC and SKY are talking about this to cover up the news about their beloved EU


  20. 42
    Solomon Grundy says:

    I agree with MP Mark Fields comments in the newspapers today. St Paul’s has become a national joke. I wonder if these protesters would get the same warm reception if they camped outside Notre Dame…or the Blue Mosque? Where has all the leadership gone from the Church of England?


  21. 51
    Ed Miliband says:

    Freedom and opportunity are precious gifts and the purpose of our politics is to expand them, for all our people.


  22. 55
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Today is bash Billy day.


  23. 69
    Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

    that laptop was taken um purchased on a shopping spree in August. very reasonable.


  24. 71
    Sir William Waad says:

    Why is he disguised as the Phantom of the Opera?


  25. 78
    Anonymous says:

    A libertarian is upset at protest.


  26. 79

    Any I-product consumes no power.
    They use energy from ethereal sources. Like Guardian reader’s smugness.
    or a Democratic sense of mankind’s innate goodness.

    The internet is powered by natural earth crystals and the inside of an ipad2 is nothing but rainbow unicorns and moonbeams.


    • 124
      Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

      This is dangerous material. Have you not seen the Dilbert cartoon where a magazine is left in Marketing and they order a space station for the next day? If Minibland sees this it will be Labour Party policy in minutes. Take it down immediately.


  27. 84
    Nick Clegg International Funny Man and Cunt says:

    I got so sick of the trick or treaters that I turned the lights out and pretended I wasn’t in.

    Fuck the ships. My lighthouse, my rules.


  28. 85
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Its ok, I am sure its all my fault anyway.


    • 111
      Broadsword calling Danny Boy says:

      And even if it isn’t, we could probably get away with putting the blame for it on you!


  29. 88
    Doley Doley says:

    What, is he not allowed to have a laptop now?


    • 158
      pundit says:

      No it’s just amusing to see a weedy protester with an expensive piece of kit
      from a company that was headed by an arch capitalist.


  30. 97
    The Meissen Bison says:

    When will the Bishop of London appoint a water-canon?


  31. 103
    will says:

    what the bet that the only overnight protesters are undercover policeman claiming the overtime.

    I think some real homeless tramps should join them. the smell onone will want to make them more on.


    • 115
      Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

      Alternatively a visit by Piggy Pickles would suffice. Any survivors who have not been eaten by morning can have sanctuary in St Pauls.


  32. 104
    Flatcap Army says:

    there is an OccupyBath going on at the moment; it would take a man with a heart of stone to read this comment (from one of the activists on the local paper website) without laughing:

    “During the last few hours, our banners and placards have been systematically removed by an individual or several individuals hostile to our movement, and replaced them with banners reading ‘spoilt brats'”


  33. 106
    nell says:

    So tell me again what effect have this lot had on capitalism in the city of london?


  34. 108
    Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

    Poor Mr Roberts. There is no hope for his future in either of the two main parties if he doen’t want to be permanently drunk. And if he wants to stop having his tent used as a public toilet he should pitch it further away from the clergy.


  35. 110
    Billy Bowden in the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I expect that they will all go home if is rains or snows


    • 127
      nell says:

      The snow in new york hasn’t deterred the protestors there even though the authorities removed their generators. now I did think that was creative thinking on the part of the authorities.

      The local residents however say they are fed up with the smell and the fact that the protestors are drumming and chanting all night.

      What we need is a sudden plummet in temperatures to something beneath -5c.


  36. 120
    Ancient Eric says:

    I’m sure if someone tried hard they could dig up some long forgotten law that vagabonds can not pitch their sackcloths on the streets of London.


  37. 125
    Red Ed says:

    When people with lisps say “Bithneth”, you know they mean business.


  38. 135
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “. I want political change, not to get high and drunk all the time.”

    So he agrees with scrapping EMA then.


    • 165
      I ain't no weirdy beardie says:

      WTF’s EMA? Might as well get wankered, Billy, and watch the fan get crushed under the doo-doos.


  39. 151
    BillyBob... says:

    Because I got high ??? hahahahaha


  40. 155
    Deep Froat says:

    Weeing in empty there’s an idea.


    • 163
      BillyBob... says:

      a turd burglar ??


    • 166
      the lazy way says:

      Isn’t there a fast action laxative we can stick in their food?


      • 195
        Deep Froat says:

        How are you going to make Vegan Organic tofu sausages any worse? Other than by sh1tting in the pan.

        Come on people I want a plan fully specced out and in place before tonights raid. Now syncronise your balaclava’s……..


  41. 159
    Stalked by stinking uninspiring old bags in Edinburgh says:

    Students are right up their own arseholes.


  42. 160
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  43. 167
    Eiretaxexile says:

    I love the banks and the bankers. I’m so happy we all bailed them out. I think it’s great they get such high bonuses and are able to have super parties. Corporations deserve to make vast profits and they are clearly the way forward for Britain. If future generations have a problem with that – too bad!


  44. 175
    Stark says:

    “Mr Roberts, an unemployed charity worker”

    Just the type of bloke to tell be telling us all how the country should and shouldn’t be run.



    • 193
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Is he a Chugger, one of those daft charidee workers who tries to mug your bank account if your daft enough to divulge details.

      Chances are that he failed his A levels and couldn’t go to university in October.


  45. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Churches in London have a history of evictions:


  46. 185
    Alex Crombie Edinburgh says:

    Hi Billy. I am gay too. I like a police truncheon up my arse. I wanna give you a hand job. I wanna be your handyman. How about it hun?


  47. 187
    Alex Crombie. Edinburgh says:

    Billy. Who can make you feel good? The handyman can. The handy man can. The handy man can.


  48. 191
    Wm Bragg Esq of Dorsetshire says:

    Smash capitalism! The proletariat of Lyme Regis are ready to rise up! The heroic youth in their tents are standing up fearlessly for the workers against the evil top-hatted city bosses. What’s more, they have captured the public mood-Mary Riddell says so.


  49. 197
    Anonymous says:

    How the fuck can you be an unemployed charity worker? Get a fucking job you useless layabout.


  50. 201
    Sheila Gilmore looks like a bulldog's arse says:

    What a bunch of socialist hypocrites who think it is trendy to protest against capitalism on their expensive apple gadgets.


  51. 205
    HappyUK says:

    It’s good that Zakandrew Roberts is having the scales fall from his eyes at such an early age.

    At least he now sees this nonsense for what it really is: squabbles and messy thinking that are unfortunately the trademarks of the political Left in Britain.

    Roberts’ visit to this supposed den of free thought has shown him once and for all that if the militants are allowed to run the New Order, we had all better emigrate at high speed.

    No doubt many of these people will continue to wave their banners on the streets and brandish sticks and go home and brag about their bruises. ‘There I was – the Rebel.’


  52. 208
    middenocracy says:

    “what’s capitalism ever done for us, eh?”

    “Er, well I suppose it provided us with this laptop.”

    “And the internet.”

    “Yeah, so appart from laptops, and the internet – what’s capitalism ever done for us…?”


  53. 209
    Sebastian Cargutt says:

    Surely he’s either unemployed or a charity worker, but not both?


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