November 1st, 2011

Claws out for Chloe – And It’s Not Just Her Own Side

Multi-millionaire public-schoolgirl Fiona Mactaggart had her claws out as comprehensive girl Chloe Smith took to the despatch box for her first outing at Treasury Questions. The lucid Labourite managed to unite the Tories around the twenty-nine year old new Minister, despite many of them being furious that she has been promoted above their heads.

Abandoning the traditional “may I welcome the Minister”, apparently Smith “was probably in primary school the last time the economy was this bad”. Catty! Labour newcomer Cathy Jamieson was forced to welcome Smith “properly” after Mactaggart’s joke crashed and burnt…


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    There is so much hate among the left, and too think they were in power…


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      Rat's arse says:

      You’ve hit the nail on the head there Billy.
      I can never remember a time when there was so much spite and malice coming from any party, but the Leiber party are behaving like viscious school bullies.
      I still can’t understand why anyone votes for the ‘tards.


      • 32
        Real Estate Cult says:

        Basically because there are a large number of fucking idiots amongst the electorate.


      • 46
        The Grim Reaper says:


        It’s been estimated that the percentage of support for the noxious, nasty National Socialist Party is roughly equivalent to official levels of mental illness in the UK.

        Despite the fact our lot would have been far worse than Greece had Mental Case Gord been re-elected their voter support still holds up. They could creep back in.

        Valium, anyone?


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    Ed Miliband says:

    Look, there is a sort of old view about class which is a very simplistic view that we have got the working class, the middle class and the upper class, I think it is more complicated than that.


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      Tax Payer says:

      Yeah, there’s also the tax-avoiding super-rich, for example you and your family.


    • 14
      Archer Karcher says:

      Not forgetting the political parasite class who grow rich backing companies who benefit from their crony legislation and of course, loot the public purse for as much as they can.


    • 51
      Stan Butler says:

      And don’t forget the tracksuited class. They are the benefit claiming, Labour supporting violent underclass who do not work and are generally uneducated, despite the taxpayer funding 11 years education for them. They cannot be considered working class because work is an anathema to them and working people need to have some intelligence. Too thick to be middle class.


    • 56
      NeverRed says:

      Not forgetting the Scottish class.

      Think of labour when you think of nasty scotch bastards, particularly Brown, Martin, and a another 150 labour scum.


      • 73
        Anonymous says:

        The sooner Scotland has independence the better.
        Then their dour,drunken,petty-minded,spiteful Labour MP’s can all f*** off north of the border.


      • 81
        Making plans for Nigel says:

        Nor forgetting the inglish “shameless” class, horrible little wasters, rioters , essex girls and John Terry. What an awful people.


  4. 4
    Steve Miliband says:

    Does she like a sherbet?


  5. 5
    the last quango in paris says:

    bitter, ugly, champagne socialist, begrudging, rude, ride roughshod over protocol? she’ll do well under labour


  6. 7
    Anonymous says:

    Chloe Smith is 29 please update your records!


  7. 8
    bergen says:

    I remember Fiona McTaggart from college (she was a student union rep for a number of sabbatical years).She was filthy rich and ultra left and generally known as Fat Maggot .


  8. 10
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Halloween horror mask posted one day late.


    • 12
      Tax Payer says:

      Why would the aged, wrinkled, sweaty Fiona be bitchy towards a younger woman?


      • 58
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Surely you mean, ‘Why would the ageing, flabby, wrinkled, sweaty Fiona be bitchy towards a more attractive and successful younger woman?’


    • 19
      Titford Hat says:

      Hmm, yes, I wonder if th slabfaced MacFaggot is just a teeny bit envious of young Chloe’s rather attractive appearance.
      MacF: 58
      Chloe: 29


      • 37
        an english cunt - and proud of it says:

        “rather attractive” – in an yvette cooper sort of way.


        • 43
          Polly Seewonk says:

          Have to disagree there; even with eyes closed, as you would for Cooper, I think Mactaggart will have a Braille effect (possibly a horror story).


  9. 13
    will says:

    The labour public school educated ones are the worst playing at helping the porr but being rich themselves. Its all a game to them as they can run off home.


    • 20
      Archer Karcher says:

      Socialists need poor people, it is in their interest for there to be lots of poor people, without them, the entire reason for voting socialist evaporates.


      • 74
        the stench of hypocrisy says:

        Prescott wasn’t public school educated and he still managed to enrich himself while pretending to be a man of the people.


  10. 15
    Engineer says:

    The last time the economy was this bad was 2008, wasn’t it? I’m sure Ms Smith had finished her schooling by then.


  11. 18
    Is Slough as awful as their MP says:

    That photograph Guido has got hold off must be at least 10 years old, McHaggard is in real much more old boot faced, and wrinkled. And would not get pulled in a GRAB a GRANNY function.


  12. 22
    Jimmy says:

    At the risk of displaying a lack of gallantry, she looks a little old to be a schoolgirl.


  13. 23
    Polly Seewonk says:

    Mactaggart is a nasty piece of work – or maybe just plain bonkers,
    e.g. “‘I don’t think most men who use prostitutes think of themselves as child abusers, but they are,’ she told The Observer”

    I remember her on Newsnight when several prostitutes had been murdered – she was at the HO then – and she was totally close-minded to what both the police and the English Collective of Prostitutes said, because her ideology just had to be more relevant than their experiences.


    • 29
      Punternet says:

      I’ve had the odd punt and all the girls enjoyed their jobs. As one said to me, “I love my job, I’m being paid to come” (well, I had just given her a good time. She then proceeded to give me a good time as well.).


      • 75
        Anonymous says:

        You are Vincent Tabak and I claim my £10.


      • 88
        punternet 2 says:

        +1 to punternet

        I think the bollocks the left talk about prostitution needs to be debunked once and for all. there are many many women who are prossies and who enjoy their work, dont have substance abuse problems.
        OK there are traffiking problems but that can be tackled without criminalising the vast number of people who partake in paid sex.

        I’d love to know how many people have dabbled in paid sex. I bet nearly 50% of the population has tried it at some point of their life, but it is unprovable cos no-one will admit to it.


  14. 27
    Sophie says:

    Fat Maggott has always been a disgrace – obese, socialist hypocrit with enough money to make a Tory blush.

    Who votes for these Labour monsters?


    • 49
      pigs in space says:

      MP for Slough since 1997, says it all really


      • 59
        The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

        Come cheerful bombs…………. Is she a Scottish person perchance? Funny that. English constituencies get Scottish persons shoehorned in to the candidate selection list. I am sure that many Scottish constituencies have English persons shoehorned in to their candidate selection lists.

        What’s that Skippy, they don’t do it because Scottish persons won’t vote for an English candidate? Surely not, wouldn’t that be tacit racism?


    • 55
      pigs in space says:

      McMaggot’s views on the EU

      I did it once before: my first ever vote was in the last UK referendum on whether we should stay in the European Union. In that vote I followed my father’s lead, because I did not know enough about the issues. I would vote differently now that I know his prediction that chocolate cakes would be pink and kippers grey if we stayed in didn’t turn out to be true.—6-may-2011


  15. 28
    Fish says:

    I remember being at a meeting at the Barbican many years ago, at which McTaggart spoke. She was minister for something or other at the time – might have had something to do with race as she wore ethnic headgear.

    Surrounded by adoring fellow travellers, I remember her telling us how ‘the people need to be controlled’. They all lapped it up

    Nothing changes. Nothing can alter the hypocracy that is socialism – it’s buried deep in their DNA.


  16. 31
    Sophie says:

    The link from Chloe’s website to her expense on IPSA is broken.

    Just saying.


  17. 36
    Sheila Gilmore looks like a badger's arse with worms. says:

    Jamieson is Scottish Labour dogshit. A nasty piece of work.


  18. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    New thread.


  19. 40
    Labour, still nasty says:

    Even though the shadow cabinet is made up of millionaires, several of them privately educated, Labour still get away with barefaced hypocrisy by portraying themselves as defenders of the working class. It’s easy to see why they get away with it. Labour voters are so monumentally thick, it doesn’t matter what amount of corruption and hypocrisy takes place in the party, they STILL think Labour gives a fuck about them. Ask the typical Labour voter if they know about Luciana’s upper middle class background and £5000 personalised numberplate and they’ll go “Uh… um… er… Thatcher! It’s all Thatcher’s fault!”


  20. 41
    Ac/Dc/AC says:

    Chloe Smith … i would with some relish! … or even with some ketchup

    labour and class? … mutually exclusive


  21. 42
    Olive from On The Buses says:

    That MacTaggart is trying to steal my look. Bitch.


  22. 50
    Bogeyman says:

    Sorry, you lot – I think Chloe is pretty hot.

    Lovin’ the boyish haircut. And she has fabulous teeth.


    • 93
      Really? says:

      Miscooperballs tries for that look, too (except for the days when she’s going fem): horrible. She’s half of a shadow cabinet front bench ‘power couple’ and seeing them there makes me blench.


  23. 52
    This bloody generation says:

    Must say that Ms Smith is a damn fine piece of MP, doing sterling work for Norwich North!


  24. 57
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    O/T – BBC news 24 17:15

    Hugh Edwards slides in a hasty apology before the cricket.

    Apparently some of the broadcasts from the Tory party conference “we’re not up to our usual high standards”.

    Involves Andrew Tyrie MP.

    What a bunch of shysters!


    • 78
      who why what where when says:

      When will BBC news realise they’ve lost millions of viewers and listeners from the tv and radio precisely because of their biased coverage and shoddy reporting.
      Sadly their newsrooms are no longer staffed by proper journalists who take a pride in their profession.


    • 85
      Ulysses goose fondler says:

      What do they mean are they apologising ? who to ? to the left elite? as far as I could tell it was totally up to their usual standard I.e snide sniping petty hateful biased and written by Labour place men and NUJ scuzzers!
      It in their genes don’t you know !


  25. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Cathy Jamieson developed a reputation as a fundamentally decent and thinking (if rather lefty) MSP at Holyrood


  26. 63
    BillyBob... says:

    Without out the ‘onourable lady of the opposition is a pig in knickers !!


  27. 66
    HenryV says:

    When I was a kiddy all our local Labour councillors’ and NUM shops stewards’ kids went to the local (semi)private grammar school. Just an observation.


    • 84
      Plink says:

      Yup, in those days bright kids from whatever background were given the opportunity to climb their own ladder and make a success of their lives.


  28. 67
    McFaggot loather says:

    McFaggot was president of the Students Union when I was at university and was a fat nasty slob then. She and her ilk had their comeuppance whn she tried and failed miserably to take on the Rugby Club. Tee Hee. She threw a massive hissy fit.

    A true champagne socialist.


    • 69
      HenryV says:

      Do tell!!


      • 80
        McFaggot loather says:

        Well, the Rugby club being the Rugby club ran nights of what to some were debauchery, in the students union to boot, with some pretty lewd strippers.. McFaggot hated this and set about having it banned. It progressed through the usual boring union meetings and as the vote was taken about 300 students, me included, entered the debating room for the vote. That increased the head count by about 15 times, and guess what we all voted No.

        Mc Faggot had a real hissy fit about the Rugby club mobilising for the vote. Typical socialist – only like democracy when they can manipulate the vote.

        She was a real drunken slob as well being pug ugly. Widely despised by many.


        • 87
          bergen says:

          I remember the occasion.The team and its supporters staged an entrance just before the vote.Until then she thought she had a captive audience. .Very funny indeed.


  29. 68
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Labour, the party of spite, and full of useless loud mouth scum.


  30. 79
    HappyUK says:

    I find this bit on MacTaggart’s wiki page rather unsettling:

    “While a primary school teacher, she decided to become an MP, as being able to change the world “thirty kids at a time” seemed too slow for her”

    Wouldn’t even wish that on my worst enemy’s kids…


    • 86
      Ulysses goose fondler says:

      Given all the other info about this’ woman’??’thing’ or what ever it is! that has come to light on here I really dislike this er? ‘it’, but have to agree this quote makes me think the only safe way to deal with this ‘fright’ is to freeze it and drop it at the pole like they did with the last dangerous blob !


  31. 82
    Fiona farkyow Mactaggart says:

    Oh I’m a socialist and I’m ok
    I sleep all night and I sleep all day
    I cut down wealth, I skip and jump
    I go the lavatory
    on Wednesdays I go shopping
    and have sour grapes for tea


  32. 83
    Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

    And in news just in, The Parliamentary Labour Party is full of scotch cu’nts


  33. 91
    Andrew Duffin says:

    One is reminded of the great Maggie’s remark that “People from my sort of background needed Grammar schools to compete with children from privileged homes like Shirley Williams and Anthony Wedgwood Benn.”


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