October 30th, 2011

Climate Change: Global Flatlining

The now famous global warming graph (top), popularised by Al Gore, shows rising global temperatures. Now a well funded team called the Berkeley Earth Surface Temperatures project (BEST) led by Professor Richard Muller, of Berkeley University in California, has been accused of falsifying data by a respected member. A repeat of the Climate Research Unit debacle at the University of East Anglia.

Professor Judith Curry, who chairs the Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences at the prestigious Georgia Institute of Technology, said that Muller’s claims were a ‘huge mistake’, with no scientific basis – she has 30 years research experience and is the second named co-author of the BEST project’s four research papers. She has accused him of trying to mislead the public by hiding the fact that BEST’s research shows global warming has actually stopped – as seen in the more accurate chart (bottom).

One international controversy over research fakery at the Climate Research Unit of the UEA by politically motivated scientitsts is bad enough, now a second case of fakery has been uncovered suggests the global warming racket is unravelling. The age of the progressive consensus on climate change, which was bought into by Cameron’s Conservative Party, was based on deliberate falsifications.

“Ages are no more infallible than individuals; every age having held many opinions which subsequent ages have deemed not only false but absurd; and it is as certain that many opinions, now general, will be rejected by future ages, as it is that many, once general, are rejected by the present.”

John Stuart Mill, On Liberty

The claims by the likes of George Monbiot and others that the respectable scientific world was at one and those of us sceptical of the alarmist’s claims were in denial ring increasingly hollow. Public opinion is turning sceptical, suspecting rightly that this is just another racket to raise taxes. Temperatures have not been rising for a decade contrary to the global warming theories under-pinning the outlandish claims of the alarmists. Our supposed invisible carbon threat reminds Guido of the emperor’s new clothes – seen only by fools deceived by charlatans.

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  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Whats more of a scam, global warming or the EU ponzi scheme?

  2. 2

    Well, I’m not surprised.

  3. 3
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    There is a nice bit of premature Global Warming going on in New England right now!

  4. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Are those snowmen suitable for a family blog?

  5. 5
    joescotus says:

    climate change ! for the most part utter bollocks

  6. 6
  7. 7
    Avada Kadavra says:

    We’ll see what effect releasing millions of years of stored carbons into the atmos inside 100 years does have…
    Those who make unimaginably huge wads of lucre from it say none. Now there’s a surprise.
    I’m staying on the fence.

  8. 8
    AC1 says:

    Climate Change isn’t bollocks, it changes all the time

    The anthropomorphic part of it largely is.

  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, remind me again why you don’t just go and get a job at the Daily Mail? Or do they just pay you ‘under the counter’?

  10. 10
  11. 11
    Some Geezer Wot Seen It On The Telly says:

    Four inches of snow or more in the New York area, on 29/10/11. Where is global warming when you really need it?

  12. 12
    Breton says:

    Ah screw it. Let’s fuck up the world we’ll all be dead by the time the shit hits the fan.

  13. 13
    Gordon F Brown says:

    It didn’t fool me. I knew a good taxation opportunity when I saw one…

  14. 14
    What a plonker. says:

    So called global warming is the biggest con perpetuated on the
    world population and is just a money and ego spinner for corrupt politicians.

  15. 15
    The Paragnostic says:

    Those who make unimaginably huge wads out of the AGW scam say lots – now there’s another surprise.

    Al Gore has made millions from carbon trading – likewise Railway Engineer Pachauri. There’s loads of money to be made from the scam, and everyone who can get in on the game is doing so. Why do you think your home energy costs have gone through the roof? It’s not all going to pay for windmills and solar panels – the generating cartel are grabbing their share while the going’s good too.

    I suppose you believe that fracking for gas makes your taps explode, too.

  16. 16
    joescotus says:

    oh allright smartalec

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    “There is NO comparison of this situation to Climategate.” – Judith Curry


  18. 18
    The Paragnostic says:

    And the NY fire dept has taken the generators off the poor freezing protestors, too!

    Arabs, being smart, protest in the spring. Lefties choose autumn – what does that say?

    Ha Ha!

  19. 19
    jarders says:

    Wait – what about the trend? The second graph points only to the last ten years whereas the other one is for the last few hundred? Wouldn’t like to base our future on a rather select period? Also – iz a bit more complex innit?

  20. 20
    Snowman says:

    Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

  21. 21
    The Paragnostic says:

    To be fair, the BEST analysis uses a 10-year average to try to remove the signal from the periodic warming and cooling of the Atlantic.

    The fact that this biases the analysis against the largely static data of the last 10 years is coincidental, but has been siezed upon by AGW proponents as somehow justifying their history of misrepresentation.

    And yes, I have read the BEST papers, and yes, I am a (lapsed) mathematician.

  22. 22
    Sebastian Weetabix says:

    Er… anthropogenic?

  23. 23
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  24. 24
    annette curton says:

    Well the Daily Mail jibe is better than being called a Nazi by Guardianistas simply for questioning the veracity of the data as I was, (and that was years ago when Monbiot & co were still in full hysterical cry, before Hockey Stick, East Anglia and now Berkeley).

  25. 25
    Slartibartfast says:

    Those two graphs are incomparable. Look at the timescales for a start. Lazy sensationalism. The evidence is there. Learn the difference between weather and climate.

  26. 26

    So far we’ve seen that it has changed the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide from 35 hundredths of a percent to 46 hundredths of a percent. Aside from that, we don’t really know any other results.

  27. 27
    Stop the Authoritarian Green Gravy Train says:

    Meanwhile, local authorities aroung the country are paying good money for pimply youths in dayglo jackets to go aoiund with clipboards hectoring residents to concrte over yet more space in their front gardens for ever more expensive and elaborately colour coded wheelie bins (bought for £75+ a go from the Germans), and scaring the elderly with fine of £1000 if they don’t seperate out rubbish that often ends up in the same landfill bound trucks anyway.

  28. 28
    Polythesis says:

    The wonderful thing about the truth is, liars and deceivers can run and they can hide but in the end they are always caught.

    All the years of lies and fraud and venom and spite, all the billions of pounds pissed up the wall and stolen by the legions of fraudsters. After all the stupidity and the ignorance we are at last seeing the light of reason at the end of the tunnel.

    CAGW was always a fraud, it smelled like a fraud, it looked like a fraud and you could see the fraudsters crowding round the cash spigot like blue bottles round a corpse. Well, thanks to the political class we in the West have handed over world supremacy to the red Chinese, thanks to the political class we will all suffer years of poverty.

  29. 29
    annette curton says:

    If you weren’t so lazy you would have read the print between the two graphs which explains the connection.

  30. 30
    jabbathecat says:

    The HadCrut3 data, which is a combination of land and sea surface data, has shown global temperature standstill of the past decade…

  31. 31
    Curious says:

    I am all for reliable science when we can get it. I’d rather base the decisions on figures which are accurate instead of ones which are conjured up from extrapolating temperatures from miniscule amounts of indirect evidence and ignoring inconvenient facts, i.e. Greenland used to have farms and the UK has been much warmer than it is now: even in Pepys’ day, they grew grapes in Essex.

  32. 32
    AC1 says:

    Anthropomorphism is any attribution of human characteristics (or characteristics assumed to belong only to humans) to animals, non-living things, phenomena, material states, objects or abstract concepts, such as spirits or deities.

    ‘Tis perfect for the GAIA worshippers.

  33. 33
    jabbathecat says:

    Btw, what is the difference between weather and climate?

  34. 34

    Scams are the new religion.

    To the long list of professions that we cannot trust, or take at face value, we have to add scientists.

    I blame Blair, not for starting it, but for letting it mushroom.

  35. 35
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The spelling?

  36. 36
    Engineer says:

    1) Truth will out – eventually.

    2) The science isn’t settled – it isn’t even close to being settled, as even a cursory reading of reasonably unbiased sources will quickly confirm.

    3) Some people seem to like to have something to panic about.

    4) That’s fine, but would they please refrain from making the rest of us suffer for their foibles?

  37. 37
    Petitioniste says:

    The EU Referendum petition has passed 11,000 signatures:


  38. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    In jus under 7 days!

    Keep asking until they give the people the right answer, lets turn the tables on the politcal class!

  39. 39
    AC1 says:

    Pachauri isn’t just a railway “engineer”, the worlds saviour from plant-food also writes soft porn novels!

  40. 40
    Frustrated Polly says:

    Guido. For G*d’s sake. When will you learn that it’s perfectly OK for Lefties and Greenies to falsify and exaggerate evidence and arguments in their favour because they are superior human beings and know best?

  41. 41
    AC1 says:

    Not sure it’s gone anything like that high.

  42. 42
    annette curton says:

    You have to admire the irony, we will all be suffering years of poverty and hypothermia this time due to a Global Warming Ponzi scheme, roll-up! buy your carbon credits here, some people never learn, you could call it sub-prime intelligence.

  43. 43
  44. 44

    5) Neither should these people make us pay for it.

  45. 45
    The Paragnostic says:

    I’d hesitate to call most of these people scientists.

    Geography lecturers are not scientists, and geography is more of an interpretative discipline, akin to history. It’s like pretending that sociology is science – it isn’t, and those who claim otherwise are fools.

    If you ask proper scientists, who know about things like atmospheric physics, chemistry, net radiation flow, etc. most of them think AGW is sensationalist nonsense and unproven conjecture.

  46. 46
    The Paragnostic says:

    Ah – like Mad Ali Campbell, the famous drunk and liar?

  47. 47
    gman says:

    Keep on eating those pies Guido you fat Hoon.

  48. 48

    Even were we to feel inclined, how would you suggest we do it?

  49. 49
    jabbathecat says:

    Long way to go to 1,000,000, which is what you realistically need to have a serious bite at the cherry again…

  50. 50
    Climate Change the greatest myth ever says:

    When will people realise that Global Warming is a confidence trick…it’s a scam…it’s totally made up…..the World’s Climate has been going through periods of warming and then cooling for aeons…..

  51. 51
    Engineer says:

    Might even be to human advantage.

    The population is increasing, they’ll all need feeding, with either plants or meat from plant-fed animals. Carbon dioxide is (putting it crudely) plantfood; we know that plants grow better in an atmosphere richer in carbon dioxide, and use that to our advantage in commercial greenhouses. Maybe increasing atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration will improve natural plant growth.

    (I know that’s only a theory, but hey – there are so many of those kicking about that another one can’t do any harm!)

  52. 52

    So who is your sky fairy, Polly?

  53. 53
    Chris Hoon says:

    Next you’ll be suggesting I make up all sorts of stories about all sorts of things.

  54. 54
    Chris Hoon says:

    But this is the first time we have tried to raise a Tax on the weather !!

  55. 55
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Correct. Last reliable figure was 39/100%.

  56. 56
    Old Father Time says:

    I can vouch for that.

  57. 57
  58. 58
  59. 59
    annette curton says:

    It would be a good idea if the signatures were this time printed off to hard copy and dumped on the doorstep of number 10, might get a bit more publicity that way.

  60. 60

    So when can we disband the The European Union Emission Trading Scheme?

    How do those reluctantly caught up in it have their positions unwound?

  61. 61

    So whеn can wе disband the The Europеan Union Emission Trading Schеme?

    How do those reluctantly caught up in it have thеir positions unwound?

  62. 62
    Jimmy says:

    I suppose given that a sizeable chunk of the right believes the universe is only 6000 years old then a decade is a pretty significant period.

    I think the science articles here are my favourites.

  63. 63
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    I’m waiting for the 2 Macs to analyse the data. Prof. Curry is right in that she as 2nd lead author has made her disquiet public, and that the Data for BEST is freely available. She is wrong in that yet another attempt has been made by the CAGW loonies to present biased bad science as gospel.

  64. 64
    Jimmy says:

    He’s holding out for a Sun on Sunday column

  65. 65
    The Will of the people will not be thwarted says:

    Not so….to get a second petition with 100,000 plus signatures withing a few months of the last one will be an embarassment for our ruling class and increase pressure on Cameron to concede one whatever Clegg may threaten…it’s obvious that the pro-Europeans are running scared..hence Clegg’s blustering in the press about him blocking any attempts to repatriate powers…

  66. 66
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Definitely weather. If New York gets 6″ of global warming earlier than expected 4 years out of 5, that tends towards climate.

  67. 67
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Don’t worry – Dave gave a cast-iron guarantee that he’d put a stop to this nonsense.

  68. 68
    Tony says:

    Yes, life on the planet has also boomed in the warmer periods as well

  69. 69
    A Labour-voting Muzzie says:

    But the universe is only 6,000 years old!

  70. 70
    Vulcanologist says:

    Man made is a lot easier to spell.

  71. 71
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    You could. Alternatively you could call it larcenous intent by barrowboy mentalities.

  72. 72
    annette curton says:

    Once you have set the stall out its difficult to change stance from selling Snake Oil and Browns Patent Cure All and still emerge with any credibility in the market place.

  73. 73
    Engineer says:

    That’s a bit like saying that a sizeable chunk of the left believe George Monbiot to be the One True Prophet.

    Don’t worry too much about the science, Jimmy. It’s full of Hard Sums, Postulations, Proofs, Experimental Verifications and other difficult stuff like that. It’ll only make your head hurt.

  74. 74
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    The history of the world is littered with periods of cataclysmic weather which have resulted in periods of famine, starvation and death the most notable ones being 535-536 AD and 1315 -1317. All these events are ignored by the climate change terrorists because they don’t fit into their simplistic models.

    You know the whole thing is con when

    (1) Global Warming changes its name to Climate Change

    (2) The scientists at East Anglia had to change their data to suit their conclusions.

    (3) Huhne endorses the building of Nulcear Power Stations.

    The politicians have taken it all in as they think it will gain them 1-2 % of the national vote that may give them 20-20 seats.

    If call me Dave thinks there is an anti green backlash at the moment just wait until everybody has to pay their gas bills next March.

  75. 75
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I doubt very much that global warming is a confidence trick – Britain used to be covered in glaciers (some a mile deep). Something made the temperatures rise and cause those glaciers melt, about 8000 years ago.

    Cars and patio heaters, probably. I for one am glad that Camoron, like McMental before him, is piling on the economy-wrecking green taxes to stop global warming in its tracks and to keep us safe.

  76. 76
    G Brown lover of Prudence says:

    Why gman u iz so clever, MAN!

  77. 77
    Adrian Mole aged 71 3/4 says:

    Far less harmful to the comments on here.

  78. 78
    The Paragnostic says:

    I must admit I was surprised by the urban heat island paper – I’m sure there’s something wrong with it (most likely some non-obvious bias in the sample selection), but can’t put my finger on it. I’ve read it three times now, and still can’t find a glaring error. Maybe I’ll download the data and have a crack at some different samples.

    I’m sure that as more people look at these papers we’ll see where the errors are, and the claims of the AGW crowd will be shown for what they are.

  79. 79
    gman says:

    You’re not just a bunch of Nazi’s, but a bunch of pig shit-thick nazi’s who learnt science from Melanie Phillips, think god invented everything for fun, and don’t believe that humans are responsible for climate change because you’ve got a 4-by-4 in the garage, which your fat ugly mrs uses everyday to drop the kids two minutes down the road to school, before popping to marks & sparks for the daily carbohydrate and sugar shop. When I’m in power, I’m going to fuck you and the rest of the middle classes through the fucking nose on fuel duty. Your big fat ugly mrs will be forced to waddle down the road every morning and shop round the corner. You will have to start using trains and holidaying in Blackpool. You will have to take your thick kids out of that low-fee paying ex-grammar school and into a comprehensive where they will begin studying drugs on top of all those wooly social science classes… and when they remain unmarried aged 40, you will learn that they are among the 3% of the population that is gay–and since homosexuality isn’t biological it must mean that they learn’t it from you. You big bender. Go live in Ireland with Guido.

  80. 80
    nell says:

    Wow so east anglia’s not going to disappe@r under 10feet of water and my garden is not going to turn to desert then?

    Somebody had better tell the environment agency that they need to revamp their disaster plans because they are still completely in thrall to the uea. When they realise what idiots they’ve been they’ll need another few £million to change the logo on their letterheads and vehicles again at the moment I think it’s something resembling a drowning man.

  81. 81

    Won’t deny it.

  82. 82
    Ah! Monika says:

    If we are all dead, who would produce the shit?

  83. 83
    AC1 says:

    IIRR That market is trading at basically zero. Those positions are (like Madoff’s) already unwound at 100% haircut.

  84. 84
    Diawl says:

    Paragnostic is wrong – the BEST analysis was carried out by physicists. The basis of Judith Curry’s criticism is that the graph is cherry picked to show a politically advantageous trend. Even the quasi hockey stick takes its starting point as the end of the mini ice age , not surprisingly it shows a warming trend. If alonger span was used then it would show that our recent slight warming is hardly unusual. The fact that this ham is hardly ever mentioned these days shows that the political paradigm is quickly shifting.

  85. 85
    Tessa Tickles says:

    That’s one of the more sensible suggestions I’ve read today.

    However, when accusing people of being “pig shit-thick nazi’s”, I’d advise not sticking a possessive apostrophe where there shouldn’t be one.

    It makes you look pigshit thick.

  86. 86
    Nature says:

    You are just a little confused Guido. The top graph is not Gore’s scandalous and utterly unscientific Hocky stick it is actually BESTs over a period of 200 years the bottom is just a period of 10 years. But none the less for Judith Curry to state “this affair had to be compared to the notorious ‘Climategate’ scandal two years ago” is going to be big, very big.

    Of course the politics behind all this is coming to a head with paper after paper being released in the run up to Durban. BEST did not even wait to have their stuff peer reviewed before publishing.

  87. 87
    Arthur Scargill's Expense Account says:

    There’s no accounting for the folly of man

  88. 88
    AC1 says:

    Jimmy, it’s the economic-creationists we have to worry about most (you know the one’s who have faith in Gaia’s holy AGW).

  89. 89
    Mad Al Gore says:

    Global Warming is real, I tell you. Just look at how the Venusian farm industry was devastated.

  90. 90
    Tony Blair says:

    People liked him, loved him. He was quite simply the people’s DJ.

    By the way, my fee for that tribute is £275,000. Thank you.

  91. 91
    Jingle Jangle Jewelry says:

    Onto more serious things

    Type Jingle jangle jewelry into you tube or google sit back and laugh

  92. 92
    Jingle Jangle Jewelry says:

    Type jingle jangle jewelry into You Tube and watch Jimmy in action

  93. 93
    albacore says:

    Is there any reliable scientific evidence on whether Dave believes in fairies and hobgoblins, too?
    It is, after all, Hallowe’en tomorrow. We wouldn’t want any of those feral youth in his lovely new Big Society to scare the living crap out of him with a two-bob mask, would we now?

  94. 94
    John Maynard Keynes says:

    My sentiments exactly.

  95. 95
    Gary Jones says:

    wise words,will sit on the fence as well,

  96. 96
    AC1 says:

    But it’s ManN made.

  97. 97
    annette curton says:

    Good point, Britain was once connected to the continent of Europe, a continuous land mass and then what happened?… a flood of biblical proportions when the glaciers melted.
    If only Mr And Mrs Neanderthal had installed loft insulation.

  98. 98
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So i wont kill the whales if i buy a 4×4 then?

  99. 99
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Or printed-off and sellotaped to a brick, which is then thrown very hard at David Camoron’s big fat head.

  100. 100
    Tony Blair says:

    It’s not true that I’m a greedy sociopath who’ll do anything for money regardless of how many people have to die in the process. The fact is, I actually insist on people dying in the process. It makes my blood money all the tastier. And remember, proles, the baby eating Tories are nasty. We in Labour are decent and nice.

  101. 101
    The Paragnostic says:

    Only 3%?

    Rusty will be pissed off – he was relying on getting their votes by crawling to them.

    Who is Melanie Phillips? Is she as good as a tumble with Kate Humble?

    I’m sure your interesting and highly thought out post begs more questions, but I’ve got toenails to cut.

  102. 102
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It was their 100w lightbulbs what done it.

  103. 103
    Engineer says:

    There seems to have been a certain amount of controversy surrounding the peer-reviewing of climate science in some quarters.

  104. 104
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The argument over global warming is hotting up.

  105. 105
    BillyBob... says:

    I am shocked and stunned that scientists and politicians tell lies, fleecing us for green taxes to make it all better !

    c*nts !

  106. 106
    Tony Blair says:

    Money money money, it’s so funny, in a rich crook’s world.

    The best things in life are free, but I leave that to the proles and bees, I like money.

    Who wants to be a billionaire? I don’t! That’s because I already am.

  107. 107
    Engineer says:

    Not unless you roll it off the end of a pier.

  108. 108
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Good of you to do it for so little reward.

  109. 109
    The Paragnostic says:

    I think you’ll find it was mammoth farts, TT.

    Loads of methane in a mammoth fart, and methane’s even worse than plant food for making the atmosphere microscopically warmer than it would be otherwise.

  110. 110
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Do whales like the amusments as well then?

  111. 111
    Tony Blair says:

    I saw an injured mother lying in the street the other day. I was horrified. She’d been lying there in agony for half an hour and not a single person had stopped to steal her purse. Didn’t I teach the British people anything? I did the decent thing and took it and then told Alistair to put out a story that she’s a bad mother.

  112. 112
    Tessa Tickles says:

    No, but it might drown a few penguins which are, as I’m sure Camoron would tell you, the staple food of polar bears, causing them to starve to death.

    (yes, I do know, so don’t point it out.)

  113. 113
    nell says:


    And let’s not forget who was the biggest liar over agw of them all – well after algore that is – militwit, labour’s next would be pm.

  114. 114
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    How can poloar bears pay for penguins tho? they have no money and are barred from sweet shops?

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Surely that’s nothing to what you get up to in Brighton Billy, that well known family resort.

  116. 116
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Tomorrow Guido Fawkes will formally launch Plan B to kickstart the economy. Typically however in today’s media it has already been fully leaked in today’s Mail On Sunday.. It has some helpful (though not particularly original) ideas. It wants to stop the cuts, start a new round of quantitative easing but giving the money direct to businesses, raise benefits to ease poverty and increase demand, make tax more progressive through a financial transactions tax and a multi-tiered income tax as well as a land value tax, establish a national investment bank to make loans and lever in private investment, and green the economy by decarbonising buildings and investing in green transport and infrastructure as well as achieving a better work-life balance. All warm words from the Loony right wing perspective. But it avoids the hard issues: How is it to be paid for? How is the economy to be rebalanced from finance to industry? And how is manufacturing to be revived?

  117. 117
    Breton says:

    You will be dead but your children will not.  I have no idea the right and wrong of the data but I can’t understand why we would continue to pour pollution into the atmosphere just because it’s easy. Wouldn’t the best way to secure the future be to treat the planet with some respect?  Your hubris is risking your children’s right to a healthy, prosperous life.

  118. 118
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Quite. I turned on the roomlights about 30 minutes ago, because the clocks went back this morning. I bet you turned your lights on, too. I bet everyone has. All those lights, all that energy. All that CO2.

    If Camoron honestly believes global warming is man-made, why aren’t we on CET?

  119. 119
    Tony Blair says:

    Making blood money is as easy as taking candy from a child. And I like taking candy from disabled children and then telling Alistair Campbell to smear the child and his parents. Jesus loves me.

  120. 120
    Straplines for every occassion says:

    Al Gore Climate whore

  121. 121

    I would agree with most of what you say. But to dismiss them all as geography lecturers is to underestimate the problem IMHO.

    But where would you put The Scientific Alliance for example? They urge caution but say, “the first results of CLOUD are still at least consistent with the Svensmark hypothesis … the hypothesis certainly cannot be dismissed”. Not as sceptics then but practically as fence sitters. They are taking a proper scientific approach against a wall of vested interest

    We know where the Royal Society, the Europеan Physical Society, the Europеan Science Foundation, the Europеan Federation of Geologists, the Europеan Geosciences Union, the Geological Society of London, the Royal Meteorological Society, the World Meteorological Organization, the Institute of Biology, the World Health Organization and about 100 other similar organisations stand. It’s all cut and dried for them and there are many thousands of scientists in these bodies.

    What about the 3,146 of the 10,257 polled Earth scientists in Doran and Kendall Zimmerman 2009 and whose summary wisely pointed out that “It seems that the debate on the authenticity of global warming and the role played by human activity is largely nonexistent among those who understand the nuances and scientific basis of long-term climate processes.”

    Just as not every MP is bad, not every policeman is bad, not every lawyer is bad is it true to say that not every scientist is bad.. But too many of all these classes and more are.

  122. 122
    The Paragnostic says:

    I never said the BEST analysis wasn’t done by physicists – my only comment on BEST is that the 10-year average used to remove the Atlantic oscillation coincidentally removed the static trend of the last 10 years. I’m also dubious of the urban heat island analysis, but that’s another matter.

    In general, though, most of the climate “scientists” are in fact not scientists at all. The more people know about science, in general, the more sceptical of AGW they tend to be.

  123. 123
    Ctesibius says:

    There are actually two points which are very simple and made crystal clear by this data.

    1. Global warming has taken place, as has global cooling. The world has warmed by about a degree and a half since 1800, but the combination of factors which caused this is unknown. It cannot simply have been levels of man-made CO2, because if it was then the world would have – must have – warmed up strongly in the last ten years.

    2. It is impossible therefore to argue that reducing the levels of human CO2 production will reduce the global temperature (or temperature rise). Until that case can be made there is no justification whatsoever for any constraints on CO2 production through ‘green taxes’ or carbon controls.

  124. 124
    nell says:

    Ah! Talking polar bears whatever happened to that ‘scientist’ that said he’d found the starved bodies of polar bears floating in melting icecaps?

    Except when other people went looking for them, there were living healthy polar bears about but no starved dead one’s and the ice caps hadn’t melted where he said they had.

    Soon after he made that sensational claim, which remains to this day unsubstantiated, he received, I believe, a large grant to further his agw work.

  125. 125
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Good luck, and don’t forget to let us know your conclusions.

  126. 126
    herr shicklbruger says:

    They know that if it’s a big enough lie most of the sheeple will believe it.

  127. 127
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “would be PM”?

    He will be the next PM. Dave will see to that. Dave doesn’t like having the title “Worst Prime Minister in Britain’s History”, so he’s pretty desperate to pass it to Milimong as quickly as possible.

  128. 128
    Flat-earthers have the last laugh says:

    It’ll all end for the best when the heat dissipates. It will do this when it falls over the edge of the earth into the nothingness below.

  129. 129
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  130. 130
    Operation Barbarossa says:

    Dont worry we will have captured Moscow before the winter kicks in.

  131. 131
    gman gman go go go says:

    gman hits the gspot

    gdude gbye x

  132. 132
    Ctesibius says:

    Moron: Carbon Dioxide is not ‘pollution’! You yourself are made of carbon and all life depends on the carbon cycle.

  133. 133
    Tessa Tickles says:

    There are quite a few disabled children in Iraq, thanks to Tony, too.

    They weren’t born disabled, but they are disabled now. Thousands of them.

    Still, a small price to pay to get rid of those nasty WMDs. Jesus weeps with joy.

  134. 134
    Tony 'the pope' Bliar says:

    Religion has always been a fantastic money spinner for those at the top.

  135. 135
    Anonymous says:

    He can be summarily dismissed as another nutjob. Next!

  136. 136

    @ Mr laugh

    That is about as good as the debate gets.

  137. 137
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The Mafia have a significant interest in the EUETS, as do several of Cameron’s Kitchen Cabinet. Any simple citizen would do well to sell out and quietly fade into the background.

  138. 138
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I think whatever was good about Britain was destroyed between 1997 and 2010.

    Still, interesting that Chris Williamson (no, I’ve never heard of him before, either) hates the very people who were forced to pay for Labour’s lunacy.

  139. 139
    Chicken Licken says:

    Ive been working my butt off these past few years, I thought after YK2 the work would dry up but hey I’ve never had a minute !

  140. 140
    Ctesibius says:

    If you could get the data and produce the graph over the last thousand years you would almost certainly produce a ‘U-shaped’ graph, which would appear to show a ‘recovery’ to ‘normal’ temperature following a cold dip into the 18th century. But data becomes less accurate the further back you go. You can make a graph show almost anything if you select the start and end dates such that it illustrates your hypothesis.

    Liberal Democrats (‘winning here’) are past masters at this.

  141. 141
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Slight difference, Guido has about 100k readers and what i get upto in Brighton or wherever is done in private.

  142. 142
    annette curton says:

    Chill out.

  143. 143
    old grumpy says:

    As any decent Quality Engineer will tell you, the Scientific Community is guilty of misrepresentation of random data, which is,after all, what weather data effectively is.

    The correct graphical representation is by BAR CHART.

    Then, using a standard base line, the evidence becomes very clear, as shown in a chart produced by a Pompey Uni Student some years ago………

    In the proper chart, the basis of the AGW claims can be seen to be ANOMALOUS EVENTS. No “corrections” are needed. The first data records show an anomalously LOW average temperature, while the 2002 record shows and anomalously HIGH temperature.

    Remove all the obvious anomalies (as we do in quality analyses) and the trend is clearly UP, but only by about 0.3C……… and is, this century, now dropping.

    Independent research is unnecessary. The data that the AGW Mob use is sufficient. Whether the AGW Mob like it or not, they are talking a load of BOLLOX!……… but so would you for $30billion extra in “research” funds………

  144. 144
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Most of your ilk, Jimmy, believe that British politics is only 32 years old. “In the Beginning, there was Fatcher….”

  145. 145
    Anonymous says:

    What a thick, gullible cuпt you are gman. A fucking gift to snake oil salesmen.

  146. 146
    Anyone for ice-hockey ? says:

    It was reported some time ago that the algorithm used to produce the infamous ‘hockey-stick’ graph was in fact designed to produce that shape no matter what numbers were fed into it.

  147. 147
    Jimmy says:

    You’ve certainly earned it.

  148. 148
    The Paragnostic says:

    Unfortunately, Cat (and you know this as well as I do), by the time a scientist becomes a member of one of these august bodies, he (or she, sometimes) has been relegated to a bureaucratic position and is more interested in where the next grant cheque is coming from than in promoting good science.

    I doubt very much whether any of the bodies you mention would support AGW if it was put to a free vote of their members – but those at the top know which side their bread is buttered and prefer to go after the jam rather than upset the applecart.

    One of these days I’ll manage to mix more than three metaphors in a row – or is there some sort of exclusion principle applying here?

  149. 149
    Jimmy says:

    Not on here it isn’t.

  150. 150

    Whatever! It doesn’t matter. Now politicians have had a smell of filthy lucre they can make with green taxes, they’ll continue – no matter how much you prove it was all a lie.

    You know it’s the truth!

  151. 151
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Muslims against Crusades…….Scumbags

    For further information contact 07870 285 910

  152. 152
    Jimmy says:

    Nonsense. Everybody knows it began in 1945.

  153. 153
    privates on parade says:

    What, in the local cottages? I don’t think so.

  154. 154
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Right now he’s probably at an Austrian ski resort, sitting with a trophy wife, outside under a patio heater, eating very expensive veal.


  155. 155
    Engineer says:

    They are said to be intelligent, so why not? They presumably enjoy a laugh as much as the rest of us.

    (Except if they’re whacked on the bonce by a 4×4, obviously…)

  156. 156
    The Paragnostic says:

    Dave doesn’t just believe in fairies, he wants them all to get married too.

  157. 157
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I don’t know about you, but if I owned a sweet shop and a 10′ polar bear weighing about 30 stone came in wanting some liquorice allsorts, I wouldn’t tell it it’s barred.

  158. 158
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    wonders why i attract so much abuse and emotions on here?

  159. 159
    Tori Splitz says:

    WOW! Go gman go!!

    Your post was almost Swiftian in its rapier-like subtlety

    That’s gotta be “Comment Of The YEAR!”

  160. 160
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I would just throw the bear a paper boy , they are expenable ;-)

  161. 161

    I didn’t know that IIRR was central to this although I saw that CCX ceased trading in carbon emissions last year. European Climate Exchange, NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe, PowerNext, Commodity Exchange Bratislava and European Energy Exchange still seem to be functioning.

  162. 162
    150 million dead says:

    he he Jimmy, you gullible twat; you probably still believe that the religion of Marx has been a benefit to mankind.

  163. 163

    I didn’t know that IIRR was central to this although I saw that CCX ceased trading in carbon emissions last year. Europеan Climate Exchange, NASDAQ OMX Commodities Europe, PowerNext, Commodity Exchange Bratislava and Europеan Energy Exchange still seem to be functioning.

  164. 164
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Aren’t they about 600 years too late?

  165. 165
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So where do they keep the cash? never seen one witha wallet, bit like a socialist now i come to think about it…..

  166. 166
    Mark Oaten says:

    I, too will s…

    Oh! SIT! Well that doesn’t sound like fun…

  167. 167
    butch says:

    You love it you old slapper. Now go and get me a fucking beer, bitch.

  168. 168
    The Paragnostic says:

    Now then, now then.

    Anjem wrote to “Jim’ll Fix It”, asking for martyrdom and 72 virgins.

    Well, Anjem – we’ve fixed it for you and your friends to spend the day with Millwall Football Club. They say they can help you out – out of the country, anyway.

    Next up is Showadiwadi.

    How’s about that, then?

  169. 169
    annette curton says:

    The glaring conclusion you must make from that statement is that Mr Williamson does not pay any tax “Quelle Surprise”.

  170. 170

    Understand, agree and in that vein, I still maintain that Blair was the Nigerian in the woodpile.

  171. 171
    Adumbrater says:

    So says the former hunt sabateur and leader of the shadowy Derby City Council.

  172. 172
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Yes Tessa, and you turned off the lights an hour earlier this morning because the clock went back last night. The only thing Cameron honestly believes in is anything which will keep him in power long enough to qualify for a golden trough in the EU. No 10 is worth a CET.

  173. 173
    The Paragnostic says:

    Our children won’t have a healthy and prosperous life because Gordon McRuin spent all their tax on bedwetters and vanity schemes.

    They stand a better chance of prosperity if we develop shale gas reserves and secure our future energy requirements rather than worrying about unproven conjectures of global warming.

  174. 174
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Even Dave will have to go some to take that title from the Sewer of Scotland.

  175. 175
    The Paragnostic says:

    Unlike O’bama who’s the Kenyan in the Whitehouse…

  176. 176
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Tony Blair’s way ahead of you there.

  177. 177
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I object to the “Old” charge.

  178. 178

    That’s right, Anyone for ice……. Leading AGW sceptic, Steve Macintyre proved that you could input numbers from the telephone directory and the algorithm would produce the same hockey stick shaped graph. Its creator, Michael Mann, has taken legal action to prevent his figures and calculations being made public for other scientists to check. You just know he’s got something to hide.

  179. 179

    +1’000’000 to your last sentence!!!

    He could use some commas as well but I imagine that key is stuck on his console so I enclose a few spare ones here: ,,,,,,,,,,

  180. 180
    st fm says:

    LOl, Guido and his right wing loons…
    The guys and gals who couldnt survive if it were not for the blogosphere!

    Come on folks lets be honest here. You cannot cope with the major effects of this mankind enduced climate change on your lives or even your pointless little sprogs. So you live in cloud cuckoo land.
    Bless! :-))

  181. 181

    The consequences of Darwin’s theory upon Brown’s actions is positively alarming.

  182. 182
    Ah! Monika says:

    Brilliant Billy. Not a single spelling mistake, and your longest paragraph ever. Hmmm?

  183. 183
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Check the moniker.

  184. 184
    Anonymous says:

    Still ambushing paper boys in your grubby dressing gown Billy?

  185. 185
    annette curton says:

    Ah, now I get it, THAT’S what they meant by Socialism.

  186. 186
    Adumbrater says:

    I have been coping very well thank you. The weather has been great recently.

  187. 187
    Bonos Carbon footprint says:

    For completeness you should also include

    (4) Bono and various Celebs lend their support by staging “Benefit” concerts which use more electricity than a major city and which greatly benefit their bank accounts.

    (5) Politicians jump on the bandwagon

    Whenever this occurs over any issue alarm bells should ring.

  188. 188

    Your outpourings contribute more to AGW than the combined best efforts of India and China. Congratulations.

    Put up some valid data if you want to be taken seriously. Otherwise it must be close to your bed time. Goodnight!

  189. 189
    piss takers 'r us says:

    You’ve got to hand it to them, they’ve finally invented a tax on breathing, and the public are actually falling for it.

  190. 190
    The Paragnostic says:

    It’ll be like the Golgafrinchians from Hitchhikers – totally unfitted to survive outside their offices and nail bars…

  191. 191
    All we have is in The Here and Now. Everything else is bullshit. says:

    It is really cold today.

  192. 192
    butch says:

    ‘thick slapper’ then.

  193. 193
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  194. 194

    Come on, Jimmy. Whatever you are, you are not completely stupid. You know damn well that a sizeable chunk of the left believes the universe began on the day they were born. ;-)

  195. 195
    Ah! Monika says:

    61 F in Manchester earlier

  196. 196
    The Paragnostic says:

    You forgot the carbon footprint of the massive computer dedicated to offshoring Bonio’s tax liabilities. Everyone thinks that it’s Amazon building that data centre in Sweden, but in fact it’s U2 trying to melt the Arctic and find more polar bears to save.

  197. 197
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Nah, Whore will do.

  198. 198
    The Paragnostic says:

    I thought polar bears liked Liam Fox’s mints?

  199. 199
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Was that the temp eariler or a description of someone you meet of a dating site ? :-)

  200. 200
    fishing for useful idiots says:

    They’ve got you hook, line and sinker haven’t they?

  201. 201
    Well it's a thought says:

    I look at it this way, we don’t produce C02 it’s already here, we just unlock some of it, besides most life is made of carbon, so as humans grow to 7billion, we are locking it back up again, swings and rounabouts.

  202. 202
    Ah! Monika says:

    He’ll be in the Lords tomorrow

  203. 203

    Never actually read Hitchhiker’s but got it at second hand from my son. Telephone sanitisers, a job with a purpose as compared with MPs…

  204. 204
    Ah! Monika says:

    I wish!

  205. 205
    Anonymous says:

    Fucking idiot forgot to put a space for the exclamation mark, which BTW is perfectly grammatical Billy.

  206. 206
    The Paragnostic says:

    Good for him.

    Wish I could afford to do the same, but I think if I had that much money and spent all my time spouting socialist clap trap I might feel a bit of a hypocrite. Bet Mr Rosenfield doesn’t.

    Wonder where he got the money from? I’m willing to bet it wasn’t all ethical…

  207. 207
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    And the other one?

  208. 208
  209. 209
    AC1 says:

    I got my science from an honours degree in computing maths.

    You know, knowing things about recursion and exponential error that just basically fatally destroy an predictive ability of computer climate (and economic) models.

  210. 210
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hey, it was funny , for me :-)

  211. 211
    Anonymous says:

    I’m not sure if the Californians get out very much so apart from California and perhaps Guidos office the world is definilty getting warmer. This sounds like the argument over the Triple Vaccine . Any idiot can analyse data and come up with any conclusion they want. Thats statistics for you . What you need is proper peer reviewed data carried out by respected Scientists.

  212. 212

    What purpose is that tiny penultimate wordall playing here?

  213. 213
  214. 214
    smoggie says:

    Don’t worry, his head hurts every morning.

  215. 215
    The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

    The science is settled.
    This is the BBC talking.
    Nothing to do with pensions….

    Thank you for your money

  216. 216
    Willybum Gague says:

    And he will write a strong worded letter to regimes who don’t like the gayers.

  217. 217
    Anonymous says:

    Could this be as big a con as the EU itself?

  218. 218
    The Paragnostic says:

    I’m sure not all of it was ripped off from Alders’ pensioners…

    That’s all

  219. 219
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    If only i could be that funny on a friday around 1-2 pm?

    Bottle of booze on offer the friday apparently.

  220. 220
    butch says:

    You love it you whore. Now go and get me a fucking beer, bitch.

  221. 221
    The Paragnostic says:

    With a cheque for 650 million, in the case of Pakistan…

  222. 222
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Oh, he’s managed it. I think borrowing billions of pounds in order to give it away to countries with space programmes and nuclear arsenals was the moment it became abundantly clear the man’s worse than Brown.

    And that was before he increased our EU contributions and sent immigration soaring to record levels.

  223. 223
    The Paragnostic says:

    If I remember correctly, it was Tony Blair who defended the teaching of creationism at one of his ‘academy’ schools in Gateshead…

  224. 224
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I didn’t have the lights on at all this morning.

  225. 225
    Morville says:

    or, to put it another way, http://tamino.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/judith-curry-opens-mouth-inserts-foot/

    The Mail’s graph is pretty shameful. Wouldn’t look out of place on a Lib Dem electoral leaflet.

  226. 226
    Beebeeceebies says:

    …….and now the anthropogenic global warming weather with another ethnic of uncertain origin.

  227. 227
    t says:

    I am sure it is not just Carbon Dixide that is pumped into the atmosphere, no comment on your mentality at all.

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    Billy, if I laugh at your jokes will you send me a bottle of Bells?

  229. 229

    Keep working at it. You will get there. The brain is a wonderful tool, the more you use it, the better it gets. Unlike a tool, it never wears out.

  230. 230
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Could be. They’re both costing us a fortune and they’re both obviously crap, dreamt up by (every wealthier) politicians in order to screw us for as much of our money as they can.

  231. 231

    That does not make it any more ethical(l).

  232. 232
    A Fine Pair Of Lungs says:

    It is an illusion designed to control behaviour while scrounging money from us.

  233. 233
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    No, however if you feel like laughing at them then so be it :-)


    Its top of my things to do before i die, win Guidos caption contest*.

    * Just for the mental image of Guido having to write the post annocuing i won through gritted teeth :-)

  234. 234
    Tessa Tickles says:


    Although “stealing” would be better than “scrounging”.

  235. 235
    Never mind the truth I'm a right winger says:

    Don’t you just hate it when journalists take up articles just to score points. You can just imagine them as they try to poke each others eyes out with half-truths until they end up blind and blinding us.

    To get a better perspective on this story, why not get it from the Prof herself?


  236. 236
    Squirrel Nutkin says:

    We have had a nice warm autumn, enabling all sorts of lovely fruit harvests. Of course, many trees could not have been as fruitful as they have been if we’d not had a decently cold snowy spell last winter – something we were told would not happen by the agw numbskulls

  237. 237
    Moley. says:

    It’s interesting to speculate as to when and how Greenland got its name.

    At one time, Greenland was obviously green, and when it was green, it didn’t have anything to do with Al Gore, or CO2, although it was undoubtedly an “inconvenient truth”.

  238. 238
    gman says:

    Try rubbing your snake oil on your cock. It might make it smell better.

  239. 239
    pincer movement says:

    “Unlike a tool, it never wears out”

    Step forward SC, you ARE that tool that never wears out.

  240. 240
    Lou Scannon says:

    Experience suggests that if you were one of those people who spend all their time spouting socialist claptrap then your brain would be so addled that you would be incapable of feeling a hypocrite (or anyone else).

  241. 241
    Anonymous says:

    Just more smoke and mirrors by the AGW brigade I’m afraid.

  242. 242
    gman says:

    Thanks for the grammar lesson Tolstoy. I’ve got a wife to go and fuck. Goodnight.

  243. 243
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Nah, we will make up our own minds, If al Gore praticed what he preached i might believe it a bit, but he is a hypocrite and therefore knows he is talking shit.

    He is a politicon afterall.

  244. 244
    Squirrel Nutkin says:

    I don’t hate it as much as the way scientists have been poking the public’s eyes out with half-truths regarding these issues for the past few years.

    I read her blog post. Not very illuminating and apparently not-peer reviewed.

  245. 245
    Common Sense says:

    If AGw is a done & dusted deal, why do we spend billions on “research” – or are we just spending billions on justifying paying cameron’s father-in-law £1000 of nicely laundered tax-payer money every day?

  246. 246
    Squirrel Nutkin says:

    I think it is a translation from the Old Norse. The Viking colonists who went there, mainly from Iceland were farmers.

  247. 247
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Lets remember that this all came about after the Stearn report which was published after Labour had increased spending, It gave Labour a excuse to rasie taxes.

  248. 248
    Pedant#1 says:

    That’s too much like common sense to be taken seriously by the green loonies and their acolytes.

  249. 249
    Lou Scannon says:

    Don’t forget that we have to fund the Indian space programme via ‘overseas aid’. No doubt that counts as part of the ‘research’ you mention.

  250. 250
    Mammoth Fart says:

    I dispute that it’s my fault! I never done nothing.

    Just cos I am full of methane, doesn’t mean I’m full of hot air.

  251. 251
    A Beeboid says:

    We have blown our entire £8.2 billion pension fund on AGW being real – honestly

    Remenber that when we give a pro-agw story prominence and hide anything to the contrary.

    One pension actuary is Helen Boaden – head of news…….

  252. 252
    AC1 says:

    You keep repeating your mantra, you have faith don’t you? You shalt cast out those evil deniers of the one truth and Algor it first profit.

    Only bureaucratic control of the economy can result in eco-heaven as the soviet union showed.

  253. 253
    AC1 says:

    Whereas you Jimmy, don’t seem to have done a days productive work in your life.

  254. 254
  255. 255
    underpants says:

    Not interested in the predictive ability of computer climate, just interested in the fact that greenhouse gases trap heat in the atmosphere. As more are produced (naturally and by humans) then so the temperature of earth rises. Common sense, simple common sense.

    Try getting a science degree in physics, chemistry or biology… i.e., the Sciences.

    As for computing maths, recursion and exponential error… you can stick them all up your arse or continue with the equivalent, trying to forecast the value of the FTSE 100 or the price of banana’s in a fortnight.

  256. 256
    Lets go down together says:

    But just look at the dates of both graphs on the x-axis. Not exactly comparing like with like are they?

  257. 257
    Susie says:

    Anyway, it’s the Sun stupid as they say…

    One of six videos of this documentary — it starts off in Danish, but is mostly in English after a few minutes. Look and learn. The basics of Svensmark’s cloud ionization mechanism has been recently been confirmed by CERN.

  258. 258
    4 Seasons Cherie Baby says:

    I’ve given up wearing my diamond encrusted shoes when Tony told me not to leave a carbon footprint.

  259. 259
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  260. 260
    nell says:

    No Grumpy’s right no-one is going to take the ‘worst pm of all time’ title from gurninggordon.

    And militwit isn’t ever going to make pm now that he’s said one of his priorities is to take us into the euro.

  261. 261
    Tessa Tickles says:

    That’s not for research, it’s just a small price to pay to make us all “proud”.

    Like funding Pakistan’s nuclear weapons programme. Should the day come when Pakistan actually uses those nukes, Camoron will no doubt pop up on TV, to tell us all how proud we should be.

  262. 262
    Och, it is, isn't it? says:

    gman, are you Gordon-man?

  263. 263
    nell says:

    And the quarter awarded this evil man the highly paid job of pe@cemaker of the middle east.

    Their sense of humour leaves a lot to be desired.

  264. 264
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I honestly don’t think Labour needs an excuse to raise taxes, since they regard every worker’s paycheque as the lawful property of the Socialist State.

    Labour might as well rename themselves as the “We’re Going To Financially Rape You” Party.

  265. 265
    BillyBob... says:

    Billy Billy Billy…… the more you have the less you pay out…… just ask Pressa or Mr Harperson :)

  266. 266
    BillyBob... says:

    and the more that comes in ;)

  267. 267
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    One left wing site wants to raise income tax to 40% on lowest paid, they believe paying tax is a good thing!

  268. 268
    nell says:

    Something to do with offshore companies and raided pensions funds . Ho Hum!!

  269. 269
    Tessa Tickles says:

    That’s a rhetorical question, Billy. No-one who works in the HoC has anything whatsoever in common with the taxpayer. There’s only a synergy: they make a fucking huge mess of everything, and we have to clean it all up.

  270. 270
    Call me Infidel says:

    Thanks for the grammar lesson Tolstoy. I’ve got a wife to go and fuck. Goodnight.

    Don’t forget your bicycle pump otherwise it could be a tad disappointing.

  271. 271
    nell says:

    He has become, through his agw work, an extremely wealthy politicon.

  272. 272
    Red Ed says:

    Fuck all?

  273. 273
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I don’t doubt it. Gordon Brown, the stupid cunt of a Chancellor who doubled the rate of income tax for the poorest workers, repeatedly said that “tax-cuts take money out of the economy.”

  274. 274
    Wycked Hors says:

    “In every 85,800 molecules of air, 33 are CO2. Of those, humans just produce one. That the UN IPCC and Al Gore claim that one (1) molecule of CO2 in 85,800 molecules of air catastrophically warms the planet is nonsense. That the UN IPCC and Al Gore claim that one (1) molecule of human CO2 causes catastrophic warming while the remaining 32 molecules of Nature’s identical CO2 do not is insanity. ” Hans Schreuder, retired analyst.

  275. 275
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I am a right winger and believe in low ax for everyone.

    However under equality laws can you discrimnat on the grounds of wealth?

  276. 276
    Up the Workers says:

    Perhaps Her Majesty’s Opposition could do their job and provide some answers, rather than behaving like sarcastic 6th Formers whenever the words ‘private industry’ are pronounced in Parliament. They all hate capitalism so much, and despise the taxpayers who were forced to pay for all their thieving, freeloading and moneygrabbing for 13 years. If only they would all just sod off to Cuba or Venezuela.

  277. 277
    nell says:

    poor old militwit must be feeling a bit miffed about that £8.5million house musn’t he? The best he can afford from his marxists father’s estate is a£1.5million house.

    Amazing how none of them can tell us precisely where their money comes from!!

  278. 278
    Susie says:

    Might knock some sense into him. Dozy Dave better get with the programme or he’s dumped.

  279. 279
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    And pornographer and loony.

  280. 280
  281. 281
  282. 282
    Susie says:

    What”s happened to that £3bin in the Green Bank Osborne announced last Budget? Where is it and who’s got it?

  283. 283
    Up the Workers says:

    It’s a bit like those ‘charities’ that Andrew Gilligan discovered were funding the Guardian, Labour Party and the lawyer for the Dowler Family in their fight to bring down Murdoch. Can’t remember the names but they are packed full of Left Wingers.

  284. 284
    BillyBob... says:

    These people are what will keep us ready for ………

  285. 285
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I guess it depends on who makes the equality laws and who wants to do the discriminating.

  286. 286
  287. 287
    BillyBob... says:

    the revolution !!

  288. 288
    BillyBob... says:

    a slow cancerous death would be too fast for them :)

  289. 289
    Tessa Tickles says:

    It’s amazing that anyone still thinks these people are politicians, when they’re all quite plainly a bunch of gangsters.

  290. 290
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    the bloke should not have been fined £50

    “I despise what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it”

  291. 291
    Up the Workers says:

    He can’t even spell. Educated under Labour.

  292. 292
    BillyBob... says:

    the objectors and demonstrators… that is :)

  293. 293
    BillyBob... says:

    hmmmmmm and what crispy doughnut did you defend them on ??

  294. 294
    Tony Blair says:

    Me and Cherie like to watch footage of dead Iraqis. It’s the least we can do after all the money they’ve made us. Our last shopping spree in New York was worth a good dozen or so Iraqis who are now a shade of crispy.

  295. 295
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Not news to anyone that isn’t a lib dem or frequently wears sandals and socks.

  296. 296
    BillyBob... says:

    perhaps they have a nice society they could f*ck off and live in ??

  297. 297
    Tessa Tickles says:

    And these fuckers wonder why they’re hated by everyone, here, there and everywhere on the planet.

  298. 298
    Tessa Tickles says:

    They’ve turned their own part of the world into a miserable pigsty, so now they’ve come to do the same over here. Whilst claiming benefits.

  299. 299
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    any censorship removes freedom, like i said i despise what they say but will defend to the death thier right to say it, If you remove or ban protests just because you disagree with them then there is no freedom.

    “first they came for …….”

  300. 300
    Susie says:

    Afraid not nell… East Anglia has been inundated many times over the past 800 years and it’s nothing to do with rising sea levels or climate change, more to do with tides and storm surges coinciding with each other.

    In the late 11th early 12th Century, the town/port of Dunwich (now a tiny seaside village) permanently lost half of its farmland listed in the Domesday Book over a few nights.

  301. 301
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

  302. 302
    BillyBob... says:

    yeah……. moo ham heed was a kiddie fiddler and they just looooooove lickle boys !!

  303. 303
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “Schools must not produce winners” – Ed Balls, Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families.

  304. 304
    Anonymous says:

    Funnily enough you’ve found the one thing it IS good for. Now go and fuck Brian, your fictitious wife.

  305. 305
    You know it makes sense says:

    Camoron’s head looks like a semi erect penis with a face drawn on it. Especially when he’s stressed.

  306. 306
    BillyBob... says:

    hmmmmmmmm just need a loose cannon to slot a few…….of course I could not possibly agree with such conduct, but I have to defend the right of those offended by such conduct, to do so :)

  307. 307
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    We have higher standards

  308. 308
    Another Engineer says:

    It was quite warm for late October in the UK today.

    Both are instances of this thing called “weather”.

  309. 309
    Tessa Tickles says:

    A photo might be fucking useful.

    “My cat’s gone missing. If you find it, please call..”

  310. 310
    BillyBob... says:

    standards?? and ooman rights ?? where the f*ck did that get us ?? ;)

  311. 311
    Mikis says:

    I won’t believe it until I see it on the BBC and in the Guardian!

  312. 312
  313. 313
    BillyBob... says:

    I doubt you have lived in any of these countries where they or the religion originated ??

  314. 314
    Susie says:

    The UEA is notorious for its dickhead graduates. Here’s one of them, now Head of National Trust East Anglia, Richard Powell OBE, getting it all so totally wrong you don’t know where to start… it makes me so glad this cretin got my council tax money for writing this drivel.


    This was the bit… “”A familiar image associated with climate change is the hockey stick curve. This now famous graph shows mankind’s global CO2 emissions set against a timeline, with the flick of the hockey stick showing an exponential growth in greenhouse gas emissions since we in the UK initiated the Industrial Revolution over two centuries ago. It is not a hopeful image.”

    Oh dear.

  315. 315
    Tessa Tickles says:

    When they allow pubs, churches and synagogues to be built in Mecca and Medina, I’ll listen to them. Until then, they can fuck right off.

  316. 316
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    tis a photo, but can only see via twitter side bar :-(


  317. 317
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps he’s got it in his personal account accruing interest at -.01%?

  318. 318
    Susie says:

    Known as ‘pal review’ in the global warming trade.

  319. 319
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    I am a greedy perviopath.

  320. 320
    Jimmy says:

    Let’s face it, that’s a very big “if” isn’t it?

    Sounds like something you’d read here.

  321. 321
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Oh, well, fair enough.

  322. 322
    Susie says:

    Think they get theirs from the krill… as opposed to till like humans. I’ll get my coat…

  323. 323
    Susie says:

    Nah polar bears sit on top of Foxes glacier mints. I saw the pictures. Liquorice would get their coats dirty.

  324. 324
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    the point is, here we have the freedom of speech and the freedom of expression and protest (yes i know ) and therefore it should be open to everyone even if we disagree, what happens in thier countries is down to them and thier “democrcay”.

  325. 325
    t says:

    Has he not done enough to ensure he’s a one term PM already?

    But who?

  326. 326
    Susie says:

    Schnitzel! Also refers to the veal.

  327. 327
    MadVikingBastard says:

    The name Greenland (Grænland in Old Norse and modern Icelandic, Grønland in modern Danish and Norwegian) has its roots in this colonization and is attributed to Erik the Red (the modern Inuit call it Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning “Land of the Kalaallit (Greenlanders)”). There are two written sources on the origin of the name, in The Book of Icelanders (Íslendingabók), a historical work dealing with early Icelandic history from the 12th century, and in the medieval Icelandic saga, The Saga of Eric the Red (Eiríks saga rauða), which is about the Norse settlement in Greenland and the story of Erik the Red in particular. Both sources write: “He named the land Greenland, saying that people would be eager to go there if it had a good name.” Although there is no special reason to doubt the authority of this information, it should always be borne in mind that the sagas embody the literary preoccupations of writers and audiences in medieval Iceland, and they cannot always be treated as reliable sources for the history of Norse Greenland.


  328. 328
    Susie says:

    Who’s bought a Miami beach front estate. Even he doesn’t believe in this rising sea level crap.

  329. 329
    Susie says:

    Who was Noggin the Nog then?

  330. 330
    Herman Van Rompuy says:

    OK so our carbon tax scam is unravelling

    There is far more oxygen in the atmosphere, so we hereby declare oxygen usage by the plebs is VATable at a rate of 1 Euro/breath. According to the best science, this will recover the lost tax on carbon dioxide being exhaled, and allow us to carry on in the style to which we have become accustomed

  331. 331
    PR_LDN says:

    The vikings named it Greenland to encourage people to settle there. It was propaganda. It was always ice and should presumably remain ice, if the earth temperature doesn’t increase by a couple of degrees.

  332. 332
    nell says:

    I find it very hard , when I look at people like algore, militwit or huhne, spouting on about agw, to understand why anyone would believe a word they say.

  333. 333
    Judge Dreadful says:

    They should be free to say what they want – from the security of their prison cells.

  334. 334
    Jimmy says:

    I bet that sounded so much better in your head didn’t it?

  335. 335
    Fabians are Evil. says:

    Global warming scam is nothing but the forced redistribution of wealth from the richer to poorer countries – this sort of antic is right up the Fabian/Marxist/progressive agenda.

  336. 336
    Jimmy says:

    As Marx once said, a child of five could understand it.

  337. 337
    t says:

    So has the law, completely self regulating, whether all of it is needed or not, mix it with appointed buearocrats and there mights be a machine for printing oodles!

  338. 338
    MadVikingBastard says:

    “Listen to me and I will tell you the story of Noggin the Nog, as it was told in the days of old…” or “In the lands of the North, where the Black Rocks stand guard against the cold sea, in the dark night that is very long the Men of the Northlands sit by their great log fires and they tell a tale… and those tales they tell are the stories of a kind and wise king and his people; they are the Sagas of Noggin the Nog. Welcome to Northlands, a tribute to Noggin, King of the Nogs and the People of the Northlands.”
    Visually, it was primarily inspired by the Lewis chessmen (of Norse origin), in fact one story is about Noggin playing chess with Nogbad the Bad.

  339. 339
    MadVikingBastard says:

    It has coastal farming communities that are ice free for about 6 months each year. The medieval warming period was it’s best time, until the present era built on fishing and now soon to be oil.

  340. 340
  341. 341
    WVM says:


  342. 342
    Joshua Tetley & Son says:

    “”Who wants to be a billionaire? I don’t!””

    Indeed so Tony – you’re not a poor person !!

  343. 343
    Erik the Red says:

    Fascinating answer. Are you one of those lying climate scientists who do it for a living or are you simply a person who will tell lies as an amateur because ‘climate change’ is now part of their ‘religion’?

    Excavations show that there were hundreds of farms in Greenland and considerable birch woods with birch trees up to 4 to 6 meters high in the area around the inner parts of the Tunuliarfik- and Aniaaq-fjords, the central area of the Eastern settlement. The hills were grown with grass and willow brushes. The place was settled and farmed for some 500 years, but obviously, if you want to believe the Greenlanders fed their cows on ice, who would I be to dissuade you with some evidence to the contrary?

  344. 344
  345. 345
    Joshua Tetley & Son says:

    I always remember the headlines in the Independent….

    “Snowfalls are now just a thing of the past – 20th March 2009″


  346. 346
    WVM says:

    The Latest YouGov poll.
    LibDems 8%
    UKIP 7%


  347. 347
    Prescott Fist of Stupidity says:

    And not realising his card was cloned and taxpayers ripped off regardless is some kind of excuse. Pretty stupid excuse sort of comes across like “I didn’t know that my cards were cloned and the taxpayer ripped off and probably still are”.

    Stupid and atypical of labour. Overpaid trouser presser and tea boy.

    All govt credit cards receipts over the last 10 years should be subject to scrutiny and validation. Let’s start with B Liars

  348. 348
    Excuses-R-Us says:

    Of course. And his dog had eaten the original.

  349. 349
    Shush. The BBC says:

    This story has gone global. For most informed people this is the topic of the day.

    Except for the BBC.

  350. 350
    Excuses-R-Us says:

    So is he saying he didn’t go to Australia?

  351. 351
    Anonymous says:

    are you going in the Sun with Guido … Best wear ye’r Cap

  352. 352
    Aunty Beeb says:

    We are currently working on a new religion to peddle. Normal service will be resumed right after this advert for paying your TV licence.

  353. 353
    150 million dead says:

    Well, a child of five could certainly understand that it’s all bollocks now couldn’t it?

  354. 354
    Saif al Islam says:

    Whwn I am questioned at The Hague I will have many intersting things to say about my good friend Tony Blair.

  355. 355
    fact checking dept. says:

    The axes on the chartsa re designed to mislead. Why cant we have a graph showing the unadjsuted data for temperatures each year. We could then have a graph showing tem change year to year, and perhaps ones with say 5, 10 and 20 year moving averages. All on the same x axis. Just a thought.

    Obviuously the basis of the data (ie a single temperature figure for the whole globe for a year) also needs abit of questioning……

  356. 356
    pink p*ki basher says:

    Ooh, vee be wery scared shitless, isn’t it?

  357. 357
    WVM says:

    Oh look!

    A new easy way to pay socialists to brainwash us and our children with left-wing propaganda, quick love, get my VISA card and grab the cordless now!

  358. 358
  359. 359
    AC1 says:

    It’s alot better than merging 2 separate data streams into one “line” like the graph ClimateGate revealed.

  360. 360
    AC1 says:

    It still looks good there.

    Have you worked in the non-extortion funded sector for even a day?

  361. 361
    Mrs Thatcher says:

    Unlike Mr Blair, after I left office, I stayed in the country I led and I didn’t spend all my time around the world making millions in blood money. And yet I’m the one who gets called evil.

  362. 362
    Anonymous says:

    I believe in AGW, I think the data in the first graph shows periods of cooling in the 20th century as well as warming, that’s the bit I might disagree on with most people here.

    But the bit I agree with is that it’s pointless screwing our own economies to reduce carbon usage when we a) have no affordable alternative (other than nuclear that the greens also hate)

    b) have several billion people in developing countries (like china) that are expanding output to the extent that cuts we make are pissing in the wind and

    c) will probably be able to stabilise the atmosphere through geoengineering if it ever gets desperate enough, you only have to reduce the earth’s albedo by 1 percent so it’s well within current technological capabilities, let alone those of future generations.

    d) If we were to “accept” nature’s intentions to us we’d have to deal with the fact that it proposes we enter a new ice age eventually.

    e) It is tied into an anti-development/anti capitalist agenda.

  363. 363
    Anonymous says:

    I particularly liked this comment supporting the Prof.

    “Thanks, Professor Curry, for having the courage to state clearly the unvarnished facts.

    The AGW story is promoted by skilled propaganda artists with almost unlimited resources. Be prepared for “unexpected” attacks.

    Hang in there! The forces using government science for propaganda will not be deterred unless you stay spiritually strong.

    What a sad day for science and all those caught in this quagmire!”

  364. 364
    he's a jock innit? says:

    I can answer that…….no.

  365. 365
    Derek Draper says:

    This research – was it done at Berkeley or in Berkeley?

    That can matter sometimes.

  366. 366
    nell says:

    saif tonight is apparently in zimbabwe in a palace his father built some years ago.

    It’s where the entire remaining gaddafi clan should end up – one of the roughest places on earth – very appropriate. But of course they may find themselves unwanted even there once the elderly mugabe has followed gaddafi the elder to the devil. And it won’t be long.

  367. 367
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Wants to have sex with Gary Barlow. That is all.

  368. 368
  369. 369

    Thank you pincer movement.

    I am most happy with that.

    You are too kind.

  370. 370
    Inspector Barlow says:

    Warts and all?

  371. 371
    Mad Al Gore says:

    I’ve made a mint out of my global warming scam, and however much you might like it you’re not getting your hands on it.

  372. 372
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with global warming, in fact I am positively looking forward to growing bananas in the back garden and having coffee beans below the verandah.Having no heating bills (OK, maybe a bit of air-conditioning) to worry about , with luck natural canabis will flourish as it does in the upland forests of the DR Congo.

  373. 373
    Richard Black says:

    I am the MAN(n) who decides what the BBC reports on climate “science”. This will not be tolerated in any BBC outlet.

    Fuck off Fawkes.

  374. 374
    nell says:


    personal pal of mandy and bliar charged with bribery and corruption.

    what a surprise!

  375. 375
    Tony Blair says:

    Sorry, Saif, but I can’t take you in. I’ve told everyone I never did deals with your father. And I can’t have you going round telling people that I did. Just stay calm and tell me where you are. Someone will be along to help you. And if you have any files or papers, please leave them on a table so my friend can take them, I mean look at them.

  376. 376
    LSE Tutor says:

    Is his first name Saif?

  377. 377
    nell says:

    Oh and your best friend mandy and the nate club and the straw man and gordon who were sooo helpful to you. And let’s not forget all those lovely people at uni who wrote your thesis for you, for a price of course.

  378. 378
    nell says:

    nope this a another one!!

    I suspect there are hundreds yet to come out of the woodwork.

  379. 379
    Mammoth Fart says:

    Perhaps he was cloned and the card is the only one that really exists. Doesn’t bear thinking about does it?

  380. 380
    Tessa Tickles says:

    No, we’re talking “personal pal of Mandy”.

    There can’t be hundreds of them. Single figures. Two or three, maybe.

  381. 381
    The Paragnostic says:

    You probably had better things to do at 11pm on a weekday.

    I, however, was at school, and it made a change from tired repetition of the dead parrot sketch and the four Yorkshiremen…

  382. 382
    nell says:

    mandy says ‘I and my friend need you to come and stay on our yacht – we can help you disappe@r’

  383. 383
    albacore says:

    The link below is just a taster of Labour’s genius for successfully realising what were, compared with compiling accurate global climate data, very small potatoes indeed.
    Sod Labour, would you get on an aeroplane whose software had been written by climatologists?


  384. 384
    Well it's a thought says:

    Oh dear how awful nobody believes his drivel, the drip drip drip is getting to the tosser.

  385. 385
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Like debt, it’s not a problem.

  386. 386
    Everard P Burgerpenis says:

    Are you really that thick or did you take special lessons ?

  387. 387
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Mandy’s £8 million house?

  388. 388
    A Pensioner says:

    You need to look at the graph before 1800. Post 1800 is just the return to “normality” after a prior cold spell – the Little Ice Age in the middle ages.

  389. 389
    nell says:

    Oh there are more than that Tess – how do you think he’s made his £millions and st tone his very nearly a £billion ?

    And why do you think the skulking scotchman is sulking in the frozen reaches of the north? – because he’s been excluded from all these lucrative deals.

  390. 390
    nell says:

    global counsel?

  391. 391
    Everard P Burgerpenis says:

    Spot on.

  392. 392
    The wizz says:

    Why not throw rashers of bacon at them? After all it is part of being English and the full monty English breakfast is a must.

  393. 393


    Thank you for presenting your views, which which I mostly disagree, in a reasonable and coherent manner. I would agree that we will have to enter a new ice age eventually, whatever. Looking back at the last 25,00 years makes that more than a probability IMO. But it is refreshing that you rely solely on rational argument and not the ad hominem and for that reason, to me, you are welcome.

  394. 394
    The Paragnostic says:

    Nope – I read it in a book by Francis Wheen.

    See – I remember where I read it, just not when Blair said it. I think it was 2002 or so.

  395. 395
    Everard P Burgerpenis says:

    It’s all a big con, just so that they can TAX yet something more !

  396. 396
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I’ve an idea for a chart. Do you remember that scene in Airplane! where Leslie Nielsen is telling the passengers that the plane is absolutely fine, there’s no danger, etc etc, and all the time he’s speaking his nose is growing longer and longer?

    Well, we need a graph of Camoron’s nose as he tells us we’ve got to pay more ‘green tax’ because if man-made global warming, and we want a similar graph of Chris Huhne’s nose as he tells us our electricity bills have to go up 20% because of “man made climate change”, likewise Nick Clegg and Ed Milimong’s protestations about ‘vital tax rises’ to fund windmills.

    Then we can clearly see, by comparing nose-graphs, which of these cunts is the biggest liar.

  397. 397
    nell says:

    So is he saying he didn’t spend all that credit card money in Mr Chu’s in Hull, that restaurant that he owns a share in?

    Think, since they know him so well, that they might have noticed if anyone but him was handing over the credit card don’t you?

  398. 398
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I put it all down to big fat backhanders, like the ones Camoron’s hoping to get from the construction industry, after he’s OK’d the HS2 Rail Link that no-one wants or needs, and the “Concrete all of England” planning regulation changes.

  399. 399
    Anonymous says:

    We need more genocide to get rid of the parasites who are polluting the planet.

    And tax aviation fuel at the same rate as fuel for road transport and trains so as to buy a bit more time before global cleansing.

  400. 400

    Let us hope it is held in reserves because we need it. I would love AC1 to be right on this issue but I have not been able to verify that the market has shut down completely.

  401. 401
    The Paragnostic says:

    It was 6-1 F last week…

  402. 402

    You was looky! (Sorry, wrong sketch. Can I start again?)

  403. 403
    Tessa Tickles says:

    I’d like to make Tony Blair disappear. Chop by chop, cut by cut. Flush by flush.

    Dennis Nielson might have been mad, but his disposal methods were pretty much sound.

  404. 404
    Celcius says:

    Cat-You asked for data. El Nino hit Valderrama for -6 today.

  405. 405
    AC1 says:

    Golgafrinchians died from a dirty telephone.

    Personally I think Adams (PBUH) would have included different groups now.

  406. 406
    nell says:

    Indeed – and that’s after cleggie’s speech that said the 75% of us who want the eu brought into line or kicked out completely are idiots and that he is the ultimate oracle in what is right for us.

    And according to him the eu and the euro are our destiny (not to mention that’s where the uk needs to be so his wife , like bliar’s, can earn the maximum amount of money)!!

    If he keeps on along that line the libdums vote will be falling to 5% and they’ll be staring innihalation in the face before the next election.

    So yes cleggie please keep on along that line and take militwit, who wants to take us into the euro, with you!!

  407. 407
    The Paragnostic says:

    Will you defend to the death my right to kick the living shit out of the bastards for disrespecting our war dead, Billy?

    One day soon, Anjem Choudary is going to get his just desserts – I hope he’s mafe his peace with the meteorite they worship.

    Sorry, but those cunts really are indefensible.

  408. 408
    Michael Fishface says:

    or in the latest BBC-speak, weather ‘events’

  409. 409
    The Paragnostic says:

    “Last seen at Tesco Prescot”.

    Fat troughing bastard’s probably eaten her.

  410. 410
    G Kay says:

    Anonymous. You seem to have got a bit mixed up. You would have to INCREASE albedo to cool the planet. But instead of going to all that trouble why not just set out your deck chairs an celebrate the glorious weather?

  411. 411
    chancy gardener says:

    Think you are forgetting the modern hybrids. No snow here for the last few years – lowest temp about 5C- but all apples and pears in abundance.

  412. 412
    chancy gardener says:

    Think you are forgetting the modern hybrids. No snow here for the last few years – lowest temp about 5C- but all apples and p e ars in abundance.

  413. 413
    Parsley says:

    Tower Hamlets makes Zimbabwe look like Utopia.

  414. 414
  415. 415
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    @The para somethig (sorry a bit pissed)

    Yes, imagine if we had a far left Nazi government , who would they ban? anyone that disagreed.

    We should be better than that.

  416. 416
    nell says:

    well I was hopeful and I set fig trees and grapes and all sorts.

    But alas last year we had the coldest winter for a decade and this year is set to be even colder.

    the uea and the met are still issuing hysterical nonsense that we’ll be experiencing spring sunshine at xmas and the like, rising seas and east anglia turning into a desert …….

    They are beginning to sound increasingly demented!!

  417. 417
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hang him!!!

  418. 418
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I blame the French!

  419. 419
    Avada Kadavra says:

    It could be there’s more snow because warmer temps made more water evaporate. Or not.
    It’s not as simple as you think, Simpleton.

  420. 420

    The timestamp on this post will bear testimony to the fact that I have only just noticed the significance of the smaller picture. What it must be to have good eyesight.

    I would now say that it represents the fact that the passions of the debate have frozen out the main thrust of the much desired objective and that ram-jam-cram methods will ultimately prove unreproductive.

  421. 421
    nell says:


    education, access to the nhs, running water and flushing loos.

    There isn’t much if any of that in any place in zimbabwe now that ole mugabe has finished asset stripping it.

    His wife last heard of was on a £20million shopping trip to new york and hasn’t been home in a long time!!

    socialism. isn’t it grand!!

  422. 422
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:


  423. 423
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I disagree

    The freedom of speech/protest involes the freedom to offend.

    Freedom is messy, buts its better government than state controlled speech and thought.

  424. 424
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Both countries are printing money.

  425. 425

    I am most grateful to you, Celcius, for pointing this out to me. I try not to comment on matters where I know that I have no knowledge. In the case of football, what I understand may be written on the back of a postage stamp in 20-point with sufficient room to replicate the entire contents of Encylopædia Britannica (that should beat the m*d!!)

    What I do know is that he caused great upset to ManU and for that reason alone, I doff my cap to him.

  426. 426
    Cat says:

    Loved Weber’s Dahak series!

  427. 427
    ali says:

    ‘seen only by fools deceived by charlatans’ . Classic.

  428. 428
    nell says:

    al gore has dpdgy friends like mandy and bliar.

    Here are some of Al’s business associates:

    convicted cocaine smuggler Jose Cabrera
    Howard Glicken, who admitted soliciting and laundering foreign campaign contributions
    Franklin Haney, indicted for illegal campaign contributions………………………..

  429. 429
    Cat says:

    :-) applause.

  430. 430
    nell says:

    Certainly not!

    Far too swift and painless!!

  431. 431
    bsa says:

    Ask Mark Austin at ITV News .. he told us the science was settled, the debate was over, YOU are to blame for climate change

  432. 432
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ok, weekly waterboarding, or daily :-)

  433. 433
    nell says:


    but zimbabweans can’t even afford a loaf of bread with their week’s wages and are genuinely starving. Not that mugabe cares.

    It was once a thriving country with thriving industry and agriculture and now it can’t even feed itself.

    mugabe’s socialism has done this to it. socialism really is a true evil of our time!

  434. 434
    AC1 says:


    Isn’t it interesting that no matter what the current global crisis is, according to leftists, the solution is always the same: a benevolent world dictatorship of the enlightened elite, and mass transfer of wealth from rich nations to poor nations.

    That’s what they want to do about global warming. It’s what they wanted to do about overpopulation. It’s what they wanted to do about endangered species.

  435. 435
    saffron says:

    This global warming crap has to be one of the biggest scams ever.
    Computer generated data on this conforms to the GIGO principle ie:-garbage in = garbage out.
    Feckin Gore said a while ago that the temperature beneath the surface of the earth at a depth of 3 to 4 hundred metres was some ridiculous couple of hundred degrees.
    I at the time posted that he needs to tell South African miners this as according to him they all should be dead.
    All this global warming crap suddenly changed to to CLIMATE CHANGE, should have had the warning bells clanging endlessly.
    Maybe just maybe the worlds crippled taxpayers are cottoning on to this absolute unashamed rip off of their money.
    The ruling classes and their paid lackeys are playing a dangerous game here which I sincerely hope ends their activities.

  436. 436
    Well it's a thought says:

    No Billy, we want Bliar sent to Holland to the world court, over Iraq.

  437. 437
    nell says:

    Hmmm. sounds more like a hobby than something painful.

  438. 438
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    They ALWAYS run out of other peoples money.

  439. 439
    AC1 says:

    Gangsters eat in cheaper restaurants.

  440. 440

    If it had been Tracey, he would have swallowed her hole…

  441. 441
    AC1 says:

    You don’t pay tax, it’s extorted from you.

  442. 442
    nell says:

    The temperature under the earth’s surface is determined by the earth’s core.

    The temperature above the earth’s surface is determined by the earth’s cycles, and it’s inter-reaction with other planets in the system and particularly with the sun.

    Unfortunately the truth won’t stop the likes of algore and prezza touring the world , talking drivel about global warming and hoping to make millions in the process.

    Anybody got a picture of that house algore has bought on the beach at miami in the ‘expectation of rising seas’ !!?

  443. 443
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Parliament agreed the Iraq war tho a vote.

    I was and am anti Iraq war



    Dildo up his bum then (Hari-ed from Guido :-) )

  444. 444
    AC1 says:

    Ruins of around 600 farms have been found in the two settlements, 500 in the Eastern settlement, 95 in the Western settlement, and 20 in the Middle. This was a significant colony (the population of modern Greenland is only 56,000) and it carried on trade in ivory from walrus tusks with Europe as well as exporting rope, sheep, seals and cattle hides according to one 13th century account.


  445. 445
    bsa says:

    How much is being poured down the drain with this electric car factory?

  446. 446
    AC1 says:

    Ah I see you want massive inflation, massive shirking, no transactions, punish productive work, (LVT is a good idea If and only if you dump all the other taxes so it raises money idiot), a bureaucrat bank to pick winners will lose billions green is a scam, we have enough infrastructure more would be a mal-investment, maintain roads might be better.

    It sounds like you want to completely destroy the economy.

  447. 447
    Cat says:

    Quote of the week!

  448. 448
    John Prescott says:

    Hey lad. All the methane from me farts is bad for the environment.

  449. 449
    AC1 says:

    Children aged 5 believe in Santa Claus.

    I understand that Marxists are neotenised to be stuck forever with the mentality of a 5 year old, but I was surprised to see you admit it.

  450. 450
    John Prescott says:

    I only spent £195 at Prêt à Manger today. That’s a huge reduction from my usual £240. I’m watching my figure.

  451. 451
    Posty Votey says:

    That’s not fair. The residents of Tower Hamlets are not constrained to one man one vote.

  452. 452
    Rain and shine says:

    Weather when its cold, climate when its hot.

    Simples, really…. and whatever happens merely proves that it’s all so unpredictable. Unlike several hundred years ago when you knew that every September 16th was without fail drizzly and every May 7th was fine but overcast. Oh, if only we could go back to those wonderful days…

  453. 453
    Money for nothing and chicks for free says:

    Green taxes a scam, you say… Bah! Exposed!

    Very well then, you leave us no option. You will be taxed in other ways. We will start with taxing the tinterwebs, reintroduce Selective Employment Tax (extra payments to us if you have one), revive the window tax, put VAT on VAT (really neat that one, as paying it is a ‘service’) and lots of other things you wouldn’t believe but we haven’t thought of yet.

    But we will!

  454. 454
    Tessa Tickles says:

    How about a re-introduction of a beard tax?

    That’ll fuck Gordon Brown off.

  455. 455
    Tessa Tickles says:

    Clegg and the LimpDims are weird. If I ran a political party that never ever won elections, and which had no popular support, I wouldn’t strut around telling everyone that they are thick and I’m actually really supremely clever.

    But Clegg does. The LimpDims will disband within 4 years, penniless and dejected after the next election and Clegg will retire on a big fat ministerial pension.

    I hope he then gets cancer.

  456. 456
    Failed? says:

    There’s an increasing groundswell of comment over at wattsupwiththat‘s fascinating ‘skeptical’ site that we are living in the foothills of the next cyclical ice age – and that increased carbon emissions are keeping the wolf from our door, climatically speaking.

    They’re another worthwhile pocket of informed (and occasionally abusive) opinion.

  457. 457
    The Paragnostic says:

    Fair enough, but the freedom to offend must stop before a breach of the peace is caused.

    Would love to see MAC try it in Aldershot – there aren’t enough coppers in Hampshire to protect them if they did.

  458. 458
    Failed? says:

    I blame those damned insects: arthropogenic global warming.

  459. 459
    not a machine says:

    Some times I cant even bare to think ,how come us armchair scientists were so done over , it all made perfect sense we are burning loads of stuff from the carbon cycle long ago and making it into heat light and CO2 , it is true that we are adding to the current carbon cycle , what was totally wonk was that it was causing global warming , the sun is the biggest signal , bar massive asteroid strike or super volcanic eruption .

    Unfortunately though I was not so quick to spot the greater eco crimes going off , we have lost rainforest (still biggest o2 producing system) major river deltas have been polluted to toxic soups , and dangerous stuff still gets dumped in porous burial facilities , with few questions asked .

    In this country we have actually manged to clean up some land and rivers , but its a long haul for our rivers considering how we used to treat them . In the end what does get dumped into ocean eventually rains onto us and land .

    Of course you take this kinda talk down to the city , and they consider pollution a small price to pay (soon be running out of sourced from the cleanest waters though so perhaps they will take a little more notice then !), although a couple of banks specialise in full spectrum eco analysis.

    The weird thing is that Dave and George had eco intentions , and now we have growth intentions , it is this rather sort of switch position that many groups have questioned , George and Greg clarke have gone a little further in being unable to explain if removing the analysis circutry in planning , to er “assumption of growth” is really that smart a move , indeed not only have certain groups shouted very clearly , but now even some councils are questioning if Dave George and Gregs position is erm sound .
    I really dont know if they can articulate what they see as best or right in the green debate , and more to the point , there is a suspicion that some bloody awful projects are intended once everyone votes as told . So dire has been any parliamentary debate I was wondering if any of them understand , why giving proper assurances is a matter of modern competencey , rather than crude frontier capitalism .
    To reduce the green debate to somthing needing legal objection to be negated , so some projects can be built , so fast , that no other considerations take place is just bonkers , but that is how they have spoken and now almost irrepairably sound as the partys view of green thinking .

    HS2 has proved ecnomically unsound , Carbon capture more so while projects like agricultural reservoir capacity go into the long grass .There was some bad news on wind turbines actual output (although I dont blame them for those already built) . I mean 18 months in and we have wonk grand green projects rightly rubbished , and then legislation is concocted that will allow just about any wonk project going to be built without any question being put through with a steely detremination , to crush any consideration to enviroment.

    We shall see what Dave is thinking , but I think before any of this really gets going , Dave ,George should answer some questions on eco competancey on camera , because if it is true that some are the planned projects , are , how shall i put it ignorant of reasonable analysis , then they should be held to account . It is no use saying after “we didnt intend that sort of project to occure ” when they had all the info to make such a consideration before hand .

    It is true there has been a lot of funded cockwaffle in the green debate , but it is alarming , when a minister declines to answer a question , about the suitability or even technological fit of what they propose . The record so far isnt very good , and it is wholly wrong to consider every green analysis as some sort of negative on the economy , as pointed out , putting more land into food use , would have a greater long term positive inflationary effect , than taking it out of agricultural use , and yet none of these subtle quality analysis questions are put forward to any of them to answer .

    If this annoucement is full of as many holes as the last ones on the enviroment and energy , they will not win , because they should not win on a very importatnt lack of integrity of analysis , and so far hes had a light ride , and those questions will come thick and fast as soon as it is obvious , proper analysis has not occured . Some of us in the green debate may be a little shocked at this governments approach and consider it an unfortuante mistake so far badly handled , but our ears are attentive , we need to reciprocate before any damage is done , and we need on record the reasoning for certain projects , just so that we can be sure , that the erm more “transparent and local” era of goverment is with us , and not some lobbiests /mp le grand stich up that long term does not serve the people.

    Larry the eco cat is distressed so far , but no bagpuss on a pre election promise or lack of proper analysis

  460. 460
    not a machine says:

    No journo has gone over the CO2 tax scam properly yet , have we forgot the millions embezzeled (quite a bit in EU) in these schemes , the offset ones , where trees were never planted everytime you had a guilty flight .

    There is an important green/energy/resources debate , but its body sure is getting buried at night under the patio by perhaps dark methods

  461. 461
    Tessa Tickles says:

    “No journo has gone over the CO2 tax scam properly yet”

    No, and they won’t. They’re too busy waiting for the next “Google Doodle”, or following Twitter so they can copy and paste whatever crap they find interesting, or they’re waiting with baited-breath for a new iPhone or iPad to be released.

    Journalists? Gone. All we’ve got now are a bunch of lazy semi-literate tossers, and the newspaper proprietors are scratching their stupid pointy heads wondering why sales are drying up.

  462. 462
    not a machine says:

    mmm it has all gone rather ping pong hasnt it

  463. 463
    AC1 says:

    >Computer generated data on this conforms to the GIGO principle ie:-garbage in = garbage out

    No. It’s actually much worse than that.

    Near Accurate data into near accurate model
    Garbage out.
    It’s called EXPONENTIAL ERROR. Google it.

  464. 464
    B Ryan Cox says:

    Would that be the hole of the less-than-brilliant variety that was caused by the Large Hardon Provider ?

  465. 465
    N Ron Hubbard says:

    As my old mother used to say, if you really want to make a mint the quickest way is to start your own religion. Al, my boy, I’m proud of you.

  466. 466
    Plink says:

    Wotalota snowballs…

  467. 467
    Plink says:

    That makes you a mugwump. Mug on once side and wump on the other.

  468. 468
    Plink says:

    Tessa, for ‘nonsense’ read ‘rubbish’ ??

  469. 469
    Plink says:

    Correction: ignore the third and fourth words.

  470. 470
    Plink says:

    …of the third line.

  471. 471
    albacore says:

    “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves.”
    Well, after 18 months of fudge and mudge and huffing and puffing, would either species want to claim Dave and his happy, clappy, rubber Tories?

  472. 472
    Tom says:

    Has anyone noticed that the two time-scales don’t match?

  473. 473
    Lou Scannon says:

    They sure have. Nonetheless, the fact is that the bottom graph is dead flat apart from statistical ‘noise’. Also, there is an overlap with the top graph which shows a rise in the overlap period. This is overwhelming evidence that the rise in the upper graph is completely bogus.

  474. 474
    smoggie says:

    Eee I loved that when I were a lad. And these days we have Teletubbies.

  475. 475
    At 8% in the polls that is a very brave decision Deputy Prime Minister says:

    Tory Grassroots give “Dave” an ultimatum(sort of) Time to give Clegg an ultimatum….either shut up on Europe or walk…..


  476. 476
    Adam Werritty says:

    Join the queue,ducky!

  477. 477
    Mark says:

    You can see the original BEST paper here:


    It includes a commentary that says “The four curves show a broad trend of “global warming” with some unevenness; the lack of warming from 1950 to 1975 has been attributed to a combination of natural and anthropogenic factors, especially the cooling effect of increased aerosol pollution [Jones et al.,2003].

  478. 478
    nell says:

    Well I’m no paid up member of any political party – but I’d agree with that.

    It’s time cameron stamped his authority on this government and told cleggie, huhne and cable to shut up or walk.

    I prefer walk – then we’d get another election and hopefully and proper tory government.

  479. 479
    Mark says:

    See the original paper at


    Note the commentary that says “The four curves show a broad trand of global warming….”

    I don’t know where Guido gets his graphs from

  480. 480
    Anonymous says:

    Why do you think they were privatised?

  481. 481
    Cat says:

    world’s – delusions of grandeur!

  482. 482
    Can you spell disingenuous? says:

    Your followers, being scientifically illiterate*, should have it pointed out that the time axes of the two graphs are dramatically different and a simple visual comparison is highly misleading, even if the conclusion is valid.

    * i.e. denizens of Westminster, also morally bankrupt, streaked with yellow, and incapable of any thought process that does not result in more cash going their way.

  483. 483
    The Cabinet Secretary says:

    Surely one of them is a snowoman.

  484. 484
    Greg Tingey says:

    LIAR Guido

    The planet is getting warmer.

    If you were a gardener, you’d notice.

  485. 485
    Greg Tingey says:

    Guido is a LIAR

    The planet is getting warmer.

    If you were a gardener, you’d notice.

  486. 486
    Greg Tingey says:

    Guido is a LIAR, worse he’s a DOUBLE LIAR – look very carefully at the DIFFERENT x-axes on the graphs shown!

    The planet is getting warmer.

    If you were a gardener, you’d notice.

  487. 487
    The 99% says:

    Congrats for swallowing the PR spin from Lawson’s corporate-funded flaks, Guido. See here for a comprehensive debunking of that lame chart: http://tamino.wordpress.com/2011/10/30/judith-curry-opens-mouth-inserts-foot/

  488. 488
    M says:

    So it was the EU that was over heating , not the planet !

  489. 489
    Non believer says:

    I’m not in any way surprised that Guido takes his world view on a subject this important from the Daily Mail…..

    Ms Curry has already said her views were misrepresented by the DM (how surprising) and in any case the views expressed in the article are comprehensively debunked here


    The armchair scientists on here are hilarious

  490. 490
    intensive care says:

    Both graphs confirm that the planet as a patient isn’t dying but as sure as sh*t ain’t healthy.

  491. 491
    dahontr3 says:

    waiting to hear that climate sceptics prove that the earth is flat

  492. 492

    Curry’s own words are here:


    Her “dismissal” is not so broad as you would claim, particularly on the “end of skepticism” and “no evidence of slowing” statements.

    Curry’s write-up is more nuanced than the hysterical character assassination you link to, which – among its many bungles – fails on this point: “The simplest correct thing to do is to omit those two data points”. Excluding “uncertain” data does not produce an analysis with enough certainty on which to base public policy. I continue to be astonished that so many clever commentators are “skeptics” with regard to the claims of religion and homeopathy, yet have such a massive blind spot when it comes to this kind of mythologizing sham.

  493. 493
    What's up cock says:

    Tamino – What a piece of shit that is!

  494. 494
    What's up cock says:

    gman is a Hunt!

  495. 495
    What's up cock says:

    Trying to pedal all that fraudulent climate science crap???

  496. 496
    What's up cock says:

    Greg Tingey is full of crap! Sounds like the fairies at the bottom of the garden have got you!

  497. 497
    What's up cock says:

    Greg Tingey is full of crap! Sounds l the fairies at the bottom of the garden have got you Greg!!!

  498. 498
    What's up cock says:

    Yeah Tamino – crap crap crap!!!

  499. 499
    What's up cock says:

    gman – What a Hunt!

  500. 500
    What's up cock says:

    Greg Tingey – Poor Greg – fairies at the bottom of the garden got you?

  501. 501
    What's up cock says:

    Hey everyone! The fairies at the bottom of the garden keep telling Greg Tingey that AGW is real – poor little tosser…!

  502. 502
    What's up cock says:

    What is a “climate sceptic”??? What you mean is people who are sceptical of AGW – don’t you – you silly sod???
    It was sceptics who proved the Earth was round – but I won’t let that bother your warped view…

  503. 503
    Lies, damn lies and statistics says:

    Are you lot really as stupid as you seem? What the hell are those two graphs supposed to represent?

    The scales are completely different…

    Graph one shows global temperatures over 200 years, Graph two shows the same, but over a decade.


  504. 504
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    Gman sitting on the fence again…..

  505. 505
    Forlornehope says:

    Don’t really know why I bother, but from Judith Curry’s blog:

    “This exercise simply shows that the decadal fluctuations are too large to allow us to make decisive conclusions about long term trends based on close examination of periods as short as 13 to 15 years. ” Which I agree with.

    So, no big story.

  506. 506
    non believer says:

    of course

    Comparing someone’s belief in vishnu or the healing powers of sugar pills with the current concensus on climate change is fair and balanced.

  507. 507

    No you are stupid, the second graph charts the latter decade as it is clearly marked.

  508. 508
    So much Stupidity, So Little Time says:

    So Guido you use a different scale on the X-Axis and even fail to note that 74 out of 75 datapoints are above the average line on it. In fact most of them are nearly 1.5oC above the average. If ever there is stark proof of why this should be left to people who know their arse from their elbow this blog post is it. You’re trying to figure out what a tree is by staring at a single leaf. Sadly many of your little (dia)tribe of followers will drag this off to their little cave.

  509. 509

    Yes, it is. A faith-based belief is a faith-based belief, regardless of the subject matter. Meanwhile, the predictions of climate catastrophe carry on not coming true; and the more evident that is, the more strident those with faith in the catastrophe are becoming.

    Recommended reading for you: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/1578988527

  510. 510
    What's up cock says:

    So Stupid – Hunt!
    Fraudulent Science for zealous Cults!
    Proves nothing except natural variability so stick that up your bumhole!

  511. 511
    Al Gore's smarter cat says:

    Saying “let’s ignore the latest data points” does not constitute a debunking.

  512. 512
    Anonymous says:

    Guido…really…. You’re great at the parliamentary sleaze stuff. You understand that – and more power to your elbow. But every now and again you make yourself look like a bit of a twit by getting something so obviously wrong in a field you’re really not qualified to comment on….and it does harm to your credibility as a political observer of some merit.

    No national scientific body believes that global warming is in question – fact. If you believe that is the consequence of some sort of great [ left wing ] conspiracy, then you’re putting yourself in the same categgory as the sort of people who believe that the Lizard people are in charge….

    Stick to Westminster and sleaze….

  513. 513
    A wanker from the BBC says:

    Some people seem to be confused on a couple of points.

    1)The science is settled. Here at the BBC we shall not be entertaining any climate sceptic viewpoints.

    2)The difference between climate and weather. The following are manifestations of AGW on the climate:

    Hot Summers, average Summers. mild Winters, average Winters.

    Heavy rainfall, flooding, lack of rain, snow, lack of snow, hailstones.

    No wind at all, breezes, storms, gales, hurricanes, typhoons, tornados.

    The following are weather events and nothing to do with the climate:

    Any period of unseasonable or severe coldness.

  514. 514
    TGF UKIP says:

    A little frankness from you would not come amiss here, Guido. It is your government which is going further, much further, than Labour did with energy policies based on this discredited nonsense. It wasn’t Brown or Red Ed who introduced a Carbon Floor price to oblige and present a windfall to a French state company, EDF, and Sir Reginald Sheffield, it was your pals Cameron and Osborne.

    Neither was it Red Ed nor Brown who introduced Electricity Market Reforms at whose centre is not only the lavish consumer paid subsidies to wind and nuclear (EDF again) but “Capacity Payments” to subsidize conventional generators to keep their plants idle when the wind does actually blow.

    But there again I guess neither Red Ed nor Brown had a father in law with a windfarm nor a bang of City mates with a financial interest in carbon trading.

  515. 515
    Failed? says:

    Being hated is part of the job description. Only once the swirling mists of petty partiality have cleared and Truth is squeezed through the wringer of History will the most pervasive Spin stand proud and tall.

    Resultingly, Churchill will place a close second next to Blair as our finest Prime Minister of the twentieth century.

  516. 516
    So much Stupidity, So Little Time says:

    Hear, Hear. Guido has much in common with the conspiracy theory lot.

  517. 517
    Paddy says:

    The very basic problem that I have with this data is that the measurement is clearly very fragile. Think about what “global average temperature” means here.

    In Australia it can be +40C while simultaneously in Russia it can be -40. While I can understand that a measurement could be made by taking the weighted sum of a network of thermometers or from data from thermal cameras, there is always a wide deviation from the mean at any one time.

    More sensibly, if we look into segmenting the world into regions based on their local ecosystems and temperature profiles we could come up with the temperature trends over sensibly-labelled regions. For example, we could classify each local region with a description “tundra”, “forest”, “steppe” Arctic wasteland”, “industrialised urban” and so forth and measure the temperature using remote sensors or weather stations.

    Trying to monitor the temperature evolution of these regions is thus doable.

    More complicated is the CO2 measurement. CO2 is a trace gas in the atmosphere and is a natural by-product of breathing. Regions with a lot of people, cars, industry and livestock will have higher CO2 output than in the forests of Sweden or Siberia. At best, we can estimate the fraction of CO2 output resulting from inefficient industrial activity (as opposed to efficient industrial activity and breathing), but it is always going to have errors in each regional output.

    Then finally, if we do observer an increase in CO2 emissions in certain parts of the world, how can we trace the movement of it? Ideally we want a grid of temperature data from “like” regions and an estimate of the ambient CO2 at any one time. How though this can show us any conclusions about temperature rises in different regions is a very large system of equations and it is not obvious.

    The reason that this is a major issue is because our parliament has voted through projects with a negative projected payback in nominal terms in order to fix a “problem” that is nowhere near thoroughly researched.

    This is akin to the medieval princes buying lead and chicken droppings because someone persuaded them it might be possible to make gold.

  518. 518
    What's up cock says:

    Anonymous – Is that you Bob Ward? – what a turd!

  519. 519
    What's up cock says:

    So Stupid – You pathetic fraudsters and scammers – Out to protect your green pension funds and crap climate science funding, no doubt!!!

  520. 520
    What's up cock says:

    But lo and behold – they have suddenly come to their thick sculls that they are on the fast track to bankruptcy! Cue screeching of brakes and changes of policy because there’s no money for all that LHUHNEACY!!!

  521. 521
    non believer says:

    Just to be clear. you’re seriously stating that the global scientific communities concensus on climate change is a religious belief?

    your recommendation of a book on cognitive dissonance (especially on this blog) is massively ironic btw.

  522. 522

    That “concensus” (sic) certainly appears to be a long way from settled.

    The belief that catastrophe is coming without sacrifice is certainly faith-based. As is your touching faith in the reasoning for the exclusion of data points in the link you posted (which a critical thinker really ought to challenge). Curry’s position has consistently recognised the need for a rational assessment of uncertainty in climate science – the consensus appears to be slowly moving in her direction.

    Now go proselytize more, it’ll make you feel less absurd.

  523. 523
    So much Stupidity, So Little Time says:

    You don’t need a capital letter after a hyphen – just letting you know so that you can avoid appearing so stupid in the future.

  524. 524
    What's up cock says:


  525. 525
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    One climate scientist has been caught telling porkies.


  526. 526
    Rightallalong says:

    If ‘the science is settled’, then what are they doing still studying it ?

  527. 527
    MB. says:

    A friend in the US says that Curry is funded by Koch Industries.

  528. 528
    Half eyed Scottish idiot says:

    You don’t really believe such drivel, do you?

  529. 529
    Budgie says:

    Interesting sentence which debunks CAGW.

    The original theory of CAGW – man made CO2 to cause catastrophic global warming in line with CO2 rising – meant that all other effects would have to be swamped (in order to enable the catastrophe). This has not happened, so CAGW is finished.

  530. 530
    Budgie says:

    The entire globe is warming …. because your garden is warmer!!?!??

  531. 531
    Budgie says:

    Talk sense, Greg. CAGW is finished. The theory stated that catasrophic warming would ensue in line with the rising CO2 level. Unfortunately for CAGW liars, CO2 has risen over the last 10 years but the global temperature has not.

  532. 532
    Botney Nala says:

    No BBC job for you!

  533. 533
    pjclarke says:

    Thanks. I was wavering, Tamino being a professional statistician and everything…

    But your forensic analysis swayed me.

    If you could just say ‘crap’ one more time, I think we can get the IPCC disbanded…..

  534. 534
    Trumpeter Lanfried says:

    In fairness to George Monbiot, he did make an immediate and unequivocal call for the resignation of Professor Jones at the UEA Climate Change team.

    (Maybe somebody said this already? I don’t have time to read all the posts.)

  535. 535

    Apart from the sacks of money you took from tobacco pushers Philip Morris. And the sacks of money sponged from the taxpayer once you were feeble. And the support you offered for war in Iraq when you wrote “Statecraft”.

    Politicians. The more they claim to be different, the more they are exactly the fucking same.

  536. 536
    Anonymous says:

    It would be interesting to know if any oil money finds it’s way into Guido’s pockets.

  537. 537
    Anonymous says:

    Liar liar pants on fire.

    I notice you choose 2001 as your starting point, not the nice round number 2000. Because 2001 is a higher temperature than 2000, you get your flat plot. If you’d chosen 2000, you’d have an upward slope.

    Choosing a local maxima as a starting point is a good way to argue the data is not warming. In 3 or 4 years as we approach the maximum in the current solar cycle you’ll look like an utter fool.

  538. 538
    Skeptic says:

    Why 2000? Choose 1998 and you will have a REALLY downward slope.

    Why have a fixed point anyway?

    Use a running average and the slope has been most definitely DOWN – due apparently to the Chinese burning coal, which causes warming when we burn it!!!

  539. 539

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