October 28th, 2011

More Equality in the Rules of Succession

The PM is going to tell the Commonwealth that we need to modernise the Royal rules of succession to end male primogeniture and the explicitly anti-Catholic nature of the rules. All very good in these more democratic and egalitarian times.  

It has to be said that, given it is the twenty-first century and all, perhaps Britain should choose its head of state on a more meritocratic basis rather than selecting it from the extremely narrow gene pool it does currently. Do we really still think it a good idea to have one family as the titular head of the country? If the best the supporters of the monarchical principle can come up with is that “it is good for tourism”, perhaps the Royal Family could be sponsored by the tourist industry rather than hard-pressed poor taxpayers? 

Whilst we’re at it, can we disestablish the Anglican church as the official state religion…


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    Robert Catesby says:

    I quite like having a Royal Family.

    • 45
      William says:

      Really? Why? See here for all the monarchy myths exposed, then you might think differently: http://www.republic.org.uk/What%20we%20want/Win%20the%20argument/index.php

      • 56
        Robert Catesby says:

        Read it. Don’t feel differently in the slightest.

        I’ve met some of the Republic lot and they need to get laid…bad.

        • 89
          keddaw says:

          Indeed we do, but the royalists can go fuck themselves.

          • Robert Runcie former Archbish of Canterbury says:

            Williams, what a woos. I keep having to come out of retirement to defend our religion.

          • Guido's mammy says:

            Jaysus, if the inbred parasites allow left footer Hindus in then me own flesh and blood could be the next Queen of England as opposed to the Queen of Ireland, as all the cute hoors over here call him!

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            BBC wet themselves over increase in director’s pay for footsie 100 companies. Except they forget that foosie 100 mainly comprises of international companies where the British contribution to profits is miniscule.

          • Oliie Cromwell (turned in grave) says:

            I quite enjoy bowing to this OAP woman, and at the same time putting all the others into care homes where they can piss themselves to their dickie hearts content.

        • 109
          Engineer says:

          I’m with Mr. Catesby on this one. The principle of primogeniture may be all wrong in theory, but has been surprisingly successful in practice; helped greatly by a complex but pragnatic constitution.

          The system works. Don’t mess with it. And it’s our heritage.

          • rtotale says:

            My issue is that if you get rid of the Royal Family they’d be replaced by a politician – there are too may of those already.

          • Selohesra says:

            Much of the point of the Monarcy is heritage & tradition – it just becomes bland if it is ‘modernised’ – Compare the Spe@kers – George Thomas – great & steeped in tradition to the jerk Berko in his lounge suit

          • W.W. says:

            Indeed I’m against it in principle, but it does work.

            Since we got rid of the hereditry House Of Lords, we now have Kinnock, Mandleson and Prescott in there.

            The Windors are not perfect, but better them than the Kinnocks!


          • Great Granddad says:

            An unnecessary invitation to future schisms. God save the King.

          • gildedtumbril says:

            Our heritage is slavery.
            One awaits with bated breath the announcement that the middleton woman is ‘in foal’.
            She has an attractive smile. I suggest you all study drippy willy’s smile. It appears forced, inverted, and most unattractive.
            Not to be too unkind he looks more like Roland Rat every week.
            It is a disgrace that we have not been informed of the existence of a prenuptial agreement. It would be nice to know what the settlement consequent upon ‘irreconcilable differences’ raising their ugly heads might be.
            As for the ‘commonwealth’ what the hell has it got to do with them?

          • Jim says:


      • 62
        Anonymous says:

        Seen it, read it, still like having a Royal Family.

        As, it appears, do the vast majority of people in the UK.

        Poor old republicans.

        • 227
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Guido, you are backing a wrong idea or just trying to be controversial.

          After all the corruption uncovered by this beautiful blog, why would any of us trust a politician or political solution to find a president. I would also prefer the hereditary House of Lords to the scum we have now. I used to think otherwise but when you look at the calibre of the crap there Michael Martin who tried to hide MPs expenses from us, Kinnocks, Ashdown, Prescott and all the politicians who were rotten and presided over a rotten system. They were elevated to he House of Lords without good reason and only to line their pockets to provide them an income after leaving the House of Corruption. The other lot bought their titles through Blair’s scam of cash for honours. A discredited institution that needs to be changed ASAP by fair public elections.

          • The Golem says:

            +1 DL. With both houses largely populated by thieves, liars and traitors, the prospect of a political president is horrifying.

          • CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

            Why this debate now? Whilst the law of succession may provide some healthy debate, with all the problems facing this country why the rush to get this onto the statute books?

            Cameron needs to stop the spinning and diversions and stick to solving the problems created by New Labour and rebuild this country’s finances. This Royal succession problem is a none issue with the vast majority of people trying to scratch a living in this overtaxed, over regulated shithole of a country.

            Cameron says this Royal succession issue is a major concern of his.


      • 188
        Anonymous says:

        There are some interesting arguments in favour of monarchy from libertarians like Hoppe – in contrast to politicians who have a short-term view, a monarch is the long-term “owner” of a state and so has a better incentive for good governance.

        • 221
          Reason says:

          Indeed. They also can’t cut and run like Blair.

          Look at the Hunts we elect when we have the chance. Now look at the queen. Now look back at the Hunts.

          End of argument as far as I’m concerned.

      • 235
        The name is Cock, Handycock. says:

        I read it and agree with it entirely. The sooner we move towards a republic and a political system based on the Russian one party state model, the better.

    • 47
      Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

      Well Guido

      Let’s see if we can find an unbiased, non political figure to stand as head of state who can conduct themselves and their affairs in a more dignified and wholey British fashion better than the Queen has.

      Any suggestions – Tony Blair perhaps, Bruce Forsyth? Allan Sugar, or even John Terry


      • 102
        Sungei Patani says:

        Hear, hear!

      • 142
        Sandalista says:

        Quite frankly I’m a bit surprised that Guido wants another politician added to the gravy train.

        As a Catholic, I quite happy with the CofE (Christmas, Other Festivals & Easter) as the established church. It provides “top cover” for other Christian churches and, indeed, other faiths. The official link keeps faith as a recognised part of society.

        Interestingly, the Republicans make no mention of the Crown Estates when it come to the “cost” of the monarchy. For those not in the know, the revenue of the Crown Estates were ceded to the Treasury in exchange for the Civil List. For the last umpteen years the income has exceeded expenditure.

        • 223
          Willsteed says:

          I’m surprised that Guido comes out with the student union line on the Civil List, I had thought him better informed.

        • 247
          Hava Nagila says:

          I’m not sure which bemuses me more: that you take the opportunity to insult someone else’s religion or that you’re apparently oblivious of the fact that you’re doing so.

          Were I a Catholic, knowing my church’s long and revolting history and knowing the execrable behaviour of the current pope in defending institutionalised child-rape and protecting the rapists of children, I would probably be a little more cautious in throwing snarky remarks at the Church of England (whose clergy, like their CoS and CoI colleagues, seem to have a singular talent for not raping children).

          • John Bellingham says:

            The Buggery Act of 1533, formally An Acte for the punysshement of the vice of Buggerie (25 Hen. 8 c. 6) was specifically introduced by Henry VIII against the excesses of Catholic clergy and monks who had previously been protected by Rome. However the second person to be charged under the Act happened to be the Headmaster of Eton!

    • 60
      Ah! Monika says:

      And when Charles succeeds:-

      ” They’ll be changing Gods at Buckingham Palace “

    • 76
      Sir William Waad says:

      Typical bally Fenian.

    • 128
      Ed Balls says:

      What went wrong? I didn’t succeed Gordon Brown AND got beaten by the crappy Milliband.

      • 141
        Archer Karcher says:

        Sorry, listening for 4:25 of revolting Balls pontificating on anything, is more than I can bear. I am only a human being after all.

    • 245
      The problem doesnt lie with us says:

      So Guido do you also advocate that The Papacy renounce its claim of authority both temporal and spiritual over the entire world ?

  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The Queen is a ;egend!

    God save the Queen!

    • 4
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Tho i must add that God does not exsist (still waiting for someone to show me where the “soul” is).

    • 158
      Marmite says:

      God save the Queen indeed Billy. We’ve tried being a republic once under Cromwell, who I always imagine as a 17th century Gordon Brown, and look where that got us. As for the C.O.E. and the Catholics, and any other religion for that matter, I feel that this has caused more wars than anything else, and wish people would realise that religion was given to us to make us fearful of the state (a form of communism I suppose).

    • 196
      twinscrew says:

      I agree, imagine what we could end up with. anyone who has served in our armed forces will tell you how important the Monarchy is to their esprit de corps.

      • 260
        Plink says:

        Certain Eirrean(sp?) Heads of State have had little to commend them either.

        Besides which, why is it of any concern to a foreigner from a country – not even in the Commonwealth – what form of Head of State the Brits want?

  3. 3
    TheRagingTory says:

    The hard pressed poor taxpayers might be better off.
    The Royal List was established in return for half the country being handed over to the government.
    If you want to abolish it, Lizzie might want her stuff back….

    Not that she isnt entirely useless.

  4. 5
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m the Queen.

  5. 6
    A Droyd says:

    Totally unbiased comment, as usual.

  6. 7
    Prescott's chipolata says:

    My man could do that job.

  7. 8
    Not Billy No knob says:

    So do I.
    Your roots are showing Guido.
    Perhaps King Mohammed is packing his knapsack right now.

  8. 9
    Anonymous says:

    Meh. Not offensive enough. How about making the Queen the boss of all religions?

  9. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Guillotine the lot of ‘em.

  10. 11
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Unlike this bitch….jail her !!!
    Just can’t trust a Tory !

    Lady Thatcher, the former prime minister, has claimed more than £500,000 in expenses in the last five years, despite her ill health.

    • 35
      Stop talking shite for once....Billy says:

      Use your brain…..as an ex-PM(and a massive target for terrorists even now) she is entitled to 24/7 security and a private office…..these things don’t come cheap….now show some respect and fuck off……

      • 41
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Fake Billy!

      • 53
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        £100,000 a year for security,are you on drugs !!!!

        No-one will target “The Milksnatcher “

        • 91
          Not Billy No knob says:

          I think you mean the Lady that saved this country from financial ruin after another Labour period of mismanagement. And guess what? We are in the sh1t again because of 13 years of useless Labour.

    • 69
      misterned says:

      Well worth every single penny!

    • 150
      Grammar School Boy says:

      Now go away and work out how much Blair claimed in one year alone…it’s a little more.

    • 165
      Marmite says:

      You are not Billy. You are an imposter, and a nasty b*stard to boot.

    • 187
      John Bellingham says:

      I’ve already pointed out that G.Brown has also pocketed over £338,000 of taxpayers’ money THIS YEAR ALONE, excluding any Parliamentary expenses, despite his obvious insanity.
      Lady Thatcher’s money is derived from the special fund implemented by John Major for ex-PMs after he discovered how impoverished Wilson and Callaghan were in their retirement.

  11. 12
    Nothern Chap says:

    President Blair?
    President Brown?
    President Cameron?

    No thanks, I’d prefer we stuck with the Queen.

    • 23
      William says:

      Blair & Cameron were voted in whether you like it or not. People only get in if the electorate chooses them, that’s democracy. If the Queen is so popular why won’t she put herself up for election? Or are you saying the people of the UK are too stupid to choose their own head of state?

      • 34
        Robert Catesby says:

        I definitely think the people of the UK are too stupid to choose their own head of state.

      • 136
        The Paragnostic says:

        Probably end up with King Jeremy of Kyle or Crown Prince Ant and Dec if they were allowed a free choice, more’s the pity.

        • 171
          Archer Karcher says:

          Hmmm, you might be onto something here, Royalty Factor!

          A contest where contestants demonstrate why they should be royalty. Telephone voting at premium rates, prime time tv, franchised worldwide and a new King or Queen with every series. Kerrchingg!

          • Plink says:

            The Malaysians rotate their King every five years. He (invariably a ‘he’) is chosen from among the Sultans of the various entities that make up modern day Malaysia. Seems to work ok.

      • 173
        Marmite says:

        William, you are a wank-stain.

      • 237
        Frank says:

        Because elections can never be manipulated can they, or won by the highest bidder – you fucking waste of a skin, stop dribbling this shit

        • 263
          Plink says:

          Agreed. Our cousins across the pond vote for their Head of State every 4 years – and look what they ended up with the last two times they tried it. I think I prefer HMtQ personally.

    • 99
      Hugh Janus says:

      Got it one, NC, got it in one.

    • 230
      gildedtumbril says:

      I prefer a surrogate queen. Elected every two years. Any sex.
      The late Hilda Baker or Thora Hird or Kathy Staff would have been perfect. It is all show business, after all.

  12. 13
    keddaw says:

    Stop saying stuff I agree with.

    Billy, say what you like about the Queen, but wouldn’t she be better served by being voted for by the vast majority of the country rather than being imposed upon us by accident of birth?

    • 175
      Archer Karcher says:


      The Queen affects you how? When was the last time she forced you to do anything?

      • 213
        keddaw says:

        When’s the last time she stood up against a Bill?

        By her very presence she allowed the Labour government, with the support of only 37% of voters (and under 30% of those eligible to vote), to do whatever they wanted and remove more rights than any power since the writing of the Magna Carta.

        An elected head of state (and it’d probably be her anyway) would at least have the balls and the authority of the people to tell the government to fuck right off whenever they try to introduce knee-jerk or unconstitutional legislation.

        As for the royal family, they paid no tax for hundreds of years, took money from the public purse and performed no useful function other than hold up a medi-eval feudal system that makes us look like backwards fuckwads to the rest of the world. AND prevented us from having a proper democracy.

  13. 14
    Simon Harley says:

    Aren’t you an Irish citizen, Guido?

    • 38

      Yes, a free, democratic republic where Guido’s daughters can become head of state.

      • 61
        Nelson's Eye says:

        The Middleton’s grandaughters may also become Head of State.

      • 75
        Rusty says:

        Actually the gene pool in the whole of Ireland might be less than the family Windsor!

        It’s an emotional thing, get over it. One day it may lose its allure through events but at the minute it is a powerful positive force.

        When the head of state is not a constitutional hereditary monarch it has to be either a knob politician or more often than not a tyrant.

        A Catholic roundhead is an odd combination in a way.

      • 79
        giant gonad says:

        off you go then.

      • 83
        Anonymous says:

        Are they terrorists too?

      • 84
        dump says:

        yes, and the election of Head of State of the Republuc of Ireland over the last seven weeks has been a real rip-roaring success … a William Hartnell lookalike, a mass murdering terrorist, a hard core Taig, a Dragon’s Den personality with a penchant for stuffed envelopes, one who writes letters on behalf of child rapists, a qango-queen and a non-entity who looks like Bernie Winters.

        Banana Republic

      • 87
        Ah! Monika says:

        Two Head Better than one eh!

      • 93
        Engineer says:

        The british people have ceased telling the Irish how to run their own country – if the Irish want an elected Head of State that’s entirely a matter for them.

        Would Guido, in his capacity as Irish citizen, be kind enough to refrain from telling the British how to run their country?

        Not trying to be offensive, but just saying like….

      • 96
        Free Market Stalinist says:

        Ah, so that’s what all this is about. You want one of your daughters to be Queen…Very laudable.

        Surely the better answer is for you to lead the struggle to establish a Monarchy in Ireland. Given the manifest advantages of the Monarchical system (set out in the comments to this post) I cannot imagine you would meet significant resistance. You would be Guido 1st and on it goes from there. You would at last receive a due degree of recognition (and of course you get to wear a range of interesting hats), the eldest of the little Guidettes gets to be head of state and we simple Britons are left to revel in our slavish deference to her Majesty as God intended.

        It’s a win-win scenario.

      • 129
        Airey Belvoir says:

        Ireland is so forward-looking and into ‘equal opportunities’ that it is happy to be represented in the world by a pathological, lying killer of innocent civilians, if Martin wins. At least Her Maj does not have bloody hands, assuming she did not set up the Diana tunnel job…..

      • 195
        no longer anonymous says:

        Why on Earth would you want your daughters to become politicians?

        Surely people who want to become politicians and rule over us are the least suited to do so?

      • 240
        Frank says:

        Not if they’re as pigshit thick as you

      • 264
        Paddy O'Puzzled says:

        Being a free democratic Irishman, WTF is this any of your business? Come home and leave them to it.

      • 307
        Anonymous says:

        Guido an Irish citizen? That’s a reason for leaving the EU then we can deport the fucker!

  14. 15

    Anyone for hereditary dentists, lawyers, or come to that – street sweepers?

    • 97
      The Future's so bright I gotta wear shades says:

      That’s the way it’s going

    • 105
      Albert Pierrepoint says:

      I think anyone could do my job but its been very quiet lately.

    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      Have you seen the big law firms? It’s full of dynastys.

    • 178
      W.W. says:

      We already do.

      And hereditary politicians, just ask the Kinnocks, and th Benn’s.

      It is quite common for children to follow in the footsteps of their parents.

      I can only presume Blairs dad was a Snake oil Salesman, and Brown’s dad was a lunatic.


  15. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Leave the Queen alone you Taig bludger. What do you think about your Church being ruled by a German prince in Rome?

    • 92
      Martin McGuinness says:

      Leave the Queen alone you Taig bludger. What do you think about your Church being ruled by a German ponce in Rome?

  16. 17
    Voter says:

    Look at the rancourous farce of the presidential election in the Irish Republic and be glad that we do not have the Irish constitution in Britain.

    • 85
      misterned says:

      They have a competition between oddballs including a third rate singer and a terrorist. We have God’s true chosen representative on earth.

      I think I shall stick to our monarchy thank you very much.

  17. 19
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I would say that the royal family has more public support than either of the last two governments.

  18. 21
    Blair and Brown are stinking thieves says:

    Guido, why no thread on the disgraceful revelation that Brown took £90 grand from the Public Duties Allowance in just the last year, on top of his MP’s salary, goldplated pension, and earnings from the lecture circuit? Thatcher took £500,000 but that was over 5 years and the claim would have come from her staff and not her personally given her health. And Tony “Blood Money” Blair took about £200 grand in just one year despite being a fucking multi millionaire.

  19. 22
    Rusty says:

    What like we choose politicians? and a rip roaring success in quality selection that is. There are some things, anachronistic as they might be, that are best left alone. Why the majority like the monarchy is a bit of a mystery, but we do and , frankly, if you are talking about genuine service the Queen and DoE are fantastic examples. You cannot simply say it is a tourist aide, the monarchy binds the country in a way that nothing else really seems to do.
    You of all people should realise that anyone who puts themselves up as a head of state or as we have seen with politicians generally, is often a knob of the highest order. For goodness sake look at your beloved Ireland, are we to end up with a selection between Clodah bloody Rodgers, Richard Branson and some nasty killer or other. This is probably the most stupid post you have ever made. Kind regards Russ

  20. 24
    John Johnson says:

    Don’t start sounding like Graham Smith from the Republic outfit!! You know there’s a lot more to monarchy than ‘tourism’ which is an added bonus at the bottom of the list.

    • 42
      William says:

      The tourism argument is completely flawed. Tower of London is much more popular than any current royal residence, and Palace of Versailles in France gets 10m tourists a year (Bucks House 400k). Is there any evidence WHATSOEVER that the royals bring in tourism?? Perhaps you are suggesting the UK is so awful and has so little to see that nobody would come if it wasn’t for the Queen (who hardly any tourists ever see anyway).

      • 55
        DANGER says:

        Erm… the Crown Jewels are in the Tower of London…

      • 68
        Nelson's Eye says:


      • 138
        Hugh Janus says:

        Point of order – Buck House is only open a max of 10 weeks each year, whereas the Palace of Versailles is open almost every day. And I’m willing to bet (as a Royalist I’m far too stupid to crunch the numbers) that annual visits to the other dozen or so Royal Residences will produce a figure that is not far short of your Versailles total.

        • 266
          King Creole says:

          Quite right Hugh. Versailles is always open because no French royal now inhabits the place. En passant, it might be noted that the Tower was built by a member of the nobility, William Ist

      • 169
        John Johnson says:

        As I said the tourism argument is bottom of the list, but one which Republic keep bringing up as they know how flimsy it is and try to put it higher up the agenda. By the way, how did your journey go from Grosvenor Place to Charing Cross on the morning of Friday 29th April? Did the 80 people at the Republic Street Party hold you up?

  21. 25
    Barry says:

    I’ll let you know what I think of your idea when the Irish results for President are announced. Among the runners, there is an ex-terrorist, a homosexual, a former Eurovision song contest winner, An Irish dragon and supporter of the previous administration, a former MEP. so I await the result with interest, is the gene pool large enough?

  22. 26
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Ohhhh Guido. Very controversial !!!!!!, especially from a right wing neo con nut such as yourself.

    Surely Guido you must realise that ALL Tory voting right wing neo con nuts are deferential pathetic royalist.

  23. 27
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  24. 28
    Matt says:

    Yep, make Islam the official state religion and be done with it!

  25. 30
    Anonymous says:

    Treachery, sir!

    The only alternative to the monarchy is to dig up Cromwell and make his cadaver Lord Protector.

    • 200
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Better that than President Blair, Brown, Kinnock, Heseltine, Clarke, Smiff, Harman, Balls ad inf. If we DID have an elected President, then his/her Executive would take over from the Cabinet and we could clear the House of the Executive. This would revitalise the Commons, who could go back to holding the pursestrings and challenging Executive spending in the knowledge that opposing a spendoholic Executive ( what other type is there?) would not kill their “Parliamentary careers” stone dead. If nothing else, we could see the Executive cut down to size, with Ministers of Funny Walks positions refused funding by a resurgent Commons.

      Agsainst this, such a system would only increase the pressure for the separation of the celtic fringes and make seccession a foregone conclusion. Having an apolitical Monarchy is a cohesive force within the UK. Many who vote for nationalist parties would find ditching HM a step too far.

  26. 31
    MB. says:

    I don’t see why we need to waste time on change unless their first child is a girl. I am not religious but I don’t think the rules against Roman Catholics should be changed, we don’t want a head of state who is a member of a corrupt foreign church run by an ex-Nazi at the moment.

    • 202
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      As opposed to a Head of State who is a member of a corrupt national church run by a druid?

  27. 32
    Eric says:

    One major objection to the proposal to remove the ban on a Roman Catholic monarch is Gregory VII’s claim [in his decree 'Dictatus Papae', 1075] that the Bishop of Rome “may depose Emperors”.

    In 1570, Pius V claimed to deprive Elizabeth I of her crown, and to absolve her catholic subjects from their allegiance to her [in his bull 'Regnans in Excelsis'].

    Unless there is an ex cathedra papal statement declaring such claims unfounded, a catholic monarch would have to accept that a future pope could depose him or her against the will of parliament.

    That would be intolerable.

    Even letting a monarch marry a Roman Catholic would need a proviso ensuring that their children would not be brought up as Roman Catholics.

    • 100
      • 203
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Me 2

        • 269
          King Creole says:

          Yup. The majority religionists in this country are C of E, or some variant thereof. If a minority Catholic ever succeeded to the throne, I can quite imagine we would have a local repeat of the scenes currently being played out across the middle east where one minority Islamic sect rules over a majority of the population who happen to be from the other sect. Iraq, Bahrain etc. Not a good idea. The whole Lebanese war in the early 1970s was a religious punch up between Moslems and Christians as to who would be the next lot to be in charge. Take notice – it is not a good idea as hostilities, although latent, probably run very deep.

          • King Creole says:

            Modded. A slighty modified version:

            Yup. The majority religionists in this country are C of E, or some variant thereof. If a minority Catholic ever succeeded to the throne, I can quite imagine we would have a local rep*at of the scenes currently being played out across the middle east where one minority Isl*m*c sect rules over a majority of the population who happen to be from the other sect. Iraq, Bahrain etc. Not a good idea. The whole Lebanese war in the early 1970s was a religious punch up between M*slems and Christi*ns as to who would be the next lot to be in charge. Take notice – it is not a good idea as hostilities, although latent, probably run very deep.

          • King Creole says:

            Aha! That worked!

  28. 33
    Spotty Lizard says:

    Guido, were you always a stupid twat or is this something that you have become good at with practice?

  29. 36
    I know what I think.... says:

    Probably be a bit more ‘equal’ if no one succeed and we had an democratically elected Head-of-State…

    • 54
      nell says:

      Yes I’ve thought for a while we could have a much more rubbish international profile if we only had bliar and that odious woman as president and wife or prezza and that head of hair or even gurning gordon and the media mad sarah.

      Be highly respected around the world then wouldn’t we!?!

  30. 37
    Blimey says:

    How about something like President and Lady Blair instead? No? President and Lady Prescott then?

  31. 44
    NBeale says:

    The last thing we want is more politicians in senior positions. The Monarchy keeps jumped up pols who think they walk on water (eg Blair) in their place.

  32. 46
    dickiebo says:

    Yes. Let’s get rid of this wonderful woman and put in somebody voted for. Err….Kinnock, or maybe Blair?

  33. 49
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Waste of time – it’s just Cameron wanting to seem modern and trying to dsitract people from his other failings.

  34. 51
    DANGER says:

    The best argument for monarchy is the alternative.

    Imagine a largely-ceremonial president of the UK. Who would it be? At present, probably some dreadful washed-up Labour politician — republicanism means President Lord Prescott.

  35. 52
    Eammon Holmes is a Dick says:

    speeeeking of queeeeens


    they still spend OUR MONEY after leaving office the baaaastards

    • 58
      nell says:

      bliar can claim more of that allowance and faster than ever she does.

    • 64
      Eammon Holmes is a Dick says:

      the elites really do have it sown up don’t they!!!

      Even in times of economic trouble these shits still milk the system for thei own benefits. Even business people are racking it in


      whilst everyone else is being laid off, acceptin lower pay or getting no increases at all.With inflation running away unchecked ordinary people are fucked and continue to be fucked by the parasites

      • 78
        Sres says:

        You should stop consuming then, show them who’s boss.

      • 163
        The Paragnostic says:

        And how, exactly, would a few directors taking less pay help the wider economy?

        Sure, it would provide fewer excuses for the jealousy of the incompetent and unwashed, but would it help pay for nurses, policemen or diversity managers?

        In fact, well paid people paying themselves even more results in more money being given to the Treasury in income tax than the alternative, which is that the money stays as profit and less of it is paid in corporation tax.

        I do wish egalitarian knobheads would look at the wider picture every once in a while…

    • 108
      misterned says:

      I do not begrudge Thatcher a penny. She turned this country around and earned it billions more than we would have earned had Michael Foot, or kneel Kinnock had ever been PM.

  36. 57
    Louis Walsh says:

    David Cameron is inciting waves of protests, strikes and revolution in what will become a national emergency. The removal of David Cameron and his government must now be top priority. Ed Miliband must not be trapped into Victim Blame. We all know that strikes and organised resistance are the very last resort when all negotiations have broken down and can’t go any further. I appeal strongly to Ed M…iliband to blame Cameron for strikes and organised resistance, and remember from past British history that there are always waves of strikes protests and riots every time there is a Tory government. I appeal to Ed Miliband as Parliamentarian and Labour Leader to continue to bargain for the end of the Coalition and remove Cameron and the Tories from the governing benches in the Commons.

    • 212
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Civil unrest against a Tory Goverment has been a standard Lefty tactic all my 60+ years. You bozos lose a Democratic Election then seek to overturn the result by extra-democratic means – specifically, seeking to terrorise the public into aquiescence. Generally, the electorate suss you out and the end result is an extended Tory term in office.

      • 272
        King Creole says:

        S’okay. Louise leaves school in 2017. Daft bint, besides which I suspect Ed does not want such a poisoned chalice thrust into his sticky little paw just at the moment. [Right] up the workers.

  37. 59
    mengele says:

    A simple solution to the succession problem; castrate or hysterectomise anyone who wants to be a politician before they can pass on their defective genes.

  38. 63
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Must be a slow news day……narrrrrr Guido just wants to avoid the following…7 Down

    1. City Bosses pay up 50%
    2. City bonus pay on the rise
    3. The Cock defending The City spivs.
    4. The Witch claiming £540K in expenses
    5. IDS ( the tough man ..LOL )
    6. Calamity Clarkes strikes again ( twice )
    7. Where’s Waris, Letbin, Boles….all gone into hiding again.

    • 71
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Maggie Moron due in southwark crown court.

      • 80
        Moussa Koussa says:

        are bless.

        Billy always tries, but you have to feel sorry for him.

        Getting on, are you Billy, the leg giving you gip is it. Nevermind…just go back to Camerons Cock, keep on aplogising….coz its gonna get worse !!!!

    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Harriet Harman claimed £540K? Bloody hell – link?

      • 118
        Moussa Koussa says:

        oh dear. Distraction apologising again !!!! YAWN

        errrrr. A woman who has sat on her arse, sorry lay down on her bed while dribbling and mumbling incoherent ramblings for the past 5 years……still claimed £540K of UK tax payers cash…and still the apologists…apologise

        • 120
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Talking about gordon again?

        • 177
          The Paragnostic says:

          Apologise? Bollocks.

          Spending that hundred grand a year has done less damage to the country than the equivalent in council bedwetters – it’s only the same as three fucking global warming / diversity / anti-nuclear parasites, after all.

          I’m dead against that cunt Blair getting any, mind you – hasn’t he got enough from his Kuwaiti and Saudi paymasters?

        • 189
          Marmite says:

          Moussa, I hope you come to the same end as your beloved Gdaffi, I really do.

        • 258
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          Moussa, give us your thoughts on Gordon Brown claiming £338,000 of taxpayers’ money in a year, of millionaire Blair’s claiming of £133,000 of taxpayers’ money (from the same “fund” for Maggie’s claims) in TWO years. What about Prescott maxing out his Parliamentary credit card? All we get from you is “THATCHER!”

          You debase any cogent argument you may have with your selective use of facts and hideously partisan stance.

          At least most of the contributors on this blog give equal condemnation to those politicians of all parties ( Liam Fox most recently) whose behaviour is either hypocritical or falls below acceptable standards.

          Moussa, your posts are a joke.

      • 119
        Moussa Koussa says:

        oh and for the record… YOU are still paying for my 7 star hotal accommdation in Qatar

  39. 64
    Charles says:

    Name one country which reliably has presidents of the calibre of our monarchs and I will reconsider my monarchism.

    Heads of state should be apolitical figures of unity and that’s fundamentally incompatible with elected leaders, since thay are inherently devisive.

    • 67
      Anonymous says:

      you’re havin’ a larf aren’t yer mate????

    • 209
      John Bellingham says:

      A Republic means either an executive President or a ceremonial President. A ceremonial President adopts the trappings of a tenth rate monarch and is invariably a superannuated political stooge or a total nonentity (can anyone name the President of India? Of Guyana? Of Mauritius?)-if a ceremonial President is just there to sign the laws already decided by Parliament and meet the Ambassadors, why bother to change? The other alternative is an executive President–this then means that your patriotism and your loyalty to the state becomes entangled with a politician with whom you may not agree. It means that a venal little crook may just end up as the person that soldiers have to salute, who acts in the name of all citizens, who is the embodiment of the Nation–you might get a Nixon, you might also get a Mugabe.

      • 239
        Handycock No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

        Or you might get me, an excellent choice, and proud to stand alongside my Mentor, Robert Mugabe.

      • 274
        King Creole says:

        You might also get a darkly-hued Irishman like that Barry O’bama feller – or his immediate predecessor. Surely these two prove the need for no further discussion of this issue?

  40. 70
    Sres says:

    That’ll keep Harry off the throne, not having royal blood and all…

  41. 72
    Oswald Kirk says:

    All the “modernisation” that has been done to British life in the last century has resulted in the disgusting morass that is “modern Britain”.
    A veritable sea of sixteen year old unmarried mothers, forty five year old great grannies, hoardes of proud pink deviants, drunks on every street corner, and gangs around those corners, a total distrust of of the honesty and openess of all “the establishment” from top to bottom (politicians, police, the judiciary, teachers, religious leaders, anything/anyone to do with money, etc. etc)
    With this background does it matter who is “at the nominal top of the heap”…..or why?

  42. 73
    Atualpa says:

    Do not understimate the tourist value of the monarchy-it is worth billions to UK PLC. A presidency would be worth nothing, and the expensive demands on the taxpayer of such an office would simply grow and grow with time -that is human nature . Do not forget that Cromwell was eventually “crowned” in all but name.

    • 217
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Cromwell was offered the Crown on several occasions, He always refused. Wise man.

    • 276
      King Creole says:

      Yes – try a quick google of just how much Grande Dame Obama is costing the US taxpayers for her lifestyle.

  43. 81
    Englishman Abroad says:

    Have just sat through the Irish Presidential election, and seen the array of political insiders, where the main qualification seems to be the ability to spend tax payers money – I vote we stay as we are.

  44. 86
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’ve only two words for republicans: President Blair.

    Actually I quite like the idea of electing a king or queen from amongst the Royal Family. We’d get the best of both worlds and we wouldn’t have a ridiculous spectacle like the election for the Irish presidency.

    • 122
      genghiz the kahn says:

      I see that Hunt-Brown would be standing for President. Always useful to have a double barrelled name, but having a double barrelled shotgun for him would be even better.

    • 277
      King Creole says:

      William – not a good idea. The losers would be for ever plotting and scheming against the winner. Have you not read your history books lately?

  45. 98
    Well it's a thought says:

    Used to think Queenie was our protection from these vile bstards who pretend they think of us before themselves, but like us she’s just a prisoner , if she kicked off and had a go at the crap in the House of thieves , we could get our equiv of the Arab Spring .

    • 186
      Thatcher's Iron Stiletto says:

      I’d be with you on that…

      Thatcher and Queenie leading the forces of righteousness on Westminster!!

      I’d sign up to that and march.

    • 220
      Grimy Miner says:

      Why would it be in her interest to rock the boat, or bite the hand that feeds her and her brood?

    • 233
      gildedtumbril says:

      There is no arab spring it is an arab cesspit.

  46. 101
    BillyBob... says:

    Save money, dump the Commonwealth !!

  47. 103
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Show how Call Me Dave is modern, wants to open up rules of succession, whilst ignoring the shitstorm over the Eurozone, as the unelected EU President and Commission of assorted dwarfs and freaks, devise sub prime special funding vehicles to bail out the sub prime ministers of Greece, Spain and Italy.

  48. 104
    will says:

    what a result, judge has guts.

    Pink Floyd guitarist David Gilmour’s 21-year-old son Charlie loses appeal against 16-month sentence for drink and drug-fuelled rampage at student fees protest.

    mummy and dadyd vcant help more soap dodging

    • 244
      Tron says:

      Who said “We don’t need no education”?

      • 278
        King Creole says:

        It matters not who said it. It was far too subtle for the thickheads that swallowed it, but those who wrote/sang it knew exactly what the double negative meant.

        I hope I do not have to explain that any further!

  49. 111
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    I think heredatory jobs are great but mine has been very quiet lately

  50. 112
    Polythesis says:

    There is a very good reason to keep Catholic monarchs from ruling in the UK, a catholic monarch would be inferior and subordinate to the pope. We have our own version of the pope, Lizzy is good enough for us thanks very much. Now you may think a monarch is behind the times but who among us would want to be forced to kow tow to some puffed up pope lording it over us?

    Having a catholic monarch would mean that we would once again be ruled by papists loyal to a foreign prince in the form of a pope. I have nothing against Catholics but I wouldnt want a foreign pope to become our de facto head of state would you? I can think of nothing more repugnant than being ruled from Rome, even the thought of it turns my stomach.

    • 280
      King Creole says:

      Indeed, especially as, at the moment, we seem to be ruled from Brussels (which does likewise to my tummy).

  51. 113
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
    • 121
      Anonymous says:

      Why do I want to watch Ed Balls on anything?

      • 197
        Hugh Janus says:

        Indeed. The novelty of wanting to vomit copiously every time this self-regarding lying bully-boy smear-merchant of a Liebore politician appears on the telly is becoming a bit tedious.

  52. 115
    Ballymoney Boy says:

    Over the past 250 years, women have been Sovereigns for almost half the time (123 years, against 127 for men), so we get a rough-and-ready equality as it is.

    The legal change that Cameron is pushing for (despite a host of other more pressing issues) might not increase the number of female Sovereigns in the future. If the first female to come to the Throne as a result of such a legal change turned out to have descendants who were either all males or else males and females but with the males all being the first-born in their sibling group, there could be fewer female Sovereigns than if the Throne had gone under the present inheritance law to a male whose descendants for several future generations were all females.

    • 134
      Well it's a thought says:

      It’s all about Camoron trying to make the people of this country look the other way, while he and his liars/thieves steal more of our democracy from what’s left of in the country to give to the other thieves in the EU.

      Time for Cameron to say bye bye, Conservative members you don’t, we won’t up to you.

      • 232
        Failed? says:

        Isn’t it a splashy way of addressing his poor ratings with the election-winning female demographic?

  53. 117
    Albert Pierrepoint says:

    I think hereditary jobs are great but mine has been very quiet lately

  54. 123
    Em says:

    Fuck off Guido you Irish Hunt.

    Rather the Queen than some career politician. Think about it now. Who would likely be our President? Probably some ex-Labour cabinet member. Great. That really would provide a Head of State who is representative of our great nations history.

    Fuck off back to Dublin.

    • 151
      Well it's a thought says:

      You know Ancestry.com or Freebmd will allow you to find out about people’s birth places , even checking the Internet for names can sometimes give you information, sitting on your arse just making stupid remarks gets you nowhere.

    • 251
      Tron says:

      President Brown
      President Blair + First Lady Big-Gob
      President Bercow + First Lady Bercow
      President Prescot
      President IRA Murderer.

      I’ll stick with Queen, thanks.

  55. 127
    John Prescott says:

    i’m working class me

  56. 130
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    Of course what we really want is is an elected head of state just like good Ould Oirland. We could could choose between an ex-terrorist, a Eurovison singer and other assorted nonentities!

    Of course, we could just stick with an institution that has served us well for a long time, although if Charlie Boy gets his bum on the throne, that might test a few more peoples’ patience!

  57. 131
    Katia's cat gets to our Larry says:
  58. 132
    Basingstoke Zoo says:

    I bet the queen drops some meat farts after a banquet

  59. 133
    Samson says:

    Be careful what you wish for Guido. Republicanism would give us someone like …Sarkozy or…Blair….or van Rompuy or… some other venal, self regarding underachiever (Huhne springs to mind). And then we would have to have expensive elections to elect them with all the bullshit they spout to win the votes of all the “victim” minorities in the country. At least with a monarchy, the next monarch just has to be born, then spend the next few years preparing for the throne. Old monarch dies, new monarch takes up the reins – job done, simples! And we don’t have to put up with silly bitch First Ladies like Cherie Blair or Huhne’s gender bender swanning around behaving like Marie Antoinette! Deep down, the French would much prefer to have a monarchy which is why they have transformed the Presidency into a quasi monarchy with its own toy town soldiers and palaces.

  60. 137
    Dudley Zoo says:

    If Charles pegs it and Ann is still alive do we get Mike Tindall as King of England?

  61. 139
    Anonymous says:

    To change things, we need action before a child yet to be born is crowned. That child might be the child, grandchild or remoter issue of someone who is not yet born. Cannot our elected representatives find more pressing issues to debate?

    • 206
      Hugh Janus says:

      The only pressing issue for Call Me Dave is a spin operation to divert the public gaze from the pitiful shambles he created over the referendum debate. This latest wheeze fits in nicely – if rather obviously – with his current nonsense about seeking the female vote.

      Never mind the crucially important issues Dave, you stick with what you think is popular and diversionary, and see what happens next time you pop up for election.

  62. 140
    Titford Hat says:

    As far as I am aware Anglicanism is the established church only in England, not the rest of the UK.

    • 185
      bergen says:

      Correct-the Church of Scotland is the established Church for presbyterian Scots and there is no established Church for the divided Northern Irish or the non-conformist Welsh.

      Getting rid of the monarchy is a daft idea.It keeps the office of Head of State and its powers away from politicians.It keeps a connection with our shared national history and if the monarch is unacceptable to Parliament he or she can be made to abdicate.

      Compare and contrast the stability of constitutional manarchies with republics in Europe alone-UK,Sweden Holland,Norway Denmark,modern Spain.

  63. 145
    At the pictures says:

    Surprising number of films about Labour at the moment.

    We Need To Talk About Kevin, drama about Toilets Maguire

    C/untasian, thriller about the odious Sadiq Khan

    Real Steal, blockbuster account of how Brown and Balls robbed the nation

    The Debt, historical thriller about the massive debt left by New Labour

    • 182
      The Paragnostic says:

      I thought the new Star Trek film was to be called “Fuck All – The Worth of Khan”.

  64. 147
    Jack says:

    If the Royal family wanted to be really modern and constructive

    They would use their huge wealth to pay themselves and thus provide a service free of charge

    But, of course, like the House of Ermin Vermin, they are a hangover from undemocratic days and really should be abolished

  65. 149
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Being a bit slow here Guido: isn’t part of the point of being a Libertarian not to have other voters choose someone who then has authority over you, and powers that you don’t agree to? I’d have thought a feeble, hereditary, slightly simple-minded and rather harmless family filling one of the consitutional roles of the country would be the lesser of two evils.

  66. 153
    Johnny Walker says:

    Agreed about the Anglican Church as well

    Represented by a bloody Druid who stands for nothing apart from promoting gays

  67. 155
    albacore says:

    God save our gracious Brown?
    Yeah, right, Fawkes.

  68. 157

    The vacuum could then be conveniently filled by Islam.

    • 184
      The Paragnostic says:

      Islamists could conveniently fill the vacuum.

      If we could find a cheap way of getting the buggers into orbit, that is.

  69. 164
    Jimmy says:

    So the Head of State should be democratically elected but not the Corporation of London?

    It’s an argument I suppose.

  70. 166
    old grumpy says:

    It is bright and sunny out here! Get yer head out of yer arse and enjoy it!



  71. 167
    Guy Martin to win TT2012 says:

    The leaders of the 16 Commonwealth countries where the Queen is head of state unanimously approved the changes at a summit in Perth, Australia.

    It means a first-born daughter of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge will take precedence over younger brothers.

    The ban on the monarch being married to a Roman Catholic was also lifted.


  72. 181
    Thatcher's Iron Stiletto says:

    The Monarchy in this country is the one thing we can be proud of.

    Only a cretin would want to change the family into some sort of presidential nonsense. It is the same idiocy that would see the Lords a second elected chamber.

    HRH Prince Philip is a shining light and role model to the entire nation. Instead of being concerned with superficially appearing kind caring and well intentioned for PR or politicaly correct reasons, he lives life by example.

    If only everybody was more concerned with actions rather than words.

    Republicans are as bad as socialists. They practise the politics of envy.

  73. 183
    Anonymous says:

    If you don’t like it, go back to Ireland.

  74. 191
    George Lees says:

    Just goes to show what an idiot Cameron is opening the whole question at all – having a girl is no more democratic than having a boy – so lets leave it alone. This is all done for a ridiculous press release and may end up buggering everything up. Thanks Cam.

    • 210
      Marmite says:

      Too true George. I’m beginning to think Cameron is on mind altering d.r.u.g.s. There’s far more important things to sort out. As it stands now, we have opened a can of worms for peevish republicans and left footers.

  75. 193
    Shaft120 says:

    Interesting that you feel the need to lump theists and royalists together Guido. A great many Atheists are monarchists and a great many theists are republicans (mostly Mussie’s I grant you)

    The Monarchy IS Britain. The values that HRH the Queen and Duke espouse define what it means to be British. Anybody who thinks otherwise is ignorant of history, or too young and brainwashed to know better. Once the Queen and Duke pass on from this world, they shall leave Britain greater for having known them. A beacon of Great British humanity in a modern world of people willing to prostitute their integrity and dignity.

    • 201
      Disco Biscuit says:

      On the other hand, since Her Maj is the Head of the Church of England, theism and monarchism are fairly closely linked, no?

      Still think it’s a bad idea to have a Head of State with a sworn subservient devoting to another Head of State (which a Catholic monarch would necessarily have to be)…

  76. 198
    Disco Biscuit says:

    By meritocratic, do you mean democratically elect?

    I thought the point of this blog is that democracy has failed to elect the best people for the job?

    Some consistency please!

  77. 199
    Pinochet says:

    We need Harry as King and a right wing military junta running the country. And the death penality, armed police and imprisonment of all socialists and liberals.

  78. 204
    Lee says:

    Option 1)
    Keep Lizzy and her family as the Head of State.

    Option 2)
    Put a politician in as “President”

    Fucking Mandleson or Jocko Broon as our Head of State jet setting round the world quaffing Champagne and scoffing themselves on Lobster and quails… not a fucking chance.

    Seriously Guido? For all your sensible ideas and libertarian ideals (which I support whole heartedly) when it comes to the Royal Family you revert back to a thick mick with the sort of hatred in your heart that I thought only socialists could harbor.

  79. 208
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    There is a way to blend both the heredity and democracy principles.

    On the death of the monarch, we should hold an election to decide which of her offspring becomes the next monarch – choosing between Charles, Anne, Andrew & Edward.

    If, for example, we chose Anne, then on her death, we would choose between Peter and Zara…..etc.

    That way gain some democractic choice, we avoid the dreaded President Blair, but it would also encourage all the younger regal offspring to behave, because they would all know they were in with a chance of the ‘top job’. Sorted.

    • 218
      John Bellingham says:

      Bloody silly idea, but then Primogeniture only came in with those bloody foreign Normans. Our Saxon Kings were elected, or at least confirmed by the Witan, and the main consideration was the ability to lop the heads off of our enemies or build cathedrals.

  80. 211
    Prescott's rusty badge says:

    I think HM would make a very good Queen of Ireland. She would be a unifying factor especially giving the Irish a better option than being wedded to a bunch of tossers in Belgium. I never understood how the Irish threw away their hard earned freedom for ill defined benefits from the EU
    You also would not have to endure the likes of Martin McGuiness embarrassing you in standing for president and you would be free of the arsebanditry endemic in the Roman Catholic church.
    Triple Guinesses all round!

  81. 214
    Lord Fondlebum of Boy and Bankbonus says:

    Can I be Queen?

  82. 219
    Mark says:

    Do we really still think it a good idea to have one family as the titular head of the country? If the best the supporters of the monarchical principle can come up with is that “it is good for tourism”, perhaps the Royal Family could be sponsored by the tourist industry rather than hard-pressed poor taxpayers?

    Get rid of the Civil List and let the Royal Family claim their income from their lands, rather than a fraction of that from the government. Voila, no taxpayer support required.

    As for reasons for having a monarchy, here’s a handful…
    1. It seems to have worked so far. If it ain’t broke…
    2. It gives people an apolitical leader to rally around in times of crisis. A President / PM on the other hand probably was only voted for by about half the populace.
    3. For the cynical, what about the bread-and-circuses aspect of it all?
    4. Tradition, damnit.

    Whilst we’re at it, can we disestablish the Anglican church as the official state religion…

    Does it matter :P ?

  83. 222
    Opinicus says:

    Much though I think you are generally a force for good and add to the gaiety of the Nation if you start attacking our monarchy and church you can
    Fuck Off back to Ireland
    McGuiness would be a fine head of state for you in whom you could be proud.

    • 224
      At last, the weekend! says:

      I’m going to need to go ahead and totally agree with that. Leave our monarchy alone!

    • 250
      Hava Nagila says:

      This, this, this.

      I am so very tired of Guido, the self-proclaimed libertarian, declaring that nothing is acceptable that deviates from the Irish and militantly Roman Catholic model.

      If non-Protestant republics are so amazing in all respects, what, in the name of Christ, are you doing in this country, Guido?

      If you want a religiously homogenous republican state run by people who all bow to the same point-hatted paedophile as you do, Dublin is just a short flight away.

      Or you could extend some of your vaunted libertarian principles to cover my right not to be ruled by your religion and my right not to have to rape my country’s constitution and history to shoot your bigoted, foreign fantasy of how we should live.

  84. 226
    Im just a slave. says:

    Something else we don’t get to vote on but Pakistan does.

  85. 229
    Tim says:

    Off with their heads! (Health and safety disclaimer – I mean this metaphorically, and am not making a threat to the lives of our Royal Family.

  86. 231
    Adam C. says:

    I like Queen Elizabeth II. The trouble is that Charles-the-idiot is coming up next; the fellow who has worked to get professors fired or disagreeing with his alt-med views, and a host of other undemocratic actions.

    • 252
      Mark says:

      You are confusing “the monarchy” with “the monarch”. Britain has had bad monarchs in its time, but the institution is (or should be) greater than the current occupier. I’m not a fan of Prince Charles by any means either, and agree he has a lot of loony ideas… but he’s still the rightful king when all’s said and done. His best bet would be I think to simply keep his mouth shut in public; I suspect most people will at least dislike him less if he does that :P .

  87. 241
    gildedtumbril says:

    Mrs. Battenburg is quite simply the most expensive rubber stamp on the planet.
    Check how cheap rubber stamps are at nearest stationer.
    Ponce charles is an eejit.
    The whole family have no redeeming features.
    I am not a bloody socialist.
    The tart in the tunnel was whacked.
    Or, to put it more crudely, the Spencer woman was dispensed with.
    Bliar is culpable.

  88. 248
    Pedant#1 says:

    We don’t need any crappy sky-pixie “religion” at all!

  89. 249
    Hava Nagila says:

    Excellent idea. Why should Britain be a monarchy like Belgium, the Netherlands, Canada, Australia, Sweden or Japan when we could be a republic like Mexico, North Korea, Zimbabwe or Iran?

    Presumably, as an anti-monarchist, Guido will support the contention that other monarchies should rid themselves of totalitarian monarchs ruling by Divine Right – countries such as the Vatican City, for example.

  90. 254
    eyeonwales says:

    What galls me is that the busy ol’ PM has time to swan off to Oz to announce this really exciting story to the world, while at home everyone prepares themselves for a new Napoleonic War (according to Germany, that’s what’s going to happen).

  91. 265
    Davy says:

    President Blair.

    The case for the monarchy rests.

  92. 279
    TGF UKIP says:

    “Bonkers” is a word Guido frequently uses about other people, but all he needs to do here is stop and think who Blair, Brown of, indeed, Heath2 might be willing to inflict on us to demonstrate just how right-on they are.

    The thought of Catherine Ashton as Head of State was enough to turn Rod Liddle into a monarchist and it should be more than enough to shut Guido up and render him most grateful for the Windsors.

  93. 282
    Pollster Pete says:

    En passant, has anybody asked HM and family what they think of the idea? The “other Commonwealth leaders agreed…etc”. What difference does it make to them (most of whom are as bent as nine bob notes anyway) whether the(ir) monarch is male or female?

  94. 286
    purpleline says:

    Guido, I like your blog your growing position, but on this I would fight you in the nude. Please do not put your Irish republican ideas on this blog.

    Leave the country if you do not like being ruled by a Monarch.

  95. 287
    MB. says:

    Can we look forward to the Roman Catholic church dropping their discrimination against woman and allowing women priests with eventually a woman pope?

  96. 288
    Apprentice Boy says:


  97. 289
    The late Lenny Murphy says:

    I could murder a Catholic!

  98. 292
    Ian says:

    But who would a catholic monarch really serve?

  99. 293
    A person of choler says:

    if the monarch is useless just don’t vote for them.

    That’s democracy.

  100. 294

    Cameron is a truly dangerous man. Once you meddle unnecessarily with the basic fabric of British society, the meddling will continue until there is nothing left. Cameron and his loopy wife may love it, but they will have destroyed Britain.

    In comparison with Cameron, Ted Heath stands out as a shining example of patriotic statesmanship and strong dynamic leadership.

  101. 297
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Some very interesting points made to keep the present gene pool on our Royal throne, I will sleep better tonight.

  102. 305
    Foo says:

    For once you have allowed your free thinking principles to override reality Guido.

    In the real world, Society is made up up institutions that succeed and then fail ( through self interest ) and become regulated by a higher institution , which subsequently succeed and then fail.

    Your idea of giving the (perhaps notional , but who knows ) constitutional rights of the crown to spineless( and growing number of ) career politicians like Blair, suggests you have allowed your theoretical philosophy to override a very pragmatic reality. Read Orwell correctly & substitute absolutely any ‘ism you feel for the communism suggested . ffs.

  103. 309

    like you post: to my @miearyhz twitter

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

Rod Liddle on the loony UN sexism special rapporteur:

“There is more sexism in Britain than in any other country in the world, according to a mad woman who has been sent here by the United Nations.

Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

orkneylad says:

What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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