October 27th, 2011

Prezza’s Aussie ATM Binge

Prezza’s spending on government credit cards knows no bounds. The Telegraph have gone big on the £456 he spent at the Star City casino in Sydney, the  £490 at Doyle’s seafood restaurant in Watson’s Bay and £75 at an aquarium in 2004. However Guido understands there is even more to come on this one. Why for example is there an entry for “Miscellaneous Cash” from an Australian hole-in-the-wall:

28/11/04 £154.86 LCA

Leaving aside the obvious financial malpractice of withdrawing cash on a credit card, especially in a foreign country, why on earth was this happening in the first place. What was the £160 spent on and where are the receipts?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    OInk OInk !

    One for PLod Guido?



    • 3
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      To be fair tho it was 2004 when he had some responsabilties tho.


      • 8
        Lard Pressclott says:

        Responsibilities ? I can hardly say it, never mind do it.


        • 47
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          We would all do the same GIVEN THE OPPORTUNITY. That is why we have the Rule of Law. Something that dosn’t apply to the Political Elite.


          • The Paragnostic says:

            Speak for yourself – I wouldn’t, but I was brought up with a sense of fairness and somewhat old-fashioned values where money is concerned.

            I’ve never claimed for anything I didn’t spend, and when working away from home, food and hotel costs went on expenses while beer and prostitutes came out of my own pocket.

            I therefore feel justified in lambasting fat cunts like Prescott who seem to think they can take the piss like this.


          • An Impartial Observer says:

            You must have capacious if rather damp pockets


          • The Paragnostic says:

            You’d be amazed how much beer a prostitute can soak up…


          • Sungei Patani says:

            I used to have a company credit card and never once used it for anything other than the minimum legitimate expenses.

            A great many people are decent and honest; you should not judge others by your own standards.


          • Hang The Bastards says:

            Fat Useless Toad Faced Thieving Adulterous Hypocritical Parasite.

            A true disgrace to the House of “Lords”


          • Hang The Bastards says:

            The sooner he eats himself to death the better.


      • 14
        Lard Prescott says:

        Wasn’t he going around the world studying Casinos for Blair’s British Super Casino project? I seem to recall him taking some freebie boots and spurs from a Texan casino owner when he went to the states.


        • 50
          Iloathlefties says:

          False accounting/theft of the public purse from a thieving thick f**k. When are the police getting involved or is it another David Laws whitewash. What’s a £40 grand theft between politicos.


          • Prezza says:

            Look everyone, stop getting nicks all twisted
            It is all easily explainable , thus

            ” £490 at Doyle’s seafood restaurant in Watson’s Bay ”

            just the usual late afternoon light snack before dinner

            doesn’t everyone do this?


        • 92
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:



        • 93
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          Did he not buy the Millenium dome for 50p. To save the Fraudster government from holding onto it and keep paying themselves for robbing the british tax payer for building it in the first place.


        • 94
          M says:

          Did Fred Goodwin get the tender for a “super casino” called RBS ?


    • 5
      On the never never says:

      And there was I thinking Guido wanted to give all MPs an HoC credit card.


      • 44
        SouthEastVoter says:

        Having Credit Cards and using them on anything or Credit Card on legimate expenses is completely different


    • 63
      Kinky Katrina from Sydney says:

      He told me he only had $50 – jeez, that bloke’s as mean as cat’s piss.


    • 71
      Polly's Villa in Tuscany says:

      £490 at Doyles is a very nice lunch thank you…probably him and 3 others. Star city is a bit of a dump, but I have heard you can get the H**kers charged to your Credit card as Food and Beverage…


    • 76
      Security Bloke says:

      Credit card providers have blocks on ‘unusual’ movements on cards?

      Presumably splashing the cash in a casino and paying £490 for fish and chips was seen as normal for this card holder.


      • 84
        Lard Pressclott says:

        The only ‘unusual movements’ I have are my bowels churning.
        I normally ‘splash ‘ when I’m chucking it up.


    • 99
      Parliamentary Standards Commissioner says:

      I do not have the powers to investigate these matters. In fact I don’t have any powers at all.


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika says:

    I understand that’s what Aussie girls charge


  3. 6

    It’s all very innocent, Wilsons Pie & cake shop in Botany Road, Sydney doesn’t take credit card. Man’s got to eat right….


    • 12
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Thought he had bulimea?


      • 21
        Anonymous says:

        He’s only got the early symptoms of Bulimea, he eats and eats and eats but hasn’t got to the spewing up stage yet.


      • 28
        Hasn't done a days work for 40 years says:

        he eats and then vomits the excess

        Eliot Ness approach to bring him to book


      • 36
        Hugh Janus says:

        His other ‘illness’ is a compulsion to waste as much taxpayers’ cash as he can get his hands on. I believe it is called Socialism, and in his case it is very advanced with no hope of a cure. It is also terminal for the rest of us should there be another outbreak in Westminster.


  4. 7
    Kinnock says:

    Amateur ! That is just small change boyo !


  5. 10
    Jess The Dog says:

    If this will shut the Mouth Of The Humber up for good, it will be a price worth paying. Having said that, the slug does not appear to possess much in the way of shame, and most of us would have curled up under a rock forever after that debacle.


  6. 11
    Engineer says:

    Check with the local hospitals – has a hooker suffering from crushing injuries been admitted on the same night as the cash withdrawal?


  7. 13
    Deep Froat says:

    Now now he obviously was in the market for a delicious Pie floater while in Oz.
    Though that amount would have probably bought ALL the pies in the shop.

    Lord of the Pies – Prescott. who ate oall the pies!


  8. 15
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Prezza, the gift that keeps on giving!


  9. 16
    Lord Humber of Lard says:

    It weren’t a Casoni. It were a Whypp…..Wip…DOG TRACK! Any’ow lads. Leave off while I’ve finished me Pieabix…


  10. 17
    Anonymous says:

    The PIE SHOP obviously didn’t accept credit cards


  11. 19
    FlipC says:

    “Leaving aside the obvious financial malpractice of withdrawing cash on a credit card”

    Que? Please explain why you consider this financial malpractice given that it’s an ability written into (as far as I can see) every major credit card’s terms and conditions.


    • 31
      Bank T&Cs says:

      Gonna cost you a packet though.


    • 42
      boulay says:

      because it is usual practice with “corporate” credit cards that you do not take cash out on them due not only to the extra cost but the lack of paper trail for spending.

      if you worked for an evil bank and you did that, unless you had a really really good excuse you would be lucky just to have your card taken off you….


      • 111
        FlipC says:

        In which case Guido is missing the word “government” from that sentence provided of course that the extraction of cash is explicitly stated as not acceptable as part of the terms and condition of using a government credit card.

        If it’s not and simply “usual practice” then it’s a telling-off offence not “financial malpractice” per se.


      • 112
        Anonymous says:

        It is accepted practice to withdraw cash on a corporate card for ancillary expenditure such as cab fares where cards may not be accepted, when travelling overseas this fluctuates dramatically in cash-only economies where credit cards simply aren’t widely accepted. As far as I know this is not the case in Australia.

        In any case it’s NAO rules that all expenditure should be backed with receipts, card or cash and that any left-over cash should be paid back.


  12. 20
    Disco Biscuit says:

    How much is a hooker in Oz?


  13. 26
    Lard Presclott says:

    160 quid doesn’t buy many bog seats, not at the rate I go through ‘em.


  14. 30
    You got more mouth than a cows got cunt says:

    Can we have some right expenses scandal too Guido so we can balance the books so to speak


  15. 34
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Oh Dear…Barrel – bottom – scraping. £160 , quick get FBI, CID, Interpol on the case.

    Pretty weak stuff Guido .

    Please can we have more Nick Boles and Jacob Rees-Mogg……oh please?


    • 39
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      why dont you write about it on your own blog, am sure it will be a rip roaring sucsess.


    • 43
      Prescott's rusty badge says:

      I’d rather see a cost benefit analysis of the Pathfinder project. Much more interesting!


      • 52
        yeah, right.. says:

        Indeed. You should see some of the crap ‘homes’ that have been put up on the sites where once stood decent, solid houses which could have and should have been renovated.

        No accountability, no explanation, no acknowledgment that this was an alimighty and expensive f up.


    • 58
      yeah, right.. says:

      Not his money though, is it?


    • 69
      Pissed off voter says:

      Oh Dear…Barrel – bottom – scraping. £160 , quick get FBI, CID, Interpol on the case

      You seem to have forgotten the expenses scandal already. As I remember, credit cards were not really touched on at that time and this is certainly worth a little digging. Besides, it was not his £160, it was yours and mine and whatever you think, I would like to know what it was spent on and how much more, if any.

      I am still angry that only half a dozen out of about 300 were prosecuted and that the ‘rt honourable’ Mr C blocked publication of repayments – I wonder why.


      • 81
        Tony Bliar is a complete cunt says:

        300 ?, I thought every single one of them were at it to some degree………..Jacqui smith should have been the first to go to prison………….


  16. 37
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  17. 40
    His Prezzaness says:

    Well, I’m going to need some walking-around money, right? Or in my case, waddling…


  18. 41
    Anonymous says:

    went to the doctors , the doc said drop your pants and ill take a look ,” Theres your problem” youve only got One Arse


  19. 49
    nell says:

    So he goes on a taxpayer funded mission to oz to investigate casino’s and spends his time eating meals in restaurants that cost £500 or gambling £500 a time away in casinos. All at taxpayers expense of course.

    And then as a final insult he withdraws nearly £200 in sundry spending money on a taxpayer funded credit card no doubt to spend on the likes of crisps chocolate and sundry glasses of whisky or something.

    There are really no words to describe this odious slug of a man.


    • 53
      Anything To Oblige says:

      Would ‘fat ignorant bastard’ be a good starter for ten?


    • 60
      Tummy Rot says:

      ‘Odious slug of a man’ seems to fit quite well.


    • 61
      Sophie says:

      The vapid sense of entitlement of Lord Prescott to our money is a disgrace.

      Why is he above the law?

      Assault against a member of the public: No charge

      Adulterous affair with a public sector employee on public sector property: No charge.

      Blatant theft & fraud against the taxpayer: No charge.

      Why are the CPS & the Police so afraid of this man?


      • 74
        Pissed off voter says:

        All I can imagine is that they have some nasty skeletons themselves or they also enjoy the benefits of our hard-earned by nefarious means. Of course, it might just be that they don’t give a toss.


  20. 55
    selfimportant says:

    like fox, spent on a “young friend from out of town”

    though to be fair to Lord Prescott, his friend probly had tits


  21. 57
    Sophie says:

    What does it take to get that odious hypocrit into a court?

    A JCB?


  22. 62
    Martin Buber says:

    Like an old SA man who punches everyone who disagrees.


  23. 64
    Hookers R us says:

    £160 Is about the same amount for a hooker in that city. So could be for the full menue so to speak. But no kissing.


  24. 65
    dodgy oul troughing fat cunt says:

    where was the cash machine…Kings x?


    • 90
      Skippy says:

      I have a delightful photo of three female relatives standing under the sign of that famous bakery there – Kings Cross Tarts.


  25. 66
    John Prescutt says:

    Look ‘ere. We pot scrubbers need our little bits of fun. I’m stuck with a tiny chipolata, yer know. Not much I can do wi’ it, ‘cept give it its little ‘ead when I’m away on manoeuvres. Not to menshun that Pauline an’ ‘er bloody ‘airdo. You try gerrin yer leg over when ‘t missus is ‘alf off’t bed and screaming wi’ laughter at size of little feller. Ashcroft. Mind you, the old beer gut does gerrin’t way at critical moments. Type 2 diabetes. When I were shaggin’t secerterry up against ‘t door in ‘t office she were crushed flatter’n a Chink’s face. Poor girl.

    As fer’t £154.86, that’s my business. Haven’t any o’ you lot ever stretched expenses a tad? Just don’t mention me to them Revenue lads. As fer that southern bastard Guido, watch yer arse, yer spotty little pen-pusher. I’ll deal with you when I’m back in Blighty, rarin’ to go an’ with a left ‘ook coiled like Pauline’s when she found out I’d been dippin’ it. Bollox to’t lot of yer.


  26. 67
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    I expect Prezza need to buy a few of the pies that Australia is famous for!


  27. 68
    Hava Nagila says:

    What was the £160 spent on and where are the receipts?

    I don’t think ladyboys give receipts.

    (Yes, this is a joke and in no way a libel against the Hon. Mr. Prescott.)


  28. 73
    Tax Payer says:

    What would he have said if it was a Conservative minister visiting casino’s and extracting cash willy-nilly?

    He is a disgrace.


  29. 78
    BillyBob... says:

    Just about sums him up….


  30. 80
    Just asking an obvious question?? says:

    Hang on though..in 2004 was there any need to obtain receipts for miscellaneous expenses(cash or otherwise) below £250 or equivalent or was that just MP expenses ? Surely that was what all the furore was in 2008/9 wasn’t it ? When as a result it was reduced to below £100. If so then I suspect that government ministers were covered by the same rules


  31. 82
    joescotus says:

    why was’nt the welsh wind turbine brought to book for presiding over widespread corruption on his eu watch ?


  32. 86
    50 Calibre says:

    There is no problem here.

    The noble Lord spent it all on pies…


  33. 88
    Pies 'r' us says:

    He’s one of our best customers…


  34. 89
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Where was the ATM? Kings Cross environs perchance?


  35. 103
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Another Dishonourable to be nailed to the floor, only one foot, then he can keep going round & round & disappear up his own jacksie.


  36. 104
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Why can’t we just string this fat toad up?


  37. 105
    Jeffrey Bernard says:

    I just hope it did not go on any decent wine. It would be a scandal if all that hard-earned, taxpayer’s cash had been wasted …


  38. 108
    Hang The Bastards says:


    Get the boys at the Sunlight Centre to go after the fat fuck.



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