October 19th, 2011

Musical SpAds

With a Cabinet reshuffle comes the flurry of promotions, and then come the SpAd wars. Media advisor Hayden Allen is the only one of Fox’s SpAds to survive the resignation and will be staying at MoD. Fox’s three SpAds has been cut to two…

Policy wonk Sian Jones has gone with Hammond, and there was talk of Paul Stephenson, Hammond’s media SpAd going across too, but he has gone back to his old opposition boss – Andrew Lansley. Justine Greening at Transport is hiring…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    That should not have Spads.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Fox’s tree SpAds has been cut to two…”



  3. 3
    Campane for corekt enGlish says:

    What is a tree spad?


  4. 5
    screw the lot of them says:

    C’unts the lot of them.


    • 35
      Less is More says:

      Sack them all.

      If a minister has no ideas of his own and still can’t find decent advice, we should get rid ofthe Whitehall deadwood, hire better civil servants, and not bring in a load of Spads.


      • 57
        Sir Humphrey Appleby says:

        ‘While that would appear to address the immediate problem, Minister, one cannot be unmindful of the fact that an important question is sorely and conspicuously begged, that of which Civil Servants will do the hiring of the better Civil Servants, and whether they can be trusted to do so in a completely transparent and above-board manner; but of course that is a political question and the ultimate discretion in these matters resides in you and such advisers as you see fit to consult, Minister.’


  5. 7
    Gordon Brown says:

    As I hate waste, this afternoon I will be making dog shit chutney and selling it at the local farmers market


  6. 8
    Robert Catesby says:

    The girl on the left of the photo. I’d advise her to put her special bits around my bellend


  7. 11
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  8. 12
    Bye, Liam says:

    Fox to make statement in next half hour.


    • 44
      Less is More says:

      He’s resigned. Will our Parliament please get on with the business of legislating and stop wasting time on ministers who are not there any more.


    • 46
      Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

      The date for his civil partnership with Verity?


  9. 13
    Chucker Omanna says:

    No, it’s not my phone making the interference.
    If I had a phone with me I would have switched it off; so it can’t be my phone making the noise into my microphone next to me.
    I think it must be a Tory phone. They don’t have a plan for turning off phones. We have a five point plan for turning off phones.

    Definitely not my phone.

    Ring ring…..ring ring…..


    • 24
      Denis MacShameless says:


    • 30

      “Hi Chukka ..its me..just reminding you to turn off your blackberry before the interview..cheeerrrrs..oh, and good luck..bye..bye..bye..see you afters..”

      Chukka’s Spad.


    • 48
      Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

      Answer your bloody phone Chuka – the test results are back.


    • 58
      The Other bloke says:

      IT is always a Labour Party knee-jerk reaction to deny anything. If anyone had asked the picayune shadow if he was in the studio-he would have denied it.
      I suspect he thought that he was being asked if he had farted.


  10. 15
    Ramrod says:

    Cameron promised to cut the number of Spads.

    Most of these sponging wasters need to be fired.


  11. 16
    Legs Watch says:

    Clare Perry just took her seat in the HoC wearing a delightfully short skirt. Unfortunately she moved slightly and her legs are obscured by a frontbencher whose name I don’t know.


    • 42
      Sir William Waad says:

      The Member for Devizes….

      ….why do they only eat whole boiled potatoes in Wlitshire?

      Because they have no Devizes for Chippenham.


    • 52
      Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

      I would suspect the obstacle is Anne Milton, better known as ‘Princess Pushy’ in the party due to her being more dangerous than an entire England scrum when there is a camera in the vicinity.


  12. 18
    Legs Watch says:

    A mighty fine pair of legs they are too.


  13. 29
    Dr Liam Fox says:


    quote attributed to Andy Coulson


  14. 33
    Mikhal Hancockski says:

    I thought PMQ’s was disgraceful. The hypocrisy that poured out of Miliband’s mouth was unacceptable. The Coalition have had two high profile resignation for wrongdoing. Labour wrong doers get to keep their jobs over and over again. What a disgrace the opposition is.


  15. 36
    Anonymous says:

    The purpose of SpAds is to give ministers an independent source of half-truths and spin, separate from the half-truths and spin offered by a politicised and self-serving Civil Service.

    God forbid that ministers should ever converse with somebody who actually understands the subject under consideration.


  16. 38
    kleegish says:

    ‘Although in these times of austerity we have had to cut back on the number of advisers we employ, we assure the public that in no wise has the quality of the advice been compromised; the electorate can count on Ministers and other MPs receiving the same old tired blah as we have all become accustomed to, and that will not change just because there are fewer advisers to dispense it. Many of our old advisers are now employed in the private sector, and that cannot but bode well for the strength of the economy as a whole.’– B. S. Slinger, official spokesperson for the Advisory Committee on Advisory Committees.


  17. 39
    Desperate Dan says:

    The protesters at Dale Farm are led by two members of the chosen community – Natalie Szarek and Jacob Hirschkop. That might explain the protesters enthusiasm for illegal settlements.


    • 59
      Spinning another myth says:

      They tell us via the media(why the hell do we give these people the oxygen of publicity ?) without a hint of the ridiculous that at Dale Farm there is widespread police brutality and ethnic cleansing going on and many many of the peacful protestors and residents(inc WOMEN AND CHILDREN(they omitted Todddlers) were viciously tazered and clubbed to the ground…as the forces of the fascist right aka Basildon Council made illegal(?) egress on to the site….even the media were disbelieving…..the guy on Sky almost told her to stop telling porkies but restrained himself to a mere “Well we’ve seen nothing of that and we’ve been there since it started…………………”


    • 60
      The Other bloke says:

      I think you are referring to Miss Natalie “Fox” and Mr “Jake Wills”.
      Now you have got to be pretty damned ashamed of your ethnic origin to hide it under the name “Fox”.


  18. 40
    Luciana Berger - who hasn't she shagged? says:

    This is a major problem for the parties. If there are not enough spads where will the next group of MPs come from? They may be forced to nominate people who have had real jobs.


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