October 18th, 2011

First Pictures of Gilad Shalit Free


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Good news Guido!


    • 36
      Enoch Powell says:

      Great news.
      This evening I raise my glass to Gilad Shalit. Respect!
      For he’s a jolly good fellow, and so say all of us!!


    • 42

      So what the Israelis are saying is, one Israeli soldier is worth just over 1,000 Palestinian soldiers?

      And it seems as if the Arabs are agreeing with this reckoning?

      Christ, the Jews must have some great fighting men in Israel.

      Reminds me of Hitler who once said during WWII he’d rather his soldiers fought ten American GIs than one English Tommy.


      • 59
        My other car's a Merkava says:

        I like to think of it more as one Arab is worth roughly the same as an Israeli fingernail. Hope that helps.


    • 74
      Fairness for all please says:

      What about the Israeli settlers who kill and attack Palestinians and destroy and steal their homes, businesses and land? They’re not arrested, neither are the Israeli’s who dopped white phosphorous on Gaza and the like. Doesn’t state terrorism count?


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Mazeltov !!!


  3. 3
    nopizza says:

    Stop sucking up to them, Guido.


  4. 4
    Feck Off says:


  5. 5
    Moishe Bowden says:

    Gilad Shalit ~ גלעד שליט


  6. 6
    screw the lot of them says:

    Good day to bury very bad RPI news.


  7. 7
    Sandra says:

    Welcome home Gilad.

    Now Israel, send in the tanks & flatten the place.


  8. 8
    Spartacus says:

    OK this is another one of the cartoon things you put up Mondays.

    I’ll bite. Who is this Gallop Shititt?


  9. 9
    Andy Gray says:

    So, Hamas now admits that 1 Israeli life is worth 1000 Palestinian lives. I guess they’ll now have no complaints if the IDF kill 2000 Palestinians in retaliation for 2 Israeli lives lost in rocket attacks launched from Gaza. Fair’s fair, right?


    • 12
      War by Proxy says:

      Israil has always taken that point of view. Why change now?


    • 16
      Hava Nagila says:

      Don’t be such a sociopath.


    • 21
      Jeremy Bowen says:

      No. Stop thinking for yourselves and allow us here at the Beeb to explain.
      An act that demonstrates that Israel values the lives of its citizens so highly that it will allow 1,000 baying Arabic terrorists out of jail to save a single one of their own is A GLORIOUS VICTORY FOR HAMAS.

      If Hamas fire grad missiles into Israel from Gaza and the Israelis launch a precision air strike, killing a single baying arab miltant, it is EVIDENCE THAT ISRAEL IS AN EVIL OCCUPYING FORCE.

      *goes back to burning history books*


      • 69
        Heretic says:

        Bacon sandwiches all round !


      • 75
        Some Tory boys are excellent, e.g. Boris. says:

        When Ehud Barak negotiated with the Palestinians the violence stopped. No Killings. Then Sharon visted the West Bank which was like Hitler visiting Jerusalem after the Sabra and Chatila massacre.

        And by the way, hundreds of thousands of Israeli Jews took to the streets to protest against the massacre, saying not in our name. Life is complicated, not black and white.

        I’m not gay but I love Ehud Barak, a man with real integrity. Those Israeli demonstrators give me hope that eventually peace may be found. Unfortunately violence from both sides equals a siege mentality on both sides with the voices of reason being marginalised.

        What about the newly liberated Egyptians donating a portion of land equivalent to the size of the occupied territories to Israel in exchange for their getting out of the occupied territories? They can well afford to given the massive size of Egypt. Outside the box thinking like that is needed in situations like this.


      • 76
        WTF says:

        Well done the BBC this morning for actually reporting with accuracy the situation in Israel rather running scared for fear of an angry letter from the Israeli ambassador. If they continue this trend they might start to claw their way up to the level of Channel 4 news.

        And by the way Israel IS an occupying force. They are land grabbing, i.e. stealing land from the Palestinians left right and centre. The ‘precision strikes’ tend to be 300 dead Palestinians for several Jewish Israeli’s.

        I believe in the existence of the state of Israel and am neither anti Israeli nor anti Semitic.


  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    Wars effing sick of em’


  11. 15
    Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

    The Guardian and Jody McIntyre and the rest of the left loving pro palestine muppets wont be happy…without a war what do they have to rant about!

    Was David Mills/Mr Tessa Jowell there to make sure his Hezbollah planes were seen by all!


    • 31
      Anonymous says:

      You seem to be under the misapprehension that being pro-Israeli is better than being pro-Palestinian.


      • 33
        Nostradamus says:

        There is no such thing as a “Palestinian.”
        They are a ragtag bunch of swivel-eyed Jordanians and Egyptians using “nationhood” as a way of furthering their genocidal campaign against the Jews.


  12. 18
    Hava Nagila says:

    I can’t help but notice that Mr. Fawkes seems lot more interested in the doings of random Israeli soldiers (who also happen to be French citizens) than in the losses suffered by British soldiers fighting wars which Mr. Fawkes has actively endorsed.

    I can understand support for Israel but the levels of near-sexual fetishisation that this blog has for the IDF and its members has reached a level where I think we all have to ask Guido what’s going on.


    • 20

      It’s a style thing – in the way that British nerds have long been fascinated by America, they’re just aping the quasi-religious right-wing of the US. Next up – some nonsense about abortion, a “campaign” in favour of state killing, and a love letter to that fucking loon Ayn Rand.


      • 23
        BillyBob... says:

        No…….. some of us just support the IDF !


        • 24
          Billy Bellend says:



          • Anonymous says:

            They’ve been brainwashed.


          • Sandra says:

            Because they fight the lesser jihad on our behalf in the vain hope that we come to our senses to defeat the greater jihad that is coming.

            Dhimmi leftists may be useful idiots for now – but even they will have to be saved from themselves & their morkish self loathing & empire guilt.



          • Billy Bellend says:

            Must be day release for rabid loonies.


          • Sandra says:

            “Must be day release for rabid loonies”

            Indeed it is – a thousand killers who slaughtered Israeli women and children in the name of Allah walking free is not a good day for justice or democracy.

            Still, makes for a richer target environment when the IDF go in again – & saves a fortune on prison bills.


          • Billy Bellend says:

            “…slaughtered Israeli women and children in the name of Allah…”?
            You’ve just made that up, or are you party to some inside information that the rest of the world doesn’t know about?

            By the way, schmuck, what’s the reason for the Israeli slaughter of Palestinian women and children?


          • Sandra says:


            Dhimmi leftist, useful idiot – your self loathing & empire guilt have no effect on me.

            Try reading the Hamas Charter – then compare & contrast it to Israeli democracy.

            You are dismissed.


          • Deborah says:

            If you don’t know what Israeli women and children were murdered and how I suggest for a start you look up the name Fogel. If you want the gory bits you can see how the Palestinians beheaded a 3 month old baby.


          • Billy Bellend says:

            I’ve no intention of looking at a beheaded Isreali child any more than I have the intention to look at a Palestinian child blown to pieces by an Isreali missile.


    • 27
      Splurge says:

      Perhaps Guidos on the payroll, just like Fox and Werritty?


    • 30
      Nostradamus says:

      It’s because the whole issue has been hijacked and perverted by the left.
      The number of useful idiots in this country happy to shill for hordes of genocidal arabs is astonishing.


  13. 22
    Osama the Nazarene says:

    The Hamas terrorists are worried that their safe haven in Syria is under threat from democracy. Long term they will have to become much more flexible.


  14. 26
    No Big deal... says:

    Israel will have turned a hundred odd Palestinians into informants anyway and will spend the next couple of years knocking off the serious players in the streets…. The rest won’t really matter much as they’ll be less keen to be caught again.

    Glad the young lad is back


  15. 29
    Anonymous says:

    Send him a pizza, Guido.
    Goys shouldn’t distinguish between IDF thugs.
    Pizza for one, pizza for all.



  16. 34
    MB. says:

    I was amused by the suggestions that the deal between the IDF and HAMAS ia a way of sabotaging the attempt by Abbas to get UN recognition. When it comes to the crunch terrorists always stick together even when on opposite sides.


  17. 43
    Voice of Reason says:

    Just another killer released, who cares.


    • 45
      No Big deal... says:

      So all soldiers are killers huh?


      • 47
        Billy Bellend says:

        Errrr… that’s what soldiers do, kill.


        • 49
          Dan says:

          You are a bit of a knob really.

          I am sure there is an edict from Al Gore or George Monbiot for you to be masturbating over – off you go.


        • 60
          No Big deal says:

          Hmm.. actually soldiers in the modern day do quite a bit more than that Bellend.. Yes they kill when required to and as dictated by where their government sends them and who it says are the enemy them it’s not really as simple as the Voice of Reason makes out.

          The implication that he doesn’t care because it’s a soldier is what I have an issue with (though I’m sure you knew that…). Israel keeping faith with the lad captured and seeking his return is pretty important stuff for the morale of the IDF.

          I’d like to think our nations would keep the faith so strongly. We have seen examples of this with the rescue of captured soldiers in Sierra Leone (google Op BARRAS for a great example), and the widescale searches for the young lad lost in Helmand (and sadly found killed) earlier this year, to the credit of British Forces but wow this was a strong message.

          Well done Israel for getting your lad back. There will be time enough to go after those that have been released if they choose to return to arms….


          • Voice of Reason says:

            Idiot. Of course soldiers are killers – that’s their primary purpose when it comes down to it. Of course they do other things in the meantime before a war – only a twat like yourself would have to comment on that. I don’t care because I don’t give a stuff about Israel and indeed all the other lot – they’re all as bad as each other.

            And as you say, “There will be time enough to go after those that have been released if they choose to return to arms….” Replace the word ‘if’ with ‘when’ and you’ll be nearer to the truth.


          • No Big deal says:

            Ha ha! Hmm. Well argued Voice of Reason… You got me! take it you’ve never served then? Idiot? Twat?

            I play the ball not the man mate so I won’t stoop to your level suffice to say having experienced what the armed forces contribute first hand as an organistation I think your view is a little blinkered.

            For someone who doens’t give a stuff though you’re pretty hard up on it. This blog must drive you mad?!!


  18. 53
    Doley Doley says:

    This Gilad Shalit is a good pretext for some pretty low propaganda.

    Implicit is that him being held hostage is as horrific as five year old child being held as a sex slave in a windowless basement, and thus we should emotionally react accordingly

    Further, the idea is that we as British or whatever citizens should react is if the IDF and israel are OUR friends and allies, therefore he is one of ours.

    the guy is a soldier at war, and a pretty unevenly matched war at that. is it wholly unexpected that he might be kidnapped and held hostage?

    I’ll spare my sympathy for deserving causes, not some military thug incurring an occupational hazard, thanks


  19. 62
    Parasitical BBC. says:

    I am not one for sitting on fence except when it comes to Israel and Palestine. They are as bad as each other and their own worse enemies. The Palestinians are the under dogs though.


  20. 79
    Pedant#1 says:



  21. 80
    Standard Toaster says:

    The IDF should now drench Gaza in non persistent Nerve Agent, then turn Gaza into glass, in case some of the palestinian scum survived the Nerve Agent.


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