October 13th, 2011

Michael Hintze: For Whom the Bell Spins

Flying in from China to face the growing music, Michael Hintze, the donor in the spotlight regarding Liam Fox’s shadow operation, is said to have hired Lord Bell to spin for him this morning. Hintze, the chairman of the hedge fund CQS, gave Adam Werritty a desk in his Grosvenor Place office and is one of his key benefactors. Given that the Sunday papers are crawling over anyone who has ever given Fox a penny, it seems Hintze is getting ready for a fight… 

UPDATE: It looks like they are keeping it cosy. Richard Alston the Non-Executive Director of Bells’s Chime Communications (which owns Bell Pottinger,) also sits on the international advisory board of CQS. Bell Pottinger also represent the Sri Lankan government and have worked closely with Liam Fox in the past.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He HAS to go!

    • 3
      human being says:

      Howw does this affect my council tax rates?

    • 17
      Anonymous says:

      If money given to an MP or partner or friend is not a bribe it need to be declared. It looks more and more like brown envelopes full of cash. Especially you cannot have a defence minister who accepts brown envelopes.

      • 24

        Foxes Friends and fox himself seem to be determined to pursue some ‘Brownian’ strategy of insisting black is white.

        It will all end in tears.

        • 37
          Anonymous says:

          If PM cannot act, security services must act, its the security of the country is at stake. Fox should be put in solidarity confinement till the investigations are over.

          • Stone me says:

            “Solidarity confinement” ? Is this a bit like the mafia burying someone up to their neck in thick, quick-setting concrete as the flyover continues to be built?

        • 38
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          “Brownian” motion. Random and inexplicable leaping about in all direction. Caused by invisible forces, took the greatest genius in the last 300 years to explain what was going on.

          So what’s fox’s excuse going to be today?

          • So far he has claimed all the usual excuses.

            “Done nothing wrong, within the rules, its a media conspiracy.”
            He’s even added the Walter Mitty allegation, usually reserved for deceased weapons inspectors.

            Why would a hedge fund want to employ a Walter Mitty character to aid a minister?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Water Mitty: Perhaps its an act.
            A bit like columbo shuffling about pretending doesn’t really know whats happening. And as he walks out the door he says “Just one more thing… don’t you think we should invade eye-ran?”

          • Anonymous says:

            Hedge funds do trade in defence industry and any government order from any particulate defence manufactor will change the share price. It could be insider trading. We need a investigation headed by a judge on top of a police one.

            Chances are US government will want to look at what is happening.

        • 45
          Engineer says:

          Noticable at PMQs Cameron praised Fox for the work he had done at the MOD. He didn’t say anything about Fox’s future work.

          It must be obvious to Downing Street that things are not going to pan out well, but it’s good form to wait for GOD’s report. That also buys them a bit of time to arrange a mini-reshuffle if that becomes necessary; as Dave is not a right-winger, he may be glad to see Fox back on the backbenches, anyway.

          The sooner this is cleared up, the better. It’s a distraction from the real pressing business – the Euro going belly-up, and the fallout from that.

          • Anonymous says:

            If Fox is on the take he should be removed on the spot you cannot let him have any more access to information relating to national security.

          • Engineer says:

            What evidence is there that Fox is on the take? His problem is that he has apparently conspired with a scam by people with defence industry interests to buy access to a Minister via a ‘close friend’, by funding the said ‘close friend’. (So far as I can make out so far.)

          • Anonymous says:

            Fox should have know how his close friend (it looks more and more like his partner) was getting money for these expensive tips to spend time with him. When a “friend” bring people to meet you should know there is some thing wrong especially when you are a defence minister.

            Do you know how close Srilankan government is to China?

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            There is of course no evidence that fox is on the take.

            But throughout the world (saw an entirely different one last night, had french news on for 5 minutes), well connected people make a % on arms deals and the like and then let politicians “borrow their villa”, fund their campaigns and the like.

          • Anonymous says:

            China, which has emerged as Sri Lanka’s biggest donor last year with a billion dollar aid replacing Japan, is also one of biggest supplier of weapons to its army


          • Anonymous says:

            The Iranian lobbyist visited Fox in May 2009 at Portcullis House. Werritty met him at the entrance of the parliamentary building and escorted him up to Fox’s office, sitting in for half a meeting on Iran. “I thought Werritty’s was Fox’s assistant,” the lobbyist – who declined to be named – told the Guardian. “Werritty was the main contact for meeting Fox. He was the person who arranged the time of the meeting. He collected me at the gate of Portcullis House and took me up to Fox’s office.


        • 94

          Bill Quango MP: “It will all end in tears.”

          I agree. Just like Chime Communications or Bell Pottinger – or whatever it calls itself today.

          From bell bottoms to bell ends in less than thirty years. Hee! Hee! Hee!

      • 25
        Anonymous says:

        Fox should be suspended until investigation are over.

    • 100
      Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

      As well as Hintze, the Bridge received donations from one Michael Lewis, who has given to both Labour and the Tories, mostly, it would seem, in the interests of Israel. He was involved in the Conservative friends of the same and is central to BICOM, the British Israel Communications and Research Centre.

      • 101
        Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

        In other words, Fox is effectively on the MOSSAD payroll, via various sweeteners and bagmen…

        He is a TRAITOR, caught red-handed!!!

  2. 2
    Tom Baldwin, the New Baghdad Bob says:

  3. 4
    screw the lot of them says:

    (see above)

  4. 5
    les says:

    Getting really boring now!

  5. 6
    Engineer says:

    This doesn’t look good. It rather hands a line of attack to the opposition – the Tories are bought and paid for by the hedge funds. Somewhat offsets the argument that Labour is bought and paid for by the unions.

    Fox will have to go now, surely. Off balance-sheet funding of hospitals and schools is one thing, off balance sheet funding of Minister’s SpAds (or ‘close friends’) is quite another.

    Hintze can fight all he likes – he’ll need some miraculous spin to make this look acceptable.

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      The question is, is it a bribe?

      • 27
        Engineer says:

        There’s no suggestion that Fox has personally benefitted financially, so no. More a question of buying influence or access.

        • 48
          Anonymous says:

          There is all the flights, hotels, sex, etc. Someone paid for it and it wasn’t the government or Fox. It looks like a bribe and sound like a bribe.

          • Engineer says:

            Fox – flights and hotels – official business, properly funded by government.

            Werritty – flights and hotels – funded by consortium of donors, apparently with the knowledge and blessing of Fox. That’s the dodgy bit, because Werritty had no official role.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not all are official. Also when you take a holiday in-between official trips government doesn’t pay.

        • 102
          Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

          Get real Engineer, they play the long game and he will get his 40 male virgins – just look at Blair now, see how it works yet???

      • 28
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Is that the big question?
        Previously: gayness less important than possible financial irregularities.
        Now: Either of those is preferable to lobbying for big donors.

        Lets hope those donors are british. Australian will do.

        • 58
          Anonymous says:

          There was a meeting with an Iranian who is close to Iranian government as well. On top there is Srilankan government which is close to China. It looks more like open market.

        • 98
          Spiteful John says:

          If a spy service sets up a big titted tart to blackmail a target it is a honey trap.
          Was this a Marmite trap?

      • 31

        Doesn’t really matter does it?

        A bribe would be worse but the ‘truth’ that he pays for an adviser to help Dr Fox, a man who, as a minister of the crown, can access unlimited funds and advisers, isn’t much better.

        Really its just a question now of who gets to cut off the tail.

  6. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Who do you think will go first, Fox or Hunt?

  7. 8
    Thrilled to be near says:

    Is this the Bell who was caught showing off his nine-incher from a window in the seventies?

    Could be just the man for the job.

  8. 9
    King Rumpy Pumpy of Europa says:

  9. 10
    greasedweaselship says:

    This seems on the money in more ways than one, no?


  10. 11
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Is the taxman interested?

  11. 12
    Stuart Bellend says:

    I am in now way related.

  12. 13
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Is he pissed off at werrity’s ungratefulness – gave him a desk, bet he never used it.

  13. 14
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Treason, anyone?

  14. 15
    minutiae-watcher spotter says:

    Riveting stuff.

  15. 16
    Max Clifford says:

    I’m free.

    Well in one meaning of the word

  16. 18
    Ah! Monika says:

    If it’s all so innocent, presumably Werrity will continue to accompany him.

  17. 19
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    Why would Fox need any outside funding? I heard he has mints.

  18. 20
    UN Observer says:

    Another guy who seems to be very interesting, “who has indirectly assisted Mr Werritty, is billionaire Chaim ‘Poju’ Zabludowicz – the chairman and chief donor of Bicom, who also owns large areas of Las Vegas”.(DM)

    I would love to be supported by him…

    • 22
      Benjamin Netanyahu says:

      Hello Poju

      Can you help ?

      We have a spot of bother with our agents in London…

    • 105
      Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

      Come on now, the whole think stinks of a very intricate, interconnected Mossad operation – with us loyal Brits at the receiving end (yet AGAIN, always AGAIN!!!) of another right old shafting – Blair is pro Israel, Cameron, Fox – all of the koonts- – the vast majority of knob-jokeys paid 65k a year plus unlimited expensos and backhanders…

  19. 26
    Reuters correspondent in Hampstead says:

    And of course Stanley Fink, the hedge fund partner of “I’ll flog you a title” Lord Levy is in there as well…

    Nothing like playing both ends against the middle

  20. 29
    Chelsea supporter says:

    Does anything still belong to the English in London ?

    What with these people and the Russian Oligarchs, there does not seem ot be much left…

    They even own my footy club

    • 34
      KBGeastie says:

      Have you seen the battle between Berezovski and Abramovich in the High Court ?

      Fascinating on how they obtained their billions…

      • 39

        I saw Boris in Malaga recently. Very, very scary looking man.
        Windows on his Bentley weren’t just black, they were an absence of light.

        • 44
          Ah! Monika says:


          • No. Unfortunately. Real world job.

            But I’m on a jolly..erm..I mean important EU business conference on the minimum height of telegraph poles next week in Barcelona. An intern, Miss Natalia Stalkiovich is accompanying to hold my briefs.

        • 52
          Jack says:

          He turns up to Court surrounded by heavies…

          Like Abramovich…

          The High Court is like Moscow at the moment

          • The Golem says:

            A mafia front? I hear successfully doing business in Russia these days requires an anti-flak vest and guards with machine guns.

      • 77
        tory boys never grow up says:

        That is one discussion that i guess both parties will want to keep outside the confines of the British Legal System. Last time I looked the British Courts did not think that they had much of a role in resolving disputes between thieves and fences when the original theft was conducted in the UK.

        • 83
          tory boys never grow up says:

          But it keeps the lawyers busy and happy and helps the balance of payments so why should the Government be concerned?

        • 95
          The Other Bloke says:

          No British Judge would be swayed by a couple of million in readies and limitless rent boys from doing his duty any more than a British Member of Parliament would tell a lie!

  21. 30
    Legal beagle says:

    Shillings must be in there somewhere as well…

  22. 32
    tory boys never grow up says:

    Does anyone know if Adam Werrity is a member of the Tory Party – if so the following extracts from PPERA may be of interest to him, should he wish to argue (or be persuaded) that he was acting on his own accord and not as a political assistant to Dr Fox.

    (3) “Controlled donation”—
    (a) in relation to a member of a registered party, means a donation received
    by that person which is—
    (i) offered to him, or
    (ii) where it has been accepted, retained by him,
    for his use or benefit in connection with any of his political activities as
    a member of the party;

    (4) For the purposes of this Schedule the political activities of a party member
    or (as the case may be) of a members association include, in particular—
    (a) promoting or procuring the election of any person to any position in, or
    to any committee of, the party in question;
    (b) promoting or procuring the selection of any person as the party’s
    candidate for election to a relevant elective office; and
    (c) promoting or developing policies with a view to their adoption by the

    • 36
      Mr Werrity says:

      I was not acting for the Tory Party

      So I acted within the rules

      • 40
        Legal beagle says:

        We need counsel’s opinion on this

        But it looks like he can get off scot free with this defence

        • 45
          Jack says:

          How about the Official Secrets Act and Rules of Ministerial Conduct then ?

        • 56
          tory boys never grow up says:

          It is not a question of who he was acting for – if he was a member of the Tories and he recieved a donation to carry on political activities (and I guess trying to influence that Party’s policies through one of its Government ministers would meet that definition) then it is a controlled donation and should have been declared. If on the other hand the donation was to Mr Fox then he should have declared it to the Electoral Commission and in the Register of Member’s interests.

          • tory boys never grow up says:

            Werrity would be well advised to make sure that he gets legal advice from a different source than Dr Fox and Michael Hintze.

  23. 33
    the last quango in paris says:

    Guido, can someone do a crib sheet as in all seriousness I DO NOT understand this – I thought Mr Werrity was a friend of Dr Fox who kept bumping into him all over the world (not a statitician but the odds must be amazing) OR is he an unelected, unqualified adviser who travelled the world that Dr Fox knew about?

    • 54
      sockpuppet #4 says:


      Oh, and the word is “incredible” for the odds.

      • 63

        The incredible Dr Fox.

        • 81
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          … and the giant peach.

        • 88
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Uh oh. another banned foodstuff from guido there. too healthy again?
          I’ll just have to go for the less subtle and frankly below the belt:

          … and his giant fruit

      • 106
        Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

        Try the word is GOOGOLPLEX regarding the odds…

        A googolplex is the number 10googol, i.e. . In pure mathematics, the magnitude of a googolplex could be related to other forms of large number notation such as tetration, Knuth’s up-arrow notation, Steinhaus-Moser notation, or Conway chained arrow notation.

        In the PBS science program Cosmos: A Personal Voyage, Episode 9: “The Lives of the Stars”, astronomer and television personality Carl Sagan estimated that writing a googolplex in numerals (i.e., “10,000,000,000…”) would be physically impossible, since doing so would require more space than the known universe provides.

        I.E. It’s fucking BIG, like Blair’s bank account balance….

    • 69

      If had kept bumping into his old friend in the the usual middle class places that might have been acceptable. Dr Fox was more likely to run into an old school chum in a Monastery in Tuscany or a farmers market in Normandy than anywhere else.

      • 107
        Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

        You mean Tunisian gay brothels right, and Sri Lanka has plenty of those too, why did A C Clarke “retire” to Colombo do you think, just to play ping pong with the disadvantaged local 12 year old happy boys on the beach?


    • 72
      Well it's a thought says:

      With the luck this guy has in meeting the same person in different countries ,he would be better doing the Euro lottery.

    • 80
      Where did I put my tinfoil cap says:

      I thought the latest theory was that Mr Werrity was a stalker who the good doctor kept inviting to his office so that he didn’t fell unwanted.

      • 89

        Possible excuses to use before the bottom of the barrel is reached.

        - Werritty was selling Amway.
        - Fox keeps leaving his cufflinks behind and Adam has to travel to return them.
        - Fox has memory loss. Adam is there to remind him who’s who and what’s what.
        - Fox is really Batman. Adam is the butler.
        - Werritty is still Fox’s fag. He makes he toast in the morning.

        • 108
          Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

          Werrity is an agent for Mossad and/or CIA. Fox is being blackmailed, coerced, willingly or unwillingly. Take yer pick. Everything is funded by Jewish Pro-Israelies, be they from Isrel, the Diaspora, or the USA far right neoCON fringe – you know, thos nice folks that wrote the PNAC document in the late 90s that just happened to spell out how 911 and its aftermath would play out.

          Fox ain’t stupid, he is a short-arsed pygmy like Napoleon, and he is ferking power mad, and he is NOT IN THE UK’s INTERESTS – in short, he is a TRAITOR.

  24. 43
    nell says:

    ‘Curioser and curioser’ said Alice.

  25. 53
    Chuck Fadanoid says:

    To paraphrase another Doctor: He is queer in the deepest way. His body should be burned in a trash bin.

  26. 57
    Hercule Poirot says:

    As others have said, it looks very much ike agents of influence have been at work here or could have been at work…to which the Army and Civil Srevants have already objected

    • 82
      tinker, tailor, soldier, bumboy says:

      someone might ask dave when he was first aware of fox’s activities.

      we allegedly still have security services and, given that fox’s role (or one of them) as secretary of state for defence is about as sensitive as it gets, it is inconceivable that:

      1. they would not know about these activities
      2. they would not have reported them to the prime minister

      so why did it take dave so long to take an interest?

  27. 64
  28. 79
    nell says:

    I’m beginning to think that cameron is playing a mischevious game here.

    liamfox has always made it clear that he’s out to get cameron’s job so they aren’t exactly chummy. And now the rather overconfident little bantam has thrown the gauntlet down to cameron saying very publicly ‘ you can’t sack me because if you do it’ll make you look weak like johmajor’

    I think cameron’s letting him sweat and will probably give him the push before the end of the month but not before even more damaging revelations have come out making sure that old liam won’t ever be standing for the tory leadership at any time in this century.

  29. 90
    Murkier and murkier says:

    Cameron just has to sit back as the Fox weakens with every headline. Fox won’t survive much more of this negative media onslaught. Hinze and Bell can spin all they like but they are just exposing themselves for the corrupt idiots that they are. It gets murkier and murkier and corrupt opportunists have nowhere to hide.

  30. 91
    Sally Bercow likes anal sex says:

    Should our foreign policy and Ministry of Defence be run out of Tel Aviv?

    Let me ask my husband John if he approves…

  31. 114
    Dame Edna says:

    I’m guessing the Richard Alston of Chime & CQS would be the same one that was Minister for Communications in John Howard’s “conservative” Australian government between 1996 & 2007 – not a bad bloke.

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