October 12th, 2011

Fox in Burglary Admission

Despite the fact that the investigation into his activities is now directly hindering his job as Defence Secretary, Liam Fox is still fighting. Instead of giving press conferences in Paris, he is up this morning with new tactics. His old campaign manager Chris Grayling was on the the Today program saying “I think we’ve got past the point in politics where we needed to worry about people’s private lives.” This is true unless those private and public lives are tangled and blurred in such a way as this.

Fox has clearly briefed Nick Robinson who pushes the victim of a hate campaign idea. The line of Werritty seems to be:

” …when Werritty handed out business cards claiming to be an adviser to Mr Fox that was pretty close to the truth. In government, just as he had in opposition, he wanted to talk to someone who thought like he did, who could ask the questions he would, who was on his side.”

No harm in that, but the problem for Fox is that this was being funded by Tory donors, off the books, with no accountability, no restraint and no one beside Fox have the faintest idea what this man was doing.

Elsewhere the side story is gaining traction. The Sun forced a statement out of Fox late last night after they revealed that Tory spinners had kept quiet that a “younger man”, not Werritty, was staying with Fox the night he was burgled in 2010. The Mail also questions why Fox was tail-ending his official trips with extra nights spent with Werritty:

Still no smoking gun, but Fox can’t be far off death from a thousand cuts. 


  1. 1
    Aaron D Highside says:

    What a game medic.

    • 4
      Anonymous says:

      Is Fox a bummer, then?

      • 13
        Anonymous says:

        Gabby Bertin, who is now David Cameron’s press secretary, was paid by pharmaceutical firm Pfizer to work for Fox’s controversial Atlantic Bridge charity. Bertin was a close colleague of Adam Werritty, Fox’s best man and self-styled adviser.


        • 22
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          I suppose we have got passed the FACT that you can be a closet Gay man and every intelligence agency in the world can BLACKMAIL you with you pretending to be Straight. Are we passed that Grayling. You f–king Wanker. The countries Security is at Stake here.

          • Anonymous says:

            Haven’t you realised there are whole loads of others who were involved with Fox and they could still be informing Fox.

          • Anonymous says:

            Even a cleaner in MOD needs security clearance. If that doesn’t apply to a minister in MOD then there is some thing wrong.

          • Rage Against the Political Elite says:

            Closet Gay Men are always open to BLACK MAIL, Especially if they are married and worse if they have Children. What if the State or some Foreign agents are Blackmailing the Head of the MOD or any Minister. Could we trust his / her judgement to BUY American Armaments or could he be being Blackmailed?? Just a Question.

          • Anonymous says:

            I agree with you about blackmail. It becomes worse when he has got a people in PMs office as well.

          • The Other Bloke says:

            I think that it was Peter Wright (Spycatcher) who pointed out that homosexuals posed such a great security risk, not so muh from fear of exposure, but from their propensity to engage in risky behaviour and their emotional instability. He pointed this out some years before homosexual cabinet members resigned their posts after having lover’s tiffs with their chums.

          • Nemo says:

            And we all know what Pfizer made were there any freebies

          • unablogger says:

            We don’t have any security in this country anymore, we were sold down the swannee years ago.

        • 160
          Anonymous says:

          david cameron backs all his mps, and comes out with coments such as he/they were doing aq good job recovering from the last goverment ie labour, i think as its halloween they should take their masks off and get all their skeltons out of the closet, they are not making any real changes for the people but linning their own pockets at our expense,why do they keep ramming the last goverment down our throats, well i think its all a smoke screen for their inability,this goverment will see us all on the dole. worst goverment in a hundred years

      • 14
        Public Sector Parasite with enormous gold-plated pension & 5 hour working week says:

        That could explain it? Were there other business deals going on?

        • 54
          Ed the Axeman says:

          I suspect a lot of it was to avoid the obstructionist civil service.

          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Cameron and Clegg were going to clean up politics- no tangible evidence to mark any difference in standards or the pervasive corruption at Westminster.

            Good old Slovakia had the courage to vote against the new EU bail outs- good for them.

            As I understand it, Cameron said the UK would not be involved in bail outs (we know he has not told the truth because of money leant to Ireland, and the £9 billion to the IMF in July etc). Why weren’t the Tory MPs whipped into line last night so all voted against the proposal in parliament? Why did Labour MPs abstain??

            Mass immigration continues unabated, swarms of overseas students entered the country with family members, despite Cameron’s pathetic attempts to claim action being taken to combat the situation yesterday. Today unemployment reaches record highs, public services swamped by demand, welfare claims increase, households where no family member has ever worked since the age of 16yrs increases (370,000 households, not people).

            Is it any wonder that public spending continues to rise from the few who pay tax. I would have liked to think some tangible progress would have been made since May 2010- I fail to see any. The situation on key policy areas is getting worse ie EU, immigration, defence, middle east wars, public spending, tax increases, inflation increasing, hidden government charges on energy bills, education, NHS, even the HRA remains the same with perverted outcomes and the list goes on.

            It is very hard to accept the facts that Gordon Brown did a better job than Cameron. It is almost unbelievable.

        • 139
          Ed the Axeman says:

          And what’s more, all these attacks on Fox are illegal.

          Labour banned fox hunting after all.

          • Nemo says:

            The hounds would not be able to chase him, too far to swim across the channel

          • Anonymous says:

            how can he clean up a goverment that is so corupt that they are all in each others pokets or each others pants.???????????????

      • 18
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        Did the Police find out if that was a SHIT BURGLER?

        • 25
          Anonymous says:

          What was Fox and the young man doing when his flat was burgled? Look like they were in the house when it happened but didn’t try to catch or chase.

          • ron Vibentrop says:

            The burgler who took his laptop was also the bugger with his arse up. As he can no longer rent a room to a boy he might as well rent the boy for the room.

          • Anonymous says:

            they were busy trying to deceve the people as is this goverment david cameron is backing him as well why cos they are all sleeping in the same bed, or was liam burying his tail deep into his (best man)

        • 68
          my prick up your arse says:

          apparently it was a back door job

      • 24
        Liar Fox says:

        The scrote burgled my back passage while I was all alone, with a sweet young boy, who was in the want of an older man’s love…

        Ah, fuck it, I’m a huge, lying, blackmailed bender. Thank fuckety fuck WW3 is about to kick off with the chosen ones setting US/UK for an attack on I ran, and I’ll be all forgotten about, as just another q ueer in the UK’s treasonous establishment.

        • 39
          Anonymous says:

          Was the young man over 16?

        • 40
          Anonymous says:

          Fox may be the biggest bum boy in the Cabinet – but that is not his crime – but he cannot and should not hide behind his poor wife, and pretend to be straight, when he is clearly a lying, compulsive bugger. Fox’s crime is rank hypocrisy. Yuk.

      • 27
        Quentin says:

        Perhaps it was a turd burglar?

      • 37
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I note that the article is mainly about non-bummer stories, One smallish paragraph is.

        H*rry? why the bummer headline? The article’s content is far more sensible than the headline.

        • 125
          Gordon Broon who saved the world says:

          My Scottish mafia is still in place and being added to.
          I will be back

      • 77
        Sir William Waad says:

        I think the pic is meant to show that he is a tail gunner, but I don’t care. I don’t know why, but with Hague it’s amusing to speculate about his bedroom companions, whereas with Fox somehow it’s not. I suppose Hague is inherently a slightly comic figure.

      • 92
        Anonymous says:

        In the middle photo he’s adopted the stance of a rear gunner

      • 100
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Yes, as am I darling.

        We iz da batty boyz init.

      • 127
        Lord Lucan says:

        I just can’t fathom how an apparently intelligent Minister of the Crown thought he could get away with infidelity for one, but two homos*xual infidelity with his boyfriend on official trips, possibly paid for by either taxpayers or party doners. If this is true Fox has no judgement whatsover and that alone makes him unfit for Cabinet office.

    • 43
      Anonymous says:

      Is Chris Grayling also a gayer?

  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He does seem like “One rouge Minister” ?

    • 21
      Anonymous says:

      If the story runs more will come out, especially once involved in Fox’s charity which got £50,000 from the government. Problem was it wasn’t a charity.

      • 36
        Mike Litorus says:

        Just like Ed Mongs charities ( TUC, Unison, et al.) which get millions from the Government.

        Can we put them all in the clink?

        • 48
          Anonymous says:

          They aren’t charities are they? Also is it ok for for Conservatives to be shit just because Labour was?

      • 49
        Westminster Village People says:

        Alarm bells should ring at 80 decibels whenever a politico and a ‘charity’ are mentioned together.

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “No harm in that, but the problem for Fox is that this was being funded by Tory donors, off the books, with no accountability, no restraint and no one beside Fox have the faintest idea what this man was doing.”

    So you would have preferred if the taxpayer had paid then?

  4. 5
    Jack says:

    You say “no smoking gun” Guido

    But surely there have been massive security breaches and ditto for the Minister’s Code of Conduct

    And multiple botched coverups…

  5. 7
    Bob says:

    Do we know who has been funding Werrity to live the high life ?

  6. 8
    Lomax says:

    Talking of “death by a thousand cuts” Guido, can we have an update on Piers Moron please. I had hoped the smarmy tosser would have been done by now!

  7. 10
    Uncle Monty says:

    I mean to have you, EVEN IF IT MUST BE BURGLARY!!

  8. 11
    Andrew Efiong says:

    He should be finished. We’re not France or Italy where they try to brush this sleaze away.

    Cameron should skewer him like a cheap kebab.

  9. 12
    It is a truth universally acknowledged says:

    It’s all getting to be rather like a remake of “Carry on Up the Khyber !”

  10. 14
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire! says:

    Today’s unemployment figures

    But Guido Fawkes, of Order Order, said the figures were a “disaster”.

    He added: “That (the data) shouldn’t come as a surprise because the economy is growing at half the pace it needs to keep unemployment stable. That’s not going to change anytime soon, so we should get used to numbers like this from a conservative led coalition”

    “I anticipate Ed Miliband leading on this at PMQ’s and once again getting the better of David Cameron”

    • 29
      It is a truth universally acknowledged says:

      Dangerous ground for Ed though…as he was advising Brown who created the mess in the first place and Labour policies(if they actually HAVE any)would make matters far worse and we would be in bigger trouble than Greece if Balls was let loose at The Treasury …”Dave” is a past-master at smacking the ball for a six right between Ed’s nuts especially as he will want to divert attention from Fox-Hunting debate and gee up his backbenches…so I expect Flashman will be making an appearance to toast Young Ed’s Arse(metaphorically speaking of course)if he goes with this one and Plan B demands

  11. 16
    Lord Kenneth Livingstones says:

    Does this NeoNazi Tory Toff wear stockins when he is in the company of other males of an evenin?

    That’s what the non english speaking immigrant community of my London are demanding to know now!

    I demand an answer now!

    If I dont receive a satisfactory and timely reply I may have to put this matter in the hands of my compliance in public office enforcer, Mr Lee Jasper

  12. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe he did a “Letwin” and let in a passing young, fit, black guy in need of a pee, as you do… when you’re a switch hitter.

    Bent or not, there’s something not quite right with Fox and he’s clearly shown that he shouldn’t be left in charge of sharpening the pencils let alone an office of state. Get rid, NOW! Then boot out the Huhne!

  13. 19
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    So do you know who was funding werrity then?

    Presumably without enough certainty to tell us.

  14. 20
    Jess The Dog says:

    The innuendo about Fox’s sexuality is probably coming from the Left, rather than the Right, motivated by Fox’s past hostility to gay rights evidenced by his voting record. I don’t care about what Fox gets up to in his personal life, but it is completely inappropriate to include his friend in MoD business, especially when his friend has an extensive record of consultancy, including US industry.

    When Nimrod R1 reaches the end of its operation life, we are buying the aging US Rivet Joint ELINT spyplane. When ASTOR/Sentinel is scrapped under SDSR, will we be lend-leasing JSTARS? Nimrod MRA4 has been scrapped….will the RAF be using the P3 Orion? How much will US industry benefit? How much will Werritty trouser in consultancy fees? Does his ongoing consultancy retainer cover procurement intelligence? I doubt Werritty and his master are running down UK Defence for US military-industrial complex, but these questions will be asked all the time.

    Forget a Civil Service inquiry. Werritty should be interviewed by the Security Service as a matter of urgency. In past decades he would have been seen as the security threat that he is, even with the Establishment’s tolerance towards personal indiscretions.

    • 32
      Bogeyman says:

      It’s possible to be a woofter and against “gay rights”, you know. I know two old queens who hate Tatchell and his bum-buddies. They think he gives them a bad name.

    • 46
      Syrup of Figs says:

      I do. Betraying his wife and his wedding vows means a lot to me. It means that he can not be trusted.

    • 47

      Don’t bring up Nimrod. MRA4
      Almost top of the heap for a total waste of money from the world champion at wasting money..the MOD.

      • 65
        .243 Win says:

        …and before that the great success that was Nimrod AEW.

      • 84
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        Its a pity we can’t make our own. But that would require some sort of protectionist nationalism we haven’t seen since westland.

        And yes. They wanted a high tech spy plane, and they had to make them out of nimrods. If that robot car they had on TV last night was the MOD it would have been made from a variety of Morris Oxfords and Minors.

    • 75
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Innuendo from the left?
      So Guido’s a leftie?

      “Fox was tail-ending his official trips”
      Hhwaa-hwaa-hwaa-waaa as sid james once said. well a lot more than once.

    • 121
      Engineer says:

      The Nimrod programme was crazy, as far as I can see. What’s the point in trying to adapt 40 year old airframes, none of which are the same, to provide something with a life expectancy of decades? Whichever senior civil servant sanctioned that in the first place should be summarily dismissed.

      If you’re skint, you take a pragmatic approach to purchasing. If the Yanks have brand new off-the-shelf airframes for under £200 million apiece, what’s the sense in spending billions resusitating scrap Comets? Unless, like the aircraft carriers, it was a Labour job creation scheme, there is no logic whatever.

      As to the Fox/Werritty question – Lord knows, but it all looks very rum at the moment.

      • 138
        Jess The Dog says:

        Nimrod was crazy but they got it to work eventually … and they scrapped it. I think this may have had something to do with the lack of airworthiness of the MR2 airframe and its early (late?) retirement.

  15. 26
    NBeale says:

    I still think this is grossly overblown.

    Misleading the press (esp the Sun) is hardly a serious matter – the press mislead us all the time.

    Why should the public know every detail of who a minister talks to? We don’t expect this of business leaders. Ministers need friends they can trust. It seems that Werritty was funded by “Atlantic Bridge” and although this may not have been a 100% valid Charity there was still no mystery about the donors to it AFAIK.

  16. 28
    Dick the Prick says:

    Could do with getting his beard trimmed

  17. 30
    GOD's plaything says:

    Messrs Fox & Werrity seem to have a shared interest in matters Sri Lankan. Are they particularly keen on Buddhism? I think we should be told.

    • 118
      The Cabinet Secretary says:

      Arthur C Clark lived there because the police/government allowed him to practise peadophilia. If rent boys float your boat then this is on your list of holiday destinations.

  18. 31
    The Cat Sat On The Mat says:

    Is there any evidence of joint cat ownership?

  19. 35
    VIVA LA BEAST says:

    Do they have badgers in Dubai, singapore and sri Lanka?
    There may be a perfectly innocent explanation for all of this

  20. 38
    SouthEastVoter says:

    Not one Labour Defense Minister resigned because Soldiers died in Iraq or Afgan because a lack of equipment.

    As yet no evidence of Tax Payers money being used wrongly and no actual corruption.

    Meanwhile more taxpayer waste by councils

  21. 41
    Si Cosis says:

    Oh goodie, the playground bully has found another gayer to bully.

    Lovely bloke.

  22. 44
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Yet again no media has accused Fox outright of anything at all. How brave the media and labour.

  23. 50
    A Simpleton says:

    After giving his whole hearted support to Liam Fox, will Cameron look like a complete c’unt when he has to sack him?

  24. 52
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  25. 53
    A Simpleton says:

    The IFS reports middle income earners will suffer most over the next five years. These are traditional Conservative voters.
    The fat cat corporatists, tax dodging business sharks and donors to the T*ry party, international financial fraudsters and spivs, and multi millionaire politicians will see their wealth grow.

    Is that irony?

    • 61
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Are you starving? Do you have health care when you need it?

      • 69
        A Simpleton says:

        Thanks to Labours investment in the NHS, yes i do thankyou. Unlike the run down and cash starved organisation that the t*ries left behind in ’97, i recommend a trip to Barts to see excellence in action.

        • 73
          I don't need no doctor says:

          Thought so, yet another labour supporter in denial.

        • 74
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          But Labour admitted they would have tocut the NHS budget more than Tories.

          Had the won the election.

          (Oh all that invesment, no value for money and will take 25 years to pay)

          Go Private, its safer.

        • 107
          CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

          You live up to your name, Simpleton. Spouting Labour lies again! The Tories actually INCREASED NHS spending year on year when in government. Labour almost doubled spending, thanks to massive increases in stealth taxes and it was all pissed away on overpaying G.P.s, wasting billions on a useless NHS computer system, increased bureaucracy, employing more managers than frontline staff and lumbering NHS trusts with massive PFI payments. We got only a small increase in productivity and an unacceptable level of deaths from MRSA and other hospital borne diseases in return. Labour made hospitals places to fear entering in case you contracted an untreatable, and possibly fatal, infection

          Hardly value for money.

    • 82
      Westminster Village People says:

      The Tory party is no more concerned with the interests of its traditional voter base than the Labour party is theirs.

      But the thick mugs that continue to vote for ‘their’ party are too dumb to realise it.

      Well here’s some news for you dumb liblabcon party tribalists….you’re just voting fodder, the fig leaf of respectability your party needs to gain power and push through its own agenda….an agenda more often than not against your own long term self interests!

    • 105
      What a plonker. says:

      Keep taking the tablets Simpleton ,you sad c<nt.

  26. 57
    nostradamus says:

    The Politicians must realise that when you have had almost all of your responsibilities, laws and decisions taken over by Europe there are only personal things left to discuss, the best thing to do is for the politicians to get out of Europe and only select good honest decent people to represent them and then our political parties can run this country for the benefit of the British people. As for Mr Fox, he should do the honourable thing and resign or for “lefty” Cameron to sack him but being a ditherer and short of testicular strength will not!

  27. 58
    Josiah Bartlett says:

    Lots of stuff on Guido’s site about Fox and Werritty and potential conflicts of interest.

    Strangely nothing about Jonathon Djanogly and the actual conflicts of interest between his financial interest and legislation he is pushing through.

  28. 59
    Homer says:

    Will someone please explain to the BBC that the main reason the jobless figures went up from June is that thousands of spotty yoofs left school and could not walk into a job because of the one size fits all education that they recieved and rejected.

    • 67
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Of course it’s nothing to do with labour.

    • 88
      Sir William Waad says:

      Time was when many workplaces featured hundreds or even thousands of men and women working together in large teams. In such an environment even the minimally housetrained school-leaver could fit in by complying with the rules and general culture of the place. Today, most workplaces (outside the less useful parts of the public sector) are sparsely staffed, so that even the most junior employee requires some self-motivation and basic gumption. If they haven’t acquired any of either by the age of 16, they are stuck.

    • 89
      Desperate Dan says:

      I think you’ll find that someone at one of Britain’s 500million think tanks, research centres or charities has done some research that is taken very seriously indeed. The research proves beyond all doubt that if people don’t vote Labour at the next election single mothers and everyone under the age of 24 will die of malnutrition.

    • 119
      CYNICAL OLD MAN says:

      How many on disability benefit have been shifted to unemployment benefit? Labour put over 2 million long term unemployed on Disability Benefit to keep the unemployment figures down.

      • 140
        Ed the Axeman says:

        Yep, and now they are squealing that they are being tested. 93% so far, fit for some sort of work.

        It’s the end of the road for the Frank Galagers of this country when it comes to ICB

  29. 60
    Greg Tingey says:

    I can’t fo better than this quote:

    “Werrity is the sort of name Dickens would come up with. Magwitch and Werrity, dealers in hooves and glue, perhaps. Fox is too obvious a tag for an ambitious politician; Dickens would have used a derivative of vulpine. Wulpine, possibly. Werrity and Wulpine, then, dealers in hooves and glue, with a stinking yard in Bow from which the rendering chimney spews its greasy smoke over a widow’s flower garden. Something like that.

    However crawlingly Fox grovelled yesterday, however ready to lay down his partner for his political life, and whatever mock sincerity the Prime Minister pretended to evince, this was just more sleaze in the public’s mind, reinforcing the popular view of Parliament as the place where little men come to get rich. We don’t know what Wulpine got from Werrity; chocolates on the pillow, little splits of Moet or amusing cufflinks all seem possible. But over all hangs the stench of the glue works. “

  30. 71
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Robinson seems to be particularly helpful to Fox this morning. Why?


  31. 80

    Nick Robinson interviews Adam Werritty

    Adam: “In Malaga on a cruise, Liam got very badly stung.”
    Nick: “Portuguese man o’war?”
    Adam: “Well I never saw him in uniform…”
    Nick: “But you were on a cruise?”
    Adam: “We’re always cruising, dear..always.”
    Nick: “I see. Did he manage to drag himself up on deck?”
    Adam: “Ooh, no, he dressed quite casual… ”

    Nick: “Do you think its’ right that Liam Fox , with his current problems, should be talking about Polaris?”
    Adam: “Its pronounced polari, dear..as you well know.”

  32. 86
    Liar Liar Pants on Fire. says:

    Of course the Crux of the Sun’s headline is that Tory Chiefs lied.



  33. 93
    Out Foxed says:

    Tμrd Bμrgled more like.

  34. 94
    Tom Badwind says:

    Liam walks as if he’s gliding on ice: it’s a kind of Fox’s Glacial Mince.

  35. 95
    anon says:

    talking of burglary
    I hear Michael Chope is considering talking out debate on releasing the Hillsborough Files by talking about …. MPs pensions

    what a bastard

  36. 98
    Howling Wolf says:


    1. Would the Prime Minister like to take this opportunity to confirm his fullest confidence in the walking corpse that is the Defense Secretary?

  37. 101
    Dave Laws says:

    Why doesn’t Dithering Dave do something about Fox? Daily there are more stories of Fox’s sleazy goings on, yet he still remains in post. Get a grip Dave, if you have one.

    • 109
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Send your proof to Dave. I’m sure he will act on it immediately, after all you know the truth, don’t you?

      • 117
        A Simpleton says:

        Nah! Let’s watch Dave, caught like a rabbit in the headlamps, spin his way out of this one.
        Everybody deserves a second chance.

      • 145
        Dave Laws says:

        You clearly do need a doctor. Don’t you read the papers (all of them are covering this) or listen to or watch the news? There are enough facts to hang the bugger at least three times over.

  38. 106
    Ian says:

    Must have been a turd burglar.

  39. 108
    Iain Dale's Dildo says:

    He’s gay, he’s bent and his arse is up for rent…DR FOX, DR FOX.

    • 114
      I don't need no doctor says:

      You are a benefit scrounger. I have no proof but that doesn’t matter to you does it.

  40. 110
    Mark Jones says:

    My wife was away recently stuck in a traffic jam in Scotland, and I thought of inviting the very nice pizza delivery “young man” to come and stay in our spare room (the space where my wife usually sleeps!) but I thought better of it!

    uh hum….

  41. 111
    Sir William Waad says:

    I’m astonished that the Labour Party supports Fox hunting.

  42. 112
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:
  43. 116
    Scottish copper says:

    If the press are going to ask questions about the burglary at Liam Fox’s they probably ought also to start digging around the burglary at Gordon Brown’s house when he was at a Labour conference in the early/mid 90s.

  44. 123
    Front bench cubicle club says:

    Hague’s was prettier.

    • 128
      Liam Foxy-Fox says:

      Hague’s what? He is just an element of my personal life. My wife enjoys the occasional threesome with an ugly brute.

  45. 129
    • 134
      my prick up your arse says:

      so the chosen people are right behind dr fux and his young friend – what a relief

  46. 135
    i albion says:

    Does any one know if Mr Werritty is a happily married man or what?????????

  47. 141
    I am not answerable to the BBC and their ilk says:

    Murkier and murkier

  48. 151
    Anonymous says:

    ProgramME – please!!

  49. 152
    Anonymous says:

    I note the photo above with Dr Fox in his much needed flack jacket, he doesnt seem to have the obligatory and newly developed crotch cover, so valuable to our troops. Might this be an oversight on behalf of Werrity, Im sure he would be very upset if any accidents or injurys occured.?

  50. 157
    len says:

    Here’s a good rule of thumb for you.. Homosexuality + High office = Out on your arse hole.

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