October 5th, 2011

Scottish Tories Suspend Chief Spinner Ramsay Jones

On Sunday Guido shared the news that the Scottish Conservative Party’s spin-doctor Ramsay Jones had been busted attending a campaign meeting for Ruth Davidson, one of the candidates for  the Party’s leadership. A bit of a problem given party staff are meant to be staying neutral.

This afternoon the decision was taken to suspend him while the allegations are investigated. At the very least he will be out of action for the rest of the campaign. The announcement was timed just as conference closed. Davidson has become the establishment candidate and questions are now being asked about how “neutral” the rest of the party staff are…


  1. 1
    nell says:

    I have no idea why the tories think they want a presence in scotland. They never win any votes there.

    just cancel out the barnett formula and give scotland to the scottish. Let them get on with it whilst we rebuild our economy with our own money.


    • 3
      Alex Salmond says:

      Aye rather than rebuilding it with oor money


      • 4
        nell says:

        Silly Billy.

        scotland just ‘sucks the energy’ out of England to keep funding it’s welfare benefit fraudsters.


        • 12
          ffs! says:

          Call me Dave sucks the will to live from the English.


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Credit Easing announced by Osborne means that Operation Merlin has failed and that the banks have not kept to their part of the bargain. It was agree that they could keep their obscene bonuses and in return they would increase lending to SMEs- they have not hence credit easing to SMEs. So we the taxpayers prop up banks and bankers bonuses through our tax and now SMEs. It is a frigging joke. The Tory part y are taking the piss, i will not vote for them again. Work longer, pat more taxes when they cannot add up or keep their word on anything.


          • Ed Miliband appreciates your vote.

            “Thankyou comrade.
            You are welcome to join our ranks.
            Please take this labour party membership, these postal voting forms for you and your family and friends, living or dead, and this pamphlet on our soon to be rethought slogan


            *Tomorrow’s dishwasher may not clean away debt. Dishwasher requires loading by a qualified and trained union recognised dishwasher operative holding necessary diploma and licencing authority’s certification. Dishwasher tablets available from government department. Fill out schedule D/4562/P. You should receive a tablet in 4-6 weeks. Higher rate tax payers use schedule F/9087/IJ.
            Actual numbers of available dishwashers may fall several tens of millions short of numbers of households.
            New entrants to the UK may receive priority on dishwasher allocation.

            Diswasher not included..paid for on a PFI scheme starting from £22,786.09 / washer.


          • AC1 says:

            Banks have never been important lenders to SMEs.


          • G Brown lover of Prudence says:

            Quite right. Call me Dave goes on about leadership but it was I who provided the leadership to the G20 in 2008 in re-financing the banks. I tokd the EU what to do and I saved the world (and the banks).

            Call me Dave just prattles on about leadership.


    • 6
      Uranus says:

      Looks like Billy’s dropped a bollock again.


    • 7
      WVM says:

      Congratulations nell on your first first.


    • 11
      say what you see says:

      I have no idea why Dave thinks England wants his Conservatives either.


    • 33
      Worzel Gummage says:

      Nell you ignorant old Goat, are you aware that the Tories once commanded over 50 % of the vote in Scotland. No I don’t suppose you are ensconced under your turnips in East Anglia, possibly the most irrelevant part of the country.


    • 49
      Bolshevik Broadcasting Corpse says:

      There’s plenty of Tories in Scotland.

      The problem is:

      1. The constituency boundaries are rigged.
      2. The current party in Scotland is lacklustre and low profile.
      3. Locally there is ONLY left wing press and media, and the national media tends to completely ignore the criminal excesses of Edinburgh and Glasgow councils, for example. Of course, the local media does too — because they have vested interests. Guido covered Stephen Purcell — but neither the Mail nor Telegraph did in any detail. Nobody in the national media is covering the billion pound tram disaster in Edinburgh to any extent.

      Having an ugly lesbian as Party leader is all very PC and progressive, and it could be that’s she’s remarkably intelligent — however, nobody has ever heard of her before. Nobody is going to vote for the Tories with her in charge. Not even Tories. Nobody. Not that politics should be all about style — but currently the Scottish Tories are so drab, uninteresting and lacking in character, that no-one even notices they exist.

      So… it’s probably good that at least one of their spinners has gone, because the Party’s spinners in Scotland sure are not doing a damn thing to raise the party profile.


      • 69
        Boardwalk Empire says:

        There appears to be major corruption at Edinburgh City Council as well which has recently been exposed in some sections of the media.


      • 71
        Rapper Brillo says:

        Too many spinners

        Too much form and no substance

        Your comments apply to the English Conservatives as well

        especially “drab, uninteresting and lacking in character”… !!


  2. 2
    Ah! Monika says:

    But Guido, you’re not in front on Liam’s Adviser.??


  3. 5
    zzzzz says:

    Fuck the Cons, Scottish or otherwise.


  4. 8
    The Caledonian Party says:

    The hoon Davidson is a liability.


  5. 9
    Rug muncher ? says:


    • 17
      Mike Litorus says:

      Jesus, naked Prescott knobbing the chipmunk would be preferable to that skank.


      • 19
        The Paragnostic says:

        Looks about as healthy as Amy Shitehouse, doesn’t she?

        Anyone know what the slag’s famous for? Never heard of her!


    • 25
      nell says:

      Ah this is either bbc or it’s mimic itv and labour’s happyharpic version of ‘women of the future’ isn’t it?!


    • 84
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      A bit too old for me, I’m afraid, although, if desperate, I wouldn’t kick her out. Now about politics in Scotland? I know as much about it as I do about what is going on in England. Fuck all. Katya will be found not guilty next week, so the Grand Master assures me, then everything will be back to normal; visits to Russia on expenses, sex with young girls, drugs and planning permissions in Portsmouth. Boaz.


    • 115
      Better Things To Do says:

      Thanks for reminding me why I never watch TV at that that time of day


    • 159
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      About as attractive as Margaret Moran and probably similar to the sort of women who’ll be getting “friendly” with Margaret once she’s banged up.


  6. 13
  7. 14
    Ruth Davidson, the chick with a dick. says:

    I have a bigger dick than Cameron, he now embraces gay marriage. Bless.


  8. 15
    nell says:


    Oh Dear! dave talking’ can do ‘ language!!

    Labour’s just gonna hate him. labour spent 13 years trying to Brainwash us into believing the ‘It can’t be done’ and ‘ I hear what you say (whilst they do sod all)’ message . And they thought they’d succeeded.

    Now along comes dave and gives government and local government the unwelcome message that you have to get off your buts ( and butts) and start achieving something useful for a change.

    Well the ‘public servants’ won’t like it! Expect the unions to strike in protest soon!!


    • 26
      pointless platitudes R us says:

      It is as cringing and will be about as effective as Major’s “back to basics”.

      Garbage in, garbage out from a garbage prime minister.


    • 39
      Smoogy says:

      Yes the UK most face up to the fact that we are now a broken shit hole of a third world country infested with immigrants and home grown feckless scum. We have very poor prospects as a nation, the oil has run out, financial services are bust and we dont know how to make anything that anyone would want to buy. We have rampant crime with out of control gangs murdering each other and are ruled by a criminal political class who have stolen all the money.


      • 73
        Armchair expert watch says:

        And when the cops shoot dead one of those gun totting gangsters everyone, including many on this blog are down on them. What the fuck do you want you bunch of tossers!


    • 160
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Dave the Blancmange doesn’t do action just warm words.

      Blair in a blue tie.


  9. 16
    Engineer says:

    Is a suspended spinner a yo-yo?


    • 20
      nell says:

      A spinner is usually a shiny something you use to fish for trout in a fast running river.


      • 28
        Another Engineer says:

        Spinning for trout? Heathen. Dry flies only please.


        • 36
          The Paragnostic says:

          Spinners are OK for sea trout on the lower reaches of the Wye…

          Only ‘catch and release’ is truly heathen…


          • Another Engineer says:

            Yes, its fine in tidal waters…I was imagining a nice chalk stream or an upland river.

            Not the Spey though, or else you might meet that great socialist Charlie Whelan. Perhaps we should ban his favourite activity because it is cruel to salmon?


          • fishy fingers says:

            I like to tickle my trout in the lower reaches of wherever.


          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            Don’t muck about. Tie an exploding firework to a brick, heave it in and fish out the results with a landing net. Scarper quickly.


        • 47
          nell says:

          Nope sorry whatever gets the trout.

          I’m quite happy to use a tin of sweetcorn tipped into the river under a willow tree and then a heavily baited hook a bit later, if it gets me a trout to grill on my BBQ!


          • Comic Opera says:

            I like to use a curried paste with marmalade rouillade, trimmed with garlic and fried onion – that way you can be cooking the trout whilst your trying to catch it.


    • 22
      The Paragnostic says:

      Could be, Eng – or maybe a gyroscope in a gymbal?


  10. 23
    Batty Nell, the brainwashed English Bigot. says:

    I don’t like the Scots they support the English and I am bitter about that. I hope the English continue to riΦt and destroy the Scottish tourist economy, teehee.


    • 27
      a doctor says:

      It can’t be her time of the month as I suspect she’s knocking eighty.


    • 29
      nell says:

      So you don’t like the scots and you don’t like the english and you believe in the london rioters.

      You’re cheriebliar hoping to make a few £100k in human rights law cases aren’t you?!


  11. 30
    Batty Nell, the brainwashed English bigot. says:

    I hate the Scot’s because they are not big on voting Tory.
    David Cameron is my hero.


    • 35
      nell says:

      I hate the scots because they produced gordon brown, bliar, alastairdarling, charliewhelan, foulkes, gorbalsmick, baronessscotland,fredtheshred………


      • 44
        Jock McJock says:

        Err Baroness Scotland was a product of the Dominican Republic. Just because a cat is born in a kipper box it dosen’t mean its a kipper.


      • 75
        The Billy & Nell Show says:

        Bigoted or what!


      • 77
        Turnip watch says:

        Nell where the fuck to start……..Charlie Wheelan is inglish and was brought up in Surrey where he attended Private Boarding School. Darling is also English being born in London.
        Part from that does the fact that Mandleson, Straw, Campbell,Balls, Milliband, Len MCCluskey, Bob Crowe , Blears, Harman, Harman-Dromey, slot gob, the Squeaker and Sally antoinette, Chuka,Hoon,Blunket……etc etc are all inglish mean you hate ingland ? Or are you just looking for any excuse to hate Scotland as you are a bigot ?


        • 144
          expat says:

          Turnip, Reading through your list explains perfectly why I and hundreds of thousands of others chose to emigrate to warmer and more friendly climes. With the current lot in power I doubt many of us will be back either!


  12. 31
    Liam Fox says:

    I am troughing for Britain!


    • 38
      nell says:

      are you baronessuddin, sugar, prezza, ashton(gordon’s failed eu foreigngminister), mandy, ….

      You need to identify yourself.


      • 43
        Liam Fox says:

        I am Liam Fox, I won’t be identifying my best man who I take on MOD meetings and who describes himself as my “advisor” on his business cards however.

        I had better phone the people on your list for more money making ideas, cheers!


        • 55
          nell says:

          His troughing’s too small to be of any interest to we peasants.

          We need to know about foulkes and those snp mp’s that are fleecing us for £1000’s and then some every month!! not to mention gordon who is apparently asking for even more money to upkeep his constituency office that’s doing less than my empty end of year greenhouse!


        • 58
          nell says:

          His troughing’s too small to be of any interest to we p e @sants.

          We need to know about foulkes and those snp mp’s that are fleecing us for £1000′s and then some every month!! not to mention gordon who is apparently asking for even more money to upkeep his constituency office that’s doing less than my empty end of year greenhouse!


  13. 34
    The Paragnostic says:

    Young Ramsay, the spinner of note
    Was caught trying to fiddle a vote
    His Westminster master’s
    A fucking disaster
    But Ram’s nae a bad little scrote.


  14. 37
    Batty Nell, the brainwashed English bigot. says:

    I wish the Scot’s would get lost and leave England to rule over its thieving rioter.
    Sweetie. Have I told you I am completely obsessed with David Cameron. I have his name tattooed onto my forehead which makes me look like a twat.


    • 42
      nell says:

      The problem with labour is that it becomes obsessed with it’s leaders like bliar and then brown and now militwit. And when they fail it won’t get rid of them

      I’m not a tory member but I admire their ruthlessness. They dispose of their leaders swiftly and cleanly and with no fuss.

      If dave fails , he’ll be out the door as fast as his feet can take him and someone else will be in.

      Healthy change of blood and all that.

      Labour willl keep the failed militwit for the 2015 election and maybe then some. Long may it last!!.


      • 52
        nutter says:


        dave fails every day

        and unfortunately, he’s still there

        but that’s okay cos he’s nice, hey???


        • 60
          nell says:

          gordon failed every day for 13 years and trashed the country at the same time – labour never got rid of him.

          dave won’t get away with the same profligacy with the tory party. He tries gordon’s sort of nonsense and they’ll bin him – pronto.

          safe pair of hands and all that – not dave – but the tory party! stilletoes at dawn and all that!!


  15. 45
    Mad Jock Cameron says:

    Come on Nell! Do you wanna play with my sporran?


    • 54
      biliiy is off tweeting his fucking brains out says:

      nell is the new billy, so be careful what you wish for.


    • 63
      nell says:

      oh dear gordon. you really need your medication about now.

      perhaps you should call in michaeljackson’s dr.


  16. 46
    nutter says:

    bring back Andy Stewart and the White Heather Club


  17. 48
    The Paragnostic says:

    Bring back Jack Straw’s dad and the White Feather Club.


  18. 50
    St Polly of Tuscany says:

    I am a c’unt.


    • 65
      nell says:

      pollytwaddle is a champagne socialist completely lacking in political morals.

      She would write anything and support any immoral leader including tony’kadame’bliar and gordon’gaddafi’brown so long as it made her money for her tuscany lifestyle!


  19. 51
    golfcalder says:

    Is Cameron not a Scot? Why don’t the English ethnic cleanse the Scots and send them home. Still that would lower the average level of intelligence in both countries


  20. 57
    Historian of our Times says:

    Historian of our Times says:
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    October 5, 2011 at 7:14 pm
    It’s like the thousands of spinners and assorted “advisers” hanging around the Government, Whitehall and Parliament

    Sack the lot of them and make Ministers and Mps speak for themselves

    Perhaps we could get something coherent then…


  21. 67
    Libertarian Fifer says:

    Nell hates the Scots because they produced Bliar, Broon, Darling etc. The English born Labour are perfect and the Conservatives are whiter than white Ffs?
    Who votes for these Labour c’unts? The English and the Welsh. I have never voted for Labour in my entire life. The Scots have been busy tearing Labour a new one at the last election while the English & Welsh having been voting for Labour in their droves.
    Nell. Why don’t you campaign for your own devolved government? You will be less bitter.


    • 74
      nell says:

      Er you don’t watch voting patterns much do you?

      I don’t know about the welsh but the English haven’t voted for labour in very big numbers much in recent years!!


      • 88
        Armchair expert watch. says:

        The Scots have rejected Labour on mass where the fuck do you get your information from Nell. Still you have the two Eds representing ingland. must make you proud.


        • 92
          nell says:

          If you are talking about militwit and bullyballs – they don’t represent England.

          I suspect they don’t even represent the English labour party – but that spineless lot daren’t tell them so . Presumably because damian and whelan are still out there wielding their assassination tactics!!


    • 93
      Engineers,Scientists,Soldiers,Surgeons,Explorers... says:

      The Scots almost single handedly invented the modern world but since Nell lives in East Anglia she has not likely benefited from these advances. Still I hear they have almost got on top of Smallpox in the Fens.


      • 122
        The Truth says:

        Utter Bollocks. The Scotch invented Gordon Brown, George Galloway and Michael Martin.


      • 123
        The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

        Yeah notice how all the talented Scots couldn’t wait to leave the shithole socialist country and take their great ideas and inventions to other countries……


      • 164
        jgm2 says:

        Scots….. Single-handedly invented the modern world…?

        Ahahahahahaha. Hahahahahaha. [pause for deep breath] Ahahahahahaha.


  22. 79
    Where the fuck is Billy? says:

    Has Billy fucked off to get married now that Cameron has given him his blessing? I give it six months tops.


  23. 81
    Mad Jock Cameron says:

    Nell u must be gutted that Cameron is a Scottish Surname. Do you say David ‘ameron?


    • 107
      nell says:

      cameron is a worldwide name these days , as indeed is brown.

      The man/woman is what matters.

      brown is clearly a discredited scot.

      cameron has yet to prove his worth.


  24. 86
    Eric Pickles says:

    Nell put your Kitten Heels on and slap me on the bottom.

    Also make me a couple of chip butties.


    • 98
      nell says:

      Ericpickles needs to eat half grapefruit for breakfast, salad (no proteins) for lunch, small evening meal by 6pm and loads of water.

      Then he needs to swim 3 times week and walk at least 3 miles briskly at least twice weekly. He also needs to spend 20 minutes on a treadmill in a gym at least 4 times weekly.

      No alcohol!


      • 157
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        High expectations.

        I’d start off with more obtainable goals: No more than 2 kebabs per week. None when sober.


        • 172
          The Paragnostic says:

          You mean kebabs exist while sober? I always thought they were brought into being by 12 pints of Stella ripping a new arsehole in the fabric of the Universe…


  25. 91
    Libertarian Fifer says:

    Nell. You are twisted bigot. Ed Militwit did very nicely locally at the last election. While the Scots made a statement to both Gray and Miliband. The Scots do not hate Tories, it is just that they have failed to make an impact in Scotland. Murdo and his new ‘devolved’ party can turn that around.


    • 95
      A Scot says:



      • 99
        Aberdeen Angus says:

        What you lot need is the firm smack of Thatcherism across your bone idle lardyarse backsides. You wee bunch of parasites.


        • 103
          nell says:

          Aberdeen angus beef. The very best beef one can buy.

          Aberdeen angus steaks cooked for less than 7 mins each side , liberally sprinkled with black pepper and oregano and served with butter fried onions and mushrooms.


    • 97
      nell says:

      What do you mean that militwit did nicely at his last local election?

      He has safe seat. Like gordon.

      They’d vote for him if he was a dead rat wearing a red rosette!!


  26. 100
    Adam Smith. says:

    I was a Scot! Take your bigotry somewhere else Nell. I am too bloody busy spinning in my grave because a labour c’unt is elected to “represent” Kirkcaldy. Now enough of this bigotry and put the kettle on and make me a cup tea luv.


    • 102
      nell says:

      I am quite to make labour ragwort (senecio) tea.

      Beyond that I could not be bothered to support labour!


  27. 108
    Larry says:


  28. 109
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    I just can’t be arsed with anything north of the border. Couldn’t two hoots what the Tories. Liebour or Salmonds outfit do up there.


  29. 111
    saffron says:

    Dave the Raves speech todaywas one of the most cringeworthy I have heard for some time.
    Big on PR and light on what really matters.
    We all know about Liebours mismanagement and the useless sandal wearers.
    But I am absolutely gobsmacked at hearing a Con talk so much drivel.


  30. 112
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Has Tom Watson MP sobered up yet?


  31. 114
    Scotch Midge says:

    What is the point of England owning Scotland?

    The Scotch are nothing but parasites.

    Sell them off to the highest bidder (or any bidder)


  32. 117
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    That be the socialist paradise where everything is free 9Including the deep fried mars bars) and they be shit ay Cricket.


  33. 118
    Anonymous says:

    check this out guido!

    this kid is definitely moron of the conference



  34. 119
    Brill says:


  35. 121
    Adam Smith. says:

    Fucking poisonous Nell! That’s right poison their ragwort tea just by staring at it! They are full of shit! Sell it to them and make sure you make 15 per cent profit. Per cup! Capital! Now who is up for burning Das Kapital?


  36. 124
    Squirmish says:

    Palin has announced she won’t be running for president in 2012.


  37. 125
    Scotch Pride says:

    So why is Euston station fronted by an army of drunken Scotch?


    • 126
      Scotch Egg says:

      At least a kilt stops them from soiling their Kecks with pish.


    • 163
      jgm2 says:

      The ‘drunken’ is redundant in that sentence. It would be like saying ‘a gang of whining Ozzies’. There’s no need for ‘whining’ – it’s understood.


  38. 127
    Whiskas Chicken and Liver with Whiskey says:


  39. 129
    • 131
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      and am Shocked and disgusted that you Guido have not coveredthis.

      Rule 1 of Cricket.

      The umpire is ALWAYS right!


      • 147
        two left feet says:

        Just like the useless referees in professional football who are constantly shown to be wrong (but only after the event). At least in professional cricket the umpires have the benefit of instant replays in cases of doubt, so everybody can be sure that the right decision is made and the game can proceed without unneccessary rancour. That is why such technology supervised by an independent official is also urgently required in profesional football.


  40. 132
  41. 134
    There'll be a lot of burning bottoms in Edinburgh says:

    A ‘world’s hottest curry-eating contest’ turned into a disaster after two of the participants were admitted to hospital, the Scottish Ambulance Service has said. The ‘Killer Kismot Curry’ contest, held in aid of a children’s charity, took place at the Kismot Indian restaurant in Edinburgh on Saturday afternoon. While battling it out, some of the contestants became unwell, reacting badly to the curry by vomiting and fainting.


  42. 135
    Kentucky Fried Larry says:

    Well it isn’t chicken is it?


  43. 136
    Larry the Twat! says:

    Ooh! Shut that door!


  44. 137
  45. 138
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Right if the C-unt Dave trys to wriggle out of a referendum if this happens the C-unt will be hanging from a lamp ost.


    • 141
      WVM says:

      But he will, they’ve been lying to us all from the start and will continue to do so.
      The liberal elite or Lib/Lab/Con one party three heads is not a conspiracy theory it’s a fact, and the fact of the matter is they will turn it upside-down and use this crisis to further integrate Europe and NOT give the UK a referendum.


      • 150
        albacore says:

        45 candles for Dave on Sunday.
        With all that hot air in reserve, he won’t need any windmills to help blow them out.


  46. 139
    Larry the Twat! says:

    Billy u can’t say that with a limp wrist u know. Butch up!


  47. 140
    Apple says:

    Steve Jobs RIP


  48. 142
    Steve Jobs says:

    I only met Gordon for a minute a few weeks ago.


  49. 143
    not a machine says:

    Larry le chat : origionally employed as a good ratter (and had some notoritry), understands the situation a little better at this erm delicate time , as our EU chums continue with the game of whos debt is it . My analysis of why this ecnomic problem is not like previous ones , is not only due to the debt (that is symptom) , it is one of cost ratio to public sector spend , the ruin (and the EU) have given corporate profit via personal debt , and not as in a more pure understanding of capitalism , profit/spending purley from work and goods , by increasing public spending/borrowing on the back of personal credit for corporate goods , the concept of money or sound money has been utterly eroded and so too the econmomics of public capital infrastructure from sound money taxation .

    Yes I do fully blame labour and the ruin for wonkenomics as Ms vadera proved again tonight the picture of this mess is impressionist from a finance perspective and not an ecnomic one , just as labour failed on the somthing for nothing culture , a bigger failure is perhaps in labour losing 1.2mn manufacturing jobs when we had the good times , my point being that even after any financial implosion , even the touted 400,000 jobs boost from concreting the countryside ……….. and then what ? 1500 at google , i mean wow , can nobody see in order to finance the beneficial leap of the manufacturing economy , you know , you have to actually run the finance system based upon it , you know with people in work saving and spending there own future . doesnt anyone see that when you have to start inventing strange new projects , that somthing may have gone wrong with the sound money foundations of manufacturing for the home market let alone the export one .
    barroso now wants some er more urgent powers of fiscal union , he doesnt get it , the cost of certain finaced goods is too high for the ammount of people with good enough jobs to have credit , the corporate model is eating itself as it has led to extra public sector cost being funded by taxation , that is killing the credit to buy the expensive goods .

    Since 2008 the Eu has had the oppertunity to recapitalise and avoid this , and has done nothing , in my view , the eu must take cuts to enable cost of membership to be reduced , the poor eurozone assets/debts must be taken out of the eurozone banks and placed in a eurozone winding up facility run as part of ECB , If as I believe full eurozone fiscal union , will not solve the differing ecnomic functioning of countries , thereby resulting in the sort of two teir europe many of us thinks must exist, and never will rebalance ,then a reversion back to national currencies is the only solution , but with certain new fiscal rules for being in the EU . End result should be centralisation wonk land ends and the ecnomcis discussion can begin .


  50. 152
    Eammon Holmes is a Dick says:

    Good morning and welcome to the show, dim Charlotte and me are here

    here is the nudes for today october 6th


  51. 153
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Better radical surgery with Murdo than ritual collective suicide with Ruth.


  52. 154
    Question says:

    I wonder what employment Steve Jobs would have been assigned in Brown’s Socialist State?


    • 161
      Non believer says:

      Steve Jobs made several large donations to the democrats and was close friends with bill Clinton and Al Gore (he brought Al Gore onto the board at apple)


      • 165
        The Paragnostic says:

        He needed the Al Gore Rhythm to help power the iMaBeliever, preferred accessory of the Fool and his money.

        RIP Jobs anyway – not being Bill Gates was achievement enough.


        • 167
          jgm2 says:

          Yep. Not being Bill Gates seems to be the sole justification for folk spending 400 quid on a phone. Or 1500 quid on a laptop.


  53. 155
    you want leadership? here's my leadership says:

    I give you my blessing to go forth and sodomise.
    First stop – Nick Boles’ holes
    It’s the right thing to do.


  54. 162
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    So Do Nout Dave says “We don’t boo our leaders” ! No ! because the hall was half empty and some of what was there , looked like they had been dragged in
    So what have you achieved since you took office ?
    Fuck All !
    Still printing money for fun
    still borrowing at Labours rate
    not payed one penny off the deficit
    troops still fighting Blairs war
    tens of thousands of jobs lost
    not one iota of growth in the economy
    banks still please themselves
    fuel bills still soaring
    still kissing european arse
    Oh there is opne thing you can be proud of ,
    You have turned up for more photo opp’s than Brown !

    And as for the Jesus pose at the end of your speech , your a fuckin joke
    i for one will not vote for you again, you clueless twat !


    • 175
      do you enjoy being taken for a cun*t by these people says:

      some people can be so ungrateful – go and find yourself a nice boyfriend and cheer yourself up with some cock and bum fun


  55. 169
    Anonymous says:

    Robert Peston & Stephanie Flanders on Radio 5 live now….call ‘em up and don’t let them get away with BBC marxist rubbish !


  56. 170
    Bollocks Broadcasting Corporation says:

    Fill the bulletins with news that we are cutting 2000 jobs (then do nothing and quietly forget about it). It’s good publicity in our fight to maintain the telly tax.


    • 171
      jgm2 says:


      TV Tax frozen somehow requires a 20% cut in budget? So then you read this 20% cut is over four years. So a 5% per year ‘cut’. But why any ‘cut’ at all? Just freeze their wages.

      If I were to actually do any work then I’d see a pay-freeze as – well – a pay-freeze. I wouldn’t see it as a 20% ‘cut’.

      What weird economic model do these bedwetters use?


      • 173
        The Paragnostic says:

        Don’t forget they have to service the debt on their vainglorious move to Salford Quays (we should warn the poor darlings to avoid the real Salford, as metrosexuals are only welcome there as muggees and coke customers…).

        They should have kept the Oxford St studios – far more convenient for Canal St and the ‘gay village’.


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