October 3rd, 2011

Overheard in the Midland Hotel Bar II

A newbie MP talking to a young blonde lady. The MP says “it was nice to meet you, but I’ve got to go and show my face at the British Venture Capital Association reception”. The young lady immediately says “wow, that sounds like a very right-wing group.”  The MP looks bemused, replying “I wouldn’t say that. It’s business, it’s not left-wing or right-wing. So what do you do?” The lady suddenly looks embarrassed: “I work for the BBC.” “Oh? Doing what exactly?” “I’m public affairs – it’s my job to persuade all of you lot that we’re not a bunch of raving left wingers.”  “You’re not doing a very good job so far…” came the reply.


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Looney left.

    Disband the BBC

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      Behind The Fold Up Bike Sheds says:

      If anyone tried, you’d see a protest swell the likes of which would dwarf the Countryside Alliance march, the Anti-Iraq War march and, well, eveyone who’s going to the Olympics. This board aside, I think the nation would rise up against it. Probably why the Tories haven’t really tried, just tinkered at the edges.

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        Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

        Blatant bias denial coupled with subversive promotion of self interest will see the BBC talk itself into extinction

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          The Paragnostic says:

          The illegality of the TV tax (under section 10 of the HRA) is what will cause the demise of the BBC – hoist by their own liberal petard.

          Fucking delicious!

          • Libertard says:

            Sorry, how does article 10 relate to tax? The existence of the Beeb isn’t restricting your free speech.

            Enough with the bum talk.

          • Mascarpone, I scream says:

            The BBC. Annually disbursing hundreds of millions of pounds to pseudo-private production companies owned and run by our colleagues, former colleagues, friends and family. It’s what we do.

          • Major Plonquer says:

            I am a venture capitalist (OK, no longer on these fair shores as it’s too bloody expensive). However, how I became a venture capitalist in the first place should be of ineterst to those who have an interest in social justice.

            It all started (furry boots?) up north in the fair city of Aberdeen. I was alone that night and I decided to venture into one of the city’s numerous dens. The place was hopping. So I approached this girl. She asked me what I did. I told her the truth, “I’m a helicopter pilot’. OK. next. Apparently there are too many of those around the North Sea – and they all have small dicks. Not great genetic material. Or whatever.

            So I went up to another girl and struck up a conversation. “What do you do?”, she asked. “I’m a tool pusher”, I replied, using a term I’d learned from the oil sector. No go. Just becasue you’re title is “tool pusher” doesn’t mean you can live up to titular expectations.

            So, in a fit of desparation, when I spoke to the third Aberdeen amazon, I replied to her inevitable question, “I’m a venture capitalist”. “OK, lets go to my place”, she implored. Get your coat.

            So the reason I became a venture capitalist is simple. There I was, later that evening, and I though, “Jeez I’ve only been a VC for less than an hour and already I’m fucking someone up the arse”.

            Thus, venture capital is my chosen vocation.

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          misterned says:

          The BBC bias is massive. The most blatant example I quote is when a labour shadow minister and a tory advisor resigned on the same day. The labour shadow secretary had committed a criminal offence and was found guilty which led to his resignation.

          The tory was only an unpaid advisor who told the truth in a less than sensitive way.

          The BBC led their news all day with the tory resignation, without really saying what he said, just how hurtful and cruel and insensitive it was. What he had said was that the recession was not ALL bad, He said that people with mortgages had never had it so good…

          And how much of the labour resignation story did they show? NONE whatsoever. It was totally and completely covered up, hidden from view and as far as the BBC are concerned, it did not happen.

          Can’t have people realising what a bunch of criminals labour are when a tory advisor is saying something that can be spun as hurtful!

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        David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

        The ever rising costs of the EU

        John Redwood produced an article today setting out the true cost of the EU each year. When Clegg and Cameron tell you ther is not the money just remember where savings could be made but they have made a political choice not to do so. With a trade deficit of £42 billion last year EU countries will only be too willing to keep the UK business. Most people think a trade agreement with the EU is in the country’s interest but NOT political and fiscal union by unelected unaccountable idiots ( I agree with Oborne).

        Add costs of bureaucracy to business, loss of fishing jobs, loss to farmers, HRA, legal aid, immigration etc and it is clear to see that the public is being sold a pup by Clegg and chums.

        UK’s gross contribution

        2011-12 £16.1bn

        2012-13 £16.4bn

        2013-14 £17.6bn

        2014-15 £18.6bn

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          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Guido, any news from the CPS about Huhne or are we waiting until the conference season has finished?

          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Oh, and remember that in the costs the pensions of Patten, Mandelson, Kinnocks etc are being paid at about £100,000 a pop per year.

          • General Sir Philip Michael Hunt says:

            I expect he has managed to wrangle himself out of it. Don’t forget, and to be honest, the most powerful people in the land are LibDems now!

          • Handycock, No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

            I have already told you the lodge is looking after Chris, and, as the General says the LibDems are the most powerful people in the land now. How do you think I keep getting away with it?

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          NeverRed says:

          We now have MP’s ‘discussing’ and voting whether or not there should be a referendum on the EU, which the government MUST act on if parliament vote for a referendum.
          We now need a petition calling for the sale of the BBC and saving of £3.5billion per year paid by tv licence fee payers.

          Labour conference week and every BBC broadcast/politics show has labour luvvies discussing how wonderful miliband and labour are without any opposition view.
          LibDem conference has the BBC aided by labour luvvies talking up the so called splits between the coalition parties and regurgitating tuition fees etc.

          The conservative conference starts with discussions between Varsi and the BBC favorites Muckguire and Toynbee. Bloody hell.

          The BBC is rotten to the core and millions of licence fee payers do not support Labour. The BBC will continue pouring out this bias at our expense, and this must be stopped.
          Petition needed almost as much as the EU petition.

        • 56
          Redwoodchickenshitshop says:

          Yes, good work Redwood….now, tell us, why dont you want the UK out of the EU.

      • 23
        PitPony says:

        Really? Try this for size “We’re going to abolish the obnoxious TV licence poll tax” What’ s not to like?

        • 47
          Jack Dromey (Ms) says:

          Exactly. Apparently well over 50% of telly taxpayers resent the imposition. They should just stop paying; they don’t know how easy it is to save £145.50 a year!

          Google “TV Licensing” and check it out :-)

        • 55
          Archer Karcher says:

          Ignore, typical deluded lefty projection.
          The extortion funded BBC is utter shite, biased drivel to out and out lies, churned out daily, interspersed with inane trivia and celebrity fawning.

          The sick joke is, you could get sent to prison for refusing to pay for it. Stalin would be proud.

      • 72
        Johnny says says:

        Bribe them with their own money. Re-write the charter so it can have adverts and/or be a paid for by subscription and then privatise the BBC for nothing by giving every licence fee holder 100 shares in BBC Plc. They have already paid for it after all.

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        BBC who says:

        THe nation would just watch the lefties riot on sky news.

        • 108
          The Other Bloke says:

          But maybe we wouldn’t have to put up with so many programmes so devoted to some form of perverse “correctness” that black and asian characters are artificially written into historical drama, where 50% of all characters have to be homosexual, where rioters and looters become “protestors”, where witless criminals from the Labour Party are invited to comment (witlessly of course) on any statement or action by a cabinet member, even in his private life.
          We might get comedy programmes where wit and repartee replaces smug snideness, a seven year old’s fascination with bodily functions and the F-word and C-word repeated endlessly.

          • Ruth Kelly's plaything says:

            R4 is on most of the day here. I don’t listen to The Archers but if it’s on when I’m making supper I’m usually too busy to switch over to R3, so I accidentally overhear it sometimes.

            The lefties have introduced an Asian female solicitor who has married the vicar, despite worshipping an Elephant God inter alia. Then there are all the persons of non-standard sexual proclivities who pop up from time to time.

            But the most hilarious example of what you describe, Other Bloke, was when this South African chap was introduced to Ambridge, dragged over here by one of the programme’s junior slag characters. He spent a fortnight wandering around the village asking everyone he met, in a thick Desmond Tutu accent, ‘What do you do?’ and being acknowledged by all as a thoroughly good bloke.

            It took a fortnight for the politically incorrect Eddie Grundy to break ranks and note that he was black-skinned.

            ‘An everyday story of country folk’. FFS.

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      Anonymous says:

      David Cameron is struggling to contain a rising tide of Tory Euroscepticism after insisting he would not support a referendum on Britain’s membership of the EU.
      The Prime Minister said he did want to claw back powers from Brussels, but suggested it would have to wait for negotiations over a new treaty which might be several years away.

      Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2044316/David-Cameron-NOT-support-UK-referendum-EU-membership.html#ixzz1ZhvQxqHE

      • 16
        Hugh Janus says:

        That’s a ‘no’ then Dave? Trouble is, the unaccountable, corrupt, profligate and power-hungry organisation known as the EU isn’t going to go away. In fact, our continued membership is fast becoming a festering sore, and until Call Me Dave confronts it – instead of issuing the usual soundbites – it will cause the Conservatives yet more long years in opposition, leaving NuLiebour to press on with its highly effective campaign to wreck what is left of this nation once and for all.

        Get real Cameron, you are completely and utterly out of touch. Stop inventing issues over which to ‘apologise’ to female MPs and address the real issues. It will soon be too late. Dump the Limp Dumbs before they do for you, and call a referendum now. Guaranteed landslide.

        • 37
          Anonymous says:

          On balance I support EU but there should be votes every 10 years or so. At least their should be a vote on commission every 4 years. The problem is EU is unaccountable to the people in EU.

          • misterned says:

            That will never happen. I too supported the EEC/EU back in the 1980s – 1990s. However it has become clear that the EU is a grossly and profoundly anti-democratic institution dedicated to giving an open ear only to those NGOs and corporations, who have the money to buy influence.

            What disgusts me about the tory line on the EU is that they are playing chicken with the country. ” A vote for UKIP is as good as a vote for Labour”

            However what they are not admitting is that a vote for either of them is a vote for the SAME EU domination and corruption. Dave, George, William et al have nailed their europhile colours to the mast and are now committed europhiles in practice.

            Cameron would rather see labour in power, than grant us a referendum. The thing is, without a referendum, there will be fuck all difference in policies anyway as the EU dictates the vast majority of them, so without a referendum, we may as well have a labour government, for all the difference it may make.

            So for all the empty, false fearmongering of a vote for UKIP is a vote for labour, Cameron is NOT giving us an alternative to labour’s approach so, either give us our referendum, or get used to opposition!

            I am dedicated to voting UKIP next time. I do not see the point in voting tory, just to have them implement the same EU policies as labour would anyway.

            On too many issues, there is no difference. On the EU, they are the same, on Climate change they are the same and these two issues currently dominate implementation of policy. On Political Correctness, they are very nearly the same and on tax and spend, there is about all of 1% difference between labour and tory.

          • Anonymous says:

            Why support it then?

        • 121
          Bloated Biased BBC says:


          I think Cameron is completely out of touch on this issue.

      • 57
        AC1 says:

        Dave, Bye!

        Maybe in your soon to be retirement you can buy Heaths yacht?

    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      BBC is not left or right its a government mouthpiece organisation. Licence fee need to be cut and it should be allowed to advertise, in time licence fee should be eliminated.

      • 17
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        The BBC has admitted several times it has “A left leaning bias”.

        Apart from that i agree with you.

        • 31
          Anonymous says:

          Defining left and right is not that easy, this government has number of gays, people who wants to give money to other countries, wants to cut prison sentence, let inmore immigrants, etc; that doesn’t make this government left wing.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            WTF has gays gotta do with it?

          • Anonymous says:

            Its got fuck all to do with Gays ,left wing equals big state, right wing equals small state. Simple.

          • Anonymous says:

            A lot of people think gays and bi are left wing and their supports to be left wing as well. People can be left or right depending on issues, so one cannot say BBC is left.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            The BBC itself has said it has “a left leaning bais” Google it.

            And where is your evidence that gays and Bi sexuals are lefties?

          • Whispering Weasel says:

            Right wing…. look after number one and then your family

            Left wing…. get everyone else to look after number 1

          • Jack Dromey (Ms) says:

            If you look closely, you will see there is no more left and right, only a mirage. It’s Them and Us — the troughers, the elite, the beyond-the-law, versus the poor sods who pay for it all.

          • Archer Karcher says:

            Err, yes it does.

          • wakey-wakey says:

            Even Jeremy Paxman (spit) has admitted the BBC has a left-wing bias. Also a green bias.

            This is well known and has been for some years.

        • 53
          Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

          “BBC is not left or right its a government mouthpiece organisation”

          Just exactly what planet have you been hiding on?

          Andrew Marr is a socialist and is married to a Guardian journalist who is the daughter of a Labour Peer

          Also ask why Nick Robinson is known as Toenails

          The BBC is politically programmed to present the Tories as the nasty party while not properly holding Labour to account for 13 years of making things worse for the very people they are supposed to represent.

          The BBC cannot help their rose tinted, champagne socialist bias, because they will not see that in practice, the Labour Leadership is the actual party of avarice, much more than the Tories.

          Dennis Skinner forgets the inconvenient truth that most long serving members of the Shadow Cabinet entered Parliament as poor as church mice and are now millionaires (as are their most vocal apologists like Toynbee)

      • 25
        Call me Infidel says:

        With the switch over to digital in 2012 it should be encrypted and the license fee would pay for a decryption box for anyone who wanted to watch their biased drivel.

      • 26
        Chris1966 says:

        It is most definitely a left wing mouthpiece – so much so that our household can no longer stomach watching/listening anything from the BBC’s news and current affairs output – this is an area which desperately needs a severe overhaul or become subscription based.

        I am sick and tired of listening to idiots telling me I’m bad because I work in the private sector, and as penance, my money should be ‘given away’ to people who don’t work and have no aspiration. How is it in any way economically viable to pay so many people for doing absolutely nothing, from the earnings of people who work hard? (Our combined earnings are about £42k per year, by the way, so we’re not exactly ‘rich’ – we just live within our means)

        When I watch or listen to any BBC ‘news’ output, I realise they do not speak for me or my family – it is overtly biased.

      • 44
        Nemo says:

        Wow some one on here has finally figured that one out, after all who appoint the heads of the BBC, it has always been the case, especially in times of war and national emergencies.

    • 61
      AC1 says:

      Don’t disband it, do something worse (for the producer capturing BBC staff).

      Give it to TV-Tax payers, and turn it to subscription.

      TV-Tax payers vote on the BBC board (They decide how to fund it; free channels with adverts, Encrypted channels without, extra advert free minutes for subscribers.).

      Let them see how unpopular their shite is.ccLet them see how inefficient they are.

      The BBC narcissists will hate people walking away from them and ignoring them more than anything else.

      • 73
        To be born white & English is to have won first prize in the lottery of life! says:

        I don’t pay the TV tax (age), so I’m happy to watch free TV.
        Abolishing the tax would leave ME out of pocket if it goes to subscription, so I say keep the TV tax!
        Stuff the rest of you!

      • 97
        low resolution fox says:

        As much as I hate the overwhelming lefty toss the BBC comes out with every now and again. When it comes to original British programming it is probably the best, in 2nd place Channel 4.

        If you switched off ITV and C5 I wouldn’t notice, until X Factor fans complained publicly. Sky has some decent news footage, but otherwise it just packages sports events with shiny graphics to make it seem more interesting, otherwise it’s all purchased US programs. No original programming there.

        My solution? I rent, so I can probably get away with ‘forgetting’ to pay the fee every year or so and wait until the ‘sophisticated TV enforcement debt collection’ numpty turns up, at which point refuse to talk to Capita and buy one directly from the BBC. I assume this cuts out the knee-capping Capita-parasites.

    • 66
      AC1 says:

      Jail Threat funded is always going to favour the extortion loving left.

      • 82
        The Paragnostic says:

        Article 10 of the ECHR (as put into statute law by the 1998 HRA):

        1. Everyone has the right to freedom of expression. This right shall include freedom to hold opinions and to receive and impart information and ideas without interference by public authority and regardless of frontiers. This Article shall not prevent States from requiring the licensing of broadcasting, television or cinema enterprises.

        They can threaten as much as they like, but if murderers can use Article 8 to evade repatriation, surely we citizens can use Article 10 to stop them charging us for the Bolshevik Broadcasting Corporation?

    • 102
      Rewind1616 says:

      Should have asked her for a blow job & thrown money @ her to be a real right winger

    • 126
      Anonymous says:

      There is something seriously wrong with someone who calls himself such a stupid name.

  2. 2
    Behind The Fold Up Bike Sheds says:

    Give her a sitcom on BBC3!

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “I’m public affairs – it’s my job to persuade all of you lot that we’re not a bunch of raving left wingers.”

    Hang on, we pay the BBC to employ someone to lobby tory mps to convince them the BBC is not left wing?

    he fact they have to employ someone to do this means that they are left wing?

    • 48
      Stinkfinger says:

      They protesteth too much

    • 67
      Archer Karcher says:

      She thinks that business in itself is “very right wing” thus giving the game away immediately. At the BBC her opinion of business is widely supported and yet the morons have no idea where the money comes from to pay them. Utter imbeciles.

      • 92
        The Observer says:

        I wonder at the process of selecting her for the job?
        Also the initiation rites she went through before being let loose in Manchester?
        Stalin would be proud.

      • 124
        Bloated Biased BBC says:

        Quite right. Utter imbeciles.

    • 138
      IsTheBBCBiased! says:

      Does anyone at the BBC read anything other than the Grauniad or Indy/i ? I DON’T THINK SO!

      Why doesn’t the Government commission an investigation into balance in BBC staffing?

  4. 5
    Hugh Janus says:

    ‘BBCC wastes money on trying to persuade us that they are not a bunch of raving lefties’ shock horror.

    There’s nothing new in the world.

  5. 7
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    Only the BBC could employ a PA PR who has no understanding of the terms Venture and Capital. I was , however, impressed by Mrs. Brooke this morning in the form of her alter ego, Sarah Montague. Once a stockbroker always a Tory eh?

    • 52
      Ichabod says:

      Her use if the ‘word’ gonna , consistently, instead of saying ‘going to’ is, after her laugh, the most irritating sound on Radio 4

      • 94
        The Observer says:

        There is a female Scottish newsreader who always uses the word hate for eight.
        Freud would have something to say on this.

  6. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Don’t let the Tory council tax freeze fool you. Its just a cover for the fact that the economy is flat lining under their austerity package.

    Name and shame that tory twerp newbie MP please ?

    • 20
      Hugh Janus says:

      Another Conservative lie – no council tax freeze here because our town council had other ideas last year….

    • 64
      AC1 says:

      Since property based taxes have the LEAST economic harm, and they increased the tax with the most economic harm (VAT). It shows Blue Labour are just like Red Labour, ignorant rent-seekers.

    • 112
      Rat's arse says:

      YOU ARE NOT BILLY! You are a poor imitation!

  7. 10
    okjoe57 says:

    if the bbc is untouchable there really is no hope is there

  8. 11
    Armando Iannucci says:

    If I made a spoof TV show with these sorts of stories people wouldn’t believe me

  9. 12
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Bizarrely we are employing these people at our expense.

    I hope she is sacked on grounds of incompetence.

    • 28
      BBCC Spokesperson says:

      We don’t sack people in the BBCC. Dear me no, sacking is so vulgar. No, we promote and then inflate their salary and perks to levels that could never be afforded in the private sector.

      Wasting £3.5bn pa – it’s what we do.

      • 89
        The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

        I think you’ll find that they are promoted to get them out of the way so they don’t cause trouble.
        Thank you for your money.

        • 143
          H.Harrpy (Peckham DO) says:

          Sacking is only for the likes of Wossy & Brand. Tossers who thought they were more important that the BBC Equality (Woman) Advisors.

  10. 18
    pundit says:

    FFS. Another pilgrim.

  11. 24
    Mike Newland says:

    What a perfect example of the reality of the BBC!

    And I’m paying for it poor bastard.

  12. 27
    Praguetory says:

    We are paying our taxes that go to the BBC to employ people whose job is to fool MPs that the BBC is actually politically neutral. Kafka would be proud.

  13. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Prime Minister, David Cameron and Chancellor,Gideon Osborne both expected to resign from their roles at the end of Conference as a result of a no confidence vote being passed.

    • 50
      Nemo says:

      Or you spin meister for Guido, Billy, or are you wanting a job on Guidos tean or are you already on Guido’s team?

      • 69
        Archer Karcher says:

        Fake Billy.

        • 113
          Rat's arse says:

          Got that right Archer. Anyone who visits this site regularly gets to know the individual bloggers quite well.
          I wish the tw*t blogging as Billy would stop and get their own monicker. What a feckin pra.t

  14. 30
    Andy Ashcroft says:

    Not that the BBC goes deliberately looking for rabid right wingers to report on like.

  15. 32
    lola says:

    Blonde. Ear. Someone poor volunteers prick. Fucking sense into required.

  16. 34
    Desperate Dan says:

    I’ve been listening to the BBC’s usual fantastical forecasts of doom this morning and I’ve started wondering whether they are deliberately trying to manipulate the markets. Or even trying to provoke a run on the pound.

    • 42
      I don't need no doctor says:

      The BBC never knowingly reporting the facts that aren’t labour biased.

    • 45
      Voice of Reason says:

      They don’t need to, the country is already fucked by Brown and now by his follow on twat Osborne. And it’s time these smug millionaires stopped saying ‘we’re all in it together’ or ‘I can feel your pain’ Fooking twats cannot feel any pain of what ordinary families are feeling. Osborne, Camoron, and all you other wealthy twats how can you know what it’s like to worry about paying for fuel bills or food?

      • 58
        Stinkfinger says:

        “I can feel your pain” Patronising c*nt.I bet he wouldn’t dare say that in a Maternity ward.
        Crushed nuts anyone?

      • 63
        Desperate Dan says:

        You seem to be suffering from a fear of men who are are more successful than yourself. There are now drugs freely available to treat these sort of phobias. You should seek help before its too late.

        • 68
          Voice of Reason says:

          Desperate Dan Twat. I couldn’t give a fuck about rich people, it’s just when they start saying stupid things like I can feel your pain etc. On a personal note I’m more than happy with my wealth and have a degree of success – unlike yourself perhaps?

        • 75
          Archer Karcher says:

          It’s not the fact that anyone is rich, it is the patronising hypocrisy that endlessly pours from their mouths.
          Rather like the Energy Minister, who lectures everyone to “shop around” while the real reason for ever higher energy prices, is the hidden ‘green’ subsidy, forced onto consumers bills. Bills of course, that MP’s do not have to pay themselves, they leave that to long suffering taxpayers too.

  17. 36
    Ac/Dc/Ac says:

    BBC, non bias convincing ….. EPIC FAIL

  18. 41
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The young lady didn’t actually state that the BBC were not a bunch of raving left wingers, only to persuade the BBC were not.

    • 90
      The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

      .. and that is classic BBC bias by non-reporting.
      Glad to see you proles finally getting it – a gold star for you.

    • 144
      H.Harrpy (Peckham DO) says:

      Perhaps she was a Telegraph journalist who thought the Conference was just like a costituency surgery and couldn’t find a Cable.

  19. 54
    Stinkfinger says:

    Was she secretly filming for a Panorama special ‘Undercover Tory MP’ perhaps?
    Don’t take up a life of crime love,you might perjure yourself.

  20. 59
    What a plonker. says:

    What would the consequence be if it was announced that the licence fee for the
    BBC was to finish as of now .It would be very popular in the country It would only hurt BBC employees and and the Socialist Labour party .What is not to like?
    The BBC could join the real world and compete for advertising with every body else .

  21. 60
    Terrible But True says:

    Get this young newbie to drag Cameron, Hunt and all the other waffle merchants who are addicted to the Breakfast and DP sofas, stick ‘em in front of a microphone and demand to justify to the nation which part of multi-billion media monopoly crushing true democracy they don’t grasp, especially in favour of hiding behind ‘trusted national treasure’ sycophancy.

    Me paying the BBC more to pay the BBC to push views I tend not to hold seems too unique a funding model to sustain.

    And Mr. Pickles can find a lot more worthy than Mehdi & Polly’s ‘expert opinon’ to fund with £3.5 billion per annum, one is sure.

  22. 62
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Nothing to do with the open recruitment process via T’Guardian then.

    • 98
      Boris Johansson says:

      All BBC posts to be advertised on BBC website. Polly and fellow socialist state troughers will love that.

      • 145
        H.Harrpy (Peckham DO) says:

        There goes the Guardian’s loss up again – memo from Rushbringer to Toynbee, could we base the paper from your villa, you might have to be one of Bellisconis girls, I know he likes them younger but lay back and think of Ed.

        We women have to do what we can, you can’t rely on the men.

  23. 70
    It is a truth universally acknowledged...... says:

    The BBC is institutionally left-wing and anti-British..but what can you do ?

    Time for another promo for their upcoming programmes…dressed up as “Breaking News” …they have more adverts than commercial television !!!

    • 74
      Desperate Dan says:

      They were so keen to foment unrest yesterday that they were driven to report a demonstration of 500 in New York simply because it fitted in to their “look everyone’s doing it” agenda.

    • 78
      Archer Karcher says:

      “but what can you do ?”

      Pressurise the political elite who all support the Stalinist institution, into introducing a voluntary subscription model, to repace the existing one. Then the comrades will soon understand just how much the public like their “unique” brainwashing service.

      • 80
        labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        The B-bbc = Lock and key on the socialist mind cage.

      • 101
        Tosser Wosser says:

        That’s called Sky – and it’s less popular than the BBC – Dickhead.

        • 125
          Bloated Biased BBC says:

          I think you will find that even the Left admit that Sky is not politically biased, however much you personally may protest. And anyone who watches it soon realises it wipes the floor with BBC news in every department.

          • Tosser Wosser says:

            I think you will find that even the the most illiterate admit that I didn’t claim that Sky was politically biased, however much you personally may protest. And as someone who watches it I’ve realised it wipes the floor with BBC news, particularly in the live sport and movie departments.

  24. 77
    Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

    All this why the beeb bird snorted yet another line of tax payer funded coke!

    Irrelevant useless muppets!

    • 103
      Liebour (labour) geddit? hahahahaha..... says:

      No, I don’t think that’s why she snorted coke – that wouldn’t make any sense at all.

  25. 84
    Do the maths says:

    So the MP says ‘it was nice to meet you’ by way of a farewell but then asks ‘what do you do?’ Who did he think he was talking to up until then? The story smells like a big bag of horse dung.

    • 91
      The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

      Morning comrade, yes, nothing to see here, move along.

    • 93
      BBC who? says:

      Who in their right mind would advertise the fact they are from the looney left BBC when talking to a tory until they had too.
      But typically uninformed BBC to assume any meeting with the word capital must be extreme right wing.

      • 99
        bored at work (again) says:

        “Who in their right mind would advertise the fact they are from the looney left BBC when talking to a tory until they had too (sic)”.

        You’re right, the story does sound unrealistic doesn’t it. Mind you – if you need a bit of user activity on this site just mention the BBC and you lot can be relied upon to foam and wank-off for a couple of hours.

        Mwa, mwa, mwa – you are a naive bunch.

    • 110

      He was making his exit when the woman said something that piqued his interest and caused him to postpone his departure.

      What’s “suspicious” about that?

  26. 95
    The Observer says:

    The last person I met working for the BBC was in India and was quite surprised on my statement that the majority of thinking people have very little time for the BBC, and their information is biased.
    So their inner bubble culture seems to be working.

    • 100
      The Observer Food Monthly says:

      Happy to know you are the official spokesperson for The Majority Of Thinking People. I hereby sack you on behalf of The Majority Of Thinking People, for gross misconduct.

  27. 96
    Sick of Edinburgh Dogshite on Motorbike says:

    The BBC can strictly fuck off!

  28. 104
    Cynic says:

    As the BBC is the Press why does it need PR’s?

    • 114
      Wazzok says:

      Pretty girls are better at blow jobs – for the few heteros at the beeb

      • 127
        Evan Davith says:

        Get you!

      • 146
        H.Harrpy (Peckham DO) says:

        I’ll have to report you for this example of extreme predjudice. I can think of a number of Ed’s MP’s who are more than capable of an excellent BJ. I believe C Bryant actually advertised himself on the web in is underpants to prove the point. The bully Ed is not known as Balls for nothing.

    • 136
      Cynincompoop says:

      Shit! I always thought Eastenders was made up. Now you’re telling me it’s an extended news report – fuck.

  29. 105
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Ouch! Shot herself in both feet.

  30. 107
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s true, the BBC is always in the pocket of the Labour party. I mean, look what happened in 2004: Grey Dyke, the director general, and Gavyn Davies, the chairman, had to resign because THEY MADE THE LABOUR GOVERNMENT ANGRY BY TELLING THE TRUTH ABOUT THE IRAQ WAR. Just fancy that.

    • 115
      Wazzok says:

      Only after the labour party was infiltrated by common purpose marxists

    • 147
      H.Harrpy (Peckham DO) says:

      I thought that Greg was sacked because the Equality Commission felt that his family name was insulting to the lesbian community. Just how many Greg Straights are there. I’m sure that Caroline Lucas will succeed in the Green (fellow sisters) campaign to get Devil’s Dyke in Brighton renamed.

      I look forward to the first Lesbian, Black, Immigrant, Muslim – Director General of the BBC.

  31. 109
    Hang them from lamp posts says:

    Quick witted reply from the MP!

    Glad the woman had the decency to apologise for working for the un-British BC.

  32. 116
    The poet lariat says:

    Scratch Cameron and what’s beneath?
    Not Blair or Thatcher – Edward Heath.

  33. 117
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    Step 1 – abolish TV tax and pay out of general taxation.

    Step 2 – stand back and watch them tie themselves in knos explaining why an immediate tax reduction a is not good for working families, a simulation to the economy and why the bbc is more deserving of public money then nurses, teachers,students, etc.

    An announcement with immediate effect will be impossible to reverse as noone will buy it and how can you put that genie back in the bottle.

  34. 120
    Dale Farmer Joe says:

    I’ve got a caravan for a quick sale if anyone is interested. Buyer collects.

  35. 128
    Southern Softy says:

    Why the hell has the BBC invited Polly Fucking Toynbee to give her extreme leftie views so often in the past week? I nearly threw up when she appeared on the conference broadcast on Sunday just after her usual performance on “Any Questions”.

  36. 129
  37. 131
    wakey-wakey says:

    Scrap the bbc licence fee.
    Scrap it now.

  38. 140
    Bugler Bert says:

    After watching all three party [AND the loopy union] conferences – yes, I am still under medical supervision – I reckon the obvious re-naming of the BBC should be “Bolshevik Bullshit Co-operative”.

  39. 142
    Bugler Bert says:

    RE. the Millibrain reshuffle – marks out of ten? er <2. He has not got rid of DickEd Balls, and has not shifted far enough the Madwoman of Peckham.

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Rashida Manjoo is a part-time professor of law at Cape Town University in the totally non-sexist country of South Africa (otherwise known as Rape Capital Of The World).

Mrs Magoo has been wandering around with her notebook and is appalled by the sexist “boys’ club” culture here, apparently.

I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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What’s he been doing FFS, mining bitcoins?

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