September 29th, 2011

Newsnight: Oborne Calls Guilty Men “Idiots”
Eurocrat Storms Off, Ex-FT Editor CBI Director Lambert Livid

Sir Richard Lambert, was not amused, demanding “do we have to go on with this rubbish Jeremy” when Peter Oborne threw his  Guilty Men pamphlet at him across the table with the words “you’re in it, read it”. At the same time a eurocrat version of Comical Ali who had been praising the euro stormed out of the Brussels studio on air after being repeatedly called an idiot by Oborne – at one point even Paxman referred to him as “Mr Idiot in Brussels”. It was an ode to joy…


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    Claude van Damme says:

    Not guilty, m’lud.

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        Hang The Bastards says:

        Give Peter a knighthood.

        The UK needs more common sense voices like his.

        They don’t like it up them do they

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          Jack Dromey (Ms) says:


          • Aunt Mat says:

            The man is a Bully.

            Let him have his moment.

            Then let him know the error of his ways.

          • labourunionsbbc we are one says:

            How dare you call Mz Dromey a bully?
            you’ll have ariett hardperson come round and sort you out if your not carefull.

          • The Eurocrats are Shi—ng themselves as they will all be off the Gravey Train, Ha Ha,
            The EURO Currency isn’t the Problem, It is the minimum wage forced on the people so the Government can recover more TAX to pay for the NON commercial acitivites of the STATE. The Hotel Cleaners in Spain Greece, etc etc, Having to be brought in from outside the country as the businesses cant pay the Minimum wage and be viable, TAX TAX TAX.

          • Spacker Brown says:

            Much as when a puppy needs its nose rubbed in its own mess when it soils your carpet, some people need their noses rubbed in their own idiocy. Bravo Oborne.

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          misterned says:

          A knighthood? Make him Prime Minister!!!

          • Gordon Brown I saved the world. says:

            He could like me save the world.

          • misterned says:

            BTW, I found it enlightening that the former editor of the FT said, “do we have to keep talking about this nonsense?” So they consider reality to be nonsense now? I think they always did.

            When every word which Oborne spoke dripped with a realistic truth that the EU oligarchs refuse to accept. They are in denial, they are the economic deniers who were so terribly badly wrong about the Euro, the EU, Economics in general and much else besides (including climate change). Why are these fuckwits being allowed ANY say on how we get out of the current mess? They should all be locked up for their crimes against humanity.

            Sign the pledge at to only vote in the next general election for a candidate which has promised to vote in the commons for a binding referendum on EU membership.

            It is time to get the hell out of dodgy.

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          ta says:

          Knighthood? Peter Oborne deserves to be made a saint after that sermon on newsnight. Poor old Paxo, couldn’t be Mr Nasty that night.
          Let us see & hear more people like Oborne more often slapping the faces of unnaccountable, unelected “idiots” of Brussels AND reminding the fools of Westminster what the electorate want might be the way out of the mess we’re in at present

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        The Paragnostic says:

        Surely a pecuniary superposition would be your remedy, Cat?

        I suggest a pyrogenic pessary for the Eurocrats – might put a bit of fire in their bellies, eh?

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      Fiscal Gerrymandering says:

      The Eurozone can be likened to 17 households in a street all having one bank account.

      The party crowd at one end never pay their tax, while playing and spending, while the prudent stay at home crowd at the other end work diligently. How long would the prudent households continue to pay for the parties at the other end of the street?

      The solution is either disband the bank account as culturally and economic ally unworkable, or impose a draconian matriarch on all countries who gets to unilaterallu decide who has a party and who has to pay more into the account.


      The politicians that got us into this mess are not solution

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        Snotsicle says:

        Excellent analogy, thank you.

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          out side looking in says:

          + half of the UK

          • PD77 says:

            You’ll probably find its a higher percentage than that, so that’s why we’ll never get a referendum on our membership of it.

          • misterned says:

            Perhaps we should all tell pollsters that we do not want to leave the EU, then when the poll numbers fall we might get that referendum.

            I am still of the mind that something similar happened in 1997. Brown was 11 points clear in the polls despite being hated. I think most people were telling pollsters that they supported labour just to trick Brown into thinking he would win with an increased majority and call an election then. Dammit it almost worked too and then Cameron made his barnstorming conference speech and scared Brown off!

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        The Cabinet Secretary says:

        You mean it’s like the UK welfare state? People work hard, pay tax and then gubmint doles the money out to lazy bastards.

        We should scrap this as well.

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          Jack Dromey (Ms) says:

          Barroso is a crypto-Maoist. Nuff sed.

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          oddly helpful says:

          I was thinking that, too. Both are examples of conflict between two antagonistic world views: fact-based economics and fiction-based politics.

          Pretending there isn’t a conflict between ‘Solidarity’ and ‘Rugged Individualism’ is not a stable long-term solution.

          ‘Solidarity’ is an evil fiction, whose function is to disguise authentic difference, to coerce together different groups into a fictitious sense of fellow-feeling and to enforce conformity to some factitious ideal. Its use by a Soviet-era trades union in Poland was scathingly ironic.

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        Nemo says:

        The trouble was that there was one bank wihich passed control to all its individual subsidiary banks, who were more or less controlled by their own countries which of course favoured spending, the head office did not manage and demand from its subsidiary banks that they have proper control. The Euro was was launched at about 72p where is it now, 85p, the markets are always right (so we are told) looks as if UK is heading towards even worse trouble.

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        wound-up says:

        Fascile ‘analysis’. Germany’s done very well out of the single currency.

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        Dave Cam, - not a lot – but all we’ve got says:

        Trust me – would I lie to you guv?

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      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      This is classic – Oborne is at last saying on the airwaves what a lot of us have thought for more than a decade. The bluster of Lambert is too funny. He’s comments on Greece show that he has accepted that the Euro is fatally flawed but still he can’t come to grips with his past behaviour.

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        Lord Lucan says:

        Obourne is a National treasure. Lambert can’t seem to grasp that he nearly drove the the Bus off the cliff with everyone in it…

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          Southern Softy says:

          That’ll be ‘Sir’ Richard Lambert.
          Can’t quite see Peter Oborne getting such a gong anytime soon.
          btw, Jezza Paxo accusing Peter Oborne of being “gratuitously offensive”
          is really rich!

          • The Paragnostic says:

            Being accused of being ‘gratuitously offensive’ by Paxo is surely a badge to wear with pride.

            I still remember a Latin master at school labelling me an ‘egregious boor’ – an epithet that will warm my heart for ever :-)

          • Angela Merkel says:

            Could he bale out Greece because we can’t?

          • misterned says:

            Oborne was only offensive to people who find truth to be gratuitously offensive. Oborne was right. The Euro dickwad on that monitor IS an idiot in the EU.

            I find Paxo to be gratuitously offensive almost every time he is on Newsnight.

        • 208
          Boutros Boutros-Car Key says:

          Totally agree!

      • 58
        The Observer says:

        Don’t forget that the BBC is also one of his guilty men.
        On the Toady Programme they shouted him down on this, a difficult thing to do, but Humphries and a left wing Euro supporter cohort went rabid.

        • 89
          Archer Karcher says:

          The BBC recieves millions of Euro’s a year in soft loans from the EU, the treacherous slime are up to their necks in the whole affair.

      • 202
        Anonymous says:

        Was Oborne yanked off the show for the second part of the discussion with that german bint? Lambert and that Schroders bird remained but I think the BBC took Oborne outside and had him shot.

        Nice to see a genuine bit of anger about all this money shuffling to prop up the euro – pity it’s so rare.

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      herewegoagain says:

      Wonderful. Let’s hear more of this stuff.

      Shame they couldn’t put the banks under the same spotlight,
      after all they are the root cause.

      • 96
        Archer Karcher says:

        It is the existing political class, notably on the left, who are the root cause. They put in place laws that forced banks to lend to high risk customers, who could not afford the credit given. Obama, in his shyster lawyer days, even took banks to court for not lending enough to low income families. The guilty men are all on the ‘progressive’ left, they were as wrong then as they are now.

        • 164
          misterned says:


          Solely blaming the banks for this crisis, without also apportioning blame to the left wing politicians who were clueless as to how to effectively and efficiently control the legal structures within which the banks operated, is like blaming the tigers at a circus for eating the audience, when the circus master leaves the cage door open and the audience smelled of fresh meat!

          Admittedly, some of the bigger American banks did commit outright and blatant fraud. The Federal reserve paid out trillions of dollars to several EU banks in 2009 to compensate them for the junk that they were sold as AAA rated investments from the likes of Bank of America and Goldman Sachs for example.

          Never mind the other thousands of cases of individual frauds within the CDOs, like selling the same mortgage note to several different investors, leaving the poor sod who made all his payments to what he believed was his mortgage company facing foreclosure on his home by other agents who ALSO had his mortgage on their books sans any payments.

          However I have yet to see the Obama administration take any lawful action against said banks or investment companies. On the contrary, I have seen the American authorities have acted to actively protect banking executives from prosecution.

          So it looks to me like it is the lefty politicians which helped the banks create this mess, and who have done their utmost to protect them afterwards!

      • 100
        jgm2 says:

        Yeah. Those wicked banks. Lending money to people who can’t pay it back.

        Why isn’t the finger being pointed at the fuckers who can’t pay back the loans? The fucking imbeciles who borrowed too much money?

        When they have those shows on TV where there is some fuckwit who owes 30K on their credit card and has fuck all to show for it and can’t make the payment and defaults do you think ‘Ha! Good for him!’ or do you think ‘Oh, come on – play the fucking game. Either don’t borrow money you can’t afford or pay it back’? Does nobody see the ‘moral hazard’ in that?

        The problem is that Labour/BBC has managed to turn the whole over-borrowed, under-educated electorate into the ‘victim’ here. Instead of being the fucking culprit. Which is what (we) they are.

        The economy is fucked because between us we have all borrowed too much fucking money. We can’t blame the banks if we then all renege on our debts and they, as a result, go tits up.

        Oh. How silly of me. It turns out that we can all absolve ourselves of responsibility and blame the banks after all.

        • 119
          The Paragnostic says:

          Tut, tut, jgm2 – stop pointing out the elephant in the room or it will crap all over the whole system of imaginary money.

          The first warnings about the excessive amount of personal borrowing in the UK economy date back to at least 2002, when the OECD highlighted it. Blair and Brown ignored it (to do otherwise would have ended the property boom, out of which Slotgob was doing very nicely, thankyou), and pissed our children’s and grand-children’s income up the wall on PFI and benefits for mongs.

          I can absolve myself of all responsibility, as I only ever pay cash for anything and do not contribute to the credit lottery.

          Can anyone else?

          • oddly helpful says:

            There’s a possible further twist; for every borrower (whether individual, corporate, or governmental) there must be a willing lender.

            Ultimately, the source of much of this excess liquidity is China, particularly through its policy of maintaining a low value for the Renminbi/Yuan in order to make its manufactured goods exceedingly well-priced compared to competitor economies: their resulting profits more than covered the cost of retooling plant and got ‘lent’ to their own customers.

            It was perfectly sensible behaviour.

        • 167
          misterned says:

          Private debt is not what is causing the current crisis. It is Sovereign debt. Why the fuck did the banks not do their due diligence when lending such phenomenal amounts of money to Greece and Ireland? Did it really not occur to them that a country with a GDP the size of Greece would not be able to sustain a debt more suited to a country the size of Portugal?

          Those banks deserve to fail.

          • Ed the Axeman says:

            It is sovereign debt that is the issue. However, its not completely sovereign borrowing.

            The major issue is the Maddoff debts run up by governments. Debts such as your and my pensions. Civil service pensions too. That the big lump. 7,000 bn in the UK alone.

            Govs are worried about banks because they rely on banks lending them their capital. Remove banks, and a lot of the source of their borrowing disappears.

            With Vince and Labour saying they are going to penalise banks, they won’t get new capital.

            End result a big depression and the opposite of inflation, deflation. Since they owe vast amounts, deflation isn’t what they want. Even less so than inflation, since there are floors on their debts.

        • 170
          misterned says:

          BTW jgm2, I do generally agree on a lot of what you say, but on this? Not really. Here’s why. Have you got a crystal ball? Can you tell the future? I guess not. So how are people where in good permanent jobs in the earlier part of the last 10 years to know that they could not pay back their loans due to redundancy or sickness or having their hours and wages cut?

          What do you suggest? that nobody ever take out a mortgage unless they happen to have enough money in the bank to pay it off?

          • Errr..... says:

            Too much debt full stop. Too many people were funding fancy cars, crazy work done the house or holidays by ‘releasing equity’ on the house. We’re all getting shafted by mortages, interest rates, insurance, food prices, fuel prices ……..and cinema ticket prices. Loved Oborne’s rant last night. I have little confidence in economists or politicians when in comes to the ecoonomy. They’re all wise after the fact.

      • 130
        Pogo says:

        I’m in agreement with jgm2…

        Blame has been very successfully deflected onto the banks by the politicians – who are actually to blame for the whole sorry mess.

        • 133
          jgm2 says:

          Spread the word.

        • 205
          Rog says:


          Blame has been skilfully shifted to eeevil bankers by the very politicians and their cheerleaders that caused the shitstorm in the first place.

          Once again, sovereign debt is largely the cause of crisis.

          The banks did not run up the UK’s (for instance) massive >£4 Trillion debt.

          Labour, step forward and take a bow.

    • 150
      OBorne is a chancer says:

      When’s Oborne going to call for Cameron’s head on a plate for his fake Euro-scepticism .. or is he simply a bullshitter jumping on the bandwagon now that the Euro is going tits up.
      I dont buy OBorne’s bluff.

    • 207
      Anonymous says:

      Hoorahh for Peter Fuck the EU its bleeding us dry, Come on gutless cameron give us a referendum you fucking liar

  2. 2
    EU Millionaire Pensioner Mandelson says:

    I love Europe which still pays me handsomely

    I love the Euro in which I am paid

    But that does not influence my views on Greece, the Euro or the coming financial collapse

    • 6
      Clapham Commoner says:

      The kings don’t like being told they are wearing no clothes.

      “Idiot” is the polite version.

      Well done Oborne.

      Great viewing!

    • 63
      Lord Kinnock of doubtful origins says:

      I totally agree with my five pensions

      • 141
        joescotus says:

        if we could somehow have harnessed the millions of cubic feet of air that this fucking welsh wind bag has emitted over the decades,problem solved energywise .even in his seventies he could still power up say 100 ,,200 turbines!

    • 66
      Lord Patten of nowhere you know says:

      I also agree with Mandelson as I have a fine EU pension amongst others.

    • 123
      The Paragnostic says:

      I regret the invention of antiretrovirals.

      Die, you fucker, die!

    • 137
      Nurse Pilgrim says:

      Next time, use KY not Greece. Lard is not recommended either, but olive oil might work.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, it was very funny.

    These Euscum will have more to worry about than just feeling a bit miffed once their captive populations really get into revenge mode.

    • 16
      Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

      Just remember that the mob can turn on the messenger rather than the culprit. People don’t like being told they were wrong.

      • 93
        A CurrrCudddy Constitchewent says:

        Gordon is one of the most decent, kind, friendly, helpful hard working MPs any town could have!

    • 28
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      I think Oborne’s behaviour is going to become increasingly common. Rational Eurosceptics of whom are becoming more assertive and their case is well supported by the economic evidence before our eyes and the dithering of European political elites.

      Historically these people have been dismissed as cranks and racists by politicians (virtually all Labour and Lib Dems and even some Tories) and media organisations (in particular the BBC, Guardian, Independent and the FT). It is now becoming apparent that the arguments advanced by the Eurosceptics back in the 90s were correct and for the right reasons.

      • 171
        misterned says:


      • 215
        HappyUK says:

        Correct. We’ve been dismissed as xenophones and little Englanders by the likes of the BBC and the left for too long.

        The writing is clearly on the wall.

        Expect to see the Euro and other institutions that no longer serve their purpose – the BBC, Climate Change, socialism – start to slowly but surely crumble.

        It is also clear that there are other systems, alternate systems, new ideas that are ready to be put in place so it will not really matter if the old systems crumble or collapse for the new ones are already here, ready, willing and able to take their place and take up what you call “the slack”.

        It’s no longer a case of killing the old beasts, but cleaning up their corpses…

  4. 4
    PK says:

    Peter Oborne – what a player.

    Lambert lower than a dog turd on the pavement.

  5. 7
    Seth the pig farmer says:

    A bit like the piggie who built his house of straw and then blamed the wolf.

  6. 8
    LabourScum says:

    Superb. Britain needs more people like Oborne who tell it the way it is. 40-odd years of left-wing, politically correct censorship of anti-Leftist, anti-Utopian opinions has brought this country to the very brink of ruin.

    • 27
      Non believer says:

      More people who think global warming is a bigger threat than Islamic extremism, who think America is the uks biggest enemy in the entire world, who think the uk is guilty of persecuting Muslims?

      This is not someone you should want on your side, his shrill godwins law invoking style may play well to you lot on here but to anyone other than the cognitively locked window lickers here he comes across as a credibility free boorish Adolescent incapable of conversing with grown ups who would rather use news night as an opportunity to promote his pamphlet than properly hold these people to account.

      Btw Gweedo how much is borne paying you for the adverts and wall to wall editorial?

      • 106

        Not enough. Business and pleasure.

      • 131
        The Paragnostic says:

        Oborne is, I assume related to the harpy Christina, who is mainly notable for defending Ratzenberger and his band of kiddy-fiddlers.

        I agree, he’s not the ideal man to stand beside at the barricades, but when the EU comes and asks us to pony up a couple of trillion quid to bail out Zorba, Diego and Mick, anyone who can tell them to piss off so eloquently will be welcome.

      • 159
        The Richmond Park after Dark Society says:

        So, how long have you been a shirtlifter?

  7. 9
    Mikey Smithson says:

    I was shagging this girl at the side of a football pitch last night and shot my load after 30 seconds.

    She said, “Is that it then, can I go home now?”

    “No, that was just the warm-up” I replied

    Before dragging her onto the centre circle.

  8. 10
    mydadvotedforlaboursoiwillaswellasihaven'tgotabrain says:

    Let Greece go and then hope that the whole bloody charade collapses.

  9. 11
    PK says:

    ……..’Are Merkel and Barroso the equivalent of the Nazis?’………

    Absolutely. The EU is a completely fascist administration.

    • 32
      harry potnap says:

      Intellects whose desires have outstripped their understanding.

      Friedrich August von Hayek

    • 108
      EU Spokesperson and Liar says:

      Now, now, we don’t mention the ‘N’ or ‘F’ word around here or nasty corporatism. We are now third way progressives, we believe in public, private, partnership initiatives and communitarianism which is good and nothing at all like that ‘N’ and ‘F’ stuff. Honest.

  10. 12
    Spartacus says:

    Listening to Noam Chomsky interview this morning.
    He spoke about the balance of power in the Middle East, and commented on the peace envoys.
    ‘Tony Blair, enough said; they might has well have picked George Bush’, Chomsky said.

    Nice one.

  11. 14
    Red Ed the Marxist shit says:

    Oborne – you are on to it- Well trousered sir!

  12. 17

    I notice Lambert tried to play the Nazi card – well my fecking Quisling card trumps that – turd!

    • 122
      Joshua Tetley & Son says:

      Indeed – if you are losing an argument, why not play the race/nazi/persecution/oppression card…

    • 184
      misterned says:

      at which point Oborne should have said,
      “Thank You. The application of Goodwin’s law by raising the false comparison between democrats and national socialists is the refuge of an intellectual bank-rup.t and an outright admission that you have LOST the argument. Now do the decent thing and apologise”

  13. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Oborne may be right, but no need to be so rude to the brussel dude

    • 39
      jgm2 says:

      Au contraire. It is long past time being polite with these liars and purveyors of snake oil.

      The twat in the studio wilfully taking offence about the name of the book rather than arguing against the contents. The usual tactic of shutting down the discussion by crying ‘racism’.

      The c*unt from Brussels claiming credit for keeping a peaceful Europe when that was largely ensured by the yanks with their big fuck-off army based in Germany.

      C*unts. Lying c*unts. When the c*unts stop lying to us then maybe we’ll start being polite to the lying C*unts.

      • 182
        Anonymous says:

        No, Oborne wasted a great opportunity to make mincemeat of the Eurocrat.

        Oborne is correct in everything he says but he could have done a better job on Lambert and certainly on the eurocrat.

        What was needed was forensic questions. He messed up.

        Lambert has always been out of his intellectual depth when taking about the Euro. It really is pitiful to watch.

      • 185
        misterned says:

        And what he said about the Euro protecting the economies against the ups and down of economic movements??? What planet is he on? The euro has only been in effect as a genuine currency for a little over a decade and it has fucked the people of Greece and Ireland already! Far from protecting national economies from danger, it has protected them from reality for so long as it took to catastrophe to strike and ensured that the catastrophe hit far harder when it did!

        Oborne is right, that fuckwit is an idiot!

    • 40
      jgm2 says:

      Au contraire. It is long past time being polite with these liars and purveyors of snake oil.

      The twat in the studio wilfully taking offence about the name of the book rather than arguing against the contents. The usual tactic of shutting down the discussion by crying ‘racism’.

      The c*unt from Brussels claiming credit for keeping a p*e*a*ceful Europe when that was largely ensured by the yanks with their big fuck-off army based in Germany.

      C*unts. Lying c*unts. When the c*unts stop lying to us then maybe we’ll start being polite to the lying C*unts.

    • 52
      W.W. says:

      People have lost their savings, their jobs, their homes, and god knows how many future generations have been saddled with the albatross of a debt that in all likelyjood will never be paid off.

      And he is upset about being called an idiot?

      If I had my him and all his kind would be swinging from a lampost.


    • 65
      The Cabinet Secretary says:

      If you don’t like rudeness I think you’re on the wrong blog.

    • 72
      Arthur Bent says:

      Don’t forget – we are paying the salary of that idiot from Brussels. Perhaps he should develop a thicker skin because he’s going to need it.

      • 114
        Archer Karcher says:

        Adameu Altafraj-Tardio, tard by name tard in fact. Just how many incompetent drones are there as the Palace of Brussels?

        • 172
          The Cabinet Secretary says:

          Paxo should get him back for another interview. Then he can explain how, “…our welfare system that has no comparison all over the world” can keep going, now that they have run out of borrowed money.

    • 124
      Joshua Tetley & Son says:

      “”Oborne may be right, but no need to be so rude to the brussel dude”

      And for being polite we are still waiting for our referendum on the EU promised by Brown and Cameron

      • 190
        misterned says:

        Point of order, neither of them promised a referendum on the EU.

        Labour promised a referendum on the EU constitutional treaty. When this was replaced by the Lisbon Reform Treaty labour falsely claimed it was substantially different from the constitutional treaty and renegue on offering a referendum which they were in power and able to grant. The only difference was that the constitutional treaty was a new fresh treaty, a clean break from all previous treaties and replaced them with a single treaty which created a specific legal framework over the whole of the EU. The Lisbon Reform Treaty was a series of reforms and amendments to all the previous treaties which would remain in force which then created an identical legal framework to the constitutional treaty.

        Although the wording in both treaties was different, the legal framework both created were identical.

        Cameron promised a referendum on the Lisbon Reform Treaty up until such time as it has been ratified, then they would review their position. Once it was ratified and became EU law, he backed down and proposed a referendum lock on all future treaties and SOME amendments to current treaties, knowing full well that there is no need for any other treaties, ever again, as the Lisbon treaties makes amending treaties easier which makes new treaties obsolete.

        The Lib dems are the ONLY major mainstream party who promised a referendum on membership of the EU. This promise was valid until they entered negotiations to form a government, when they dumped it!

        Interesting that Cameron felt that Lisbon (and Maastricht) transferred enough soveriegnty to warrant a referendum, yet the cumulative sovereignty of ALL the combined treaties which has already been given away, does not require a referendum… Hmmmmmmmmmmmm I still cannot work out the logic in his argument there.

        In short, ALL three parties are treasonous lying traitors to the sovereign people of this country. All three will lie and twist and squirm into all sorts of bullshit self contrdictory logic to avoid responsibility for their treason, and deny the people of this country a referendum on WHO governs us and who sets our law.

        Sign the people’s pledge at

    • 174

      Erm? Please explain why?

  14. 21
    Anonymous says:

    Drunk, abusive, dishevelled – bravo sir. Point well made.

    • 33
      Jeffrey Bernard says:

      There is nothing wrong with being drunk and dishevelled; but there is no excuse for being rude. All it does is give perfectly decent, upstanding (well, prostrate) drunk and dishevelled people a bad name. ‘snot big or clever. Hic!

  15. 22
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    At last, sombody on the B-bbc who tells it like it is.

    And guess whay the tratiors can’t take it.

    Which party does Mr Oborne stand for? Is it the Voice Of the People (VOP)?
    He gets my vote.

    Plus it was good ‘reality’ TV.

  16. 24
    Hello hello says:

    Fuck that.. who was the “babe” showing a bit of leg… bastard homo director kept them hidden a lot. At least Sky’s morning director seems to often like a bit of leg..

    • 68
      Mr Murdoch says:

      When I take over we’ll be using upskirt webcams.

      • 95
        Evil Landlord says:

        I will definitely re subscribe to Sky again if you do – will it be shown in 3D ?

        • 151
          joescotus says:

          was it labour leaning kirsty wark ive see her legs ,more like discarded cats scratching posts

        • 162
          oddly helpful says:

          Because of the way 3D works, it halves the definition of the picture (1080/2 = 540), which is actually WORSE than it was pre-digital switchover. From a couple of minutes watching their showreel in a shopping centre, a lot of the material shown is poorly retrofitted and will please only those who remember the GAF Viewmaster with fondness.

          • misterned says:

            Or it is dimmer, 1080 for the right eye, followed by 1080 for the left switched in synch with very expensive glasses. the resolution is as high, but the picture is dim.

          • misterned says:

            Just to add that although I love 3D, I only think it really works and is impressive on a really big screen. On a TV it is OKish, however on the new LG3D smartphone, it reminds me of the 3D cards one would find in a cereal packet which changed their picture as you twisted them from left to right. In short, CRAP!

  17. 29
    The Cabinet Secretary says:

    A Sterling (geddit?) performance by Peter Oborne. I await the arrival of ‘Guilty Men’.

    Even Paxo has to laugh.

  18. 30
    Billy Blofeld says:

    That was Art. I fail to see why The Left got their knickers in a twist over this on Twitter last night.

    • 197
      misterned says:

      Isn’t that obvious by now? The left are deniers of reality and hate for that reality to be shoved in their faces. It makes them uncomfortable to realise that their policies have caused all the pain and misery that people are suffering at the moment. That is why they consider truthful statements, like “the idiot from the EU” to be considered as gratuitously offensive.

      They are deniers, pure and simple.

  19. 31
    Mater Rory Weal says:

    Oborne is a vicious, hate filled, neoFascist, George W Bush/Margaret Thatcher lover

    I owe everything to the EU, anyone who disagrees with me should be hurt

  20. 35
    Non believer says:

    Fuck me, moderation here is outrageous….. How very…… libertarian

  21. 36
    Anonymous says:

    Where can I download a copy of this pamphlet for free?

  22. 38
    Atilla the Bun says:

    All Sound and Fury…
    You’re in the Euro Collective now, your elite want it, need it and you will never be free of it through ‘democratic’ means. The next 30 years will see increasing poverty and rising vilolence across europe as the elite ring fence their wealth and power. The EU is the future of ‘liberal democracy’ if you don’t like it you better get a gun.

  23. 42
    Ellis000 says:

    Laugh, I almost shat

  24. 44
    Mikey Smithson says:

    If I actually “spoke my mind,” I’d be in deep sh!t

  25. 45
    Been out and about says:

    Well last night I was expecting the usual heads up the EU arse and it started off like that , I thought we would have it just like that Greek guy full of drivel and no honest opinions, suprised well shocked, even the BBC carried on without any “technical” blackouts could it be the BBC have a few non leftys still in charge, Oborne was honest and it didn’t go down well.

    • 148

      I should imagine they are busy right now down in the Beeb archives digitally altering all records of this interview.
      Watch it tomorrow on iPlayer and Osborne will be accusing Lamber of being a Nazi, whilst Mr Idiot in Brussels will be Mr. Iota!

    • 153
      podgy bogtrotters r us says:

      buy that man another drink

  26. 46
    Hang The Bastards says:

    we need people like Oborne on the ballot paper.

    would get my vote every time rather than these slimy condescending lying treacherous bastards.

  27. 47
    A reasonable but angry man says:

    Brilliant. Utterly brilliant. Perfect exposure of the self-applauding intellectually impoverished dogma of the Euro-nomenklatura and their affiliated UK branch – the Guardianista. The early savaging was wonderful. How robotic was the idiot. How appalled was Lambert to hear the key judgements of his be-knighted career exposed as worthless. But the crux was the last 20 seconds. The brutality inflicted on ordinary people, good businesses and whole communities by these deluded clowns. Sad.

    • 62
      the world around us says:

      Were having an Arab spring, I think a an EU spring is looking more and more likely as more and more taxes are used to prop up this giant wickerman project called the EU.

    • 69
      jgm2 says:

      To be fair for one moment – it is not the Euro that is the root cause of the Greeks arse-fucking their economy. It is the Greeks themselves. Or rather the Greek politicians. But then since it was the Greeks who voted for these politicians thgen they are ultimately to blame.#

      Just as we in the UK are ultimately to blame for allowing Labour to destroy the UK economy. Not me personally obviously but as a whole we, in the UK, are too stupid to realise the damage Labour was doing even while they were doing it. And here, as in that clip, there are no end of apologists, diversionists and outright liars while all this was happening right under the populations nose telling ‘em all manner of banal platitudes, taking offence when anybody questioned the idiocy.

      Fuck Greece. They’re getting exactly what they deserve and, regrettably, so is the UK.

      • 82
        the world around us says:

        They’ve lied there heads off over the EU project, they’ve corruptly forced votes again and again when it hasn’t gone their way, they repackaged the same crap on the way the want it to go, the peoples of the EU have had no say at all ,it’s not Democratic but just a big trough, if they had involved the peoples in the countries and had been honest and really made it democratic they could have done it, liars and cheats eventually get caught.

        • 86
          jgm2 says:

          If this is trying to absolve Ir*e*l*and from their culpability of being treated like thick culchies who only need to have the issues ‘properly’ explained to them before being invited to vote on the same fucking question again six months later then please spare us.

          The only acceptable result on being asked the same fucking question twice in quick succession is an even bigger ‘NO’. And if they can’t manage that then fuck ‘em. They got what they deserved.

        • 88
          A reasonable but angry man says:

          Quite so. The Greeks are to blame. But the burden of guilt lies in Brussels. The Greeks will pay an awful price. The guilty men will retire on Euro-pensions.

  28. 56
    Colin Eichmann says:

    What Europe needs now is a strong, unifying future, who will take a line which is tough but fair on gypsies, Marxists, and bureaucrats

  29. 64
    nostradamus says:

    Well said Peter, we need more common sense like this from our politicians!

  30. 67
    Nemo says:

    If that is Oborne, he bears a striking resemlance to to Peter Falk (dec’d) ill-fitting suit all he needs id his old mac

  31. 70
    BillyBob... says:

    Today has started with a smile…… thanks Peter !!

  32. 71
    boulay says:

    Lambert used the classic deflection of bringing up the Nazis to try and make Oborne look ridiculous.

    Oborne compares the dangerous blinkered appeasement to WW2 therefore Lambert twists it to say that Oborne is calling Merkel and Sarko Nazis which is not what he said.

    It is the typical approach of the left and the “liberal elite”, they cannot actually argue their point and so resort to slandering. it is the same as with immigration, they would lose the argument so it is easier to scream out “racist” and stop the argument.

  33. 77
    Terrible But True says:

    Mr. Oborne seemed almost frustrated it took so long before he got the desired result.

    Shame, as the FT guy was really digging a superb hole all on his own. What a pompous fool, unaware that every word he uttered damned him further.

    I am minded of this from not long ago:

    And this:

  34. 78
    Billy Bowden is the world's greatest umpire ! says:

    Communities Secretary Eric Pickles has played down his chances of becoming the next Conservative Prime Minister by saying he will be ‘too fat and old’.

    According to the right wing political blogger,Guido Fawkes,, the porcine 59-year-old believes David”Fatty” Cameron will be in office for another 10 years putting paid to any secret hopes the Brentwood and Ongar MP may have been harbouring.

    Pickles said: “The idea is ludicrous. I’m not going to be prime minister. I’m 59 years old. David”Fatty” Cameron has barely turned 40.

    “I can’t imagine he is going to leave office within ten years, so who in their right mind is going to put a fat 70-year-old in charge of the country?”

    It should be pointed out that former Conservative Prime Minister Winston Churchill was 66 – and a similar shape to Eric Pickles – when he entered Downing Street.

    • 104
      Yeah but . . says:

      They had just thrown the previous useless twat out thank G*d . . . OR in Polite PC talk, – they had dumped the fucker!

  35. 79
    What's up cock! says:

    F**king brilliant! Saw it last night.

  36. 81
    To fart too fast says:

    I followed through

  37. 87
    corp jones says:

    They don’t like it up ‘em!

  38. 94
    Former Eurocrat says:

    I am a former Eurocrat who worked for the “European Community” for 3 years in the 1970s..the first Brit in my executive position at that time…

    I resigned knowing that “Europe” was just becoming a very expensive gravy train…

    In the last 30 years it has wasted hundreds of billions, never had its accounts certified, created immense lobbies (food and pharmaceuticals in particular who live off the EU teat) and crateated what is now becoming Euro Communism through the appallingly expensive adventure called the Euro.

    At the same time as we have defeated political Communism in Europe, the “mutualising” of Euro zone debts is creating what the real communists could never have imagined. For example, Greek pensioners retiring at 53 and being paid for by German or French taxpayers who cannot retire before 60 or 65…!!!

    What a disaster and what a disgrace

    • 216
      Handycock, No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

      We Liberal Democrats are strong supporters of the EU and I am campaigning for Russia and some of it’s former satellites to join, but not any Diasporas. You say, we politicians have fucked up Europe but look at it from our point of view. Whatever happens to Europe, Greece and European Banks, we MP’s and MEP’s will be OK as we have contingency plans. While all you mugs are suffering austerity, and public servants, cuts in pensions, we are planning huge rises in our pay, allowances and pensions. Even if Europe goes broke, we will be oK, all we have to do is increase the austerity on you mugs, and put up taxes to protect us and our perks. By the way what does Diaspora mean? The Azerbaijan Government wrote that newspaper article for me and asked me to approve it, when I was esconsced with a girl they had provided me with, in my hotel room. Boaz

      • 217
        Chief Rabbi, UK says:

        Diaspora means you are anti-semitic, you ignorant, uneducated twat. Look it up in the dictionary, if you can read. You are certainly not educated enough to spell it. Have you any idea what your out of control, blank acceptance, of Soviet propaganda press statements are about, before you sign them? I doubt it. By the way they are certainly not UK foreign policy.

        • 218
          The Paragnostic says:

          Diaspora can apply to any racial group dispersed from its homeland, you skullcap wearing moron.

          If you want your own word for it, make one up in Hebrew and don’t use the Greek.

          Most of you lot are Khazars anyway, and have fuck all to do with the irritating shithole that was dispersed quite rightly by the Romans.

        • 219
          Former Naval Person says:

          Good evening Chief Rabbi. I suppose you are referring to the latest exploit of Mike Handycock in Azerbaijan. He has been at it for a long time… just try ‘Hancock Azerbaijan’ into Google and there are many more references to his contributions to that particular country.

        • 222
          Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

          Look I’m sorry, Chief Rabbi, I had no idea what the word means, but when they ask you to sign something, when they have just provided you with a nubile young beauty, you will sign anything. After all as Ed Milliband says, we politicians are only human.

  39. 97
    TK Views says:

    Brilliant. Peter Oborne is a legend.

  40. 98
    simon says:

    I want Peter Oborne as an MP NOW!!!

  41. 103
    At last, the weekend! says:

    I’m anti-EU and totally against the Euro, but Oborne came accross like a pompous fool. It’s no good being right if you use your moment of glory to taunt and bully your opponents; it was quite clear who was being the idiot last night. Very unpleasant viewing!

    • 105
      At last, the weekend! says:


    • 112
      jgm2 says:

      It’s no good being right if you use your moment of glory to taunt and bully your opponents

      It makes a pleasant change from being taunted and bullied by the likes of Brown and Balls who who continued to taunt and bully even when they’re proven 100% wrong.

      If you can’t taunt people when you’re proven 100% right I don’t know when would be the appropriate time. Drive the fucking message home. These c*unts were so splendidly condescending while the whole charade was being constructed. talking down their fucking nose and accusing sceptics of being ‘little Englanders’, ‘racists’ and worse.

      Well they can fuck off.

      ‘Taunted and bullied’? Too fucking good for them. They should be dragged up and down the street chained to a fucking Toyota pick-up like some Mogadishan whore.

    • 113
      jgm2 says:

      It’s no good being right if you use your moment of glory to taunt and bully your opponents

      It makes a pleasant change from being taunted and bullied by the likes of Brown and Balls who who continued to taunt and bully even when they’re proven 100% wrong.

      If you can’t taunt people when you’re proven 100% right I don’t know when would be the appropriate time. D*r*i*ve the fucking message home. These c*unts were so splendidly condescending while the whole charade was being constructed. Talking down their fucking nose and accusing sceptics of being ‘little Englanders’, ‘racists’ and worse.

      Well they can fuck off.

      ‘Taunted and bullied’? Too fucking good for them. They should be dragged up and down the street chained to a fucking Toyota pick-up like some Mogadishan whore.

      • 163
        At last, the weekend! says:

        If it had been Brown and Balls then I would’ve had no problem with that, as I’ve seen their style of bullying and they totally have it coming to them. I don’t know much about the ‘idiot in Brussels’, so I couldn’t say either way whether he deserves it, but I still thought it was a bit OTT to keep referring to him as an idiot. Just an opinion…

  42. 115
    Hugh Janus says:

    A couple of years ago I read some of Peter Oborne’s books, and was mightily impressed. His performance last night was outstanding, and we need a lot more of him, and those like him, if we are ever to make any headway against those vested interests and Euro-fanatics who still think that the Euro was a good idea, when the rest of us could see from the outset that it was fatally flawed. However, I suspect that the BBC, as part of the Euro conspiracy, will not be asking him back for some time, as anyone who challenges the Euro bigots is certainly not welcome in our so-called free media.

    Incidentally, wasn’t the EU spokesman just the epitomy of ‘head-in-the-sand’ EU politics. An alien from Mars would be far less a stranger to the reality of this EU-sponsored shambles.

  43. 116
    Anonymous says:

    These idiots need to be tried and hung for betraying their country.

  44. 125
    Wm Bragg Esq of Dorsetshire says:

    It would be good to see Oborne produce a similar piece of work on the damage done by uncontrolled immigration to the UK over the last decade or so. I suspect that a very similar list of the guilty would emerge-all with the same arrogant view of what is best for us little people.

  45. 126
    Anonymous says:

    It’s worse than that – they are not idiots, they are colossal ego-maniacs.

    The Euro is actually quite a good idea. But it was implemented by venal politicans and their followers, who wanted monuments and statues in their lifetimes.

    Instead, it should have been limited to northern Europe (France, Germany, Belgium etc) and gradually evolved over 50 years to other participating nations, perhaps run as a dual currency to allow the market to drive the process. Signing Greece up to the Euro was idiocy … the economy is so vastly different to other European nations … but it works for the Greeks.

    All these egomaniacs will have achieved is to wreck the economies of Europe for a generation. Hopefully we’ve moved beyond wars.

  46. 155
    joescotus says:

    that clueless git from brussels.what a fucking tube!

    • 181
      Dave Arbuthnot says:

      And he’s a civil servant which is another confirmation of how undemocratic the EU really is. Everything is run through and by the European Commission. None of them have ever stood for election or been elected and yet they run the bloody show and our politicians accept it..

    • 188
      Anonymous says:

      Remember he was the most reasoned and acceptable one they could find

  47. 165
    Bob says:

    well thats him banned from the BBC

    • 193
      Dimblebee says:

      Not yet. He’s on my show tonight and I’ll be fronting the BBC’s revenge. My researchers are working on it as we speak.

  48. 183
    Peter says:

    What they should have picked up on with the idiot from Brussels was his repeated statement that the Euro was a political project, not an economic one. In a democracy, political decisions made by one lot can be undone by the next lot. The problem with the EU is that there is no way to undo idiotic decisions such as the Euro. A democratic EU would have a reverse gear, recognize that the Euro was wrong, and dismantle it. An undemocratic one will inevitably break up. Bring it on!

    • 210
      The Cabinet Secretary says:

      Well observed. The idiot was aware that the Euro is political and not an economic benefit.

      He spilled the beans but they have gone unnoticed.

    • 211
      The Cabinet Secretary says:

      This is true. He said that the entire EU project was political and not economic. Passed over by all of the pundits.

      Except here.

  49. 189
    Vince Cable's rucksack says:

    Vince seems very quiet n this issue. Anyone seen Vince?

  50. 191
    I hate Blue Labour says:

    Well done Peter Oborne.

    Funny how the Europhiles have been insulting the non-believers for years and now it’s all crashing down about their ears, they don’t like being treated with the cynicism and contempt they were happy to dish out for all those years.

  51. 192
    Baxter says:

    Oborne’s outburst was purely a theatrical vanity stunt. It did nothing to further the debate but an awful lot to raise his profile and kudos down the pub with his journo mates. I’m sure they’re slapping him on the back. But to be honest, anyone could have said what he said – it was just rude and pompous. He appears to be loving this crisis because it gives him the opportunity to say the thing he loves saying most: ‘I was right’.

    He could have made his point – and got some responses from the EU Spokesman – had he kept his own excitement under control. And we wouldn’t have been sidetracked from the debate by name calling. Shame that so many people seem to be congratulating him for the school yard tactics – but as so often happens these days, the substance of the debate is overshadowed by showmanship.

    • 214
      The Cabinet Secretary says:

      Baxter, it is not possible to get a response from an idiot – aka the Idiot in Brussels – as refered to by Mr Paxman, because idiots, by definition do not respond with coherency.

      Baxter, you need to read your post, Sir. It is pompous, it is rude, it is intellectually vacuous, sententious, self-opinionated and otiose.

      You are guilty of everything that you accuse Mr Oborne.

  52. 204
    Sharon says:

    Peter Oborne is the idiot, not the guy in Brussels.

    He shows all the worst characteristics of the frothing at he mouth Euro-sceptic.

    He does have valid points, but does he have to be such a arrogant twat?

  53. 220
    Ian West says:

    The most depressing thing is that (apparently) the BBC has issued an apology to the ‘idiot’!

  54. 221
    Ian West says:

    The most depressing thing is that the BBC felt the need to apologise to the ‘idiot!

  55. 225
    Jumbo says:

    and of course the FUCKING bbc has apologised to the Hunt

  56. 226
    Jumbo says:


  57. 228
    Silverback says:

    Jeremy Paxman says”Now he’s walked out of the studio we can’t hold him to account” Says it all really.

  58. 229
    Geordieboy says:

    Loads of useful comments and ideas, now will some brave F****R fly over to Greece and pull the plug then on to Brussels and slaughter the Commission.

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