September 14th, 2011

Rumour: Johann Hari Will Not Be Sacked

Word reaches Guido from someone who claims to be in the know – apparently Johann Hari won’t be sacked from the Indy. The statement will apparently be distributed simultaneously with Hari boarding a plane.

He is still set to lose the Orwell Prize after the committee unanimously voted to strip him of the award but delayed the announcement until after the Indy had completed their inquiry.

At this moment he must stress this is a rumour, but Guido is wondering where Johann might be off to…

Presumably not Dubai again


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Told ya.


  2. 2
    Mr Wong says:

    Flying tonight


  3. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Of course had this been a right winger then polly and her left wing comrades would be shout how disgusting and unethical this is.

    Hari/Rose will go for 12 months rehabiltation and treatment then make a low key return.


  4. 5
    Ross says:

    If his David Rose alter ego was working from the Independent’s offices (as he was, the IP address proves it) could the Independent be sued by those he libelled?


  5. 7
    Johann Harri says:

    I’m leaving on a jet plane.
    I don’t know when I’ll be back again.


  6. 8
    Fuckminster Buller says:

    So if you’re a Lefty, what does it actually take to be sacked?

    Industrial-scale fabrication of quotes and events … OK
    Stalking rival journalists… OK
    Lying to the management about fabrication and stalking … OK


  7. 12
    annette curton says:

    Why on earth would this journalist be given the sack for telling lies, given he is on the payroll of the Independent, sister to the Guardian, those well respected oracles of the truth (ahem).


  8. 14
    Jimmy says:

    What normally happens when Guido predicts someone won’t be sacked?


  9. 15
    Ah! Monika says:

    Back Topic.

    Virendra Sharma, Labour Member of British Parliament, feels that the condition of the roads in Kerala could be improved with the help of British know-how. ( TOI)

    I wonder who will be the Middle-man.

    How about starting with our pot-holes.


    • 100
      Geoff, England says:

      And what about all the stuff that is either free or cheap in the devolved countries but either ridiculously expensive or unavailable in England? The ‘Union’ should withdraw from its pointless imperialist wars and giving billions in aid to despots across the globe, and spend some of the money on the people who worked for it in the first place.


  10. 16
    Johann Hari, boarding a plane says:

    Please ensure that your seats are in the upright position and your trays are folded away.


  11. 17
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He’s probably going away for a while to write some proper fiction.


  12. 18
    It suits you sir says:

    Can the Indy even afford the severance pay – or whatever ditty they sing?


  13. 19
    Is Ann Milton Mrs Overall? says:

    And back to the real news; following the failure of Minibland’s adenoid op which has caused him to sound like a soprano elf and safety inspector, I hear that George Osborne has decided against surgical treatment for his sneer removal. Apparently he is to invite Eric Pickles to dinner and watching him eat will make his jaw drop without surgery.


    • 41
      Dannyboy Alexander - the Ginger Prince says:

      I’m more concerned why George keeps muttering ‘Louise’ ‘LOUISE’ every five minutes. Can anyone enlighten me please?


      • 147
        Jethro says:

        Well of course: he’s constantly reminding himself of a pre-Revolutionary Currency, the ‘Louis’, or ‘Louis d’Or’ – King Louis Xii, or something – but in those days the French could actually pronounce all their consonants.


  14. 23
    Sophie says:

    What did you expect? Honour from the left?

    He is caught lying, stealing, fabricating & manfacturing “the truth”.

    In the eyes of the left wing the ends always justify the means.


  15. 24
    Engineer says:

    Whether he’s dismissed or not, he’ll have to serve the long punishment of having his journalism treated with great suspicion by most people. Rebuilding a reputation after this will take him a decade or so, and he’ll have to be absolutely squeaky-clean in his journalism all the time – every little transgression will be flagged up mercilessly.


    • 58
      The Pundit Too says:

      Just thought that the obvious place for him to go and spread his vitriol with almost full impunity is the USA.
      He could spend a year there on research and analysis covered by the Independent / BBC / Gruniard and then Hey Presto give his assessment of the forthcoming election via BBC et al – all very pro Obama of course.


  16. 28
    the last quango in paris says:

    Well he may not be sacked but the paper loses all credibility and Hari will probably be the only one reading it!


  17. 30
    bergen says:

    That’s a treble-the reputation of the Indy,Whittam-Smith and Hari all trashed together.

    It’s better to have no inquiry at all than an inside friendly whitewash.No-one believe a favorable result anyway.


  18. 33
    Ol' Blue Eyes says:

    RIP the Independent’s reputation if this is true. Even a fair proportion of lefties believe the little fantasist should be out on his ear.


  19. 34
    smoggie says:

    My sources tell me his on his way to Libya to interview the legendary Lyin of the Desert – Colonel Mohatma Gandalphi.

    Exclusively for the Independent. And the Guardian. And The New Statesman. And Hare and Hounds.


    • 61
      The Pundit Too says:

      Do not slur Hare and Hounds with this trivia.


    • 148
      Jethro says:

      33 “As I sat in his modest tent in the Desert, I was reminded of another time when I had been urged to turn aside – another Elder had, perhaps understandably, besought my company. I remember exactly what he said, ‘My Lord, if now I have found favour in thy sight, pass not away, I pray thee, from thy servant.’. I own that, finding his very old-fashioned courtesy intriguing, I did just that – even allowing him to have his servants fetch water to wash my feet, while he got his wife to knead and bake great quantities of bread, while he himself went and killed a young calf.
      ‘Please, don’t make a fuss for me – but one thing is needful!’ I had urged. But… such is Desert hospitality. Hardly less so, had been my legendary meal with Caracalla (Oh, the songless Larks!). But now, here I was (again!) a recipient of the traditional, almost oppressive, generosity of a Nomad.
      ‘Phrrp.’, he said.
      ‘Pardon?, I jousted.
      ‘No! I must beg YOUR pardon (phrrphphrr)!’ His engaging broad smile was accompanied with a waving gesture.
      I was reminded of my one and only – encounter is the word, rather than interview – with [to be continued in our next]


  20. 35
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Guido, Could we have a list of union leaders annual renumeration.


  21. 38
    Nemesis says:

    Why are he and the Indy not being prosecuted?

    Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988, s107, piracy: they commercially copied other people’s stuff, without proper attribution. (in some cases from books, whose publishers were not acknowledged, in other cases from the copyrighted articles in *other newspapers*). To have a “news reporting” defence you have to attribute the people from whom you’re copying, which is logically incompatible with ripping off their interviews/books as Hari did.

    You can go to jail for this.

    Additionally, Hari passed off his work as real interviews rather than cut-n-paste, which is obtaining money by deception, another criminal offence. Can we crowd-fund a prosecution of them, please?


  22. 40
    Do not like the idle rich says:

    Should be sacked. And I am a Leftie.

    By the way whats all this fuss about Osborne and drugs and prossies? Isn’t that what Tory boys do?


  23. 44
    Do not like the idle rich says:

    How are you tory boys taking this banking stuff?

    Still want your thick Eton chums to be paid squillions for ruining the economy?


  24. 49
    Post hoc says:

    Those who should be sacked are the civil servants, moaning about their pensions which I for one would be very happy to have, who intend to strike on Nov 30th. Sod Hari, time for Maggie!

    Union big time loafers overpaid swanning around in luxurious appartments big chiefs should be exposed as the lefty scum they are.

    Still want your thick Labour chums to queen it over the rest of us for ruining the economy (and raiding the hard won pennies of their own electorate for rigged elections?)

    Up yours!


    • 75
      Do not like the idle rich says:

      Union leaders earn tiddly squat compared to the yaw yaw tory bankers and the unearned income of Cameron and his like.



      • 86
        Backwoodsman says:

        As trolls go, you are one of the most unoriginal ever assigned to this board. Must try harder. Now fuck off and let the grown ups get on with it.


      • 87
        smoggie says:

        The key findings of this research are:

        38 trade union general secretaries and chief executives received remuneration of more than £100,000 in 2010-11 (37 in 2009-10)
        The total pay of the general secretaries and chief executives earning over £100,000 was nearly £5.2 million in 2010-11
        Former joint General Secretary of Unite Derek Simpson received over £500,000, including severance pay of £310,000

        Yeah, diddly squat.


        • 122
          I don't need no doctor says:

          Union leader scum. Wonder what their pensions are. We are all in it together comrades. Union leaders say to the members you go out on strike and I’ll keep earning. Ching ching.


        • 127
          Anon. says:

          And the stupid memberships are paying for this. And they know they are! Lemmings have more intelligence.


  25. 60
    Squiffy Pinewood Insider says:

    J.K. is negotiating terms with his agent with the view to have him star in “The Half-Blood Gobbler Philosopher and The Chamber Of Secrets.”

    Ms. Rowling is penning the trilogy as I type under the working title “Hari: The Keele Years.”


  26. 72
    Do not like the idle rich says:

    Why doesn’t Hague just come out and get it over with?


  27. 77
    David rose says:

    Kristin Scott-Thomas has cracking jugs as seen on Daveja Vu


  28. 90
    Paddy Pants Down says:

    Guiod, re your arrticle referenced

    I am a highly intelligent ext UN HIGH and ver HIGHER) Representaive in the Balkans

    I was Leader of the Lib DEms and am their older statesmen

    I always believed in Europa and still do
    (like all those who wear sandals and shout slogans)

    The only problem which I did not envisage is that Europa has collapsed


    • 91
      Joe Grimond, old Etonian Leader of the Liberal Party says:

      paddy, you were a courageous oficer,

      Since then your pants have been down too often…not only physically but mentally

      Enough said


  29. 93
    Tachybaptus says:

    Zurich would be a good destination. Dignitas is there.


  30. 99
    5th year student in Media Studies says:

    Mr Guido, my Media Studies Professor told me to contact you

    Please help me

    My professors in Media Studies tell me that if I continue my studies for another thrreee years, I will get a job in and be sent to Dubai

    I promise that I can read and write

    Is it a realy Hell ? I am getting worried

    I was told that they have oil pouring out of their veins (not exactly the word that my professors used but you know what they mean)

    I would love a real answer from you

    Gideon ben Moussa of that Ilk


  31. 102
    Saldador Dali says:

    I love your blog Guido

    You all live in a completely surreal, spaced out world which I always predicted.


    • 103
      Moral Colllapse Blair says:

      I was counting on (and still am) counting on the Western world becoming completely spaced out

      To avoid their fiunding out that I was and am a lying frauding war criminal


      • 104
        Historian says:

        is that why your aare being paid millions every year by çinvestment banks .


      • 105
        Historian says:

        Is that why you and your old chief of staff are being paid millions every year by investment banks (like your side kick Madoff Mandelson and others)


    • 138
      stilyagi_air_corps says:

      I always prefered the work of your brother, Salvador.

      Where are they getting these cretins from? Can’t we just force-feed them iodene?


  32. 106
    Felipe in Imigracion, Caracas International Airport says:

    Boss, I have some weird gringo called Hari who claims to be an amigo of our beloved Presidente, on a mission from someone called Huittamsmit. I am thinking he is as loco as a box of frogs – what should I do?


  33. 108
    Johann Hari says:

    I’m off to interview Colonel Kurtz. He hasn’t spoken to anyone in decades and is said to have gone mad in the jungles of Vietnam.


    • 110
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Yes, I heard that , and you will find him sharing a village hut with Elvis Presley and Lord Lucan. Could you take Ed Miliband and the union leaders with you.
      Oh there’s that giant chicken, got to go.


    • 113

      I love the smell of lip balm in the morning


      • 151
        Gordon's Bowel Movements...forcasts and warnings edition says:

        I’ve always thought Prep H smelt a bit strange Bill…but each to his own your MP’ness


  34. 109
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Unions do not, and will not get the support of the public.


  35. 112
    Raoul Moat says:

    Naughty naughty! Fuzz who shot me had never used the device before, other taser shotgun bloke hadn’t used it before either! Shouldn’t have been issued for use in the UK at all.

    Didn’t some taser inventor bloke top himself too?


    • 118
      Sir William Waad says:

      You were a thick, violent, parasitic, self-pitying slob who deserved everything he got.


      • 142
        Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

        I second that opinion, and im a professor so I know about these sorts of things.

        Had the police shot Moat out of unauthorised trebuchet i would still approve of their actions.

        Instead they did what they could to take him alive.


        • 152
          Mrs Yate's Diary says:

          I’ve always thought it was a complete coincidence that he happened to die during the police action …probably from a congenital defect he had had since birth…that taser nip was not much more than a couple of triple A batteries was it ?


    • 154
      Nicola Tesla says:



  36. 115
    nell says:

    I really wouldn’t have expected anything less of the indy.

    head in sand is such a leftwing principal.


    • 144
      George Snowplough [Rtd.] says:

      Heads in the sand isn’t a leftie principle, it’s an stupidity/ignorance principle. If that’s a big problem for you then Guido’s site won’t be your thing because he does it too. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy the old tart’s blog but anyone saying in the last few months, as he has, that “unemployment has peaked” is either stupid or ignorant.


  37. 116
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    If only Hari could turn back time.


    • 119
      I don't need no doctor says:

      If he could find a way. Could make the lyrics to a song.

      So it wasn’t right that Coulson was given a second chance, but it’s o.k. for Hari. It makes you think the media is hypocritical.


      • 134
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        What’s that you say? Hari is going to be downing Street’s press supremo? That is what you’re saying, isn’t it?


      • 137
        Ed Milibland says:

        I think it was wrong of the Independent to reinstate Hari at a time when negotiations with the Orwell people was still going on. I think the Independent has acted in a reckless and provocative way.Both sides should ignore the rhetoric and get around the negotiating table..


  38. 120
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Former tory Peer re-arrested?



    • 130
      Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

      just heard it on the BBC. To do with his time as a council fiddler.


  39. 132
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    An elderly couple go into a snack bar and order one hamburger and one portion of chips. When they’ve been served, they sit down and carefully divide the food into two equal portions.

    A young man takes pity on them and offers to buy another meal for the old lady.

    “No, thank you,” says her husband, chewing, “we share everything.”

    Not discouraged by this and seeing that the old lady has not yet eaten a single morsel, the young man once again offers to buy her a meal.

    “She’ll eat,” says the husband, his mouth full of chips, “we share everything.”

    “Then why haven’t you eaten anything yet?” asks the young man insistently.

    The old lady turns towards him, visibly irritated: “Because I’m waiting for the fucking teeth.”


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