September 12th, 2011

+ + + Osborne Coke and Hookers Story Breaking Tonight + + +
Coulson Accused of Softening Blow

ABC Australia has the golden interview. Key allegations from former sex worker Natalie Rowe:

“I mean it’s been said in the newspapers that he was at university. He wasn’t. At the time he was working for William Hague. I remember that vividly because he called William Hague insipid and I didn’t know what the word meant. I do now. So he definitely was in government by then but I think he was getting more and more of a high profile. So there was definitely, there was cocaine on that night on the table. George Osborne did take cocaine on that night. And not just on that night. He took it on a regular basis with me, with his friends. There were more witnesses, not just me, that witnessed George Osborne taking cocaine. So it’s you know, there are other people out there that know the truth. On that particular night he had taken a line. And I said to George jokingly that when you’re prime minister one day I’ll have all the dirty goods on you. And he laughed and took a big fat line of cocaine.”

Other key parts of the interview with Emma Alberici of ABC Australia:

EMMA ALBERICI: Were you friends?

NATALIE ROWE: Me and George?



EMMA ALBERICI: And did it ever become more than friendship?


EMMA ALBERICI: What did George Osborne think about your line of work?

NATALIE ROWE: He was very intrigued. What initially happened was is that William and George and Christopher, I’d left them at my apartment. I initially kept it a secret from William. I mean they knew that I had an escort agency but they didn’t know what I did. When I got back they’d found the paddles and the whips, the chains and the handcuffs. But they found it quite amusing.

EXCLUSIVE UPDATE: Though he’s not sure whether tonight’s interview has this detail, Guido understands that Osborne’s “safe word” during kinky paid for sex and cocaine sessions (in case they got out of hand) was “Louise”.

UPDATE II: Mark Lewis is representing Ms. Rowe and puts the boot in suggesting that the News of the World editorial at the time was toned down and Osborne was forever in Coulson’s debt.

MARK LEWIS: The editor at the time was Andy Coulson. And I think that’s worth remembering because of the future relationship that we have between the Conservative Party, the prime minister and Andy Coulson… That editorial could have gone completely the other way. It could have said, for example, whilst we do not believe that George Osborne took drugs he showed a serious error of judgement being at the party or being at the flat where drugs were taken, where there was an allegation of prostitution. He showed that error of judgement and therefore he’s not right to be in the heart of politics. Now the decision on which spin to give to the story by the editor of the News of the World particularly was something that determined his future in politics.

EMMA ALBERICI: You think so?

MARK LEWIS: Undoubtedly so because the editorial could have been written the other way. And if it would have been written the other way it would have finished his career I’m sure.

This is messy…


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Makes a change from biting the head off a bat….


    • 31
      Flash GATSO says:

      Explains why he got the GQ Politician of the Year award though….


      • 42
        Tax Payer says:

        Who are “William and Christopher”?

        BTW – my safe word is ‘Jesus, that f*cking hurts’


        • 56
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          It explains why the Government has not got to grips with the budget or deficit, Osborne’s mind still addled with drugs. Also perhaps explains why he and Dave are anti the police and put the boot the boot in at every opportunity- vindictive sods- I suspect they [police] are aware of their druggy/perverted sex behaviour.

          No more involvement from Home Secretary in the appointment of the Commissioner- just imagine if George held the post of Home Secretary!!!


          • Engineer says:

            The mainstay of the kinky sex trade in London is senior policemen, judges and lawyers if various ‘revelations’ over the years are anything to go by.

            The police would be saying to Osborne, “We won’t tell if you promise not to.”


          • Anonymous says:

            When people get into these its hard to get out. There might be more people coming out. After reading about this Osborne’s wife might be giving him MSM without the safe word tonight.


          • smoggie says:

            or gives him a new safeword written on a scrap of paper, FLÜGGÅƎNK∂€ČHIŒβØL∫ÊN


        • 64
          Old Slaughter says:

          Ha ha ha.

          I say good on George.


        • 69
          Anonymous says:

          At least it shows Osborne is not a raciest but a low life. He seems to like to be high on cocaine while being beaten by black women. Can he claim all these under expense?


          • Flash GATSO says:

            If he had claimed them on expenses, that would have been a story. Like Jacqui Spliff claim her husband’s wanking material.

            But he hasn’t.

            So it isn’t.


      • 49
        MAOIst Conspiracy says:

        Brown set the precedent for a chancellor on drugs

        13 years on Mono Amine Oxidase Inhibitors saw Gordon transfer his depression to us

        At least Osbourne was on uppers


      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        What does it say about Cameron’s judgement? Andy, Brooks, Rupert, Osborne, Laws, Huhne, etc.


    • 38
      Anonymous says:

      Why doesn’t the police treat him in the same way they treated Huhne? There are certain jobs cocaine users shouldn’t hold as they are not stable and run for more cocaine when they are under stress.

      Just look at it, most cuts are the wrong cuts and most of the increase in expense are in the wrong places.


      • 59
        railgun !! says:

        “jobs cocaine users shouldn’t hold”
        LOL in that case most of the MSM and the BBC are f90ked then !!


      • 182
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Left-wing,eco-loon Oz Govt. propaganda machine rehashes old news over foreign politician to bury bad news at home while doing the BEEB a favour by sensational headlines. Guido, if you bought this one you are losing your touch.


    • 54
      misterned. says:

      Heres hoping that osborne will quit and be replaced by a real tax cutting tory.


    • 85
      Engineer says:

      Osborne seems a far better Chancellor than Brown was.

      Perhaps if Gordon had been tied to a bed and thrashed regularly whilst high on recreational chemicals as a younger man, the country might be in a better financial state now.


    • 91
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Tom Baldwin will be giving Ed the line to take as we speak.


    • 124
      Tony Blair's conscience says:

      He sent nobody to their deaths in illegal wars…..
      But nobody is interested in that.


  2. 2
    Hang The Bastards says:

    His “friend” Mandleson will be behind it !


    • 20
      Sir William Waad says:

      If he was working for William Hague at the time that does excuse a lot.


    • 21
      Lord Lucan says:

      At least he was banging female H**kers. Westminster full of benders so it’s refreshing to hear a hetro scandal…and he didn’t charge it to the taxpayer. Got to give him some props for that


    • 164
      Hung Parliament? Hang 'em all! says:

      But who is Louise?

      Am I the only one who is reminded of a Tory MP called Louise who was up at Oxford at the same time as Osborne?


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Dont forget the BBC might be making a Panarame on this as well.


  4. 4
    George Street says:

    What will Sharon and that fat daughter of his make of it all?


  5. 5
    Eileen Critchley says:

    Someone better organise a new war pretty quick.


  6. 6
    Tax Payer says:

    Will he resign? No – of course not.


    • 34
      Elvis says:

      Why should he? Until Uddin, Mandlescum, Prescott and a good many more in the Liebour party resign for their corruption/lies whilst in office why pick on Osborne?


  7. 7
    Crooked Dave says:

    Who did the little scrote upset for this to have been brought out?


  8. 8
    Hang The Bastards says:

    At least we will get a clear out of Tory European Luvvies…

    Now lets get the dirt on Cameron and get that Euro-loving twat out as well.


  9. 9
    James says:

    what a convenient time for the banks to break this news given his committment to banking reform. Is Osborne the new Elliot Spitzer?


  10. 12
    George Street says:

    There’s nothing Ozzy likes more after a gig than to cast his line for a nice perch and sip a cold can of fizzy beverage.


  11. 13
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    As soon as I hear anyone use the word ‘truth’ in a statement, it sets my spidey senses a-tingling.


  12. 13
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Now for Hauge to have been in government that means we are looking pre 97, how old would George have been then?

    And does it matter honestly?

    Do we only want people who have wrapped in cotton wool all thier lives with no real world experience?

    Although if they legalized drugs then he could have been done for defrauding the tax authorties…


    • 28
      Tax Payer says:

      Osborne would have been in his 20’s. A fairly typical age.

      Does it matter? Yes, I think it does. People have been prosecuted for this, and had their careers severely restricted afterwards.

      Would Osborne be Chancellor if he’d been prosecuted for drug taking? Don’t think so. But he committed the ‘crime’ nevertheless.

      Isn’t it our old friend Hypocrisy, again?


      • 33
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        I dunno, we all do things when young, doing a bit of coke and hanging out with a prostitute aint the worst in the world, anyway , she run her own buisness so maybe they discussed the state of regulation and tax rates?


    • 48
      Disco Biscuit says:

      Osborne didn’t work for Hague in government, only in opposition…


      • 51
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        “At the time he was working for William Hague. I remember that vividly because he called William Hague insipid and I didn’t know what the word meant. I do now. So he definitely was in government by then”


  13. 15
    Sniffer says:

    where do you draw the line …


  14. 16
    Hang The Bastards says:

    I did not have sexual relations with that former sex worker !


    • 29
      The precise use of language says:

      Which one?

      “That”one over there 324 miles to the right of that black woman sitting at my table with her arms around me.


  15. 17
    Ed Miliband says:

    I could never get the hang of it – I used to blow out when I was supposed to be sniffing in.


  16. 18
    George Osborne says:

    It was a diet Coke you wankers.

    The Aussies thought I was a wuss not drinking a tinny of Fosters


  17. 19
    cammy says:

    I thought it was Gideon not Ozzy….


  18. 23
    Gordon Brown says:

    I really don’t know why these youngsters do what they do.
    Just listening to the Arctic Monkeys puts you in the right mood.


  19. 24
    Ozzy Ozzy Ozzy says:

    Oi Oi Oi


  20. 25
    Nolo servile capistrum says:

    Good heavens. A “spad” does coke? Who’d of thunk it. And there was I thinking that all wanna be politicians spent their time in the seminary library.


    • 32
      Anonymous says:

      There’s a whole spectrum of behaviour, with drug taking towards one end and sitting in the library nearer the other. Life isn’t simply one or the other.

      Or are we picking and choosing which laws we obey, now? Is that really a good idea?


  21. 26
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Cameron twat


  22. 30
    Spank Sinatra says:

    Given the state of global finances it would appear that it has been managed by a bunch of cokeheads for years!

    Think I should have stayed in Burgundy – fine wines & smelly cheeses is a much better distraction to the impending chaos which looms large.


  23. 36
    Flatcap Army says:

    wow, and this comes out just as the Vickers Report is published, giving him the chance to trim bankers’ profits – what an amazing coincidence!


  24. 37
    Anonymous says:

    Does this mean that the SMUT BROTHERS (dave & george) won’t be appearing at the Palace Theatre,Westminster on Wednesday?


  25. 39
    Sue says:

    It’s funny how those who try to put a spoke in the EU-wheel suddenly find themselves the butt of unflattering stories in the media – or worse (vis. Hague, Farage).


  26. 40
    Vince says:

    Oh, Bless! Surely he deserves a second chance.


  27. 41
    Disco Biscuit says:

    If it’s good enough for the President of the United States, it’s good enough for the Chancellor of the Exchequer.


  28. 43
    Tell itlike it really is says:

    I see desperation on the part of the bbc, Labour and all their freeloading hangers on who are still in denial after 13 years of untrammeled freedom to ruin this country.


  29. 44
    Racked off says:

    oh for gods sake………you have to ask why is she dishing this “activity” now. A book, a pay off from someone who wants to take Georgie out. Smells bad and unless she has complete proof this could get ugly but this is about taking down a chancellor, not what he’s done.


    • 159
      Mr Angry61 says:

      Destroy the architect of Plan A in the hope of getting a plan B, probably.


    • 175
      Anonymous says:

      I think perhaps she saw Edwina Currie on Strictly at the weekend and it reminded her to dredge up some sordid incident from years ago in order to whore a book around the media.


  30. 46
    Sophie says:


    More sand being dug away from under Rusty Dave.

    Cameron is going to wish he had never nearly won the election – he & the Tories are finished now.

    Vote UKIP.


    • 53
      Anonymous says:

      UKIP, that mass movement capturing a dizzying 1.5%.


      • 88
        Sophie says:

        Carry on voting for the disease, carry on voting for continuity Labour under Rusty Heathite Cameron


      • 126
        I Remember You Hoo says:

        The next major elections in this country are the EUro’s, care to wager who will come first? I predict will not be any of the LabLibCon trick.


      • 169
        Fish says:

        Yeah capturing 1.5% of potential tory votes to ensure labour gets in power. I am begining to think that UKIP was a labour invention.


        • 186
          Immigrant Jobseeker Fish. says:

          Doesn’t matter what Lab/Con puppet government says. EU rule you, tax you and try to frighten you into voting against anything against them.


  31. 47
    Racked off says:

    or as i heard earlier “at least he’s fucking a hooker and not fucking the country like Brown”.


  32. 50
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    so young single man makes friends with hooker and does coke.

    what is the story here?


  33. 51
    Gadfly says:

    They are all hookers – especially Cameron!


  34. 55
    Bird wsb says:

    Righteous indignation rules ok. God how utterly tedious. Glass houses all round,methinks…


  35. 56
    Boy George says:

    When I said I was cutting, that’s not what I meant.


  36. 61
    closeted blue says:

    And this is news? Now? How convenient for someone.

    I thought everyone knew he was banging the hooker and snorting the coke. The coke in the picture that’s been discussed for years.

    What a fucking desperate non-story.


    • 71
      The problem is that there's no Plan B...ok ?? says:

      Personally I don’t care if Gideon snorted powdered friggin’ horse dung or shagged half the bloody hookers in London….what I want to know is….has he got a fucking clue how to get us out of the mess Labour left the country in ??? Mmm…I thought not !!!!


  37. 66
    tom baldwin says:

    Disgusting behaviour, he should have no role in politics.


  38. 68
    Anonymous says:

    The jury is still out on Gideon, but stuff he did when he was very young shouldn’t be cause to seek his resignation.

    If the worst he has done is snort some coke and enjoy the company of a hooker then we should be grateful. At least one chancellor I can think of has done some really bad shit like selling all of our gold at a rock bottom price and condeming our children into a lifetime of debt slavery. Did he resign?


  39. 70
    Racked off says:

    She’d better not go for any long walks in the woods or she may find an “accident”


  40. 73
    I don't need no doctor. says:

    So why is the story not on BBC News 24. After all anything to attack the coalition is usually the BBC’s priority.


  41. 78
    Max Mosley says:

    I have always deplored the use of cocaine. A real man takes his punishment without chemical help.


  42. 79
    The Stilton Eater says:

    The drugs and sex might be excusable but getting compromised by Coulson could be the end of him.


    • 112
      smoggie says:

      Or getting Coulson compromised and throwing Rupert to the wolves is the inexecusable part. A coincidence that this story is coming out of Oz?


  43. 84
    Dillsom says:

    God this is boring wake me up when all the other sex scandal and drug taking MP’S and reporters get nicked !!!
    so has she run out of cash? hmm why Auz is bint PM Dullard looking for some Labour backing from the old country ?


  44. 87
    GeeGee says:

    And who suggested that the disgraced former Editor of the News of the World should work for dodgy Dave? Oh yes it was Gideon Osborne.


    • 90
      Ken Clarke says:

      This does eem likely to be the weak spot in his defence: he can say ‘oh it was all a bit of foolishness that got out of hand’ and no-one will be all that upset. But if he’s kept Coulson in a nice job as a pay-off, or if that’s what it looks like, then things will be rather more tricky. He may well be shouting ‘Louise’ again before this is done.


  45. 91
    Terry McCann says:

    Did Boy George ever get round to telling us how many meetings he’d had with News International. Thought not.


  46. 93
    Jacob Stoatgobbler says:

    “The Government today announced an amnesty for all drug users for the period 1986-2010 and confirmed plans to downgrade Cocaine to a class C substance, after taking advice from its dealer” a spokesman said…..


  47. 95
    Bedd Gelert says:


    “We all do things we regret while we are young.
    Everyone deserves a second chance..
    We all do things we regret while we are young.
    Everyone deserves a second chance..
    We all do things we regret while we are young.
    Everyone deserves a second chance.. ‘
    We all do things we regret while we are young.
    Everyone deserves a second chance.. “


    • 162
      Anonymous says:

      Would love to be a fly-on-the-wall in Number Ten, knowing The Chancellor is having to, ahem, stand up in Parliament this afternoon…


  48. 97
    Bodgers Dad says:

    If he had been a member of the Communist Party in his youth then I might have been more interested. Most of the Labour Party are avowed Marxists and that is more dangerous for the country than experimental coke use.
    Are you trying to say he does coke these days? I reckon that Herman van Rumpuy looks like he could use some…in the forlorn hope his head might implode.


  49. 98
    Titford Hat says:

    Utter non-story.
    Young man takes substance, goes with joygirl. Hold the front page.


  50. 101
    Anonymous says:

    Is the hooker broke or is Mandelson getting restless?


  51. 101
    b34 says:

    I have experience of cocaine,kinky sex wih a black woman and alcohol
    The firts two were easy to give up, alcohol is far harder to quit
    Wiinston Churchill was a piss artist anmd did Ok ddnt he?
    Lea ve poor george alone


    • 178
      Who would you rather have running the country says:

      Old Winston put away a bottle of Brandy a day and smoked opium in his youth.
      Adolf on the other hand was a tea total vegitarian.


  52. 103
    Penfold says:

    All rather convenient, why now?, this story is so old, so who expects to gain from it?.
    Wouldn’t be the Limp-Dicks trying to swap Huhne for Osborn would it?
    Wouldn’t be Labour trying to find a cover story to paste over the exposure of their economic incompentence, would it?
    The left generally trying to rally the troops?
    Ahhh, got it, its party conference time, its week of the long knives, back-stabbing, vitriol and eye gouging time.
    as always with these exposures its CUI BONO……


  53. 105
    Engineer says:

    The BBC will be all over it, though, not because of the sex or drugs, but because Coulson’s is peripherally involved.

    They’ll cream themselves.


    • 122
      smoggie says:

      They’ll be lining up.


    • 134
      The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

      Wrong, wrong and wrong again.
      He’s a Tory – that’s enough for us.

      The toilets are busy at Broadcasting House and Bush House though – you’re right about that part.

      We’ll be starting a 19 part mini-series on this once the extended news (because of this story) finishes followed by a critique from Lord Mandelson, Tony Blair, Alistair Cambell and for balance…Jeremy Hardy and Polly Toynbee.

      Thank you for your money.


  54. 107
    Moley. says:

    The only question that matters is whether or not Osborne is good at his job.

    London is rotten with cocaine as the BBC won’t tell you; the trade is tolerated by the police because the rich and powerful support it.

    One step the Financial Trade should take is to introduce compulsory dope testing because it does make people over confident and reckless, and they may as well include the whole of Parliament as well.

    I suspect that if all the MPs who had taken drugs and been involved in kinky sex sessions were removed from Parliament; there would be very few left.

    All the stories involving kinky sex, drugs, and the previous Government are itching to see the light of day; there has, after all, to be a reason why they were so incompetent.

    In Osborne’s case; at least it was (allegedly) women.


  55. 108
    bergen says:

    Please let’s not have a return to “Back to basics”.

    Not good but not fatal if it was long enough ago.


  56. 109
    Andrew Craig-Bennett says:

    Maybe it is just as well that John Profumo is dead.


  57. 110
    boulay says:

    good man.

    he could have murdered little kittens and puppies and still be better than balls…..


  58. 111
    CanIsayuddin says:

    Osborne’s a better man than Mark Lewis, not that that is particularly difficult.


  59. 113
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hey Guido, why no “freedom to party” tag?


  60. 114
    Selohesra says:

    Lewis always comes across to me as a bit of a shifty bugg3r to me – wander if he is paid up member of Labour party?


  61. 115
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I detest Tories, but to be honest I can’t see what he’s done wrong. Drugs and sex? Quite normal I’d say.


  62. 119
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Indeed this is coming out in Convict Island, revenge for the Ashes me thinks.


  63. 121
    jgm2 says:

    If it’s true then I reckon he’s finished politically.


    • 131
      Engineer says:

      Sadly, I think you’re probably right.

      Ken Clarke as the next Chancellor?


      • 143
        European Commission Accounts Office says:

        Kindly ensure that UK taxpayer money keeps flowing to us and remember not to give your electors a referendum on the EU.


  64. 123
    Observer says:

    Can those of us who are alarmed by George Osborne’s determination to concrete over the countryside now end the nightmare with the safe word “Louise”?


  65. 125
    Osborne's poor taste says:

    As though nobody in Labour’s taken coke and fucked hookers. Georgie boy could have at least chosen a looker.


    • 145
      nadine suckmeoff says:

      once you’ve tried black, you never go back.

      at least it’s louise and not diane, imagine if he’d been banging that tub of lard.


  66. 130
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Well this could be good, as most future Mps probarly done coke at uni and involved in orgies so that might mean we get real people as Mps who have never done coke or had kinky sex….. right?


  67. 133
    Drum says:

    News of the World disappears – Order Order takes over. Oh dear….


  68. 136
    Tony Bliar is a complete cunt says:

    My eldest is into a bit of coke and whores, dont see anything wrong with it….


  69. 137
    I said says:

    In this day and age, exactly where is the story here?


  70. 139
    A Silent Emission of Bowel Gas says:

    It’s alleged that when present at a juicy-looking threesome Osborne was heard to mutter.”We’re all in it together.”


  71. 140
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Tory stragitgy to get the druggie vote?


  72. 141
    dr. sipp says:

    just think the economy would be without the cocaine trade


  73. 146
    Bird wsb says:

    On second thoughts a response is required even if the accusation is tedious. He should use a variation of the ‘Mensch Defence': for example – I really don’t remember the occasion in question but we all do foolish things when we are young and I apologise unreservedly that my taste in hookers wasn’t up to other people’s standards.


  74. 149
    Undercurtain says:

    Coulson softened the blow.

    Did he do that on the radiator?


  75. 151
    b34 says:

    Dave needs to take a very strict line on this
    very strict indeed


    • 153
      nadine suckmeoff says:

      dave has plenty of experience of taking lines – strict or otherwise. when it comes to shagging, he really only appeals to chubby chasers


  76. 152
    Border Terrier says:

    Scumbag and sanctimonious lawyer Mark Lewis is only in it for the money.


  77. 154
    b34 says:

    Labour will be lining him up for chop
    Will he be soundly beaten at the next election


  78. 157
    That's not the same says:

    Greasy George Osborne

    our Chancellor sureley not……

    Or is he a here 2day gonr 2morrow politician……?


  79. 158
    george osborn says:

    I did not inhale

    this has all come as a bit of a blow but dave assures me that i am handcuffed to my job


  80. 160
    Engineer says:

    Ironically, this might actually strengthen Cameron’s hand.

    Osborne will have to go. It’s well known that Coulson was appointed to the role of Government Communications Director on Osborne’s recommendation. Coulson is already gone – now Cameron has to say that he was unaware of the previous links between Osborne and Coulson, and it’s completely unacceptable, that’s why he immediately demanded Osborne’s resignation.

    I’ll lay odds the Spinners are working hard on it right now.


    • 167
      Anonymous says:

      Will he though?

      Clearly an old story, via the colonies, from some washed-up old tramp on the take.

      Still find it hard to believe that this sort of issue never became an issue under the last government.

      For example, how many powder and poofter parties has Meddlesome attended I wonder?


  81. 161
    Not quite the greatest batsman ever says:

    George looks about 14 in that photo. Certainly could be taken for school age.


    • 185
      Archie says:




  82. 170
    Vitruvius says:

    There will be no Profumo-like departure from office. Ministerial criminality is a fact of our times, and no longer a resigning matter.


  83. 171
    I Hate Blue Labour says:

    Let’s hope it finishes off his career this time then.


  84. 172
    Jimmy says:

    “Guido understands that Osborne’s “safe word” during kinky paid for sex and cocaine sessions (in case they got out of hand) was “Louise”.”

    Shouldn’t he have one for work?


  85. 173
    Jim says:

    This is sick and seems only wanting to do harm for money and publicity. It makes it more difficult for the truth to be believed.

    In the UK a slut can say anything about a man. It takes years for the truth to be published on the bottom of page 39.

    In the USA only an official citizen who was a virgin at the time can be raped by a rich man.

    What is it like in France? I have heard it said you have to prove what you say before you say it? I have never wanted to live in France before.


  86. 177
    Barcy Dussell says:

    My problem isn’t that he took cocaine and had kinky sex. Each to their own I suppose. My problem is that he did these things and is now in a government that takes an irrationally hardline on drug use. It’s a bit hypocritical to be honest.

    Though it doesn’t suprise me he was a cokehead. Cocaine: the drug favoured by arrogrant self-centred twats.


  87. 179
    Things go better with a coke says:

    Cocaine is of course the perfect drug for our shallow society. It makes everything appear a work of genius when in actual fact its shit.


  88. 183
    turton says:

    George Osborne and sex with coke!

    George’s brother may be following in the footsteps of his famous bro, at this website you can view the younger brother Dr Adam Osborne also likes drugs with his sex must run in the family must be something to do with their formative years.
    Read all about it here:-


  89. 184
    Hugh Mann says:

    Amazing how this comes out at the same time as the Vickers report. It’s Elliott Spitzer all over again.


  90. 187
    Anonymous says:

    So why doesn’t someone spill the beans on what goes on a party conferences every year?


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