September 8th, 2011

Question Time “Paranoid” at Unpredictable Audience Tonight

The Question Time audience is often derided for being out of touch with mainstream public opinion and clapping contradictory arguments, but sometimes they cross the line. Back in 2001, just four days after the attacks on the Pentagon and the Twin Towers, the BBC was hit by one mighty PR disaster when their carefully selected, and oh so balanced, audience almost reduced a former US Ambassador to tears by repeatedly blaming America for the attacks, while the ruins were still smouldering. Director General Greg Dyke said at the time:

“…despite the best efforts of David Dimbleby and the panel, there were times in the programme when the tone was not appropriate, given the terrible events of this week. I have today spoken to Phillip Lader, the former US Ambassador to the UK who was on the panel, and apologised for any distress the programme may have caused him.”

Well we are ten years on and Guido hears that the BBC’s paranoia around tonight’s anniversary episode is intense. Producers are said to be particularly worried about the audience reaction to Reagan and Bush defence advisor, and the spiritual godfather of neo-conservatism, Richard Perle. Insiders say the audience has been “softened”. The programme’s production-company Mentorn declined to comment when Guido put it to them that there had been a significant re-jigging of audience members today…

The BBC press office are looking into the matter…

UPDATE Friday 09:00: The BBC got in touch over night to say usual practice applied to audience selection last night.


  1. 1
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    The first of Chris Patterns changes?

  2. 2
    smoggie says:

    No question, Question Time

  3. 3
    the last quango in paris says:

    ha ha BBC scared audience can form their own opinions shocka.

    Hope a question re torture is put to Miliband.

  4. 4
    smoggie says:

    No, Chris Pattern has a habit of repeating himself.

    …I’ll get me coat.

  5. 5
    smoggie says:

    No, Chris Pattern has a habit of repe­ating himself.

    …I’ll get me coat.

  6. 6
    Cuts says:

    They control the political make up of the audience? :-O !! I’m genuinely shocked.

  7. 7
    Sounding Brass says:


    All opinions are represented by the bbc…….except those we don’t like.

  8. 8
    Gordon Brown's Abacus says:

    I stopped watching this PC propaganda cr@p years ago when the audience mix became so obviously biased for the BBCs leftie liberal political agenda and they introduced silly “right on” “celebrities” with no clue whatsoever, most notably that Perry Bo Peep “artist”. Garbage guaranteed…

  9. 9
    Lobster Throttler says:

    >> Chalet hurl <<
    Famous piste-head smelled of sick

    S writes:
    "I used to work with Sally Illman, now
    Bercow, in the ski resort of Courmayeur
    in Italy, nearly 15 years ago. She was
    a chalet girl and always smelled of sick.
    Sally would have been slightly older than
    the average chalet hotel staff, and would
    never come out partying or skiing with
    the rest of us. She preferred the company
    of the older, more intellectual gent. She
    also claimed she was an M&S leg model."

  10. 10
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Crap programme, crap presenter, crap production company, crap broadcaster.

    Glad I gave up my TV Licence; that reminds me – nearly the first anniversary.

  11. 11
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    I have no problem with a left wing properganda service, However i do reject the idea that all must pay for it.

  12. 12
    Up sh1t creek says:

    So the audience keep their traps shut until recording, where the BBC will the say.. due to technical difficulties, we wimp out showing tonights episode.

  13. 13
    larry the cat says:

    Which representative BBC audience do we get tonight, the left leaning, the left,the commie,the far left,anyone from any minority as long as they vote labour. I do not apologise for returning to my regular theme….TAKE THE T V TAX OFF THE BBC..NOW!

  14. 14
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    So how are QT audiences selected?

    Is it a matter of public record?

    If not, it bloody well should be.

  15. 15
    blackbyle says:

    I will ensure I’m in bed with a Whisky and a good book rather than suffer yet another load of BBC lefty shit – cheaper to buy the Guardian & lt doubles up in the loo !

  16. 16
    Has Kev done a Huhne? says:

    Kevin_Maguire Saw a cyclist berate a lycra lout for going through a red light near Trafalgar Sq. Glad I’ve never, ahem, ignored a signal 2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  17. 17
    Old Ginger Tom says:

    If I were you Larry, I’d retire to my basket with a catnip mouse toy come 22.35.

    Far less stressful.

  18. 18
    Martin Day says:

    I’ve said it time and time again.

    David Cameron is a lying toe-rag at PMQ’s

    RCN Makes it clear that Dave LIES to the country at PMQ’s…But then we all knew that anyway….

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    I shall be bloody glad when next Monday rolls round and we can forget about this 9/11 thing for at least the next 15 years or so….

  20. 20
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Of course Dimbleby’s BBC script writers will blame 9/11 on David Cameron hiring Andy Coulson, and Murdoch will be in there somewhere. History is about to be re-written yet again by the BBC.

  21. 21
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Uhh soil your bum with the Guardian – no way.

  22. 22
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    Have you ever tried wiping your arse with the likes of Polly Toynbee and George Moonbat?

    It ain’t pleasant.

  23. 23
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I find this entirely plausable.

    9/11 was Bin Laden’s revenge for the NOTW ‘hacking’ his voicemail.

    It all makes sense now.

  24. 24
    Keir Starmer says:

    Unions talk bollox: shock!

  25. 25
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    It leaves printing ink on yer bum!

  26. 26
    Ah! Monika says:

    Talk about Paranoid!

    Gordon Brown has had ” Please Resuscitate” tattooed on his chest.

  27. 27
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    They will ban the looney left and invite the not so looney left.

  28. 28
    HappyUK says:

    It would go a long way if the BBC could just refrain from pre-filtering their audiences.

    How does the BBC QT select its audiences? Apparently its a very complicated process:

    It needn’t be. Just have a few real people in to speak for a change.

  29. 29
    Sir William Waad says:

    I received a free copy of the Grauniad once. I threw it away with the words “Ich bin ein Berliner.”

  30. 30
    Why meddle with someone's health for 10 years when they are in goodshape? says:

    The usual hybrid of Labour sheeple and clapping seals. I will not be watching.

  31. 31
    QT audience says:

    American. Conan not like. This make Conan ANGRY. Conan throw rocks. Grrr!

  32. 32
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Anyway, i was watching Law and Order last night and they used the fear of the prime suspect (Small dark rooms) to force him to tell them where a victim was.

    It was good TV but got me thinking, how far should the police be allowed to go, if say they had done this in the UK and the victim was found safe and sound the the media would cheer but i would uneasy.

  33. 33
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    It’s very important to protect Perle, the evil bastard, from being upset. Another example of good at dishing it out, not so good at taking it.

  34. 34

    Play the guess the QT questions game with Bill Quango at

  35. 35
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Labour Party conference pass has just arrived

    Yeeees !!!

  36. 36
    U Mean says:

    that the BBC is not scrupulous about balance?

    I must lie down

  37. 37
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No class fake, am sure you will get a boyfriend/girlfiend one day.

  38. 38
    lucky drip says:

    I’m going to file a FOI request to find out exactly how Question Time chooses it’s audience.

  39. 39
    The BBC is a joke and not a funny one. says:

    The victims of 9/11 were innocent and nothing justifies the attacks. Nothing! The victims are not to blame for failed foreign policies. The US was right to invade Afghanistan despite the futility of this war and right to take out the Old Bin Liner.

  40. 40
    A wanker from the BBC says:

    Whilst it is true that the audience has been ‘softened’ for tonight’s Question Time, this does not mean America and Richard Perle will get away scot free. It just means the level of vitriol used against them may not be up to our viewer’s expectations . We would like to reassure viewers that normal socialist broadcasting will be resumed as soon as possible. We apologise for the break, and while they are waiting for normal programming to resume, viewers might like to look at a very good article on Marxist economic analysis currently on our website.

  41. 41
    cliquety claque says:

    I gave up watching this programme when I found out that it was just a dastardly plan to make my blood pressure levels go sky high.

  42. 42
    angelnstar says:

    It has always been a case of “I’ll fight him any place, any time!” At last, le crunch! Boris takes on DC at tennis for the paralympics and there ain’t gonna be no rematch. Hilarious pics.

  43. 43
    The Grim Reaper says:

    Time to dismantle this perfidious platform of left wing bias & indoctrination.

    BBC Management have lost control at line management, research, editorial and journalist levels – so that maverick extremists within these sectors operate a free and uncontrolled campaign of Left wing bias. These activists drip feed a noxious diet of entertainment pap for the masses and doctored opinion pieces on “news” programmes. Formulaic, PC driven nonsense slips into every output or it doesn’t get shown.

    Part of this Liberal Left hatefest is aimed at Americans who do not like Obamastan, the promotion of the EUSSR – with very little actual coverage of European countries, bankers (except when they want to buy homes in Tuscany), Jews not caught up in the Holocaust, private education (except for their own offspring), an obsession with Islam not shared anywhere else in the UK, a romanticised agitprop agenda when riots and insurrection occur; uncritical support for the New Labour Project, a platform for the public sector & nationalisation (as long as the bonus telly tax keeps on coming in), ignorance of enterprise and business (eg Bargain Hunt, typical BBC shite: where you buy at retail and try to make profits selling wholesale using OUR money, usually at a loss).

    The habit of only interviewing in-house “experts” on major events is part of the cosy bubble. The BBC justs talks amongst itself and rarely calls upon independent or conservative viewpoints. So Liberal Left opinion becomes fact. Conservatives are routinely interrogated and the left interviewed. It stinks of high corruption.

    The list of misinformation, propaganda goes on and on…..the evidence that the BBC is abusing the Charter is huge – from the Balen Report to it’s toxic hatred of the Coalition.

    Time to dismantle the Evil Empire. If Cameron doesn’t get it….the Conservatives are doomed and this powerful, publicly paid Opposition Party will prove to be an extremely dangerous Fifth Columnist, playing an unedifying part in the collapse of our way of life.

  44. 44
    Anonymous says:

    But QT produces no shock horror moments now that is recorded.

  45. 45
    Where are Tony Blair's Expenses says:

    The question time 10 years ago was an absolute disgrace; but what it did do was confirm what some of us have known for a long time that it should be rescheduled for day time TV between Oprah Whitney and Jeremy Kyle. As I remember Dimbleby did little or nothing to control the audience

    Balanced audience my arse; Richard Littlejohn now refuses to go on the programme as the last one he appeared on was from Hemel Hempstead where the population is 90% Anglo Saxon – the audience was 50/50 Anglo Saxon and Asian.
    Like alot of people I do resent paying for this rubbish

  46. 46
    jgm2 says:

    For the same reason, I advise you not to buy the Daily Mail.

  47. 47
    zzzzzzzzzz says:


  48. 48
    nell says:

    What are you saying Guido? that the beeb rig their audiences?

    No surprise there then!

  49. 49
    Which way 2 squirm now G. says:

    he culture secretary, Jeremy Hunt, has warned against an overreaction by police against journalists after it emerged that officers had questioned a Guardian journalist over alleged leaks from Scotland Yard’s phone-hacking inquiry.

    The cabinet minister told MPs that he could not comment on the specific case, but went on to add: “There is an important difference between off-the-record briefing and the payment of money by or to the police in return for information.

    “Journalists must operate within the law, but, as the prime minister told the [parliamentary] liaison committee, as we go through this entire process we must be careful not to overreact in a way that would undermine the foundations of a free society.”

    Hunt was responding to a question by Tom Watson, the Labour MP for West Bromwich East

  50. 50
    Victor Meldrew says:

    I cannot beeeleeeeve it!

    They’££ be charging us to watch it next – B£oody Cheek!

  51. 51
    Phoney B£iar says:

    I went round the country listening to people.

    So did my old mucker Gordon.

  52. 52
    Spartacus says:

    Or more likely, it woz Fatchers fault

  53. 53
    anonymous says:

    anyone expecting controvery on QT must be mad.

    we all know that the authorised version of events regarding 9/11 will be maintained and alternate voices derided.

    it is only the usa that has suffered as a result of 9/11 – nobody else matters – not here, or in iraq or afghanistan – the neo-cons of which perle is an instrumental player have it all sown up – we are all terrorists now

  54. 54
    QT bullshit says:

    What did they expect? They had a massive number of headscarfs in the audience when that went out. The apology was disingenuous because it’s no secret that QT is pre-recorded. It does not go out live, and they could easily have edited out the whooping and applause of the headscarfs revelling in 3000 dead. They obviously knew it would cause an outcry and decided an apology to the former ambassador was a small price worth paying for all the publicity they’d get.

  55. 55
    Anonymous says:

    It was never live?

    And if they only film 80/90 minutes they still have to keep the majority of it.

    BTW – how do you ‘re-jig’ an audience? Is that what they mean by independence?

  56. 56
    young werther says:

    This is how it works. Someone asks an ‘evil’ question like, “should immigration be capped?” or “should we have welfare or NHS reform?” and then the panelists set out various spurious arguments to prove that there is no problem whatever and they don’t know what the fuss is about, and then have a good chuckle that anybody would have the gall to raise the issue at all. There is usually a daft question at the end designed to make politicians look human, and give them the opportunity to answer in an arch manner, which is shite personified, and then they carry on in their cosy little fantasy world until the next fucking disaster.

  57. 57
    Gordon Brown says:

    Why haven’t I been invited on? I have a lot of wisdom to impart.

  58. 58
    Fully representitive audience of middle class liberals who agree with Dimbleby says:

    QT audiences are often softened. For riots QT a fully representitive London audience was full of white people. For Nick Griffin the London audience was represetatively black and asian.

  59. 59
    The BBC is a joke and not a funny one. says:

    When the Old Bin Liner were alive he used to watch the BBC without a licence. Why no knock on the door from the BBC munsters who drag their knuckles on the ground demanding payment? Why?

  60. 60
    Troy Tempest says:

    I’ve never been, but I would imagine the lefties in the audience are just noiser and keep yelling and appluading like demented sealions, whilst the rest of the balanced audience look on in bemused silence.

  61. 61
    Engineer says:

    I didn’t know M&S sold legs.

  62. 62
    Engineer says:


  63. 63
    joescotus says:

    ive watched qt for years every audience has a left wing bias and anyone who denies it is leftwing ….. all the lefty balloons are wheeled on… marcus brigstock (the extreme pain from my recent anal fissure was more rewarding in sufference than hearing that irrelvant wanker caant)

    polly ..i really cant stand that sanctimonious two faced lying c4uuuunt… and a few weeks ago carmen miranda ,balsin(fuck i cant be arsed figuring& typing out what her name is )stupid fat iraqi bint whose clothes resemble the acrylics paint tube shelf at your local art shop.( dress her in normal clothes and you’d take not one bit of notice) im forced by law .have to pay my licence fee , watch and listen ,to utter liberal gobshites selected by liberal gobshites. fuck me. just for. fucks sake. just once. one fuckin episode with balance! i will tape it wife forbids giving the telly the arab slipper beating

  64. 64
    Norris Stampton says:

    Your type of contraversy we can do without, pal.

  65. 65
    Engineer says:

    Don’t do that. Keep it for starting bonfires, or use it’s absorbent properties when dealing with automotive oil-spills or when short of decorator’s dust-sheets. The readability of Polly Twaddle’s articles are greatly improved by several large, strategically placed paint blobs.

  66. 66
    Engineer says:

    For hacking Scargill’s voicemail, you mean?

  67. 67
    BBC are utter cunts says:

    I can’t watch it. It makes me projectile vomit.

  68. 68
    Billy's, I mean Will Hutton's, Mum says:

    Billy – you are just great – first comment again – a full deck today my boy.

  69. 69
    Engineer says:

    “Do you vote Labour? No? Sorry, we’re fully booked.”

  70. 70
    Anonymous says:

    Is Will Hutton as Knob? is Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! and I claim my prize.

  71. 71
    acceber says:

    I was in the Question Time audience in Norwich at the height of the Madeline McCann affair.

    A member of the audience made an excellent point questioning what the McCann’s were thinking leaving their 3 kids under 5 on their own without supervision, and the fact that if they were chavs rather than doctors that their actions would have been scrutinised a lot more than they were. Needless to say the whole audience clapped, but despite the BBC’s promise pre-filming that Question Time was never edited, by the televised show that comment had disappeared….

  72. 72
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says: says:

    Will the real Billy Bowden please stand up.

  73. 73
    Engineer says:

    It happened. They got him.

  74. 74
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The Afghan people were innocent of 9/11 and nothing justifies their deaths. Nothing! The victims are not to blame for failed domestic policies.

    See, vehemence runs two ways.

  75. 75
    William says:

    Make sure you don’t buy another one then!

  76. 76
    The Director of Politically Krect ‘n Convenient Troof at AlJaBeeba, the Brhoon Bullshit Corpse says:


    We’re in the business of troof telling and eradicating lies, – and we, like Polly, recognise our public spirited duty to educate the rag-tag diaspora of watchers into the way that socialist intellectuals feel they should think. It’s for your good and their good.

    Now go away, work hard, get some money together, and then PAY YOUR TELLY TAX!


  77. 77
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    The man is a crook. Surely you expect just a word of criticism? Or is he okay because he is one of your crooks?

  78. 78
    simone says:

    BBC tails were wagging tonight with the story of Iraqi prisoner abuse and it looks like they’ll be having a minutes silence for the funeral of Mark Duggan tomorrow.

    (if the six o’clock news is anything to go by)

  79. 79
    Derka Derka says:

    So the BBC have banned the Burka then?

  80. 80
    Jake the peg says:

    Heather Mills has lots of them

  81. 81
    *&(^&%$£* says:

    are you drunk?

  82. 82
    The BBC can Strictly Fuck Off with their Sponging & Pointless Games says:

    QT is drivel.

  83. 83
    Robin Day says:

    It used to be live just like R4 any questions still is.

  84. 84
    Helpful says:

    Indeed! This rejigging needs looking at; is it a BBC current affairs programme or a political tool? Anyone know what the selection process is for the audience?

  85. 85
    joescotus says:

    recent argument with lefty mate i ask :how come every time a tory responds on qt there is miniscule l or virtually no applause he replies thats because they couldnt find anyone who would support the tories i ask how come every lefty gets cheered to the rafters…his reply thats cos they are right i said .which party got most votes at the general election ????

    there is something diseased about socialist thinking, bbc cant find any tory supporters among 60 odd million people?

  86. 86
    BBC Controller says:


    I suspect, quite strongly, that you may, in fact, not be a genuine BBC spokesperson

  87. 87
    BBC journalist says:

    Not only are we high on the shite stuff

    But we are providing it free of charge to the selected hooligan audience

  88. 88
    Gimp Slave says:

    Why not Mentorn go to Tottenham to record the show, selecting a local audience. They will not know about 9/11 and the demolition of buildings. Ah wait a moment!!!!!!

  89. 89
    Lord Tebbitt says:

    Send in Nick Davies with a few bottles of champagne I say

    (and extra glasses)

  90. 90
    Yuk says:

    Any anti-pikies on there tonight?

  91. 91
    Lord Chief Justice says:

    Excellent idea

    They will think it all about their own trash and burn

  92. 92
    Nothing better to do. says:

    Get me on there and I’ll accuse the bastard Perle of planning 9/11 (and the American people of not knowing you put the day before the month(. That would stir it up a bit.

  93. 93
    Engineer says:

    Most of the Afghan people weren’t to blame, but the Afghan government of the time certainly wasn’t blameless.

    There again, substitute name of appropriate country, and the same could be said of most conflicts through the ages.

  94. 94
    East India Company wallah says:

    I have never seen it advertised,nor for that matter have I ever gone looking.
    I would suggest that infamous disgrace of a program ten years ago was filmed after scouring Ken Newts address book of malcontents,where else could you find an audience oblivious to the suffering and shock of thousands of american and european families

  95. 95
    Historian says:

    Actually it should be said that Richard Perle like most of the neo-cons is a Democrat who turned his coat to protect Israel with the Right

  96. 96
    Jack says:

    Funny how they are mostly of that Ilk as well

  97. 97
    Connaisseur says:


    Richard Perle would be at home with Mandelson, Milliband, Straw and the whole tribe

  98. 98
    Philosopher says:

    Part of the moral collapse you mean?

  99. 99
    Engineer says:

    Unlikely. Probably some Aunty Pikeys, though.

  100. 100
    Douglas Hurd says:

    What few on the Right can understand or accept is that the wars in Afghanistan and Irak have ruined the West financially, politically and morally…

    A heavy price to pay…

  101. 101
    A Pie Key says:

    How cd any1 b gainst us?

    we is psfl

    n thm tias z js 4 decrayshn



  102. 102
    Burka! Berka! angels 5-oh high says:

    Thank Heavens for that. Now Poll, Mad Hatty and all the other wimmin will shuit their great gobs.

  103. 103
    TTE says:

    I understand that the show will finish with a bonfire being lit in the studio.

    The audience will dance around it shouting Death To Israel, Death To America!

    On the bonfire will be a dummy dressed up as a Jew and a dummy dressed up as a Conservative Christian.

    Its a sort of performance art thingy.

    The BBC .. always Fair and Balanced

  104. 104
    Strictly's A Con and a waste of time says:

    The BBC resembles the contents of a toilet.
    It is as false as Fiona Bruces face which we all know to be held up with Scaffolding. It is a faked as Lulu’s English accent. It is as honest as Tony Blair’s lie detecter. The Bloody Big Con is only deluding itself!

  105. 105
    Engineer says:

    The political tool involved is called ‘Dimbleby’. Seldom was there a worse argument for continuing to work beyond normal retirement age.

  106. 106
    john in cheshire says:

    I think this proves the bbc ‘doctor’ the composition of the programme’s audience. Which is why I stopped watching this socialist propaganda, lead by a nepotist, several years ago. I have a visceral dislike of the bbc and I can’t think of anything, short of it being shut down in its entirety that would change my feelings towards it. Same goes for the socialist guardeen newspaper.

  107. 107
    MrAngry61 says:

    No- they’re all mouthy complaining lefties.

    Frankly I stopped watching QT years ago. I’ll watch tonight (on B-BBC chat) however…

  108. 108
    Old WartHog says:

    Sir! Sir! Please mr ringmaster Sir! Sir! oh please Sir!!

    I have a question . . let me . . let me ask !!

    Does the panel think that Brhoon and Bliar should be publicly flogged, and if so, where and when would they like to see it happen?

  109. 109
    MrAngry61 says:

    That 911 episode with the raving muzbots is a piece of televisual history…

  110. 110
  111. 111
    Dr Foster says:

    Given the NHS these days, he’d better make sure and have it tattooed in 10 different languages.

  112. 112
    Lupus Incomitatus says:

    The BBC is a political tool

  113. 113
    What a plonker. says:


  114. 114
    MrAngry61 says:

    Not so sure – the B-BBC seems to be trying to up its game a bit, what with actually reporting (one MP’s) criticism of it etc.

    I’d still like to see it consumed by nuclear fire, but any improvement in the meantime is to be celebrated.

  115. 115
    Reimer says:

    “carmen miranda ,balsin(”

    I know theforeign Millie-Tant-alike you refer to. I dearly hope one of her inner-city pets bites her, with a ‘shank’

  116. 116
    MrAngry61 says:

    Stop the Billy Bowman meme – none of the imitators are any good.

    The original was bad enough…

  117. 117
    David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

    Obama assassinates Bin Laden against rule of law and justice, irrespective how disgusting bin Laden was, and wants to preach to the rest of the world about human rights abuses. USA behaves like a bully boy and cries foul when hit in return.

    Why were the losses in the UK from the cowardly IRA bombers any less tragic than the twin tower disaster? Despite calls from successive PMs to the US it would not stop funds to the IRA and continued to provide refuge for them to hide. Despite Major asking Clinton to uphold agreement not to let IRA leaders in the US, Clinton allowed Adams, contrary to the agreement to speak to Americans. Stuff them their foreign policy deserves all the shit it gets.

  118. 118
    MrAngry61 says:

    Didn’t Perle Senior start up a stock market vehicle to invest in the sectors that ‘would benefit from 911′ (homeland security expenditure)?

  119. 119
  120. 120
    Ichabod says:

    If it’s recorded in the early evening then you can understand why it’s full of students and lefties; people in the commercial sector are at home after a busy day at work; also public sector workers ( local govt., civil servants, health workers, and the like ) would find it far easier to get of work an hour or two earlier to be able to go. Frankly I think students should be excluded from the show.

  121. 121
    rocknrolla says:

    Anyone remember not that long ago some new labour scumbag was on the panel and said how much he remains in favour of joining the Euro, whereupon of course 95% of the audience broke out in spontaneous applause and cheering. Yes, the BBC carefully select the audience to be balanced (that is between Guardian readers and Observer readers)

  122. 122
    Jabba the Cat says:

    I gave up my tv license almost forty years ago, but I guess everyone has to start somewhere…

  123. 123
    David Dim- bleby says:

    Comrades. The Question Time panel and studio audience will be debating live from a Bull’s arse.

  124. 124
    Reimer says:

    Am amazed that QT is still taken seriously enough to be run as if it were some flagship programme. The only time it deviates from deadening Newspeak liberal consensus is when the likes of Starkey or Hitchens (P) dare to enter the clearing in the superannuated mob to stir things up by speaking a bit of truth to power. The presence of so many predictably-leftish celebs just underlines how trivial the show is, and by implication, how the self-aggrandising Beeb needs a bomb or six dropping on it.

  125. 125
    Brown's Bog Contents -BBC says:

    The seekers of the truth from a socialist perspective.

  126. 126
    Ichabod says:

    Does anyone listen to the Radio 4 Any Questions on Friday night ? That programme used to be much preferable to QT, but now the audience seems to consist of wet political happy clappies, emoting all over the place and eager to applaud any drippy anodyne nonsense. And Dimbleby Jr. has started to interfere excessively, just like his brother.

  127. 127
    Anonymous says:

    ….and your type of spelling!
    It’s controversy.

  128. 128
    Anonymous says:


  129. 129
  130. 130
    Jack Dromey (Ms) says:

    Lord Ashcroft will be in the mix somewhere too.

  131. 131
    Anon. says:

    Yes, the obligatory left-wing ‘comedian’ or actor in order to get the yoof watching. Pathetic.

  132. 132
    The Bloody Big Con says:

    The lefties on the BBC spend most of their time trying to stitch up righties with various traps and snares. Recent victims to this BBC con include David Starkey and Jimmy Delingpole.

  133. 133
    Geoff, England says:

    Maybe the Graun should have the words, “Ich bin ein bin liner” on it. That’s all that racist, hypocritical commie rag’s fit for.

  134. 134
    Chavtopian Media Production says:

    The T from ITV stands for tripe. Bad? It’s offal!

  135. 135
    'avin a laugh says:

    George Osbourne wins GQ Poltician of the Year and makes wanker joke. Little leftie shit David Mitchell opens his gob and something crawls out. The end.

  136. 136
    MrAngry61 says:

    camila batmanghelidjh of kids company?

    The one that ate all of the other panellists?

  137. 137
    British Crapulation Corpse says:

    If I’m gonna have tripe, I’d prefer it if someone else paid for the crap.

  138. 138
    The soaking wet ghost of Osama Bin Laden says:

    Re jigging? The BBC audience is made up of the following

    1. Shirt lifters

    2. Fat lesbians

    3. Politics students straight from the dorm room after a wank

    4. Fantatical Muslims (usually positioned right in the front)

    5. Unemployed scum who vote Labour

    6. Thick people

    7. People who can’t speak English and don’t shut the fuck up

    8. Public sector dross (who support Labour natch)

    9. Drug dealers

    10. One sole Tory voter

  139. 139
    the only rat to join a sinking ship says:

    Haha… couldn’t make it up!

  140. 140
    Those were the days my friend says:

    It used to be live. Thursday night down the pub finished early as we all went home with carry outs to lob bricks at Tony Benn, Harriet Harman and Arthur Scargill.

  141. 141
    Anon. says:

    You’re wasting your time, mate. Don’t you know the BBC can pick and choose which ‘information’ it wants to release to the plebs? There is no ‘freedom of information’ when it comes to the BBC. Just another reason why it thinks it can do what it likes. But of course, don’t expect the Tories, especially Dave, who was saying only yesterday how much he loves the BBC, to do anything about it.

  142. 142
    Chavvel 4 says:

    We stalk gypsies. We are obsessed with them. Tune in for an episode My big fat gypo inbetweener embarrassing body, starting tonight and to be repeated for all eternity.

  143. 143
    fistful of dorries says:

    the four skins?

  144. 144
    Channel 5 says:

    What is the point of Channel 5?

  145. 145
    fistful of dorries says:

    starkey has a brain, delingpole is a bum licking moron

  146. 146
    A simple Dude says:

    I do not remember that QT as I was in the United states when it was broadcasted.

    I was though shocked when I returned to the UK in late Autumn of that year at the amount of vitriol on the BBC against the USA.

  147. 147
    Osborne the Wanker says:


  148. 148
    Anonymous says:

    NCIS, CSI Las Vegas, Miami and New York. Beats British TV’s obsession with celebrity wankfests everytime.

  149. 149
    EdButLookBalls says:

    There’s no audience, it’s sent to the Liebour PLP for the CGI images to be added as required!!

  150. 150
    Anonymous says:

    The biggest joke being that they think they’re being ‘cool’. Tossers.

  151. 151
    scrap the licence fee says:

    I saw that original 9/11 QT and whatever you think of Americans prior to that date, the BBC and the rent-a-lefty audience were well out of order.

    The BBC are a disgrace. Scrap the licence fee now.

  152. 152
    say what you see says:


  153. 153
    Sy Hersh says:

    Any spares anyone?

  154. 154
    Engineer says:

    Any Questions is generally far better, and even more so whe Dimbleperson is replaced by another chairman. Eddie Mair generally does a good job. They seem to make more of an effort to balance the panel politically, and audiences seem to reflect the area of the country the programme is recorded in (that said, the local rent-a-crowd lefties often seem to turn up mob-handed to whoop and cheer any slightly left-lleaning comment from a panel member).

    The programme tends to be much better when it doesn’t have any front-line politicians on the panel. When it does, it tends to be mainly regurgitation of the party line. Dimbleperson allows lefties to ramble on at length, then cuts short anybody in danger of veering in a rightwards direction.

    Still far better than QT though. I gave up on QT some time ago.

  155. 155
    Anonymous says:

    ???? WTF

  156. 156
    Impartial, moi? says:

    The selection procedure is to snort some charlie, suck off a Dimbleby and sing “The Red Flag”.

  157. 157
    hot air coming in from your arse says:

    He’s got enough of a brain not to fall for the AGW scam tho.

  158. 158
    Highland Tiger says:

    @Cato Street. I do not recall the US deliberately crashing planes into buildings in foreign lands. The Japanese did in WW2 and still they lost.
    Afghanistan was targeted because of AQ and OBL’s connection to the the country and AQ. The Taliban was host to the most dangerous terrorist organisation in the world. What were the septic tanks supposed to do? Let OBL carry out more acts of atrocities?

  159. 159
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Be warned, please don’t dare go onto the main page on the BBC website though as ‘The Business and Money Section’ containing the ‘Robert Peston Blog’ has been unfortunately ‘hacked’ ! It should contain content about a certain Andy Coulson and his strong links to David Cameron, the PM and his Tory party ! The content has been amended and it now has references to their second favourite complaint..’The Bankers’!!!

  160. 160
    Eddie Izzard (tv on the tv) says:

    Your name goes on the list, comrade.

  161. 161
    East India Company wallah says:

    Indeed,all BBC Radio led their programs yesterday with,”we need the taxpayer to pay for our childcare” on and on and on it went with many callers telling them to pay for their own brats but the eventual summing up as in all socialist begging was “something must be done”

  162. 162
    EdButLookBalls says:

    DC ought to ban the Bercow !

  163. 163
    Licence fee financies coke habit says:

    Dont forget Sarah Palin.

  164. 164
    A Passing Slacker says:

    But you’re not cool any more… dude…

  165. 165
    Engineer says:

    Blimey – Thatcher didn’t hack Sarah Palin’s voicemail as well, did she?

  166. 166
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    … and at least 4 of them should be scribble

  167. 167
    My poor old country :-( says:

    +100 and why not?

  168. 168
    nell says:

    I know exactly where I was on that dreadful day. As the news broke on our tv I just sat watching and crying as young people who had enthusiastically turned up early for work found themselves trapped and many just jumped to their deaths.

    Less than 12 months before my son whilst backpacking had been to the top of one of those towers. But for the grace of God…………..

    It was indeed man’s inhumanity to man. And it will stand in history as one of the most evil deeds of all time.

  169. 169
    nell says:

    Highland Tiger correct me if I’m wrong but I think the japanese pilots crashed their planes into warships and other military targets not civilian buildings.

  170. 170
    nell says:

    +1000 and then some!!

  171. 171
    Ian Hislop says:

    God bless democracy and free speech. Don’t you just love the Hunts at the BBC.

  172. 172
    Ewanme says:

    I sat mesmerised in front of the telly .

  173. 173
    nell says:

    OMG! bliar is calling for ‘regime change’ his very own personal code for bigtime landscale war in iran and syria.

    Is there no end to this evil man’s warmongering?!! How many times a day does he have to go to confession to purge his soul?!!

  174. 174
  175. 175
    Ewanme says:

    Dunno , nell .

    I hears he gets on his magic prayer mat an faces Westminster five times a day .

    E x .

  176. 176
    QT crap says:

    What a surprise. Question Time has turned into another anti American love-in. Audience keep applauding criticisms of iraq war, which i didn’t agree with, but it’s about 9/11! I’m just waiting for a head scarf in the audience to pipe up.

  177. 177
    nell says:

    Hmm. Didn’t you feel anything ewanme as you watched innocent people end their lives because of some pointless godless exercise by the egotistic mrbinliner?!

  178. 178
    Ewanme says:

    Hiya , Ian , babes x .

    T. Ali is right tho . CIA woz beggin Bush to take Alky Ada seriously .

    He jus carried on playin golf .

    E x .

  179. 179
    nell says:

    Only to pray that copies of his expenses are not going to turn up!

  180. 180
    Hayek says:

    One of a piece with the bogus public enquiries in which no one but crooked politicians and their media enablers have confidence.

  181. 181
    Ever Helpful says:

    I think he was try to say:

    “Is Will Hutton as Knob?” is “Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever !” and I claim my prize.

    Billy had offered a prize if anybody could guess his new moniker (or monkier in his words). Interesting to see if Billy pays up after all his complaints about Guido not giving prizes.

  182. 182
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    I’d take you more seriously if they (BBC) didn’t pay you so well Ian.

  183. 183
    QT crap says:

    I’m godless, nell you batty old hag. I’m atheist. Bin Laden did believe in god. That’s one of the most basic facts about him. You sound senile. Go to bed.

  184. 184
    Cutie says:

    Most people are open-minded enough to see through it all. Chill out and go with the flow.

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Hi Billy

  186. 186
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    D. Milliband positively shines compared to his younger sibling, doesn’t he

    Perhaps Labour made a hasty leadership choice there.

  187. 187
    harry potnap says:

    most of the japanese people weren’t to blame for pearl harbour but america replied by incinerating 500,000 of their women and children

  188. 188
    Anon. says:

    Yes, ITV is that tripe, that with about one-tenth of the amount of money extorted from the taxpayers it still manages to produce dramas and popular entertainment programmes and documentaries which not only equal the BBC’s viewing figures but often out do it, which let’s face it, is the BBC’s number one priority these days. What was it Peter Fincham said when he saw the budget for just BBC1? ‘I’ll never be able to spend that much money.’ Thank you Peter for that insight into the BBC finances. What a pity ITV are not allowed to compete on a level playing field. But that will never happen, as long as the BBC receive shed-loads of the taxpayers money at the expense of every other channel on British television.

  189. 189
    Plant food says:

    That last bloke was definitely a plant.

  190. 190
    nell says:

    So you’re godless. does that mean you are merciless, unfeeling and don’t give a toss about your fellow man?

    That means does it that you can watch someone faced with a choice of burning to death or jumping to their death and don’t feel anything?

    Enjoy your life you soulless, uncaring, worthless blob.

  191. 191
    Thumb Screw says:


  192. 192
    Anonymous says:

    I’m watching QT now. Call me naive but I can’t believe how biased the audience is.

  193. 193
    BBC Audience Selection Panel says:

    Hi Naive! How’s it hanging?

  194. 194
    Briananonny says:


  195. 195
    Bonnie Gruyer says:

    Are you a Moooooooooslummm?

  196. 196
    nell says:

    davemilitwit is featuring heavily in documents turning up in tripoli at the moment that show he has a scant regard for the value of life and a disregard for, sometimes innocent, people being tortured.

    As hague has also pointed out today davemilitwit was instrumental in destroying a 2/300 year FCO library that held much of our heritage.

    And let’s not forget this man had a chance to get rid of gurninggordon and chickened out.

    This is not a man of any value.

  197. 197
    Bonnie Gruyer says:

    Of course he is of no value Nell. The man is an amoral cretin.

    But compared to his brother, the leader of the Labour party, I maintain that he positively shines.

    Make of that what you will.

  198. 198
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    ‘Bonnie Gruyere’ being my current nom de guerre, of course.

  199. 199
    QT crap says:

    I really cannot believe that Bonnie Greer is more indignant about muslim women in new york were scared to wear veils after 9/11 than the terror attacks themselves! What a PC idiot.

  200. 200
    QT crap says:

    That’s not what i said you tiresome old c unt. You placed terrorists and atheists in the same box. Of course i was outraged and sickened by what happened on 9/11. It demonstrated the poisonous effects of religion. I have compassion and feeling because it’s innate. You need a fucking book to tell you to show mercy. Now fuck off to bed you geriatric old bag.

  201. 201
    Getrealuselesstosser says:

    I expose you as Nick Griffen – and claim my fiver

  202. 202
    Old Watery Eyeball says:

    QT audience seems packed with hipster media queers and twonks from various leftish think tanks.

    They will be partying hard later, before retiring to their tastefully refurbed flats in Hoxton for yet more co(c)k(e).

  203. 203
    Ewanme says:

    OMG !!

    It woz enough for my tiny noddle to take in the piccies of planes an flames , nell !

    The first time I appreciated the sheer human tragedy woz much later , when they showed pictures of little people jumpin to certain death from 100 floors up .

    That horror will stay wiv me forever .

    E x .

  204. 204
    Highland Tiger says:

    @ They crashed into military sites, civilian sites were considered via intelligence but not carried out.

  205. 205
    Obviously..... says:

    Don’t forget the Bankers

  206. 206
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Why is the QT Special always in London, wouldn’t Burnley be a better venue. Big bad Al Campbell’s own turf…on second thoughts let’s go for Bacup!!

  207. 207
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    But I have only just got here, dear. How rude.

  208. 208
    Matthew Amawillywally says:

    Kabul has a studio, I hear.

  209. 209
    nell says:

    Bless! Now you’re trying to excuse what happened to the Twin Towers by saying it was caused by religion!

    There was nothing religious about it . It was all about an egotistic evil man trying to demonstrate some illusion of power; some pretence by mrbinliner that he was a big mafia person able to kill innocent wives, mothers, husbands, children.

    He just used religion as a smokescreen – he certainly was not a real believer in God of any colour!!

  210. 210
    nell says:

    Sending alicampbell to kabul would be a good move! It would relieve us of his odious oresence!!

    I wonder could he take gordon with him?

  211. 211
    nell says:

    Me too darlin’!!

  212. 212
    Matthew Amawillywally says:

    If he can find him, he might.

  213. 213
    Old Tory Bigot says:

    The BBC is primarily produced by, and for, the denizens on Zone 1 on the tube map.

  214. 214
    nell says:


    A bit like comparing gurninggordon to gunghogaddafi!!

  215. 215
    Alan Partridge says:

    Smell my cheese!

  216. 216
    Dr. Brian Nadal says:

    ….unlike this blog, which is aimed mainly at Hebridean sheep-shaggers.

  217. 217
    Elsie Beattie (83 and a quarter) says:

    Number ten sounds rather repugnant, dear.

  218. 218
    Getrealuselesstosser says:

    Get her!

  219. 219
    Pie Key Translation Services (Ltd.) says:

    How could anyone be against us?

    We are peaceful and peace loving people

    And those tyres are just for decoration

    and that

    do you think you grasp the gist of my argument that I have taken pains to set out before you? If not, do say, and I’ll set the lads on you!

  220. 220
    The right-on insufferable Mnsgr. Revd. Phoney Bliar, ***, **** + ******, emoting and wiv stupid grin says:

    You do trust me don’t me?

  221. 221
    QT crap says:

    Allah, jesus, it’s all man made fairytale shit.

  222. 222
    Dr K E L L Y says:

    I’d like a few answers . . .

  223. 223
    b34 says:

    What a sack of spink this blog has become

  224. 224
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    how come the Daily Telegraph is spinning a story about a speech Cameron is supposed to be making about education when Cameron hasn’t made it yet?

    I thought cameron was banning spin????

  225. 225
    Anonymous says:

    are you talking about george bush

  226. 226
    Jimmy says:

    Yes, the beeb snuck up on them in the green room and scooped their brains out.

  227. 227
    Anonymous says:

    well hey

    the usa has been involved in murky wars and deceit for everyday of the last one hundred years so you shouldn’t be surprised

  228. 228
    Anonymous says:

    so you’re in favour of a police shoot to kill policy then?

  229. 229
  230. 230
    Not a Napoleon says:

    The efforts of the BBC would have made Dr Goebbels very proud, particularly Radio 5.

    I can just hear him whispering from the great beyond
    “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it …. but remember . . . If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.

  231. 231
    Verity Willought says:

    If you look at the real evidence instead of swallowing the official lies you will realise that the US did this in their own country.

  232. 232
    not a machine says:

    10 yrs on , Bin laden is dead , alky aida is not what it was (although like any nutter mantra it cannot be finished) , gaddafi may be caught or maybe doling out secreted libyan wealth for mercenaries or protection and a fair part of the arab speaking world is trying to get used to not having (or at least the desire of not having) an oppressive dictator running there lives .
    The trouble is with 10yrs on ,is things have moved on , tonights QT was perhaps an attempt to consider some sort of closing scene ,however it turned into a going over of historical greivences that didnt really do much justice to the operation to try and smoke out and finish the terrorism .
    The day of 9/11 for me was one of shock , late into the night I walked my home town , trying to memorise the things I liked , before as I knew we ultimately had to go to war .
    Tonight on QT words like western imposed government , 1mn Iraquis dead and new orphans , fake WMD ,Israel , the west, featured a lot , not much about the dead in USA or indeed whatever may come from the toxic dust , or why Islam turned nasty , Tariq Ali failed to mention or reason why Islam could not stop Afghanistans decent or Bin Ladens power , blaming the west was about the best he could manage .The beginning of this phase was perhaps when Kuwait got invaded by saddam (note no sign of west in that one Tariq) and the UN have finished the job off then , but instead of search for peace we had the production of madness and maytrdom .
    Democracy that great work by the greek civilisation , for some reason doesnt seem to have really reached islam , prefering who has the most guns/bribes system , rather than votes , they say they want it , but the seem to not quite get the institutions right or conflict with sharia .
    Saddam gave the world its first real test of chemical weapons with the 4000 kurds (men women and children) he gas bombed , he was developing nuclear but slowly , should we have waited until he tested one ?? that is why going to war is such a difficult decision , we shall never know how many lives were saved by doing so , from the whims of the mad tyrants .No one in the QT audience seemed to consider that scenario , how many had been saved .

    Obama perhaps opted to make a speech he should have made when he entered office , before he blew all the money , there were perhaps a few painful moments (scaling back medicare) and a few mysteries to solve (another 1trn or so of cuts to find !!!) , the weird scene of half whooping and clapping and the other half trying te see where the trick was , was odd as most in house political moments can be , i thought it wasnt your useual kind of meeting for the USA , but in part Obama sounded plausible , if we do this , this and this , we will get people working invoking that worklike American spirit , almost grass roots republican , Palin like .
    The bit I couldnt get was the tax payrol cut and tax credit , a scheme that rewards the employee and the hirer , could very quickly run money down the drain or make some people very rich . The taxation for high earners was perhaps shy of what he has been hinting at , rebuild program was broad shot and the mortage re finance package whilst innovative , will surely have reprocussions for the banks and ergo the small business economy .
    It sounded business and financially costed , but in reality the gov is handing out the money , so its kind of a different sort of stimulus , very much aimed at middle class workers and perhaps with a tab for them to pick up later (not that the current tab is being felt )
    I still dont think the republicans have got the real problems sorted , but they seem to be awake , the USA seems broke and in tauper at the moment ,as though some terrible party hangover or rot was occuring , which suggests they could do with some political and government reform , the candidates so far (it is 14 months away) seem bound by the same song and dance routine and only one of them seems to be good at the detail , the rest seem to talk about where they come from , which doesnt give me much for hope for The USA turning itself around post 14 months time .

    Not heard much from discussions with concerned groups meetings , except plea from national trust , i wonder if Mr bell can do us a cartoon of , of george ,greg and eric , penitent naked , with large concrete slab chained around neck about to kiss NT,CPRE boots and the CBI kicking a large douglas fir up each ones behind , symbolic of the way the tree symbol now feels to many of so angered and outraged by this non manifesto pledge . I note no libs or labour have turned out either , fete a compli by westminster , vote blue , go red with f****ing rage .

  233. 233
    albacore says:

    Old dodderers like me can remember when the BBC was all you got from your TV or bog-standard domestic radio. They could put on any old crap and run it for years on end and you either liked it or lumped it. It was the only game in town. Their potential for disseminating propaganda and conditioning the proles was unparalleled.
    Today the BBC tick survives only on the back of billions of pounds extracted under threat from all UK citizens legally owning TVs.
    Question Time, adrift in the decades, represents spectacularly about the best reason there is for squashing it for good and all.

  234. 234
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Yes. I heard some woman cribbing about having to work solely to pay for her children’s care.

    Live with it. We had to.

  235. 235
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Haven’t watched it for years.

    Waste of time and money.

  236. 236
    Cynical-old-bag says:


  237. 237
    Rat's arse says:

    Too true 138. Well said.

  238. 238
    Oh for f's sake says:

    idiot. How is reception in your bedroom lined with tin foil?

  239. 239
    MrAngry61 says:


    Listening in disbelief to Toady’s reporting of Barry’s speech – when did any UK politician’s announcement get 20+ uninterrupted minutes of ‘analysis’ and approval?

  240. 240
    Breakfast Time. says:

    Train smash or shit on a raft?

  241. 241
    Lord Stansted says:

    This is one of the best comments I have read anywhere. You don’t get this insight from the MSM. I fear the Tories will not act against the BBC, the citadel of the loony left.

  242. 242
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    “when did any UK politician’s announcement get 20+ uninterrupted minutes of ‘analysis’ and approval”

    When Bliar was beatified, I mean elected.

    When McMental was running his fake election to be Prime Mentalist.

    Both these times it was wall to wall gratuitous adulation.

  243. 243
    MI6 says:

    So they wont be inviting Greg Dyke then. Any one who tries to uncover the TRUTH are not welcome at the Big Bro Corp.
    1700 leading Architects and Engineers dont believe the States official 911 Story.
    The first Emergency responders to 911 Barred from Memorial service.
    Smack Business grows in Hemland Province.
    UK purchase Chinooks to arrive in 2015. Cutting Services to Pay for the longest ongoing WAR.
    Lone Scientist sends Weapons grade ANTHRAX. on the same day as 911. Obviously he must have had connection to OSAMA.
    Nothing Adds up but the Bankrupting of our Economies through WAR on Terror, War on Drugs,
    Winston Churchill said ” Better to jaw jaw than to WAR WAR.
    Shame these idiots dont read their history books or cant they read.

  244. 244
    Lord Stansted says:

    Which policy are they shooting dead?

  245. 245
    ed milliband says:

    The question time audience is completely representative of progressive, muli kulti, socially re-engineered, AGW-indoctrinated, defeatist Britain

    as a Marxist knob with no roots in Britain or loyalty to her I’m delighted.
    Frankly I loved the howls of bien pensant rage when David Starkey dared to speak the truth.

  246. 246
    Mandlescum says:

    Just started watching last night’s QT on iplayer. WTF is this “Bonnie Greer” doing on it again? At best she should be in the audience.

  247. 247
    JH says:

    Against wannabe ‘Fittys’ carrying weapons?


  248. 248
    Anonymous says:

    The BBC contacted CCHQ and asked for a conservative. CCHQ said we don’t have any.

  249. 249
    Press NE Key says:

    Know what I mean Hari?

  250. 250
    Airey Belvoir says:

    The Left specialises in improperganda.

  251. 251
    mrangry61 says:

    black wimmon radio 4 contributor who lived next door to muddy waters as a girl. in other words, an exotic leftie.

  252. 252
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Whats surprising with that? Normal people would much rather just go to the pub.

  253. 253
    Engineer says:

    The Beeb have other weapons in their armoury, too. If what people say really offends BBC group-think, they just get banned from appearing at all (eg David Bellamy, Robin Page).

  254. 254
    Engineer says:

    The Beeb have other weapons in their armoury, as well. If what people have to say raelly offends BBC groupthink, they just get banned from appe-aring at all (e.g. David Bellamy, Robin Page).

  255. 255
    Agreeable Punter says:

    Agree with you there Lord S. – best concise report ever, and the fact that it remains untouched even after 1 year of ‘Tory’ ‘power’ is damnable.

  256. 256
    you know it makes sense says:

    Fuck off toilet trader.

  257. 257
    Anonymous says:

    I am very upset at the way the BBC is going, every news bulletin has an opposition spokesman pontificating on the latest by the Government, as though they were the world experts (after the mess they created over the last 13 years.) a normal reaction by BBC would be to leave them out of the comment game for a long time. Why do the BBC do this ? it is such biased broadcasting.

  258. 258
    False Flag says:

    At the very least you (or someone) should bring up Building 7. The official story is riddled with inconsistencies, but Building 7 is the biggest of all.

  259. 259
    Anonymous says:

    Your type of spelling we can do without, pal.

  260. 260
    Anonymous says:

    I genuinely would like to know why Cameron is (by some ) being criticised for employing Andy Coulson.So far he has still not been charged,or been found guilty, of anything.There are many things done by labour that are questinable (Godfather anyone ?)

  261. 261
    Anonymous says:

    awful woman.

  262. 262
    Anon. says:

    I’m afraid your fears will come true, because only on Wednesday, Cameron was on the television telling a Committee how much he loves the BBC. He either hasn’t seen their version of the news lately, or he is scared to death of them.

  263. 263
    Anonymous says:

    its the Feds.

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    Did you hear the one about Milliband D, closing a library at the Foreign office. Full of original documents from the past 500 years ? I real star i dont think !

  265. 265
    7-Eleven says:

    I don’t like conspiracy theories much but the Building 7 anomaly is impossible to reconcile with the official story of 9-11.

  266. 266
    Barry Sheridan says:

    BBC standards are such that I finally decided to abandon watching television rather than pay to support such a corrupt organisation. There have been few regrets to this decision other than not being able to follow one of two sporting events, especially the current Rugby World Cup. Still, better that than contribute money to the pockets of such a biased load of tossers!

  267. 267
    Owlett says:

    A petition is needed for a referendum on the Socialist Broadcasting Company’s telly tax.

  268. 268
    Fish says:

    That’s not you Verity? The real Verity who used to post on Dale’s site?

    Still as thick as pig-shit I see!

  269. 269
    T Bliar says:

    Shredded, sorry

  270. 270
    Labour Nutter says:

    It’s not all so bad – the great British bake-off isn’t too biased…

  271. 271
    oddly helpful says:

    The idea that senior management have lost operational control of those working at the production end of the pipeline is horrifyingly plausible.

    They are insulated by their super-sized salaries, isolated by reason of that difference and presumed to be recruited straight out of college.

    With only theoretical knowledge of how to cajole, steer and instruct their staff of ‘creatives’, a multibillion colossus is rampaging silently through Britain’s streets.

  272. 272
    t says:

    So, you want the BBC to report on a refurendum to put its self out of business?

    I believe this was the problem Solidarity had in Poland

  273. 273
    Aunt Mat says:

    A bit like supporting Hitler while he was bombing us.

    Yanks like to dish it out, but they cant take it.

  274. 274
    Take the tablets and quick M16 says:


    You are not a Muslim double agent for the Iranian loonies by an chance?

    1700 architects. That’s really convincing! You prat. Where are your facts?

  275. 275
    Atar says:

    They managed to get an anti-English dig into even that.

    They were talking about soda bread, and so of course had to explain about evil English oppressive (absent) landlords causing Irish famine/genocide etc.

    The Beeb’s insidious poison has seeped into most of their output.

  276. 276
    Jimmy says:

    Well obviously we can’t risk allowing such dangerous intellectuals on air.

  277. 277
    The Golem says:

    Anon. I think the situation is even worse. The tories were hijacked at the time of their last leadership change and DC fully agrees with the BBC’s political agenda.

  278. 278
    MI6 says:

    Watch this and LEARN, NOT A MUSLIM AMONG THEM, and neither am I but I had a lot of family die in Both World Wars so we could live in a better world, Not the BUSH BLAIR version of it.

  279. 279
    MI6 says:

    Take the Tablets, Watch this then take your Tablets. Its about time the world was rid of Knacker Sun readers.

  280. 280
    Anonymous says:

    Three alternatives:

    1) Learn from the Irish. Boycott the BBC. No interviews. No press releases. No viewers. No responses to their demands for payment for what you do not watch …

    2) One of those 100,000 signature petition thingies for the abolition of the license fee unless ….. (fill in you own words)

    3) Accept your socialist utopian fate

  281. 281

    Just contributed to the BBC Cambridgshire Drivetime programme, overall programme well put together and strck the right tone also looked at the future of aviation and the travel industry generally post 9/11….

  282. 282
    RedEd'smumcrustyflaps says:

    R U GAY?

  283. 283
    RedEd'smumcrustyflaps says:

    Handbag darhlink!

  284. 284
    Wotan says:

    Oh you think so?

    Well you won’t be coming to Asgard will you, gay boy. You won’t die in battle, you’ll die of infected anal nastiness.

  285. 285
    Sorry says:

    Couldn’t be arsed to read all that, it looked like bollox.

  286. 286
    oddly helpful says:

    At a media luvvie-in yesterday, a media talking head confidently asserted that David was clearly less well-qualified to be leader than his younger brother.

    He lacked what the Americans call the ability to ‘read the room'; consequently failing to acknowledge the experience and rank of a room full of senior Indian ex-servicemen.

    It sounded more like a tale told to justify the Labour machine picking ‘the wrong Miliband’ than anything else, particularly in light of his unwillingness to risk Gordon’s forces of darkness assassinate his chances of eventual leadership by standing against him in a leadership bid.

  287. 287
    Charlie Wilson's fan club says:

    Agree. Note that Ahmed shah masood was killed a week before 9/11 as he was one of the leaders there who would have sat on the Taleban aftwards.

    We should never have invaded afghanistan though – it never works (see 1847 news papers for details…)

  288. 288
    Charlie Wilson's fan club says:

    specially when compared to alchoholic pornographer Alistair campbell and the dodgy dossier

    slebs get phones hacked vs ‘sexed up’ justification for illegal war in which thousands of innocent iraqis die.

    oh, but lets just keep on about phone hhacking shall we?

  289. 289
    Voice of Reason says:

    The BBC, although it has its faults, is overall a good and balanced organisation. The problem on a site like this is it’s bound to get slated no matter what it does. This blog is full of right-wing rather strange and tabloid thinking individuals. Many (but not all) on this blog condemn the BBC for not being balanced or for being too left-wing but in reality they really want the BBC to agree and portray their views to the exclusion of true balance.

  290. 290
    Voice of Reason "works" at the BBC says:

    You obviously work for the BBC.

    We don’t want “the BBC to agree and portray” our “views to the exclusion of true balance”.

    We want it gone.

  291. 291
    Voice of Reason says:

    I don’t work for the BBC and can find much wrong with it. However, it is the best and most impartial media we have at present and in its ‘varied’ news content beats ‘one subject per day’ Sky hands down.

  292. 292
    BS detector says:


  293. 293
    BS detector says:

  294. 294
    Randy Mandy - The Elder says:

    There is nothing wrong with the Brussels Broadcasting Corporation (previously known as the Blair Broadcasting Corpn.), that a visit from a qualified infestation operator, couldn’t put right.

    They’ve got too much money to waste and have filled the place with lefties and luvvies.

    No hope.

  295. 295
    Randy Mandy - The Elder says:

    I thought the BBC got the Question Time audience from The Job Centre?

    A fiver each and clap when the placards go up.

  296. 296
    Voice of Reason says:

    Don’t don’t what ROFL is???????????????

  297. 297
    Archie says:

    Absolutely spot-on, G. Reaper! Why the fuck do we put up with this bullshit-ridden, so-called national broadcaster? We are in the preposterous position of paying for our own indoctrination! What are the chances of persuading the Yanks to bring in one of their Seal Teams do take out the middle management? Abolish the licence fee NOW!

  298. 298
    Archie says:

    Dave lies? Never!! I am shocked. Shocked, I tell you!

  299. 299
    Archie says:

    You could be right. After all they had Dominic Lawson on The News Quiz! (O.K. but it’s a start, innit?)

  300. 300
    Archie says:

    And “Please Turn Over” on his back!

  301. 301
    Archie says:

    Of armed drug dealers? Abso-fucking-lutely!

  302. 302
    Archie says:

    You forgot Jasminge!

  303. 303
    Archie says:

    Sorry, Yasminge!

  304. 304
    Archie says:

    Shurely shome mishtake! That’s “isn’t it” not “and that”, innit?

  305. 305
    Archie says:

    Sorry, just re-read it and you’re right, too much vino, innit?

  306. 306
    Archie says:

    Well said, that man!

  307. 307
    Archie says:

    Almost as disgusting was the cries of delight from our own enriching “religion of peace” adherents, at the sight of those poor people jumping!

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