September 8th, 2011

Couldn’t Organise A…

Rather optimistically this email has just gone out to Tory and LibDem MPs:

Dear Colleagues

We will be sending you an invitation to Labour Party Conference Events shortly.

Most grateful,

From the Office of
Geoffrey Robinson MP
New Statesman


UPDATE: Why is Geoffrey Robinson MP using his taxpayer funded parliamentary email address to send emails out for a commercial organisation in which he has a financial interest? One for the Sunlight Centre to investigate methinks…


  1. 1
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    Piss up in a brewrey.


  2. 2
    Charlie Kennedy says:

    somebody mention piss up?


  3. 4
    Janet Streetwise Porter says:

    Well …they need someone to talk some sense into them!


  4. 5
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    And just think of the trees that have died for this!


  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    They know what they are doing.


    • 45
      Gooey Blob says:

      In 13 years of government, not once did Labour look as if they knew what they were doing, or how an economy works.


  6. 7
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Watch out for the stampede.


  7. 8
    Save the plastic bag says:

    Lets get our priorities right
    Save the plastic bag.


  8. 9
    Victoria Sponge :Φ) says:

    The cheapskates have watered down the Champagne and Baby Sham. :Φ(


  9. 11
    Geoffrey Robison says:

    As you all know, I am years after my sell by date

    I had my moment of glory making my undeclared loan to that great chap Mandelson who everyone loves so much and who saved Britain with his Ponzi schemes

    Now I am just looking for another 15 minutes of glory inviting the whole world (and his aunt) yo my thrash

    Before I return to Tuscany to keep that lovely little rich kid Polly T company


    • 63
      Fubar Saunders says:

      Not to mention what you did to Jaguar cars and how you completely fucked Coventry City Football Club up the arse, you bastard.

      Trust me Geoffrey old bean, if I ever see you, you’ll end up being run over. I dont care how many biddies I have to hit on the pavement before I leave Michelin printed backwards on your big fucking fat champagne socialist forehead.

      This MP is the c.unt of all c.unts. I will cheer my fucking head off the day he dies.


  10. 12
    Highland Tiger says:

    The bèèr tastes like cat’s piss.


  11. 13
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    Was not Geoffrey Robinson MP involved with Lord Mandlesons mortgage problems a few years ago?


    • 14
      Bankrupt Tuscan Pissa Maker (Italian Communist) says:

      You filthy capitalist

      You and Polly Toynbee are giving Tuscany a bad name


    • 16
      Tuscan Pizza Maker (Italian Communist) says:

      You and Polly Toynbee are giving Tuscany a bad name


      • 36
        Old news, but news all the same says:

        I think the ities already have a little bit of ‘bad’ name –

        Several bogus Italian companies have fraudulently obtained EU grants for renewable energy projects.

        All of which point to the EUSSR energy scams – and our very own troughers


    • 48
      The curious case of the wrap of cocaine on the floor of the Police van says:



  12. 15
    tomdickandharry says:

    “taxpayer funded parliamentary email address”

    What?! Guido you know that e-mails are free?

    That really is scrapping the barrel.


  13. 17
    Ah! Monika says:

    Meanwhile on the Maddie case

    There are 30 Met officers – the equivalent of a murder squad – working on the review and I’m told that a senior officer is having to give regular spending updates to the Home Office which is funding an operation that will cost several millions and last many months.

    Good old Dave, spending good money on Mateus Rose for the lads


  14. 18
    Up sh1t creek says:

    Nothing to see here, move along.. who cares about taxpayers money.. Labour never have.


  15. 19
    Labour: Troughing and lying is our mission statement says:

    I’m sure Geoff will say someone hacked into his account and sent it.


  16. 22
    Triumphant Labour Capitalist Robinson says:

    I am a filthy capitalist

    I just want to show those conservative and sandal wearers that we, the Labour Grandees, are the rich and powerful

    Just look at our Life Peers like Kinnock – multiillionaire on EU money as well…


  17. 23
    Highland Tiger says:

    How much debt is the Labour Party in? The last I heard it was £2O mill +.


    • 26
      Labour Party Treasurer says:

      We don’t care

      State funding and the unions will pay it all off in the end

      All we are interested in is lining our own pockets

      Don’t you understand yet ?


      • 29
        Thuggie Teamster Whelan of Unite says:

        Don’t forget that I will continue to appoint the key members of Eddy Milliband’s troupe

        And that in return for our funding BullyBoy Testicules must remain at the top of the Labour Party, along with my team of thugs…


    • 33
      Ah! Monika says:

      Don’t worry £££WaveyDavey will bail them out.


    • 41
      Sir William Waad says:

      They owe us about £900 billion.


  18. 28
    A Tory MP says:

    Er – where is this ‘Liverpool’ and why are they holding the conference overseas?


  19. 34
    P. Mandevilson, the Eminence Greasy says:

    Leave my very good friend alone.


  20. 37
    nell says:

    Why are they holding that conference in liverpool. Is it something to do with the fact that their public mouthpiece the beeb has moved north?

    As for inviting the tories and libdems they’re obviously worried that there aren’t many people going to attend , can’t think why, and are desperately trying to boost their numbers.


    • 40
      Bystander says:

      Most of the ‘Tories’ and LimpDims ARE already LieBore, and they’re led by the biggest of them all.

      So – it’s their Conf as much as anyone else’s


    • 47
      Ah! Monika says:

      They’re safe from rioters in Liverpool. The shops are empty.


    • 50
      Gooey Blob says:

      Well, the Guardian were already in Manchester, the BBC decided to join them and now Labour are heading up to nearby Liverpool. After all, Labour are the party of Scotland and the north.


    • 56
      Degsy says:

      I’ll be there, please tell Neil !


  21. 46
    The curious case of the wrap of cocaine on the floor of the Police van says:

    Cooowee !


  22. 51
    Why meddle with someone's health for 10 years when they are in goodshape? says:

    Spongers! Money, money, money with a spin on it? They think we were born yesterday!


  23. 54
    Hava Nagila says:

    Why is Geoffrey Robinson MP using his taxpayer funded parliamentary email address to send emails out for a commercial organisation in which he has a financial interest?

    Because he’s corrupt.

    Next question?


  24. 55
    ta says:

    perhaps Sir Geof is looking for some conservative ideas as to how to get the loan he gave to Lord Mandy back.


  25. 57
    Mrs Robinson says:

    Mr Robinson is a shadowy but important figure.3 people plotted the theft of pensions.Brown Balls & yes,Robinson.He was & is a financial backer of Brown & Balls & still very much has Balls in his pocket (if you will pardon the pun). Mr Fawkes would do well to look a little closer at this very dangerous man.


  26. 58
    Jimmy says:

    Maybe its just their way of getting back the cash Major stole from them with his dodgy libel claim.


  27. 59
    I am a free man says:

    G Robinson wasn’t he the one who gave mendlebum money to buy his house,and mendlebum lost his job. Also what happened to the money when Coventry City’s old ground was built on?.common denominator a Mr G robinson.


  28. 61
    P4ul P1ss St4ines says:

    Robinson is a first-class cam-pag-nee “socialist”. And a c u. nt, a first class berkshire hunt.


  29. 62
    billy boy says:

    Wairz Sarah Broon and her hoosband ?


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