September 7th, 2011

+ + + Guardian Journalist Questioned Under Caution + + +

Sky News is reporting that the Guardian reporter Amelia Hill has been questioned under caution after the arrest of police officer in regards of phone-hacking leaks to the paper.

If any of his journalists are charged, Rusbridger will have to walk.

Unless he’s less scrupulous than Coulson…


  1. 1
    Fenman says:

    Good news. First Polly now her leader-What about a `hatrick`


    • 17
      Atar says:

      Saw that the Guardian was implicated all over the BBC today…..

      Oh, hang on…. no, the other thing…


      • 34
        Lord W T says:



      • 36
        MonsterMonster says:

        If the Guardian paid to receive police information, that’s an issue.

        Is someone leaked confidential information to them, that’s a totally different matter and is the basis of the best journalism.

        Why the hell would anyone from the Guardian resign over the latter?


        • 37
          The Pendant says:

          Rushbridge will not resign.
          He believes he has covered all his sources on this matter.
          On the other hand he does have some 600 journo’s of different tribal affiliations, and the police informers will get more venal.


          • capt apollo says:

            as we witnessed over 13 years of “progressive ” government lefties rarely resign when caught wrong doing and are welcomed back into the fold after a very brief stint in a well paid “wilderness” Hypocrites the lot of them!


          • Dismantle the BBC says:

            Rushbringer has just had a huge pay rise (as uncovered by the estimable Guido) so you can be sure he’s set up for an excellent lefty pay-off if he does walk the walk.


          • Major Plonquer says:

            I, for one, would like to see Polly Toynbee arrested for being in possession of a fat arse and failing to keep left.


        • 59
          Ed the Axeman says:

          1. It’s illegal for the police to release information in this way. It’s a crime.

          2. Inducing someone to commit a crime is illegal.


        • 84
          The voice of unreason says:

          No no no. You have to understand that Guardian journalists are on a mission from God.


        • 128
          POOR POLLY (COUSIN) says:

          Because the leftie lovies like to be seen as above the rest of the gutter press when they are down there in the shit with al the others, no better no worse. You have to be sorry for them as they have to be nice to the two Eds,God help the!


          • Bully Boy Balls says:

            It is true that a mere mention of Polly’s villa in Tuscany is enough to get a comment moderated on the Comments are Free but facts are liable to moderation section in the Guardian.


      • 49
        The Real Independent says:

        Both the Pain in the Graun and Sharia BBC have been hammering the public with two forrms of idealogical indoctrination: anti-cuts propaganda and a sinister Murdoch hate fest. Murdochville has lost the NoW and with it many jobs will go as Wapping goes on the market.

        No worries for either of these fifth columnists. Pain in the Graun is funded by an off-shore Trustafarian set up and the BBC slithers happily into the cosy comfort blanket of oodles of tax money.


    • 42
      The Watcher says:

      Didn’t the BBC Bible – aka The Guardian – once have to fire an Islamist who had been reporting for them?


      • 45
        Truth Hurts says:

        Guardian is more Koran than Bible, Mr Watcher.

        They are part of the Liberal Left plot to Islamicise the UK, along with the BBC – who think we are fascinated by Islam – from cooking to women driving cars. Bizarre.

        If 80,000,000 Turks join the EUSSR, European civilisation is doomed. But then that is what the on message soviets appear to yearn for.


      • 57
        AC1 says:

        HT to the long lamented Daily Ablution.


      • 129
        The BBC's unofficial spokesperson says:

        Once we see what the Guardian line is on this, then and only then will we consider whether to report it and if so, how Murdoch can be blamed for it.

        Now get back to your plantation you feckless scum and don’t forget to set up a direct debit.


    • 55
      Jeremy "entity" al-Bowen says:

      How dare you criticise Polly Twaddle Do it All – she is entitled….


    • 56
      Sir William Waad says:

      She should not be prosecuted for showing that the police are bent. The people to be prosecuted are the bent coppers and the people who bribed them. I hope the CPS will turn this one down.


    • 71
      Anonymous says:

      Forget Polly. Boy Named Hilary Benn’s on The World at One saying the coalition didn’t inherit a deficit from Labour! Hahahahahahaha!


    • 103
      AC1 says:

      Those contemplating visiting “post-apartheid” South Africa might go sooner rather than later as it looks like it’s going African.


      • 141
        The Other Bloke says:

        My dear boy. The Libyans have been crawling all over South Africa and Zim for donkey’s years. They have enormous swathes of property and interests in businesses large and small from the Michaelangelo Hotel in Sandton to mega-acres of Mono Pools Game reserve where armed Libyan soldiers keep visitors away. Billons (of rands) have flowed into the coffers of the ANC and illegally into the personal pockets of ANC bigwigs including Zuma, Motlanthe and Posa. The quid pro quo for these bonsellas (cash tip, to you) is not only the diplomatic support but the “softening” of investment rules.
        Although the ANC will greedily suck on anything that Gadaffi offers them, he almost owns Zimbabwe. Old folk may remember the crooked Bank of Credit and Commerce International. When it went bust the Harare Branch was taken over as the Commercial Bank of Zimbabwe (CBZ) and became funded by The Libyan Arab Bank. CBZ has been a fabulous vehicle to schlep money around the planet for terrorist salaries, political payoffs, arms purchases etc. etc.
        When the forex crisis hit Zim in 2000, the only bank that was able to obtain seemingly unlimited foreign currency was CBZ resulting in the situation where it has become just about the only bank handling foreign trade finance including the enormous oil deals with Libya for all Southern African states.
        If you want to look for Muammar’s nest egg, look no further.


    • 146
      Ha ha the guardian is fucked says:

      Grauniad always takes the moral high ground doesnt it?
      I find it so funny that’s this sanctimonious rag is now up there
      With News internationals’ ethical standards. Oh dear I forsee a lot
      of angst in North London!


  2. 2
    EdButLookBalls says:

    Taxi for Rusbridger to the BBC !


    • 8
      AC1 says: will have to restock on tumbleweed for it’s un-news department.


      • 28
        misterned says:

        I wonder if they will give this any coverage at all?

        Last night’s news at ten actually covered the 21 charges filed against the former labour MP for Luton” I was amazed that they actually acknowledged that she was a former LABOUR MP. However, the actual item was a very factual, un-spun, article which if you blinked, you would have missed it. Had it been a tory MP, it would probably have been top news supported by commentary and several clips of Jeffrey Archer and Jonathan Aitken!

        The article was followed with a long item where they looked at the distribution of the postcodes of those convicted of rioting in Manchester, and the correlation of the social deprivation of Manchester, and “surprise surprise” most convicted rioters came from areas which were poor.

        The implication being that the rioting was not caused by criminal thugs, but by the nasty tories presiding over a country in which areas have been allowed to become poor.

        They failed to show the correlation of single mothers who have had multiple kids to several different absent parents, and how many of those kids do not regularly attend school or how many had prior convictions and how piss poorly these kids have been raised by these feckless benefits claimants.

        Neither did they show how much tax-payer cash has actually been pissed away in these “run down” areas over the last 15 years and then ask, “Why the fuck are they still poor?”

        This was in addition to the Libyan news that the Lockerbie Bomber was really really ill, no honest he really is this time and we really really mean it and the news that he was only released because “the government did a deal to get get an oil deal for BP!”

        NO mention of the government involved was the PREVIOUS LABOUR government? Hell no!

        Additionally, A couple of days ago we were being told that he was in a coma and had mere days left to live. So since when did being in a coma allow someone to be awake and answer questions as he was yesterday? He still appears to be well enough to finish his prison sentence, OR actually have the appeal which may have cleared him of the crime altogether.

        The BBC news last night was just a blatant anti-government polemic.


        • 100
          AC1 says:

          Or maybe areas that vote Labour and have a large number of people who extort from taxpayers rather than work.

          I’d set the link between rioters as caused by people who feel entitled to OPM as they never had to work for it (this also matches those rioters with rich parents who spared the rod…)


      • 29
        Archer Karcher says:

        Standard BBC tactic, When unable to lie outright, or distort the facts, lie by ommission.


    • 54
      Dismantle the BBC says:

      Perfect choice for Sharia BBC DG.


  3. 3
    Larry the Cat says:

    Normally I’d get my claws in but I’m knackered.


  4. 4
    MrAngry61 says:


    If the Graun broke the law it would have done so ‘for journalistic reasons’, as opposed to just getting circulating boosting trivia.

    I agree that there’s hardly any distinction, but bet that the Graun + CiF posters latch on to it.


    • 15
      Tax Payer says:

      Rusbridger won’t resign over this. Nor should he, I think.

      He’ll resign eventually over the Guardian’s own phone hacking.


    • 127
      David Rose says:

      You are correct. As The Guardian is loss making it could not have been done for commercial reasons.


  5. 5
    obangobang says:

    Yes, but these leaks were PROGRESSIVE, so that’s alright then.


  6. 6
    Penfold says:

    Rusbridger won’t walk, he’ll fudge and hang on in there.
    He’s a leftie and therefore can do no wrong as he’s full of altruism.
    As for the hack , its all a terrible misunderstanding and will blow over. If it doen’t then she is of course a victim of a right wing conspiracy and a martyr.


  7. 7
    Ed the Axeman says:

    There are more at the the Guardian.

    Shiv Malik for example, tweeted that he got information from a policeman.

    I went to the police to report that little bit of corruption. So lets see if he is next on the list to have his collar felt.


  8. 9
    Man With A Very Hot Bladder says:

    I dare say his Common Purpose friends will look after Mr Rustbringer.


  9. 10
    Nelson Muntz says:

    Ha, Ha.


  10. 11
    Gordon Brown says:

    Almost time for me to take PMQ’s.


  11. 14
    Popeye says:

    Rusbridger walk, Ha! Just don’t hold your breath he’s establishment.


  12. 16
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, for God’s sake, do you really think this is comparable to the News Of The World hackings? Really? Congrats on finding a straw to clutch on to.


    • 19
      Tax Payer says:

      Hint: Hypocrisy


    • 24
      AC1 says:



    • 25
      Ctesibius says:

      Yes it is directly comparable. It’s exactly the same thing. Twat


    • 93
      Backwoodsman says:

      Not at all. The screws set out to provide maximum titilation for scrotes, without any agenda.
      OTH, the graun , despite their utter hypocrisy over their tax arrangements and their complete subsidy from advertising public sector non-jobs, without which they are not a viable business, tried to portray themselves as purveyors of some morally superior ‘progressive’ mantra that we should all be forced to follow.
      In the vernacular, they are a bunch of c unts and the sooner they pay their back taxes and fold, the sooner that deluded old bat polly can go back to house number 3 and stop insulting ordinary people who are strugling to pay for house number 1, as a result of the economics of the labour government the graun supported so unquestioningly for thirteen years.


    • 151
      The Truth Doctor says:

      From acorns grow oaks


  13. 18
    BBC Spokesbag says:

    “Time to review the papers.Firstly in the Guardian…….”


  14. 20
    Anonymous says:

    PMQs live chat?


  15. 22
    socialists are hypocritical kack says:

    “Unless he’s less scrupulous than Coulson…”

    He isn’t, so he won’t.


  16. 26
    Border Terrier says:

    Sanctimonious, boring and totally irrelevant chap to anyone unconnected with the BBC’s Murdoch jihad.


  17. 33
    Yummy says:

    Lisa Nandy has her nandos out again though not as much as last time. It can’t be coincidence she’s sitting right behind Miliband so she appeared in every shot when he spoke. Nice legs too.


  18. 35
    Who's boss says:

    Mad Nads just made her pitch for the clip they’ll be running on the news for the rest of the day. Barking mad bitch but it provided some light relief.


  19. 38
    'Will he remind the deputy PM who's boss?' says:

    Cameron was on good form but he missed an open goal by not quoting Darling’s comments on Brown.


  20. 41
    Geoff, England says:

    Wasn’t it only recently that the Grauniad (bigoted commie rag) was attacking corporations for legal avoidance of tax, however ‘distasteful’ or ‘controversial’ such tax avoidance might be? But guess what? The Guardian Media Group was using exactly the same methods to avoid tax. Hypocrisy and cynicism are written into them like a stick of rock. It’s about time the Graun was exposed to the laws of the economic jungle, in all their harsh reality. The rag would be shut down within a month, because nobody outside the state sector buys it. It wouldn’t be missed.


    • 137
      BBCGuardianAllone word says:

      Easy. Just make sure that Public Sector recruitment is carried out through a Government website and, Hey Presto – most of Grauniad’s income goes down the bog.


  21. 44
    Happy as Larry says:


    • 60
      Smokie says:

      Or on that vet that cut your cojones just before they released you on parole from Battersea? (Maisy, Ha!).


  22. 46
    MrAngry61 says:

    What the fuck was up with the Coveritlive PMQs chat? I spent the entire half hour pressing refresh & getting either corrupted screens or page unobtainable. Grrr!


  23. 50
    Happy as Larry says:

    Am I alone in thinking Jeremy Hunt is rather lavender if you get my drift? I don’t ask this as a homophobic point as I’m not anti gay as some here are. It’s just that whenever I see him on tv he strikes me as very Friend of Dorothy even down to his hairstyle.


  24. 58
    mantex says:

    The GRAUNIAD has got a long track record in dumping all over its writers ands informants – remember the Peter Preston – Sarah Tisdall business?


  25. 61
    Sir William Waad says:

    Silence from the BBC, of course, although their website’s story “Giant crabs make Antarctic leap” reminds me why I never felt the itch to become a polar explorer.


  26. 68
    mark oatens glass coffee table says:

    jeremy hunt is gay and sucks cock – yes.


    • 69
      another of mark oatens glass coffee table says:

      i bet he has a tight ass ohhhhhh


      • 72
        mark oatens glass coffee table says:

        suck me now and shit on me now i’m going bald shit on me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



  27. 73
    Osama Bin Laden says:

    Anybody want to come and suck me off?


  28. 76
    I don't need no doctor says:

    But why hasn’t this been reported on the unbiased BBC?


  29. 77
    Osama Bin Laden says:

    A weeks worth of tango and bag of peanuts


  30. 81
    Polly Toynbee says:

    Stop making ad hominem attacks against me.


  31. 83
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Is Tom Watson MP on the case? Surely Watson wants to be seen as fair in his accusations over phone hacking.


    • 95
      Loungelizard says:

      People like Tom Watson must never be taken seriously, it only makes them worse. In another world he would have been an SS sergeant, a member of the KGB or even a traffic warden. Childish self promotion at any cost and so very destructive.


    • 153
      The Truth Doctor says:

      If the truth be known Tom Watson was one of Broon’s’ dirty tricks brigade but resigned when the going got tough. Never been one to see Labour’s part in the News Corp events.


  32. 87
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Watched PMQs. Just who is the leader of the labour party? In fact do they have a leader?


    • 104
      MrAngry61 says:

      Loved the PMQ where Cameron reminded RedEd of the Labour Manifesto pledge that he’d written/had a hand in writing. Milliband just shook his head – he’s going to have to to better than that!


      • 115
        Loungelizard says:

        Don’t think Ed really wanted to be leader it just sort of happened to him, you know, like cancer. He’d be far happier, as we would be, if he could sort of morph into a job where he wasn’t expected to achieve anything much. Something like some obscure line of political research, big salary, pension etc.


  33. 89
    Steve Miliband says:

    Is Ed Miliband still on holiday? It’s difficult to tell


    • 94
      annette curton says:

      If he is wearing a kiss me quick hat he is not on Holiday.


    • 105
      Ed Miliband says:

      I don’t think I’m on holiday. How would I tell? Mr Balls, am I on holiday please? Please?


      • 154
        The Truth Doctor says:

        Please have a little pity on me says Ed M, I’m still recovering from my nose job, if I tell too many lies it will grow again. Ed B is a much better liar than me afterall he has had much more practice.


  34. 90
    The labour party says:

    Don’t mention the economy!


  35. 97
    Is Will Hutton a knob? says:

    Just saw this bloke on Sky after Balls had a rant.


  36. 106
    Stinkfinger says:

    If you want people to think you are a raving fucking lunatic,buy the Daily Mail.
    If you want people to know you are a fucking raving lunatic,buy the Guardian.


  37. 110
    BringBackGordonBrownAsPM says:

    Where is the growth?


  38. 116
    Gordon(Rabies Syndrome)McDoom says:

    Yes and I am not a complete Berk, a latent sh*rt l*fter of course but certainly not a big berk……

    now where’s that Golden Rivet……………..I had it regularly in my hand at one time but rarely now…….


  39. 117
    MrAngry61 says:

    Phone hacking: 35-year-old man arrested by police

    A man has been arrested as part of the investigation into phone hacking at the News of the World, Scotland Yard says.

    (3 paragraphs later)

    Meanwhile, Guardian reporter Amelia Hill has been questioned over alleged police leaks surrounding the hacking investigation, the newspaper said.

    So, there you have it. It’s a News International story as far as the B-BBC’s concerned, even when it isn’t.


    • 119
      Tax Payer Joe Public says:

      And whats the toss*r Patten, the alledged Chairman of the BBC (DIS)Trust, done about the Biased Broadcasting Companies propaganda output since April of this year, completely fcuk all…….he only seems to want to carry suckling at the Tax Payers Money Teat, yet another one from the Blue Labor closet……


    • 133
      Mark Austin says:

      It (the Guardian reporter being questioned) is a News International story, because that’s what the police leaks were about. Clearly, in order to run it’s stories, the Guardian must have been getting information from the police.

      The question is how: was it by soliciting and/or paying for such information – which is clearly wrong and probably illegal, or be the reciept of unsolicited information – about which the situation is more nuanced.


  40. 120
    whatsy says:

    Maybe we should wait and see what happens before jumping to conclusions, eh?


  41. 121
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Story is, at last, on Guardian site. No calls for any resignations though. And hasn’t the reporter got a lot of curly red hair? Reminds me of someone…


  42. 122
    Circular Firing squad and the law of unintended consequences says:

    I’d like to personally thank Tom Watson and ed Milliband for starting this whole thing rolling along and im sure like me they will be keen that such criminal practices where they existed other than in the News of the World should also be exposed and those responsible brought to book. Well down lads, keep it up !


  43. 131
    Jimmy says:

    Mark my words, the public revulsion over Milly Dowler will be nothing compared to the outrage over this.

    Is that the line?

    Good luck with that.


  44. 134
    Fleas of a thousand camels says:

    Oh to see the Grauniad shagged…..any which will do so come on Inspector Knacker pull yer finger out and charge the oily bastard…theres a good chap eh..


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