September 6th, 2011

E-Petitions Fall on Deaf Ears

Guido hears that the Backbench Business Committee overseeing the e-petitions, will not be making time for parliament to discuss the two that have, so far, successfully reached 100,000 signatures,  until at least after party-conference season. The people have spoken, but it turns out no one is rushing to listen…


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    They dont care about voters, well not until election.

    did you expect any difference?

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      Billys battered ring says:


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        Billy's Mum says:

        Well done Billy. First again. Why were they so mean to you on the previous thread – you told me you had lots of fans on this blog.

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          Anonymous says:

          A mother had her young son taken into care after police accused her of being drunk when she was actually suffering a brain aneurysm.

          The woman, who is her 20s, collapsed on her doorstep in front of the child.

          She was spotted by police asleep in the street in Chatham, Kent, last December when temperatures had dropped to minus 2C.

          Read more:

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          Tory scum cuts! says:

          A mother had her young son taken into care after police accused her of being drunk when she was actually suffering a brain aneurysm.

          The woman, who is her 20s, collapsed on her doorstep in front of the child.

          She was spotted by police asleep in the street in Chatham, Kent, last December when temperatures had dropped to minus 2C.

          Read more:

          • Fred Streeter says:

            While you, of course, confronted by a woman exhibiting:
            * Thinking or processing problems
            * Speech complications
            * Loss of balance and coordination
            * Decreased concentration
            * Short-term memory difficulty
            (and having had ‘a couple of drinks’)
            would instantly have diagnosed an Unruptured Cerebral Aneurysm – unlike the ignorant plod.

            After all, it’s the first thing that springs to mind.

          • Lefty scum debts! says:

            Mean wile back in the real word…
            We’re all up to our eye balls in debt and ruined communities thanks to 13 years of spend thrift socialists and their utopian social engineering programs.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anyone who calls a political party “scum” because they don’t agree with their policies in 21st Century Britain really does have some serious issues…..

            Maybe you should learn to engage your rational brain as often as you engage your emotions – it would be a great trick to learn. After all, millions have mastered it.

          • jgm2 says:

            After all, millions have mastered it.

            Maybe. But at last count 8,609,527 ie 8.6 million haven’t yet mastered it.


            8.6 million folk who still cannot engage their rational brain before voting.

            Is it really any wonder the economy is fucked? Fully 29% of the voters decided that the Maximum Imbecile, the fuckwit who ram-raided the economic iceberg, was still worth a vote?

            A minimum of 8.6 million fuckwits at large!

            Do you not have nightmares about the idiocy at large in the land?

            I do.

          • JGM

            8.6 million idiots, you say? How many useless mouths are there on the public payroll?

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      Dazza says:


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      Eddie Shoestring says:

      Yes Billy every 5 years or so we get democracy for 1 day only.

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      Iloathlefties says:

      They never listen to any of the concerns of the voters or take action. e.g. EU, Immigration, Human Rights, Public spending, foreign aid etc. The 3 main parties are in it for themselves which is why voting for them brings more of the same. UKIP from now on!! Then we’ll see national interest not personal interest.

      • 48
        MrAngry61 says:


        But UKIP seem to be riven with infighting, at least my local branch is. :-(

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          Archer Karcher says:

          The only way to change things is to give the political elite a kick in the balls they will remember for a very long time. As it stands the LabLibCon merchants have zero fear of the electorate. They need to be taught a painful lesson regarding promise and delivery.

          • roger slade says:


          • 1 trillion in debt says:

            Here here…I say we rape the fuckers

          • Archie says:

            I’m as sick of all the politicians’ bullshit as anyone, but I always vote UKIP (or the other one, depending how pissed off I happen to be on voting day) and it doesn’t make a blind bit of difference! No wonder the country’s fucked when EVERYBODY votes for the same parties as their parents did!

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      Rock the Boat says:

      Since the demise of Waterloo as a terminal for French arrivals in the UK, I think the UK should follow the French example (Gare D’Austerlizt) and we should rename St Pancreas (Who knows what he did?) with a new suitable name.

      I think Agincourt Station has a suitable French ring to it.

      Anyone for a petition on that?

      • 54
        MrAngry61 says:

        Call it Compiègne Armistice Station.

        The Frogs piss on us but they still hate the Krauts…

        • 66
          Archer Karcher says:

          I think you will find the French actually enjoy being German poodles and the associated power over others it gives them.

          • A Deutscher Schäferhund (actually Herr ReichFuhrer Rumpy Pumpy in drag) says:

            Ich pizz on zer Frenchy unt on zer Rosbif too

            Ha! Ha! Ha! !

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        A passing theologian says:

        >St Pancreas (Who knows what he did?)

        St Pancreas produced several important hormones, including insulin, glucagon, and somatostatin, as well as secreting pancreatic juice containing digestive enzymes that assisted early Christians with the absorption of nutrients and digestion in their small intestines. Beatified 455 A.D. by Pope Exocrine.

    • 99
      Engineer says:

      It’s said that about 80% of legislation passing through Parliament originates in the EU. Perhaps if we kicked all that into touch, there would be more time available for business such as this.

    • 106
      Drew Pecock says:

      What do you want? DEMOCRACY for fuck sake this is Britain we dont allow that
      What fucking planet are you on?

    • 129
      I'mnumbervi says:

      Perhaps it is time to march on Parliament and remind them what democracy means and who they really work for?

    • 146
      Oliver Cromwell's Rump Steak says:

      What a bloody surprise. The regime in this country is rotten to the core. Time to be done with the lot of them.

    • 175
      Gallovidian says:

      Might be worth making the point that even if the law was changed, the CPS would have to prosecute under that law, and they wouldn’t!

      Its gone way to far for tinkering.

    • 179
      Cole Porter (you hum it) says:

      Thats the whole point “THEY” (HMG) choose, the electorate can only propose.

      And you can bet “They” will do nothing, its all big society bollocks the living dead just lap it up.

      You have to laugh.

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    Plays cool says:

    You are all so sceptical. I was promised a vote on Europe several times over the last ten years.

  3. 3
    Popeye says:

    As predicted!
    For gawds sake call an election Cameron. LibDems are poo-poo people now, get a real Tory government elected and do the job I thought you were elected to do.

    • 14
      upyours says:

      They are and it’s shite.

    • 35
      Archer Karcher says:

      A real Tory government with Dave drip as leader? Not a chance, he is so wet if he cut himself, he would flood the kitchen.

    • 82
      nostradamus says:

      A real Tory government without D Cameron (will the real Tony Blair stand up) who really is a left wing dysfunctional weardo !please.

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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I see by your tweet that the two are about Hillsborugh and removing benifits from looters (Cough cough Mcshane).

    when did they reach the target and what date does conference season start and end?

    • 15
      Voice of Reason says:

      Removing benefits from looters is so ludicrous it’s hardly worth bothering. Let’s be practical – a looter comes out of prison, his benefits are stopped, he has no money, looter robs again so he will have money, looter goes back to prison (if caught) at great expense to the taxapyers ad infinitum. I wish the tabloid thinking knee jerkers thought through their proposals before showing how stupid they are.

      • 16
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        right thats MPs sorted what about the rioters?

      • 18

        People going into prison have all their fines removed, exactly for the reasons you say. So they don’t have massive debts on release.
        Of course, they run up those fines from criminal activity that doesn’t warrant a jail term. So there really is no incentive to pay them if you know you’re a criminal and one day will have to do at least some time.

        • 44
          Archer Karcher says:

          There is zero incentive to pay any fine if you have no assets the state can confiscate.
          Doing a weeks bird is an occasional occupational inconvenience at worst, with satellite tv, three square meals, pocket money, release payment and trainfare home at the end of your stay at HMG’s pleasure.
          Then of course back to sign on for more free money, rent etc.

      • 59
        MrAngry61 says:

        Then make prison HELL. Something to be survived, not just feared.

        A healthy body count would reduce the public deficit.

      • 85
        nostradamus says:

        All benefits should be paid in vouchers for food clothes etc but not alcohol or cigarettes.

        • 102
          jgm2 says:

          They’d just sell them to folk with cash for 50p in the pound and then spend them on alcohol and cigarettes.


        • 110
          Voice of Reason says:

          If they don’t get ANY money for alcohol or cigarettes but only vouchers for food then they will steal to get money for those things. However, I do agree with all who say prison should be feared and made hard. Most of these reoffenders are not even bothered about going back to prison at present with its varied food menu, constant telly, gymnasiums and Playstations in each cell.

      • 91
        Barnehurst Bob says:

        If we had three strikes and you’re out the looter would get ten years on the third strike. We, the law abiding, would be rid of them and the country would be better off. Then sack a few members of the co-ordinating classes and cure two problems with no increased burden on the tax payer. The looter would then have ten years to get educated, learn some respect for others and their property and ponder on why they are spending the best years of their life in a prison. Even someone who thinks prison doesn’t work would surely ‘get it’ after a decade.

        Just a thought.

  5. 5
    ARSE says:

    “The public have spoken – the bastards!” – Stephen Pound

    • 12
      English Liberation Front. says:

      Exactly! When people don’t give the answer the politicians want, they are “bastards”.

      It is clear the public would like the crazy Human Rights Act repealed, but they won’t do it!

      I recall Prescott wanted to carve England into regions, to please our masters in Brussels. A rigged referendum was held in the region thought most likely to agree – the North East – and the ungrateful bastards said “NO”.

      You see, Pound is right – we the people are total bastards (I am happy to say).

    • 41
      Sir William Waad says:

      Generally speaking, the public have no idea what is going on and are incompetent to make decisions. They are also very easily swayed by the latest lieas and spin, or who said what on X Factor last night. That’s why we have an elective democracy where you are supposed to be able to choose between different sets of people who do have a clue and are competent.

      This works as long as one has a genuine choice, but when you only have the same mendacious and incompetent careerists in different packages it tends to fall down.

  6. 6
    Ted says:

    The people may have spoken but the political class knows best and doesn’t give a rats arse.

  7. 7
    Voice of Reason says:

    Surely nobody really thought Camoron, Clegg and their ilk would actually take any notice of this. It’s just a con and a sap to the gullible public that think they matter. The only time the public matters is at election times.

  8. 8
    James says:

    Could it be because the petitions don’t close until next year?

    Just a thought.

    • 13
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      But they have reached the threshold already?

      • 23
        James says:


        The point of a petition is to let as many people as possible add their names to a particular cause. It provides a useful indicator of how many people feel a particular way about an issue. If the petitions just stopped at 100,000, then it wouldn’t be particularly in itself.

        • 25
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Guidos beef is that they havent debated it as soon as the thresehold was meet.

          (Those pesky confrences must have got in the way)

          • James says:

            I see that, but I think he’s tilting at windmills on this occasion – or just trying to stir the debate prematurely.

            Is the onus on the Backbench Business Committee to consider tabling a debate as soon as the threshold is reached? It should be clarified.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            I agree and i think that was guido is saying , is it thresehold or when the petition closes that it comes to debate or a soon as the thesehold is meet and time can be found?

          • MrAngry61 says:

            IMO the potential delay is to allow the possibility of something relevant/similar to be cobbled together by the ConDems, and possibly even announced at party conference.

            In any event, conferences these days are pretty staid affairs where the executive parades compliant delegates before the cameras, rather than a genuine chance for the party faithful to influence leadership policy.

          • Anonymous says:

            Both reached the threshold. But they need a backbench MP to make the case to the Committee as to why they should be debated. No-one turned up to speak to either petition.

          • Anonymous says:

            Billy, do you speak for Guido – sure looks like it

          • jgm2 says:

            Aye, as MrAngry said, it’s all ‘Triumph of the Will’ inspired choreography.

            Nuremburg Rallies for the faithful.


        • 96
          Lou Scannon says:

          That’s these new petitions rumbled then. All Westminster has to do is keep them open indefinitely and they’ll never have to take any notice.

  9. 9
    the old Dufflebag says:

    so whats new

  10. 11
    AC1 says:

    We wouldn’t have the vote if voting could make any difference.

  11. 19
    Barry says:

    As we go through the seasons, perhaps some person could create a web site with a little? list of promises that fell by the wayside, and we can evaluate the list before the next election. We can see how the E-petitioning went for example. How the new bill on referendum for treaty change goes. The advantage of a list is that it will always be in the politicians face ’til election time.

    • 26

      Well,we have
      No tuition fees from labour and lib dems.
      No Vat rise from lib Dems
      EU referendum from labour and conservative.
      Trafalgar day as a bank holiday from labour/Tory/SDP/Lib Dems/Liberals and Whigs.
      An end to immigration from Conservative an Labour.
      Build more prisons from labour.
      A bailout for Rover from labour.
      A reversal of wicked trade union legislation from labour that somehow just couldn’t be squeezed into thirteen years of power.
      A vote on Lisbon from labour
      Free bus travel forever and for all from the Tories.
      25 billion new homes built, or some other imaginary Brown figure from labour.
      An end to Quango’s {Ha! Not on my watch} from Tories.
      An end to the human rights treaty supplanting UK law from the Tories.


      • 42
        Political Class Spokesman (Labour Branch) says:

        You forgot the greatest broken promise of them all.

        “No more Boom and Burst”

        How we laughed at the naivety of the stupid British electorate.

        • 98
          Handycock, No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

          The naievity of Mr Fawkes, thinking that a petition with 100,000 signatures, might be listened to by us MP’s, despite whatever has been promised, is beyond belief. We have enough to do fiddling our expenses, and arranging unnecessary foreign trips at taxpayer’s expense, without having to waste our time listening to the ignorant electorate. Now, stop wasting our time, we have more important things to do. I personally am off shagging in eastern europe next week.

      • 182
        Archie says:

        Guido, old sport, this is a splendid ruse by Barry! Can you please find a space around here somewhere (perhaps with the weekend round-up?) to keep this list and any additions to same in our faces so we can rub the bastard politicians’ noses in it? I know it’s a forlorn hope, but if the rumours are true and those fuckers read your blog, who knows?

    • 71
      MrAngry61 says:

      The best wind-up?

      Downloadable printable pledge cards, similar to the ones Nu-Lab gave away in 1997 & 2001. But for each of the parties.

      They’d be good to brandish when the local party candidate turns up for their once-5-yearly visit to your front door asking for support.

    • 180
      Dave Cam the WindFarm Man says:

      By the way, I do have a nice little earner.

  12. 20
    Ed Bollocks says:

    Vote for me on this boundary change an’ I’ll personally kick every looter in the nuts.
    I’ll kick them, their family, their mum, their grandad..anyone who even looks like a looter gets a kick in the soft sack.
    Alright, my little voting chums..
    Now vote for Ed.

    Or me and Gordon will pay you a little visit, know what I mean?

  13. 22
    BM says:

    If you are out looting, you are not available for work, and as such not eligible for jobseekers allowance

    • 28
      Luting airport says:

      Rioting is work, mate.
      You don’t just turn up. you’ve got to get your hoodie and your trainers and gloves and a scarf. and a big bag to carry it in. And you’ve got to meet the gang leader to find out what he’s got orders for.
      Its not as simple as lobbing a brick at a window.
      There’s a whole NVQ in Lootin’.
      I’m level 5..crowbar and car jack under shutters level that is.

    • 51
      Bob Crow says:

      If its work there should of be an equal number of wimen innit like at the top levels in the unions know what I mean, I mean as well as effnics which in this case there is also the disabled

  14. 24
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    HouseofTwits profile

    HouseofTwits RT @IpswichLabour Mystery resignation of St Margaret’s ward Ipswich Borough Tory councillor. Has only served 4 months. 2 minutes ago · reply · retweet · favorite

  15. 27
    I think says:

    That G. has spoiled it 4 all the rest by starting off his sill hangman game.

    No 4 sight

    2 silly 4 words

  16. 34
    chickenshit says:

    So, after Cameron’s replies to the Liaison Committee today, brushing aside every concern he has over Europe, will Bill Cash remain a Conservative MP…of course he, like John redwood, will because he hasnt the bollocks to walk away

    • 39
      Why Pick Out says:

      these couple eejits when they are all the same?

    • 58
      Political Class Spokesman (Labour Branch) says:

      Why would Cash or Redwood walk away? They are working a brilliant racket in the HOC getting paid 60k per year and filling their boots with bullshit expense claims. If Herman RumpyPump offered them jobs as EU Commissioners they both they’d jump aboard the gravy train quicker than a rat up a drainpipe just like their altered ego Lord Kinnock.

  17. 38
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    O/T England win toss and choose to bowl 23 overs a side.

    • 47
      Ed Milibandicoot says:

      I have made my own petition that I call an ed-Petition because it is a petition by ME the great Edward Samuel Miliband known as Ed! (Waits for applause. Not a sausage) my ed-Petition is very interesting because it is a petition about [cont. p94]

  18. 40
    annette curton says:

    It’s all falling into place now, that’s why Gordon had to be still resident in No.11 even after he had become PM, the coffins filled with Scottish bog peat he had sent down from Kirkcaldy churchyard were still in the cellar next door to No.10, call me fanciful, but has anybody seen him in daylight recently?, I rest my case.

  19. 45
    BringBackGordonBrownAsPM says:

    Another Tory broken promise.

    • 50
      Labour trolls are so easy to mock says:

      Why don’t you fuck off and hold a Holocaust survivor for heckling like you usually do?

    • 60
      I've really stopped caring says:

      It’s sad having to ask which shit political party has broken the most promises while in power, I reckon mr G should put up a list.

      As far a Liebour go the chances of me believing any promises they make that they will enact when in power is equal to the amount of time Brown has done his duty towards the tossers that voted for him and come to the Hoc to work -4

    • 148
      Mr Wuv says:

      You wuv Gordon! You want his assbabies!

  20. 46
    Anonymous says:

    At least it’s nice that the public are (so far) proving that a lone blogger isn’t that reliable in representing the views of an entire country.

  21. 49
    Aaaaah, tasty says:

    Sorry, I just want to enjoy this again:

    Margaret Moran facing 21 expenses charges

    One more time

    Margaret Moran facing 21 expenses charges

    Just once more

    Margaret Moran facing 21 expenses charges

  22. 52
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a teletubby.

  23. 53
    BringBackGordonBrownAsPM says:

    No civil unrest under a Labour government.


    • 61
      Gordon Brown says:

      No more Boom and Bust

      Down with Alistair Darling.

    • 76
      Tony Blair says:

      Sorry, i’m busy getting a handjob from Carole Caplin.

      • 104
        Carole says:

        God! I’m worn out, – and then the bugger came all over my face!

        Still, it’s a good skin tonic.

        I’ll bottle some under my exclusive brand label – ‘Carole’s Handmade Facial Cream’ –

        with a picture of Cherry and a speech bubble saying ‘You too could look like me!’

    • 77
      MrAngry61 says:

      No civil unrest (other than N Ireland).

      Maybe because N-Lab inherited a healthy economy in surplus and proceeded to bribe their client voters with hundreds of billions of wasted borrowed pounds?

      • 92
        The Labour Party says:

        Hey! Don’t ridicule our handling of the economy! We’ll do the same if we get back in!

    • 103
      jgm2 says:

      Labour hate losing.

      Next question.

    • 150
      Richard I. Chavez says:

      Loads under the Weimar Republic, none under Hitler. Discuss.

    • 159
      Anonymous says:

      Pretty simple really – when non Labour supporters see the Labour party get in, they aren’t delighted with the result, but they accept it, as that’s democracy.

      When the other lot get in, Labour voters get beside themselves with rage and want to cause as much trouble as possible, thus proving that they have no respect for democracy, as they’ll kick off like the thugs they are when the electorate don’t make what they consider to be “the correct choice” at the ballot box.


  24. 61
    johnmc72 says:

    Not for the first time, you’re wrong you horrible little man. The Hillsborough petition will be discussed next Tuesday.

  25. 64
    Westminster public relations says:


    There is going to be no public participation or input allowed by the regime, what, do you think we live in a democracy?

    This kind of ghastly populism is simply unacceptable, where would it end? The political class did not get where they are today by pandering to the masses, the masses must be led and guided and forced to accept the reality that the political leads and the masses obey.

    Why, if the political elite gave in to the demands of the mob and allowed the ignorant unwashed rabble to dictate policy there would be chaos. Public policy is best left to those with the greater intellect, the political class decide whats best for the masses alone, no input is needed or wanted.

    There is democracy, the ugly beast where the majority rule and there is representative democracy where the common masses choose from the political elite and these specially chosen and selected representatives then decides policy on behalf of the common man. The masses are like ignorant children you see, they are just not capable of anything other than dull obedience.

    The EU promises a new reality where the dull masses can look to the brightest and best leaders taking responsibility for ruling so the common masses can get on with their dull little lives, all that is asked is total obedience, is that too much to ask for the peace of mind and security of knowing that your betters will be working hard on your behalf?

    So forget about participating in government eh? Go back to your dull little hovels and be eternally grateful to your leaders for their great sacrifices on your behalf.

    Baron the Rt Hon Sir Quentin Eustace Hardone MP, STD, KGB, RSJ, CJD Knight commander of the sink.

  26. 72
    B Reasonable says:

    To be fair government is bogged down with hacking, Lybia, riots, economy and laughing at the oppositions ideas. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

  27. 74
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    A mother had her young son taken into care after police accused her of being drunk when she was actually suffering a brain aneurysm.

    The woman, who is her 20s, collapsed on her doorstep in front of the child.

    She was spotted by police asleep in the street in Chatham, Kent, last December when temperatures had dropped to minus 2C.

    Read more:

    • 89
      Anon says:

      Controlling comment is what the enemy does. Grow a pair you lefty twat.

      • 105
        Passing hypocrite-spotter says:

        Pertinent comment Anon. We’re all Marxists now, I guess?

      • 134
        Ewanme says:

        Wotcha Anon , babes !!

        These posers wouldn’t recognise a libertarian if it gobbed in their face , I reckons .

        All talk an one-liners .

        Mind you , bein totally free does get a bit borin after a while , honey x .

        Ewa filled the void wiv booze . Don’t try that at home , kids .

        This comment woz posted as a warnin .

        E x .

    • 107
      Stinkfinger says:

      The Police Mobile MRI brain scanner must have been broke,so I reckon the cops assumed this young lass was pissed like most of her generation.

      • 117
        Tree D Rioting init! says:

        It’s da fucking Tory cuts init!
        It is what they keep telling everyone down da commoonity centre yer known, so it must be true blood yer get me.

  28. 78
    MrAngry61 says:

    A muslim with a hole in his forehead?

  29. 79
    Vickie Vermin, a pest u can't control says:

    I is signing dat hangn epieton cus I is wantn dat bytch ho called me a slaaag to dangle.

  30. 83
    ModBot says:

    Rescinded. I do the banning around here, dickhead.

  31. 84
    The rat-a-twat-tat mystery says:

    I think I read that somewhere.
    Oh yeah, twice at the top of the page under your various other monikers.

  32. 90
    BBC News says:

    Government sources have tonight admitted failure of the e-petitions initiative to introduce public-oriented debate into Parliament. In other news, Andy Coulson, David Cameron’s former director of communications, whose resignation sent shock waves around Westminster, was earlier photographed filling his car with unleaded petrol at a Wandsworth service station.

  33. 94
    Dilemma says:

    Which would make you laugh more? Gordon Brown getting his caved in by a drunk resident of Kirkcaldy, or Blair having the shit kicked out of him by a bunch of Iraqis? A tough choice, I know.

    • 111
      Voice of Reason says:

      No contest! Blair every time. Brown was/is simply an incompetent bully wheras Blair has made it his personal quest to get immensely rich from dubious dictators and such. He is also responsible for thousands of innocent lives lost in Iraq – on all sides. Blair is at the front of the worst people in the world. I hate his guts with a passion.

  34. 97
    Windy Dave says:

    I say! Had jolly SUPER wind today! What!


  35. 109
    Mandy says:

    I will get to the bottom of this.

  36. 113
    Stinkfinger says:

    I would love to see an inquiry into how Liverpool fans,with a history of crushing people to death,managed to crush even more.

  37. 115
    Lou Scannon says:

    The disconnect between MPs and the electorate continues.
    It’s not just e-petitions; today we’ve seen a load of ludicrous posturing and heard no end of bollocks spouted regarding the cause of the recent riots. MPs just don’t want to face the reality that it’s they themselves who are responsible for the riots. What else can you expect when they set such abysmally low standards and openly flout the laws that they expect us to abide by. MPs have been teaching our youth for years that they can expect to get away with stealing anything to which they take a fancy.
    The situation won’t improve until those who are supposed to represent us start behaving honestly. We need a complete purge of MPs at Westminster.
    A plague on both their Houses.

  38. 120


  39. 122
    WVM says:

    If they’d of put their monies where their mouths are we’d be having a few adverts on TV, radio & the net advertising e-Petitions to the UK public. Ask your average Joe in the street what e-Petitions are and they don’t have a fucking clue.

  40. 123
    non believer says:

    Surprised to see you drawing attention to e-petitions, what with yours having been such an utter dismal failure……..

  41. 126
    • 127
      jgm2 says:

      Tommy: Top Tip, don’t use a plastic bottle for a Molotov Cocktail.

      • 131
        Grow a backbone FFS says:

        Typical twat comment from a fucking MSM cock sucking prick!
        When has the EDL ever petrol bombed anything ever? If you want molotov cocktails you don’t have to travel too far, just go see our beloved enriching ethnic communities. It seem to be the preferred weapon of choice when confronted by the police trying to up hold the law.

        • 142
          non believer says:

          thanks for that, I enjoyed wasting 16 minutes of my life wayching a video created by a moron with a penchant for shit soft rock, sunglasses, skull emblazoned beanies and inarticulate, rambling waffling monologues.

          keep up the good work.


          • Chelsea Tractor says:

            Typical twat comment from a fucking middle class middle England ivory towered Hunt, who the fuck is listening to you eh?

          • Grow a backbone FFS says:

            I didn’t make you watch it jgm2 that was your choice, and in future please post under your handle instead of hiding behind others you fucking coward!

          • non believer says:

            I post under this moniker all the time moron, I’m not JGM2.

            do keep up.

            I’m a long ways away from being middle class too dickhead , so do yourself a favour and stop with the class warrior bullshit.

            Cavemen hooligan pricks like tommy robinson and the rest of you boneheads do the working class a real disservice by reinforcing the image of us as inarticulate yob wankers. I don’t listen to radio 4, I don’t live in an ivory tower and just because I think you and the rest of the EDL are pricks doesn’t make a lickspittle.

            So feel free to go and fuck yourself.

    • 145
      non believer says:

      Poor lamb

      and they’re restricting his democratic right to be a football hooligan too.


      Are the authorities forcing him to wear that ill fitting primark suit too? Now that’s cruel and unusual punishment.

      • 165
        I don't actually fucking care seeing I don't vote and hate you all equally says:

        Better than a Dish Dash or Burkha though.

      • 166
        Middle England Lisp says:

        Football Hooligan?
        Molotov Cocktail?
        What a fucking cotton wool cocooned MSM lickspittle c’unt!
        It’s oh so easy to say it from your keyboard in your ivory tower up there in the clouds. Listen to BBC radio 4 on a regular basis?

      • 167
        Middle England Lisp says:

        They’re restricting his democratic rights to free speech Knobhead, do try and keep up.

      • 168

        That’s it, look down your very long nose and scoff.

        • 185
          non believer says:

          oh, and tell the dickhead in the beanie hat and sunglasses that he’s wasting his time

          on average 200 views of each of his many rambling monologues is hardly worth the effort surely?

          specially as 190 of those are probably him knocking one out over his own image; and as for offering his sunglasses as a competition prize!

          not sure I’ve ever seen such misguided, deluded egomania.

  42. 132
    MrAngry61 says:


    A representative of families living on an illegal traveller site in Essex said they would leave if they were paid £6m for their land, a council has said.

    Council leader Tony Ball said the sum was “hugely above” the market value.

    So much for “we’ve got no-where else (acceptable to us) to go…”

  43. 136
    Billy Blowhard is the worst shag ever ! says:

    I need the host’s cock rammed up my fundement ASAP.

  44. 137
    She's a venal cunt says:

    I’m quite proud that I offended Kia Abdullah on Twitter to the extent that she felt she had to block me. :-D

  45. 138
    that is all says:

    Very important news for all UK citizens.

    Strictly Come Dancing line up announced.

  46. 139
    albacore says:

    “Successful e-petitions will be communicated to the Backbench Business Committee. It will decide if your issue will be debated in the House of Commons.”
    Notice those initials? Now, where have we seen those before, representing the very best in British fair play, truth, honesty and loving their mums?
    So, they pick and choose what gets debated, debate it and sod all changes unless it furthers the interests of the Lib/Lab/Cons and their EU fuhrers.
    At base, just another tool to reinforce the conditioning that resistance is futile.

  47. 144
    Mike Naylor says:

    I’m not exactly a fan of Moran but she does talk a lot of sense.

  48. 147
    Anonymous says:

    There are no Conservatives any more, just Blue labour, with Cameron just the real heir to Blair.

    Not one supposedly “Conservative” MP has the guts to call Cameron’s bluff, being only interested in maintaining their salaries and expenses and achieving their gold plated pensions.

    Cameron even did an about face on Nadine’s proposal in favour of his left wing friend Clegg. He even told Lawson that greater integration with the EU was in Britain’s interest.

    Blair took on Conservative policies to keep them out of office for 13 years and now Cameron is taking on Labour’s left wing policies.

    So next year in London mayor elections I will be voting for UKIP or not at all.

    So I see Camerons “Conservatives” just as left as labour and the lib dems.

    Never will they have my vote ever again.

  49. 151
    Anonymous says:

    The cesspit and corruption of the political elite continues unabated.

    Just like it has done throughout the centuries.

    Living of the taxpayers, never knowing what it is like to have to earn revenue.

    Conceited,self righteous, arrogant,thieving, lying pigs, every one of them.

  50. 154
    Blind leading blind says:

    The recent Christopher Jefferies and Rebecca Leighton cases have shown our police, justice and media cannot be trusted with capital punishment. They get it wrong so many times.

  51. 161
    Tell it like it really is says:

    As I see it – Ken (time for the rest home) Clark and all the rest of the out of touch troughers can’t get it through their heads that the “feral scum”, assiduously cultivated and cossetted by Labour in particular, are not amenable to reform.

    Some should be weeded out by deportation, the rest, who unfortunately we have to endure, must be sentenced properly and serve the full sentence. No more cautions, handwringing etc.

    Community sentences are a farce, I know of one scheme here where the person in charge of the scheme is a criminal himself.

  52. 170
    LesAbbey says:

    Doesn’t look like your epetition will be bothering them anytime soon Guido.

  53. 177

    The last bunch scumbags put up a petitions site, promising action on the most popular only to ignore them because they didn’t push the right social democratic buttons. So why should we expect the new bunch of scumbags to behave any differently?

    They are all totally unfit for public office.

    • 181
      How many outrageous prejudices in one place says says:

      Go on. Let’s list what they are fit for – it won’t be very long. I’ll start:

      Sleep with pigs

  54. 186
    YorkshireLad says:

    Why is this so much of a surprise???

  55. 187
    Old Grumpy says:

    Annoying, but not really surprising, Guido!……….. as I found out today.

    Rising to a challenge, I submitted an e-petition entitled: ” Proper rehousing for Private Alex Stringer, a wounded soldier”. It was rejected.

    The reason for the rejection was that there is an existing petition covering the subject.

    When I looked up that e-petition, I found a single signature petition, demanding that all returning soldiers be given priority over asylum seekers, immigrants and the like.

    I doubt many potentially well supported e-petitions will even reach approval, due to the plethora of Ultra-Right Wing Activists’ Bees in Bonnets!

    I guess, as T. Bliar discovered, the populist idea has a very large downside! Inappropriate petitions!………. and the APPROPRIATE ones suffer as a consequence!

  56. 190

    Having skim-read nearly every e-petition title and a few of the texts, here’s a summary:

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Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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