August 23rd, 2011

Exclusive: Hacks Silenced Until After Tory Conference
Lots More News of the World Compromise Agreements

Last night’s Pesto phone-hack flap was over the fact that Coulson had his severance pay “Compromise Agreement” strung out such that there was an overlap with when he started spinning for Dave. It looks bad to be still taking the Murdoch shilling when you work for the man who wants to be Prime Minister.

It was almost a vintage phone-hacking day. Pesto got the leak, Guardian got cross and finally Tom Watson wrote a letter to someone. Apparently there must be a full investigation into all of this, however it seems these sort of delays are nowadays not so uncommon. Despite what Brillo and Yelland are saying about their respective terminations:

Brillo and Yello stopped taking the Murdoch shilling a decade or more ago. Guido can reveal that right now those journalists dismissed from the News of the World last month have similarly had their payments subject to a delay which means their own “Comprise Agreement” severance payments will not be settled until October 6. Certainly one way of keeping mouths shut until after Conservative Party conference…

Cynics might think that yesterday was a good day to bury a little bad news for News International. But that would be casting aspersions on Pesto’s independence from his mate Will Lewis, News International’s general manager. He surely would never leak anything to Pesto, his friend of two decades…

Incidentally, whilst we are on the subject, Coulson walked for the illegal activities which happened on his watch. Will the Guardian’s Rusbridger do the same if his journalists get nicked?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Grabs popcorn :-)


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    what really scares me is what comes after this phone-hacking stuff is over with, we saw the reaction of a Tory MP (i think) after the riots saying that the police of home sec should have the power to shut down twitter/BBM.

    What the hell are they going to do to present a clean media, a clean police and a clen politics?


  3. 3
    Ken Clarke says:

    I appreciate that you don’t like the Guardian but they were going after a story in the public interest, not rummaging through a dead girl’s things in case something juicy turned up.


    • 4

      So if Guido reckons Rusbridger is up to no good should I be able to listen to his phone calls? Be judge, jury and self-appointed policeman? Give myself a warrant to bug whomever?


      • 8
        Ken Clarke says:

        No you shouldn’t – but the public will think that you should. The public don’t think that you should go after dead children, and it’s that – and sucking up to Murdo the Malevolent – that will make this team one-term wonders.

        That and call-me-Dave’s seeming indifference once he was in, of course. He really doesn’t seem to have thought past the bit where he got the keys to No 10.


      • 20
        Jimmy says:

        “Be judge, jury and self-appointed policeman? Give myself a warrant to bug whomever?”

        I thought you already did.


    • 5
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      No, Bullshit, The hacking of a phone is illegal, It matters not who the phone belonged to.

      All MUST be equal under the law.


  4. 6
    Robert Peston's peyote supplier says:

    Has the plot thickened, then?


  5. 7

    Guido when you genuinely resign there isn’t a compromise agreement other than your employer not suing you for breach of notice terms. Of course, if Coulson was dismissed that would be different – oh no, I forgot, News Intewrnational get fired for gross misconduct and pick up best part of a quarter of a million, get made redundant and I bet its a lot closer to statutory rates (unless you know something that needs to be kept quiet).


    • 140
      Fish says:

      I negotiated and drafted many compromise agreements.

      I would never offer one if someone simply resigned (you missed out Brillo!) or deserved to be sacked, but would do so if we wanted rid of someone but couldn’t quite guarantee that they wouldn’t have a case at tribunal. Or if we felt that a resignation would be in both our interests and the person concerned had been a valued employee.

      Yes. Some payments and ‘benefits in kind’ routinely continued for some considerable time – nothing to do with shutting people up. All of our agreements always had a confidentiality clause. If Coulson had one he would be in breach of this if he told anyone – new employer included.

      Not surprised that Pesto and colleagues don’t understand this. I read somwhere that many worthies in the BBC changed their employment status to become ‘self employed’ as a way of reducing their tax bills.


      • 173
        the Fake Bono says:

        Tax is for the little people, just like Socialism which I advocate as its good for my image.


      • 197
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Fish is right here. Compromise agreements are usually used to establish the conditions under which an employer makes an ex gratia payment (over and above statutory redundancy and notice period) to an employee. They are usually made a short period after employment ceases. Confidentiality is a key part of it and often restrictions in going back and poaching former colleagues. They are common in redundancy arrangements in the City because of potential legal disputes about bonuses.


  6. 10
    john miller says:

    Read Timmy’s take – amateur Tories again


  7. 12
    ModBot says:

    This evening I shall be moderating Ewanme for no other reason than it amuses me.


  8. 13
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I fear regulation from Brussels over this as our politicons are corrupt*.

    *Thats how our masters in Brussels will see it anyway.


  9. 18
    Gooey Blob says:

    Quick suggestion for those who are seeking Colonel Gaddafi: you might want to check up Gordon Brown’s backside.


  10. 19
    Jimmy says:

    Good interference there. You just have to hope that no-one here knows the difference between redundancy and dismissal for misconduct. I think you’ll probably get away with it.


  11. 21
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Peston is getting annoying. “I have learned that” is code for “my mate’s told me”. It’s crony journalism and not the stuff of a sharp news hound.


    • 63
      Fuck you, bleed the system like MP's do says:

      He’s one of the Chipping Norton set, or didn’t you know?


    • 119
      Phil says:

      What I dont get is if Lewis who works for NI is spilling the beans to Pestilence who works for the BBC “Why the fxxk doesn’t Lewis get the sack for consorting with the enemy and disclosing privileged info”?


  12. 22
    Billy Clinton says:

    Its good to know that a ‘little war’ wont stop our Jobsworth doing their job. The leader of the authority charged with keeping track of the Lockerbie bomber says his officials are making efforts to reach Abdelbaset al-Megrahi in Tripoli, the Libyan capital, where intense fighting is raging between rebels and those defending the Gaddafi regime.
    The former Libyan intelligence agent is supposed to keep in regular contact with officials at East Renfrewshire Council, the area in which his family had a home during his imprisonment.

    Any infringement of the condition could, on paper, lead to Megrahi being returned to jail.

    Council leader Jim Fletcher said his officers have spoken to him recently and are satisfied he is alive and staying at his home address.

    You could not make this stuff up.


    • 179
      Bystander #3 says:

      I hope he’s got a probation officer and all risk assessments have been carried out by good jobsworths as per standard protocols.


  13. 24
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Whose that in top picture?


  14. 27
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Why is this supposed to be interesting?


  15. 39
    John Danton says:

    After working all my life, I looked after my wife fore the last 13 months of her life and now i’m treated like a criminal, twice I’ve tried to apply for job seekers allowance, now I.m totaly confused and dispondant’ well done dave someone took what i payed in unfortunately theres none left for me


    • 43
      pithed hack says:

      Why not get a job?


    • 44
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      @ John

      Why do you rely on the state?


      • 57
        John Danton says:

        There no jobs here pal, I live in the backdoor of no where, I can’t even get a job in the KFC’ I’ve tried


        • 60
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Then find a job, even if it means moving, If i had a family (I dont i am gay) i would move to wherever i could get a job.

          I do have a job (not well paid, but gets by with it).

          Dont wait for things to come to you, go find them first!


        • 72
          pithed hack says:

          Sounds as if he’s talking shite. You can always get a job if you want one and you can always get benefits.

          Oh yea, and you can always get another wife.


      • 59
        Fuck you, bleed the system like MP's do says:

        Because that was the deal sold to us back in the 40’s, 50’s and 60’s. Work hard and pay your taxes, and if you need find you’re in trouble and need help, the government will step in.
        Some deal that turned out to be.
        and I, as a elder man rejoining the job market, would say, What job? Where are all these jobs to fill the bone idle’s hands for shit money when you see roma gippos walk in and milk the system with impunity. Have you ever seen one working in legitimate employment?


        • 61
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Your faith in goverment is truley misplaced.


          • Fuck you, bleed the system like MP's do says:

            Not now it isn’t. Get your snout in the trough just like they do. Working for a living is for mugs.


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            That may be true, but personal satisfaction is better than watching jeremy kyle.


          • Fuck you, bleed the system like MP's do says:

            Only a pidgeon brained, pidgeon holer like you could equate watching Jeremy Kyle with living life free as a bird. Not all dole bludgers are of that ilk.


          • pithed hack says:

            Ow, Easy Rider….get on yer bike !!!


          • Fuck you, bleed the system like MP's do says:

            I will be, if it’s nice tomorrow. Down to the local river for a spot of fishing, back home for breakfast, fill in jobsearch form telling how i’ve just done a Norman Tebbit, and then on to the interweb to take the piss out of all those taxaying workers keeping the whole rotten edifice afloat.
            Sweet dreams


          • П Thе Оrwеlliаn Undеrcrоft оf Nеw Lаbоυr Dоυblеspеаk П says:

            You have never performed properly, No 4064. We are pulling you in tonight and will melt you down. Tomorrow you will be creosote on someone’s fence.


        • 74
          pithed hack says:

          How old is this c unt pretending to be??


  16. 45
    BillyBob.... says:

    Spin, spin, spin, spin spin spiiiiiiiiiiiiin nothing more nothing else !!


  17. 50
    Anonymous says:

    This latest burp to the “phone-hacking” scandal is just another attempt by the Guardian/BBC axis to keep the pot boiling, and to distract attention from the Guardian’s own complicity in securing information illicitly from the police.

    No one else is interested.


    • 53
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Are you jesting?

      Corrupt media/politicons/police exposed and you dont think people care?


      • 113
        Technomist says:

        Generally not the media, oddly enough. Most people I know get much more annoyed contemplating the rampant corruption and waste in local government which the Coalition has done next to nothing about.


      • 149
        M says:

        Or does the public considered it the norm & are becoming numb to it ?


  18. 51
    Spot the inconsistency says:

    “It looks bad to be still taking the Murdoch shilling when you work for the man who wants to be Prime Minister.”

    How many Mps from both sides of the House could that apply to?


  19. 56
    Rohan Giggler says:

    A sanctimonious w….ker like Rusbringer resign. Guido your having a laugh resignation is only for the little people who work for companies that pay their taxes. People like him live in the rarified and lofty heights of mount guardian basking in the glow of of their own sense of smug self righteous satisfaction and knowledge that above all else we are all wrong and he is right.

    He’s just another left wing bell end that thinks pissing other peoples money away is a great idea as long as its not his that gets used.

    Pass the champagne Polly.


  20. 58
    Ewanme is a Jedward twat says:

    The BBC cripplers and the Guardian twats are obviously conspiring against the Tories. I do not pay my licence fee for the BBC to play pathetic games.


  21. 67
    BillyBob.... says:

    I dislike the LibDems as much as the Beeb and the Gruniad, the influence they have far out-ways their honestly and popularity…… actually the are just odious !!


  22. 71
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Right fellow window lickers, i am off home, Please take care and have a great night whatever you do :-)

    Anyone using this monkier is a fake tonight from now on.


  23. 83
    Not so much Lions led by Donkeys as sheep led by Wolves says:

    Don’t forget folks! Keep voting for real choice between C*nservative, Labour and Lib Dems. It’s done you proud for the last 100 years and let’s face it, it’s all your tiny brains can understand.


  24. 86
    WVM says:

    Are you talking about the LibLabCon, the three in one liberal elite divide and conquer governing machine?


    • 92
      Not so much Lions led by Donkeys as sheep led by Wolves says:

      That’s just conpiracy theorists running riot on half truths and suspense of reason as demonstrated by wild imaginations like yours.
      Some us have faith in change you can believe in.


  25. 90
    Robert Pissed-on says:

    There’s too much emphasis on Libya at the moment and it’s making the Tories look a bit good. We need to get back to the hacking scandal that everyone is talking about and give Knob Ed a bit of limelight.


  26. 94
    I don't care what you think says:

    But you go to love this:

    Still rolling down my thigh..


  27. 95
    Gordon Brown says:

    I have just returned from a secret holiday on Richard Branson’s island. Unfortunately things did not go too well on my first night there.


  28. 97
    Libya. Latest odds! says:

    Orderly transition to democratic government received with much joy by population: In your dreams/1

    Any other scenario: gissa laugh/evens


  29. 98
    BBC Newes presented to you by Tupp Shepherd says:

    Good evening Sheeple and Chavs. Blah, Blah, Blah, Blah *Brainwash* Blah, Blah, Blah. Now over to Little Bo Peep for the weather who will inform us that all Labour constituencies are warm and sunny. All Conservative areas are bitterly cold. Liberal Democratic constituencies will be extremely dull forever and ever. Goodnight.


  30. 100
    Fit & Proper Test. says:

    More money down the drain!


    • 102
      peanuts says:

      Not bad for somebody who wasn’t left any money by the last government.


    • 107
      WVM says:

      Wow what a great idea Willy!
      And when that cheap sweet Libyan crude starts rolling in I bet you’ll be dropping 10p tax off a litre for a couple of months as recompense to the British taxpayer eh?


      • 110
        nell says:

        they might (not likely but you never know) drop 10p off the tax when libya’s good quality crude oil starts to flow but don’t expect the price to come down.

        The oil companies are masters at putting the price up quickly when barrel price goes up and then not reducing price at the pumps when barrel price comes down.

        How else d’you think they are making their £billions!


        • 188
          smoggie says:

          Most of what you pay at the pump is tax, 80% or thereabouts.

          Don’t blame the oil companies for wanting to make a profit – they operate in a competitive environment; blame the government – they don’t.

          BTW, expect Libya’s oil production to increase sooner rather than later. I happen to know that there’s a high level delegation of oil company executives in Libya right now talking about getting the facilities operating again.

          Unfortunately, as per usual, it ain’t the Brits. It’s Agip – Italians.


          • MrAngry61 says:

            But Italy took Libyan oil previously – and their refineries are designed to use it as a feedstuff.


          • smoggie says:

            I know, but my point is that they are hot off the mark while BP are still having a wobble.

            I am pleased to say, hoever, that Russia and China won’t get a look in after their support of the skulking “Martyr”.


      • 158
        BP says:

        Don’t hold your breath WVM.


      • 175
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        And what ever you do Libya, no giving Gordon any gold….he is useless with the stuff!

        poor old Bliar…his summer house Tent in Tripoli has gone up in smoke!


    • 108
      Engineer says:

      Conservative administrations know a bit about de-mining. Ask Arthur Scargill.


      • 127
        East India Company wallah says:

        Behave,one previous conservative government put an end to subsidy mining by the the NUM , quite why they dont put an end to wind subsidy mining is beyond my tiny intellect,maybe if it was not a coalition they would have shot the balloon down by now-your call engineer?


  31. 104
    Muhammar Ghadaffi says:

    I am currently on my way to the UK to apply for political asylum and apply for welfare benefits. Once I am settled, I intend, on the advice of my good friend and MP, Mike Handycock, to become an MP myself. Mike has advised me that as well as a large salary, I will be entitled to almost unlimited expenses with which to employ Saif, Mohammed and other members of my family, who will not have to actually do anything for their salaries. I will also be able to travel around the world on official business, and get unlimited sex, all paid for by the UK Taxpayers. I might even be able to get back with my Ukranian Nurse on trips to Eastern Europe; Mike has promised to show me the ropes, and also how to get rich through property development in Portsmouth. Allah Akhbar, Handycock my good friend.


    • 105
      spongebob squarepants forpm says:

      An you think you’re joking? Watch this space.


    • 114
      Ludmiila, Nurse from Ukraine says:

      I don’t want you visiting me Muhammar, I have had enough of you and your viagra, and we certainly don’t want that pervert Handycock back in Ukraine. He is not supporting the many children he has out here already and our young girls are terrified of him coming back and impregnating them, especially the underage ones.


    • 162
      Handycock, Ocean Going Shagger says:

      Any more of these scurrilous facts printed about me on this blog and my boys in Portsmouth will deal with it severely. We know who you are, and the next listed building, with planning permission, to be torched, will have you in it. Innit?


  32. 106
    Anonymous says:

    we interupt this programme to bring you the latest score from Libya

    gadaffi 0

    rioters sorry rebel freedom fighter 3

    leading up to half-time

    cameron beached for the day in cornwall


  33. 115
    sally bercow says:

    can you lot kindly be quiet, I’m watching my favourite tv programme


    • 123
      joescotus says:

      makes you long for gorbals mick his wife only fucked us for taxi fares


    • 147
      Gordon's trick cyclist says:

      No dear – it’s the mirror – you seem obsessed by it – do you by any chance have a narcissistic streak?


  34. 117
    nell says:

    there’s as much chance of rusbridger resigning as there is of gad afi willingly coming out of hiding.

    leftwingers don’t do courage or integrity.


    • 120
      Ghost of Gordon says:

      But they do write books about it.


    • 122
      WPC Yvonne Fletcher says:

      Nor did a C*nservative government in my case.


      • 130
        correction says:

        Actually it was the Libyan government (Arab Socialist Union) that shot you.


        • 131
          correction says:

          and we let the yanks do their airstrikes from our airbases in retaliation.


          • WPC Yvonne Fletcher says:

            I’ll rest easy in my grave knowing that passed for a full and proper trial, justicial examination of the facts and due deliberation.


          • nell says:

            Perhaps now WPC Yvonne Fletcher will get justice.

            Apparently bliar’s and gordon’s government knew who the perpetrators were , that they were still living in libya, but neither bliar nor gordon had the moral courage to request gad afi give them up for trial.

            I think a request from our coalition to the free libya government might meet with some sympathy.


          • smoggie says:

            We let the killer go because he had diplomatic immunity – we could hardly ask for him to be extradited once he got home.


  35. 124
    The bring back the up and down arrows petition to Parliament says:

    Bring back the up and down arrows!


    • 129

      Disagree but:



    • 183
      Mrs Egging says:

      Guido will have trouble bringing back the down arrow!


  36. 126
    Byrds Fan says:

    I wanna grow up to be a politician
    And take over this beautiful land
    I wanna grow up to be a politician
    And be the old US of A’s number one man

    I’ll always be tough, I’ll never be scary
    I want to shoot guns or butter my bread
    I’ll work on the towns or conservate the prairies
    And you can believe the future’s ahead

    I’ll give the young the right to vote
    As soon as they mature
    But spare the rod and spoil the child
    To help them feel secure

    And if I win election day
    I’ll sign the bill to help the poor
    To show I’m not snob

    I’ll open my door, I’m chargin’ no admission
    And you can be sure I’ll give you my hand
    I’ll be glad you got me in everything I do
    And I’ll defend until the end
    The old red, white and blue

    I want to grow up…

    Roger McGuinn
    From the Album Byrdmaniax – 1971


  37. 132
    Scott Tracy - Thunderbird 1 says:

    Gadaffi downfall


    • 186
      John Bellingham says:

      Saddam’s sons–useless. Gadaffi’s sons–pathetic. Assad’s son–wobbly. Murdoch’s sons……………………………..


  38. 134
    Captain Blackadder says:

    This is a crisis. A large crisis. In fact, if you got a moment, it’s a twelve-storey crisis with a magnificent entrance hall, carpeting throughout, 24-hour portage, and an enormous sign on the roof, saying ‘This Is a Large Crisis’.


  39. 136
    Johnny says says:

    Perhaps Yelland and Neil could turn their attentions to similar pay arrangements that are common in the upper echelons of local government. Coulson’s pay arrangement doesn’t seem at all exceptional.



  40. 141
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Will the Guardian’s Rusbridger do the same if his journalists get nicked?

    Of course not, Guido! Because The hacks by The Guardian are the “Peoples Hacks” and thus sacred!

    In fact, Rusbridger will launch a campaign to have them declared martyrs, too!


  41. 143
    Anonymous says:

    It’s a severance payment. Anyone who thinks this is untoward is a fucking idiot and likely to be in the pay of Labour.


  42. 148
    Anonymous says:

    This is how we treet wounded soldiers who lose both legs and an arm – shove them in a flat 6 floors up

    How proud Labour controlled Thurrock council must feel


    • 157
      Sorry and all that says:

      If you’re willing to put your arse on the line in Afghanistan for HM government……………..


      • 170
        Lloyd Blankfein says:

        It was the stupid Hunt’s own choice to join the army in the first place.

        I susupect he didn’t mind shoooting johnnie foreigner’s arms and legs off prior to one of them getting their own back.

        Just whose war did this fuckwit of a useful idiot think he was fighting?

        Maybe he should write a letter to St Tony?

        But I don’t think Tony will let on!


    • 180
      St Tony the Nazarene says:

      Well if they shoved his legs and arm in a flat 6 floors up, tell ‘em to fuckin go ‘n’ bring them back down for Christ’s sake!

      Jeesssuusss wept!


  43. 153
    School Inspector says:


    Editor Alan Rusbridger (Cranleigh); political editor Patrick Wintour (Westminster); leader writer Madeleine Bunting (Queen Mary’s,Yorkshire); policy editor Jonathan Freedland (University College School); columnist Polly Toynbee (Badminton); executive editor Ian Katz (University College School); security affairs editor Richard Norton Taylor (King’s School, Canterbury); arts editor-in-chief Clare Margetson (Marlborough College); literary editor Clare Armitstead (Bedales); public services editor David Brindle (Bablake); city editor Julia Finch (King’s High, Warwick).; environment editor John Vidal (St Bees); fashion editor Jess Cartner-Morley (City of london School for Girls); G3 editor Janine Gibson (Walthamstow Hall); northern editor Martin Wainwright (Shreswbury); and industrial editor David Gow (St Peter’s, York); Seumas Milne, an Old Wykehamist (Winchester College) and at Balliol; the Observer’s Andrew Rawnsley (Rugby School and Cambridge U); George Monbiot (Stowe); Zoe Williams (Godolphin and

    Hat Tip TSE –


    • 155
      A Grateful Pleb says:

      Thank you that man – or woman, – you have done us a truly useful service.


    • 176
      Peremy Jaxman says:

      Emily Maitlis King Edward scholl Sheffield
      Jeremy Paxman Charterhose

      both salt of the Earth offspring of working class Yorkshire miners and just the type od people to keep the BBC from being to middle class.


  44. 156
    Spot the consistency says:

    Lord Mandelson defending his aquisition of £8million pound home


    • 161
      nell says:

      Are you suggesting that mandy has raised the £8million he needs for his new mansion through his expenses in the HoL?

      I know he’s labour but that seems rather extreme even for them!


      • 168
        I'm struggling to remember says:

        LieBore – yes – but not just any LieBore!

        It’s NooLieBore – ?4th incarnation + a Bit of Brussels pate.


  45. 163

    “US markets rally on hope of Jackson Hole stimulus”

    hee hee, he said hole stimulus, hee hee hee


  46. 166
    Peremy Jaxman says:

    Tut tut tut!

    He is A Rubbishbringer not a rubbishgoer!


  47. 167

    Ken Livingstone = Colonel Gaddafi


  48. 181
    arthur bedloe says:

    i’ve just been woken up by thse nice chaps at the ministry of defence. i asumed they phoned up my mp for permission to fly below 250feet. he obviously said it was okay to fly directly over my roof at 12.30am – about 10-20 feet over my roof by the way. funny that nobody asked me if it was okay

    seems any nation can fly over my roof now as the government has given the okay if their own peoples won’t let them fly over their roofs. nice of cameron and fascist friends to do this

    the bastards


  49. 184
    anonymous says:

    its funny how Al-Qaeda is our enemy one minute

    and our ‘friend’ the next …..

    so what exactly are all those restrictions on our liberties about then?????


  50. 185
    not a machine says:

    Rather astonishing seeing Saif on farewell tour last night , quite a lot of t shirt wearing supporters looked well fed military types , however as day progressed there was no vacancey for international playboy dictator .
    Gaddafis hat and gold fly swatter has even been taken .
    near miss for Labour ,Paxman “do you think it was right for your government to embrace Gaddafi ” (only avaible labour person being hardley able to publicly recall Kim Howell) “well i couldnt comment on how close the raltionship was “. mmmm that loverly clip of Blair in moi moi moment.
    Sky did a good interview with senator John Macain and it was interesting to note how considerate and wise his thoughts were . Hospital pictures were a concern , given ammount of bullet fight outs , hope new government will allow some medic aid in fast , esp if Sirte is final urban shoot out .Those tunnels must be really amazing .

    Pestons leak career now makes sense , I suppose , still coulson story seemed small beer to me , given on going hack enq .

    I dont know if I should buy a toyota pickup (doesnt say anything about 14mm antiaircraft gun in broucher as an optional extra ), having seen B&P article on France , and yet i am pleased at least N African counties now have a chance to improve there lives .

    I think I will sign off for a while , I want to crack the question about behaviour and Knowledge systems , I am sure there is somthing very wonk in the consrtruct , I think you have to lie to yourself , perhaps thats how socialism has worked all along ……………:)


  51. 187
    albacore says:

    Fawkes, you are having a larf posting that link up there on the right, “Middle Class Rioters are To Blame” (and especially the choice comments thereto) aren’t you?
    You really should hold the sensibilities of your own readers in higher regard.
    Our cat disgraced himself.


  52. 190
    Popeye says:

    Rusbriger walk? Ha! don’t hold your breath.
    As for Pesto, he works for the BBC! Say no more.


  53. 192
    Dave, Freedom Fighter My Arse says:

    so what exactly are we doing in libya then?

    we are told it’s to help and shield locals from the authorities but it looks more and more like we are aiding the overthrow of gaddafi???

    exactly who said we could do this????

    dave’s got blood on his hands

    no wonder he’s always on fucking holiday


    • 198
      British Troops will exit...WITHOUT a shot fired they said in 2006 says:

      I suspect that “Dave” wants to put boots on the ground for “peacekeeping purposes” but “Nick” has vetoed it…the LibDems have their uses.

      What is it about NO UK troops in Libya that “Dave” doesn’t understand ??? Have we learnt nothing from Iraq and Afghanistan ? Apparently not


  54. 195
    filipinomonkey says:

    OT but the link “We are out of touch on sentences – The Guardian” is a bit misleading, I was expecting to read a confession.


  55. 196
    Anonymous says:

    here’s a good one for Strauss Kahn, the guy who got off charges because his victim wasn’t credible enough

    what does justice mean anymore?


  56. 199
    QC says:

    A compromise agreement is effectively a gagging order. Labour will get no joy from those as breaking a gagging order will be where the real prosecutions occur rather than from any ‘grasping at straws’ smears. Who would risk being prosecuted for breaking a confidence like that? Watson and his lefty lynch mobs will have to try from another angle, as petty as those acts are.


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