August 17th, 2011

Who Is Peter Thiel?

Peter Thiel has had one of the best reactions to reading Atlas Shrugged that Guido has ever seen. The PayPal founder has poured $1.25m into the Seasteading Institute, which the Mail describes as “an organization that aspires to launch a floating colony into international waters, freeing them and like-minded thinkers to live by Libertarian ideals.”

Though some are already shouting “crazy” at him, Thiel seems pretty confident:

“…there are quite a lot of people who think it’s not possible. That’s a good thing. We don’t need to really worry about those people very much, because since they don’t think it’s possible they won’t take us very seriously. And they will not actually try to stop us until it’s too late.”

Who’s up for Guido Island?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    What are the tax rates Guido?

  2. 2
    misterned says:

    Sounds like a plan.

  3. 3
    Gordon Brown says:

    I apply for the job of captain and deck chair arranger.

  4. 4
    Piers is a witch says:

    So rather than hanging Piers we can drown him?

  5. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Whose up for Guido Island?”

    with the death penalty for cop killers and kid killers?

    Could you ban socailisim on a Libertarian island?

  6. 6
    daedalus says:

    isn’t this basically the back-story to “Bioshock”? we all know how that turned out …

  7. 7
    Observer says:

    Who’s up for . . .

  8. 8
    Ac/Dc/Ac says:

    I give it about a week and then the libertarians will be at each others throats

  9. 9
    MrAngry61 says:

    If the islands are moored off the San Franciscan coast and the first one is an office block, I suspect that the USA may come looking for them – for the taxing rights, if nothing else…

  10. 10
    Uncle Bob says:

    I’m in….as long as you’ve got decent wi-fi.

  11. 11
    Billy Blofeld says:

    To be honest I’d prefer to create a Socialist enclave – let’s call it Liverpool – and persuade all Labour voters they should move there and live a utopian Socialist life within it’s walls under the leadership of Bob Crow and John Prescott.

    Then the rest of us can get on with our lives without total arseholes ruining everything all the time………

  12. 12
    Fantasy Island says:

    There’s even a role for John Bercow:

    “Mr Rourke! The plane! The plane!”

  13. 13
    They can't crush the human spirit says:

    Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!

  14. 14
    Put Bowden on the stop list says:

    I suspect that there will not be room for good for nothing screen lickers who do not contribute anything useful to society, and who aren’t even remotely amusing.

  15. 15
    Steve Miliband says:

    Day 762 in the Libertarian House. Sally Bercow is still annoyed at being suckered so well by Channel 5.

  16. 16
    Free State says:

    Will politicians be banned?

  17. 17

    What an excellent spot.

    The Boston Globe described Bioshock as ” beautiful, brutal, and disquieting one of the best in years,” and compared the game to Whittaker Chambers’s 1957 riposte to Atlas Shrugged, Big Sister Is Watching You.

  18. 18
    A Spelling (Miss) says:

    ‘Socialism’, amigo. I wouldn’t mention it, but you use and mis-spell it so often.

  19. 19
    Gordon Brown says:

    tonight i will be touring the neighbourhood checking grit bin levels

  20. 20
    Sir William Waad says:

    I wish them well, but I fear it will end up with ‘homo homini lupus’.

  21. 21
    Anonymous says:

    For $1.25m they could buy Canvey Island.

  22. 22
    goto100 says:

    Why do this when Somalia is waiting, arms open for them, and their private security teams?

  23. 23
    Nigel S says:

    keel haul him

  24. 24
    Steve Miliband says:

    That counts out the socialists

  25. 25
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I hope they havent forgotten to factor in the cost of the puncture repair kit.

  26. 26
    TOO FAR says:

    For 99p they could have Bradford

  27. 27
    Ed Milibandofhope says:

    That’th my job I won it fair and thquare Mr Prentith didnt help at all leggo you beatht I will thet Mr Ballth on you!

  28. 28
    Sir William Waad says:

    Five hundred captains and no crew?

  29. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Wouldnt it just become a floating tax haven?

  30. 30
    Robinson says:

    Will Guido Island Have the death penalty?

  31. 31
    Silly Bercow says:

    Will it be a bit like the Big Brother House ? If so Im up for it.

  32. 32
    Nerdy says:

    Bafta award winning game Bioshock was based on the same idea but an underwater city. The founder turns out to be a meglomaniac & basically everyone pretty much dies. A warning to you all !!

  33. 33
    Ol' Blue Eyes says:

    Theoretically sounds lovely but in practice typhoons are no joke.

    Why not just buy an island off Greece and do it there?

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Or ‘Lost’.

  35. 35
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    What’s ‘Socailisim’, Billy Bum-Fuck?

  36. 36
    Tuscan Tony says:

    Guido Island by Tight Fit: makes perfect sense.

  37. 37
    He's got one more sweet then me! says:

    They’ll set up a theory of class exploitation based on who gets the portholes.

    No boarding cards for them, please.

  38. 38
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    Well, if it’s good enough for the Royal Navy…

  39. 39
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t go down that road. You’ll end up setting fire to yourself.

  40. 40
    He's Spartacus says:

    Milton Friedman’s grandson is a director of Seasteading. Not a lot of people know that.

    Vote Ron Paul.



  41. 41
  42. 42
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Its crazy.

    I have all sorts of bright ideas, but as I get older, I spot the flaws in them more quickly and don’t bother. Sometimes the less outlandish ones I might tone down the plans and they sort of work.

    If they aren’t going to do anything like grow food, they don’t need an island. it could be a big boat, or something like an oil rig, or just “SEALAND”.

  43. 43
    Blackbeard says:

    Arrrh! ‘Twas my idea, ye scurvy dogs! Me and me crew of like-minded libertarians did terrorise the Spanish Main free from all that Governor This, Governor That, more-water-with-your-rum Leveller nonsense! A curse on all socialist swabs wherever they may crawl!

  44. 44
    I can't wait says:

    We will all be armed to the teeth, so yes.

  45. 45
    Hasn't this already been done? says:

  46. 46
    Blind leading blind says:

    Why not buy Greece, period – I think they are taking offers

  47. 47
    unseen says:

    It’s been done before. The Republic of Minerva in the 70s. It was quickly invaded by Tonga. Libertarians not so much with the fighting.

  48. 48
    Logical consequence says:

    There won’t be a need for the death penalty. If they are all “like-minded thinkers” then either none of them will be murderers, so no capital crimes, or all of them will be and the problem resolves itself.

  49. 49
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Let’s have a feminist one as well and we can ship people like Harriet Harman and Julie Bindel there and not have to listen to their incessant whining

  50. 50
    Stinkfinger says:

    Will this place have to have the obligatory 10% of Starkeys?
    If so it had better have plenty of lifeboats.

  51. 51
    Jess The Dog says:

    Where would they be? The Deep Ocean? Territorial waters are 12nm and exclusive economic zones are 200nm They would end up close enough to somewhere to be ‘claimed’.

    How would they obtain resources? Food? Water? Electricity?

    What would they do? Trade? With what?

    How would they survive? Medical skills and facilities? Blood stocks?

    What if someone fancied a bit of whatever they had? Like Somali pirates?

    Humans come together for a reason.

  52. 52
    nell says:

    More importantly Billy – will there be cricket there and shall we get a free glass of wine

  53. 53
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Yes, but who will do the work? ‘Libertarians’ are usually to be found among the parasitic section of society, including bankers and academics, and not among people whose labour actually produces something. So, who will do the productive work?

  54. 54
    gosub 500 says:

    The indigenous population could be easily manipulated by the Globalists into attacking your homestead. So better to surround yourself with sea rather than sand.

  55. 55

    She always was a most obliging sucker.

  56. 56
    Engineer says:

    Or at the very least, a bulk order of buckets.

  57. 57
    Gustav says:

    “Whose up for Guido Island?”

    It’s “who’s”, Guido.


  58. 58
    Spanner in the Works. says:

    I am sure the Germans would happily sell one.

  59. 59
    Sad soul says:

    And all lawyers

  60. 60
    Gordon Brown says:

    I like floaters

  61. 61

    What are you doing out of your room?
    Get back in at once. Don’t make me fetch the genital cup again.

  62. 62
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Not sure about frre wine, but i hope there is cricket.

  63. 63
    program get says:

    You now have Bioshock Infinite to go with that. Is anyone trying to tell us something?

  64. 64
    Moussa Koussa says:

    I thought we was bombing Libertaria to get rid off Gadarfi?

  65. 65
    Atlas Shrugged is a terrible book says:

    That’s the best review of “Atlas” I’ve read, thanks for that. Love how it ends;

    “Nor would we, ordinarily, place much confidence in the diagnosis of a doctor who supposes that the Hippocratic Oath is a kind of curse.”

    Meanwhile this new “Rapture” *cough* sorry “Galtville” will have a “relaxed” attitude to both guns and planning regulations. So much like Rapture expect this island to end up at the bottom of the sea.

  66. 66
    21st Century Man says:

    The fucking robots.

  67. 67
    Engineer says:

    Thank God for that – it’s silly season at last. No more riots and phone-hacking for at least the next ten minutes.

  68. 68
    Engineer says:

    That’s Liberia, you pillock. Or Leicester. I forget which.

  69. 69
    Admiral Leach says:

    I’d avoid the East Coast of Africa and if this chap who runs PayPal is anything like the service he flogs I’d make sure you’ve got a life boat to hand as he likes to take a big % of all transactions.

  70. 70
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    just dont turn the BBC news channel on then :-)

  71. 71
    Shelley Wordsworth says:

    Ode to a McDoomed voyage.

    I’ve seen the film and have to say it feels just like Titanic
    The captain’s throwing phones again and swearing something manic.
    Gordon’s at the helm, you see, and aiming for the floe,
    Bad Al’s shouting “starboard, dickhead, that’s the way to go”.
    Red Ed squeaks up “no, further left”, but looks a little green
    And Mandy says “we’re up shit creek” and sings God Save The Queen.

  72. 72
    Black Flag says:

    I love the idea that a bunch of webmongs get excited by the idea of a Libertarian island and the first thing you want to do is control what other people think. #missesthepoint

    Some of you seem to confuse Libertarianism with Fascism.

  73. 73
    Sad soul says:

    Is he a lawyer ??

  74. 74
    Admiral Leach says:

    ‘Humans come together for a reason.’ Yes usually to rob each other

  75. 75
    Jess The Dog says:

    The Principality of Sealand is a tolerated entity now located within British territorial waters, although claiming ‘grandfather rights’. After the 2006 fire, the RAF Search and Rescue service took one injured person to Ipswich Hospital, and I bet the British taxpayer picked up the cost.

  76. 76
    Aaron D Highside says:

    I’m sure the Germans would happily sell Greece next year once the own it.

  77. 77
    Anonymous says:

    Would you mind not treading on his holiday delusion?

  78. 78
    Bend over! says:

    Who is Peter Thiel? Well a big old homo for one thing. But given he’ll be the richest person on the island by far you’ll all have to bend to his will just like Dagny did to all three heroes of Atlas Shrugged. That’s how Ayn’s World works right?

  79. 79
    OED says:

    Keep it up Billy, we need a few new spelings

  80. 80
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Flamboyant show offs who won’t cause trouble by trying to pull your missus or daughter?

  81. 81
    Sad soul says:

    There Liberians they don’t bother with such trifles

  82. 82
    Jimmy says:

    He wants to round up the “libertarians” and send them out to sea on a raft?

    What’s the catch?

  83. 83
    Gordon Brown says:

    i am cuurently training for the olympic javelin competition

  84. 84
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Jude law in IA?

  85. 85
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Just think, we wont hear politicons talking about TAX CREDITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Thats sold me!

  86. 86
    Mornington Crescent says:

    It might well end up feeling like being abroad and then meeting a whole load of fellow expats – not much fun.

    Still, Old Holborn might be interested; meantime check out his excellent latest blog post.

  87. 87
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    The reduction in Tax revenues from the country they come from.

  88. 88
    Aaron D Highside says:

    Chris Huhne’s going. They’re using windmill generators and they won’t need doctors because they’re all vegans and they don’t get poorly, even though if you follow one into the loo, they smell as if they should be.

  89. 89

    New Sealand might be a better bet. now they’ve removed a lot of that lefty infestation the place is coming along again.

  90. 90
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    Whilst we’re in La La land, could I have a stripper factory and a beer volcano?

  91. 91
    Reimer says:

    “The floating sovereign nations that Thiel imagines would be built on oil-rig-like platforms anchored in areas free of regulation, laws, and moral conventions.”

    Sounds like ‘Lord of the Flies’ with touch-screens. Hope Ian Angell gets involved.

  92. 92
    LesAbbey says:

    I guess Howard Hughes has already proved that fortune and craziness are not mutually exclusive.

  93. 93

    Its tibia. Or maybe fibula.

  94. 94

    Its a terrible idea.

    But just in case its a success … I call President!

  95. 95
    Joe Biden says:

    I call … Ahh, rats! Too slow again.
    Vice President for me.

  96. 96
    Engineer says:

    Mind you don’t end up with a paint stripper factory and a fire in the brewery.

  97. 97
    Ichabod says:

    Everyone wants to go to New Zealand –well everyone with any sense. In a few years the place will be as cramped as England.

  98. 98
    Disco Biscuit says:

    Where can I get my one-way ticket?

  99. 99
  100. 100
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    shite: AI … I must have watched it french or summit.

  101. 101
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I call Vice president (Just in case) as well.

    Failing that i will run a bar or cricket club :-)

    Ps Made me laugh did that Bill :-)

  102. 102
    Nemo says:

    It sounds like “Water World” an all time motion picture flop

  103. 103
    AC1 says:

    No death penalty they’ll just make someone walk to their previous location (pirate style).

  104. 104
    AC1 says:

    I’ve been touched by your noodly goodliness.

  105. 105
    Smig says:

    You can’t polish a turd, but you can fling shit and smear people with it.

  106. 106
    Gordun Brown says:

    Think we might have to thrown in some gold.

  107. 107
    Markapaca says:

    I just mentioned to Polly Toynbee that I might have prof that News International phone hacking caused people to riot, and that it was Rupert’s insistence that tuition fees go up or he wouldn’t support the Tories and she just came.
    Came right there in the office. Gushing like Niagara. She’s still flowing now, 10 minutes later.

  108. 108
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    no politicons please

  109. 109
    Anonymous says:

    David Icke will be organising the volleyball

  110. 110
    AC1 says:

    With a budget of $175 million, the film grossed a mere $88 million at the U.S. box office, which seemed to make it the all time box office bomb. The film, however, did much better overseas, with $176 million at the foreign box office (for a total of $264 million),[10] and good VHS and later DVD sales, giving the movie over $100 million in profit.

  111. 111
    David Laws says:

    I call Secretary to the Treasury.

  112. 112
    Broon's Riots says:

    The same authoritarian paypal that freezes accounts whenever big brothers asks it too, eg Julian Assange et al

  113. 113
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    It is what left wing politicons preach but dont live

  114. 114
    Anonymous says:

    Ironic. Everything you touch seems to sink like a stone.

  115. 115
  116. 116
    Ed Miliband says:

    I call leader of the opposition.{I know my limitations. Best to be realistic}

  117. 117
    Rt Hoon Tom Whatson MP Author PEN says:

    Bung me $1.25 million and you can have the Isle of Man .

    You won’t get a better offer than that.

  118. 118
    smoggie says:

    I’ll keep me porthole closed then.

  119. 119
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    you sea i do cohost

  120. 120
    Rt Hoon Tom Whatson MP Author PEN says:

    Send me £5000 and I will have a word with my mate Guido to let you onto the Isle of Man.

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Oh, he’s an’Iron Hoof’ no wonder I have never heard of him.

  122. 122
    Hernia says:

    Ed Miliband’s face really reminds me of my hernia. Can he push it back in to improve the look?

  123. 123
    AC1 says:


  124. 124
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    A quick google of Mr. Thiel suggests I might not be wrong.

  125. 125
    Babs says:

    I call Queen.

    Oh, apparently David Starkey has already bagged that one.

  126. 126
    Stinkfinger says:

    Peter Thiel:
    ‘And all the energy produced tapping away on computer keyboard’s can be converted into electricity to power the keyboards.The only waste produced being the time spent doing it’

  127. 127
    Ed Miliband says:

    And got its own theme park bit at Eurodisney.
    Yeah… I love Disney.

    Here I’m the man, not the mouse.

  128. 128
    AC1 says:

    Greek Bond sales sound more and more like the plot for “Springtime for Hitler”…

  129. 129
    T Blair and P Toynbee says:

    Would that work?

  130. 130
    G. K. Beloc says:

    They won’t let Guido in there anyway. Firstly, he’s far too poor, and secondly there’s the transmontanist issue. I mean, it’d be bloody dangerous having someone who might secretly subscribe to Rerum Novarum and Quadragesimo Anno onboard. Turn your back and they might start redistributing the ship so that the crew all get fair shares.

  131. 131
    EC1 PhD says:

    Oi, fuck off

  132. 132
    AC1 says:

    2:15 CSC is more daft than the normal comment.

    You’re typing on the product of the collaboration between constructive credit and applied science.

  133. 133
    smoggie says:

    Then we’ll need a little more thrust from Scottie.

  134. 134
    Gerard Depardieu says:

    What is zis IA ?
    I piss on it.

  135. 135
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Well, Guido, it worked for Sealand and the REM Island off the Dutch coast in the 1960s (a new build artificial island) so with modern techniques, there’s no reason why it wouldn’t work, today.

  136. 136
    Raving Loon says:

    +1 on voting for Ron Paul

  137. 137
    David Miliband says:

    I call leader of the …Oh, For fucks sake! Not again.

  138. 138
    AC1 says:

    I would suggest that Georgism would be a good way of doing away with the harmful aspects of transfer taxation.

    New Land (i.e. boats etc) could be given via tax (LVT) refunds. In time LVT refunds would become the local currency.

  139. 139
    Rage Against the Political Elite says:

    Put me down for a seat. I would live any where happily outside of the State Sponsored Terrorism, Economic Terrorism, and the way Government has been hijacked by the Political Elite, To Destroy then offer the Tools to Fix our every Problem. The Political Elite have lost their Legitimate Roll through their total disregard of the LAW and any Due Process. They have created a fragmented State through Social Science Experimentation the disenfranchise of the young Men and Man hood in General.

  140. 140
    Anonymous says:

    Does not matter. Shit film either way.

  141. 141
    smoggie says:

    It’s already been tried on land. Stalin called them Gulags.

  142. 142
    Charles says:

    Google is looking to literally offshore it’s data centres. Perhaps deals could be struck between large corporations, wealthy businessmen looking for new tax havens and common libertarians who would like to live and work in such places.

  143. 143
    backs to the wall says:

    Careful, he might try and pull you

  144. 144
    smoggie says:

    Yes, sounds like Douglas Adams’ ‘B’ Ark.

    “Yes, so anyway,” he resumed, “the idea was that into the first ship, the ‘A’ ship, would go all the brilliant leaders, the scientists, the great artists, you know, all the achievers; and into the third, or ‘C’ ship, would go all the people who did the actual work, who made things and did things, and then into the `B’ ship – that’s us – would go everyone else, the middlemen you see.”

    He smiled happily at them.

    “And we were sent off first,” he concluded, and hummed a little bathing tune.

  145. 145
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    It is possible i’m buying one of the patents to technology that will help make it happen. Those of you who know of my infamous track winning record on bets on this blog will know TaT always backs a winner.

  146. 146
    Captain Pugwash says:

    Blistering barnacles! Dithering dogfish! Lolloping libertarians!

  147. 147
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So Bowden and his fellow screen lickers don’t like this comment.

  148. 148
    Put Bowden on the stop list says:

    So Bowden and the other screen lickers don’t like my comment huh!

  149. 149
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Boom Boom!

  150. 150
    Gonk says:

    It’ll be like a floating YHA.
    Everyone will be allocated certain ‘tasks’

  151. 151
    Put Bowden on the stop list says:

    … maybe a bit to close to home! If you don’t like it please feel free to take a full refund etc

  152. 152
    smoggie says:

    You may jest, but Merkel has already suggested that the Greeks could sell off a few of their islands.

  153. 153
    Loungelizard says:

    I think that’s Captain Haddocks line.

  154. 154
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Not necessarily. Often the reason is for one to give something to the other…

  155. 155
    smoggie says:

    I thought Water World was quite good. Beautifully filmed – a sort of wet Mad Max – but you have to be into that sort of thing.

  156. 156
    Anonymous says:

    Keyboard don’t need power – at least not in the sense of churning anything.

  157. 157
    smoggie says:

    Don’t forget Radio Caroline.

  158. 158

    Won’t work without a boat load of Mexicans in tow, or who would clean the shitters.

  159. 159
    Anonymous says:

    Actually, Stalin called them Гла́вное управле́ние исправи́тельно-трудовы́х лагере́й и коло́ний

  160. 160
    smoggie says:

    Will you sink the vessel with your magical powers and start a floater of your own?

  161. 161
    Aaron D Highside says:

    ‘…free of regulation, laws, and moral conventions.’
    …and tsunamis?

  162. 162
    Jimmy says:

    Yes we’ll miss all the Ponzi scheme operators who, let’s face it, will be the ones signing up for this.

  163. 163
    Gordon Brown says:

    Nursie says the toilets probably won’t be at all comfortable.

    I don’t care aboot that; I like the ideas of my magic jobbies going all floaty around That Really Big Ship Full Of Rich People:

    Plop! Plop! Plop! Intae the water, an a’ the magic rubbing off- the mighty shit on the Mighty Ship! (Rictus grin).

    I might go to give them a lecture on How To Do Things Properly.

  164. 164
    Engineer says:

    If that came to pass, would not the Libertarians become Librarians?

  165. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Thiel is just another libertarian who spouts on about gay rights and indvidual freedoms being the most important issues in the world. Why?…because it’s good for business.

    He’s a far right predatory libertarian who promotes Austrian School economic theory. He made most of his money speculating with other peoples money and is just another bubble chaser.

    People of his kind abuse liberal-democracies for their own greedy needs.

    The liberal-democratic system counts on most of the electorate not understanding how it really works in the interest of those who profit from it. That’s what anarchism, or ‘freedom’, is really all about, and it’s why some foreign regimes try to keep us out.

    Anarchist Libertarians like Alisa Zinov’yevna Rosenbaum (Ayn Rand) and Thiel conspire to keep the world as they desire. They just do (did) it in different ways.

  166. 166
    from the heavily gilded office of the Prime Mincer says:

    can I be queen ?

  167. 167
    Grauniad says:


  168. 168
    AC1 says:

    Me too. And the bad guy was awesome.

  169. 169
    Jimmy says:

    Picture if you will a brave new world where a man can go out and never have to worry about being cornered by some crashing bore droning on about how the Fountainhead changed his life.

    You may say I’m a dreeeaaamer….

  170. 170
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Meanwhile back in the real world?

  171. 171
    The BBC thinks THIS is the main news story says:

    Oh you mean “Hackgate” ?????

  172. 172
    Titford Hat says:

    They could have Milton Keynes for nothing.

  173. 173
    from the heavily gilded office of the Prime Mincer says:

    if its liquid gold I could be interested

  174. 174
    Evie Lennon says:

    Can Fatso Watson be Court Jester?

  175. 175
    BBC auditor says:

    There should be a separate lonely island for politicians which they can run themselves. I propose the first castaway being Harriat Harridan Harperson.
    Should be interesting to see them all fighting each other to death.
    Would be a better TV reality programme than the Beeb or others are currently showing or planning, that’s for sure.

  176. 176
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    In your little dream world food, clothing, power just produces itself. In the real world, people have to work producing those things. They’re not something a 23 year old MBA can conjure up on a laptop.

  177. 177
    Sally B says:

    Actually I prefer to stay in this socialist shithole. More homeless men to choose from.

  178. 178
    Da Bill B Da Man Innit says:

    Hey, Billy! You’ve wound up yet another tosser!

    Well done, old chap – keep up the good work

  179. 179
    structurally confused says:

    or Labia

  180. 180
    The death Police says:

    Man Killed by Plod Taser

    It had to happen, as the Plod become ever more trigger happy with their Taser guns. Rather than a weapon of last resort it is now becoming the weapon of first resort when things become a tad difficult for them.

  181. 181
    Mr Slater says:

    If you need any Parrots for your Island, call me…

  182. 182
    Alexsandr says:

    will there be beer and lap dancers and hookers and stuff like that?
    count me out!

  183. 183
    annette curton says:

    Can’t be long before somebody sets up the British Library of tweets, e-mails and huge quantities of shredded A4 that will need to be painstakingly pieced together (I thought of it first if are there are any Government grants going).

  184. 184
    AC1 says:

    Only people like anonymong knows what best for other people and that’s why its perfectly fine to extort it from them, even if they are stupid enough to disagree.

  185. 185
    Officer Barbrady says:

    Yes, at first I was happy to be learning how to read. It seemed exciting and magical, but then I read this: Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand. I read every last word of this garbage, and because of this piece of shit, I am never reading again.

  186. 186
    AC1 says:

    Yes, but what colour should The Wheel be?

  187. 187
    Anonymous says:

    People actually finish Atlas Shrugged?

  188. 188
    Silly Bercow says:

    We could call such a place “Furrycupopolis”

  189. 189
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Stan Dewhurst (friend of the deceased):

    “It is just a massive shock to me.”

  190. 190
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I could be the Island whore.

  191. 191
    Warren Finger Buffet says:

    Bargain! Just collect all the gold sovereign rings from the inhabitants of Canvey and you will recoup your investment ten fold.

  192. 192
    AC1 says:

    That’s called the BBC.

    Although you’ll have to watch your back in the toilets, and listen to a crashing bore droning on about how the Das Kapital* changed his life

    *Should also be marked as fiction.

  193. 193
    Chris Huhne says:

    What will the speed limit be on such a utopia and do your points carry over ?

  194. 194
    AC1 says:

    Not at all. I just think that your thinking is a little constrained by the if you can’t put a box around it it’s not wealth fallacy.

  195. 195
    Dave Griffiths says:

    Excellent idea, don’t worry, we won’t stand in your way.

    Don’t let the door hit your bum on the way out!

  196. 196
    John Lennon imagining no possessions for the little people says:

    Would I be allowed to keep my white Roller ?

  197. 197
    Breaking News ! says:

    CPS request that Essex police make further enquiries into allegations surrounding Chris Huhne. This is what is known in legal circles as kicking the mattwr into the long grass.

  198. 198
    Muck Cliff-Awd says:

    Sal Bercow is in the House tomorrow.
    Her publicist is Mr Oily Slymeball himself.
    They deserve each other.

  199. 199
    suggestion says:

    Perhaps you could retrain.

  200. 200
    The Golem says:

    … and lawyers too?

  201. 201
    Captain Haddock says:

    Thundering typhoons!

  202. 202
    Anonymous says:

    Four years for incitement to riot on Facebook. Surely Jody McIntyre and Laurie Penny should have had their collars felt by now.

  203. 203
    Rev Jim Jones says:

    Jonestown looked so good on paper I tell you.

  204. 204
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    Oh dear, have the sailors ND’ed again?

  205. 205
    Gobby c unt watch says:

    Were you there ? Do you know the situation that confronted them ? No,do you fuck your just a gobby c unt mouthing off from your armchair.

  206. 206
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:


  207. 207
    John Lenin says:

    I got no car and it’s breaking my heart.

  208. 208
    Bedwetterworld says:

  209. 209
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    Perhaps the officer will end up in a Circuit Court

  210. 210
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    Isn’t it great you finally learnt how to read, Barbrady?

    – The Chicken-Lover

  211. 211
    Randy jet pilot says:

    I’ve bombed Labia a few times!

  212. 212
    Dr Stantz says:

    Was going to mention the Bioshock likeness as soon as I saw this story if no one had done.

    Guido, would you kindly have a play of Bioshock with Peter and comment on it’s conclusion.

  213. 213
    Jabba the Cat says:

    Shame plod did not taser a lot of scum during the riots, particularly with the setting at lethal and beyond.

  214. 214
    BBC auditor says:

    Don’t forget the BBC and Guardian – very necessary evils

  215. 215
    Asimo 2.0 says:

    I can do all those things.

  216. 216
    Nemo says:

    But think of all those lovely STIs no medical attention, no drugs etc except if you have loads of dosh, when that’s gone over the side with you, it only takes one. Think of all those lovely fights you would get into, no referees, no law inforcement, the biggest wins. Do remember that Goulding book Lord of the Flies, it would end up like that, only no ship will be there to bring order, oh dear, becareful for what you wish for, you might get more than you bargained for.

  217. 217
    Tacitus says:

    Germans would buy them, and Greeks would emigrate to them for the work they provide.

  218. 218
    Tacitus says:

    Except the weather is not all as seen on tourist sites.

  219. 219
    Disgusted of Antarctica says:

    What? Like Guido’s death penalty petition?

  220. 220
    Tacitus says:

    Obviously they will open the floodgates on immigration?
    Oh sorry since there is no votes in it this may be a bit premature.

    I know we will advertise for Interns in the Guardian and pay them slave wages until they are approved.

  221. 221
    Tacitus says:

    I see Nokia could be subject to take over from Microsoft.
    Brown’s curse yet again. Soon there will be nothing left if he is allowed out of his room.

  222. 222
    Displaced Brummie says:

    That’s you, then, 14!

  223. 223
    Reason says:

    No. But if you’d read it properly you’d know that.

  224. 224
    Handycock, Ocean Going Shagger says:

    Will I be able to bring any young girls?

  225. 225
    Anonymous says:

    errr…. why not try Hong Kong.

    Maximum 15% income tax rate. No tax on interest, dividends, capital gains, inheritance. No sales tax.

    Very safe, violent crime 1/10th the level of the UK. Did I mention the low tax rate?

  226. 226
    Anonymous says:

    I hope he takes Paypal with him, the Hunt.

  227. 227
    Andy Marr is a jug eared cunt says:

    Can I pay to have hookers shove dildos up my bum? What are your polygamy laws like?

  228. 228

    Kinda pathetic Peter Thiel got beat at his own game by Chase Coleman. The lightbulb over his head must have been on a timer

  229. 229
    Cameron Is A Cunt says:

    If I can afford it, I will certainly move to a seasteading libertarian “island”, probably not yours though Guido.

  230. 230
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Atlas shrugged!

  231. 231
    God is an Englishman. says:

    You’re dead then, are you?

  232. 232
    hg says:

    Watch out, it could take your eye out

  233. 233
    God is an Englishman. says:


  234. 234
    Figure of Hate says:

    For all of its faults, I quite like the island most of us are on.

    I feel it’s improving as well, but we will have to be patient.

    For me the biggest issue isn’t the economy, employment or law and order, it’s HMG having its hands tied by an electorate that’s been brainwashed for 13 years. That will take some time to undo. Everything else is in a holding pattern until that’s resolved.

  235. 235
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Procreation, except for the shirt-lifter and fishy finger brigades.

  236. 236
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Nah! Her juices stopped flowing years ago. Thank fuck for KY jelly, though.

  237. 237
    God is an Englishman. says:

    In the Andrew they are known as “Admiral Browns”
    Prophetic, eh?

  238. 238
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Paypal is now pwned by eBay.

  239. 239
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Thundring thighs!
    Ah! That’s better – bring the Kleenex.

  240. 240
    Armed and extremely dangerous says:

    He was shot 3 times by the police. They really should not be allowed to carry deadly weapons as a matter of course.

  241. 241
    straight as I die says:

    but if they’re all arsebandits, won’t they be up each other’s shitters all the time?

  242. 242
    Anonymous says:

    Did you mention the Chinese?

  243. 243
    low resolution fox says:

    Why not just move to the Cayman Islands?

    Love the idea in principle, but realistically how much will this cost per square foot. Probably only going to be occupied by financial services and hedgers.

  244. 244
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Radio Caroline, Radio North Sea International, Radio Mi Amigo, Radio Seagull, Radio Atlantis! Ah. Showing my age, now! ;)

  245. 245
    Boadicea's main man says:

    Atlas Shrugged is a tedious piece of badly written shite.

    And it’s a novel.

    If you want somewhere decent to live, make England a decent place to live.

  246. 246
    GC says:

    “That’s the best review of “Atlas” I’ve read”

    Nah, the review is crap; It divulges no specific information and contains too many straw men, which suggests that it was never read in the first place.

    Anyway, according to his son, Whittaker “Gas” Chambers went grovelling back to Rand after writing it, so it’s a double helping of Fail.

  247. 247
    Didya Nothat says:

    On average, when a city doubles in size, the inhabitants are 15% better off.

  248. 248
    GC says:

    No, “robots will do everything” is the Venus Project. That’s a completely different kettle of fish.

  249. 249
    GC says:

    You’re confusing libertarians with New Labour supporters.

  250. 250
    Eternal Vigilant says:

    That was the point. Do you see now, leftymong.

  251. 251
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    We’re not talking about ‘wealth’, we’re talking about the real things that we need to survive. Money – which is what you mean by ‘wealth’ – is just a means of exchange. There have to be real goods to exchange – food, clothing and shelter.

  252. 252
    filipinomonkey says:

    we had him down as anchor

  253. 253
    Foreigntory says:

    Ayn Rand = complete fraud and ideas recycler and sadist. Tory love for her is tragic and revolting given her obsession with sick killer Edward Hickman. I love the Marquis de Sade for his monetary policy.

  254. 254
    Anonymous says:

    This is the B Ark, presumably.

  255. 255
    Florence Tyler says:

    This guy is a major backer of the transhumanist movement- a movement that enaged citizens need to be wary of.They are wolves in sheeps clothings in the sense that they talk benignly about technological progress but their approach economically means that technology will solidify the divide in society. Ray kurzweil is another very rich guy backing this movement but hes obviously a fantasist and so is ignored by the majority BUT his fetish of tecnhology and the values underpinning it are dangerous in themselves even if his “technoutopia” will not in reality fully come into existence.More like dystopia.

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