August 12th, 2011

So Long Jody

Radical leftist Jody McIntyre shot to fame after he falsely accused the police of brutality after last year’s student protests. Having positioned himself on the frontline in a wheelchair, the police took the decision to move him out of the way for safety. The IPCC threw out the complaint and McIntyre’s integrity took a hit when he boasted about being on the roof of Millbank CCHQ, along with the fire extinguisher tosser. Guido covered the matter at the time.

Obviously McIntyre had everything required to became a darling of the provocative left, and not long after the Indy gave him a blogging platform and Channel 4 commissioned him to make documentaries. Well not any more.

As Harry’s Place points out, McIntyre’s spectacularly badly judged incitement to riot tweets this week have seen him ditched from the Indy, HuffPo and his telly show cancelled. A lesson there. With his career in tatters, young Jody’s heart should be jumping in his mouth every time there is a knock on the door. The same police that he tried to screw over are coming for anyone who stirred up trouble….


  1. 1
    Helpful says:

    If they don’t charge him will they be accused of disability discrimination?


    • 18
      Rog says:

      Unfortunately, I can’t see the police wanting to arrest such a leftie dahling.

      He should, of course already have been in court for incitement to riot.

      Utter bastard.


      • 29
        Rog says:

        Anyway, why haven’t the cops nicked him yet – even his employers admit he was inciting rioters?


        • 82
          Curious says:

          What would stop some concerned citizen in these days of the Big Society laying an information before magistrates?


          • Anonymous says:

            As I understand it, he’s liable for a citizen’s arrest. Incitement to riot is DEFINITELY an “arrestable offence”.

            Nick him like Tatchell tried with Mugabe.


          • Anonymous says:

            Unfortunately he would love the martyrdom. Imagine the histrionics as he arrived at court.


          • Guido's pack of feral bedwetters wanking furiously over Maggie's picture says:

            Can we suck a riot cop’s cock?


          • Atar says:

            You wish!

            You are Peter Tatchell, and I claim my five pounds.

            Either that, or you are just a saddo projecting, lefty submissive, desperately in need of some abuse.



          • Blair's pack of feral bedwetters wanking furiously over Che's picture says: says:

            I offered Tone my rear, but I settled for sucking Gordon off.


        • 320
          Displaced Brummie says:

          They do not want to give Jody any more publicity.


      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        Sir Philip’s businesses could never survive but for Britain’s famous social and political stability, our transport system to shift his goods and our schools to educate his workers.
        Yet Sir Philip, who a few years ago sent an extraordinary £1 billion dividend offshore, seems to have little intention of paying for much of this.


        • 55
          Sungei Patani says:

          What has this to do with Jody McIntyre?


          • equality of Jail time says:

            His “disability” should not be used as an excuse not to imprison him.

            “equality of opportunity, equality of justice, equality of Jail time !”


          • MrAngry61 says:

            Jody M deserves prison – but being ‘wheelchair bound’ more or less guarantees that he won’t be incarcerated, as I am unaware of any prisons that are adapted for wheelchair users.

            The worst M can look forward to is tagging & home curfew.


          • Rog says:

            The fucker can get to several riots, get to the frontline in other riots, “engage” with the “feds” and climb to the top of tall buildings along with fire-extinguisher tossers. When it suits him.

            He can fucking well go to prison too, the utter bastard! Wouldn’t want to patronise him now, he wouldn’t like it.


          • M says:

            If he’s looking for telly work
            Little Britain
            As that shite in the wheel chair


        • 120
          Lord Lucan says:

          You idiot, Phillip Green’s wife owns the business and she is not a UK citizen. It’s legally not his money! How are you going to make him pay tax on it?


          • Taxed to death says:

            If the morons who dream up our tax laws had any brain at all they would realise that they would collect more tax if the rates were lower. How can you compete on a global level when the tax rate is much higher than elsewhere?

            Only the middle earners on p.a.y.e. pay tax.

            But we get the politicians we deserve :(


          • A squeezed middle says:

            I remember a study of income tax.

            A 0% rate doesn’t work, neither does 100%, so clearly it needs to be somewhere in between.

            Given that you pay NI on top of the 50% rate, and then pay 20% VAT on nearly everything you buy, with the top rate effectively approaching 75% is it actually worth working at all?


          • handypara says:

            But his wife being the “legal” owner is in itself a fiddle.

            And regardless of tax rates, if there weren’t so many loopholes built in to the tax system we’d claw much more back from the Phillip Greens and Vodaphones of this world.


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            @ A squeezed middle

            Is it worth working at all? Almost not. I used to be a top-rate taxpayer but the tax grab became so bad (and the terms of employment so odious), I stopped bothering. Now, each year, I earn up to the tax threshold (£7.5K this year), then stop working until the next tax year. My husband does the same. If we worked any more than that, we’d have to work about 40% more hours to take home the same rate of pay. So we don’t.

            And why should we, when the government just pisses our money away on the EU, foreign aid, illegal wars and feral chavs’ benefits?

            As for the 0%/100% thing, this is what I was taught in business studies A-level many years ago; if a government taxes income @ 0%, it gets nothing because the tax is 0%. If it taxes @ 100%, it also gets nothing, as no one would bother working. Government has to find a happy balance, and adjust its expenditure accordingly. I’d say the happy balance is 20%.


          • james111 says:

            @squeezed middle

            I entirely agree. As soon as you get over 50% of your income being taken away, you are effectively being pimped by the Government. Not a great thought.

            Even at 40%, the rates for which start at relatively modest levels, you end up at 70%. These are staggering levels and must come close to the ruinous wealth taxes of the 70s Labour Government. We must also remember all the stealth taxes – alcohol, holidays (flight tax), tv licence, road licence, council tax – the list goes on and on). Goodness knows what all this amounts to in % terms.

            I get rather fed-up continually hearing people suggesting that our pockets should be plundered for their own pet political projects. I would like to see the Government enclose a form with inland revnue correspondence which could be used where people do not feel they are paying enough tax and would like to contribute something more. Let’s then see what the amount raised by these socialists comes to. I think we know!


          • Anonymous says:

            He makes the money in UK, so deduct 50% of dividend as tax on all foreign shareholders.

            The biggest joke is he paid the dividend by raising bank loans. Who do you think ended up holding this loan?


          • John Bellingham says:

            Actually Tessa, if one eliminates allowances, deferments, tax free pay etc and imposes a flat rate of 10%— more money would be raised that even a 20% rate.


          • SteamIron says:

            Tax on a few millionaires won’t pay for Gordon the Moron’s debt or our deficit. It won’t pay an hour’s interest on the debt.

            Mongs who use this specious argument should be taxed more just to see how they like it.


        • 166
          Anonymous says:

          ‘Are we obliged to be a part of society?’ #ukuncut #ukriot #rallyagainstdebt #londonriots #tax #blog
          already answered the anti-capitalist prat


        • 205
          in-bred bedwetter psychopath from the Russian Steppes says:

          Anti-semitic c’unt.


        • 321
          Displaced Brummie says:

          39, You DO know you are a complete and utter pilchard, don’t you?


        • 366
          The Governor says:

          There are a considerable number of wheel chair users in prison. I have a specially adapted cell vacant.


      • 47
        Rog says:

        One of his tweets:

        “Be inspired by the scenes in #tottenham, and rise up in your own neighbourhood. 100 people in every area = the way we can beat the feds.”

        When will the met be calling?


      • 297
        Stan Ahstairlift says:

        He should be clamped and towed away


    • 24
      Lord Lucan says:

      A few hundred years ago the little Spaz would have been strangled at birth or made a living as a circus freak, yet he hates the society that has given him a very nice life. Typical socialist.


      • 30
        Ducks and Drakes says:

        with any luck he might get a good dose of robust policing whilst hes helped into the back of the van…cretin needs a good hammering


      • 38
        Mao money says:

        Jesus – That is one of the most disgusting and odious comments I have ever seen on any forum. I daresay it was people like you doing the strangling back in the day, pal.


        • 52
          A spastic says:

          Fuck off you poove.


          • Jody Oneflattyre (ever decreasing circles) says:

            Some of Jody’s best keffiyah-wearing mates have little time for pooves and very much favour their brutal dispatch.


        • 57
          Fluffy Thoughts says:


          The kid may be a feck-up but ribbing him for something he was born with is utter contempt. Let the new – LA-inspired – Met have a few words [sic] with him….

          Then throw away the keys…!


          • Ballsbreaker says:

            Gordon had two Balls – they got married and have talked bollocks ever since. Brwon now has no balls which is why he is often called a coward.

            Red Ed now has Brown’s balls and regularly talks bollocks.


        • 60
          Gonk says:

          Was a bit below the belt.
          But I often think you lefties think abuse
          and name calling is rather more of a crime
          than say..murder, or arson, or chucking
          someone off a bridge. So fack orffff


          • Mao money says:

            Objecting to this type of bile makes me a lefty? By all means criticise his politics etc, but this type of stuff would make Dr Mengele beam with pride.


          • Aren't we awful says:

            Goebells had a club foot.

            He would have been strung up despite.

            And did AH not have one ball.


          • British Public Opinion says:

            in honesty your namesake would have been better strangled at birth and by the sound of it you should have been a conjoined twin


        • 126
          Lord Lucan says:

          It’s a fact he would have been strangled at birth a few hundred years ago, probably by his parents.

          If you don’t like the comments you are on the wrong blog. Go over to the Guardian and feel sympathy and solidarity with the Looters.


          • Mao money says:

            Likewise – if you dislike it here so much, fuck off to America and vote for Sarah Palin. On your way out, tell the PM your thoughts on ‘spaz’s’. He’d appreciate that.


          • anon. says:

            Isn’t there a Downs syndrome child in the Palin know the one that edgy comedian on Richard Bacon’s BBC radio thigy show started a campaign for his abortion.


      • 64
        I Hate Tesco AND the Pope says:

        Jody’s not entirely dissimilar to Lord Stansgate, is he? Stansgate – aka Wedgie Benn – has made a damn good living for half a century out of his rejection of a peerage while hanging on like a limpet to the money and privilege. It’s time these “socialist” were stuck in their own concentration camp, with en endless loop of Red Ken’s nauseating whine on the sound system.


        • 75
          Gonk says:

          The anti-capitalist with bleedin loads
          of the stuff


        • 93
          labourunionsbbc we are one says:

          Are you forgetting that the man (and his off springs) of the people helped the people in that most popular act of bringing into being the peoples Radio 1, after shutting down the unpopular and unwanted evil pirate radio stations, and thereby giving people what was to become the liebore mantra of ‘choice’.

          In his case it was NO choice.


          • Displaced Brummie says:

            93, Oh, yes, I know of Benn and his Marine Offences Act!

            By the way, John Stonehouse was the PMG when Radio North Sea International was jammed by the cypto-communist Wilsonista government. BASTARD!

            And we know what happened to Stonehouse, don’t we? (O had a crush on his secretary/lover, though. She was HOT HOT HOT!


        • 127
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Yes Benn talks a good socialist game and he renounced his title but he still got the big estate and he doesn’t like people using the cliff path along it. A extreme example of the champagne socialist hypocrite. Wealth redistribution is for others only.

          I expect he will be the next editor of the Guardian. I wonder if he’s ever shagged Polly Toynbee.


          • Everard Burgerpenis says:

            That has just conjured up a very unpleasant scene in my mind that will be hard to shift


          • Depressed beyond tablets says:

            Where’s the estate?. I’ve got a week off and the wife wants to go camping. I might just stick the tent on his clifftop path for a night. All land in common etc.

            Harold Wilson’s wife never said hello if you saw her on the Isles of Scilly Not even if you berated her with “I thought you’d say hello, being a socialist!”

            Anyway, what’s that spazmong, joo-hating, odd-eyed, Ironside Macintyre bastard got a spoke in his wheels about?


    • 28
      Yasmin Allah-Baba-Brown says:

      couldn’t happen to a nicer Davros


    • 87
      Oh blimey. says:

      What a complete pillock this guy is, and a nasty one as well. What is more concerning is that Channel 4 would commission him to make a documentary? Can their judgement really be so poor?


      • 167
        Thermidorian Reaction says:

        I knew the vicious little shit-stirring dick reminded me of somebody from history: Georges Couthon. And may he *** the same way for all the deaths, trauma, and damage he and his friends have gleefully helped unleash on this country.


    • 97
      Scallywag says:

      They could always let his tyres down. That should slow the little bastard up a bit…


    • 113
      Ruud van Driver says:

      The judge will order him dismantled for six months.


    • 123
      The BBC are scum says:

      Cut the fucker’s benefits and take his wheelchairaway.


    • 129
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      The Indy’s not had a good run with its pet lefties recently has it. Just need Yasmin Alibhai Brown now for the hat trick


      • 153
        joescotus says:

        yep expose yasmin.. for lefty carpetbagging c4unt she is. ermm dont bother i want to keep my supper down


    • 148
      Tarquin Lloyd-Davies says:

      The police should’ve done society a favour at the student riots and wheeled this dribbling twat into the Thames!


    • 171
      handypara says:

      Anyone know why the subversive little shit wasn’t charged for being on the roof of Millbank CCHQ?


    • 216
      nell says:

      If they don’t charge him they are going to be guilty of gross incompetence!


    • 224
      labour in da nile says:

      looks like someone edited his blog. i swear to god there was a reference for his comrades to mask up if theres a police chopper about.


    • 281
      Mr Slater's Parrot says:

      SQWAAARRRKKKK!!! (flutter) KRIPPLEKRIPPLE! (stare) (hate)


  2. 2
    Plod says:

    Ello…ello…ello….Who’s Been a Naughty Jody then?


  3. 3
    sesame street riots says:

    the wheels of justice?


  4. 4
    Bobby Mugabe says:

    String the fucker up


  5. 5
    Stuff Zanu Liebour says:

    What a knob.


  6. 6
    tube-thumper says:

    oh dear and to think i fucked hsn girlfriend last night. I almost feel bad


  7. 7
    Ranter says:

    What a hateful little spaz (and yes I can say that as I am one too – disabled that is, well not officially, but i WILL BE ONE DAY, ficking mobility scooter and mobility 4×4 too)


  8. 8
    Percy Longprong says:

    He should be examined to see if he realy is disabled


  9. 9
    Anonymous says:

    proud to say I played a small part in his downfall


  10. 10
    Laba Loota says:

    Loving it.

    Close the door on the way out Jody.


  11. 11
    • 41
      British Public Opinion says:

      what extraordinary stupidity editors exercised in commissioning him to do anything…malevolent bastards


      • 206
        Ichabod says:

        The Independent has always been a newspaper for adolescents and the perennially immature–sometimes intelligent, but never really adult.


    • 50
      Wait and see says:

      Human Rights Conventions are very clear in permitting the use of lethal force even if mistaken in the prevention of crime.

      I will await the Ipcc report in due course.

      Certainly stirred up the gang bosses of Enfield though, didn’t it?

      Wonder why?


      • 145
        Crikey says:

        Yes wonder why, since for most of the year they are happy shoot each other?. Including of course any women or young children. No riots or looting then of course.


    • 371
      Dennis Ritchie says:

      Set a light of love

      set a light’s gone
      up to the skies
      Thing like that drive me
      out of my mind


  12. 13
    Anonymous says:

    nothing important here move on by ………


  13. 14
    JH says:

    Not so fucking clever now, are we? Looks like he will have to find some other way to channel impotent rage at his maker.

    Self righteous little twat. Next time he goes on a roof, he should at least have the decency to pick one that is pitched at a steep angle.


  14. 16
    Ramrod says:

    A liar who fabricates stories? He could team up with Jonathan Hari.


  15. 17
    Jimmy says:

    Oh you wacky “libertarians”.


  16. 19
    The voice of unreason says:

    We should be grateful that most of these left-wing agitators are pretty stupid.


  17. 20
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    When is plod coming to get the BBC?


  18. 22
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Nice one Guido!!! Another Leftie gets his collar felt or perhaps his whellie chair pushed down the local nick!


  19. 23
    Ran into a wheelchair with the BBC says:

    Jog on, lefty c u n t s.


    • 49
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      The most disturbing thing of the riots on TV was seeing one woman in Birmingham and one in Salford telling people to “jog on”. I have to admit I’ve avoided the term until now. Where the hell did it come from.


      • 53
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        Chavs some shitty movie I think.


      • 111
        labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        It was one of those Londoner’s terms that come and go, we used to use it in the 1960s.

        Back then it meant ‘no chance’ sort of a mild fu’ck off.


        • 133
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          One of the women was giving grief to a party leader. might have been dave. she ended up with three policemen sitting on her.

          The other was telling a bloke in a shop in salford not to say her shitty little scumspawn were shittly little scumspawn because thats why they acted like shitty little scumspawn.


          • PD77 says:

            one of the sh**y scumspawn was a little *ahem* tanned, the others were obviously blessed with different fathers too from the looks of them, made me laugh because the one thing that stuck in my mind was how she said something about how the police shouldn’t have shot that guy in Tottenham, Walt Disney must’ve had a premonition it is a small world after all, unless Manchester has now become a suburb of London?


  20. 25
    Anonymous says:

    He should be heavily fined and dismantled for 6 months


  21. 26
    Gonk says:

    How the hell did he get to the
    top of CCHQ in a wheelchair ?


    • 31
      Gonk says:

      Sorry. Dopey of me. Probably used
      that new fangled device… a lift


    • 51
      Anonymous says:

      He walked.


      • 165
        PD77 says:

        That is correct, one of his compatriots carried his wheelchair whilst he used crutches to ascend the stairs to the roof, that right there is more than enough to have his disability means tested, if he can manage to do that then he is more able bodied than he makes out and his benefits and entitlements should go to someone more deserving!


    • 248
      Anonymous says:

      like teh dalex

      gchq should hace herd him cummin yeh?


  22. 32
    Kerry talks about justice says:

    He’s a fucking hypocrite. I tried to post a comment on his blog and every single comment is moderated, not just some. This is a twat who espouses free speech but won’t even allow anyone to criticise him on his own blog. There’s a reason all his threads have either no comments or just 3!


  23. 34
    The Stilton Eater says:

    It’s been a hard week. But this prat’s downfall is very satisfying.


  24. 35
    Displaced Brummie says:

    Who would call a male child Jody? FFS!


  25. 36
    So much for claims it was a political protest by oppressed teens says:

    Sky’s running interview with teenagers who said they had fun looting and called it a shopping spree.


    • 54
      Excuses, Excuses says:

      To be fair to those young looters, they did trot out the usual list of excuses favoured by Harperson and the rest of Labour – Uni Fees, EMA reform, unemployment, not enough money, nasty rich people, no opportunities, blah blah.


      • 69
        Cynical-old-bag says:

        Harperson will be fanning the flames by trotting out these glib statements, which the youngsters will agree with, and they think she is supporting them while all the time, she can be safe in the knowledge that her own offspring are not going to join any unemployment queue – ever.


      • 78
        Anonymous says:

        So all Labour politicians, spin doctors etc should also be jailed for incitement to riot.


      • 106
        HenryV says:

        I liked the 16 year old who said he grabbed stuff for his son. I was ashamed for a millisecond (that is a real unit not a Labour introduced unit) for thinking about the mother is white and under age.

        Most teenagers I know spent their EMA on mobile top ups, drink, cigarettes, burgers, and condoms.

        Those who will need financial help with their education will still get it and probably get more because HMG is subsidising the nation’s pocket money bill.


        • 110
          HenryV says:

          “Isn’t subsidising.”

          Oh to be allowed to edit comments here.


        • 150
          Atar says:

          Unfortunately, HMG has no money to spunk on EMA.

          It’s the bloody taxpayer’s money, forcibly removed from them and gifted to the yoofs.


        • 288
          Anonymous says:

          He clearly did not spend it on condoms.That child is a living meal ticket to a council house and more benefits…scum bag.


          • HenryV says:

            I did say most! Having worked in an inner city youth group I know the prevailing attitude amongst young males with his outlook that it will be the girl’s fault for getting pregnant. And yes you are so right about the council house too.


      • 375
        SteamIron says:

        All the kids spent ema on booze and pills round here anyway. If you need to bribe kids to stay in edukashun there’s a problem. oh, there was……Nulab

        Need parents not EMA


    • 62
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      What idiots they are! I’m sure the shop/s they looted will have to pay much more money for their insurance premiums next year (as will we all, I expect), and some of their mates may well find themselves out of a job.

      Nice one. Well thought through, eh.


      • 270
        Gonk says:

        Fick but sly and carnivorous scum bags adapting
        in a flash to the ‘Golden moment’ of opportunity.
        This bountiful culture created by perverted
        politicians like that absolute and wondrous
        traitor Harman.


  26. 37
    Anonymous says:

    With several people injured or killed by rioters this histrionic evil bastard needs his come uppance.


    • 65
      BORED NOW says:

      He will get it.

      when he posted his “Incitement demands” and exposed by Mark Wallace. Several cops all made complaints about his tweets , last count about seventy. The Crazy Cripple’s time is up. To quote South Park- “Joddddyyyy” The left will die in this country , that is why Ed is treading carefully. The blame points in one direction. And the general British public see that.

      Four dead and people who had their property destroyed with no regard for their lives when they set them alight.

      A friend at the “Bar” tells me of family members bringing the imprisoned – many for the first time, the usual essentials such as underwear , toiletries etc. except they are bringing in MP3 Players , Nintendo DS’s and portable DVD Players.
      Of course the poor diddums parents are angry that their gadgets are refused. “WHAT ARE THEY SUPPOSED TO DO STARE AT THE WALL?” The concept of Prison and punishment to some is very alien that is what went wrong.


  27. 40
    Stu says:

    This guy is a tool.

    Have you read his poetry on his site?

    I believe he may actually be mentally ill.


  28. 42
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Did he make one single milligram of difference to the events this week.

    Point and laugh by all means but I’d like to go more strongly on the “pointless useless sod” angle.


    • 71
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      I think the phrase’ useful idiot’ could be amemded to useless idiot, just for this plank.


    • 275
      Mens rea says:

      The inciter must intend the others to engage in the behaviour constituting the offence, including any consequences which may result, and must know or believe (or possibly suspect) that those others will have the relevant mens rea.

      Jody, pack your toothbrush


  29. 43
    issac hunt says:

    can they save money on jail time and just clamp him?


  30. 45
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    Good Riddance! I’m glad to see that his disability did not stand in the way of his punishment!

    Perhaps we can now see his face?!


  31. 48
    Winny in a wheelchair watching the BBC make a complete arse of everything says:

    He is my hero. Not!


  32. 56
    Jody Mcintyre says says:

    They’re coming to take me away,
    Haha, they’re coming to take me away,
    Ho ho, hee hee, ha ha,
    To the funny farm
    Where Life is Beautiful all the time
    And I’ll be happy to see
    Those Nice Young Men
    In their Clean White Coats
    And they’re coming to take me AWAY,


  33. 58
    Marmite says:

    My old Grandad used to say “never trust an Arab or a cripple”. How right he was.


  34. 59
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    I’m on telly again tonight !! Sky at 6.30pm; hope you’re not getting sick of me ??

    Talking of sick, where’s my bucket ??


  35. 63
    The IT Crowd says:

    Squeak>I’m disabled.


  36. 66
    These people are not only criminals they're also thick as two planks an' all says:

    The inane twitterers on twitter and facebook haven’t yet realised that the actions of the rioters/looters and arsonists have created a vast change in the landscape of British Society and that anyone who has posted anything that could be taken as incitement to commit riots or other criminal acts can expect a knock on the door from the police and will pay a very heavy price..
    Incidentally apropos rioters..the prize for the thickest looter of the week must go to one of the four masked black 16 year olds interviewed by Sky…he tells Sky that he applied for a job at his local Comet Store recently but was turned down so he decided they would be a target for his criminal acts and he felt his actions totally justified and along with his buddies he trotted out the stale old excuses…trebling tuition fees and cutting EMA and background crap…sorry sonny but your application with photo,name and address will still be in Comet’s HR records…expect a knock on your door pretty soon from the “Old Bill”…better get the names of your buddies ready an’all…it’d be a shame for you to take the rap on your own and I’m afraid at 16 you can expect a custodial sentence


  37. 67
    Jody Macintyre says:

    I wrote this poem about how unfair life is you guys!

    First they said I’d never walk or talk,
    Then they said I’d never read or write,
    Or even if I spoke it wouldn’t make sense,
    And I’d never learn to ride my bike,

    They said I, couldn’t go to a normal school,
    Even though I could, shouldn’t walk cos I might fall,
    They said you’re better off in a wheelchair,
    They said live driven by your own fears,

    Then they said I could walk but not run,
    They said participate, but don’t have fun,

    They said listen to pop and rock but not hip-hop,
    Write on your laptop but don’t write poetry,
    Read trashy magazines not your history,
    Don’t seek the truth, just copy the TV,

    Then they said don’t travel the world,
    There’s nothing to be seen and nothing to be heard,
    Don’t go on your own, you’ll never manage that,
    And if you do, then you’ll never get back,

    And when I got back, they said settle down,
    Time for a normal life, don’t let em down,
    Go to uni, get money,
    Don’t complain, life’s the same, and it’s never gonna change,


    • 108
      anon. says:

      When you grow up you’ll find that the advice was true.

      The world is bigger and badder than suburban sprogs can ever imagine.

      No point in narcissitic whinging.

      Sh*t happens.

      That’s life.


    • 235
      handypara says:

      How old is he?


      • 263
        Polly Toynbee says:

        This young man is an ideological heavyweight of the new Left. Show some respect you peasant!


    • 327
      Fucking laptop poetry my arse says:

      Thing is “they” didn’t say all that stuff – that’s just your fucked-up head wishing you were important enough to be put down.

      “they” couldn’t give a fuck about what you listen to
      “they” couldn’t give a fuck about your laptop
      “they” couldn’t give a fuck about your magazines
      “they” couldn’t give a fuck about your boring gap-year travels

      They said listen to pop and rock but not hip-hop,
      Write on your laptop but don’t write poetry,
      Read trashy magazines not your history,
      Don’t seek the truth, just copy the TV,

      Then they said don’t travel the world,
      There’s nothing to be seen and nothing to be heard,
      Don’t go on your own, you’ll never manage that,
      And if you do, then you’ll never get back


    • 341
      JH says:

      What ‘they’ were saying Jody is, stop fucking whining for our assistance and recognition. In a roundabout, polite way.

      Do what the fuck you want, but off your own back, OK? Stop bothering others.


    • 363
      Hugh Mann says:

      “They” were correct. You should have listened.


  38. 70

    What exactly is it that these people believe, what drives them , how can we defeat them, in this article we discuss the emerging school of ’boutique leftism':


  39. 72
    nell says:

    So on the strength of his rioting past and the fact that he had made a complaint about the police that turned out to be a lie the left wing media hired him to spread his doctrine.

    Now he’s done just that they’ve sacked him.

    Well I suppose they know what they’re doing.


  40. 76
    Jody's not tweeted in a while. He must be depressed his career's dead says:


    • 90
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      He’s asking Johann Hari for career advice.


    • 95
      Anony Mong says:

      I’ve heard he’s fitting some nice bling spinners on his wheels an’ goin’ Monster Wheelchair drag racing. At least he won’t need a helmet with his head already safely planted up his arse.


    • 140
      Jody says:

      I will live of the despicable fascist state!!


      • 227
        nell says:

        Hmmm – petition to parliament by the ordinary hard working tax paying folks of Britain to stop benefits to people involved in riot has topped 150,000 – so possibly not!!


  41. 77
    Winny in a wheelchair watching the BBC make a complete arse of everything says:

    Oh what a shame. He is obviously extremely self conscious of his bad acne, he has to cover his pus up with a rag.


  42. 79
    • 105
      A bloke of a certain age says:

      Surreal to see MPs like Gerald Kaufman laying into the looters, wasnt he the MP who attempted to loot a flat screen television valued at £1,800 from the public purse and then shouted down the fees office for daring to query this abuse of the expense system.

      As above so below


      • 112
        A bloke of a certain age says:

        My mistake, the £1,800 was for a Rug he claimed. His TV claim was for £8,865.
        Fair takes your breath away does it not !


  43. 83

    Look at him in that ridiculous scarf.

    “Lawrence of Belgravia”


  44. 86
    Cr*wnPersecutionService says:

    We’re going to get the b*stard. We’re going to throw the book at him. We’re going to charge him with misuse of a blue badge!


  45. 88
    Observer says:

    Another reminder of the nonsense of Channel 4 being state-owned.


  46. 89
    Johann Hari-Lookalike says:

    “Can I quote you on that Jody?”


  47. 94
    Jog On Media Chav Productions. says:

    Forget Utopia! Welcome to Chavtopia! Where the Chavs will reign supreme.
    *I first heard the expression ‘Jog on’ by a Chav on BB. The media has a lot to answer for. Peddling shyt to the chavs.


  48. 96
    A bloke of a certain age says:

    Its instructive to note that during and in the immediate aftermath of the riots none of the c unts involved could give any justification for their actions. However in the days that followed thanks to an assortment of yoof spokespeople in the media and the usual lefty tossers, the little bastards now have plenty of ready made excuses.

    Its the Government innit
    Its the cuts innit
    Its the tuition fees innit……..and so it goes


    • 228
      A child born out of wedlock to a slut on benefits 'n that, innit says:

      Nah – just want mun-eee innit?

      ‘n traynas

      ‘n that

      no wot oi mean?



  49. 107
    Scallywag says:

    Crush his wheelchair and make the raghead bastard crawl…


    • 116
      I fucked Sally Bercow in the ass, hard. says:

      FYI – the wheelchair is just a PROP.

      He can walk just fine when he feels like it.



      • 139
        A doctor writes says:

        In that case I will write a gym prescription for him. He can go to the gym every other day and do heavy barbell squatting, under strict supervision. That will sort his legs out.


      • 176
        Anonymous says:

        Well break is legs for real then


  50. 109
    Sir William Waad says:

    Sacked by the Indy for writing rubbish!

    Now that’s like being sacked by IKEA for being rude to a customer, or being sacked by the MoD for wasting money, or being sacked by the BBC for being too left-wing. I mean, respec’ due.


  51. 114
    Ran into a wheelchair by C4 says:

    Dangerous, Lefty f@ck ups.


  52. 118
    Clarence says:

    Do they have any vacancies on Celebrity Big Brother?

    Jody, Sally Bercow and Jedward can natter about socialism in the steam-room all day.


    • 144
      British Public Opinion says:

      and Bercow can tweet the latest positions as Jed rogers Jody over the wheelchair…and then they can watch Davina bone her senseless..
      slack alice likes it up the speakerbox so they say


  53. 122
    Anonymous says:

    What is his background? He can’t be that important if doesn’t have a Wikipedia entry.


  54. 124
    Ed Milibandofhorses says:

    This is disgwatheful. You’ll be taking the pith out of people with thpeech impedimenth nektht.


  55. 131
    Gooey Blob says:

    Incitement to riot. What an idiot.


    • 162
      nell says:

      “Intentionally encouraging or assisting in the commission of an offence under the Serious Crime Act 2007″

      At least I suspect that’s what a charge might look like. And that’s why his media buddies dumped him so quickly, because otherwise he would have implicated them as well and they’d be facing the same charge.


  56. 135
    A doctor says:

    I see he identifies with the religion of peace, i wonder how they treat their raspberries; don’t they beg outside the walls of the city?


  57. 136
    Senior says:

    So Life on Wheels could become Life in Jail?


  58. 137
    nell says:

    From a parents point of view this is a sad tale.

    This youngster had it all going for him, overcome his disabilities to forge a career in journalism instead of which he’s wilfully chucked it all away to incite people to riot, steal and destroy property.

    He can’t claim, as has been claimed for some of the others that he lacked a decent home , family support or education and didn’t know any better because he had all those things.

    I hope he realises and regrets how much grief and distress his actions have caused his family but I suspect he has the same lefty arrogance like gordon that says he’s always right even when he’s clearly wrong.


    • 163
      Biffo the Bear says:

      Or he’s just a cretinous leftoid spaz


      • 181
        nell says:

        Well your prejudice aside, what he should have been was a force for good, a role model for others with difficulties .

        He had everythinng going for him to show that you can overcome disability and be successful and he trashed his own potential to become a voice for criminality and violence.

        That is the tragedy of his life not his disability.


        • 183
          Jack says:

          He sounds like Gordon Brown, Thuggie Whelan, Tom Watson, Ed Balls and co and Co with their Damian McbBride smearing operations….and ten years of “Lobby” criminality


          • Historian says:

            Gordon Brown was always disabled mentally

            Only the Labour Party could have elected a madman as Leader and Prime Minister

            To their eternal shame…


          • nell says:

            Well to be fair the labour party doesn’t have much of a track record for electing successful leaders apart from bliar the warmonger – lol. Though we probably shouldn’t laugh!

            It’s true that the pipe smoking harold and then sunny jim both struck a cord with the public for time but their reputations did not stand the test of time.

            The rest, kinnochio, gordon, foot and now militwit – well they all speak for themselves.

            Dismal record!!


          • nell says:

            Well to be fair the labour party doesn’t have much of a track record for electing successful leaders apart from bliar the wa rm on ger – lol. Though we probably shouldn’t laugh!

            It’s true that the pi pe smo kin g harold and then sunny jim both struck a cord, fleetingly, but their reputations did not stand the test of time.

            The rest, kinnochio, gordon, foot and now militwit – well they all sp e @ k for themselves.

            Dismal record!!


          • Oopsy daisy says:

            Tsk Nell!!

            Chord (as in striking a piano key)


          • nell says:

            tsk! indeed.

            thanks oopsydaisy.


        • 284
          Oh, why not. says:

          Then, Nell, he would have been applauded.

          But, as you pointed out, he let bitterness win and turned himself into an unfunny buffoon.

          I know of an elderly man blinded as a child in the closing months of WW2 by a V1. Damaged the optic nerves irreparably, He married. Five years ago his wife had a stroke and could no longer speak. Speech and music was their life, She was an actress.

          Its heartbreaking but they are not bitter. He knows where every glass and bottle is in the flat. They are in their 80’s


  59. 141
    Timmy from Southpark says:

    Disabled in body, but fit in his mind.

    String him up like any ‘able’ bodied person. equality n all that.

    Brainless socialist morons do tend to listen to him – fuck me, imagine if he was a black, disabled, single father of 10. He’d be leading the Labour Party.


  60. 142
    Ran into a wheelchair by C4 says:

    The C4 schedule resembles a poorly organised Skool Disco for spotty teengagers/students. Crap!


  61. 151
  62. 155
    Rohan Giggler says:

    Just another useless lefty scumbag, trading on his disability.


  63. 158
    The BBC is the greatest broadcaster ever says:

    He has accepted our offer of full-time employment


  64. 169
    Old Blue Eyes says:

    A couple of questions. Does he perchance live in council owned property and is he in receipt of welfare benefits ? If so he should evicted from the first and deprived of the other. I am sure Harridan Harpon or Polly Porkins would be happy to give him board and lodgings.


    • 172
      Vlad the Impaler says:

      Living in the same house as Harridan Harperson – now that would be REAL punishment – if only she had been alive when I was meeting out justice.


    • 203
      Polly Twaddle the State subsidised Hypocrite says:

      of course I will lodge him in my mansion in Tuscany

      It is my third home after all


  65. 173
    b34st says:

    Past tense
    I still say hang the fucking cripple in his wheelchair over a roaring fire then beat him half to death with a plasma tv as he swallows the broken glass then sodomise him with a mop handle until his arsehole pops out of his mouth
    Call me old fashioned


  66. 174
    nell says:

    the guardian implicated in hacking, johan found plagiarising, jodi inciting riots, miliband unable to articulate a labour response to the crisis other than saying he’ll make no kneejerk reaction and that he is going to chair his own inquiry (ho hum), balls still advocating spendspendspend and harriett still claiming osborne’s proposed cuts which haven’t yet happened are to blame and the best the beeb can do is invite poor old prezza onto QT…. oh and the unions have gone into hiding!

    Not exactly looking like a credible political force are they?


  67. 177
    Lord Madoff of Mandelson says:

    I find your blog so amusing Guido

    You have noticed I am not in the press or on the TYV any more

    Tony, Gordon and I endebted the Britain for a generation with our Ponzi scheme

    But Tony and I are getting obsecnely rich now on ther back of our address books…(Gordon of course was always mad)

    Just shows you what con artists can do

    Pip pip


    • 180
      Jack says:

      Do tell us how much Lazards are paying you for your “address book” Mandy

      And the Russian gangsters ?


    • 355
      Reinaldo says:

      Photographic evidence of a former Minister of the Crown performing an unnatural act upon leading members of the Irish Republican Movement and of a Member of the Lords performing similar acts on a bodyguard of a Russian oligarch would greatly compromise the Labour Party if widely publicised. Therefore the photographs are only available in a leather-bound volume available by private subscription. Contact Reinaldo Avila da Silva on 020 7219 4893


  68. 179
    Reuters photographer says:

    Is Jody a member of the Taliban ?

    it looks like it…


  69. 187
    Dimblebored says:

    Harridan just been talking about “gang action” – maybe Droney is not doing his job properly?


    • 197
      Historian says:

      Dromey and Whelan of UNITE are great national wreckers…

      With years of form…

      And very silent now that the results of their destruction are becoming clear


    • 202
      Ranter says:

      It still amazes me that she gets rapturous applause – even from a BBC selected audience. She is such a horrible Hunt of a woman and that beardy Hunt Dromey is welcome to her.


  70. 194
    Great Singalong Songs says:

    2 wheels on my wagon and im still rolling along,………..


    • 240
      The Chorus says:

      …….The IPCC will keep defending me
      So I’ll keep singing, singing along and I’m singinggggg a traitor’s song


  71. 196
    nell says:

    He has a si ni st er blog. ext re me and biased and a little strange.

    He admits to driving around london in the riots, watching and approving of the looting and mayhem. He makes no admission to taking part in it. Very voyeuristic!

    He makes wild claims about the police and brutality and yet doesn’t acknowledge that ordinary people are being injured (and indeed have died) or that small businesses are being destroyed or express any concern that innocent people are being confronted with extreme violence.

    It’s almost as though he gets a kick out of watching violence but doesn’t connect emotionally to the fear and pain of real people on the street.

    There’s something very scary about this man!


  72. 200

    Convicted London rioters should loose all benefits. 168,348


  73. 207
    Harriett Harman says:

    If he wasn’t a male, I’d be protesting.


  74. 208
    Hazel Blears says:

    Why wasn’t he in schooll?


  75. 209
    Noble "Lord" Prezza of Labour Fart says:

    Thanks Guido

    I have just hacked into Pers Morgan’s phone..

    Cor he likes shagging as much as I used to..

    He is an awful hyporcritical shyte…don’t you think…?

    Us appointed members of the House of Ermin Vermin have the right to teach everyone lessons don’t you agree ?


    • 211
      Tracey says:

      But you harrassed me Prezza

      Don’t you remember ?

      You said if I didn’t bend over your desk that I would be out of a job..

      And you did the same to others you old wanking hypocrite


  76. 212
    "Sir" Ronnie, "Sir" Fred and all their ilk says:

    Like all those of our ilk

    I really and deply believe in helping the poor and disabled in Britain in these times of budhet cuts

    That is why we and our millionaire chums are all taking our money offshore and going with it


    • 214
      Nate Rothschild from Gstaad says:

      Joint the club then…!


    • 221
      nell says:

      Don’t forget Lord Sugar, the baronessuddin and sue!

      I do hope cleggie is going to intoduce that bill to make the HoL an elected senate soon.

      It’ll be the only thing that redeems the libdems from their dismal failure in government – if it happens!!


  77. 217
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    BBC are desperately trying to re-start the riots with the annoucement from the IPCC that they may have unintentionally led jounalists to believe that Duggan fired first on police officers.

    They didn’t. Journalists just chose to interpret what they said in that way – they merely reported facts.

    In the last hour, the word “unintentionally” has been dropped from the BBC coverage, so they are now stating that “the IPCC may have misled…”

    Fuck’s sake.


    • 220
      Professor Henry Brubaker, Institute for Studies says:

      I suppose this is what happens when you let the Intergovernmental Panel of Climate Change intefere in police work. What the fuck do they know?

      They should stick to intefering with polar bears and stealing all our fucking money for wind farms and the like.


    • 244
      Anonymous says:

      I think you will find that the IPCC DID comment that Duggan had fired the first shot which led to the police shooting him – when the investigation was first being set up

      I read it on the day it was announced and actually commented on here about it

      no link


      • 255
        Anonymous says:

        in other words the IPCC are lying – they are trying to cover their tracks – the link was on SkyTv but it seems to have disappeared.

        A named person announced the investigation and indicated that Duggan had fired at police first.

        Another IPCC member has since come out and said this investigation needs to be carried out quickly to help the family, who had very little information about what had happened


      • 273
        nell says:

        The issue isn’t did duggan fire the first shot\/

        The issue is did duggan have a gun?

        The answer is yes he did have a gun.

        This is England – people don’t need guns. If he had one he clearly meant to use it .

        So a man who was riding round with a gun in his car , and who incidentally was related to one of our most notorious gansters, is no longer riding round with a gun in his car.



        • 308
          Anonymous says:

          you really are a stupid fuck


        • 373
          Jody D Annoying left wing twat says:

          Yes and why did he have a gun?

          To protect the local children from rampaging dinosaurs that that nasty capitalist re-created on his island!

          Won’t somebody think of the children?


  78. 218
    It was not me it was the other three says:

    I really hate little w..K..s who say the Feds who do they think they are Jimmy Cagney FFS

    and also that daft cow in the even dafter ear-rings on bbc3 at present with her we dont have youth clubs WTF was a white girl from a mill pound house doing supporting the hood


  79. 223
    Jumbo says:

    fuck off leftie pooves


  80. 226
    Anonymous says:

    Jody’s a girl’s name.


  81. 238
    nell says:

    So if militwit does form his own commission to investigate the riots, as he said today he will, who is he going to invite to do the investigating?

    It will have to be someone really leftwing who does not conclude that the riots were caused by:

    labour’s failed policy on welfare benefits

    labour’s failed policy on education

    labour’s inability over 13 years to close the inequality gap

    labour’s policies over 13 years which exacerbated child poverty

    labour’s policies which neutered the police

    labour’s policies which trashed the economy………………………….


    • 239
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      And how’s he going to pay for it?


      • 242
        nell says:


        Apparently the labour party already owe the co-op bank £30million and don;t know how they are going to pay it back, thanks to gordon’s rather poor housekeeping.

        Doesn’t look as it militwit is any better at living within his means does it?


        • 250
          WVM says:

          When all those bailouts of 2008 were going on a bet a million or twenty three got shuffled around several lefty charities, unions and dodgy bank accounts. Only to be funnelled back and drip fed in to the Labour coffers from many angles. They’ve done it before.


      • 249
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Who’ll pay for it? Who’s going to write it?

        Bearing in mind, after 10+ months in the job, backstabbing retard Ed Milimong – architect of last year’s unsuccessful Labour Party Manifesto – hasn’t come up with a single policy. On anything.

        Oh dear.


    • 241
      nell says:

      Oh and I forgot..

      labour’s policies to trash the traditional family

      Labour’s policies that pressured parents in giving up proper child discipline for the naughty step………………….


      • 252
        Knockabout democracy says:

        For every Jody there’s a nell, and for every nell there’s a Jody.

        And therein lies the problem.


        • 264
          nell says:

          For every extreme left winger like jody there is an extreme leftwinger, pretending to be a rightwinger, like nickg.

          the tessas, engineers, waads,angries,nells et al and the rest of we moderates are the ones who stick up for traditional family values, decency, honesty, hardwork , looking out for your children, fighting for a decent education ,living within our means, keeping an eye out for your neighbours………………

          And the truth is if labour wants to win an election it is going to have to win over those people to vote for them.

          Not much hope of that as far as I can see.


          • Knockabout democracy says:

            “the tessas, engineers, waads,angries,nells”

            That’s five of you at least.

            Should swing things at the next election.


          • nell says:

            It’s called Middle England.

            Bliar knew he had to win it over to get labour into power. Not that any of us went over but enough did to get him elected 3 times!!

            Thing is brown and militwit along with kinnochio, prezza and hattyharpic think they can swing the leftwing vote alongside the unions to get them back in power without Middle England.

            The truth is they can’t.


          • McMillan, the Windrush years says:

            Middle England.

            A few retards out in the boondocks don’t constitute the middle of anything other than the remnants of 20th century party political tribalism. The demographics are all against you when compared to the EU two and a half party system which took you there.


  82. 243
    WVM says:

    Did anyone seen “Young Voters Question Time” on BBC3 at 8:30PM?

    It was unbelievable, like some sort of lefty multicult brainwashing wankfest with an audience dragged in of the streets of Hackney and hosted by coke head BBC luvvie lefty Richard Bacon.
    Biased? It was completely and utterly off the fucking scale!
    I was half expecting Anders Breivik 2.0 to walk in blazing away.


    • 245
      anonymous says:

      some people will watch any old rubbish


      • 253
        Knockabout democracy says:

        And even more astounding is the fact is that some people will pay for the privilege.


      • 254
        WVM says:

        Indeed, but I feel ignoring the BBCs brainwashing of the youth of this country is no longer an option. If you think QT is bad then watch that shit, it shows you the future of this country.


        • 260
          nell says:

          To brainwash you’d have to have a large number of takers.

          the biased beeb doesn’t have that sort of support anymore.

          In most areas now they are little more than a fringe influence.

          Even their weather forecasts are rubbish!


          • Disgusted t*ry voter of Tunbridge Wells says:

            I only watch it for their insightful political analysis and because it makes me apoplectic with rage.


    • 259
      Tessa Tickles says:

      The son of a friend of mine is an unpaid intern for a very well-known LimpDim ‘personality’ (you’d know the name immediately, but then they’d know the intern). and my friend’s (Labour-educated) son is frankly so far removed from Planet Earth it’s amazing he is actually of our species.

      eg: Gordon Brown was right to sell all the gold, because it’s only metal.

      You get the drift.


    • 348
      Streaky Back says:

      Why was he given a second chance? Coked-up Blue Peter TV presenter was no ambassador for our kids, and typifies what is currently wrong with the BBC.


  83. 265
    SaltPetre says:

    Looks like the wheels have come off his career…and his spaz chariot !


    • 269
      nell says:

      Yes but I suspect when you look at the rats that have left the sinking ship, bliar, mandy, whelan, gordon, davemilitwit, even bullyballs where has he gone and hid?…. the benns. bobcrow. unison…..

      Even the kinnochios have gone into hiding.

      Who’s left to defend poor old militwit? – prezza and hattyharpic.

      The truth is the wheels are coming off labour !


      • 274
        David (The Prime Minister we should have had all along) Milliband says:

        My coronation can only be just around the corner.
        And then you’ll be wetting them.


        • 280
          nell says:

          As Shakespeare said dave miliband had his river in flood and failed to take it.

          Whoever ends up as labour leader after the next 5/10 years in exile, it will not be dave militwit.


        • 283
          nell says:

          As Sha kes pe a re said dave miliband had his river in flood and failed to take it.

          Whoever ends up as labour l e ad er after the next 5/10 ye ars in exile, it will not be dave militwit.


          • nell says:

            In fact if you look at that from a family point of view that’s a tragedy.

            edmilitwit stabbed his brother in the back to get the labour leadership and then made a real pigs ear of it.

            davemilitwit now has no chance of getting it back and then getting into no.10.

            All of ralph’s high hopes and dreams for his family to dominate UK politics, at least for a time, trashed forever by the overblown greed of the untalented younger son! He must be turning in his grave!


          • David (The Prime Minister we should have had all along) Milliband says:

            Play the long game nell.
            The EU is safe for now in the hands of David Cameron, but wait till 70 million Turks turn up with voting rights, and your arse is ours.


          • nell says:

            All empires have their day.

            The Eu and the euro will have its day and it may not come to an end in my time but it is in decline and it will come to an end eventually.

            Socialism also is historically in decline . Who knows how long it’s descent will take to the bottom. But it will happen.


  84. 268
    The House is united on this one says:

    We, in this House, are the ones to condemn the something for nothing culture of grab what you can at every opportunity, whilst smirking at those who question it as immoral behaviour.
    How dare those little scrotes try to follow our example.


  85. 272
    Fish says:

    Watching tonight’s Labour Newsnight. I am so fucking angry about Esler’s piece. Not for the first time in the past month I am watching an unbalanced narrative / contribution from him not least the contrived timescale that he has presented enabling him to return to the issue about Cameron’s / Clegg’s holiday (giving the impression that they arrived home later than they did). I also understandand that Orde is saying that parts of his interview last night was left on the BBC cutting room floor (altering the context of what he was saying).

    The manipulation of the timeline in a film about the Queen a few years ago, to give a false impression (i.e a lie) led to heads rolling.

    This cannot go on. Something really has to be done about these abuses. Time for resignations at the BBC


  86. 279
    Tell it like it really is says:

    Starkey was really trying to make the point on Tonight that it is bl*ck culture – I used the term loosely – that is at the root of the problem. Maitless couldn’t shut him up quickly enough, the bbc luvvie was screaming in her ear – “Don’t allow him to speak.”


  87. 285
    Post hoc says:

    Well said Fish – Sky too while you’re at it. Mind you they have just been well and truly had by 4 wannabees from Sarf London who shared a brain cell between them…. rassss, init!

    Anyhow, if there is a God perhaps he can arrange for the nice Manchester police to lend us their Gary Shewan to shake up the Met and get rid of the likes of Hugh Order who is a lefty twat.


  88. 291
    bBBC says:

    Starkey tries to talk sense on Newsnight only to be shouted down by the 3 lefties, including presenter Emily Mathis. BBC must surely be now on borrowed time. They are against anyone who contributes taxes in this country. I don’t include public sector workers, obviously.


  89. 292
    I don't like Darcus Howe so I must be a racist says:

    Jody – what a spaz!


    • 296
      nell says:

      I think actually it’s jody – what an idiot!

      You could at least have been an influence for the left now all you are is a reason for people to support the right.

      From my point of view I hope there are more like you to come!!


    • 298
      I don't like Darcus Howe so I must be a racist says:

      Current BBC News website lead story concerns the circumstances of (illegal firearm-carrying) Mark Duggan’s death, rather than the deaths of the four innocent people killed by rioters since then, including one who only died last night.

      Nice to know what kind of person tops the list of the Beeb’s list of priorities.


      • 299
        Voice of Reason says:

        Well think yourself lucky it’s not the Sun because their main topic would be some stupid female celebrity with oversized mammary glands.


  90. 295
    Tell it like it really is says:

    OK let’s see if this is allowed to be seen:-

    The Sunday Times ( London ) June 11, 2006 reported that Rear Admiral Chris Parry, a senior military strategist has warned that “Europe, including Britain , could be undermined by large immigrant groups with little allegiance to their host countries—a “reverse colonisation” as Parry described it. These groups would stay connected to their homelands by the internet and cheap flight. The warnings by Parry of what could threaten Britain over the next 30 years were delivered to senior officers and industry experts at a conference … “Globalisation makes assimilation seem redundant and old-fashioned … the process acts as a sort of reverse colonisation, where groups of people are self-contained, going back and forth between their countries, exploiting sophisticated networks and using instant communication on phones and the internet.” Lord Boyce, the former chief of the defence staff, welcomed Parry’s analysis. “Bringing it together in this way shows we have some very serious challenges ahead,” he said. “The real problem is getting them taken seriously at the top of the government.” How have the decadent, emasculate authorities responded?


    • 350
      Hijacking the language says:

      “reverse colonisation”

      Like “reverse discrimination”, there’s nothing reverse about it.


  91. 301
    Voice of Reason says:

    I’m off to bed now but I leave a parting thought for all you ranting, red-faced turkey necks: Deprive the convicted rioters etc of their housing and benefits and what do you think will happen to them – and to society? Try to think really hard for once about this in an intelligent way instead of your usual tabloid Colonel Blimp thinking. And be honest of your answer. Goodnight.


    • 306
      I don't like Darcus Howe so I must be a racist says:

      Er, they’ll have to work and pay rent like the rest of us?
      There are plenty of law-abiding people out there who are more deserving of council housing – like the ones burned out of their homes by the rioting scum.
      I don’t even vote Tory, Voice of Reason, but I’m sick of appeasing the underclass.
      Those who break the law will carry on doing it until they discover that their behaviour has serious consequences.
      Don’t you realise this is the tipping point, when your side finally lost the argument? Things in this country will never be the same again.


    • 312
      pfft says:

      Yes, I agree, we’re now locked into Labour’s protection racket. If we don’t bribe the underclass with their ‘entitlements’, they will mug us and riot. But since there is “no money left” (Liam Byrne) we should probably give whatever remains to the police rather than your scrounger-class core vote.


    • 315
      Cheesy Toast Topper (Now with ham ! ) says:

      1/ They’ll get a bit chilly this winter.

      2/ Exactly what contribution do you think are jolly fire-raisers could ever make ? None. So that’s improvement by subtraction, see ?

      For the “Voice Of Reason” you seem to be particularly thick, my old tin of fruit.

      Oh, and fit Jody’s chair with square “Hengist Pod” wheels. Kerlunk-clunk. Kerlunk-clunk.


    • 319
      You are a clueless chump says:

      OK, let’s think really hard about this one, Mr Reason. You seem to be implying that, if the looters’ welfare parasitism is curbed in response to their criminal parasitism, they’ll be doing much more of the latter in future.

      Now you think really hard about what sort of people you’ve just profiled in your stupid implication: degenerate, amoral mooching scum who are congenitally too incompetent to look after themselves. What you’ve unwittingly done, you poor hapless fool, is confirmed and reinforced the ‘tabloid Colonel Blimp’ view of the looters.

      “Give more taxpayer money to the criminal parasite class or they’ll smash your high street up” is a pretty dumb and self defeating premise to base an argument around.


  92. 302
    zer Glorious Fuhrer RumpyPumpy! says:

    Heil! – er I mean zer . . . Hullo meinen darlinks!

    Vile you ze riotous trubles hav, vee in Zer Glorious EUSSR hav of your money zer need.

    Zer fool Camerotten hav zed vee can all zer money vee vant hav.

    You pay now – or vee cut your goolies off!

    Zat is orl.

    Heil RumpyPumpy!! – Imean zer Frou Meerkatl


  93. 303
    Voice of even more reason says:

    Fuck off!


  94. 304
    Breaking Britain Completely says:

    Starkey must now be crucified, pass the message through all departments, man speaks sense on BBC, must be destroyed.


  95. 305
    wheelchair murderer says:

    If the coppers hadn’t picked him up when they did who’s to say what he might have done.


  96. 309
    Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

    dumb little lefty cu nt.

    hope he shares a cell with piers moron.


  97. 318
    Ha! They've all gone to bed. Dig this. says:


    • 332
      Night Watchman says:

      I haven’t gone to bed you cheeky little shit.
      Now stop posting your shit video collection and run along home and get to bed yourself, have you seen the fucking time!


  98. 329
    Robin Hood says:

    All socialists want to get their hands on other peoples’ money. It’s just looting by another name.

    Put the whole parliamentary Labour party in the clink.
    Especially Blair & Brown.


  99. 337
  100. 338
    anonymous says:

    tribal bollocks whist the country goes down the shitter


  101. 342
    filipinomonkey says:

    2011 Goon show special.

    (Sounds off) Vehicle reversing at high speed, brakes. Padlock unlocked and squeaky doors opened. Wheels going down a ramp, high pitched scream, large splash and a few bubbles.

    Little Jim “He’s fallen in the water”


  102. 343
    Cameron is a Cunt says:

    so what have we ended up with

    1. the IPCC surely compromising their position as an ‘independent’ outfit

    2. wandsworth council acting to evict someobody and their family before any guilt has been proven but with a responsibility to house those in need – wandsworth always first to do the governments bidding

    3, cameron bringing in john wayne, who knows nothing of british law, to help – who’s paying for him by the way

    4. promises to blank out social media when it has been shown to have a positive effect even by the police

    it would have been better if cameron had stayed in tuscany

    don’t remember any of this sort of decisive action when MPs and Peers rifled the public purse

    governance becoming more syrian-like by the minute

    Mass hypocrisy


    • 346
      nell says:

      “don’t remember any of this sort of decisive action when MPs and Peers rifled the public purse”

      Too true. We had a failed labour govt headed by gormlessgordon. The only decision he was able to take was to bunker himself into no.10 and hide under the desk. Lord knows what he would have done faced with this latest tragedy – which in any case his loony policies have caused – nothing of any use that’s for sure.

      As for the police that labour trashed and turned into social workers – maybe bratton can turn them around. Someone has sure got to try.


    • 357
      Oh for the love of... says:

      Oh yeah, the government’s becoming real Syrian like. Who can forget that 16 year old kid saying he’ll continue looting till he’s caught and it won’t matter because it’s his first offence so he’ll basically get off scot-free. Have those oppressed by murderous tyrannies not echoed those exact same sentiments throughout the ages?


  103. 344
    Gonxo says:

    Jody is a well cool dude down wiv v efnic bruvvers. De raghead gear is proper street. He passed me a playstation.


  104. 354
    MB. says:

    I bet this is typical of many of those in court this week and shows how ineffective the court system is. I get the impression from police reality shows that many louts consider a Public Order fixed penalty part of the cost of a night out.

    “Chief Magistrate Howard Riddle told Giorgies, who has a string of public order offences:”


  105. 356
    John Bellingham says:

    Anyone who connects a Playstation or an X Box to the internet to gain the advantage of free downloads, updates or enjoy on-line gaming reveals the serial number of the console and their IP address.
    Thta means that all stolen units can be tracked down just as can mobile phones: naturally there is insufficient manpower to do this.


  106. 361
    torieboy says:

    not been on here for a long while , love the recommendations up and down.
    back again soon.


  107. 369
    john says:

    ha ha ha ha ha …..


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