August 8th, 2011

Prezza Criticises Government Holiday

The man who Tony Blair sent on permanent holiday after one gaffe and one girl too many has some audacity complaining that members of the government have gone on holiday in August. What does he expect them to do? Should the current Deputy PM get a brush and start sweeping up shattered glass in Tottenham?

Or should he like Prezza, spend his time, swinging a croquet stick with his SpAds at Dorneywood?


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    Sister Maria Wendover says:

    they are all on fucking holiday

    ooops sorry

    • 21
      Blah says:

      Reckon Guido could have come up with something better than a line that Prezza’s already rebutted on Twitter.

      Anyway, fuck if they’re on holiday. Doesn’t stop them issuing a statement – or anything to stop the issue of them looking like they don’t give a flying fuck.

      • 26

        I have this mental image of Prezza with his head in a croquet hoop and me, smashing the mallet down, driving it further and further into the ground. His face goes purple and then his body bursts …

        Now what was I doing before my attention wandered?

        • 30
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          From the sound of it, getting born.

          • I was actually reading Sprigge’s excellent book on Santayana. For the age of zero, that is not too bad…

          • Tuscan Dave (on-call PR expert) says:

            It’s a disaster! What shall I do? No, not the fuzzy-wuzzy business in London or Barclays, Lloyds and and RBS’s being more bust than the whole of the Eurozone, no, the disaster for my boy-next-door image, not tipping the eyetie bint in the restaurant. Damn!

          • Detective Chief Superintendent Sandra Looby (Tottenham commander) says:

            Don’t worry, Dave, chill out. Do what I did, fly away on saturday night – just as it kicked off – to Florida, all expenses paid by News International. Cheers!

            By the way, Dave, do you know why all us dykes in the Met have such stupid names?

          • Nemo says:

            Should the current Deputy PM get a brush and start sweeping up shattered glass in Tottenham? In one word YES, along with the rest of the cabinet, and get a taste of life as endured by a lot of people.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Something deep inside stops me from critising the fat, igrorant, loud mouthed, selfopininated cu..nt but i am not sure what it is or why i feele the need to protect him (especily since i am so rud and funny about other politicons)

          • Nemo says:

            “Or should he like Prezza, spend his time, swinging a croquet stick ” funny, I thought that was what he was famous for

          • Judy Judy says:

            It was galling watching the labour grandees (cos others all on hols – sic) all grandstanding and saying the cause of the riots where

            Ken Livingston: EMA cut ….. eh!!!!! looters and folks with iphones.. dont need ema.

            Diane Abbot: EMA cut ????

            again no admission that the EMA cut was a direct consequence of the nu-labour government failing to spend on the likes of the totenham poor to ensure they had life choices better than :

            a) be an arsonist
            b) be a looter and rioter

            So much for red eds bounce….. UK does not have its credit rating downgraded… those that did not cut deep and fast – have !!!!!

          • Dr Nunn the Ortho says:

            I’m back off gardening leave. Now listen hear Cameron, Clegg and Lansley if you intend to perform one of your PR stunts in my hospital REMEMBER TO ROLL UP YOUR SLEEVES.

          • Only me says:

            A very avoidable mess.

            But everybody with any authority is on leave.
            Only the office junior in charge.

            Have they not heard about shifts!
            The rest of the workforce has

        • 37
          Jabba the Cat says:

          I would favour the head of the mallet up his rear orifice…

        • 71
          Anonymous says:

          While idiot Prezza was in charge; economy wasn’t in free fall or London wasn’t burning / looted. The country seems to be heading towards disaster but Cameron, Osborne, Boris, etc refuse to return to this country.

          • Gordon's ballooning debt catastrophe says:

            “While idiot Prezza was in charge; economy wasn’t in free fall”

            I think it was.

          • Jabba the Cat says:

            “…idiot Prezza was in charge…”

            Oxymoron in there somewhere…

          • Yeah, right says:

            Of course it wasn’t.

            When Prescott and chums were in charge, we had a balanced budget, children sprang from our schools well educated and wholly employable, the public sector was efficient and our politicians the very epitome of honest, selfless, public service sacrifice.

            All the problems which now afflict our nation started in May 2010.


          • @Anonymong

            Look up the following in the dictionary, or Wiki:

            “causal connection”

            Do come back … when you have something useful to add.

          • Apres moi le deluge says:

            He was an interlude between Brown and Blair spending the reserves, raiding the private sector funds, mortgaging the future, committing us to unwinnable wars and crucifying whistle-blowers. Come to think of it the Huntry would have been in a much better state today if “Prezza” had been in charge for the full 13 years.

            P.S. Sunday night was a precursor for 2012. South London showed the way. Those looting Brixton got away with far more at much less cost to the local infrastructure. Now fast forward to when the police are busy on anti-terrorist duties, crowd control and sorting out the traffic jams round the Zim Lanes for the apparatchiks of the “Olympic Family”. That will be the next round of the Labour legacy.

          • Anonymous says:

            When idiot Prezza was acting as PM while Blair was on holiday there wasn’t a crisis. You all can pretend there was but there wasn’t a crisis.

            Now we have a crisis but Cameron, Osborne and Boris doesn’t want brake there holiday and come back. Even May is back. This shows these idiots wants to enjoy power but doesn’t want to take responsibility.

          • Rufus T. Firefly says:

            He was’nt in charge, he was too busy with his ugly fat snout in the trough. (where it is still to be found)

          • pundit says:

            You are right. The economy wasn’t in free fall. At the time Labour were merely driving at full speed towards the edge of cliff. The coalition got the keys to a smoking wreck.

        • 99
          Another Engineer says:

          The way to abuse a croquet set is to hammer the hoops into the ground such that the victims arms and legs are pinned down by the top of each hoop.

          As the victim has little leverage they are unable to move.

          Then leave them for the vultures (or pigeons).

          It works well, especially on dr*nk people.

        • 213
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          Our Position in the World, Our Culture and way of Life are under threat from the Political Knackers who are on holiday. The Punch and Judy show diverting the truth while the STATE operation continues f–ing the Country.

          War declared on British Economy, by OBAMA, CAMEROON, MERKEL, SARKOZY, BELLOUSCONIA, What a bunch of Foreigners. HELP!!!!

          • Rage Against the Political Elite says:

            Can we not have one of those Chinese Leaders they seem to know how to run a country.

          • Fed up with da community says:

            Yes, indeed. And the Chinese seem to know how to deal with riots!

          • alexsandr says:

            why do our leaders have to be in london?

            havent you heard of email, teleconferencing, vpn, telephones etc.

            i bet there is a van in the yard of camerons villa with a full comms setup so he is as much in charge there as he is in london.

            having leaders unrested isnt clever…

      • 95
        John Hutton, the one true prophet says:

        Come on lay off the tub of lard, he’s just a national source of entertainment.

        I mean who takes seriously the ramblings of a proven idiot that can’t tell bulimia from gluttony?

        Bliar didn’t, and he should know……..

      • 178
        Anonymous says:

        Why bother issuing a statement. We all know the root of the problem – DANs .

      • 421
        M says:

        If they are forced to cancel there holidays the unions would call them out on strike

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      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Even Belgium has a better financial rating than Obama’s USA. And Belgium isn’t even a proper country.

    • 84
      Resolute says:

      Standby for the next all the ice is melting scam. Some lads have gorn orf on a jolly to row to the north pole. And they are having a great time too and why not as it is a good adventure.

      Except they are not rowing to THE North pole, the one at the top of the world. They are rowing to the magnetic north position of 1996 which at this time of the year is virtually ice free anyway and is on an Island (There aren’t any Islands in the Arctic Ocean). It is incidentally the same spot that top gear drove to at an earlier time of the year when it is always covered in ice.

      If you use Google earth and look at the photos of where they are going to you will that when clarkson went the crashed plane was covered in deep snow but in september the plane basks in Arctic sunshine and there is no ice or snow to be seen.

      Their real problem will be the weather which at the moment is sunny med stuff but at the end of the week the wind is set to come from the North and may blow drift ice in their direction and be very hard to row against.

      I’ve been follwing their daily updates and it’s all going well so far, even the Polar bear went away when they shouted at it.

      I just do not want the BBC to say this is proof that the ice is melting as it is NOT.

      This link links to the most useful links.

      • 116
        All Doom & Gloom says:

        the end of the world is nigh

      • 167
        Gloopy says:

        Is that near Svalbad?

      • 171
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        Those eco Global Warming freaks aren’t loking quite so smug since that polar bear they saved set about eating tourists.

        Let’s get some more CO2 out there quickly and eliminate all those cream-furry killers.

        • 226
          Rage Against the Political Elite says:

          Lets get a bit more CO2 to get the temperature up its f—ing FREEZING.

    • 181
      Up sh1t creek says:

      August is a VERY busy time for things to happen, so said Prescott on Andrew Marr Show (07Aug). Stuff like 7/11 (late night order for pies before a tryst?), or the “sumami” (maybe he meant the Salami order at 7/11?)….. and that was all on “his watch.”

      Sorry John, but 7/7 was July, and 9/11 was September, so neither happened in August.

      • 337
        John is John says:

        The thick fooker….

        Sumami !! Tsunami I think he means – can’t remember one of those hitting the UK in august ?? The major one was around Boxing day 2004 and hit the far east.

        7/11 ??? 7/7 even and 9/11 were also not in august … the clue is in the month number John !!

        So we have one bomb in August 1998 (albeit a terrible one) doesn’t mean all augusts are busy months John

    • 184
    • 202
      The voice of unreason says:

      Why can’t he do something useful like beat up a member of the public (ideally, in Tottenham or Brixton)? I’m sure there must be a Greggs bakery there that he could raid!

    • 219
      Capt. Shadow (Retd.) - Former MI5 Wet Ops. Team says:

      Who cares what the Fat F*ck thinks – he’s an oxygen thief of the worst kind.

      I’ll do this one for free – just give me nod Mr. Fawkes, Sah!…

    • 294
      Postal Vote says:

      Better put some effort into researching how much Prezza’s sun is getting (not earning) with all his publicity efforts for labour – keep it running in the family – just like the Straws do – that’s what you get in the client state – congratulations UK

    • 318
      Racist?...who me? says:

      On subject of the riots and looting – note that all the rioters/looters caught on camera are black…what a surprise!!!
      Still, I suppose swinging by the sports store or the TV shop to pick up a few things isn’t a lot different to swinging down from the trees to scoop up the odd nut or two.

      Is it ‘cos I is black?…Yes it fucking is!!

    • 373
      Crumbs says:

      John kept busy with his chipolata, holidays or not.

  2. 2
    Simon Lewis says:

    Bit different though when we have civil disorder. Cameron should come back. The lack of comment from ministers yesterday was shocking.

    • 9
      Anonymous says:

      these rioters are just scum

      • 108
        Tooth fairy says:

        So David Lammy MP has suggested on the BBC that Mark Duggan was “murdered.”

        Of course that will calm everyone down !

        • 164
          Anonymous says:

          Lammy mp has to think of the votes he needs at the next general election.
          Keep that thought in mind when any mp speaks on any subject.

        • 187
          Anonymous says:

          Extra judicial killing for a scum bag drug dealer (allegedly) ? Yeah, i can go along with that – has to be preferable to the weak kneed , lily livered response by riot shielded, taser wielding cops to a few of our ‘diverse’ community armed with rocks. Have they all been trained at the Jack Straw’s Dad School for Bravery ?

          Crack a few heads together – they were pretty handy at doing that when it was peaceful, unarmed, white, countryside alliance members. They can’t have forgotten how to do it so quickly.

        • 229
          Dumb Britain says:

          John Humphreys: “What was the surname of scientists Marie and Pierre who won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1903?” David Lammy: “Antoinette”

          JH: “James Gandolfini played a Mafia boss called Tony in which TV series?” Lammo: “The Godfather”

          JH: “What name is used for the highest gallery of seats in a theatre?” DL: “Pass.”

          JH:”What American medal is given to those who are wounded in action?”

          JH:”Which variety of blue English cheese traditionally accompanies port?”
          Lamby: “Leicester”

          JH: “In 2006. Sandi Toksvig replaced Simon Hoggart as the presenter of which topical radio quiz show?”
          Lamb to the Slaughter: “Pass.”

          JH: “Who acceded to the throne at the age of nine on the death of his father, King Henry the Eighth in 1547?”
          Lamentable: “Henry the Seventh”

          JH: “Which country’s ‘Rose Revolution’ of 2003 led to the resignation of its President, Edvard Shevardnadze? (-oh, go on then, have one about contemporary European politics, surely you’ll get this one…)
          Lammo: “errr…Yugoslavia?”

          Like this bloke knows anything about anything.

        • 275
          Sandalista says:

          Lammy looking for his Bernie Grant moment” perhaps.

        • 328
          lamey says:

          didnt take him long to be hauled into line then, after his fine words yesterday…

    • 17
      SpAd says:

      I don’t blame Cameron. There’s no fucking way I’d cut short my holiday just because a bunch of inner-city arseholes set a carpet warehouse on fire.

      • 31
        Chuka log on the fire. says:

        Quite, let them get on with it. With any luck they will wipe each other out.

      • 79
        Anonymous says:

        On a radio phone-in this morning on LBC, they were trying to justify the violence with constant whining of povertry and even starving kids.

        Presumably “starving kids” means your parents spent all of your child benefit on fags, booze and drugs.

        It will be interesting to see how many of the 100-or-so arrested were in real poverty, or turn out to be spoilt rich kids like Charlie Gilmour

        • 172
          Alibi sorted says:

          They aren’t looting, they are merely rescuing stock on behalf of hard-pressed retailers.

        • 189
          solly says:

          The dumb fucks were so impoverished and hungry that they looted Curry’s looking for food…

          • Anonymous says:

            It’s better than that – they’ve been photographing themselves boasting about their loot on Twatter…

          • The Cabinet Secretary says:

            Maybe they thought Curry’s was an Indian restaurant.

        • 316
          The voice of unreason says:

          I don’t think they were stealing food or other essentials. A 50 inch plasma TV or a few pairs of trainers won’t quell those hunger pangs!

        • 431
          Archie says:

          If they’re starving and “deprived”, why aren’t they looting groceries?

      • 111
        Jabba the Cat says:

        My sentiments exactly…

    • 28
      solly says:

      Don’t need the PM to be in the country to authorise the use of force with extreme prejudice towards looters.

      Give the nod to General Sir Peter Wall. A bit of live fire, urban combat training won’t do the Parachute Regiment any harm.

      • 46
        Loungelizard says:

        Trouble is the media is conditioned to the knee jerk political PR stunt reactions of Labour’s time in government. Might look good in the studio but we’re paying for it now.

        • 61
          solly says:

          Some urban combat training wouldn’t go amiss in Bush House either.

        • 217
          Sir William Waad says:

          Don’t panic. Disorganised rioters with no motive beyond nicking a pair of trainers will only cause a temporary and local problem.

        • 250
          misterned says:

          Those imported lazy criminal fuckwits rioting is a sign that the government is getting something right. I expect a lot more riots from those criminal elements that labour turned a blind eye to in the name of multi-cultural political correctness.

          We should STOP letting them turn our streets into down-town Mogadishu and reclaim the streets from these drug dealing, pimping, parasitic scum. There is a big difference between being sensitive to their native cultures and turning a blind eye to serious crime in the name of community cohesion.

          They rioted in 1980 because police would not let the imported black community behave like they were still living in Kingston, Jamaica.

          They riot again now, because we will not let them shoot at police with impunity.

          Time to get hard on these imported criminals.

      • 68
        Spartacus says:

        Are not all the Parachute Regiment already deployed performing on the ground urban combat training in Libya?

    • 44
      Fubar Saunders says:

      Leaving to the agencies directly charged with the responsibility of dealing with operational matters is one thing – far better that than what Brown used to do, which was convene COBRA for the dropping of a crisp packet, by comparison – but it doesnt surprise me that Cameron hasnt come back from Tuscany. The man’s not a leader. He’s barely a manager, but never a leader.

      A real leader would have come back from hols and provided some focus and direction.

      • 106
        Once brown always a shit says:

        what bollocks its hardly nuclear holocaust…bunch of thieving scumbags looting in british towns ..what a suprise

        • 138
          Anonymous says:

          what, you mean it makes a change from MPs doing it …. ?

          • Bemused of Suffolk says:

            At least the looters formed an orderly queue.

          • Anonymous says:

            Quite right. The looters are a far more principled higher class of person than the thieving liblabcon parasites. Plod could be far more usefully employed in murdering MPs than Tottenham drug dealers.

      • 258
        Cat says:

        Focus and direction? Now there’s a snake oil salesman talking! What direction? What exactly CAN he do? He can’t be truthful and call them a bunch of thieving morons without squeaks of indignation from B B C presenters and Grauniad sandal wearers. He can’t send in the army and/or plod without the same reaction. The most he can do is fuck all. And if it were me, I’d rather do fuck all on holiday than Tottenham.

      • 336
        NeverRed says:

        Fuck off back to Nick Robinsons site you wanker

  3. 3
    Hague says:

    I regularly play around with my SpAds at Dorneywood.

  4. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


  5. 5
    SpAd says:

    I had to laugh when I saw Prescott’s comments in this morning’s paper and that photograph was what sprung immediately to mind.

    He just can’t keep his stupid trap shut can he, the hypocritical fat f*ck?

    • 20
      Anonymous says:

      Yes, because a photograph of him on holiday immediately undermines his argument… if you’re 3 years old.

      • 41
        SpAd says:

        Prescott wasn’t on holiday in that photograph. As Deputy PM he was notionally in charge of the country, as Blair was in the US.

        (Not that he’d have hauled his fat arse out of his garden anyway had there been inner-city violence going on.)

      • 69
        The Sentinal says:

        Things generally go in 3′s.
        Labour have managed to inflict upon us the worst PM in living memory aka Brown; the worst Deputy PM in living history aka 2 Jags Prescott; and arguably (by a few) the worst Speaker of the Commons aka Gorbals Mick.
        Could this run have ended? Hmmm – what about worst leader of the opposition, though I must admit there is a lot of competition.

    • 27
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      He is what he has always been – a pig ignorant rent-a-gob with an appalling lack of self-awareness.

      I still haven’t fully understood what level of the Civil Service you have to reach before having sex at your desk with a staff member during office hours is no longer a sackable offence.

      • 54
        Hugh Janus says:


      • 55
        A Bloke of a certain age says:

        Or which public offices are immune from the criminal offence of misconduct whilst in them and those which are not.

        • 91
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Or indeed for which criminal offences does the sentence “It’s just John being John” constitute a legitimate legal defence.

          • prezza..the original big mouthed slob says:

            quite… for anyone else it would have been an assault charge

          • Devil's Dumplings says:

            I take it that was a reference to Prescott’s recorded, obvious and blatent assult on a member of the public?

            Just WHY wasn’t the **** arrested, charged and jailed????

          • Devil's Dumplings says:

            Sorry for the speeling misthakes but that fat, ignorant t w a t boils my piss. I had to sit through one of his after-dinner speeches once – the **** can’t string 2 words together, or read a prepared script.

            And he left immediately after – but not before eating all 4 courses, natch.

      • 180
        Anonymous says:

        Or indeed, a stiff member.

      • 230
        J Assange says:

        It’s advisable to get a consent form signed and witnessed first.

      • 237
        Sally Fawth says:

        He was so high ranking that they made him a lord instead.

    • 57
      Dick Tracey says:

      Kyoto was a big holiday for him that has cost us dear. His wife’s hair-do was for a needless car/chauffeur journey that we paid for. Chipolata waving arrishole who has many questions to answer. Croydon – he knew nothing. Yeah, right.

  6. 6
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Not to mention having Kippers in bed with Rosie all at the taxpayers expense.

    Bloody hypocrite!

  7. 7
    I laughed out loud when I read the title of the petition says:

    One of the rejected epetitions.

  8. 8
    Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

    I would expect the Home Secretary to be at her desk, but am fine with the PM and Chancellor being on holiday. They will need a break because all he’ll will happen soon if the Euro crisis gets worse. In any organisation, you have to let your key staff have holidays or they will burn out.

    • 36
      Ichabod says:

      It’s the bloody scribblers trying to stir up trouble, and cause resentment amongst those of the public ( myself included ) who can’t afford two weeks in Italy . I wonder if any of the members of the press would come back from vacation in
      analogous circumstances. Doubt it somehow. So carry on Dave boy—in fact why not make it longer, say two years.

    • 63
      Hugh Janus says:

      Not ‘if’ the Euro crisis gets worse, but ‘when’. As we all know, it was fatally flawed from the outset and is now in a terminal dive to destruction. It’s just a pity that the idiot politicians of Europe can’t or won’t see this fact. The longer they try to throw vast sums of taxpayers’ money at it, the greater the eventual disaster.

      • 264
        misterned says:

        Aha, but they are laughing to an even bigger trough. They are now finally admitting what all this economic clusterfuck in the Eurozone was designed for.

        It is a classic Hegelian dialectic. Problem, reaction, solution.

        They know that the people living in the Eurozone would never vote to abandon the last tiny shreds of national identity to be completely merged within a single sovereign nation called Europe. With one chancellor, one premier, one tax law across the whole of the Eurozone.

        But that is exactly what politicians across the whole of the EU are now openly calling for as an emergency measure (no referendums required).

        Problem = Eurozone on the verge of collapse. Reaction = Something must be done to avert catastrophe. Solution = “well actually, here is an idea…. Let’s integrate further and stave off catastrophe?”

        George Osborn wrote in the Telegraph today calling for exactly such an integrated union to be expedited as a way to save the Euro as a currency and preferred such an outcome to the alternative of the Euro countries reverting to their own currencies, devaluing and competing and trading their way back to prosperity.

        So this is not, as many predict, the end of the Euro (as it fucking well should be). No. It is the start of the final integration of the EU into a single country, with all 17 single currency member countries as mere provinces. The 10 countries still outside the core, will have to accept closer integration to allow the core to move forward, and the size and scale of the core will create a political gravity which will suck those remaining nations into the core too.

        Or at least, that is their thinking.

        This may instead be the start of a Europe wide civil war as proud nationals fight for their independence and their identity and self-determination and freedom from the EU monster.

        Time will tell.

        • 269
          Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

          You got it 100% which is why the great unwashed of thickos here are ignoring you. One thumbs up from me. Sigh.

        • 380
          Major Eyeswater, UKUncut activist yah. says:

          Spot on. Le Monde today described the euro crisis as the markets urging Europe towards fiscal union… I think this is the way the lie will be sold.

          I tend to believe that the attempt will fall apart in the face of parliamentary opposition from one or more of the Euro 17, and I doubt they will be able to force a fudge through in time to prevent a collapse in the availability of credit.

          Naturally, they will press on regardless until their ideals result in total failure at the highest cost to all.

          I don’t see civil war or “war of secession” – when the monster reveals itself more clearly to electorates I expect they will turn out their European masters by electing nationalist/populist governments. Let’s hope so.

    • 103
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      And Theresa May has indeed returned from holidays according to the DT.

      That should be more than enough to deal with the opportunistic criminal elements currently roaming the streets of Tottenham, Enfield and Brixton.

    • 163
      simon r says:

      Agreed, he will be in contact and there are people on the ground like May who can look after things – he doesn’t need to micro manage everything like McMental did.

  9. 10
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    We expect too much from our politicons.

    • 162
      Anonymous says:


      just like tennis plyers and footballers hey

      it’s not like the give value for money or know what they are doing and aren’t coorupt or anything …..

    • 192
      Nemo says:

      We expect, but we do not get!

    • 425
      Devil's Dumplings says:

      I expect nothing, Billy; and they serve that up in spades.

      They do well on the lying, thieving, self-serving, self-important, arrogance front though……..

  10. 11
    Pedant says:

    Isn’t it a croquet mallet?

  11. 12
    What a plonker. says:

    What a useless tub of lard he is . The biggest hypocrite in the last government

  12. 13
    Dorian Smith says:

    Bit stupid of Labour to get John Prescott to attack the government for being on holiday, why wasn’t it Ed Milliband leading the charge, oh…he’s on holiday too it seems.

    • 324
      BORED NOW says:

      Word from New Scotland Yard is that Ed is going to be visiting the area.

      Wonder if the white community will hold him responsible for the apes uprising.

      What is satisfying is that normal people will now absolutely shun the left. Especially with Hyper-Dyke Laurie Penny and Jody McIntyre’s encouragement via twitter and facebook to “Rise Up” And fight the police.

      Lets give the Left anarchy.

  13. 14
    I shagged my secretary in company time says:

    as in all things Labour hypocritical and opportunistic


  14. 15
    Prescott's a fat thicko says:

    • 47
      Lance-Corporal Jones says:

      Mind you, having a dose of the soomarmy in August can be very nasty for an old feller. Must have picked it up in the Tropics.

    • 73
      Hugh Janus says:

      It is indeed the Eighth Wonder of the World that this stupid oaf was in ever permitted to be in charge of our country, even for just a few minutes while Bliar went to the bog….

    • 75
      The Sentinal says:

      “I had the Salami” – I bet he did.

    • 125
      Dean Vernon Wormer says:

      Ever wonder what happened to Bluto ‘Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor?’ from ‘Animal House’? I think the truth can be revealed….

    • 144
      Anonymous says:

      I had the 7/11 in August.

      • 249
        pigs in space says:

        Be fair, he can only count up to three, after that he knows some of the bigger numbers like 7, 9 and 11, but not what order they go in.

    • 199
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      Would you honestly trust the man to get your drinks order right? If by a slim chance you did get the right drinks you can bet a pound to a pinch of sh*t that your change would be wrong.
      He is a useless loudmouth elevated far beyond his abilities because he was a union rep.

    • 228
      Syntax Error. says:

      7/11 = August?????????????????

  15. 16
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Labour and their Lefty friends in the Police will use this to attack the coalition over the cuts making political capital from yoofs that think the world owes dem a living innit.

    Purge the MET and get in that Commissioner from LA, he has a good record in cracking a nut with a sledge hammer, and maybe he’ll address the “Sharia Law Zone” posters that have gone up all around Whitechapel too.

    • 132
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Get that police chief from Arizona who re-introduced chain gangs as well.

      • 310
        LewisCollins says:

        Don’t bother with him – Get Gen Stan McCrystal in who sorted out Baghdad with ‘industrial-level’ COIN campaign – slotting so many AQ every night they couldn’t keep up with replacements…

    • 134
      bergen says:

      Why is it that we produce really good generals,admirals and air marshalls……..

      and just about the worst senior coppers imaginable.Did you see that the Borough Commander of Tottenham had f***** off on her (yes,her) summer holidays the day after the original shooting incident.She didn’t have to be Nostradamus to foresee that it could all kick off.

  16. 18
    Admiral Leach says:

    Rather thick of Chubbster Prezza don’t recall his being in charge was great help to anyone? Undertand the Home Secrtary is on the way back from her holiday. Perhaps the real issue is the creation of a lawless culture that will need a bit of martial law to bring under control. Proof that what we need is a Police Force not a Police Service.

    • 193
      Anonymous says:

      The real problem Admiral is that there is an absence of both “Force” & “Service”;the former due to reluctance of the Police Chiefs to issue the necesary orders & the latter from inadequate supervision of the personnel.

      • 327
        Oh my! says:

        … and the not very good quality of the intake over the past 10 years or so. Just ask any old fashioned copper – or read a few of the cop blogs littering the blogosphere.

        • 406
          Cynical Old Man says:

          The reason for the reduced quality of recruits is because standards and educational requirements have been deliberatley lowered in order to attract ethnic minorities into the Police “Service”. Yes, once again political correctness has compromised the operational effectiveness of an organisation. But it gets worse……

          Many ethnic minority recruits are so incompetent that they have their two year probationary period extended, an option not normally offered to white probationers. Then if (when) their appointment is confirmed, they are encouraged to go for promotion as soon as possible. This normally means additional coaching by the force training department and interested senior officers in order to enhance their chances of passing the promotion exam. After passing, they are then encouraged to apply for promotion. Before they attend a promotion board, they are given the “nod” about what questions they are going to be asked, so they can concentrate on the answers. Once again, an option not normally offered to white promotion candidates.

          Sometimes ethnics are offered accelerated promotion. I know of one Asian copper who was once a private hire cab driver before he joined the police. Out of a class of 24 recruits, many of them graduates, he was the only one picked out for accelerated promotion.

          Many white coppers initially fail to pass a promotion board. I don’t know of any ethnic minority officers that didn’t pass first time.

          It does show that political correctness, once it takes hold, can destroy the effectiveness of any organisation.

  17. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Lard Prestotty. The man is a laughing stock. Only the BBC take him seriously. He should get back to serving the drinks on the cruise ships!

    • 76
      Hugh Janus says:

      What have you got against passengers on cruise ships??

    • 83
      The Pendant says:

      I do not believe that cruise ship passengers would like this.
      There again he could disappear at sea?
      But would the tub of hot air be a floater?

    • 145
      once a prezza always a thick fat slob says:

      clearing up chunder on cross channel ferries I think you’ll find

  18. 22
    Might not like it but says:

    He probably blamed his missus for his secretary slurping his chowder whilst he was rimming her poo hole.

  19. 23
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    If onl our politicons were on a longer holiday, I just hope they didnt take the countries cheaque book with them…..

  20. 24
    Penfold says:

    Incompetent, Ineffectual, Embittered, Useless.

    Prezza would be wise to keep shtumm, his every utterance is a reminder of the recent past.

    And just what would DC or Gideon achieve by cutting short their hols, giving the opposition and the rioters the feeling that control has been lost.

    What a load of bollocks.

    Now of Prezza wants to discuss all the EU leaders on holly’s whilst the Euro implodes and the bail-out falters, trips and shoots itself then he is on good ground….

    • 66
      Bill d'Sarse says:

      Precisely. Every time the fat c**t opens his voluminous Welsh gob, he serves as a reminder to the country of the absolute f’king mess this country is in courtesy of him and his champagne-swilling so-called socialist mates.

      Keep ‘em coming Fat Boy (a phrase he is accustomed to as it was often heard during his time as a ship steward).

      • 82
        Hugh Janus says:

        Christ Almighty, I’d forgotten he was born in Wales. That explains an awful lot…

  21. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Should the current Deputy PM get a brush and start sweeping up shattered glass in Tottenham?”

    Why not? It would show support for Daves “Big socitey” …….

    • 165
      once a prezza always a thick fat slob says:

      you do post ‘em billy…you’re not related to fatso prezza are you ?

    • 344
      Lard Presclott is thickest, most ignorant and the most disgusting politician of our time - discuss says:

      The fat f*ck wouldn’t know which way up the broom goes, and in short order would probably eat the bloody thing anyway.

  22. 32
    Leroy says:

    Yo blud. You wanna TV? Me has got 8 top of da line widescreen plasma HD TVs. And they all has treeD. All brand new and unopened.

    • 42
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      ….and smoked like a kipper….

    • 60
      Diane Abbott says:

      Yo Leroy!
      I’ll be have me one of dem treeD plazma TVs, just be drop it off at me crib bro an I’ll put it on me expenses.

      Booyashaka! :s

    • 241
      Sir William Waad says:

      Actually the rioters were a pretty mixed lot, Leroy rubbing shoulders with Connor, Tyler and Ishpak, showing the success of policies to get young people of different heritages to work together.

      • 338
        BOREDNOW says:

        Yes along with Zawana , Lateshia , Laleshia, Saleshia , Coco and Chanelle ( I kid you not) Zira and Laurie Penny.

  23. 33
    Me a hippocrite? Nay I'm a cheeky lad from 'Ull says:

    Today I will mostly be watching ‘Prezza and the Temple of Swoon’.

    It is a video I made for Pauline whilst shaggin Tracey on the taxpayers behalf and money.

    Bring us a pie or two Pauline

  24. 34
    Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

    I used to love getting me croquet balls out at Horneywood Dorneywood.

  25. 35
    Suds says:

    He said that everything happened in August on his watch……………….tsunami, well I must have been on holiday and missed that one as I thought the biggie was on Boxing Day, the other one he was not in government. He also said that he had to deal with “7/11″ . Now surely he knows that was not in August as he gave the date, and on top of that, he got the date wrong. Who was the interviewer…..oh yes…..Mariella whatsherface……………..Me wonders whether they thought it would be an amusing piss take. Also what about the length of his socks………… we really need to see his legs? What will he expose next? No, please dont say….

    • 45
      Four Big Macs for his starter says:

      7/11 is the name of a famous American chain of local grocery stores which used to have branches here. As usual, Prescott’s mind was on food. And he obviously meant to say salami but got it mangled with tsunami.

    • 59
      Tony Blair, the peoples princess says:

      he he, it’s just John being John you know, he he…

  26. 48
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    I see he is playing Croquet !
    i would love him to play “croke” asap !

  27. 50
    Anonymous says:

    I don’t know about swinging a mallet, he should be swinging from a fucking lampost. Either that or give the fat fuck free reign in a pie shop and hope he explodes.

    • 96
      Ministry for the bleedin obvious says:

      He’d take the whole fucking street with him, not just the pie shop. I’m not saying he’s a fat bastard, but he does have his own post code.

  28. 51
    What a plonker. says:

    When I was young I used to be a socialist, and then I went up to the big school.

  29. 52
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Just on the rioting !
    this is how we would have dealt with them when we were a real country !

    • 62
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      This is actual cctv footage from outside B and Q’s Rourkes Drift store
      on January 22nd 1879

      • 86
        Leroy Mashtash says:

        Dat is way racilist innit? Just for that I is gonna burn down somewhere that has a decent retail park with a PC World, and a JD sports on it, but is also on a convenient tube line.

        Note..Sports Direct. You is safe.
        Because you is so shit.

    • 72
      WVM says:

      Oh them were the days!
      The days before wishy washy liberal lefty bollox infected the world.

      • 142

        .And before we decided to axe all the police and military personnel.

        “Front ranks ..Fired!”
        “Middle ranks..Fired!”
        “Senior ranks ..bonus!”

    • 128
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Lol…post of the day, by far!

      • 197
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        The only criticism is their camouflage !
        totally useless unless you fight all your battles in a Heinz Ketchup factory !

        • 210
          Jabba the Cat says:

          This is true, but otoh they did mostly kick ass all round the world in those days, even in the red jackets.

          • Lessons of History says:

            Apart from the not very well known First Afghan War in 1842 when the British Army was routed by the Pathans and surrendered only to be totally wiped out…….

          • Jabba the Cat says:

            @ Lessons of History

            Note my use of the word ‘mostly’.

    • 147
      Twopack says:

      Except this time they have the guns and we piss around with shields and sticks.

      • 216
        Jabba the Cat says:

        I believe that is because the politicians and the PC idiots who are supposed to be running the police are having a constant cranial rectal inversion.

      • 281
        Cat says:

        That’s because every time they shoot some arsewipe (especially an ethnic one), they have to fill out 9 forms in triplicate followed by a course of trauma counselling, followed by the baying of the Grauniad/B B C mob.

    • 161
      Sir William Waad says:

      I think you are overooking the unpleasantness at Isandlwana, where a brave and enterprising group of chaps armed with spears handed us our arse on a plate.

    • 354
      And a bayonet sir, with plenty o' guts behind it says:

      It shouldn’t be forgot that prior to Rorke’s Drift and the winning of 24 Victoria Crosses in one day that the Zulus had completely wiped out Lord Chelmsford’s Army at Islandlwana and it sort of took the spotlight off the bad generalship and rout of British Forces the same day…..nothing changes the government spin machine was alive even then and managing news it seems..still cracking film

      • 385
        Mike Hunt says:

        If you want to see Michael Caine at his best, Get Carter is on tonight.

      • 389
        Hugh Janus says:

        Eleven VCs were won at Rorke’s Drift – 7 to the 2nd Battalion, 24th (2nd Warwickshire) Regiment of Foot, 1 to the Army Medical Department, 1 to the Royal Engineers, 1 to the Commissariat and Transport Department and 1 to the Natal Native Contingent.

        • 435
          Anonymous says:

          Correction. Eleven VCs were awarded, not necessarily to the right people, in order to help cover up the incompetence at Islandlwana.

    • 433
      Archie says:

      “You were only supposed to blow the bloody doors orf!”

  30. 53
    Wake up Ploddo says:

    Wake up Plod

    stop dicking around with motorists
    stop pocketing newspapers’ cash
    don’t waste your time giving asbos to old ladies

    Get out on the fucking streets and start shooting looters

    • 64
      bbc, an excuse for a national broadcaster says:

      Or at the very fucking least give the manky soap dodgers a good hosing down, FFS

    • 81
      Spartacus says:

      Was it not the police shooting someone that started it in the first place?

      • 110
        Mike Hunt says:

        Some crim with a gun who shot a copper? He doesn’t count as ‘someone’ in my book.

        More scum like that need scraping of the pavement.

      • 153
        Shenzen says:

        The shot copper had a police bullet in his radio. Sounds like a circular firing squad to me.

  31. 56
    Pete Taylor says:

    Shows how thick the rioters are, should of done it down in Parliament.

  32. 58
    The Stilton Eater says:

    Politicians should stay away. We have senior police officers charged with maintaining law and order and they must get on with the job. If they are not up to the job then they should be fired by a minister… from poolside.

  33. 65
    Billy BlahBlah is the worst waffler ever! says:

    Ummm. Nothing relevant to say, I just need to post, that’s all.

    Did I hear anyone say “you need to get out more”??

  34. 67
    Thats News says:

    Here’s something that Prescott can address from the Telegraph coverage regarding the looters in Tottenhamn:-

    Most of them are NEETs, they can’t read and write and they have got nothing to lose.”

    They cannot read or write. After 13 years of being educated under Labour with its “Education, Education, Education” policy.

    Come on, Mr Prescott, tell us why your government failed them?

  35. 70
    It'sAlreadyTooLate says:

    I’ve just been watching the news on Sky and BBC with apologists for the rioters making the usual excuses, jobs, overcrowding, youths with nothing to do or go, and of course blaming the police,where are we headed?

    • 85
      Lirt Shifter says:

      …the usual excuses, jobs, overcrowding, youths with nothing to do or go

      Scotland next then??

      • 90
        lol says:

        It’s just our benefit-claiming, esteemed guests doing what they do best: rioting and looting. Just like back home in Kingston.

        • 105
          Lirt Shifter says:

          No smoke damaged 50″ LCD’s from N17 on Ebay yet. They’re obviously better at robbing than fencing.

        • 112
          The Scribbler says:

          Don’t forget Nigeria, Somalia et al.
          Lamy was on yesterday hand wringing and stating that things were improving up to yesterday. Another “liberal” politician out of touch.
          Today on the Toady Programme the word “black” was only mentioned twice, both times by black people. PC anyone?

          • WVM says:

            Listened to radio LBC last night and they weren’t too bad over all.
            But the host was constantly informing the listeners that the views of the guesses expressed on the show weren’t trying to incite hatred.
            Someone needs to start a campaign and e-petition to get that free speech destroying law removed. Some of the callers in to the show said they couldn’t say what they thought about the riots and the people involved for fear of prosecution.

          • Did someone say PC?

            Well, as it happens at Sunday’s car boot I got an Acer quad core in its original box for £100.
            Amazing really. The chap had loads of them and said he was suddenly overstocked so selling them off cheap.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Lammy’s response was actually not too bad compared to people like Livingstone. He obviously doesn’t visit his constituency too often though because it is the same old shithole it has always been.

          • lammy the looter says:

            yeah how much and how big is the hardrive?

    • 122
      WVM says:

      Sky News needs to grow a back bone, sometimes I despair with them following the BBC lead at times.

      • 329
        Northerner says:

        this is by some beebboid and is full of bias

        Was Tottenham’s riot a cry of rage?

        Was Saturday night an orgy of mindless violence or a cry of rage from a marginalised, disaffected part of society?


        And then there’s the economic background. The riots of the early 1980s were played out against a backdrop of recession; today, unemployment is rising once more.

        Tottenham is poor, too. By itself that’s no justification for laying waste to a community. When a home is destroyed, or a business gutted, it hits hardest those who can least afford it.


        But if it were poverty alone were the driving factor, one would expect communities in the cities of the north of Britain, not the south, to have been in flames on Saturday night.


        “We do not want to go back to the 1980s.”

        Nor do the police, not least because their budgets are being squeezed by 20%

        Low morale

        Paul Deller from the Metropolitan Police Federation said: “Morale among the police officers dealing with this incident, and within the police service as a whole, is at its lowest level ever due to the constant attacks on them by the home secretary and the government in the form of the Winsor and Hutton reviews into police pay and conditions.”

        Ironically, it is the so-called “soft” services like youth clubs and initiatives that help keep young people out of trouble and which nationally the Education Select Committee says have been cut more than any other.

        Haringey Council, the borough that contains Tottenham, has seen its youth service budget slashed by 75%. The government wants charities to help plug the gap.

        Would that alone have stopped the violence on Saturday night happening? Unlikely. If police had come out of Tottenham police station and spoken to protesters would that have been enough to ease tensions? Hard to say.

    • 149
      John Bellingham says:

      It is a symptom of the deprivation of the inner city and the enforced poverty of the descendants of slaves and indentured sugar cane workers that they feel forced to loot the Pound Shop on Tottenham High Road. The Government should be ashamed and commence arming the White population.

    • 156
      Sir William Waad says:

      Try to imagine what life must be like if the height of your ambition is to possess something from Foot Locker.

    • 176
      Tell it like it really is says:

      I hope we are heading for a proper showdown with the police allowed to do their job properly with use of water cannon and rubber bullets at the very least.

      Stop spending my and others hard earned money on this benefit breeding criminal scum, stop allowing the IPCC, bbc and all the other handwringing leftwing bleeding heart shites; who have never had any actual contact with this dross; making all these apologist excuses for their criminal behaviour and lifestyles.

      • 198
        European Court of Human Rights says:

        Sorry what you suggest is impossible as it contavenes Art 8 of the Human Rights Act….have a nice day !!!

      • 253
        Airey Belvoir says:

        There was a jaw-dropping interview on R4 The World at One with a ‘community activist’, widow of Bernie Grant whose line was to blame the ‘authorities’ for the whole criminal rampage by black youths (not that that was mentioned), calling for ‘someone to consider their position’, claiming that a cause was a lack of sensitivity for the family of ‘Mr Duggan’ (no mention of him being a gun-toting gangster of course) and more in the same vein. Martha Kearney did not challenge a single one of her ludicrous assertions. Shameful.

        • 348
          I got caught watching a BBC News broadcast - sorry says:

          Did anyone else notice that one of the police dog handlers had the ID of ‘K9′ on his helmet? Seriously.

      • 341
        BOREDNOW says:

        You can use a riot helmet as a a battering ram , head down and run into them you are guaranteed to smack someone in the face.

        Or a personal favourite…. If they run chuck it at their legs 10 pin bowling style…

  36. 74
    Dunlaggin says:

    It was pretty obvious the looters would go back the next night. Once they had opened the boxes and discovered HDMI cables are not included.

    • 102
      Delroy Aloishus Denzel Lord 'a' Mercy Ryce and pee says:

      What’s a scart cable, blud? And why won’t me video tape fit inside da dvd player?

      • 124
        The Scribbler says:

        Have to go back to a PC store and try for a refund. There will be a niche market for invoices for stolen goods you see.

  37. 92
    Send a Pedalo says:

    New labour were responsible for carrot and coriander soup. Ed Miliband must be made to apologize to the country.

  38. 94
    Pippa's perfect ass says:

    Lazy feeble comment. Who gives a fuck about Prescott now?

  39. 97
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    “needless and opportunistic theft and violence ” is how Nick Glegg described the violence a full 48 hours after it happened !

    Needless and Opportunistic , are two words i often associate with Nick Clegg !

  40. 107
    Equality is a one way street says:

    White Middle class mailes were seriously under -represented in the protest against policing and the re-distribution of retail products in North London.

  41. 118
    Fraud says:

    Mad left blog.

    “Yeah, it is completely wrong that they’re stealing, some of these people are probably stealing food and so on because they can’t afford to do otherwise”

    Yep they are stealing fried chicken.

    • 182
      Tell it like it really is says:

      Did you see the report that the only thing left in the Tesco store looted was the smoked salmon?

    • 187
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      i have just left him a couple of messages under the name Gordon Brown LOL !

    • 252
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Eating LCD TVs and DVD players must be a relatively new development.

  42. 119
    annette curton says:

    It’s not as if anybody could have accused Tony Blair of such a dereliction of duty now is it, fat man?.

  43. 120
    My C*nt says:

    Why do people use pseudonyms?

  44. 121
    Ding Dong says:

    He actually said “I had the soomami, I had the Omagh bombing, terrorist atacks, 7/11. All those occurred on my watch, right.”

  45. 127
    Prevention is better than cure says:

    Tell you what I’m fed up with this new policing policy of let them break the law, riot and steal while the plod watches on taking photos and arrests those they can recognise a couple of months later.

    This is not crime prevention.

    • 151
      annette curton says:

      The cure is not to elect the criminals in the first place.

    • 158
      John Bellingham says:

      Especially as sentences are risable.

      • 179
        Ken Clarke, the criminal's friend, says:

        These so-called rioters are just little scamps! They shouldn’t be put in prison! Let them run freely around our cities!

    • 186
      21st Century Policing Procedures Manual says:

      It’s called “Community Policing”…………

  46. 129
    Inter-Faith Dialogue says:

    Tracey Temple and John Prescott: her body was her temple, but did John Prescott remove his shoes before entering?

    • 146
      Prezza's Doctor says:

      Well it saved him from going down to the beach to catch crabs.

    • 195
      once a prezza always a thick fat slob says:

      probably not but he definitely strapped a plank to his arse

  47. 133
    pissed off voter says:

    Is that the same lord gobshit who frowned upon the endowing of titles?

  48. 148
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Has Lee Jasper tweeted about the riots?

    • 166
      It's funny because it's true says:

      He probably showed-up with the aim of joining-in, but was told “p!ss off, whitey, this is for black people only.”

  49. 150
    Sir William Waad says:

    Every year, when the pols go on holiday, some loudmouth says that they ought to come back, or that Parliament ought to be recalled. It’s one of the old, reliable, non-stories of summer.

    Pay them no attention.

    • 352
      Hugh Janus says:

      These stories used to be the product of the silly season. These days, however, it is becoming increasingly difficult to tell when one finishes and another starts.

  50. 154
    Jimmy says:

    To be fair, Bumface has only just been told that none of the chaps involved left an address to send the bill for damage. Poor show.

    • 169
      It's funny because it's true says:

      Damage? It strikes me if you burned Tottenham to the ground you’d be improving it.

    • 214
      Lord Fondlebum of Boy and Bankbonus says:

      Would you be so kind as to furnish me with the address of this Bumface of whom you talk?

  51. 159
    Stephanie Filandering says:

    I find John Prescott nauseating

  52. 160
    Loungelizard says:

    Wonder if Upchucka managed to get in to work his shift at KFC ?

  53. 170
    tory boys never grow up says:

    “Should the current Deputy PM get a brush and start sweeping up shattered glass in Tottenham?”

    Well he might as well do something useful!

    • 190
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      only if dave tells him too

    • 236
      Larry the Cat says:

      Not feeling too chipper today – I spent the night in Tottenham – I was like a cat on a hot tin roof.

  54. 174
  55. 183
    Moussa Koussa says:

    I knew it wouldn’t be long before The Apologist Guido came up with this one..

    Errrrr That will be in 2006…Low inflation, low unemployment, very positive growth, many protests, but no riots.

    Doesn’t get it all…. they ALL seem to be on holiday

    • 194

      Ahhh yes..The golden age of 2006.

      Anything pre McMental’s reign can be considered a fortunate era.

      • 205
        annette curton says:

        If his reign had been in mediaeval times he would have gone down in history with the soubriquet Gordon the Gormless.

        • 333
          Oh my! says:

          Back in those days he would have got the King Charles I treatment – and be known thereafter as Gordon the Headless.

    • 200
      Loungelizard says:

      That will be rampant growth in public and private debt. Record disability claimant figures, record erosion of manufacturing base.

      • 215
        Send a Pedalo says:

        Not to mention carrot and coriander soup. Surely this represents every thing that was and is wrong with the left’s politics.

    • 234
      b34st says:

      Did your father abandon you as a child?

      I fucking would have

    • 297
      Anonymous says:

      In other words, during Labour’s time in office Britain was a land of milk and honey. Who is the apologist now?

    • 326
      Cat says:

      It’s August – most people are you tw@t. Even the disabled and poor folk on benefits. I suspect that, heaven forbid, even a few Grauniad staff are too – not heard much from the repellent Mz Toonbee.

      The exception are the criminal fraternity of Tottenham, who are staying at home getting retail therapy.

  56. 185
    My Lord Prezza of Trough, NooLieBore Illumination, Author, Critic, ont’ Issues of t’Day (Reprise) says:

    Mocked Tudoral Beamage my arse! None of ‘em have beamage like what I’ve got, not even if they have pondage fer ducks, – which they haven’t and me with no A levels! Pier, me, and all me own work as if I didn’t do any but Television meself and Tony – he’s the one what gave me the job and I’ve never backwards looking at meself in the mirror headlines stopped. And THAT M4 BUS LANE! Bloody brill for the likes of me what has to get there and backwards quicklyer! Concordski Benn can say what he likes you can’t beat a bus lane! And as for them bloody lords wouldn’t be seen dead there an me a pier of the ream an’ bloody Cameron and his leftwingable shit! Riot the Tories in Twatenham I say!

    Anyway, – can’t say much for big mouthy tongueage I’m more tits meself, anyone got a sandwich . . ? . . patsy . . ? . . . pie . . ? . . . anything . . . ?

    Phwoooar! Look at that walking past . . . ! . . here hang on to that for me willya!

  57. 191
    the last quango in paris says:

    2 shags / jags the jumped up working class – hates the peerages Lord bulimic belly should leave this one – when he was ‘deputy pm’ he gave us Gordon Brown (when he could have given him the boot if he sided with Blair), encouraged people to build on flood plains (d’oh) and punched voters.

    He is the MP / Lord probably most likely to start a riot. He is probably saddened at the demise of Krispy Kreme and Mcdonald’s in the area.

  58. 203
    prezza..the original big mouthed slob says:

    slobgob prescott is a moron the public should have elbowed back out to sea years ago…thicko …..7/11…several cans short of a 2 pack

  59. 206
    Sophie says:

    Why wasn’t Prescott prosecuted for misconduct in public office?

  60. 207
    WVM says:

    Anyone else notice how Cameron buries his news on a EU referendum at the same time of the Tottenham riots?

  61. 212
    Engineer says:

    Something is bothering me slightly about the claimed underlying reasons for the weekend’s riots.

    One of the stated reasons is unemployment. This is London – one of the richest and most economically active parts of the UK (or so we’re led to believe), a place where immigrants have to be shipped in to do the jobs that the indigenous population consider beneath them. It isn’t a post-industrial employment black-spot like some parts of the North are alleged to be. So where’s the unemployment?

    ‘The Cuts’ have been blamed, too. Erm, what cuts? Public spending is still rising in cash terms – hardly swinging cuts.

    There seem to be a lot of excuses floating around for what seems to have been basically co-ordinated criminal behaviour.

    • 220
      Voice of Reason says:

      Spot on! There are plenty of jobs for these black hoodies but they don’t enough for their bling and so prefer the gangsta life. I only hope every one of these morons is locked away after the police have studied all the footage. Enoch – you were so right fella but few bothered to listen.

      • 248
        John Bellingham says:

        According to a black lady expert on Sky (who cannot pronouce a “th” sound) and an academic criminologist it is all because of a lack of educational opportunities (there are no schools for black people), lack of jobs ( there are no jobs for black people), the vast gap between the rich and the poor (the DSS doesn’t give out Bentleys and Jags) and the cuts introduced by the coalition.
        So now you know.
        As the Gurkha veterans have now been allowed to settle here, could they perhaps be reruited as auxiliary police? They did a bloody good job against rioters in Amritsar under Gen. Dyer.

    • 238
      WVM says:

      Indeed, the BBC and Sky News channels are doing over time searching for excuses.

      • 276
        Redditch Raven says:

        There is no excuse for criminal behaviour…period…the area where I live in the West Midlands has the same level of deprivation;lack of jobs etc etc…but the thing that’s different is that the people have sense not to destroy and burn they’re own fucking neighbourhood down…the other thing that pisses me off is the spokespersons that come onto TV and say thet that the thing should be classified as a Riot not just civil disturbance as if it is the government will have to pick up the tab for those not having any insurance to cover their buildings or businesss cos’ they were to “poor”(?) to take out insurance!!!!!!!!!!!!.Fucking unbelievable…!!!!!!!!!!the government had better not even think it let alone contemplate it……

        • 365
          Anon says:

          The Riot Damages Act 1896 makes police authorities liable for damages to buildings and their contents if a riot occurs under the Public Order Act, even if there has been no negligence or default by the police. Not quite the same as the government, but probably the same thing in the end. And it doesn’t just apply to uninsured premises either – insurers who pay claims also have the right of subrogation against the police.

          I’ll bet the recently-departed Commissioner of the Met Police is smiling to himself today – impeccable timing!

    • 418
      Judge Judy & Executioner says:

      Exactly. Unemployment my arse. I doubt even one of those thieving scumbags is remotely interested in a job.

  62. 222
    Ed Miliband says:

    Squeak civil disorder squeak squeak cuts honk Cameron squeaaak home secretary blurk something must be done squeak Mr Squeaker.

    • 378
      Cicciolina Sally Squeaker says:

      Squeak Sqeaker and Squeak it…

      I made my name on Squeaker

      So shut up

  63. 233
    Cream Puff says:

    There must be something about Labour and Hypocrisy
    That it goes hand in glove, a kind of requirement to be a member
    of the Labour movement.
    Those that sometimes foray in to Scottish Politics watch, will have no doubt enjoyed the sheer
    Hypocrisy of Labour north of the border in their latest wheeze.
    The Scottish branch of Labour are all a froth and getting their usual media chums in the BBC and Scotsman to attack the SNP for nominating leading Scottish businessman Brian Souter for a knighthood. The only problem is, which has alluded both the BBC and Scotsman newspaper is, it
    wasn’t the SNP who nominated Brian Souter. In 2007 the new SNP government ended the involvement of Ministers in the honours nomination process. The SNP had removed themselves from the process and made it totally independent of political interference. Something that the previous Labour administration in Scotland had used themselves to reward not only supporters of Labour north of the border but themselves (the last Labour First Minister really was adept at warding his friends and subsequently became a peer himself).
    This debacle follows hot on the heels of another piece of Labour hypocrisy, when they and again their chums in the BBC attacked First Minister Alex Salmond for meeting Rupert Murdoch when Alex Salmond had letters released going back four years to 2007. The BBC’s was very adept in cherry picking extracts in order to try and put the SNP in a bad light, unfortunately for the BBC (and Labour) all the letters in their entirety are freely available on the Scottish government website. Labour have now been asked to provide more details including letters between Labour and New International as well as other media outlets. Should be interesting.

    • 245
      annette curton says:

      To put it concisely they are all self serving shits, BBC says nothing to see here, please move along.

    • 340
      Oh my! says:

      Agree, there are far too many Scots at the BBC – many wih completely unintelligible accents to anyone living south of Carlisle.

      I think the C in BBC must stand for Caledonian.

  64. 239
    b34st says:

    Now Im no rascist BUT!

    These sooties only understand one thing , a fucking good beating
    Back in the good old days of slavery when they were taken off the boat the biggest would be beaten to death as a warning, thats what we need to do on the streets of London
    Call me old fashioned

  65. 243
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido, How is the “Restore Vengence” Campaign going?

    • 291
      Moussa Koussa says:


      More people have signed the “Keep F1 on the BBC”, than Guidios e-petition.

  66. 244
    nell says:

    You have to laugh at him don’t you.

    prezza is on permanent holiday in the HoL and living it up with freebies on cruise ships – what amazing hypocrisy!

    It’s a pity gordon didn’t take a few proper holidays perhaps he wouldn’t have left us in such an economic mess . Then again…

    • 273
      Anonymous says:

      Prezza is a scumbag, an idiot and a turd, but call me Dave is a filthy lying traitor.

  67. 251
    The Solitary Bugler says:

    Working class North london in the early fifties. The community was relatively poor ( in the lowest 10 % in terms of income/living standards etc.)
    Life had all difficulties that go with this territory, but:
    Why were most people generally law abiding?
    Why were the streets safe?
    Why was one safe growing up and growing old?
    Why was everyone allowed the freedom to express their opinion on anything they wished?
    How did we get to where we are now??
    I am a bit thick and would like the answers to these questions.

    • 261

      When they claimed, “George Davis is innocent”, were they were right or wrong? (OK, Ilford is more east than north.)

    • 265
      John Bellingham says:

      I have just been reading up on the Tonypandy riots of 1911, where the Welsh strikers looted all of the shops in the town and then confronted the police as the best-dressed rioters in history. Churchill despatched a cavalry squadron and a rifle battalion-who, although unused, persuaded the Taffs not only to stop smashing up the town, but to go back to work.

      • 277
        a leek a day keeps the crowds away says:

        in those days leeks were standard fare in wales so when they dropped their kecks and let rip the soldiers faltered whinced and crept back to london.

    • 266
      Balkanized Britain says:

      If the soldiers coming back home in 1945 could see what a shithole Britain would be turned into, they would have turned their guns on parliament.

    • 325
      Anonymous says:

      All well-remembered Mr Bugler. Tottenham used to be quite a pleasant respectable place. That was before the traitor ruling class enriched it with full-scale multiculti diversity.

  68. 259
    Gordon Brown says:

    This evening I will be demonstrating how to make a routlette wheel from Club Biscuits

    • 280
      eeu to me says:

      Nah Billy ,they’ve had some great teachers to teach them how to be real criminals and get away with it, what with plod, politicians, bankers all in the same shit heap.

  69. 263
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Final thought on Tottenham riot

    Free the fuckers from slavery and look how they repay us?”

    • 286
      eeu to me says:

      Nah Billy ,they’ve had some great teachers to teach them how to be real criminals and get away with it, what with plod, politicians, bankers all in the same shit heap.

      • 295
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        True, “Great role models” they have these days.

    • 321
      John Bellingham says:

      You may have hit on a broad socio-economic solution. Black youth can sell themselves back into slavery for period of ten to twenty years with a bounty to be paid on termination of service. As they will be privately owned, the state would no longer be responsible for their upkeep. This could not only reduce the cost to government, but greatly benefit both agriculture and industry. Field workers would no longer have to import migrant labour or pay minimum wage and jobs such as cleaning up Sellafield, chemical and oil spills would be greatly facilitated. The scheme would also benefit disaffected, violent and sadistic White youngsters as there would be a need for overseers and supervisors.
      A large labour force unaffected by employment legislation could rapidly clean up decrepit city centres and vastly reduce the cost of digging the foundations of that silly new railway.
      As the “Slavery” brand is now somewhat toxic nowadays it would naturally need to be renamed, I would suggest “Apprenticeship” or perhaps “The Duke of Edinburgh’s Award Scheme”.
      At the end of the period of servitude the bounty, which should be generous, will provide enough money for the Apprentice to return to the land of his roots.

      • 420
        There are no chains around my feet but I am not free says:

        Well done, just the sort of creative blue skies thinking that will lead us to a brighter 21st century. It is a bit racist though. Why not ensure everone is forced to work and contribute “taxes” to an overbearing slave master who will lock you up with pervs and psycos if you do not pay up on time. This is a more equal opps approach -

  70. 268
    Slimey Mandy says:

    OK Riff Raf pay attention You people have forgotten I am still available to give you all the benifit of my superior knowledge & of course experience & all channelled through the only Truthful Global Broadcaster the BBCGuardianMirror entity, funded by grateful British Tax Payers, the peasants

    Don’t forget I’m only a phone call away to arrange for my fully justified large fee’s tobe deposited in one of my numerious tax free offshore accounts……

    Equality not on your life; I am are more superior than the lot of you !!

  71. 270
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am under pressure from various music industry executives to reform Slade

  72. 271
    John Prescott says:

    25 million Big Macs please.

    Just kidding. I never fuckin say please!

  73. 278
    confused says:

    The Deputy Lord Mayor of London described the Police as “The Troops” as in “we’ll be able to get the troops out” Freudian slip perhaps?

    • 288
      Loungelizard says:

      Yup..send in the Paras, break a few heads. Anybody from the left complains lock em for taking a civil liberty.

  74. 283
    Harry the Camel says:

    I have just read Diane Abbott’s article in the Indie.

    The last sentence is

    But with these and other cuts in jobs and services, it is difficult to see how areas like Tottenham can become less flammable soon.

    If that is not a NuLiebor incitement to future riots and commendation of new ‘protests’ then I don’t know what is.

    • 415
      Tax Payer Joe Public says:

      Will she have her collar felt by the Met (ZanuLieLabor)Police Service for incitement ?

      No thats not permitted, its only Tory politicians who get this type of treatment.

  75. 284
    Tiny Mallet says:

    Ay oop you southern poofs I went through hoops for you lot

  76. 289
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Is Matt Prior the best wicket keeper/batsman in world cricket?

  77. 292
    Truthteller says:

    Jasper on sky news, what a c@nt!!

  78. 293
    uncle Sam says:

    On Sky news Lee Jasper has just been racist to Mayor Johnson he said “Boris get off your blonde arse and get over here”

    Apparently Boris is on holiday in Portugal.

  79. 296
    nell says:

    and here’s gordon still trying to convince somebody, anybody that he is the only one who can rescue the world from this economic crisis.

    i’m glad he keeps coming back reminding us what an absolute dead loss he was.

    • 308
      Loungelizard says:

      Yes he’s been wandering about with his underpants outside his trousers for a couple of weeks now. Not a pretty sight.

  80. 298
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    SMASHING retail outlets with VAT, harming the police with swingeing cuts and wrecking homes. Not just in Tottenham but across the country. Aren’t the Tories the “violent minority”?

  81. 300
    Bogeyman says:

    These phukin socialists who complain that Dave, Boris & co are on holiday: It would be interesting to know how many of THEM have rushed back from holiday when there’s a problem at work.

    • 311
      Socialist(non)Worker says:

      You make a fundamental error. Socialists don’t work – they take.

      (sorry for double post below)

  82. 302
    • 304
      • 317
        Spartacus says:

        I doubt if anyone here wants to hear this. Or believe it.

        • 330
          Anonymous says:

          Not everyone here is a thick tory bum sucker.

        • 343
          Alex says:

          The footage is set after nightfall, the incident with the girl was reported to have taken place at 0830 pm – it isn’t dark at that time of night at this time of year.

          Make of that what you will. Not denying that the incident happened, but let’s get it right – if you have half a brain, you don’t chuck stones at a large group of coppers.

          What caused it isn’t really that relevant – there is no excuse for trashing hard working people’s livelihoods in this manner, and all the excusing you and your band of morons attempt doesn’t change that simple fact.

          In future, incidents like this should see the police told to stand down, whilst the army take care of it. Bring them back from afghanistan so they can start doing what they’re supposed to, i.e. defending this country.

  83. 305
    Baron Prescott of Bullo meo says:

    My phone has definitely been hacked. How else could they know that I ordered six portions of kebab meat and chips sprinkled with hundreds’n’thousands? I demand compensation.

    • 416
      Tax Payer Joe Public says:

      Take it the feast for this enormous over paid pig was charged as always to the public purse ?

  84. 307
    Socialist(non)Worker says:

    You make a fundamental error. Socialists don’t work – they take.

  85. 309
    Dwayne of North London says:

    This government wants to get off its arse and create a job for me. If it’s more than three days a week I want at least 30 grand. Otherwise I’ll riot, especially near Curry’s cos I need a new telly.

  86. 312
    Anonymous says:

    Police warn Twitter users against inciting third night of violence (telegraph)

    Don’t tell Sally Bercow

    • 417
      A Nemo says:

      or Sarah as her Jonah McDoom is bound to pour more petrol on the smouldering embers sometime tonight

  87. 313
    Johann Hari says:

    Until last year policymakers could always produce a new rabbit from their hat to trigger asset reflation and economic recovery. Zero policy rates, QE1, QE2, credit easing, fiscal stimulus, ring-fencing, liquidity provision to the tune of trillions of dollars and bailing out banks and financial institutions – all have been tried. But now we have run out of rabbits to reveal.

  88. 319
    Mike Oxonfire says:

    Superintendent: Would I be right in thinking Mr Duggan is a *coloured* gentleman?

    Constable Savage: Can’t say as I’ve ever noticed, sir.

    Superintendent: Savage, why do you keep shooting this man?

    Constable Savage: ‘E’s a villain, sir.

    • 351
      Adila bint Abdulla Al-Saud says:

      Duggan was lucky he didn’t try it on in my country – he’d have been torured then beheaded

      wtf are you whining about?

  89. 320
    Smell the teabags says:

    Take a look at this report summing up the latest riots, a picture of one lone rioter throwing something, then the article just vaguely goes on about rioters looting shops. I followed twitter feeds last night after typing in ‘brixton’ and ‘enfield’ apart from the odd ‘wow how mad LOL’ type of comments from teenagers amongst the tweets was a lot of people warning others what roads to avoid, what they had just seen, etc with uploaded pics.

    eg. Pic of Footlocker store in Brixton ablaze,
    pic of ransacked local chemist in Enfield

    pic of Audi ablaze
    pic of flames lapping up the windows of M&S in Brixton
    pic of a huge retail type wheely bin ablaze in the road
    pic of William Hills bashed in
    pics of Currys Brixton being totally looted with gangs of about 100 people outside it with no police to be seen
    pics of people walking down the streets unchallenged with huge plasma screens
    pic of Sainsburys bashed in
    reports of petrol bombs being thrown at cars on the A10
    reports of a petrol bomb hitting a fire engine in Brixton
    Meanwhile over on the BBC website with hundreds of journalists the best they could manage was a story about the day before in Tottenham. SO if you want to find out whats going on in future just visit Twitter not the out of date , ineffectual, PC biased BBC that try and hide the truth.

    • 322
      Smell the teabags says:

      Also just remembered a pic of H&M brixton being looted and also Halfords.

  90. 323
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    My cat is stuck up a tree, I demand that the PM and Mayor return from thier holidays and comfort me while a fireman rescues it.

  91. 331
    from spain says:

    Lee Jasper blaming everybody for the mess created in that shit hole then blames this goverment for all thats gone before.
    Lefties dont you just love,FFS

    • 370
      Different strokes says:

      Also as a member of an ethnic minority, Lee Jasper will never seriously and publicly criticise his own community.

      Self-criticism is something strictly for white folk.

  92. 332
    Anonymous says:

    So, an old gibe about Prescott is all you can manage is it Guido? Trying to hide something? Like how you think immigration is so good for Britain?

    So obvious. Though not to your tiny little fan club of tory bum suckers.

    • 334
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      You are fully entitled to collect your full refund and fuck off :-)

      Or start your own blog?

      • 436
        Anonymous says:

        Nah, I like it here. LMAO from reading apoplectic uncomprehending outrage from you tory tossers is the best free entertaiment I can find after three decades of Thatcherite policies fucking up everything else.

    • 359
      50 Calibre says:

      Lord Fucking Prezza has got more cheek than a pig’s arse even opening his mouth after the sum total of his contribution to the UK has yet to get as high as zero.

      He ate all the pies too…

  93. 335
    Eighteenth Brumaire says:

    They’re all as bad as eachother, egos bloated by limitless greed, narcissistic entitlement, and sociopathic disregard for the harm they do to ordinary people.

  94. 342
    Harry Rednapp says:

    Aaron Lennon takes it on his chest and brings it down, passes it to Bassong who runs with it before laying it off to Huddlestone, Defoe spots a window and makes a run, Huddlestone sees him and makes the pass and Defoe puts it away nicely.

    “Right lads,” says Palacios, “let’s get one more Plasma before the fucking pigs get here.”

  95. 345
    BBC social cohesion unit says:

    The BBC has thoroughly investigated the so called ‘looting riots’ and found that they are merely a disaffected youth displaying their frustration and anger at the Tory dominated coalition and their savage cuts. These poor innocent victims feel oppressed by the institutionally racist and human rights abusing met police and along with the savage cuts in social provision it was only a matter of time before the peoples uprising against the Tory led coalition and their antisocial mean minded savage cuts to welfare and social provision began. The entirely blameless looters are so poor as a direct result of the savage coalition cuts that they have to loot shops for the essentials of life denied to them by a cruel and heartless Tory led regime. The BBC will do all in its power to support the brave and fearless freedom fighters now battling the racist uncaring forces of capitalism under Cameron and to all looters ad rioters out there please stay tuned to facebook and twitter for support and guidance by the BBCs expert team of revolutionary struggle coordinators. Together we can lay the entire blame on the forces of capitalism and their stooges the conservative dominated coalition.

    Power to the people!

    BBC deputy assistant human rights & social equality executive.

    Tamara Hulme Sturgess Crappiela MBE, KBE.

    • 350
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      Just watched it too.
      Method: Interview a couple of local (black) community workers + Abbott, Lammy and Jasper Jasper if we can get him, then sum it up with, ‘Tory/coalition cuts, EMA withdrawal, disaffected youth, lack of respect from the police = riot, looting, arson.

    • 356
      Mike Hunt says:


      Sadly, this will be how the 6 oclock news tonight will report things.

  96. 347
    The Dirty Rat. says:

    So Old Bill also shot that pissed up white solicitor who thought he was taking out a few pheasants from his Chelsea flat window. Forgive me if I am mistaken but I didn’t see lots of tribal white folks going down to Knightsbridge to do a bit of looting and arson.

  97. 353
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    would they have attacked black police officers?

  98. 357
    Traycee says:

    My Prezza’s rweal posh now – ‘im a Lord and wiv Laydee Pauline, he ain’t gonna giva a toss wot you lot says.

  99. 360
    50 Calibre says:

    We all know the real answer to this rioting, don’t we?

  100. 362
    Chip Shop Looter says:

    They never have civil disturbances in the ethnically diverse LaLa Land that is Eastenders. They don’t sell hookey gear from looted JD Sports stores in the Queen Vic either.

    Why is that then?

  101. 364
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Kicking off now in Hackney live coverage on BBC
    These vermine should be shot !

    • 379
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      Yes the BBC are referring to them as ‘Protesters’.

      Dear BBC
      They are not protesters, they are thieving scum and should at least be referred to as criminals.

    • 387
      harry potnap says:

      send the Gurkhas down. shoot to kill. you whack 10 and you get British Citizenship

    • 398
      Waken up, UK says:

      The Metropolitan Black Police Officers Association….

      what sort of country is the UK to permit such outrageous racist groupings within the police.
      Enough of this, politicians…simply enough.
      An end must be put to this bullshit.

  102. 367
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    vermin !

  103. 368
    GeeWhizz says:

    A very interesting blog, written today, by a policeman who was involved in the “riots”. Well worth reading.

    • 374
      Grant says:

      Is that the titled “Tottenham, Enfield, Brixton. Polcing and Public (dis)order.”?

      Was it written by a Polcman?

    • 422
      Greater Personchester Cop says:

      Inspector Gadget is the Oracle

      “So now we aren’t tough enough with local criminal underclass youths in London.

      On behalf of the British police I would like to apologise; I thought we were too tough on people in riots. I thought that if we deploy in riot gear we start riots, but my mistake, now I hear that we haven’t been doing enough deploying in riot gear.

      I do apologise for missing the nano-second in which all the criticism of police heavy-handedness since December 2010 became unfashionable, to be replaced by bitter complaints about a lack of robust action. Not having recruited since last year, bereft of over $30 million from our budget and in the middle of a force reorganisation which will see us lose over 1000 staff, you will understand that Ruralshire Constabulary is not exactly in good shape to send PSU serials to London right now.

      But it’s OK because according to the politicians, there will be no reduction in service from the cuts. If people think the police numbers are short now, wait until 2014 when the cuts are finishe

      • 429
        10cc says:

        Fuckwit Plod

        You keep getting tough on the soft touches
        … the middle class protestors
        … the motorists
        … the little old ladies

        Get tough on the anarchists

  104. 369
    Speculator says:

    Guido, what point do you reckon it’s worth going back into shares? I had 4800 pencilled in, but it looks like we might reach that by Friday.

  105. 372
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    This is a joke they are not even waiting for dark
    they are smashing windows looting and attacking the police
    there are only about 20 police officers there and this crowd is getting bigger and bigger
    if they dont get more police there soon someone will get killed !

  106. 375
    MI5 says:


    Of course Two Shags and Two jags (withoutputting too fine a point on it) is one of the lwoer Eermin Vermin (the original one was Gorbals Mick who is off the radar nowadays living on a huge state paid pension)

    But it is disgraceful and shocking that no senior Minister of this coalesced government could come of TV to denounce personally what is happenening and take control and not even Boris Shag them all and all that…

    The Met has just been decapitated

    So there is some under bottle sweper reponsible for London burning…

    My only explanation is that it is all too much for these young arrivistes surrounded by thousands of spinners, PR experts and other hoologans and frauds…

    It seems the government and elected officials of Britain are out for lunch, tea and dinner

    And perhaps eternally ???

  107. 377
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    they are now emptying a lorry full of pallets and scrap wood if the police dont get control they will set fire to it and it is right next to a load of buses
    fuckin unreal !

  108. 381
    We the People says:

    We are voting with our feet now Guido

    We have no confidence in our governments

    WHen will they represent us ?

  109. 382
    John Wilkes says:

    Britain is bunring

    Where are the Miisiters ?

  110. 384
    CCTV says:

    New picture showing looter in Hackney breaking into William Hill.

    Obviously another hungy and disaffected youth expressing his frustration at the death of Mr Duggan.

    • 386
      Evens says:

      He’s trying to place a bet on the Bullring being next.

    • 390
      Enough is enough stop the kid glove treatment of these criminals says:

      Low life criminal scum/black yoof now having pitched battles armed with poles and planks of wood with riot police in Mare Street Hackney…breaking windows;looting;raiding lorry stuck in traffic and attacking buses….the government need to crack down hard now on these scum and make sure they learn a bloody hard lesson never to do it again..

  111. 392
    alexsandr says:

    brent crude down $10 compared to last week

    will we have a decrease in petrol prices?

    thought not.

  112. 394
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Its funny they always present them as victims of cuts , Buit they never talk to the people who pay taxes so they can have EMA/DLA/STD etc

    What about the taxpayer???????

    If you take drugs of a drug addict of course they are going to behave badly!!

  113. 395
    Solutions not problems says:

    How to stop the looting:

    Looters are after high value gear. CLOSE THOSE AREA DOWN. Use lorries, buses, wagons, whatever, to seal those areas.

    Then use Napalm.

  114. 397
    Breaking Britain Completely says:

    Where is the Prime Minister, mobs are looting main shopping streets and attacking the Police in broad daylight, for the third day now, watching hundreds in Hackney attacking businesses, its going to go off tonight no doubt, this could spread to other cities, what kind of image is he sending laying on a sunbed, get the army out there the Met have lost control of London.

    • 404
      Dickhead Dave says:

      Don’t disturb me, I’ve an important engagement with my deckchair and suntan lotion.

    • 413
      b34st says:

      just seen some plotting an evenings fun
      Not sure what they will loot around here, churches, restaurants
      blue plaques, and yes they all had a high melatonin content

    • 414
      John Bellingham says:

      Watching the police tactics on TV I am shocked at their pussy attitude. They actually need to clear the streets. The old South African Police method was to form a line, if rioters approached to within stone throwing range one or two riot-police would sprint out and grab the thrower, drag him back to the police line and beat the shit out him with shamboks. If they lobbed petrol bombs they were first given a dose of bird shot (no it isn’t fatal). Failure to disperse after three warnings would merit tear gas, after that a full shambok charge was the answer. Hard point ammo was the last resort–funny though, it always worked.
      Of course the top brass in the Met might be pretending to have problems in controlling the situation in order to justify their opposition to funding cuts, investigation for corruption, civil elected supervision, dismantling of the privately owned and secretive ACPO Ltd and so on.

  115. 427
    A D Wintle says:

    What a tool. Which is one thing Tracy Temple did not say …

  116. 428
    10cc says:

    Load up
    Load up
    Load up
    With Rubber Bullets
    It’s a shame these slugs ain’t real
    I like to hear those hoodies squeal

    Get the troops on the streets
    and start instilling the fear of the law again

Seen Elsewhere

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A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Alexrod says:

It’s money innit.

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