August 7th, 2011

News of the World Hacked Thatcher Phone Calls
Guardian Used Same Private Detectives as News of the World

A Guido co-conspirator, Jon Dell, spotted this line in an old copy of Campaign!: Selling of the Prime Minister by Rodney Tyler published back in 1987. Bugging Thatcher of course wouldn’t have bothered the Guardian, it would have been “in the public interest”. As they define it…

Currently The Guardian’s David Leigh is on his high horse with Guido, claiming we’re spreading malicious lies about him. So just to reiterate, last month in a telephone interview (July, 6) Guido asked Leigh a number of questions about phone hacking, specifically related to his teaching course at City University. The day we spoke with him was the day of the News International debate in parliament. We intended to run the story on that day, which would no doubt have proved a little embarrassing for Leigh, as a counterpoint. He gave an absolute denial as to ever discussing phone hacking with his students, we didn’t run our story despite having two sources, because of the vehemence of his denial. A denial which turned out to be misleading.

In the days following Leigh attacked us on Twitter and his Guardian byline was on a made up claim, a “malicious lie” even, that we had got the Smeargate emails from News International. We were convinced we were right and Guido discussed with Guardian sources (a) our story (b) his denials. Guido also alluded to Leigh in a widely reported debate held by Polis at the LSE. Within a month evidence in Leigh’s own words emerged to completely contradict his previous blanket denial to us. The only way he could justify his denial to us is if it was an honest mistake and he had simply forgotten telling his students about phone hacking.

Instead he warns Guido by email “you’ll be sorry”, something we hear all the time. The Guardian has issued a statement,

‘The Guardian does not and has not authorised phone hacking.’

Are they claiming then that David Leigh is the lone rogue reporter, like news International said of Clive Goodman? Because Leigh admits:

I’ve used some of those questionable methods myself over the years. I, too, once listened to the mobile phone messages of a corrupt arms company executive – the crime similar to that for which Goodman now faces the prospect of jail. The trick was a simple one: the businessman in question had inadvertently left his pin code on a print-out and all that was needed was to dial straight into his voicemail.

There is certainly a voyeuristic thrill in hearing another person’s private messages… when I try to explain newspaper methods to my current university journalism students, and some of whom are rather shocked. There are other techniques I have used, along with the rest of Fleet Street. I did not turn up my nose when the notorious Benjy the Binman emptied a bag of stinking rubbish on to my carpet.

Leigh freely admits to using “deceptions, lies and stings” and that it was “hard to keep on the right side of legality on all occasions”, quite. Questions arise:

  • Should we be teaching the next generation of journalism students about phone hacking?
  • Is it right to make them aware of illegal methods to procure information?
  • Is the Guardian really in a position to be the self-appointed arbiter of media wrong doings?

Data from the Information Commissioner’s “Operation Motorman” shows that the Guardian Media Group paid tens of thousands of pounds to private detectives to illegally procure private information. The very same private detectives employed by News International…

UPDATE: According to m’learned friends there is no public interest defence for phone hacking, it is punishable with two years jail time.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    How much of this to come?


    • 14
      Lawless says:

      “I was not interested in witless tittle-tattle about the royal family. I was looking for evidence of bribery and corruption. And unlike the News of the World, I was not paying a private detective to routinely help me with circulation-boosting snippets.

      “That is my defence, when I try to explain newspaper methods to my current university journalism students, some of whom are rather shocked.”

      It may be a defence under the Data Protection Act, but not under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act of 2000.

      Caroline Kean, of the law firm Wiggin, says: “It is an offence under section 1 of the RIPA to intercept any communication in the course of its transmission without lawful authority. There is no public interest defence.”

      So a ‘noble cause’ is no excuse to break the law. And why does he think he is superior to all the other journalists?


      • 17
        Peter Grimes says:

        Because he is a Leftoid, and Leftoids are, in their own twisted universe, always, but always, right.


        • 112
          Flim flam says:

          My old man must be a ‘leftoid’ Peter, as he suffers from the same affliction (always being right!).


          • Tossflap Watch Has Been Away For A Few Weeks But Is Now Back And Raring To Go!!!! says:

            He may seem like an utter tossflap on occassions.

            But isn’t that what one’s ‘Old Chap’ is supposed to do?

            Your Old Chap is not your ‘mate’- he’s your father.

            All this PC/lefty-inspired bollox about your parents being your friends is exactly that- utter bollox.

            Proper men are proper fathers- not wimpy leftoid tossflaps who say ‘call me by my first name’.

            Yeeeeeuch!!!! So utterly wrong.

            Rant over.


          • Flim flam says:

            Sorry ‘tossflap’, I didn’t mean my Dad, I meant my Husband. I’m from up North you know! My Dad was never my friend, always ‘dad’, and much loved. x


          • BBC Controller says:


            Nothing to see here

            Move along please…


          • Nemo says:

            Now then Guido, “he warns Guido by email “you’ll be sorry””, what did he mean by that, do you think he might start digging into your past, at college, warehouse parties, trading, I hope you are whiter than white, on the other hand he might just be mouthing empty threats.


          • Got a graveyard of skeletons to own up to, the thing is, nobody cares, least of all Guido.


          • once brown always shit says:

            looking at the picture of his kisser it should have a number under it already…looks like a shifty slug


        • 178
          Bob R says:

          More likely because the RIPA Act 2000 didn’t apply in 1987. FFS!


      • 20
        What gets me is says:

        Yes I have heard it stated matter of factly usually by Journos that phone hacking and blagging are not illegal when its “in the public interest”.

        Now what legal basis is this belief based on. The Police are required to investigate all matters of wrongdoing which are clearly “in the public interest ” yet have constraints put on them on how they can go about collecting their evidence.

        For example if the Police were to obtain evidence from phone taps which hadnt been authorised via proper RIPSA procedures then such evidence would be thrown out of court and the officers concerned would then be subject to diciplinary proceedures.

        It would be no defence for them to say ” but we were tapping the phone of a knowndrugs/arms dealer so it was in the public interest.

        So how come these journos think that they are somehow in a more privillaged position and seem to have investigative piwers eexceeding that of the Police?


        • 38
          MI6 says:

          As far as National Security goes this is a disaster. UNLESS. News international where keeping tabs on Crown Ministers and reporting back? What about the Stories that they didn’t Print, but kept to hold over the evermore STATE COMPLICIT HOUSE OF COMMONS.


          • MI6 says:

            Shaping the Political landscape with the odd Heart attack here and there. Brought about by a Sound Gun, very convienient if you want to get rid of a few embarrasing Politicians.


          • HandsomeDavid says:

            Well, a certain party was complicit insofar as they knew what was going on on their watch but chose to do nothing about it while in power.

            However while in opposition they have taken a different stance, this will ultimately show how devious and deceptive they are.


      • 36
        Over to the holier than thous at the Guardian says:

        So the Telegraph could justify publishing MPs expenses as that was a breach of Data protection act in the public interest. Interesting, I guess that clears that one up then.


        • 153
          Peter Grimes says:

          And how do you view the Grauniad’s complicity in publishing hacked Wikileaks email traffic and data?

          With the Leftoid’s usual one-eyed squint I’m sure.


          • Over to the holier than thous at the Guardian says: says:

            You have mis-understood my post as have a few others so it’s probably my fault.

            Thge lawyer has said that the public interest is a defence in breaking the data protection act. So this puts the telegraph in the clear for releasing the MP’s expenses data.

            She then goes on to say that the public interest is no defence for breaking the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act of 2000. So the Guardian and especially David Leigh have no defence in law for hacking the phones of those they were investgating.

            All through this Hacking thing the Guardian have been saying it was OK for us to Hack as we were doing it for the public good and the others were not.In reality NO one has been allowed to hack a phone since 2000, including the Police.


      • 340
        That's News says:

        And why does he think he is superior to all the other journalists?

        Because he is a Guardianista and a Hunt.


    • 16
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      “He gave an absolute denial as to ever discussing phone hacking with his students”

      Did Guido expect the truth from a socialist on this?

      The leftists are, of course, capable of telling the truth, but not when it’s about themselves, or socialism.

      Their mind goes into protective mode when challenged and the party/belief must be protected at all cost, even unto outright and obvious lies.


      • 21
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        It’s not a case of truth or otherwise. Lefty extremists genuinely believe that if an action is carried out for The Cause then it becomes legitimised – Left-wing Dogma being the Whole of The Law. Likewise, a lie is made moral if told in pusiut of the cause, “The Truth can be smothered by many little lies”, was one of Stalin’s favourite aphorisms.
        O/T. The BBC was carrying a story,”Great Tit Killed by Plant”. Before you get too excited, Ed Balls was not zapped by a triffid.


        • 60
          Mrs Edwin Scrotal-Contents says:

          Edwin is no bother at all, – I had him seen-to years ago.


        • 134
          Troy Tempest says:

          What is even cleverer is the left hide their true colours by smearing the right as “the nasty party”, “the sleazy party”, “their friends in the city” etc.

          It’s part of the all pervading background noise or sub-plot of BBC News.

          Remind me who gave Fred the Shred a knighthood? Who was shagging Tracey Temple? Who proudly proclaims that they will urinate on an ex-prime ministers grave when she dies?


      • 23
        A Bloke of a certain age says:

        Currently re reading Hayeks “Road to Serfdom” the chapter entitled “Why the worst rise to the top” is most enlightning.


    • 135
      Climategate says:

      Looks like he has very recently been hacking for the greater good of man made global warming too.

      First, Leigh “outed” Jeff Id by name, occupation and hometown. To that point, “Jeff Id” had been anonymous. His registration at WordPress was anonymous and his gmail account was anonymous. To Jeff’s knowledge, there was no public information that would enable Leigh to identify him.


      • 175
        Win The Future says:

        I highly recommend that you look at this Guido, Leigh may have been up to more than just phone hacking.


        • 379
          Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

          I agree – this is shocking stuff, seems that Leigh was hired as a smear expert to defend the U of East Anglia after all their climatgate lies were exposed.

          tallbloke says:
          August 6, 2011 at 1:55 pm

          “Well Well Well!

          Last year in June I attended a public event on “Privacy and Public Policy”

          Looky who was on the speakers list.

          After listening to this hypocritical toerag waffle on about ‘legitimate use of sources’ for 20 minutes I was pretty annoyed by his obviously partisan slant.

          After the event I fronted Leigh up and told him about my little adventure with the Norfolk plod interviewing me as a possible suspect in the climategate ‘hacking’ and asked him eye to eye what he thought of the UEA passing my details given on my FOIA request to Plod and the contrast with the lack of information UEA was prepared to give to me. Then I asked him if he thought public policy on climate justified that.. He instantly broke eye contact, waffled more platitudes about legitimate investigation and legitimate (a favourite word of his) refusal of FOIA requests, shuffled his feet and couldn’t wait to get away.

          What a lying unethical slimeball this man is.”


    • 225
      BluCrew from WoodGrangePark says:




    • 242
      Rog says:

      Probably not too much evidence left to be discovered.

      I would imagine the whirr of shredders and secure file deletion has been pretty constant for the past few weeks.

      Going to take some pretty good IT forensics, not to mention whistleblowers/disgruntled former employees to make much headway, I reckon.

      Personally, I’m just waiting for the BBC to be implicated. It would be bloody delicious.


      • 381
        Anonymous says:

        the BBC won’t be they don’t need to turn a profit they justextort it from the tax payers!


        • 388
          Anon. says:

          But they do turn a profit – with BBC Worldwide – TV programmes made with the taxpayers’ money! Trouble is, they keep it all, and then demand a rise in the Licence Fee, saying they haven’t got enough money!


    • 333
      Change the Title 2 get Xtra coverage says:

      NE way which is more imortant. That Old Hanbag Bag gets hacked or U find some obscure paragraph.

      God U R getting boring G.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So they are all in it together?

    This bloke croosed the line when he called Neo a clown, The Guardian now have many questions to answer.

    Have they paid money to the police?

    And where is ED miliband, You know the self appointed “Media Deep cleaner”?

    He said noting re gaurding The Mirror, Can you get in touch with him Guido, I am starting to get concerned? Have the evil media barons kidnapped him?


  3. 3
    timeline says:

    “you’ll be sorry”
    Hmm actionable threat ??? lol


    • 10
      Dick the Prick says:

      Didn’t Julian Assange dump David Leigh because he questioned his propriety? Chances are Nick Davies had info on Leigh so he’s gone public before the inevitable. How very standard, how very droll.


  4. 4
    steveh says:

    What is the point? Are you on Murdoch’s side in all this?

    I probably ate the same breakfast cereal as the Yorkshire Ripper – Doesn’t make me a serial killer also. I feel that you are acting no different to a paid NI troll by diluting the real facts, which about the CORRUPTION that exists or existed within this whole phone hacking issue.


    • 5
      SaltPetre says:

      Makes you a cereal killer !


      • 106
        IT support says:

        @steveh: Your brain’s OS has been corrupted. I suspect trouble with the kernel. Download a fresh copy, burn the iso to a USB stick, shove it up your nose and reboot. This will wipe all your memories and preferences, so back them up first if you have any worth keeping.


    • 124
      Wiliam Cobbett says:

      ‘Same breakfast cereal’? The analogy here is that the Graun have been caught with the same bloodstained hammer.


  5. 6
    Lou Scannon says:

    Now we know why newspaper reporters are called ‘hacks’.


  6. 7
    Popeye says:

    What do you expect from the Guardian?
    I have just read Toby Helm’s article about the Tory backbenchers.
    The comments from the Guardianistas is most revealling. What a bunch of pinko losers!


    • 57
      Princess Po-Face Polytwaddle, talking down at people from her Ivory Tower says:

      I am always right!

      I am never wrong!

      And we are most definately NOT pinko losers!!

      We are Progressive Sham Pain Socialist intellectuals, – and we have the skill, insight, knowledge and power to order and direct you prolls and peasants.

      So just quieten down and maintain a respectful silence while we discuss the way forward.

      Now David, will you have some more salad? And the Parma ham is delicious isn’t it? I like to keep a good stock on board!


  7. 8
    The big D says:

    The expression “circular firing squad” from a previous post is starting to look more apt as time goes by.


  8. 9
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Inspector Hacker of the Yard, will be accepting plastic bags full of used notes from the guardian next. Students were aghast to hear of such backhanded tricks…my arse.
    They must know about hacking into…mobile phones…ipads…PC’s…laptops….navigational aids. Do me a favour little kids learn this in Kindergarten. No need to go round dustbins and taping paper cuttings together anymore, straight into some geezers electronic equipment and it’s all there all the little secrets. Perhaps we will learn from this that there are no little secrets anymore.


  9. 11
    David Lammy says:

    Hack my phone! it is true! had I, and the BBC, not forecast a riot in Tottenham it would not have happened. I am so proud that I helped start a riot, it is the first step in the socialist fight back – Gordon would be proud – next Toxteth – then Bristol then the World!!! Oh the joy a black arsed Marx power


    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      is this all preparation for the olympics david?


      • 128
        Ooh, ooh, ooh, the funky gibbon says:

        No, it’s a subtle marketing campaign by banana growers, eager to see basketfuls of bananas being carted of by vibrant inner city consumers.


        • 290
          once brown always shit...but lammy was always brown says:

          lammy is just a complete c’unt …waste of space…if tottenham had fired him up last night I could understand it…as it is obviously a good sat night’s looting was had by most


  10. 12
    Rev Uppe says:

    Dear Lord, hear our prayer and don’t forget Toilets Maguire. Amen


  11. 13
    knickers to you says:

    Do we have another naughty DUP woman on our hands…


  12. 15
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “News of the World hacked Thacters phone calls”

    Going to be a hard one to work out for the lefties, who do they hate more, News of the world or Baroness Thatcher?


    • 22
      They're all the same says:

      Not this leftie. I loathe Thatcher, Labour, News Int and liberal media outlets like the Guardian and BBC equally.


      • 43
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Fair enough, why do you come here tho (Just being nosey) ?

        guido himself admits this has a right leeaning bias (fair enough)


  13. 18
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    They hacked my phone, you know. I can’t for the life of me imagine why?


    • 171
      Tossflap Watch Has Been Away For A Few Weeks But Is Now Back And Raring To Go!!!! says:

      Erm…because you are a dodgy, nasty piece of work?

      And a teen-fondling tossflap, perhaps?


    • 387
      Cressida Dick says:

      Iv’e always fancied you Handy, I here you like a bit of whip; also, we are both Members of Common Purpose. How about it?


  14. 19
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Anyone read McDoom’s piece in the partisan independent, I’m afraid I haven’t got the will to even open the page. I think he’s ranting about how every body has gone and got it wrong again (except him of course) and how ‘it’ started in America!

    Drop that bone, now be a good boy, that’s it drop it for nursy, let go gordron . . . .no, stop growling . . .


  15. 24
    The Stilton Eater says:

    What’s the difference between Leigh and a piece of toast?

    Nothing. They are both toast.


  16. 25
    McDoom returns says:

    Jonah has emerged from his hovel in Killkiddies to write an article for The Independent in which he says he blames Merkel and Sarkozy for the debt. You couldn’t make it up. The man is absolutely barking.


  17. 26
    Pete Taylor says:

    I’m beginning to wonder if this could be the start of the end for mainstream printed news media. Some time soon the only news worth reading on the train will be Vis & Nuts.


    • 29
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Viz for me !
      there’s more truth in it than any daily rag !


    • 35
      Anonymous says:

      Viz has been crap for years. I know that’s the cliche, but it’s true.

      Never read Nuts – I assume it’s the usual ‘porn for people who daren’t buy porn’.


      • 73
        Innocent Bystander says:

        I thought you was talking about His Slippery Emminence Vaz there for a while, – til I realised it was the one you read.

        Quite made come over all hot and cold.


      • 107
        Dirty mac says:

        Yep mags like Nuts are for silly wee boys who are to shy to march straight up to the counter and enunciate their desire to purchase the latest “massive hangers”, “Jugs”, “Full Bush” and “Beef Curtains”. Lightweights!


        • 120
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          I cannot imagine trying to “Knock one out over a cartoon in Viz !


        • 174
          Tossflap Watch Has Been Away For A Few Weeks But Is Now Back And Raring To Go!!!! says:


          Lower the ‘porn mag’ legal age to 14- or at least 16.

          Liberate the teenage wankers! Now!!!!

          To say otherwise is to take a tossflappish approach.

          If Viz is legal for 14 year olds then why not Mayfair???

          FFS, let’s end the hypocrisy!!!


        • 249
          Taxita Proll says:

          My Wayne likes “Bra-busters in Wet Clingfilm”


      • 121
        Jumbo says:

        No, Viz is still original enough to be worth the sub I pay


    • 80
      denis says:

      don’t forget the Beano


  18. 30
    You get me, blud? Innit tho says:

    So let me see if I have this straight. A gangster waving a gun about is shot dead after being told several times to put down the weapon. In reaction, the local community decide to smash up shops, steal televisions, video games and clothes, and set fire to cars. Yes, completely reasonable.


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      It may be more complicated than that.


      • 39
        The Sheikh Of Arabeee says:

        Is it fuck.

        Fucking lawless thieving scum. They should have fucking napalmed Broadwater farm 30 years ago. Colour/race/creed is immaterial- arsewipes like the one who got shot by Plod are just a fucking waste of skin.

        Stop apologising for something that isn’t your fault you fucking Fabianist cheesedick.


        • 70
          Couldn't have said it better myself. says:

          Spot on. 10/10. no 39


        • 71
          Hang 'em High, - no, I mean REALLY high, - like off a crane (own piano wire supplied) says:

          to encourage the others – of course!

          The telly-tubby-tally-bunnys would understand.


        • 83
          WhoseTheRealNutterHereThen says:

          fucking thieving lawless scum

          i thought you were talking about the police


        • 88
          Mr Nobody says:

          That’s Gundon for you, you’d be safer living in Manchester these days. Not that it’ll stop the leftie Beeboids complaining about having to move “oop north” to live with the “poor people” they claim to care about. Champagne socialists on huge salaries, many of them.


      • 77
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        I wonder if the pathetic Mr Lammy and the corrupt community leaders would have come out in force had the gangsters bullet been an inch higher and killed the policeman and not hit his radio!

        You carry a gun and try and kill a cop you deserve to die!

        though the left wont see it like that….

        Tough on crime Tough on the causes….when we don’t turn a blind eye that is!


        • 82
          Anonymous says:

          I suspect that all sides are using simplistic and convenient arguments to support their own views on the riots.

          As I say – the truth may be more complicated than that.


          • Anonymous says:

            Only because you want it to be. The truth is an armed hoodlum pulled a gun on a cop and was shot. End off.


          • occams razor says:

            That’s code for “I don’t like Tories. I’m trying to link the government to it. It’s a bit of a challenge clearly. Anyone got any good ideas?”


        • 288
          Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

          The corrupt beeb and even more corrupt Red ken have spent all afternoon linking last night to the Government cuts….not the failed liebour policy of “tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime”…

          A 13 year legacy of worse gun crime in Europe!

          Nice one tony!


    • 55
      The truth? You can't handle the truth says:

      Don’t say anything raysis about the ‘youth’ such as their casual disposition to violent behaviour. It may be true but in the PC-lalaland called the UK, it is completely verboten.


  19. 31
    Chirpy sparrow says:

    Anybody want a mobile phone cheap? Loads of models, bit sooty. No boxes.


    • 224
      Tossflap Watch Has Been Away For A Few Weeks But Is Now Back And Raring To Go!!!! says:

      Is that you, Mr Fry????


  20. 34
    David Lammy says:

    They came in from outside, it wasn’t us what did it! Anyway we now need an EU grant in the many millions to rebuild our multicultural paradise.


    • 40
      Anonymous says:

      Where did this suggestion that they’re outsiders originate from?

      One young hooded guy looks much like another?

      Certainly the ones on their bikes hadn’t come far?

      And even if they came from outside what difference does that make – there was still serious rioting?


      • 51
        cheche says:

        Its nice to see them cycling tho


      • 56
        BBC News says:

        How very dare you, it wasn’t RIOTING!
        It was just a “local disturbance” and that how we reported it last night as we have to be unbiased and impartial unlike you crazy right-wing nutter’s, rioting indeed pfffff!


      • 86
        WhoseTheRealNutterHereThen says:


        maybe we should treat them like we have treated the corrupt politicians and police and media and bankers …. give them all a second/third/fourth/ delete as appropriate chance


        • 115
          Dick of the Yard says:

          promotion to Assistant Commissioner?


        • 122
          fat paddy's handlers says:

          now, now, less of that banker-bashing. this here blog is the preserve of wackos, saddos, and mainly them theres Y*ds, and we shall not tolerate your impiled anti-semiticism, and antipathy to the chosen ones, who, as any decent person doeth know, are eternal and always victims, and would not ever be involved is anything like centuries-old usury and generally ripping off the goyim blind. got that?


      • 166
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        Im sure l caught a glance of Lee Jasper last night in beirut Tottenham, on a bike with Liebour stickers, wearing l hoodie with”l hate whites…unless they pay me lots”, whilst comparing his small cock with all the other white lads who felt sorry for him!

        Red ken was also seen fleeing the scene with a failed petrol bomb shouting Jasper told me to do it!

        damn left mongs!


  21. 37
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    RE: Tottenham riots

    1: Remember most of Manchester is in London for the football (City v untied)

    2: Didnt the police get a record haul of Coke last week?


    • 87
      BBC News says:

      Are you say we’re going cold turkey here at the Beeb and incited the local disturbance in Tottenham to get back at the police for their large coke bust?

      WELL ARE YOU!!!



    • 198
      Gooey Blob says:

      I imagine that the only Mancunians there are following City. Most of the filth’s followers probably already live in London.


      • 294
        Nobby Piles says:

        Yes, I’m sure the Manchester City & United fans came in at Euston & thought why don’t we get the tube all the way up to Tottenham Hale or Seven Sisters & have a fight.


  22. 41
    Typical BBC objectivity and balance says:

    Any of you catch the gruesome Labour love-in that was the interview with John Prescott this morning on Marr’s show? Mariella Cocksup was the stand-in host while he’s on holiday and she barely concealed her bias. It wasn’t an interview in any serious sense of the word. 2Jags even had another of his classic fuckups when he said his govt had to deal with the “terrorist attacks of 7/11″. :-D

    And that fat lardarse even criticised Osborne and Cameron for being on holiday during the current global financial crisis. Because of course Tony never went on holiday to one of his many villas around the world, did he? Or spend long weekends at Cliff Dickhead’s house. And Jonah loved his getaways to Cape Cod. And Prescott usually took month long vacations to his local McDonald’s.


    • 116
      Anonymous says:

      I seem to remember one of Blairs holidays resulted in Prescott playing crocket whilst running the country. Hypocritical c unt.


    • 119
      New Trainers all round says:

      Whats that one of the brovers has been shot by the pigs! Right those bastards at Carpetwise are getting it !


    • 136
      Robert Peston's peyote supplier says:

      Yeah, I had to laugh when she twice mentioned Ed Miliband’s *success* in relation to to the phone hacking story.


    • 147
      Anon. says:

      Yes, she was desperately egging Lord Oakshott and Maureen Lipman on to slag off Dave and George for being on holiday, but sadly, they both declined. She was SO disappointed.


      • 170
        yuk says:

        “she barely concealed her bias”

        Is bias a new word for minge?


      • 177
        Tron says:

        The BBC.
        In the interests of balance while Andrew Marr is away Richard Littlejohn will be presenting.
        Richard’s first question to Lord 2 Jags Fatfuck ” Why don’t you do us all a favour and die?”


        • 209
          Southern Softy says:

          The bbc are really having to reign in due to the cutbacks.
          They were only able to send 238 staff to the week-long Eisteddfod.
          What the fuck for?


    • 218
      pastimes says:

      On my way to the off button, I heard that Ball’s newspaper column also criticised the PM and George being away: written from The Pyrenees! It was also pointed out that Ed Milli was studying “Peter and Jane do leadership” whilst away on holiday…. Didn’t catch the location as I switched off. JK Rowling’s next book: “Liebor do hypocritical irony”


      • 295
        once brown always a shit... says:

        silly cow can certainly write well but political sense is well short of quota.. rich bitch should just stick to ‘pottering’ in the garden between blockbusters


      • 376
        EdButLookBalls says:



  23. 42
    tory boys never grow up says:

    And in the interests of openness and not wishing to appear a hypocrite could Guido point us to where he has stated that he has not himself been involved in phone hacking or other illegal activities in seeking to obtain stories for his blog and other other utterances. Just asking.


  24. 44
    Bleeding heart libby says:

    Guido’s old sparring partner, axe murderer John Hirst, was on Sunday Morning Live this morning in a debate about early release for prisoners. There was also a bleeding heart lefty panelist called Francis Beckett who kept taking the sides of prisoners and said we shouldn’t condemn the overnight riots until we know all the facts. :-D Tell that to the owners of the local businesses whose livelihoods are now in danger having woken up to see their stores smashed and looted.


    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      If I was one of those shop owners I’d want to know the real reasons for the riots i.e. facts; not any excuses and/or mis-informed opinions.


      • 62
        Bleeding heart libby says:

        Please enlighten me how stealing TVs and video games and setting fire to cars is a justifiable response to the shooting of a gun toting gangster? Let’s assume for a minute that the man in question was unlawfully shot and had done no wrong. Still, how would that excuse a bunch of kids raiding stores? Why is it so hard for you to accept that some people will use any excuse to steal. They saw there was a demo and chose it as the perfect opportunity to go looting.

        The unlawful killing of Jean Charles De Menezes was an absolute disgrace. But my first reaction wasn’t to say “I think I’ll go and nick a plasma TV and some Reeboks”.


        • 69
          Morse says:

          Your confused posts confirm that we need to establish the facts first.

          These riots were criminal and unjustified. But ignoring real problems will not stop them.


          • Bleeding heart libby says:

            Confused? Far from, dear. Again, I ask you to explain how you correlate riots which you admit are illegal with the shooting of an armed man? Are there social problems in that area? Of course there are. Is there unemployment and poverty which successive govts both Tory AND Labour have ignored? Absolutely. But when you keep referring to “problems” as a mitigation to what happened, you should at least clarify what you mean. Tottenham hasn’t had riots since the 80’s, so it’s not as though there’s a constant war between the police and local youths.correlate riots which you admit are illegal with the shooting of an armed man? Are there social problems in that area? Of course there are. Is there unemployment and poverty which successive govts both Tory AND Labour have ignored? Absolutely. But when you keep referring to “problems” as a mitigation to what happened, you should at least clarify what you mean. Tottenham hasn’t had riots since the 80’s, so it’s not as though there’s a constant war between the police and local youths.


          • Bleeding heart libby says:

            Apologies for the unintended repetition. Using my phone and it sometimes does that.


          • Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

            and carrying a gun and trying to kill police wont stop the police shooting to kill!

            so there!


          • Anonymous says:

            Tottenham has its problems alright, the main one being black youths running around shooting each other. This is the elephant in the room.


          • chinless wonder says:

            if i could shoot like them blackies and not like a limp-wristed fudge-packer from eton maybe i wouldn’t be winalot for bears?


          • An Englishman says:

            Perhaps not, but putting a few of the bastards’ heads on sharp sticks in public might.


          • That's News says:

            Apologies for the unintended repetition. Using my phone and it sometimes does that.

            Yes, but David Leigh already knew that you did a double post.


        • 84
          It's about "The Community" innit ?? says:

          You also have to ask yourself what are 9/10 year olds doing on the streets late at night(as some reports say and also engaging in rioting and theft ?)where the fuck are their parents ???? They should start asking questions of themselves before they start asking questions from the police. A lot of this boils down to inadequate parenting and lack of responsibility being taken….

          One things for certain though who the fuck has got the cash or the desire to rebuild Tottenham High Road(it took 25 years to rebuild it after Broadwater Farm) especially if the fuckers are just going to burn it down again cos’ they don’t like the way the police are acting?????


          • Cressida Duck says:

            I think it would be reasonable to arrest the whole population until we get to the bottom of this. There are people ot there getting away with murder. There is an increasing need in this country for the people to behave whilst the masters try to create an more suitable nation to live in.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            ‘People getting away with murder’

            Yes Cressida we all know you did.


          • once brown always a shit... says:

            I think you’ll find their parents are at the front organising the looting


      • 148
        Anon. says:

        What you call the ‘real reasons’ are always in fact just excuses.


      • 150
        Anon. says:

        What you call the ‘real reasons’ are in fact just excuses.


  25. 46
    Fair play says:

    There is no public interest defence for stealing CDs of MPs expense details, but there was no way the Telegraph journalists were ever going to be prosecuted. The Crown Prosecution Service can also decide that prosecuting someone is not in the public interest.

    So in practice, if hacking exposed something sufficiently serious, the CPS would not prosecute.


    • 50
      Morse says:

      “There is no public interest defence for stealing CDs of MPs expense details”

      Are you sure that’s right?

      And were the CD’s stolen, anyway?


      • 67
        The Public says:

        We paid for the fuckers – they’re ours!


        • 95
          Arrogant Politician says:

          It would indeed be far better if the public just shut up and got to know nothing of what any of us do. We are the intelligent and knowledgeanle ones who know far better than anybody else how to run a country


      • 269
        Sgt Lewis says:

        Wey Ayeeeeeee Inspectaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!!


    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Nor does the tax evading Guardian got a defence for publishing the Wikileaks material. It was stolen and Wikileaks don’t own the copyright to the material.


  26. 52
    Plagiarist says:

    Over five thousand years ago Moses said to the children of Israel “Pick up your shovel, mount your asses and camels, and I will lead you to the promised land”

    Fifty years ago Harold Macmillan said “You’ve never had it so good – Lay down your shovels, sit on your asses, and light up a camel, this is the promised land”

    Then Gordon Brown stole your shovel, taxed your asses, raised the price of camels, and mortgaged the promised land.

    Now David Cameron has loaned my shovel to a third World country, (he hasn’t realised yet that WE are now a third World country), raised my fuel bills, lent my money to a crowd of incompetent, greedy “Merchant bankers” and increased Vat to 20%.

    I got so depressed last night I called the Samaritans they diverted my call to a call centre in Pakistan and when I told them I was suicidal, they got all excited and asked if I could drive a truck.


  27. 52
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Who hasnt dabbled in illegal activities?


  28. 54
    Anonymous says:

    haha, until you got pulled over


  29. 66
    Anonymouse says:

    When we spoke on the afternoon of July 6th I asked you bluntly “Did you teach your students how to hack phones?” you said “No”.

    When I asked “Not even in the context of a discussion about the ethics of hacking?” You said “absolutely not”.

    He’s denying teaching students how to hack, not denying discussing the subject. You can’t even read your own website…


  30. 72
    henrywood says:

    Isn’t it time to put the crosshairs over his ugly mug?

    Or is that another thing no longer allowed in this mad PC world>


  31. 74
    BBC News says:

    It was just a “local disturbance” in a normally low crime peaceful and harmonized part of North London, now we all need to move along from this story please!
    Besides most of the trouble causers had come in from outside and had had a few too many bottles of woodpecker that’s all. Now lets talk about the phone hacking that went on at the NOTW and their involvement with the baby eaters.


  32. 75
    Black girls in London are usually scarier than the boys says:


  33. 81
    A vile lying cheating two-faced snot-nosed little shit says:

    You’ll be sorry you ever voted me in when all of my yticks finally bear fruit.


  34. 89
    cheche says:

    I dont know there are alot of sturated fats in cheaper food. Perhaps they should be warnings given to all looters about the dangers of a bad diet


  35. 93
    WVM says:

    Sod the “Tottenham jungle bunnies in da community init’s” let them burn the place down around themselves, fuck ‘em!


    • 103
      Ya get me, brer? says:

      Spoken like a true fascist racist. The rioters are twats but when you call them jungle bunnies, you make us all look bad. Honky. :-D


      • 123
        WVM says:

        Spoken like a true brainwashed twat. The rioters are twats too but when you try to curtail my freedom to say what I see you become part of the problem too. Billy :)


    • 104
      Anonymous says:

      IMO the real cause of these riots is ignorance and prejudice.

      To react to them with the same attitude will only make things worse.


      • 158
        30 strikes and you're still out says:

        Nah, it’s just fucking naked greed from scroats who know they can get away with yet another warning instead of being banged up.


  36. 96

    Ebay ..Special offer.

    14 pairs of Mizuno track suit bottoms – size M . All grey.BNWT.
    Family all bought me same birthday present ‘lol.

    + sellers other items

    -6 Pair of Nike trainers – size 41. Unwanted gift
    – Emergency Police lights + siren for a Volvo V70. -slight base damage.
    – 720 books of 1st class stamps. – Bought in error.

    contact Denzil.


    • 108
      Delroy says:

      Safe, safe, blud. Me has got a boxset of dat whitey show Midsummer Murdaz, brand new, ain’t been opened. And 25 copies of High School Musical 3 on dvd, and 15 copies of Black Swan on blu ray, ya get me? Me mate Darren’s takin dem to da local car boot sale. Special offer: buy 5 dvds, get a free uzi.


      • 118
        Tottenham rioter says:

        I looted cos I is opressed innit….if you try and arrest me it is like racism innit…wanna buy some drugs blud?


        • 131
          Anonymous says:

          Ah got 123 copies of “courage” by Gordon Brown oo used to be da man, why none want to buy it ?


          • terrible the youth of today..blah blah blah says:

            me and me bitch were just cruising in the fluff lined mondeo listening to me tunes when we comes across this bus burning in the middle of the road up toppingem way…..dammed inconvenient so we parked up and did a bit of late night nicking…wicked man


    • 151
      annette curton says:

      Would you be willing to accept a Buy it Now offer for the Police lights and siren Denzil?,


  37. 98
    Voice of Treason says:

    Any form of attack on the crone Thatcher is a good attack and should be applauded.


  38. 102
    BBC Nothing to see here move along Please says:

    “A private investigator was used by the Sunday Mirror to pay bribes to a royal protection officer in exchange for stories, secret police transcripts reveal.

    Documents from a covert police bugging operation against Jonathan Rees show how the private detective created a network of corrupt police officers to supply information to the Sunday newspaper, as well as to its daily sister title and the News of the World.

    A police file detailing the eavesdropping against Rees — marked “confidential” and seen by The Sunday Times — states: “We have obtained evidence of corrupt practices relating to a [Sunday Mirror] journalist.”

    It alleges that the reporter “[indirectly] pays serving police officers” to provide internal official documents. Police raided the reporter’s home after the bugging in 1999, arrested him and seized several documents, but chose not to prosecute…


  39. 110
    Dorian Smith says:

    Interesting language, “I don’t make a practice of hacking” that’s not to say he has never ‘hacked though is it?

    “I try to tell the truth” – what were the circumstances where you failed or didn’t try then? Do tell.

    Wouldn’t it have been easier to say, “I have never hacked” and “I only tell the truth”, perhaps not, for him.


  40. 125
    Anonymous says:

    The Quote of the Decade

    “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America ‘s debt limit is
    a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the US Government can not
    pay its own bills. It is a sign that we now depend on ongoing financial
    assistance from foreign countries to finance our Government’s reckless
    fiscal policies. Increasing America ‘s debt weakens us domestically and
    internationally. Leadership means that, “the buck stops here.’ Instead,
    Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our
    children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of
    leadership. Americans deserve better.”
    — Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006


  41. 129
    Little Ed Reallybland says:

    The people of Grottenham are wioting because of v torwee cuts


    • 161
      Ken ( 'pond life' ) Livingscum says:

      Yes, yes, Ed !! We need a new nightmare Mayor of London and a new Liebour prime minister !!


      • 228
        The Late, Great Bill Hicks says:

        You need to evolve away from what the so-called ‘mainstream’ political parties offer you.

        It is time to evolve ideas….


        • 331
          Gordon Brown says:

          Well, while the new political party is setting up, I wish to once again offer my humblest apologies for what I did to the country during my years of waste and stupidity.

          No words can ever express the loathing that I feel for myself, or the deep regret that I feel.

          I am not asking for your sympathy, – though i have often played with peoples’ emotions to garner sympathy.

          No I stand before you, contrite, clear headed, and I say I WAS WRONG, – WRONG WRONG WRONG!

          It would be foolish to ask for forgiveness, – generations of unborn children cannot do that. But I wish the present government every success in trying to sort out the muddle I caused and left.


  42. 133
    Call me fuckin useless DAVE says:

    These riots are totally un acceptable and as such i will be putting a further £400,000,000 into the regeneration scheme for the area
    if we supply every ne’r do well in the area with flat screen tv’s they won’t have to go out and steal them !


  43. 139
    Andy Gray says:

    GOAL!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2-2!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Guido Fawkes with a brilliant header from Billy Bowden’s cross!!!! Pick that out!!!!!!!!!!! Beaaaaaaaasssssssttttttt :)


  44. 140
    The Dirty Rat. says:

    Bring back the ‘Riot Act’ powers. Read them the act, tell them to disperse or risk being arrested and imprisoned for remaining. No if’s or buts if you remain at the scene you are guilty of a serious offence.


    • 149
      anonymous says:


      you want the right to protest the governments mishandling of the economy but you dont want others to have the right to protest about something else



      • 155
        Anonymous says:

        protest ???
        Idiot a protest is getting placards and kids from the local school to handout leaflets not petrol bombs and getting the kids from the local school to carry yer new 40″ plasma screen home!


        • 172
          Marmite says:

          Well said 152 and as for you 145………….duh! Do you shop at @rseholes R Us by any chance?


      • 169
        The Dirty Rat. says:

        You anonymous thick twat.
        Do some research and find out the difference between rioting, arson, looting and peaceful demonstration. You could ask your mother but she is probably whoring down the pub pissed out of her brains.


      • 245
        Londoner says:

        You have obviously not had a sleepless night cuased by the helicopters overhead and the worry that the useless police are going to let these rioters spread their mayhem into your neighbourhood.

        I think the army should be put on standby now and driven to suitable locations along the North Circular Road while the police start arresting everyone who leaves home wearing a hood.


  45. 142
    Snot exactly a denial then says:


    • 188
      Joss Ayinglike says:

      Methinks the Leigh D. doth protest too much.


      • 234
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        original comment


        • 337
          An Englishman says:

          Apart from the almost all of it that was written by Shakespeare, you mean? Not original – but aptly used and entertaining.


    • 189
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      I too try to tell the truth most of the time but sometimes a little lie squeaks out.
      I suppose we are both only human but the difference is I don’t put myself up as a virtuous crusader seeking the truth albeit from a distorted socialist perspective.


    • 190
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      I too try to tell the truth most of the time but sometimes, and I don’t know why a little lie squeaks out.
      I suppose we are both only human but the difference is I don’t put myself up as a virtuous crusader seeking the truth albeit from a distorted socialist perspective.


    • 191
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      You called Neo a clown!

      Consider you future.

      I do note he says infomation and not lies…..


    • 194
      The Dirty Rat. says:

      Dear David.
      I have only one thing to say.

      You do not have to say anything. But it may harm your defence if you do not mention when questioned something which you later rely on in court. Anything you do say may be given in evidence.

      Have a s**t day.


    • 258
      annette curton says:

      Is Guardianista a new language?, no denial then that he
      A.) Has hacked people (but not on a regular basis ?).
      B.) He tries not to lie (very commendable but must try harder).


  46. 145
    Labour's Champagne supply says:

    I do love the eternal irony that the bleeding heart libs who always stick up for criminals and rioters wouldn’t be caught dead living in those areas. Tottenham isn’t amenable to champagne socialism.


    • 284
      Reimer says:

      They are Ostriches hiding their heads in the superb menu of this lovely little eaterie so as not to see the evidence that disproves so much of what they claim to stand for.


    • 318
      labour just filth just filth says:

      tottenham is a shit hole predominantly occupied by scumbags


  47. 146
    Scallywag says:

    More toast to come. I do like the smell of it…


  48. 152
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Can we waterboard him?


  49. 156
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    death pen for people who dispute umpire descions?


  50. 159
    HappyUK says:

    I’ve always suspected Grauniad/BBC hacks, were worse than NOTW ones.

    At least the NOTW did a bit of investigative digging, now and again.

    They might talk posh, look cultured, visit theatres, use big words, eat at nice restaurants, all that crap…

    … but at the end of the day they are the biggest pimps and whores of the lot.

    I’ve got infinitely more respect for your average tramp on a park bench.


  51. 163
    Michael Jackson says:

    Can’t we all just heal the world?


  52. 164
    jon jon says:

    There’s no shortage of leftie academics to make excuses for any sort of dodgy behaviour, especially sounding forth with bollocks on Radio 4. There was one the other day saying there are 15 million people with disabilities in the UK, FFS. Yeah, like the young fella I saw recently walking along quite happily with his stick a couple of inches off the floor. He might as well of had ‘BENEFITS CHEAT’ tattoed on his forehead. These ivory tower leftie twats are really quite soft in the fucking head, although it does kinda explain why there are so many mental spastics around who would still vote for Ed Milibads Labour.


    • 176
      Rat's arse says:

      *applause* Jonjon.


    • 248
      smoggie says:

      As Barry Beelzebub observed:

      The Magical Tin Leg of Money

      I HAVE noticed a new badge of honour on the scrote estates – the single, aluminium NHS crutch. You can see them in Lidl or stood smoking outside flat-roofed pubs; seemingly healthy members of the underclass with a crutch dangling ineffectually from one arm, supporting nothing more than a benefits claim.


  53. 165
    Anonymous says:

    Hilarious:!/davidleigh3 tweeted:

    “How I listened to hacked voicemail, by ‘No, I didn’t!’ Piers Morgan” (29 July)

    “I’m so unfashionable: no-one’s hacked my phone” (22 July)

    “I have to talk abt #NOTW hacking at #CIJ London summer school today. But crimes multiplying so fast it’s hard to keep up” (15 July)

    “NI backlash over #notw. Now trying to dig up dirt on #Guardian instead of cleaning house. Slow learners?” (12 July)


  54. 168
    Stinkfinger says:

    Operation Trident should be wound up.
    Look at the benefits.
    The Black community don’t want to be Policed (savings on investigations) and for every gangsta killed that will mean at least six illigitimate kids wont be fathered.(savings on welfare and future justice costs).
    All those reformed Gansta’s whose job it is to teach potential Gangsta’s not to be Gangsta’s can be made redundant.(More Savings)


    • 227
      Post hoc says:

      The Poh – leese need to get back to Gene Hunt philosophies instead of playing at PR and holdy-handy stuff. Gangsta shoots first in north London init, gets shot. End of.


  55. 173
    Jim Miller says:

    Guido writes: “Guido also alluded to Leigh in a widely reported debate held by Polis at the LSE.”
    The cops are getting enough justified criticism without Strathclyde’s finest organising political talking-shops that aren’t even held in Scotland.


  56. 179
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    Tottenham’s MP David Lammy has complained that the area ‘ had had its heart ripped out ‘.

    This very Nation has had its heart ripped out, thanks to his ‘government’s’ policies and no-one gave a toss about that.


    • 208
      jrand says:

      Would that be the same Lammy who made a total tit of himself on Mastermind? Thought so, another product of a good Liebour edukashun.


    • 276
      Balkanized Britain says:

      Like many areas of Britain, Tottenham had it’s heart ripped out when third worlders were moved in, and the indigenous population moved out.


  57. 182
    • 187
      yawn says:

      so are Labour trolls pretending to be Anti-EU. So fvck off!


      • 203
        Anonymous says:

        Labour are also traitors Tory turd, just because I hate the Dog Dirt Dave does not make me a Labour turd. Thick tribal twats like you are responsible for the state of this country.


    • 236
      Fish says:

      There was no point in a referrendum after Brown went back on his promise to consult the people and ratified the treaty behind our backs. Cameron has been clear from the outset that he could only consult whilst the treaty remained unsigned.

      And if you remember, Mr Courageous was too much of a coward to be seen in Lisbon at the signing ceremony, so don’t blame Dave.

      This is yet another mess that Brown left for Cameron to sort out all of which started on Brown’s watch.

      – The defecit
      – Europe
      – Welfare reform
      – Employment Support Allowance
      – Phone Hacking / News International

      The list goes on.


  58. 185
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So Guido, How is the restore vengence campiagn going?


    • 240
      smoggie says:

      It’s hanging in the balance. But if we give the “ayes” enough rope they’ll swing it.


  59. 192
    Cato Street Conspirator says:


    Any more enemies of the people like to step forward?


    • 204
      We all lost, but who won? says:

      The Judiciary
      Lawyers, solicitors and other bent briefs
      Generals of the CoS dressed as curtains
      Anybody holding a corporate seat on the board of a major protection racket, or public utility, as they used to be known
      Local government “executives”

      Feel free to add to the list


    • 207
      annette curton says:

      The BBC
      and AGW liars (includes all four of the above plus other assorted professional bandwagon troughers).


    • 356
      First they came for the jews ... says:



  60. 211
    When are we due back? says:

    As i sit here lapping up the Tuscan sunset, whilst simultaneously grappling with the EU fiscal meltdown, i am reminded of the wise words of Colonel Saito who memorably said “This is not a game of cricket”.
    This stark reality has been brought home to us in the House, as we commit our undivided attention to the problems currently being felt by all those sad fuckers out there, toiling under the hot sun in a futile attempt to stop their tomorrow easing across the boundary rope of no return.
    Rest assured that we in Westminster feel your pain.

    Be happy in your work!


  61. 212

    Have you “laid an information” with the Magistrates yet, giving them this evidence? It would be truly refreshing to see a denizen of the Guardian sent down for the same dirty dealing they claim to have exposed in others.


  62. 214
    Rick O'Shea says:

    All those who worship Thatcher should actually take a long hard look at what she left us with.
    1. No family heirlooms or North Sea oil having flogged it all off to the spivs.
    2. No manufacturing industry having flogged it all off to asset stripping spivs.
    3. No affordable utilities having flogged them off to cartels of spivs masquerading as “competition”.
    4. A consumerist society based on borrowing and spending from spiv financiers.
    5. Run down public services that required Gordon Brown levels of borrowing just to frogmarch them into the 21st century.
    6 Her greatest achievement, new Labour.


    • 230
      ah fu too says:

      You missed sailor boy with water authorities, then you missed Wilson with the yes yes referendum for the EEC also put shipyards into public hands oh yea TSR2 and the aircraft industry, didn’t he also put the car industry into public hands, then you had another Liebour loon who pissed what was left of public money every where, then Thatcher selling off to pay for the extravagance of Liebour but helping her mates, then circus boy, who’s friend privatised the bus services and took them out of council control, just as sailor boy had done when he created the mess called the Metropolitan counties of crapland, we could all blame someone for the mess we are in , but we all still vote our tribe to be in power jusr like football fanatics and not what we can make these thieves do for the people of the country.


    • 250
      Who is running the country ? says:

      You also missed out mining and steel which employed many thousands of people
      all the above mentioned industries payed large amounts of tax into the treasury plus any profit they made also went to the public good
      they under sold a lot of our family silver even worse now most of them belong to foreign companies so no tax is being paid here
      this country is fucked , end of !


      • 264
        Seen all before in the 70's says:

        It really grinds my years when thick lefty twats talk about mining, are you trying to pull the wool over our eyes and pretend you wouldn’t of scrapped it eventually under the pretence of AGW? It would of been one of the first things scrapped to lower our ‘carbon emissions’, give it a rest you cherry picking hypocrites you have milked that old chestnut dry long ago and your actions over AGW prove it is a dead end now.


        • 273
          LONDON'S BURNING ! says:

          Back on your push bike you lentil munching tree hugging veggie twat
          the mines will open up again within the next few years !
          As the power riots start to piss off people, who can see that this island on which we live is a dot on this planet , and the tiny bit we contribute to “I won’t even say it “will make absolutely not one jot of fucking difference to anything, as long as America India, China and other major polluters can buy their way out of reducing carbon emissions GET FUCKIN REAL !


        • 368
          Anonymous says:

          A labour Government closed more mines in the 1960s. Than Thatcher ever did but the Left convieniently forget this.


    • 299



  63. 216
    Who is running the country ? says:

    All day the news channels have been running stories regarding the Lack of response from MP’s on the riots !
    So while they are on their holidays , means that nobody is in charge and the country has to run it’s self ?


    • 221
      Home affairs select committee says:

      Why don’t the police just open up with machine guns and kill ‘em all?


    • 222
      Larry the cat says:

      Seems to work OK for Belgium.


    • 239
      Who is running the country ? says:

      Whats the betting that the Blud’s move their riots to another borough tonight ? after all all the good shops are empty now in Grottenham !


      • 271
        God Help This Country says:

        Yeah, for “justice” innit!


      • 308
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        It’s Just started in Enfield!

        Time to start hitting and hurting and ask questions later.

        come on PC plod…give them a good kicking.


  64. 217
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    It looks like there is the beginning of a consumer boom in North London, lots of people with new goods under their arms walking the streets this morning.

    Perhaps this is a sign of the green shoots of recovery we used to hear so much about just over a year ago.


    • 243
      eeu to me says:

      Well they have a couple of winners, the lawyers and the insurance companies who after taking a hit will make sure all the inhabitants who have/need insurance pay dearly for the priviledge.


  65. 219
    Who is running the country ? says:

    just imagine what they would say if we had a “White ” police officers association ?


  66. 220
    Harshness from beyond the ballot box says:

    Joe Public is a c’unt and deserves all he gets just because he’s a LibLabCon voting c’unt and nothing else.


  67. 233
    Annon says:

    Give Pea’s a chance, Y’can never get a shopping trolley with four decent wheels


  68. 241
    That hacked Thatcher phone call in full says:

    Mumsy, i need some cash!

    Don’t worry Mark, i’ll line you up for a nice little bung without you having to lift an arse flap.

    Al Yammah and beyond!


  69. 244
    Carpet Wrong says:

    Even during looting there’s no excuse to steal from Carpet Right. Seriously, talk about a shite store.


    • 253
      Who is running the country ? says:

      Just shows the mentality of the thick fuckers
      steal fags , booze even small electrical goods
      But a fuckin half ton roll of carpet
      man you dumb arse
      talk about jack and the beanstalk ?


  70. 246
    I kid you not.. says:

    Windows were smashed at a Barclays Bank and pictures on Twitter appeared to show the building being looted. There were also reports that youths had stormed McDonald’s and had started frying their own burgers and chips. (Mail)


  71. 247
    Mike Morris says:

    Same old hypocritical guardian. Same old hypocritical lefties.

    The sick left are even attacking the kid who was killed by the polar bear because he was from Eton:


    • 334
      labour just filth just filth says:

      if he hadn’t prefaced….’get those fucking teeth off my head’..with ‘excuse me’ he would still be alive


  72. 252
    Baroness Warsi of Dewsbury in the county of West Yorkshire says:

    …And i say to you, that the sooner the righteous of the Moslem bredron get down to Tottenham and behead a few of those raggedy arsed n*ggers, the sooner we can get back to basics.
    Jah RastaWarsi!….


  73. 256
    LONDON'S BURNING ! says:

    Watch out Liverpool
    Birmingham etc now our foreign friends have seen that the” flat screens” are there for the taking
    There won’t be a fuckin shop left by next week !


    • 268
      waiting for says:

      Liverpool has very few “foriegn friends” unless you count the oirish!


      • 277
        Reimer says:

        One advantage of not being reconstructed socially.


      • 310
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        with most of loserpool being IRA members..doubt anyone of colour would try and nick their TV…even if it was nicked in the first place!

        City of Culture…..My Arse!


  74. 257
    anonymous says:

    here’s a list of mps who don’t like their constituents

    why we vote for the fuckers i will never know


    • 261
      Political bloggers from both sides of the spectrum says:

      Some of us don’t, but there’s a lot of fucking idiots out there.


  75. 265
    They're not the sharpest tools in the box says:

    Apparently some of the looters took photos of themselves holding the things they’d stolen to post on their Facebook pages. Nice of them to be so helpful to the police.


  76. 266
    Labour spokesman says:

    The rioters have legitimate grievances. We mustn’t rush to judgement. They live in extreme poverty because of the coalition. Now, I really must dash. I’ve got a dinner engagement in Islington this evening.


    • 270
      The Westminster boating song says:

      Peter, George and Nat would like to thank you for this cross party broadcast.


  77. 274
    Ha ha! says:


    • 324
      Seen all before in the 70's says:

      @LionelThomas1 needs to stop beating around the bush and say what he really thinks.


  78. 275
    no money left, hee hee says:

    Seven acid tests for being a leftie.

    1) You think Stalin, Moa Tse Tung and Pol Pot were just good eggs who had the best interests of the people at heart.
    2) News is only news if it’s reported primarily by the BBC and Guardian.
    3) You think there’s a magic money tree growing somewhere in that there London.
    4) You think Stephen Fry is a genius, and that Jeremy Hardy and Marcus Brigstocke are deliberately funny (and not total wankers)
    5) You think multiculturalism and diversity add vitality and dynamism to the nation, except where you live.
    6) You thought the Euro was a spiffing good idea, and I include wet old lefties like Clarke and Heseltine in that, who stabbed Mrs T in the back.
    7) You think rioting and looting is only a good idea from about 6 weeks into a Tory administration.


    • 282
      The Westminster boating song says:

      Seven acid tests for being a c’unt.

      See above.


      • 285
        no money left, hee hee says:

        I bet you checked all them with a yes didn’t you, you fucking dumb leftie shit?


        • 289
          The Westminster boating song says:

          Suprisingly, i counted 7 No’s.

          But all of them still proved positive in your diagnosis.


          • no money left, hee hee says:

            Impressive for a leftie, you can count, but you’re obviously as bent as a 9 bob note.


          • The Westminster boating song says:

            In Westminster, a nine bob note is as good as a wank to a blind horse, assuming it’s all within the rules of course.

            Did i ever tell you about Oliver Letwin and his two grand expense claim for repairs to the drainage of his tennis court?

            Good thing he’s about to bring “fear” into other peoples lives.


          • no money left, hee hee says:

            WTF are you on about, cuпt? Perhaps we’d better ask the 3 Labour MP’s who have already been banged up in prison, they’d know total bollocks when they heard it.


  79. 279
    The Westminster boating song says:

    To all those out there with jobs, mortgages and a rather niave belief in a future, don’t forget to get up tomorrow and scamper like demented hamsters on the wheel of capitalism, secure in the reward of a bright sunny upland replete with untold nuts for your just reward.
    You could, however, take a leaf out of the benefit chavsters handbook, who don’t suscribe to playing the game according to the rules that suit others, but prefer to make up their own laws to fit their particular pitch.
    Are you sure that you’re on the winning side?


    • 345
      Saxon101 says:

      Not sure what your point is matey.

      Are you proposing that no-one works, and therefore we all starve?

      Or are you writing with irony, implying we should scrap the benefits system?

      Don’t be so fucking gay, say what you fucking mean.


      • 351
        Anonymous says:

        No he is saying don’t work and don’t play the game.

        Just collect the benefits work for cash in hand and then when your old and had enough get the same pension as some sucker who played the game.

        We should all be our rioting and looting on our way to London to hang the lot of them.

        Carry on regardless the end is nearly here.


  80. 280
    The EDINBURGH ARSEWIPES can play with the MAGICAL BROWN TURD PRODDER by themselve says:

    Appalling! Me thinks it should be taken to the police. It is time to get rid of these useless morally spineless idiots.


  81. 281
    not a machine says:

    “is it cos i is a looter”

    mmm guardian doing phone hacking , wouldnt suprise me in the least , interesting he picked a corrupt corp as his defense though .

    Had a skim through con home , is that letter about the EU from the office of no10 true ??? . Does the eurosceptic lot , agree with with Ruth lea and John Redwood (seems like a good approach to me as it sorts the ecnomic differences better and groups the debt better to tackle it , but they will have to take and stick to austerity measures ).
    I think that letter draws a line for me , it will not reform into the thing i had hoped it would ,I appreciate an ignorant in or out vote may not work , each national economic unit must be transparent on its finances and function alone , this divying up of a pot is just corrupt . I am not aginst some common market specifications , or tourist travel , but I dont think the rest is of much use , and never mind you had your chance in the 70s line , if somthing is wonk why cant we as the people want to get out of it ?? That letter assumes the eurosceptic , should be overruled as we should be happy with how it is working out post Lisbon .
    Why on earth was a country with a renown attitude to lax tax collection and national accounting, not pulled up earlier , why must we lose money in a bail out and that country continue not to apply and collect taxes ?? Does that letter celebrate our money getting blown ??
    If the EU cannot change quickly , the I think its right we should avoid any further exposure to its toxic polices and crooks running it .

    Mrs Bone may be insaitable in her questions , but if she is right and they are running a totally unsustainable political construct , she is right that we should be able to choose if we wish to loose the shirt off our backs in an unreformed inept ,clueless and corrupt ecomonic construct.

    Its not a split as such , but a reasonable and responsible line about our future in a country that used to be once much freer to consider such matters properly and respectfully to its own people .


    • 283
      Egg and Cheese says:

      Waffling worthy of Caesar’s Wife.


    • 343
      Dick T'Phone says:

      Are you quite sure that you’re not a machine?


      • 380
        not a machine says:

        I think “are you quite sure your not DickTphone” is a worthy response :)

        2 thumbs down for my piece and 6 thumbs up for suggestives , interesting, Ime inconsolable in the face of being accused of blogging ,on a blog site .


  82. 286
    IPCC statement on fatal shooting of Mark Duggan says:



  83. 293
    J. Edgar Hoover says:

    George W Bush, that lentil eating commie, led the good ole’ US of A into a downward spiral of borrowing and debt, that only a socialist could be guilty of.


    • 305
      nell says:

      That’s War for you Dear.

      Takes loadsamoney and leaves you nothing but grief to show for it. Well unless your bliar of course then it turns you into a multi millionaire.


      • 371
        Posted from holidays says:

        Yes,Nell the good old boys can bill the US taxpayer for protecting their heirs business,the poor schmucks from the midwest join up to fight for uncle Sam,fight and die for their country and the good old boys just cream it,whether or not their president implements a healthcare bill that bankrupts both their stepmoms-aint life grand—–we have moved to an age in the US too where no politicians are patriots as was the case in the past-just graduates with an agenda to farm


  84. 297
    Soames Forsyte says:

    A poisonous snake run over with a lawnmower – all hacked to pieces.


  85. 302
    nell says:

    Ah. How sad.

    The poor old graudian has clay feet too!


  86. 303

    Reports are coming in of a single serious incident in Enfield Middlesex !
    and it’s not even dark yet !


    • 307
      Anonymous says:

      It must be the whiteys, the others wait for cover of darkness.


    • 312
      turn up for a riot and win a free tv!!! says:

      Fuck, haven’t they got enough 52″ plasma TV’s as it is FFS? Time for plod for lay about with some serious stick, or this will just run and run.


    • 322
      Enhance the community experience says:

      I think we could clear the deficit by taxing the use of the word “community” by civil servants (incl. politicians) and journalists. Let’s say £50 a pop.

      9 instances of “community” in one article? Why don’t they just say “local people”? Or “black people”? Why is it always, “the communiteh?”

      And while I’m on it, let’s tax “experience”, as used by brain-dead marketing 20-somethings. As in “enhance the web experience”. £100 a pop.

      God, it’d balance the budget within a year.


  87. 315
    The EDINBURGH RSEWIPES can play with the MAGICAL BROWN TU*RD PRODDER by themselves says:

    Time to go to the Police me thinks. The media is one uncontrollable & unaccountable destructive machine.


  88. 321
    That's News says:

    UPDATE: According to m’learned friends there is no public interest defence for phone hacking, it is punishable with two years jail time.

    But I am sure David Leigh will defend himself with the trusty sword of Ruth and take his punishment on the chin like the ‘man’ he is.


  89. 325
    Archy Bishop of Canterbury says:

    One is forced to give the deepest thought to the problems in . . . . in . . . the London Borough – if I may call it that, – without causing offence or using any pejorative language that might hurt people’s feelings or inflame the situation further, . . which talking of flames or inflaming . . as the case may be . . nay a conflagration . . . one is deeply troubled by the conditions that the protestors . . if I may call them that … guided by the excellent reporters at the BBC, who though under severe financial pressure relentlessly seek the truth and try their hardest to bring us unbiased reporting in favour of our comrades on the left who work tirelessly to bring truth and justice to the world which is dominated by the medochian press and the counter truth promulgated . . . promulgated . . . well, there I’ve lost myself . . . but one is deeply troubled as I should have said and uncomfortable, and poor Mr Obama is so misunderstood, and poor Mr. Bin Liner is not with us anymore . . . oh dear . . but let us pray . . .


    • 389
      Anon. says:

      For goodness sake, Archy Bishop, can you please stop inflaming the situation with your extremist views. Thank you.


  90. 326
    Edinburgh, the city of heroin addicted socialists. says:

    Thoroughly appalling hypocrisy


  91. 328
    Heart Of Stone says:

    At least now the 4×2’s in little Israel aka Tottenham know now after the riot what it feels like and what the rest of us have to put up with surrounded and forced to live with savages. Lot’s of Oh Vey’s this morning me thinks.


    • 338
      labour just filth just filth says:

      less no veys than trainers in jb sport’s tottenham branch


    • 350
      Owlett says:

      You’d love to put them on a train and not the Eurostar, wouldn’t you, c unt? Back to the Grauniad with you!


  92. 330
    Helen Keller Dating Agency says:

    Ugly as sin!


  93. 335
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    I will be unable make a statement on the riots in the House this week as I have been selected to play a role in the new Harry Potter film.


  94. 336
    Spineless Idiot going for a jog says:

    God they are some pathetic idiots on twitty twatter these days.


  95. 342
    1569 Rising says:

    Cannot believe this! Sky has just reported that the Guardian is saying that initial forensics on the bullet lodged in the policeman’s radio which resulted in Duggan’s death is police issue bullet.

    I’ve spent the day defending Plod’s actions on Tjhursday on the grounds that Duggan shot first. I hope the Grauniad is wrong.

    How does one defend the police these days?

    Of course, the Peoples’ Toynbee Broadsheet could be wrong.


    • 353
      Anonymous says:

      seeing what plod gets up to around my area I wouldn’t put one out on fire with my piss


  96. 344
    nell says:

    I see sally alley is doing her bit to tarnish parliament even further.

    she absolutely belongs in big brother – just her style!


  97. 347
    MB. says:

    A mob of hooligans go on the rampage, looting, committing arson and attacking the police and it is the police’s fault because they “did not have a dialogue” with them.

    I somehow can’t imagine the BNP (or their cohorts) doing something similar and it being blamed on a lack of dialogue by the police.


  98. 349
    white man in hammersmith palais pt 2 says:


    embracing the shit out of cultural diversity

    thanks very much Lord Bragg of Dorset, The Clash etc


    • 377
      Joe strummer was a leftie hypocrite says:

      The Clash of course, despite jumping on the punk band wagon slagging the over indulgence of those who went before them, released a TRIPLE album .I mean FFS !


  99. 354
    Ed Miliband says:

    I think the prime minithter thould rethign over the rioting! It’th a dithgrathe!


  100. 355
    nell says:

    Hmm. so there’ve been riots in tottenham and enfield.

    bet they have nothing to do with honesty or decency or the local community seeking a fair deal.

    bet it has everything to do with the criminal fraternity seeing a chance to break enter and steal at will.

    why do people live in cities? – foul places!


    • 357
      NELL MILLITWIT says:

      Why do people live in cities ?You muppet !
      because if we all lived in the country
      There would be no country !
      DOH !


    • 362
      WVM says:

      He has a point nell.


      • 374
        nell says:

        He does , sort of!!

        But he doesn’t answer the main issue of why people in (but most likely not of) tottenham/ealing are breaking entering and stealing!!

        It has nothing to do with community concerns!


  101. 360
    Lard Prescott is fucking stupid says:


    • 363
      Ah! Monika says:

      Add to the OED ‘ sumamrmi! Credit Lard Prescott


    • 369
      Anonymous says:

      WTF is the 7/11?


      • 375
        Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

        7/11….thats where tracy works now…

        Fatso Presa has a loyalty card.


    • 378
      Barnabas Scudamore says:

      I like the the “Eton-esque” tie that Prescott is wearing, then again, he is a Lord – what a complete disgrace this man is – is it any wonder people behave like scum when we have people such as this foul mouthed fool trying to lead.

      Is he still on Communist China’s payroll I wonder ? (3 lectures a year was it?).


  102. 361
    The Association for White Policemen says:

    Why are the equality people so upset?


  103. 364
    Community Leader says:

    As a self-appointed ‘Community Leader’ I am not elected or accountable….however I have lots of power with the police and council who know that if they don’t ‘engage’ with me I will call them racist…or when a riot starts I will say it is their fault for shunning me. I want some money, power to force through decisions (like creating a community centre funded by the taxpayer and staffed by my illegal immigrant friends) and be allowed to live in my free council house while making phonecalls to my family back in Somalia at the taxpayers expense. If you have a problem with that..TOUGH!!


    • 365
      WVM says:

      I have a problem with that.


    • 367
      Feel the diversity says:

      Where are the community leaders for white people?


      • 370
        WVM says:

        They call them NAZI’s, Little Englander’s, Right-wing Nutter’s, Racist’s, Xenophobe’s etc etc. This barrage of insults that are supported by the Westmister village and MSM in general usually shuts up headstrong whitey’s.

        At some point you say to yourself “I don’t give a fuck what you think anymore”.


      • 372
        albacore says:

        Just give it another two or three decades, old chap. Whites will be just another minority group and then we can have community leaders, too.
        (Assuming, of course, that the imminent banking collapse doesn’t throw too big a monkey wrench into Lib/Lab/Con ambitions for the old country).


  104. 383
    Revolting of Tottenham says:

    Oh man, Guido has modded me post.


  105. 384
    Quantrill says:

    Phone hacking, phone hacking, yada, yada, yada. London burns, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  106. 385
    Steve_from_Genesis says:

    Beep, beep, beep, beep……

    Is that Aunty May?

    Oh bother! My 2P coin has just got stuck, but I have apparently got a crossed line……..


  107. 390
    Skint 80's popstar says:

    They have been at it for years (all of them). Piers Morgan was well known in the music industry for using any method possible to get a story which included blackmail (mobs were in their infancy then). If there was no story he would simply make it up. We lived with it as it was deemed better he not be your personal enemy. Of course this is small insignificant stuff, long before he was a mighty newspaper editor and celebrity. As he travelled up the media ranks you can bet your next 10 years salary his antics greatly expanded.


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