August 3rd, 2011

Milly Murderer’s Cruel Compensation Call

There is justifiable outrage at the fact that Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield is in line for £30,000 compensation deal after a minor assault by another prisoner. The Mirror have gone big on the story, reporting that the 6ft, 18 stone former bouncer got nothing more than a slap. If only there was something we could Restore that would put an end to absurdities like this. As the Dowler family requested on the day Bellfield went down…


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    He shouldnt get compo nor killed by the state.

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      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Hang him!

      • 12
        SnappyUK says:

        Give the £30k to the prisoner who twatted him as encouragement to finish the job.

        • 36
          true justice says:

          Put him in a cell with Billy. That’ll be punishment enough for anybody.

          • gweedo says:

            Can the family not then sue him for compensation ?

            He will loose it in legal fees – as he has income wont get free legal costs….

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            If he rapes and kills me then he should be sternly told off. That should make him think twice about doing it again.

          • Anonymous says:

            Not if you get your retaliation in first, eh Billy?

      • 86
        Lord Lucan says:

        Castration. The Muzzies have got the right idea in that respect.

    • 39
      Jimbo says:

      It is the Labour party who support compo for killers

      Labour support compo for everybody unless you are a hard working law abiding white Anglo Saxon Protestant Male


    • 91
      those who are kind to the cruel are cruel to the kind says:

      This is decadence and degeneration. We must be completely insane to permit this. Can you imagine what this excrement did to that little girl? He shouldn’t be breathing.

      • 95
        I Hate Tesco AND the Pope says:

        It’s the best argument in favour of the death penalty I’ve heard in some time. I do believe there’s another debate coming up in the Commons. I know the antis will win, but the story about this piece of semi-human shit might persuade a few do-gooders to think again.

    • 105
      Ken "Prison Doesn't Work" Clarke says:

      Let the poor innocent little scamps go free.

      • 120
        Drew Pecock says:

        There should be NO APPEAL once you are found guilty unless irifutable evidence of your inocence it provided within 10 days. On the eleventh day hang em dont piss about paying fancy lawyers to keep bringing up minor technicalities just to make more money and prevent justice.
        Hang the fuckers as soon as possible and prefereably by the knackers for a couple of hours just as a warm up

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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    Can you make a minor change to your campiagn?

    Can request that parliament gives the people a referendum on the death pen?

    This matter is more important than what system we elect MPS by, and is a major constituonal change that the [people must have the final say not 650 Mps

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    jabbathecat says:

    “..the 6ft, 18 stone former bouncer got nothing more than a slap.”

    Perhaps someone could stick a shank in him as a more permanent solution.

  4. 5
    DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

    And how exactly do you think the death penalty would help, Guido? Do you seriously think that if we had the death penalty, Bellfield wouldn’t have been in prison at some point? I take it you’re not seriously suggesting that those convicted of a capital offence would be taken straight from the court room to the gallows, are you?

    For your homework, Guido, I want you to look up the average time that an American prisoner spends in prison on death row before being executed.

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      sockpuppet #4 says:

      I note that the story says bellfield thinks he’s going to get out. Which makes him more delusional than anyone could’ve imagined.

      Is this appeal of his the slightest bit serious?

    • 16
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      OK I’m not allowed to mention what criminals do when they want to get court rulings overturned:

      I note that the story says bellfield thinks he’s going to get out. Which makes him more delusional than anyone could’ve imagined.

      Is this app**l of his the slightest bit serious?

    • 128
      misterned says:

      A) we do not have to have the same system of never ending appeals in the UK as they have in America.

      B) We should only execute when there is NO doubt whatsoever, and guilt is proven beyond any doubt at all, as indeed it has been in many murder cases. Where there is the slightest shred of doubt, then the death sentence should not apply, but life should mean life.

      If at some further point in time, evidence emerges which proves innocence, then they should receive a full pardon and compensation.

      Equally, if at some further point in time, evidence emerges which proves guilt beyond any and all doubt, then the sentence should be changed to a death sentence.

      C) People on a death sentence should not be eligible for compensation for any reason, whilst they are waiting for the sentence to be carried out.

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    Spartacus says:

    Lethal injection would have been cheaper

    • 46
      DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

      Wrong. Capital punishment is considerably more expensive than life imprisonment.

      Stats here:

      • 98
        Greek economy - socialism in action says:

        Bollox. How?

        • 103
          oddly helpful says:

          Factor in time spent in prison whilst waiting for appeals against conviction/sentencing, legal fees (on both sides if HMG loses). Feel free to add to this top-of-head list. It doesn’t just come down to the cost of a few feet of rope and the hangman’s miscellaneous disbursements.

          • misterned says:

            Well they should not have endless appeals. Only allow the death sentence when there is NO doubt at all about guilt.

            There would have to be a higher standard of proof for a death sentence, than for a custodial sentence. There should be ONE mandatory appeal, to be expedited which MUST look at ALL evidence gathered by the prosecution and the defence and be independently analysed.

            Then when the independent death sentence panel have reviewed all the evidence and the trial, and are satisfied that the convicted is 100% definitely guilty beyond all possible doubt… Then the sentence should be carried out swiftly and repeatedly.

        • 113
          DisgustedOfMitcham2 says:

          You see that little bit of underlined text? It’s called a “hyperlink”. If you click on it, you’ll find it takes you to a page where it explains how.

          • Rog says:

            “More Expensive” only because of the stupidity of the handwringers who drag it out for years with appeal after appeal and a veritable truckload of lawyers.

            There is absolutely no reason to go down that road whatsoever. Remember, we are only considering the death penalty for cases proved 100% beyond doubt. Six months for ONE appeal, or for new evidence, then carry out the sentence.

            Cheap. Do the Chinese still send the murderer’s family and invoice for the bullet?

      • 111
        A Statistician says:

        Impressive. Some people find Basic Lies and Advanced Damned Lies a complete doddle.

      • 116
        Jabba the Cat says:

        Creep of the year award winner Clive Stafford Smith who is hated in the US even more than Piers Morgan. Fortunately, the vast majority of his appeals against death sentences in the US are thrown out the door by appeal judges and state governors.

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    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Its red top fever!

    When the dust settles on this Mirror exclusive, will we discover he didn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of getting this.

    • 20
      Tax Payer says:

      Exactly. Nobody gets £30k for a slap. It is ill-informed and provocative journalism.

      • 25
        HandsomeDavid says:

        Who will pay his lawyer?

        His trial cost the taxpayer £4million.

        • 33
          Tax Payer says:

          It cost what it took to bring him to justice.

          Do lawyers over-charge? Yes.

          Can we reduce justice to pounds and pence? No.

      • 27
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        “ill informed” ?

        You make it sound like they don’t know precisely what they’re up to.
        Unless you’re talking about Guido Jnr?

    • 79
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Hold on a second.
      I’m concerned. He’s a triple killer, and we hardly hear mention the other two women. Amelie delagrange and I forget the other.
      Clearly Milly is more famous, but the headline basically forgets HE IS A SERIAL KILLER. Guido’s article omits/forgets that HE IS A SERIAL KILLER

      If you want any sort of conspiracy, and remember this is the Mirror, putting Milly’s name in big letters across the front page keeps her in everyone’s mind, which indirectly keeps the hacking scandal in everyones mind.
      Moral outrage is a crude blunderbus and its partly pointing elsewhere

  7. 8
    Old Tory says:

    Grubby state killing? Count me out.

    • 24
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Ah, good. Another person who stands against abortion on demand and euthenasia.

  8. 10
    Tom says:

    Death penalty? Fuck that. You do yourself a disservice by peddling this nonsense.

    • 15
      Backwoodsman says:

      Agree – suggest you check out La Racoons’ list of all the cases wher the executed person has subsequently been pardoned . Whoops , sorry there chaps , bit of a fuck by plod , wont happen again.

  9. 11
    Crikey says:

    The theatre of the absurd.

    • 48
      SpAd says:

      Ahh compensation culture.

      This girl dived in a swimming pool at someone’s house and broke her neck – and then tried to sue the owner of the pool who wasn’t even there at the time for £6m.

      Her QC argued that the pool area should have been locked or had warning notices – obviously to warn stupid pissed-up bitches of the dangers of jumping into it in the middle of the night.

      She lost the case. Presumably Bellfield will as well.

  10. 14
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, stop talking about the death sentence. We care so much about human life that we don’t want to execute murderers.

    • 30
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      We’re quite happy to support a woman’s right to kill her unborn child and allow old people to be starved to death in hospital wards though, and soon we’ll allow euthanasia. However a murderer’s right to life must be protected at all costs. It’s his ‘uman rites, innit?

      • 38
        Tax Payer says:

        These arguments have been wrongly conflated all week.

        There is no automatic link between opposing capital punishment and supporting on-demand abortion or euthenasia.

        • 65
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Killing Babies is legal. Killing murderers is illegal. End of.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Fuck off sockpuppet, post your views under your own monkier!

            Or are you a coward?

        • 76
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Yes there is. If human life is so sacred that the State cannot take it in extreme circumstances, then that principle has to be applied to all cases, murderers, unborn children and old people who can no longer feed themmselves or have lost the will to live. All your arguments against execution can be worded to apply with equal force to all cases where human life is extinguished. Left wing logic, which boils down to, “anything is OK as long as we agree with it”, is in this case merely the standard socialist hypocrisy magnified into political correctness. I’m not implying that you are a socialist, just saying that you are following a socialist thought pattern. Rather like Dave and his Green lunacy.

          • Tax Payer says:

            I’m challenging the assumption that anti-CP’ers are also pro-abortion and pro-euthenasia.

            They may or may not be – but it can’t be assumed.

          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            Like all generalisations, anti-hanging, pro-abortion, pro-euthanasia does not apply in all cases. It does however, denote a particular view associated with the Left. There is a very strong ethical and logical case for not bringing back Capital Punishment, but that case must descend from a premise about the value of human life which applies to all cases, otherwise we are cherry-picking and the ethical case for abolition of Capital Punishment falls.

          • non believer says:

            Yes GOM

            anyone who disagrees with you is a leftie.

  11. 17
    Steve Miliband says:

    Thanks to Bollox throwing his weight around, Shoesmith will get £1m

    • 29
      Anonymous says:

      Very true. Having seen how social workers operate at first hand it is surprising more children don’t drop through the net. If social work is truly a profession its practitioners should operate at levels approaching those of solicitors and doctors. But that would require a better quality of candidate and much more money. Perhaps one should ask why the social care system is under such strain?

      • 72
        SpAd says:

        There was a TV programme on earlier this year called something like “Undercover Social Worker”, where a reporter (with hidden camera) started work with a social services team in Surrey.

        Like so much of the public sector, the people working on the front line were dedicated, committed and hard-working. The layer of “managers” above them were absolutely fucking pitiful – I wouldn’t have employed any of them to do my photocopying, let alone make life-or-death decisions on children’s safety.

        • 77
          Grumpy Old Man says:


        • 123
          A bloke of a certain age says:

          Im sorry to hear that sPad as I can assure you that all managers had really good interviews in which they said all the right things and displayed a comprehensive knowledge of the latest buzz words and corporate Jargon. All the boxes were ticked so I cant understand why they wouldnt be good at their jobs in these circumstances.

  12. 18
    Anonymous says:

    Maybe Neo/Guido is preparing for ‘The Running Man UK’ to premiere on GuyTV so that he can get a ‘sky satellite’ slot for pay-per-view executions game-show style…

  13. 19
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    If the death penalty is re-introduced then Bellfield is exactly the sort of person to whom it should be applied.

    Personally, however, I am far more concerned at the continuous use of human rights legislation by assorted scumbags to avoid the consequences of their actions. I think this is poisoning society far more than the absence of the death penalty.

    • 28
      Daniel says:

      It would not surprise me if this is a stitch up.

      Balls was so utterly stupid to engage in the action against her without due process.

      It was obvious she was going to sue.

      Is Shoesmith a Labour donor?

      • 37
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Certainly a Labour insider. Funny that Balls messed up so badly as to give her grounds for wrongful dismissal, especially as the Legeslation was a Labour love-child. I wonder what the advice from his permanent under-secretary was? We’ll know in 25 years time, unless someone puts in an FoI request.

    • 122
      A bloke of a certain age says:

      “avoiding the consequences of their action” well haven’t you heard Reputation management is the new black.

  14. 21
    Sophie says:


    But dont expect rusty Dave to do anything about the ECHR – Dave & his Guardian reading faux fake Tories love the EU & fully support the rights of child killers.

    Blue Labour out.

  15. 22
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Milly Dowler’s killer Levi Bellfield is in line for £30,000 compensation deal”

    Did he have his voicemail hacked?

  16. 23
    Muscle Horse says:

    Yes, because people such as the family of the victim are going to be the best people to make reasoned decisions. State executions are never going to be acceptable so long as we have such a flawed justice system.
    Just think a few years back when all of those women were jailed for killing their babies, when infact it had been cot death – the courts were relying on a doctor who was talking out of his anus. Those mothers would have been killed by the state for their children dying and it would not have been their fault.
    Drop this ridiculous campaign. Again, if there were some way we could be 100% sure of guilt and that it not be decided by the emotive, such as the families of victims, I might consider it, but as it stands things could go monstrously wrong.

    • 47
      Anonymous says:

      We need to know how many miscarriages of justice there are as a percentage of all convictions. (Well I don’t need to know as I know the statistics.) And I think some here need to know how sentencing works too. Even if the death penalty was on the statute books I couldn’t conceive of a British judge hanging a mother for the death of a child in circumstances such as those that surround cot death. That is to say a sudden death which defies a ready explanation. Debate the death penalty all you like but please have facts to hand and knowledge of the system so readily decried here while making your arguments.

      • 54
        Tax Payer says:

        Cot death isn’t a crime so a judge probably wouldn’t be involved.

        Every crime is unique and there are multiple possible defences and/or mitigating circumstances which might apply.

        Unfortunately, life (and death) isn’t as black and white as many would like it.

        • 63
          Roy Meadows says:

          “Cot death isn’t a crime” untrue. its murder.

        • 119
          Muscle Horse says:

          I suppose I didn’t make my post very clear – I was refering to a few cases some years back where off the back of evidence supplied by a doctor, women were found guilty of murder where in fact it had been cot death.

        • 124

          FAAAAAKING ‘ELL, Tax Payer!

          Do you need someone to draw you pictures?

        • 133
          Anonymous says:

          No of course cot death isn’t a crime. One was saying that in an instance of an infant who dies inexplicably in an environment that could be on the whole be described as benign, even if cot death was ruled out, one could still not perceive of a British judge giving the death sentence. The fact that such a situation is brought up to further arguments on both sides of this debates is slightly sickening. One hopes that nobody who has lived through such a tragedy has been offended or upset by the comments here.

    • 137
      Owlett says:

      Disagree re the families of the victim being not able to make ‘reasonable’ decisions. It could be argued that they see with a moral clarity denied by those encumbered by extrinsic factors.

      I see it as something ethically questionable to deny a family the mechanism to choose whether or no to confer the ultimate penalty on the uncontrite and remorse-free killer of their child (also when evidence shows guilt to be incontrovertible). You don’t have to be in favour of CP per se to understand that in a moral sense, they ought to have that right, and any decision they make will be the ‘right’ decision because it will be the right one _for_them_.

      You could take a position of counselling against or disagreeing with their decision to send their child’s murderer to the gallows, but equally you could agree that it is correct that they have the final say in it.

      As a footnote, I don’t hold with proposing the DP for killers of police officers. Certainly, they put themselves in harm’s way, notionally, for the benefit of society. But they are adults and when it comes down to it, they alone have made a _free_choice_ re their (hazardous) career.

  17. 32
    Rebekah Brooks says:

    The Dowlers are very upset. I was very moved by the number of messages of support they’ve had on their mobiles.

  18. 34
    "Compo" outrage? says:

    Was he beaten up by a cast member from Last of the Summer Wine?

  19. 35
    MB. says:

    He seems to be saying that he wants to buy himself a caravan but is supposed to be in prison for life i.e. full life sentence.

    At least the prison authorities seem to be fighting the judgement. Can’t they charge him for his accommodation?

  20. 40
    A movie solution says:

    The best punishment for Levi Bellfield isn’t the death penalty. Look up the premise of the film The Human Centipede. That’s the punishment he deserves. I can’t put it here as some may be offended and some may be eating. But I think we can agree that it’s what he deserves.

  21. 41
    Socialism Ate My Future says:

    Send him down Tower Hamlets, they’ll either stone him or burn him in tyres.

  22. 43
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Sorry but you people are bonkers. Do you really think any of these killers will go to the gallows? They will have an industry of ‘uman rites’ lawyers like Imran Kahn and Shami Chakrabarti cheerleading for them.

    Look at the terrorism legislation the Liebore criminals introduced? How many bearded Muslims have bee locked up? None, yet middle class whitey gets nicked using terrorism legislation at the time. Didn’t Damien Green get nicked using that as well? Walter Woolfgang was dragged out of the Liebore party conference like a jew in a concentration camp but the fucking cowardly plods using that legislation. The plods also destroyed all photographic evidence of the arrest.

    Our Police are corrupt lying c u n t s and cannot be trusted to gather the evidence to put the real guilty away.

    Look at the extradition legislation we have with the USA, supposedly to allow Muslim killers to be sent packing, yet Abu Hamza is still getting his smelly arse hand washed in Belmarsh prison every day, whilst white bankers and a kid with a mental illness are extradited.

    If we can hanging back here in the UK, the politicians would simply use it to frame people they didn’t like, mostly those on the right of politics.

    Giving leftie c u n tz like Bliar Brown Campbell etc the power to murder its citizens is fucking madness. Look how many people Bliar and he murdered in Iraq based on a falsehood.

    Oh and if hanging people works how America is such a shit hole?

    • 134
      HenryV says:

      I have friends who feel very safe at night walking the streets of China’s major cities who wouldn’t dare go out in London or Manchester.

  23. 49
    C u n t s In Wigs says:

    We don’t do black (caps)

  24. 51
    Ah! Monika says:

    Deaths too easy. Still say there should be a specific Lifers Prison where Bellfield et al should be made to break rocks 10 hours per day to earn their keep. This unit would be situated in the Commonwealth outside the jurisdiction of the Human Rights Legislation. We must own an island with similar properties to Guantanamo.

    • 58
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Wouldnt that mean we have to go to war with a small third world state and lose? Ah I see, all part of the plan.

    • 107
      oddly helpful says:

      St Helena is still one of ours, though it’s coyly called an ‘overseas territory’ nowadays.

  25. 52
    JH says:

    Does it occur to you that were this true, cons would be taking turns to ‘assault’ one another and then claiming the compo?

    The man should be left with his belt on, in a room with a chair and a nice strong heating pipe running across the ceiling.

    I doubt he would have the decency or guts though.

  26. 56
    Sophie says:

    The European Rights of all child killers are safe with rusty Dave Camerons Conservatives.

    • 67
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Why should child killers be treated any different to any other type of murder?

  27. 61
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Hang Him Guido!

  28. 64
    You lot are mad says:

    You people are fucking idiots for wanting to give politicians the right to kill you. Do you really think child molesters and other pervs will hang? Of course they won’t, the Government will only want to hang right wing Christians, Daily Mail readers and TV tax dodgers.

    Exlain why Abu Hamza is still in Belmash getting his arse hand washed daily whilst white bankers and kids with a mental illness get extradited to the USA on TERRORISM legislation.

    Why did Walter Woolfgang get dragged out of the Liebore party conference and arrested on terrorism legislation?

    Why was Damien Green arrested on the orders og five bellies Smith using terrorism legislation?

    You people are fucking nutters to allow the state to kill you?

    Trust the Police? That bunch of corrupt lying c u n t z?

  29. 66
    sg-strummer says:

    Putting scum like this in with the general prison population would be a far more effective deterrent than the death penalty. Taking away his TV etc would help too ….. he has a phone in his cell?

  30. 74
    Jess The Dog says:

    I share the hatred and outrage, but the death penalty is not necessary and will cause more problems than it ever solves.

    Look at Sally Clark, Trupti Patel, Donna Anthony and Angela Cannings. All jailed by the flawed evidence of Roy Meadow, all released, and with Clark now dead. If this proposal had been in place, they would have swung from a gallows. (Patel is still subject to a court order banning her from unsupervised contact with her child, which may reflect either the genuine risk posed by her or the approach of social services). The state is not infallible, and does not exactly enjoy public confidence in dispensing justice for many more reasons other than the punishment for murder.

    Returning to this case, there is no need to hang Bellfield to deny him the compensation he will never get a chance to spend. Life should mean life, and the Prison Service should not be liable for the actions of other inmates.

    • 93
      Engineer says:

      Entirely agree.

      Good to see some considered points put forward in a proportionate and level-headed manner among the many knee-jerk and somewhat bloodthirsty comments, too.

      • 101
        Colonel Nut. says:

        Also agree.The history of the death penalty is littered with with so many wrong decisions and miscarriages of justice that it should not be returned to the Statute Book.The wronged dead can’t be brought back.The argument has been made for its restoration for those who kill police and children.Sally Clark and the others above would have fallen into the latter category and as for police killers,remember the case of Bentley and Craig.Whole life terms are a safer way of removing monsters from the community

        • 109
          oddly helpful says:

          On a purely trivial level, a part of the function of the death penalty comes from its very imprecision. The possibility of it missing its target is at least as terrifying as its use to punish those who are genuinely guilty of the crime for which the penalty is imposed.

          And why does particular opprobrium attach to child-murderers and the killers of defenceless pensioners? Surely the mismatch of the parties: it is the crime of ‘stealing candy from a baby’ taken to its ultimate extreme.

        • 110
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          Except that whole-life prison isn’t. Bellfield is a serial killer. Why was he let out the second time, let alone the first?

  31. 78
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Best way to punish this twat would be to play Gordon Brown’s entire speeches collection into his cell 24/7

    • 99
      Lurker says:

      That really is cruel and unusual punishment!!
      Imagine tractor stats and i saved the world played 24/7!!!
      You would confess to anything after about 20 minutes

  32. 80
    Lord Denning says:

    Not a chance he will receive £30k compo. For that amount to be awarded he would have had to have lost half his arm. Usual Mirror journalism.

  33. 81
    Brian in pain says:

    Well, give him the 30 grand, then immediately take it off him as compensation for the girl that was nearly killed by him.
    These are bull-ship tabloid stories anyway. I’ve never heard of anyone actually recieving tens of thousands of pounds for a minor assault – and if you could get that kind of money in prison, we’d all be queuing up to get inside. I’d be pieing media moguls left, right and chelsie for the chance to do a few weeks time and collect a big fat cheque.

  34. 85
    Ewanme says:

    PHEEWW !! Hot , ain’t it , Guidos ??

    Look , petal . All this talk of hangin is pants , I reckons .

    Where’s the fun in secret hangins , I asks ??? No entertainment value wotsoever .

    We should be lookin at bringin back televised , Gladiator-style duels to the death live from The Roundhouse or The Alberts Hall x .

    A Huntest between Huntley an Bellfield might need Wembley to satisfy the demand for tickets , I spose .

    Two murderers , various weapons dotted bout the place wiv the only rule bein that , at the crunch point , the viewin public gets to press it’s red button to decide wevver one , or both , gets to fight another day .

    It could be on ITV World Of Sport on Saturday afternoons an Sky Sports 1 on Sundays . Footie’s become a bit passe , anyways .

    Just a thought . E x

  35. 87
    Bon No says:

    Make him listen to the entire U2 back catalogue on a loop all day every day. That’ll be sadistic punishment of the highest order.

  36. 88
    Colonel Nut. says:

    Solitary confinement in a bare cell and no visitors,television or reading material allowed until he dies.His punishment would then be drawn out and miserable for him which is what he fully deserves,the bastard.

  37. 96
    G Eagle Esq says:

    Salve, Magister Guido Dudius [Hi, Guido Dude]

    If true, it would indeed be outrageous that Mr Bellfield should benefit from any compensation when in a Civilized Society he would be given Dancing Lessons at the end of a Rope with utmost despatch

    This is about par for the course for the UK’s dysfunctional legal system


    A solution would be for the Trial Judge to Order that all future assets received by such a Serial-Killer should be paid to a Compensation fund to benefit :

    1. his Victims’ families

    and then

    2. the State to repay the Cost of keeping him in such comfort (at least compared with how he killed his many Victims)

    Vale [Ciao]


  38. 97
    Kevin T says:

    I agree with you on the death penalty but surely we should also be looking at repealing the HRA which allows abominations like this, and Shoesmith’s blood money.

  39. 100
    Mad dog Tony Blair says:

    “tough on crime tough on the causes of crime”

    Remember ME!!!!

    • 102
      Anon says:

      But presumably this should not apply to Politicians, even for War-Crimes and wRecking das Economie …..

  40. 106
    Penfold says:

    Surely he was complicit……
    ………………………………………therefore no compo.

    We do seem to exist in a very mad mad world where serial killers get compensation for being slapped around in prison by fellow inmates and victims and their families are treated without pity by money grubbing lawyers.

    Surely, if prisoners are eligible for compensation following assaults by fellow inmates, then the Prison Service leaves itself open to conspiracy by those inmates who will stage assaults for cash. Surely, common sense, (oops sorry we are dealing with government and bureacracy) dictates that the only compensation payable is in the unlikely event of an unprovoked assault by a prison warder, and then any sum awarded should face deductions for board and keep.

    It is high time that prisoners were accorded the propriety of actually serving hard time, in the true sense of being banged up, with hard labour and no social time, to atone for their assault on the mores of our society.

    In the case of Bellfield though we should agitate for the back-dated application of the death penalty, he is such a deserving case for the retrospective administration of retributive justice.

    And the Howard League and all the other bleeding hearts for prisoners rights can go and fuck themselves….( That by he way, comes right from the heart )

  41. 117
    Trust me, I'm a scientist says:

    I’ve thought long and hard about this, having researched the subject for many years and whilst there are strong arguments both ways, I have come to the conclusion that it is worth bringing back. It’s too much to type and it’s such a huge subject to tackle, but I for one will support this. With that said, I think it’s statistically unlikely that anyone posting on this site has been directly affected by a crime that would warrant the death penalty (if restored) and I couldn’t see it ever having a direct impact on my life. It’d probably just one less thing to moan about, although I’m sure I’ll find something else (don’t we all?). It’s a very emotive subject, but in my opinion one which warrants much contemplation.

    The key thing in my opinion is that there is fresh debate on the matter, given how much time has elapsed since it was abolished. It can’t be right for the political class to simply sweep it under the carpet, washing their hands of the responsibility, and whichever way they vote at least there would be discussion. However, if they represent the people (as they should), then they would need to take into account the feelings and wishes of their constituents and vote accordingly. I wouldn’t like to be an MP in that situation, because frankly they’re damned if they do and they’re damned if they don’t. That’s no different to usual, but as previously stated, it’s emotive subject matter.

    The biggest factor that made me think twice about this is the view held by Michael Portillo. He was always for it, but is now against. Either he has become soft in his old age, or he has become wiser. But it matters not, for he wears some lovely shirts and one day I shall have a full-size smiling tortilla cut-out sat on my sofa, oh yes I shall.

    • 125

      “I think it’s statistically unlikely that anyone posting on this site has been directly affected by a crime that would warrant the death penalty”

      I didn’t support restoration of the death penalty before 2000, and I didn’t change my mind when in 2000 my dad was murdered.

      I didn’t support restoration of the death penalty before 2006, and I sure as hell didn’t change my mind when in 2006 an obsessed neighbour with a grudge (who, over several years made a series of false accusations against me) tried to pin two murders on me. And I can tell you that the absence of the death penalty did not mean that I wasn’t frightened.

      “I couldn’t see it ever having a direct impact on my life”

      I’m sure no one does… until it does. These things don’t just happen in TV land, regular people with regular boring lives end up involved in these cases; perhaps one day you too. Statistically it will never effect you personally; and statistically you will never win the lottery. But someone always wins and someone always loses.

      • 131
        Trust me, I'm a scientist says:

        Well I did say statistically unlikely, not impossible!

        Believe me, I’m not making these comments after briefly skim-reading an article in the Daily Mail. I don’t actually believe in the deterrent agrument, as I think it has no bearing. I only think the death penalty should be in place when there is beyond doubt, 100% clear-cut evidence and the crimes are so horrific that the offender isn’t ever going to be released anyway. I believe there is an argument that in keeping a person caged up for the rest of their life, knowing they aren’t going to be released, is in it’s own way a cruel thing to do and shows a lack of humanity, because you’re prolonging their suffering. Is that justice? I guess that depends on your point of view and how you define it.

        This is all just my opinion, I understand that others don’t agree, but there you go, that’s life. If you don’t draw a line somewhere, everything just goes on forever with no limits, but it can’t hurt to talk about it.

        • 136
          Clown Shoes says:

          “I only think the death penalty should be in place when there is beyond doubt, 100% clear-cut evidence”

          There’s no such thing. Every miscarriage of justice started with someone being convicted “beyond reasonable doubt”.

  42. 118
    Ship of Fools says:

    Let him out now.

    End of. Just release him with a bag of clothes and a placement in a halfway house.

    Let him get on with his life.

    BTW – No new identity, or financial support other than he is entitled to as a private citizen on benefit, and no special security.

    Cheapest option I can come up with.

  43. 121
    A bloke of a certain age says:

    A system should devised where everytime Bellfield is assaulted he should receive compensation which is then immediately passed on to the Dowler family as compensation( small I know) for their loss at his hands. Such a scheme would be just and could have satisfying consequences for any prisoners wishing to support the dowlers.

  44. 130
    Levi Bellbottoms says:

    Listen you caants, that 30 large is for a lovely caravan wot I can tour this beautiful island in. Spreading the laave. Knowhatimean?
    I woz beaten up, held daan and had my Gary Glitter invaded. knowhatimean?
    Did me right up the ronson.
    I deserve me compo me.

  45. 135
    Clown Shoes says:

    You only get to execute a guy once.

    He can get raped in the shower every day.

  46. 138
    Owlett says:

    >>’I believe there is an argument that in keeping a person caged up for the rest of their life, knowing they aren’t going to be released, is in it’s own way a cruel thing to do and shows a lack of humanity, because you’re prolonging their suffering.’

    Not sure there is an argument there, tbh.

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I don’t doubt we still have sexism in the UK. But is it worse than in, say, Saudi Arabia, d’you think, honey-lamb? Or about 175 other countries? Get a grip, you doolally old bat.”

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