August 2nd, 2011

The Sunday Mirror’s £300,050 Police Bribery Fiasco

Interesting to note that it’s the Murdoch owned Wall Street Journal that is firing the latest shots across the Mirror Group’s bow. There is no doubt that the target of their story this morning was the former Screws editor Colin Myler, who not only questioned the Murdoch’s version of events, but conveniently edited the Sunday Mirror between 1998 and 2001. The paper hardly comes out of the story well though. The WSJ reports:

“In 2000, a reporter for the Sunday Mirror testified under oath that he paid £50, or about $82, to a police source in exchange for a tip about the arrest of the brother of a government minister, according to two lawyers for the plaintiff.”

The brother of Baroness Tessa Blackstone sued the Sunday Mirror over the alleged content of that tip, a case which the paper subsequently lost in 2000. They had to pay out £50,000 in damages and another quarter of a million in costs. That’s a pretty expensive bribe. Trinity Mirror Group continue to deny accusations of criminality, despite the confession of bribing cops being on oath…


  1. 1
    smoggie says:

    Bill, the cricket’s finished.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Squeaking bum time!


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    That should be squeaky bum time!

    Has anyone heard from Piers in the last few days, he seemed to have gone quiet?

    I do hope he is ok……


    • 7
      Ian Richardson says:

      Surely not – Piers impose purdah?

      Me thinks his lawyers have had a quiet word – something about the 5th amendment.

      Can GMG or MGN spell hypocrisy let alone understand its meaning


      • 12
        I live in hope says:

        Piers is alive and well and living in a secure padded cell somewhere safe from summons servers.


      • 34
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        Hypocrisy is a Socialist Core Value. Without blatent hypocrisy, the Left would be bereft of any argument at all.


        • 41
          A Socialist says:

          Hypocricy is our unique selling point its why we attract so many rich slebs and luvies !


          • John Lennons imagined no possessions says:

            Did you know I wrote my song imagine in the back of my White Rolls, or was it in my mansion in Titterhurst just before I went into tax exile.oh dear I can never remember all that expensive cocaine has shot my memory to pieces.


    • 11
      Tease says:

      Harness This Homo.

      Come on Billy it’s simps


    • 52
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Oh I saw the smug twat on American Apprentice last night. He really is a cnut.


  4. 5
    Allegedly Posh Jock says:

    No need for him to leave a comment, he’ll soon be telling a parliamentary committee the ‘Whole truth and nothing but the truth’. Yeah, right……..


  5. 6
    WVM says:

    Tut tut tut tut…


  6. 8

    The Mirror is a poor excuse for a newspaper, bring back the informative, quality and ah hem uplifting Daily Sport.


  7. 9
    The Cracked Mirror says:

    The Mirror is finished.


  8. 10
    Kelvin McKenzies Ghost says:



  9. 17
    East India Company wallah says:

    Off-topic and discussed in previous posts,but I am strangely drawn to the “Guardian losses £54.5million) surely after 3 consecutive quarters of losses the trust/board should cease trading so as not to would endanger their creditors further or is this a DHL type tax avoidance carousel


  10. 21
    The BBC says:

    If it don’t involve Murdoch or Tories we don’t give a fuck


  11. 22
    Who dat? says:

    Trinity Mirror Group continue to deny accusations of criminality, despite the confession of bribing cops being on oath…

    Remionds one of a certain shopkeeper who INSITS that he bribed an MP ?


  12. 24
    Jimmy says:

    It’s beginning to look like Piers may be the only innocent man on Fleet Street.


  13. 27
    The right Hon Gordon Brown MP says:

    Phone-hacking started in America and is Thatchers fault.


  14. 28
    Saying says:

    Point already laboured to death.

    NoW – representative of all that’s less than perfect in the British media – is already in the dock. Why waste public money on pretty-much identical pursuits on long-past indescretions.

    Time to move on.


    • 33
      Said says:

      Thank you for your input Piers.
      The trouble is Inspector Knacker has already played that card , lost and needs to thoroughly investigate Mirror Group/Observer etc as not to give the impression that only right wing newspapers are being targeted by the police as well as the BBC and the rest of the left wing media.


      • 44
        A bloke of a certain age says:

        Remember it was their inability to investigate “Without fear or favour” that got them into this mess in the first place


  15. 29
    Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

    Funny how PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS’ knob-polisher Kelvin MacKenzie is keeping his head well ducked down below the parapet.

    I don’t hear him coming to PEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERS’ rescue.

    Covering his own arse, of course…

    “After a brief career at Lloyds of London (BUT OF COURSE!!! WHERE ELSE!!! HOME OF TROUGHERS!!!), he joined the Surrey and South London Newspaper Group, where he worked as a reporter on the South London News, and the Streatham and Tooting News. Morgan was recruited (he says headhunted by editor Kelvin MacKenzie) to join The Sun newspaper, specifically to work on the Bizarre column.”


    • 37
      Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

      Interesting tidbit, “Kelvin MacKenzie left school with one O-level, in English literature.” (I.e. fiction… WHAT a surprise, now we know why the miserable fecker’s had a fucking plank on his shoulder all his life, he has the education of a woodlouse…)


      • 39
        sell gold buy euros says:

        “Gordon Brown has a PhD in History (The Labour Party and Political Change in Scotland 1918–29) from the University of Edinburgh and spent his early career working as a lecturer at a further education college and a television journalist.” Wickipedia.

        Gordon Clowns education certainly stood him in good stead as Chancellor.


        • 43
          Bertrand Russell says:

          And how many years did it take the dumb xxxx to complete the phd?


        • 51
          Ed But Look Balls says:

          Proper jobs career Gordo, feck off you robbing twat, hope you read this blog, I hate you all you lying Labour robbers!


  16. 31
    Rt Huhne Tom Whatson MP, Penguin PEN says:

    Thanks for the tip-off Guido.
    I sha’nt work those Scroogey buggers.

    Gimme P Arse’s yankee job.


  17. 32
    What a plonker. says:

    The Mirror group is up to its neck in sleaze and phone hacking , Now the chickens are coming home to roost.


  18. 45
    bringbackbob says:

    I think you’re running out of steam on this one. We’re talking about an event that happened twelve years ago – that’s the same time that Hitler was in power, to put it in historical perspective. This event was fully reported at the time, so it’s hardly a new and disturbing revelation.

    So many things going on in the world, and the Mirror’s ancient history is becoming less and less interesting. Yes, tabloids end up in court, but that’s the nature of the business.

    As for the NOTW, I’m sorry it closed down, particularly as its closure was so unnecessary. A piece of cultural vandalism, in my opinion.


  19. 46

    It seems to me that some coppers were getting such a regular flow of cash and providing such a regular flow of services they might qualify as employees of the newspaper under EU definitions of what is employment. If so, could they claim a pension?


  20. 53
    dress says:

    I think that some coppers were getting such a regular flow of cash ,providing such a regular flow of services they might qualify as employees of the newspaper under EU definitions of what is employment.


  21. 54
    bystander says:

    I did tell you yesterday that the Mirror would be gone by Christmas


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