August 2nd, 2011

Order of the OTT – Burn the Purnell Edition

The increasingly impressive James Purnell mooted some pretty well trodden ideas last week. The former Labour MP had the audacity to question whether millionaires should really get a pensioners free bus pass and state supplied fuel. A long overdue debate, but Labour grassroots have whipped themselves up into a fury of self-righteousness, that only they do best. The pitchforks and iPads have been out in force, culminating in one of the greatest headlines on LabourList that Guido has seen in a long time:

“Purnell is a heretic, and he’s in the wrong party”

He should then of course be burnt at the social-democratic stake right? Sentiments like that go a long way to explain Labour aren’t being taken seriously. A well deserved Order of the OTT…


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    love the looney left :-)

    • 4
      Peter Grimes says:

      Purnell is, of course, old school Lying Left. He appeared on tv to lie for ZaNuLaB that Abrahams’ illegal donations had been repaid a week after the story broke.

      • 59
        Anonymous says:

        Tories weren’t even able to win a majority in the last election. Labour will win the next election as Cameron and Osborne doesn’t understand how life has become for the ordinary voter.

        • 67
          Biffo the Bear says:

          What colour is the sky where you come from?

        • 71
          Peter Grimes says:

          Fuckwit, thinking people are only just realising that it was Jonah McBroon who put us into so much debt and caused the problems by overspending. ‘Thinking people’ excludes the benefits-addicted North, Scotland & Wales, of course, and a few bits of London and the Midlands.

        • 73
          What will Labour's election slogan be, then? says:

          “Free fuel for millionaires”?

        • 101
          Rufus Z says:

          The voice of Labour, that when it isn’t lying to you is lying to itself!

    • 13
      Dick the Prick says:

      Only from a distance Bill, they don’t do hygiene.

    • 37
      It's the system says:

      That Stringfellow bloke was on the radio last year about the winter fuel payment. The Government sent him a letter to say he would be getting his payment shortly but as he was living in Sunny warm southern Europe and he is a millionaire anyway he wanted to say don’t bother and give it to the more needy but he found there was no way of rejecting the payment or sending it back.

      He did suggest that the letter should have a slip at the bottom which could be returned to say No thanks. So we will have to see what happens this year.

      • 65
        Hugh Janus says:

        “He did suggest that the letter should have a slip at the bottom which could be returned to say No thanks.”

        Could we also apply the same principle to voting papers, bearing in mind the bunch of out of touch and incompetent pillocks who are pretending to run the country?

      • 74
        Robert says:

        Someone I know in a (slightly) similar position donates his winter fuel payment to an old people’s charity. Recommended.

        • 85
          Observer says:

          Someone I know devotes his winter fuel payment to having particularly nice wines at dinner during his fortnight’s holiday in Greece.

        • 91
          A Pensioner says:

          Tell the stupid bastard to give it to me – and I’ll have your too, idiot.

    • 46
      Rage Against the Political Elite says:

      LABOUR, CONSERVATIVE, LIBERAL, What a load of Puppets. Bliars ideological Guru was the same as Thatchers. The Power of the State is in Whitehall. Parliament is full of a bunch of Poodles part of the Punch a Judy Show deflecting the fact that the Real Government have Broken some of the Worlds most trusted institutions. Corruption, Hypocrisy, at the heart of the STATE. The Rule of Law must prevail and misinformation and lies must be dealt with severly.

    • 53
      John Hutton, the one true prophet says:

      Labour aren’t taking seriously, and won’t be for a generation, because they couldn’t foresee the disaster that McBroon would make of trying to run the country and elected the turnip unopposed…..

      …. which ably demonstrates that Labour supporters would vote for a dog turd if you put a red rosette on it!

      • 104
        Bob Walsh says:

        What’s Osbornes answer? Where is the recovery? How come every economy in the world has suffered from right-wing policies executed and funded by the worlds banks? Oh No … I must be wrong, because a pathetic bunch of right-wing name-callers on this site have decided that it was ALL Gordon Browns fault! I don’t remember you lot complaining about Gordon Brown running the entire world economy when he was in power!
        Come on guys, if you want to show how clever you are at one-line insults, go and play on Twitter. How about some rational thinking? …unlikely, OK bring on the insults (or preferably, prove me wrong and say something intelligent.)

      • 106
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        They did hs name was TONY BLIAR a proper S–t

  2. 2
    peter grimes says:

    Purnell knows a lot about millionaires. He is the liar who said on tv that Abrahams’ illegal donations had been repaid when ZaNuLaB knew full well they hadn’t.

    • 39
      Peter Grimes says:

      Sorry about the duplication, Guido was probably taking another drop of something alcoholic and neglecting his modding duties – again, so I re-posted!

  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hate to say this, but Purnell is right on his points about millionaires bus pass etc.

    Didnt Polly admit a few years ago that she get a benifit?

    • 44
      Engineer says:

      It does on the face of it, seem a reasonable suggestion. There’s probably a debate to be had about whether the cost of administering would exceed the cost of the universal benefit, and it would hardly save billions anyway.

      Can’t really see why it should land him with a shitstorm, though. Worse than weasels, some of these left-wing activists. They’d attack anything or anyone. Attack first, engage brain later.

    • 48
      Tuscan villas says:

      Is she on incapacity for being thick?

    • 76
      Robert says:

      I agree about the bus passes (in principle). But on the other hand it is rather nice to get something back … So please don’t do it retrospectively (even though you probably should). (signed) Selfish Hypocrite of London

    • 103
      jabbathecat says:

      Why shouldn’t a millionaire get a bus pass, after all he’s paid for it a lot more times than those earning less.

  4. 5
    Stan Stedd says:

    But the imbeciles still vote for them…

  5. 6
    AC1 says:

    So people should be punished for being prudent?

    Means testing of Benefits is a sign that the benefit is a failure reward.

  6. 7
    Moussa Koussa says:

    May 2010

    Petrol £1.09 Ltr
    Inflation 2.5%
    Dole 2.47m
    Growth 2.1% for year ending April 2010
    Uni Fees £3K
    NoW £1.20


    Petrol £1.38 Ltr
    Inflation 4.5%
    Dole 2.45m
    Growth last 12 months …0.6%
    Uni fee £9K
    NoW £0.00
    Tips 0.00

    • 12
      Sir William Waad says:

      And Gordon Brown will never be Prime Minister again. WOOT!!!

    • 15
      Steve Miliband says:

      May 2010
      Gordon Brown PM


      Gordon Brown not PM


    • 21

      You’re right – the LAbour damage, lies and illusions of growth do take a while to unravel. But we’ll get there, thankfully.

    • 29
      Stan Stedd says:

      Talking of imbeciles…

    • 54
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax Supplier says:

      Chocolate Moussa Kun Ter

      Gap Between rich and poor INCREASED under Liebour in 13 years!

      And that doesnt even take into account the 13 years of lies and corruption and liebour induced BANKRUPTCY.

      You DUMB KUN T!

    • 94
      BobRoberts says:

      Blame Thatcher?

      • 109
        Rage Against the Political Elite says:

        Thatcher introduced the Public Sector run away wage increases with the PLOD, Judges, Then the Nurses etc etc etc, The rest is History, How in F–ks name did we end up paying coppers £250’000 plus bonus plus expenses, How much CAPITAL do they make for the country. Yes NOTHING. Bliar just carried on where she left off.

    • 97
      Anonymous says:

      Given that the debts of nations is currently making headlines, from the vast panopoly of statistics evidently at your disposal could we trouble you to post just a couple more?

      Could you post figures for the UK’s national debt, May 1997 and May 2010; and also the UK’s deficit figures from the same two periods?

  7. 8
    Hugh Janus says:

    “Increasingly impressive”?? Don’t forget his claim for 3000 fridge magnets, costing £247, and the serious questions raised about his accommodation expenses. And the faked photo in 2007 that he agreed to….

    Impossible to take someone like this seriously.

  8. 9
    Sir William Waad says:

    One effect of the free bus pass is to transfer funds from rural people like me to city-dwellers. Public transport in the countryside is, and always will be, wretched.

    • 16
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      Tell us, Sir William, why you think public transport in the countryside is wrteched.

      • 43
        ERE BYE GUM says:


        • 88
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          My Home to Canterbury – 15 miles, 25 mins by car.
          Home to Canterbury by bus – 1.5 miles to bus stop, bus to Dover/Ashford, change for Canterbury, 2.5 -3.5 hrs
          by train – 15 min walk to stn, trains on the hour, change at Ashford, journey time about 1.5 hrs.

          In either case, it’s cheaper to use my car at 45P/mile than public transport.
          Public transport in the country is wretched because it is inefficient, costly and wastes time.

      • 60
        Engineer says:

        It’s mainly because there isn’t much of it. Two buses a day, and none on Sundays; that sort of thing.

      • 63
        Bled White Taxpayer says:

        It get’s in the way and clogs up the lanes. That’s why.

    • 20
      Dick the Prick says:

      My uncle lives near Ludlow and there’s one bus a day!

      • 92
        Ex- North Dorset says:

        Once a day? Bloody hell lad, he’s lucky. I rented a house for a year in a village in north Dorset, about 4 miles from Shaftesbury. Had one car which I took when working about 20 miles away, so my then girlfriend only had the option of bus travel. Once a week, Thursday about 1030 to Shaftesbury. Got there about 1100, time for 16 minutes of shopping, then back again. We had to move: village life without one car per adult is ridiculous.

    • 50
      In the sticks says:

      Absolutely Sir William.

      Never seen a bus in these parts and never will.

  9. 10
    EdMiliband says:

    Yeth, but is he Pwogethive? Thatth all that matterth

  10. 11
    Moussa Koussa says:

    May 2010

    Petrol £1.09 Ltr
    Inflation 2.5%
    Dole 2.47m
    Growth 2.1% for year ending April 2010
    Uni Fees £3K
    NoW £1.20
    Me Libya


    Petrol £1.38 Ltr
    Inflation 4.5%
    Dole 2.45m
    Growth last 12 months …0.6%
    Uni fee £9K
    NoW £0.00
    Tips 0.00
    Me 7 star Qatar Hotel

  11. 14
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Nothing wrong with Purnell having Tory views. It’s just that he’s in the wrong party. You wouldn’t expect to find an anarcho-syndicalist as a Tory MP. Mind you, he is the man who knows how to be in two places at once:

    • 28
      Kevin T says:

      Why is it “Tory” to not want to pay benefits to people who do not need them? Surely any party with a grain of sense would want benefits to go to people who need them rather than just throw them at everyone.

      • 35
        Benny Fitz-Clayment says:

        I would prefer “deserve” – any deadbeat can “need” things – doesn’t mean the rest of us should cough up regardless

      • 49
        Gordon McBust says:

        “Surely any party with a grain of sense would want benefits to go to people who need them rather than just throw them at everyone.”

        It’s called buying votes. I should know.

      • 52
        Four-eyed English Genius says:

        Surely any party with a grain of sense

        We are talking British politics, where there is no such thing!

  12. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Simple question: Why do we pay people to breed?

    Are we not reproducing at a satisfactry rate?

    • 36
      Ed Balls MP says:

      Would you polish my wicket Billy?

    • 51
      Pundit says:

      Fuck knows. It’s completely irrational. We’re a tiny overcrowded island sinking under the weight of a benefits culture and we encourage chavs to produce more and more children who then grow up to become benefit dependent chavs themselves. Are politicians thick?

      • 62
      • 69
        Hugh Janus says:

        “Are politicians thick?” Need you ask, bearing in mind the calibre of the current lot? It’s a prerequisite for British politics these days. Anyone with even half a brain looks for a proper job.

  13. 22
    Kevin T says:

    From LabourList:

    “Purnell’s latest initiative it to argue that Labour needs to “regain the initiative on welfare.” To do so, he has cleverly devised a “centre-left agenda” for welfare. This agenda revolves around the scrapping of free bus passes for some pensioners and the winter fuel allowance too. How is this a centre-left agenda? What is centre-left about it?”

    What’s “centre-left” about denying a free bus pass and winter fuel allowance to someone like the Queen or Rupert Murdoch? Presumably “centre left” doesn’t incorporate common sense… but we knew that.

    It just goes to show you they NEVER want to cut state spending, they NEVER want to stop taking your money and using some of it to employ someone to give it to someone else – no matter how ludicrously unreasonable the case.

  14. 23
    algarve202 says:

    State supplied fool, i thought he was on holiday with Samantha

  15. 24
    • 95
      BobRoberts says:

      Wow. Is that Ed speaking as a millionaire. Or a theorist. Guess the missus would give him a spanking for losing them some money?

  16. 25

    I agree that Purnell is in the wrong party. But I suspect he’d be more suited to the Orange Book Lib Dems than the Conservatives.

  17. 26
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Yes I too saw the Newsnight Purnell interview… errrr about 7 days ago.

    Newsnight….that’s that programme that Hyena Boy avoids going on, and still too scared to go on.

    The Purnell interview was very interesting, especially since one of “Cameron’s Clits” offered some opposition ….she was torn apart by Purnell ( oh yes she was, very embarrassing performance for yet another of cambos faceless, nameless, talentless clits )

  18. 27
    Simon Harley says:

    Reminds me of Monty Python. “Kill the witch!”

  19. 30
    Smig says:

    “Labour grassroots have whipped themselves up into a fury”

    They’ve got too much time on their hands. The rest of us are busy working and paying taxes in order to support these keyboard warrior gobshites.

    Cull taxpayer funding of charities, cull taxpayer funding of quangoes, cull taxpayer funding of windowlickers that can’t handle being accountable and responsible for their own actions.

    Come on Osbourne, give me the axe. I’ll swing it.

    • 38
      Moussa Koussa says:

      As a New Wave Neo Con Tea Bagger Nutter, surely you mean semi automatic assault rifle, and not an axe.

    • 81
      Robert says:

      Would it perhaps be a good idea to get out of Libya and Afghan before we worry about free bus passes?

      • 93
        Smig says:

        It could be. I’ll just ‘fess up. The CIA and MI6 instigated civil war in order for Britain and USA to grab some oil.

        p.s. What we’ve grabbed in oil means we can stop wasting our time with those silly, ineffective, overpriced wind turbines.

  20. 33
    Charlie Gilmour says:


  21. 40
    Polly Tuscany, John Simpson, Alan Bennett, Oona King, George Moonbat says:

    Purnell and this site want a final solution for Labour that’s like waterboarding and child abuse, makes it look like they’re with the k k k. Stopping them will be our Berlin Wall moment.

  22. 57
    Penfold says:

    Smoke and mirrors methinks again.

    What with Glasman uttering heretical thoughts and advocating very un-left policies, the bitter bile being expended on Purnell is all part of the policy of re-branding and re-positioning the Labour Party for the future.
    No doubt someone somewhere within the Labour orgo has come up with the wheeze to show thew party as freee thinking and allowing a free range of thinking whilst they get on with the business of conning the voters that they are different from the past.

    What are we to think of a party that robbed us blind and bankrupted the nation, that they are reliable and trustworthy for the future just because they allow dissidence? ………

    Milliband and the rest of those Marxist scumbags really do have a low opinion of the electorate.

  23. 58

    Does anyone know how I could lay my hands on a free bus pass?

  24. 61
    Em says:

    When I saw him on Newsnight the other day I thought to myself: ‘Woh. What a fucking stupid statist twat. They really don’t get it. We don’t WANT to ‘fall in love with the welfare state all over again’.

    And then I looked at twitter. And saw the anger spouting from the mouths of the delusional red brigade. And I am afraid to say I felt a degree of sympathy for him. I reluctantly concluded that, anyone hated by the Labour left is a friend of mine.

    He’s still fucking mental though.

  25. 66
    Political Claptrap says:

    Why are all pensioners deserving of what they have put in? The truth be told is that the workshy, the scroungers and the criminals also become pensioners.

    Same as all families are hard working and all the poor are strithing not to be poor.

  26. 72
    Kevin T says:

    Labour’s chief problem, and the Tories’ to some extent, is in their traditional forms they are obsolete. There is no industrial working class anymore for Labour to represent. Labour are only any sort of force because of Tony Blair, who was not really a Labour man and the same is largely true of the Tories and Thatcher. Both paries were revitalised by these leaders because Blair and Thatcher spoke to far more people than Labour and the Tories do. A pure Thatcher party or a pure Blair party would be far more popular. And the huge mistake of both parties was to ultimately reject them and think the public would actually prefer them in their old forms. No they fucking don’t. Blair made mistakes but in terms of domestic policy the big mistakes, like failing to reform welfare, and overspending, were Brown’s.

    • 89
      Engineer says:

      There was one fundamental difference between Thatcher and Blair – Thatcher had principles (whether you agreed with them or not), but Blair didn’t. Blair’s route to personal financial success was down to his being a bloody good actor and political opportunist. He wasn’t really a political success, just good at winning elections. Thatcher’s actions as PM ultimately strengthened the country. Blair’s actions as PM ultimately weakened it.

      • 111
        jabbathecat says:

        It should also be remembered that Mrs T tended to do what she said she would do, and the voters recognised that rare trait in a politician which is why they kept voting her into No 10.

        • 114
          BentOver says:

          At least you knew where you stood with Maggie, even if it was ‘bent over, being well screwed’.

          I think she caught some people by surprise the first time she did what she said she was going to do.

      • 115
        Anonymous says:

        That cυnt was too thick to have principles. She had prejudices. She wrecked the economy and destroyed the nation. As the fuckwit liblabcons will realise when they get a Norwegian experience following the forthcoming regime change. I’ll be watching it all on TV, munching popcorn, drinking wine and roflmao.

  27. 77
    Voice of Treason says:

    So fucking lizard lips Purnell is once more on the scene. The devious bastard should go back and hide beneath the stone from whence he came.

  28. 80
    Hava Nagila says:

    Amusingly enough, the Greek root of the English word ‘heretic’ means simply ‘one who chooses’.

  29. 83
    DOOM SLAYER says:

    all just oily thieving arrogant slimebags from scameron down to the ludicrous clegg

  30. 84
    Tom says:

    If Labour aren’t being taken seriously, why are they ahead in all the polls? They gained the most seats in the last local elections…

    • 99
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Because there is an institutionalised inbuilt left-wing bias in the polling companies, which has been there since Kinnock won the pollsters but lost the election. Also, check where Labour won their seats and who they won them from. Most of it is north of Watford Gap.

  31. 86
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Labour need Purnell more than Purnell needs Labour.

    As long as Labour and its crony blogs support the workshy and scroungers they’ll lose support from middle class and workers alike.

  32. 87
    Moley. says:

    And why should a disabled BMW or Mercedes driver get free parking?

    (The rest of us pay £5.40 for 2 hours, where I live, rising to around £20.00 per day, (We have a Lib Dem council).

    • 96
      DOGGIE says:

      It’s the same as us under a Labour council WOOF WOOF

      • 100
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        The worst charges are from the NHS. Minimum 3 hr charge for an appointment that generally lasts under an hour. That people should be charged for being ill or visiting their sick friends and relatives is an outrage.

  33. 90
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Same old labour, it doesn’t change. Liars, hypocrites, in denial, spiteful, spongers.

  34. 113
    The Beancounter says:

    It would probably cost more to pay people to means test the benefit than to just pay it to millionaires as well. I guess this is what they’re complaining about, missing out on all those extra jobs paid for by us.

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