July 30th, 2011

MPs Back Campaign for Death Penalty Vote

The Sun
reports on the launch of our campaign to get a vote on restoring the death penalty. Thousands have already signed up online to support the campaign which we aim to officially launch next week.

Tory MP Philip Davies said: “It’s something where once again the public are a long way ahead of the politicians. I’d go further and restore it for all murderers.”

Fellow Conservative MP Priti Patel, backs the death penalty “It’s about time the public had a greater say on the issues that we debate. I’m not surprised that this issue has been raised. We need strong deterrents to make people think twice about the crimes they commit.”

Isle of Wight MP Andrew Turner says “Congratulations on your campaign. If there is anything else a humble back-bencher can do to help…”  There is, sign-up to support the campaign which launches next week:

UPDATE: David Nuttall, MP for Bury North and Chris Kelly, MP for Dudley South are the latest MPs to come out for restoring the death penalty.


  1. 1
    Fluffkin says:

    Shakes head.
    Why on earth do you want to accidentally kill innocent people?
    Soz Guido, but no more retweets / support from me if this is on your agenda. The death penalty is a sign of barbaric instincts in a country and one reason why Texas is such a pit of humanity.

  2. 2

    First we need to clean out the Police forces.

  3. 3
    Anonymous says:

    Will need to leave Europe first (Human Right Act will no doubt block it otherwise) so time for another Campaign to run alongside this one?

  4. 4
    corrupt scum says:

    With the corruption endemic at the met over the notw saga you trust the police to get it right?

  5. 5
    Anonymous says:

    The state should never have the right to kill it’s citizens.

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    If you commit murder you are no longer a citizen…

  7. 7
    Tax Payer says:

    Yes. We did this very well yesterday, but of course the argument will never be resolved.

  8. 8
    Vast majority of the public says:

    I hope we can get back to having a sensible deterrent fir murderers. And for all those fools who say “but there were murders back when there was hanging” consider this- not ONE of them EVER re- offended.

  9. 9

    It is implicitly Eurosceptic and the petition is worded to reflect that aspect:

    We petition the government to review all treaties and international commitments which may inhibit the ability of Parliament to restore capital punishment. Following this review, the Ministry of Justice should map out the necessary legislative steps which will be required to restore the death penalty for the murder of children and police officers when killed in the line of duty.

    The findings of the review and the necessary substantive legislation to be presented to House of Commons for debate no later than 12 months after this petition passes the acceptance threshold.

  10. 10
    Anonymous says:

    This kind of thing is where our disgust resides… troughing!


    Not even for this kind of loathsome category of individual should the penalty be used.

  11. 11
    Stop talking Balls says:

    If this ever came back would the last person to leave what used to be a decent country turn out the light?

  12. 12
    eeu to me says:

    EUSSR, plod , lawyers, criminal protection services , judiciary, HR laws , politicians, lords, prime ministers, uncivil servants , lets sort this lot of corrupt trash out first and maybe we won’t need to hang anybody, just a thought.

  13. 13
    Fluffkin says:

    Is that the same “vast majority” that bought the News of the World?
    See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wrongful_execution
    That’s why only moron’s call for state determined murder.

  14. 14
    Tax Payer says:

    BTW the JS Mill quote ==>

    “..the most that human laws can do to anyone in the matter of death is to hasten it; the man would have died at any rate…”

    On that basis, we would kill everybody?

  15. 15
    Clayton McCranor says:

    Further proof of the rise of the (ultra) right wing in the UK.
    Of course to achieve this we would had to leave the Council of Europe and most probably be booted out of the EU.

    […]’On 20 May 1998 the House of Commons voted to ratify the 6th Protocol of the European Convention on Human Rights prohibiting capital punishment except “in time of war or imminent threat of war.” The last remaining provisions for the death penalty under military jurisdiction (including in wartime) were removed when section 21(5) of the Human Rights Act 1998 came into force on 9 November 1998. On 10 October 2003, effective from 1 February 2004,[20] the UK acceded to the 13th Protocol, which prohibits the death penalty under all circumstances,[21] so that the UK may no longer legislate to restore the death penalty while it is subject to the Convention. It can only now restore it if it withdraws from the Council of Europe.’


  16. 16
    Anonymous says:

    We cannot be selective about human rights. We are not a 3rd world dictatorship.

  17. 17
    Anonymous says:

    Your not going to get far calling it the death penalty. Lets rebrand it as retrospective contraception.

  18. 18
    Anonymous says:

    But at what cost to society?

  19. 19
    Anonymous says:

    At last troughing, not by MP’s or Bankers, but by civil servants, mandarins, & officials. Surely this is the last of it?

  20. 20
    Anonymous says:

    Completely agree with Flufkin.. This is just barbaric

  21. 21
    Matt says:

    I’m an avid reader, admirer and supporter of all you do on this blog, but I am genuinely at a loss to understand why you are happy to kill innocent people. The death penalty is all well and good but you are 100% certain to kill an innocents in time, and that makes it a huge no for me.

  22. 22

    To steal money off your fellow countrymen , in my view is treason, and as such
    should carry the maximum deterrent
    and i would go as far as to say” in public” !

    there must be nothing more vile than people struggling to get bye witnessing some fat overpaid nobody in a suit blatantlly stealing public money and sitting there telling us
    “I did nothing wrong ,It was within the rules “

  23. 23
    Fluffy Thoughts says:

    So you don’t really want to see the death penalty? [Just imagine a Labour government extending it to include the abuse of their own: They are Socialist after all (c.f. Dr Nick Palmer xMP and his luxury, tax-free, tax-payer funded flats).]

    If it is an attempt to rid the European yoke off England’s shoulders I might be tempted. The fact that it promotes the most base-instincts of hatred and retribution makes me shun your attempts.

    P.S. Lock-‘em-up with key (to throw away off). Let them stew for 23-hours a day in solitude and regret.

  24. 24
    PJT says:

    Who will our LibLabCon politicians want to be hanging in the years to come?

    Indigenous Brits who object to the muslim takeover of this country?

    White people accused of “racism”?

    People who put gollywogs in their shop windows?

    The machinery is being put in place to control an increasingly violent and Balkanised Britain.

  25. 25
    Child killers must die says:

    Completely agree, the next of kin should get first refusal. You’ll know what I mean when you’ve had kids.

  26. 26
    ? says:

    Who will our LibLabCon politicians want to be hanging in the years to come?

    Indigenous Brits who object to the muslim takeover of this country?

    White people accused of “rac*sm”?

    People who put g*llyw*gs in their shop windows?

    The machinery is being put in place to control an increasingly violent and Balkanised Britain.

  27. 27

    When you murder it is inhuman
    thus you have given up any human rights that you might have had
    you have also denied another human being the right to a life

    A life for a life !

  28. 28
    I do have kids, but says:

    My personal feelings in that situation would not make a workable or just principle for the whole of society

  29. 29
    The late Lord Denning says:

    Of course plastic paddy here would have hung the Birmingham 6 and Guildford 4.

  30. 30
    Horace says:

    The judicial system is not the state. A lot of people fall for your simplstic argument.

  31. 31
  32. 32
    Anonymous says:

    no loss there then…

  33. 33
    JC says:

    Big fan of your site Guido but this is just sick. You’ve gone down in my estimations mate. Not cool

  34. 34
    nell says:

    well I’m entirely in agreement with the notion that if enough people sign up to a proposal parliament should debate it.

    so whilst I cannot agree with this proposal, I really can’t agree that the state should have the right to take life under any circumstances, if this proposal gets enough support then parliament should debate it.

    personally speaking I think a better penalty for people who commit murder would be a whole life sentence in harsh circumstances , no tv, no newspapers, no social contact with anyone including family, hard labour, basic food ..that sort of thing.

  35. 35
    Mike Litorus says:


    Guido, when a bent copper fits you up for murder, would you still agree with the death penalty?

    If this goes ahead, I will choose who to vote based on the parties who oppose the penalty, no matter who it may be.

  36. 36
    Taxfodder says:

    You are wrong on this one Guido, DP is Wrong.

    Life means LIFE! that is the way.

    Where is the “tittle tattle, rumour, copnspiracy and gossip?

    Seems to me your head is up your arse Guido stick to what you do best!

    If thats not enough give up!

  37. 37
    nell says:

    well I’m entirely in agreement with the notion that if enough people sign up to a proposal parliament should debate it.

    so whilst I cannot agree with this proposal, I just can’t agree that the state should have the right to take life under any circumstances, if this proposal gets enough support then parliament should debate it.

    I think a better penalty for people who commit murder would be a whole life sentence in harsh circumstances , no tv, no newspapers, no social contact with anyone including family, hard labour, basic food ..that sort of thing.

  38. 38
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Ow Fluffkin

    I hope the next murder is soneone close to you. Then maybe you will change your child-killer-hugging stance.

    It pissess me off that a minorioty of do-gooders are always so vocal when the mass support for common sense hear is from the public.

    Doubtless you probably also agree that Peter Sutcliffe should earn more in prison than our pensioners recieve each week.

    Your a limp minded fucking spineless disgrace who puts the rights of the scum of society before the protection of the law abiding lot.

    Who give a fuck if you re-tweet Guido or not… you pathetic spineless tool.

  39. 39
    Brigham says:

    Ther are now several hundred peoples families, mourning murders of their loved ones by murderers that have been released after previous murders.

  40. 40

    Sentence murderers to a month in hospital at the hands of the NHS
    that should just about do it

  41. 41
    Anonymous says:

    In what sense? They didn’t do it? You know – innocent?

    You might have a thing about Irish people, but is that a good enough reason to massacre them?

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Exactly. And “get it right” when its a police officer who is murdered? Did the NOTW teach you nothing? This is disgusting.

  43. 43

    Well put vicar !

  44. 44
    wightshight says:

    That’s great news for the Isle of Wight! presumably Andrew Turner, the Isle of Wights MP, is bidding for the executions to be carried out there to “boost the Islands economy” (and his already bloated expense account).

    The good thing about this campaign is that it will flush out those people whose barbaric thinking shows them to be unsuitable for any position of authority or respect!

  45. 45
    Selohesra says:

    Surely you should push the EU withdrawal referendum first – it is less contentious and in any case I can’t see Europe allowing Britain to chose on capital punishment anyway.

  46. 46
    Ian Huntley says:

    Innocent people? Can’t see anywhere in his petition it says innocent people.

  47. 47
    But, what about this post from yesterday? says:

    Please amend the petition to add the following clause:

    “I hereby volunteer myself or the following member of my family [insert name of parent, sibling or child here] to be the first innocent person to be executed.”

    Or are you volunteering someone else?

  48. 48
    Theo says:

    Grow up. And think of a more intelligent argument.

  49. 49
    Sounds good to Daily Mail readers BUT does it actually work ?? says:

    Since the USA re-introduced Capital Punishment in some States in 1976 there have been 1,264 executions but there are currently 3,092 people still on Death Row awaiting execution or appealing against their sentence and some have been there for years and the last time I checked killings haven’t actually reduced as a result in the USA.

    So the argument is not so simplistic as it’s being made out to be.It may assuage public outrage but could create an even bigger problem


  50. 50
    Anonymous says:

    That is an argument for: better sentencing; strict pre-release criteria; and vigilant parole procedures.

    It isn’t an argument for CP.

  51. 51

    FFS They will not be innocent people if they are guilty of murder
    you can only give the death penalty if the state is 100% sure
    don’t forget we now have DNA etc
    which we never had last time we had the death penalty

  52. 52
    Old Nick Heavenly(cooler than ever) says:

    Do you accept ex pats for this?
    Please reply by email as I do not read the comments any more!

  53. 53

    Such unshakeable faith in The State to get this one important, but narrow, subject dealt with correctly?

    Yet you, together with the majority here, have lost nearly all confidence in all the estates of governance to get anything right in the last decade and a half. It’s a puzzle.

    My heart says yes but my brain says no.

  54. 54

    Thank fuck for that
    i was getting so boared sitting around the house watching jeremy Kyle all day

  55. 55
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    Asking for legislation that requires a national referendum on it would be more democratic. Then all get to express an opinion. I think we should have more referenda on the major issues. Look how PR was put to bed. The ruling classes have a voice that is far too loud and influential for the number of people their views actually represent.

  56. 56
    Rupert says:

    I think you should read the following before thinking about the simplistic idea of the death penalty. The entire judicial system in this country needs to be taken out of the dark ages and made into something that is a real deterent to crime.


  57. 57
    Knackered says:

    And the Dave Clark Five and the John Barry Seven

    Hanged not hung

  58. 58

    While we are at it can we have the birch reinstated ?
    give some burglars a sore arse ,ever time they decide to break into someones house to feed their drug habits
    we could hold birchings at football stadiums on Saturday mornings charging the public a few quid to see justice administered
    would make people feel a damn site better and we coulds then get rid of all these spongers who look after the community service/ community orders probation service,community referrals etc

  59. 59
    smoggie says:

    It’s ironic that the type who is invariably against the death penalty is very often the same who is for abortion. They will happily protect the guilty but not the innocents.

  60. 60
    Child killers must die says:

    Why not? The killer dies, you get the retribution natural law demands. It would be as close to justice as it is possible to get in such a situation.

    And if you can’t face doing it yourself I’m sure there are many concerned citizens who could help you out.

  61. 61

    Saint Helena is still a colony (even if it is politically incorrect to use such a term). A big prison built there for extreme offenders would seem to be ideal.

  62. 62

    You will never get a referendum!
    because it might go against the views of the government

  63. 63
    Like the state was 100% sure about those wmds in Iraq says:

    Are you sure you are bright enough to post on this blog?

    The standards are not stringent, but even so…

  64. 64
    Ampers says:

    Fluffkin, You don’t understand, we need to thin out the prisons they are overcrowded. Also the human race is doubling every forty years.

    We should extend this to crimes of violence where a weapon is used.

    If the occasional innocent person is topped, it is unfortunate. But as long as we don’t hang more than one innocent to four guilty people, is OK.

    We could take this further and make “stealing from the taxpayer” a capital offence.


  65. 65
    lee says:

    We are in the 21st century.

    The majority of criminals are convicted based on 99.9% of solid evidence.

    Death row in America is full of appeal processes and upon conviction you are not taken outside and shot on the spot.

    Meaning cases like Bentley and other high profile cases would have been quashed today. Their sentences would have been commuted to life or they would have been released.

    The death penalty will not change our judicial process, what it will do is close cases beyond reasonable doubt.

  66. 66
    DrWho says:

    In order to re-introduce the death penalty in the UK, they’d have to leave the EU.

  67. 67
    13eastie says:
     Rank	  Country	                   Executions in 2010
      1 	  People's Republic of China	    c. 5000
      2 	  Iran	                                252+
      3 	  North Korea	                         60+
      4 	  Yemen	                                 53+
      5 	  United States	                         46
      6 	  Saudi Arabia	                         27+
      7 	  Libya	                                 18+
      8 	  Syria	                                 17+
      9 	  Bangladesh	                          9+
     10 	  Somalia	                          8+

    Surely Guido wouldn’t want the UK to mimic the barbarous Chinese whom Guido was only recently bragging about giving a lesson on human rights?

    It’s okay for the state to kill you, as long as they don’t mess about with your internet access, eh?

    Perhaps he’s advocating us following the lead of one of the Sharia-enamoured lslamic shit-holes that top the hit parade of state-sponsored-murder? Which one, Guido?

    You are judged by the company you keep.

  68. 68
    Ex-Conservative voter says:

    There are two large problems with the death penalty; firstly, the police ‘service’ is largely staffed by detested untrustworthy filth who stitch innocent people up, the second is the it turns murderers into martyrs. Ian Huntley, still relatively young, is rotting in prison and will remain there (mostly forgotten) until he dies. Good. Put him on death-row, however, and all the liberal loonies will start holding candle-lit vigils for him, his photo will be on TV every other night, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s stupid hairy face will be shaking day and night with self-righteous fury about how Huntley is a ‘victim’.

    In terms of acceptability and chances of success, a better campaign would be “life imprisonment must mean life”.

  69. 69
    Anonymous says:

    Who was it said if we lock up the 10,000 hard core criminals in the UK there’d be hardly any crime?

    How about a petition for that?

    And nobody has to die.

  70. 70
    TheHornyHaggis says:

    given that our, or indeed any judicial system is not infallible, what happens when it’s proved that an innocent person has been put to death by the state?

  71. 71
    SaltPetre says:

    Wow…come across as a foaming-at-the-mouth nutter obsessesed with dressing up in your Mum’s clothes who wants to go on a gun rampage in the middle of town!

  72. 72

    If “Rex versus …” is not the very apex of state, then what the hell is?

  73. 73
    nell says:

    That or a prison hulk tethered in the middle of the northsea.

    ‘course I suppose that would be a bit hard on the prison administrators.

  74. 74
    Anonymous says:

    Jesus preserve us all from “concerned citizens”.

  75. 75
    nell says:


  76. 76
    froggie says:

    I’m curious to know why i’m timed=out when I try to acess comments re Piers Morgan……. am I being de-hacked?

  77. 77
    wightshight says:

    The arguments have already been made above. I’m just drawing attention to an extravagant MP jumping on a right wing bandwagon on the back of a crap newspaper like the Sun, with which normally he’d never associate himself. This comes in a we3ek in which a right wing lunatic has shot and bombed to death 76 or so norwegians, and several right wing conservatives have suggested that they agree largely with his manifesto whilst condemning his actions. Right wing extremists, and I include in this supporters of the death penalty, are amongst the most dangerous kind.

    To draw upon the support of the most ignorant members of society (ie Sun readers who just parrot what the Sun and Daily Mail feed them) is to admit that they themselves do not have a good enough argument to convince the majority of (what I would term as) right minded people

    (See Isle o wight County Press ” Island MP, Andrew Turner has claimed more in expenses (£119,315) than any other MP in neighbouring Hampshire…..)

  78. 78
    Anonymous says:

    Hang the bastards: you are a Hunt

  79. 79

    In times of war Nell, the state has the right to order your children to go to was to lose their lives when it suits them, so what is the difference
    you do not get a choice if you are conscripted !
    you do get a choice whether or not to murder !

    life in prison ? what a waste of money
    As someone who constantly bangs on about how much money the last lot wasted you of all people should welcome the vast savings made by executions !

  80. 80
    Arthur Miller says:

    There are “concerned citizens” in ‘The Crucible’. Read it.

  81. 81
    Boring Nell says:

    Bored with you you old trout !

  82. 82
    Barnehurst Bob says:

    I think it would go against them, and that’s the point. When I talk to people about individual political topics they tend to have center or right of center view about them. Take imigration levels, crime and punishment, benfit levels, all must have prizes education, police chiefs, the list is almost endless. If CMD brought in referendums as a regular fixture on such maters the people would have the final say. The next Labour government, there will be one, would not be able to do as much damage. Unless it removed the legislation for referenda in these areas, which it would have to have a referendum on.

  83. 83
    Boring Nell says:

    We already are a third world dictatorship

  84. 84
    There isn't an answer says:

    I think that’s what’s called a conclusive argument?

  85. 85
    All police are pigs says:

    The killer dies? No, the pigs arrest a local ne’r-do-well and stitch him up for the murder. He dies. The murderer remains at large.

  86. 86
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    These people who love drooling over the prospect of the rope always give the impression they’re masturbating while they think about it.

  87. 87
    anon says:

    While I don’t have any fluffy bunny feelings towards murderers and the like, I do take issue with the idea that our ever more politcally motivated police force and the judiciary could be trusted if the death penalty were an option. Nevermind the idea of function creep with it.

  88. 88
    Flobadob says:

    Iran would love you

  89. 89
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    True, Anon.

    But we don’t get that, do we?
    Thanks to SlotGob’s ‘Human Rights’ being applied by bleeding heart do-gooders to criminals, how often do we read of murderers being released only to re-offend?
    Too many murderers are being released who should remain inside.
    That Wop Chindamo who stabbed the headmaster Philip Lawrence in 1995 has been released.
    Tracie Andrews who stabbed her fiance to death in 1996 has [just been] released.
    (after also having £5000 plastic surgery; paid for by the taxpayer)

    Neither have shown any remorse for their actions; both have used their ‘Human Rights’ to gain their freedom.
    In Chindamo’s case he used HR to ensure he wasn’t deported.

    There is, I believe, too much frustration in the population generally over the soft treatment of murderers.
    If ‘life’ actually meant ‘life’ and the killers stayed inside to rot (and in harsh conditions too), then there would be no need for any debate on hanging.

    If you commit murder, then not only are you unfit to live in society (and so should be removed from it), you also lose all of your human rights, just as you removed the rights from your victim.

    If you want to act in a barbaric way, do not whine when the judiciary/state treats you in the same way.

  90. 90
    An H'Occifa of the EUSSR Politically Correct Police Force says:

    O’im a’watchin’ you, – and that word retroactive is acceptable!

    But watch it in future or oyle be a’havin you on a charge.

    We don’t like your type round ‘ere.

  91. 91
    Hang 'em High (own piano wire supplied) says:

    Nope! – got me hands full of rope in’I? – or trying to untangle piano wire

  92. 92
    ISO 9000 says:

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  93. 93
    eeu to me says:

    Must be bad moderating a comment about moderating a comment.

  94. 94
    Anonymous says:

    Yes, I agree. So we should not murder someone for murdering another person. A life for a life is a childish way of thinking.

  95. 95
    Anonymous says:

    Some matters go beyond the saving if money

  96. 96
  97. 97
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    ^^^ Indeed

    Colin Stagg & Barry George would have hanged.

    Both were innocent.

  98. 98

    Guido. Would you really trust a Policeman or the CPS to tell the Truth. Grow up. YOU WOULD BE FIRST ON THEIR LIST.

  99. 99
    Silvertongue says:

    …….and our wondrous leaders are commercialising forensic science to ultimately put profit before justice.

  100. 100
    Anonymous says:

    Reduce two hugely complex issues down to two sentences like that and you make it seem more contradictory than it necessarily is.

  101. 101
    Gadaffi is Winning says:

    It needs a referendum which the political class will never agree to because they know they would lose. The UK needs the death penalty to eliminate the murdering scum of the future and it should be made retrospective to eliminate the existing scum. A suicide kit in every cell would also be helpful.

  102. 102

    Guido hasnt worked out that the Bloggers on this site will be first on the list. ANY Truther’s out there like Kelly Will be first for the CHOP. How can any one Trust the STATE to administer the Death Penalty. You would have to be Brain Dead to fall for that one.

  103. 103
    clayton mccranor says:

    Hang on (no pun intended) this is a Sun thing…. Part of News International…Owned by Murdoch.
    Surely this isn’t an effort to deflect public opinion from the “Hackgate” situation…..
    no can’t be…. can it?

  104. 104
    Hopeless says:

    It does seem rather pointless spending millions of pounds to ensure that Ian Huntley lives out the rest of his natural life. Perhaps a halfway house here would be to allow child killers to commute their life setence to a death sentence if they so chose. Should even keep the lib Dems happy as it this is far less cruel that locking a person up in a cell with no hope until they die.

  105. 105
    Silvertongue says:

    Does the name Barry George mean anything; he who was charged with the murder of Jill Dando? Yet another Met Police cock up.

  106. 106

    Here Here. State sponsored Killing is only to apease the Spineless MOB who need to be some one to do their dirty work. I know if one of my Kids or family got murdered then I wouldn’t want the State to get in the Way. Its about time we stopped hiding behind the curtains and grew up and started taking care of our own Shit. Cos this Government thing has turned out to be a load of self serving C–ts who only think of how they can Dupe Steal Fraud and Corrupt society

  107. 107

    “And nobody has to die” Only the victims !

  108. 108

    Guido you haven’t turned all Sharia on us have you. They like a bit of State Killing. Especially if your GAY

  109. 109

    See post no 20

  110. 110
    Yooman Roits expert (well paid) says:

    That would be permissable.

  111. 111
    Jess The Dog says:

    Daft idea. It’ll never happen anyway because Britain’s place in the European Union. Why not simply restore confidence in the system of life sentences, as in the 1960s when the death penalty was abolished, by applying whole-life tariffs for murderers?

    (interesting fact… in Scotland, every time a hangman pulled the lever, he was charged with murder and automatically acquitted… the state should never have the power to take life from citizens)

  112. 112
    Anonymous says:

    Who of you here could honestly carry out the execution of another human being? I’m sure lots of you may think ‘Yes, I could!’, but it so easy to be a fearless and merciless crusader for capital punishment whilst sat cosily at your keyboard. And yet you want the state to execute people on your behalf.

  113. 113
    Anonymous says:

    I can see a weakness. Its being supported by The Sun!

    Is this the same paper that has just been found guilty of contempt of court after making the innocent Christopher Jefferies appear guilty of murder. I am guessing the paper would have liked to have hung him within hours of the muck spreading. Based purely on their evidence, and the way stories can be spun innocent people can be found guilty.

    But if it sells papers lets hang everyone who the sensationalist press decide are guilty.

  114. 114
    The Colonel says:

    I would prefer that SENTENCES meant SENTENCES…and prison was hard and no picnic! I do not think these days we can trust Slipper of the Yard anymore!

  115. 115

    Mr anonymous please try to make sense ! “So we should not murder someone for murdering another person ” argument for ?

    “A life for a life is a childish way of thinking”argument against ?

    at least have the bottle to put up a moniker rather than thinking you are hiding behind anonymous !

  116. 116

    Next to you TAT you brain dead fuckwit yes !

  117. 117
    ToryBoy says:

    I agree Guido, dump this issue that’s never going to go anywhere and concentrate on getting the ‘Pilgrims’ out of the civil service, David Cameron has already given his support so you’d probably win the commons vote…..

  118. 118
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    St Helena is in the Tropics so it’s nice and warm.

    I would suggest using an island off the coast of .. say… Scotland
    I’m sure we could find a nice barren windswept rock in the North Atlantic on which to dump the likes of Huntley etc.
    Leave him a fishing rod and a tent.
    Job done.

  119. 119
    Ranter says:

    I’m with the colonel. The law is adequate for almost ALL offences, now if the limp wristed liberal judicial system, judges, Ken Clarke et al were to ensure that MAXIMUM sentences were levied AND that convicts served them to the full you would see an almost immediate drop in crime across the board. LIFE should mean life – simple, no parole. Crimes of violence should ensure that prison is hard labour. There have been too many miscarriages of justice to justify a return to capital punishment. First the UK has to fuck off the Human Rights ACt / ECHR – getting out of Europe wuld be good too; then Ken CLarke has to be sacked, then a massive prison building programme in the most deserted places in the Uk – fuck the families rights to visit etc, andall foreign criminals to be deported to countries of origin – use DNA if you have to. Also build prisons for these parasites in these countries and let them run them for ‘AID’. All that is just for starters – the benefits system has to be shaken up thoroughly too so we aren’t subsiding crime as well.

  120. 120

    Timothy Evans was convicted of killing his child, and his wife, and was hanged.

    The other man living in his house at the time was John Christie, a vital prosecution witness in Evans’ trial.

    The jury believed Christie, Evans was hanged, and then they discovered that Christie himself was the killer all along, and went on to commit further murders before he too was caught.

    Don’t ever dare to go back to this barbaric neanderthal practice.

  121. 121
    Anonymous says:

    Let’s start by hanging a few of the lawyers who defend the indefensible and smile when their guilty client walks free after much legal trickery and deceit.

    First against the wall should be the ones who commit the most disgusting cross examination of rape victims.

  122. 122
    socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    DNA is not 100% certain you goverment sucking cretin–esp not when the bluebottles have millions of samples on file they can plant

  123. 123
    socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    Fuck conscription

    I might have fought for this country once–now I would break a fingernail.

    Conscription is tyranny. Piss on the state and all those, like you, who support its evil.

  124. 124
    socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:


  125. 125
    socialism has murdered 150 million human beings pride says:

    Piss off Red

    “right-winger” kills 90

    Left-wingers (and that includes Adolf who was a corporate socialist just like bliar and the mentalist) have killed 150 million.

  126. 126
    Greek economy - socialism in action says:

    I’d be a bit careful if Sun ‘readers’ are involved. Didn’t they attack a paediatrician’s house thinking he was paedo?

  127. 127
    Person says:

    “Unfortunate” is not the word any sane person would use if the state were to execute someone innocent

  128. 128
    Eileen Critchley says:

    Q: Will the death penalty reduce serious crime?
    A: No

    Q:Are Sun readers by and large very stupid people?

    Q: Is News Int. looking to create a smoke screen for their disgusting actions?

  129. 129
    jabbathecat says:

    “…make “stealing from the taxpayer” a capital offence.”

    Gordon Brown should be the first to be tried and then hung, drawn and quartered.

  130. 130
    Numerate Pedant says:

    Confucius, he say, ‘He who entwine two poriticar issues into one, rikery to rose on both issues’.

    You are wrong about the death penalty. A civilised society, especially one with a Christianity based moral code, sets itself above atavistic revenge or the base instincts that drive people to behave like beasts. This is only my opinion, but I would wish to leave this country if it reinstated capital punishment and applied it in error on even one occasion.

    You are right about the Socialist conspiracy in Europe. Please God that it all falls apart before people grow so angry at their abuse by ‘the state’ that they take up arms.

    There is, in my opinion, at least one circumstance under which it is morally acceptable to take the life of another human being. It is when that person threatens the physical well being of other human beings. That threat can include, again in my opinion, enforcing ‘laws’ that result in people being unable to feed their own children. I believe that this will start to happen soon in Europe as our dependence on arcane (perhaps esoteric) economic principles causes real human suffering.

    A further opinion (but my last this morning as the local is about to open) is that the political class needs to wake up and realise that the revolution has already started (t’internet). They cannot rely on cover ups, D notices, super injunctions, manipulation, blackmail, cosy relationships, conspiracies and the old boy net. When the shit hits the fan, the people will know who is responsible and they will come for you.

    Personally, I shall be looking for Ed Balls. When I get him, I am going to make sure that he remains alive for many decades to come and that he spends every day of those decades married to Yvette Cooper. A cruel and unusual punishment, I accept, but I am sure that God will forgive my excursion from my, normally, impregnable moral fortress.

  131. 131
    Person says:

    Writing “anonymous” is a moniker you idiot

  132. 132
    Churchill's Scissors beat Hitler's Paper says:

    guido continues his small-minded vindictive fascist rant, oh what a libertarian idol.

    where can i sign the campaign opposing its return? if guido wants representative speech in parliament, let’s give him what he asked for.

  133. 133
    Tom Splatson says:

    Why not just hack them? We have experts in the UK.

  134. 134
    Churchill's Scissors beat Hitler's Paper says:

    i think it’s more telling that the people who want the death penalty back so badly are vehemently opposed to abortion.

    let me help you out: the common factor is that the people you’re talking about are smart enough to work out 1. killing a group of cells with no nervous system is no more inhumane than picking a daisy and 2. giving the state the power to kill its own citizens is fucking stupid. whereas the people i just mentioned are unthinking reactionary zealots.

  135. 135
    Hate Link Whores on Blogs says:

    Shut up you link whore

  136. 136
    Churchill's Scissors beat Hitler's Paper says:

    if you read your own post really hard a few times you’ll find that you’re just agreeing with anon.

    you support better sentencing and CP is not necessary.

  137. 137
    jabbathecat says:

    There never seems to be a shortage of volunteers for death penalty firing squad participation in the US. I doubt there would be a shortage of volunteers here or anywhere else.

  138. 138
    Airey Belvoir says:

    State-decreed killing is barbaric, we should leave it to Chinese Iranians, Yanks and other uncivilised societies to practise.

    Instead we might consider canceling the ‘human rights’ of jailed murderers so that they serve a full life sentence in special wings with no access to the creature comforts now enjoyed by other prisoners – television, computer games, hobby shops, books and papers, and just a survival diet. It would be as much of a deterrent as the death penalty, maybe worse, and some might go mad. But it would allow the correction of inevitable mistakes in finding guilt, which will always happen from time to time and which the death penalty makes impossible.

  139. 139
    Anonymous says:

    I would only sign up to this IF it could be guaranteed that ALL POLITICIANS – POLICE – MEDIA – COUNCILLORS would be first in line and would actually be executed. This is because there is no reasoning with any of these bastards anymore – they always think they are right – and they should be taught the lesson that it is OUR COUNTRY NOT THEIRS

  140. 140
    13eastie says:

    @Anonymong 11:09 am

    So no advocacy for the accused?

    Perhaps we can get rid of the courts altogether?

    The cops can come round and shoot you “just in case” you happen to be guilty?

    That way, we’ll be rid forever of anxieties over incompetent investigations and we won’t have to worry at all about whether we should take all rape accusations in good faith…

  141. 141
    Lambeth Vigilante says:

    I agree – my heart also says yess, yess yess – but my brain says no.

    When I hear the word “progressive” I reach for my garrotte but trusting the state with the power of life and death when most of the more grotesquely inefficient and corrupt practices of our legal system derive from attempts to avoid hanging the innocent …

    I would rather sign a petition in favour of public floggings before major football matches for the gangs who terrorise the estates of South London and only hit the headlines when they “steam” daytime trains or major shopping precincts or kill outside their own “territories”.

    P.S. How about calling for an EU “refugee centre” (perhaps on Kerguelen or West Falkland) for those who cannot otherwise be deported after their sentances because of “human rights”.

  142. 142
    Katabasis says:


    Guido, did I imagine it when you described yourself as a Libertarian?

  143. 143
    Anonymous says:

    Why do you want to adopt Sharia law, Guido?

  144. 144
    Anonymous says:

    “It’s something where once again the public are a long way ahead of the politicians. ”

    Being in favour of the death penalty is being backwards, not being ahead. Giving the state the right to kill? How much more Big Government can you get?

  145. 145
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Sounds like people who’d like to be murderers, but only with the State’s permission.

  146. 146
    Child killers must die says:

    Your heroic liberalism means the slime described here have no disincentive. http://inspectorgadget.wordpress.com/2011/07/30/dawn-will-break-eventually/

  147. 147
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Agree. It is strange how so many of the ‘libertarians’ on here turn out to be authoritarians. They imagine libertarian is a posh way of saying tax dodger.

  148. 148
    Mercian says:

    But what about the innocent people killed by murderers who have been released after a “life” sentence? We don’t hear so much about them do we?

  149. 149
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Winston Churchill said that one of the most unfailing tests of a civilization lies in how a country treats its criminals.

  150. 150
    Darth Murdoch says:

    Ahhhh, now all becomes clear.
    I’ve been consistantly questioning this blogs point blank refusal to discuss the sickening crimes commited by news international.

    The Sun preparing to pledge their support for “Guido’s law” by any chance?

    I’d Make sure I’ve changed your voicemail pin if I were you.

  151. 151
    Anonymous says:

    Perhaps we should bring back decimation? Just kill every tenth person every so often. Doesn’t matter if they are innocent, you might get somebody who was going to commit a murder – job done!

  152. 152
    Disgusted of Neasden says:

    There probably needs to be some qualification that the evidence is indisputable, e.g., apprehended at the scene by eyewitnesses with the gun in the hand. For example, the evidence against Levi Bellfield in the Milly Dowler case was highly circumstantial, and IMO might leave some room for the case to be re-opened.

  153. 153
    Child killers must die says:

    Guido – can you use your influence to bring this case to public attention. Firstly it might get Dawn to safety, secondly it might give the case for capital punishment the momentum it needs.

  154. 154
    The Bottle Fed Triplet says:

    Er… what about a mandatory 99 year sentence with no remission or parole for murderers. Solves the problem and avoids “accidental hanging” of the innocent.

    There must be an uninhabited island going spare off the coast of Scotland that can be used for said purpose.

    What about a sentence set by the realatives of the victim. Wouldn’t that be a form of justice?

  155. 155
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    Used to be much easier and cheaper when we used penal colonies.
    After that, we had to build a lot of expensive prisons.
    Shame that, nowadays, Australia only excepts people who actually want to live there!

  156. 156
    Biffo the Bear says:

    No need to bother with any of this – Sharia Law will be upon us soon enough. By then, having a debate (or an opinion) won’t be permitted anyway.

  157. 157
    CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

    I mean “accepts” of course!

  158. 158
    Fluffkin says:

    Dear “Hang the Bastards”

    Do you write for the Sun by any chance? Or is “Child-killer-hugging stance” just your usual twisted logic at work?

    I’d be delighted if more “life sentences” meant “life”, and that the concept of having a cushy life in jail was impossible for such people. But I won’t condone killing them.

    And nope. I put the protection of the law abiding first as well. Unlike you though. I don’t want to risk killing innocent people just because it satisfies an extremist form of lust for vengeance. There are better ways in my view of reforming the existing system than stooping to become as bad as the murderer.

    “I killed them because I hated them”, is no better than “The state killed you because we hated you back”.

  159. 159

    History does not tell us whether, or not, you were well hung…

  160. 160
    Hartley Shawcross says:

    Conspiracy to Wage Aggressive War was ruled to be a capital crime at the International Military Tribunal, Nuremburg, and there could well be public support for a strictly limited return of capital punishment for heads of state found guilty of this most egregious of war crimes.

  161. 161
    scroties says:

    The costs (millions of pounds) of the multiple appeals, high court then supreme then human rights plus no doubt to the monarch that will take place on each and every sentence leads me to believe it would be cheaper to keep someone in prison for their full life no visitors (with a bum full of drugs) would be a deserved slow ponderous death.

    Sure appeal court lawyers would love the work but the whole thing will be a divisive circus for this country.

    Life should be life with no frills.

  162. 162
    Splooge says:


    Giving the establishment permission to kill us…

    I’m not sure I trust them enough to give them that power.

  163. 163
    sg-strummer says:

    I have no doubt this petition will reach the required number for debate. I can only hope that this forces our lords and masters to bow to public opinion with a much needed overhaul of the entire justice and penal system for all crimes, proper sentences served in full, no comfy prison perks, automatic deportation of illegals on release and dump the absurd human right loopholes that prevent this. Life meaning life with no chance of parole. Basic food and hard labour for all. But no state sanctioned murder please……..

    In bed with the Sun Guido? You must be so proud.

  164. 164
    Marmite says:

    Until/unless you have suffered the loss of a loved one, murdered by mindless scum, you will feel self-righteous in believing that murderers should not be subjected to the death penalty.
    I felt just as strongly as the anti-capital punishment people, until my beautiful ten year old daughter was murdered by a p@edophile.
    Now, I live in so much pain and anger, that I dread waking up each day, and to see some of the flippant comments saying that these heinous sods shouldn’t die, just makes me despair.
    I honestly didn’t think it could happen to my family; I hope it never happens to your family.

  165. 165
    All police are pigs says:

    Barry George is a good one. Sitched-up like a kipper by the pigfilth in the Met.

    There’s also Colin Stagg, stiched-up like a kipper by the pigfilth in the Met, framed for the murder of Rachel Nickell.

    Both of these innocent men, framed by the pigs, would have been executed if we had capital punishment.

  166. 166
    Foreign Aid is Evil says:

    Texas is a pit of humanity due to poverty, caused by easy money from oil replacing hard work and enterprise. The same applies to Saudi Arabia and many other oil states.

    Also, who said anything about killing innocent people? We are talking about the worst offenders convicted beyond reasonable doubt. It never ceases to amaze me that wets are happy for people to be locked or have their lives ruined on flimsy evidence but not killed. Having the death penalty on the statute book helps all other forms of justice by getting the courts to sharpen their pencils. We would never have had the miscarriages of justice, such as the Guildford Four, if the offences had been capital.

    Before criticising other people’s instincts, you should perhaps consider your own. Being against capital punishment is no better morally than being a pacificist. You are putting your own emotional self-indulgence ahead of doing the right thing, protecting the weak and vulnerable, which is the purpose of the law.

    I’m sure Guido will be devasted that you’re not retweeting him and he’ll give you a full refund.

  167. 167
    scrotieboy says:

    The costs (millions of pounds) of the multiple appeals, high court then supreme then human rights plus no doubt to the monarch that will take place on each and every sentence leads me to believe it would be cheaper to keep the scum in prison for their full life no T.V. no visitors (with a bum full of drugs) would be a deserved slow ponderous death.

    Sure appeal court lawyers would love all that dosh but the whole thing will be a divisive circus for this country with Jeremy Hunt happily awarding Murdoch the TV rights.

    Life should be life with no frills.

  168. 168
    Foreign Aid is Evil says:

    Capital trials always used to cause the courts to sharpen their pencils. Even prosecution lawyers were more scrupulous. The abolition of capital punishment has led directly to a decline in standards in the criminal courts, based on the view that it doesn’t really matter if somebody is locked up or has their life ruined. Thus the return of capital punishment would have a benefical impact on all trials capital or not.

  169. 169
    Google doesn't like naughty words says:

    Plus, I’m not sure backlinks from this site would be all that helpful..

  170. 170
    The Archbishop of Canterbury says:


  171. 171
    Peter says:

    I notice Priti Patel gave a typically mealy mouthed politicians response. The kind they use to mollify difficult constituents. She did not actually say she supported the campaign did she?
    For the record, unless you could come up with some way to be absolutely certain you would never make a mistake, I would be opposed too.
    They are still arguing about cases from the 1940’s and 1950’s for heaven’s sake. Remember Timothy Evans? Remember the kid who allegedly shouted ‘let him have it’ and was hanged despite the fact he did not pull the trigger?
    A debate aimed at ensuring people who commit the worst crimes are never released would be more sensible.

  172. 172
    Jimmy says:

    “The Sun reports on the launch of our campaign ”

    Given all your hard work for them it’s the least they can do.

  173. 173
    Nemo says:

    Yes life should mean for the rest of life for the convicted person male and female, if evidence comes to light that they were innocent release them with suitable recompense without deductions, I would also say that should police corruption or deliberate false witness satements come to light eliciting the wrongful conviction, the ones responsible should serve the rest of the mallined persons sentence, the less serious offences need sorting out out as well, theft, fraud, hacking, blagging, violence etc

  174. 174
    Personal Shopper says:

    He is a libertarian – one who shops at Liberty in London…

  175. 175
    Mullah Fawkes says:

    Restoration of capital punishment + Restoration of the Holy Roman Empire = Bring back the Holy Order of the Inquisition to Britain and appoint one G. Fawkes as Witchfinder General for the Realm…

  176. 176
    Anonymous says:

    Guido’s true purpose as statist becomes clear.

    I don’t suppose he’ll be arguing that cops who murder innocent civilians should be hanged.

    Libertarian my arse!!

  177. 177
    Erskine May says:

    “I notice Priti Patel gave a typically mealy mouthed politicians response. The kind they use to mollify difficult constituents. She did not actually say she supported the campaign did she?”

    Compare and contrast with the example of Louise Mensch who dared to face down clear intimidation from a so-called “investigative journalist” and came up trumps.

  178. 178
    Nemo says:

    No, really Guido is probably after a part time job as hangman of the UK, the new Albert Pierrepoint

  179. 179
    Robert Jackson says:

    I hear Tony Blair is looking for some real estate in the Paraguyan jungle…

  180. 180
    News International says:

    The Sun: tough on crime, tough on the victims of crime!

  181. 181
    Congressman Ron Paul (R. Tx) says:

    If Guiiido is a libertarian, then I’m a banana!

  182. 182
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    Perhaps my post is a little ambigous..

    I am agreeing with Anon.
    Better sentencing = no need for CP

    Keep the killers locked up (preferably in harsh conditions), and remove their ‘human rights’ argument.

  183. 183
    DeLatchico says:

    There are eight police officers on trial at the moment over perverting the course of justice and two others for perjury from an old murder trial which would have seen three people hanged in the good old days. See here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-wales-14225359
    If these three had been hanged, (and this lot found guilty) what should the sentence be?
    Logically, it would seem – hang them as well.
    So, hanged three by mistake / conspiracy – then hanged ten more for the conspiracy.
    Interesting thought.

  184. 184
    Nemo says:

    I wonder, have any of our wonderful MPs (or relations/acquaitances) have an interest in any of these private forensic laboratories, watch this space, it happened under Liebore on some farmed out worked previously part of a government agency

  185. 185
    Anonymous says:

    Our whole system is corrupt and you want to re-introduce the death penalty?

  186. 186
    MB. says:

    What would happen with EU membership if the death penalty was restored? I thought that abolition was a requirement of EU membership?

    I can’t see the establishment allowing it to happen though.

  187. 187
    Anonymous says:

    I’ve gone right off you.

  188. 188

    Grounds for claiming causal relationship, please!

  189. 189
    Nemo says:

    You could not be alluding to to the freemasonry in both camps and freemasonry in the transgressors, you know that does not excist

  190. 190

    Correction: Grounds for claiming necessary causal relationship, please!

  191. 191
    Nemo says:

    Depends who is posting

  192. 192
    Nemo says:

    Oh Yeeeessssssss

  193. 193
    Mascarpone, I scream says:

    Dawn’s father, and I use that term loosely, has nine convictions for burglary in the last four years and has never served a single day in adult detention. All cases of violence and abuse against family members have been dropped due to a lack of support by victims and witnesses. We don’t ‘police by consent’ on this estate. In 2004 he broke a Met policewoman’s jaw and received a suspended sentence.

    So the public self-servants supposedly responsible for criminal justice haven’t even sent this unspeakable vermin to jail for a single day, despite a string of convictions for imprisonable offences, yet you expect these same people to send him to the chair?

    Your faith in the state is quaint but naive.

  194. 194
    Nemo says:

    They could share a cell with large male person called Rodger

  195. 195
    Nemo says:

    Coulson, Brooks, James Murdoch could each do time based on 1 year for every offence commited under their watches.

  196. 196
    Mascarpone, I scream says:

    Dawn’s father, and I use that term loosely, has nine convictions for burglary in the last four years and has never served a single day in adult detention. All cases of violence and abuse against family members have been dropped due to a lack of support by victims and witnesses. We don’t ‘police by consent’ on this estate. In 2004 he broke a Met policewoman’s jaw and received a suspended sentence.

    So the public self-servants supposedly responsible for criminal justice haven’t even sent this uns-p-e-a-kable vermin to jail for a single day, despite a string of convictions for imprisonable offences, yet you expect these same people to send him to the chair?

    Your faith in the state is quaint but naive.

  197. 197

    What a load of Bull —t Why dont we make Drinking illegal. and really get all Sharia. Then the State will be able to execute a few million. While you have laws that prohibit the Freedom of Men you will always have crime. And when you have a Police force that Protects the wrongful acts of the minority you will always have crime. Prohibition is a Fraud to keep large numbers of Police officers gainfully employed as well as most workers who are apart of the criminal justic system

  198. 198
    Where will it end? says:

    Not sure about this. Will the death penalty just be for peedos and cop killers or will it also be for people who forgot to pay their council tax?? It could be amended at a later date to include all sorts of criminals, just to keep the crime figures low. Plus a Labour government would use it to dispose of their political enemies.

  199. 199
    Middleclass Mom says:

    There are many examples of people wrongly convicted of murder, but by-and-large they are generally odd-balls, outcasts or Irishmen.
    They’re not really part of my social group, and to be honest, if a friendless loner like Barry George is accidently framed and executed we are probably doing him a favour.
    We shouldn’t let the occasional accident get in the way of killing the real criminals.

  200. 200

    I am totally anti Capital Punishment as the State Can’t and shouldn’t be trusted. What Anonymous Knacker is espousing that Defence Lawyers should go softly softly on Rape Victims. Are they the Rape Victims that admit under pressure that they made the Story up or the ones who used it to cover up an illicit affair when their Partner found out about it. Which ones should the Defence Lawyers not aggressively cross examine. Fu–in examine you head please

  201. 201
    Anonymous says:

    I’d support the death penalty for the Sun newspaper.

  202. 202
    Bertie says:

    With the hacking response and now this, you guys have lost the plot.

  203. 203
    confused says:

    YOU really are nasty cnut aren’t you

  204. 204

    Sorry to have to explain this to you, but it is simple when you know how. There is a direct correlation between the punitive criminal justice systems around the world and Criminality. Kill and be Killed, Longer Sentences Phsycologically Damage individuals so that they come out of prison Madder and Badder that when they went in. The American Criminal justice system is a great example of this. that is why, if we had the money we would copy them, so that the State can frighten more people justify more Police and demand more control. GOT IT

  205. 205
    Splooge says:

    O/T – this is a much more useful petition!


    Petition for an EU membership referendum

  206. 206
    confused says:

    They are ALL convited ‘beyond reasonable doubt” you dummy……. & until they find the convicted is innocent

  207. 207
    Hartley Shawcross says:

    Perhaps he will be rendered up like lard atop a greasy stew and put on trial in Monaco.

  208. 208

    I couldn’t put it better myself, Guido you not being reading the Press lately? You should have realized that The Cops the Politicians Cant be trusted with something like this. How many times does the CPS or the Police or a Politician have to Lie to you for you NOT TO TRUST THEM? All smells a bit Fishy to me, You turned all Statist on us. Tell MI5 if they pay me I will stop telling people about the Drug Business they are Complicit in. Just a thought in these current hard times.

  209. 209
    Horris Walpole says:

    Wot, only cop killers and pedos? Has ‘terror’ lost its status as the great enabler of oppressive legislation?

  210. 210
    Costcutter1 says:

    We need to reintroduce the death penalty for systemic corruption, such as that perpetrated by the Murdoch clan. The Sun should give this plan its full support.

  211. 211

    If you aint got the Spinal fluid to do it yourself, Why should you expect the State to do it for you. Nanny State does the Killing. What a bunch of Whimps

  212. 212
    Anonymous says:

    This is the the stupidest campaign ever. You wont save one child from abuse, imagine how horrible a person you have to be to hurt a child and then imagine how much this idea will help. But you show you will posture every bit as much as the tofu eaters on climate and multi-culti just as ineffectually and self servingly wanky.

    God what a gob-shite idea this is.

  213. 213
    Anonymous says:

    I mean, for fucks sake we see from the hack stories and numerous other cases of police fuck ups, that the boys in blue are a bunch of wankers, so what lesson do we take? Now we give them the power to judicially fit people up to be rubbed out. All because it is assumed nonces will change their ways if there is death penalty!?

    Oh yeah, I imagine when some twat is torturing some kid he always had in his head if he had to get caught he would be treated like Mr Bridger in the Italian Job and be applauded down the wing, now he knows he might get the big drop, he will change is ways. Fuck off. No understanding of the world is shown by this posturing. Its fucking laughable. Fail on every level.

  214. 214
    Anonymous says:

    Is this a joint Guido Fawkes/News International campaign? Will it take the attention away from the hacking scandal, do you think (or hope)?

  215. 215
    God says:

    Thou shalt no kill

    (Or get anyone to kill in your name)

  216. 216
    Friedrich Nietzsche says:

    He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster.

  217. 217
    There isn't an answer says:

    Either you’re guilty or you aren’t.

    Reasonable Doubt = acquittal

  218. 218
    There isn't an answer says:

    No she didn’t.

    If you read carefully she admitted very little, and certainly not taking drugs.

    I understand it’s called a ‘non-denial denial’?

    Some are also not convinced that the ‘investigative reporter’ actually exists. Some wags are suggesting the whole thing was a dummy to take attention away from her Piers apology. As if?

  219. 219
    Anonymous says:

    what about miscarriages of justice, like the case of Derek Bentley, who was posthumously pardoned four decades after being hung? Michael Mansfield QC believes that the ultimate sanction “can’t be applied in a flawed system of justice”. Mansfield represented both the Birmingham Six and Guildford Four, all of whom would almost certainly have been executed had Britain retained capital punishment. The former home secretary Michael Howard admits these cases changed his mind on the death penalty. “I accepted that you could never completely eliminate the chance of a mistake and since then I have been averse to the idea of the state deliberately taking someone’s life.”

  220. 220

    Fu-in examine you head ?

  221. 221
    A question... says:

    This should separate the true believers in capital punishment from those just following what the tabloids spout:

    Hold a referendum- if the result is yes, introduce capital punishment. Keep the names of everyone who voted yes. If (when) it turns out there’s been an innocent man executed there’s a lottery, a name is drawn from the yes voters and he’s killed in the same way.

    If you seriously believe there will be no wrongful convictions you will vote yes. So, to all those and guido who want it introduced: would you vote yes in this situation?

  222. 222
    Clown Shoes says:

    “We would never have had the miscarriages of justice, such as the Guildford Four, if the offences had been capital.”

    Rubbish. Derek Bentley was executed in the 50’s because of a miscariage of justice and was pardoned forty odd years later. At least the Guildford four were still alive to be released.

  223. 223
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Thousands of people get killed on the roads every year yet we don’t ban cars.

  224. 224
    Robinson says:

    I’ve totally lost respect for “guido” since this campaign. It’s either a sick joke or he really is a complete and utter twonk.

  225. 225
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    Innocent people are killed on the roads every day in this country, yet we don’t ban cars.

  226. 226
    Stuart Brown says:

    As Father Jack would say ‘Feck Off Guido Fecks’!

  227. 227
    Knackered says:

    I agree 60

    There are 8 bent bastards in South Wales currently on trial for stitching up three people on a murder charge ages ago

    I know one copper and I would have supported him to the hilt until the truth came out

    A poor prostitute was stabbed 50 times and the police would rather fit up her pimp and his mates than look for the real killer who eventually confessed

    Would they have been topped by the state ? (Not the cops)

    I am not convinced capital punishment would be right but I would willingly
    pull the switch on peope like Sutcliffe/Shipman/Silcott etc who are truly guilty

  228. 228
    MB. says:

    Is it true that Sky have put a bid in for the television rights to the executions? Pay To View of course.

  229. 229
    Silvertongue says:

    Piers Moron?

  230. 230
    Cynical Old Man says:

    13Eastie, in an ideal world there would be a Perry Mason type defending accused persons who are truly found to be innocent of crimes where a misguided prosecution has been brought in good faith.

    Unfortunately, the criminal justice system is populated by politically correct coppers doing their political masters’ bidding, an incompetent CPS, also politically motivated thanks to 13 years of Labour misrule : Defence lawyers cynically manipulating the legal aid system who fabricate alibis and defence ploys, and nitpick every minor details hoping for an acquittal on legal technicalities despite compelling evidence of the guilt of their clients: and a judiciary that not only interprets law according to their liberal beliefsut also seems reluctant to hand out deterrent gaol sentences.

    In short, the outcome of a criminal case depends on which side can deceive the best and tell the biggest lies. It’s certainly not based on getting at the truth, but that’s the adversarial system for you.

  231. 231
    Silvertongue says:

    Or even better, the Falklands. Feed ‘em a diet of greasy mutton band cold cabbage. However, the logistics of getting them there would be impossible with no Royal Navy now.

    Or wait, there’s bound to be one of Dave’s mates with a rusting hulk he could transport them. Oh and St Helena is far too pleasant a place to put murdering scroates.

  232. 232
    Anonymous says:

    So let me get this right…….

    We have a justice system in the UK, that has not locked up a innocent person in the last 10years…COOL……, jesus I must have missed something.

    You know in American they murder people even when there is evidence showing innocence, just to prove that they are never wrong…..yeah bring me some of that over here…NOT

    This is fuckwittery at its most primal….nice to see some have us have evolved.

  233. 233
    Mark says:

    You cannot unexecute someone if the court is later proved to be wrong. Or is there an acceptable percentage of innocents who can be executed?

  234. 234
    Cynical Old Man says:

    Sorry Guido, can’t go along with this. We can’t trust the state and the legal system in it’s current form. It’s full of on-the-make lawyers, incompetents and the outright corrupt.

    Much better for life sentences to mean life and make prison for murderers so unpleasant they’d long for an end to their existence. Capital punishment for the worst offenders is an easy way out for them. Better for them to be so miserable that they’ll spend the rest of their days regretting what they’ve done.

  235. 235
    Cheese Grater says:

    Cheese Grater to the c*ck n balls plus razor blades in soap and crushed glass in their paid for 3 meals a day is suffice.

  236. 236
    Dreary Steeples says:

    Batting for the Sun now, is this blogging site to become an extension of the Murdock empire?.

  237. 237
    Anonymous says:

    We are not living by the teaching of our Bible. God said an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth. Its about time we got to grips with the violence which is rampant throughout our country and the world. If someone takes a life, they should pay with their life, its as simple as that.

  238. 238
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    4 Tory MPs in support, 0 Liebore and 0 Fib Dems.

    Message to voters is Liebore and Fib Dems are soft on child killers and cop killers.

    Only the Tories are tough on crime!

    Bye bye Clegg, bye bye Red Ed :-)

  239. 239
    Nick says:

    Unfortunately the Timothy Evans paradox is trotted out by those that , frankly , have absolutely no idea of the details of that case. In addition to the outcry after Christie was discovered to be the probable killer , there would have been an even bigger outcry if Evans had been found innocent. It was his own foolishness that hanged him . Don’t forget that he presented himself to the Police and confessed there and then to ‘disposing’ of his wife down a drain. Now history is littered with nutters confessing to crimes they did not commit , just to obtain notoriety , but these always occur after a body has been discovered and reported in the press. What scuppered Evans was the fact that his wife had not even been reported missing at the time he ‘confessed’. When eventually she does turn up dead , how else would you expect the case to develop?

    Sorry , not very satirical , but factually correct.

    The Evans case did the greatest disservice to justice in history.

  240. 240
    Airey Belvoir says:

    Elderly English gentleman of the old school, arriving at Sydney Airport is undergoing the impertinent questioning of an Immigration official:

    “Do you have any criminal record?”
    “I’m sorry, I didn’t think that one was still necessary.”

  241. 241
    Bertie says:

    It’s a few hours later, I’m drunk and the death penalty still doesn’t seem like a good idea.

    It failed the pissed test. You’re idiots, sorry about that.

  242. 242
    Just Wondering... says:

    I want a referendum because I want a smaller state. I want the deficit AND national debt permanently cut because I want a smaller state. I want schools and hospitals to be taken out of state control. I want proper policing. I want the ‘climate change’ nonsens to be binned. I DO NOT WANT to give the British State the authority to kill people. The state fucks up everything it touches. Give them the responsibility for someones life? Fuck that.

    Come on Guido Fawkes – your wandering well off line here.

  243. 243
    Anonymous says:

    The survey question won’t print never mind ask members “which should have priority on spending the NHS or EU. And you could add “NHS or overseas aid” which ends up heaven knows where.

  244. 244
    Anonymous says:


  245. 245
    John Page says:

    But of course many sentences are too lenient.

    For instance, Inspector Gadget writes about a tragic family. One male involved

    In 2004 … broke a Met policewoman’s jaw and received a suspended sentence.


    This just isn’t good enough.

  246. 246
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fuck off Fliffkin you murder-hugging-nonce

    You make me sick complaining & towing the line about killing innocent people.

    The death penalty can be brought back. It doesnt have to apply to everyone. But seriously are you telling me that

    – Sutcliffe
    – Hindley
    – Bradey
    – Ian Huntley
    – etc

    are you really saying you would not like these people hung because you believe them to be innocent ? or that there is some doubt over their convictions ??


  247. 247
    Hang The Bastards says:

    Fuck of JC… you have just gone down in my estimation !…

    So you are one of the murderer-hugging-luvies that want to protect the like of :

    – Huntley
    – Hindley
    – Bradey

    Give your head a shake you daft fucker…. We have to pay to keep these scum alive, and then pay them more than we pay a pensioner !

    The world is fucked up…. It needs to deal with this type of scum that contribute fuck-all to the planet except evil.

    Nothing wrong in “Putting Them Down” in a humane way we do it to dogs all the time !

  248. 248
    13eastie says:


    Stop pulling my leg!

    “Politically correct coppers”. PMSL!

    Says who? The Lawrence family? The Guildford Four?

    Good police detect crime and make charges stick to the right people.

    Thick, brutish, prejudiced, dishonest pigs make a dog’s dinner of justice. God forbid they can ever again call for hanging the accused.

  249. 249
    Hang The Bastards says:


    I am appauled by the nonce-loving-lefties invading this board with their disgusting support for the rights of the likes of:

    – Ian Huntley
    – Peter Sutcliffe
    – Hindley & Bradey

    Are they really suggesting that these people could be innocent and therefore we shouldnt execute them as they probably have been fitted up by the police ?

    There are some dumb fuckers on here that just dont get it !

    Why The Fuck should we as taxpayers waste valuable money on keeping this scum alive. They have only contributed evil in this world and they should be put-down in a human manner so we can all live in peace without having to read about their exploits year on year.


  250. 250
    Anonymous says:

    You are confused.

    Causing death in any way is ‘banned’ i.e. illegal – we’re talking about the punishment for doing so.

  251. 251
    Anonymous says:

    Every one said they would like AV when that was a figment of the media imagination, it came to a real world vote and that opinion changed – why?

    Don’t answer. Answer this – why do you think killing people as a function of government would be accepted?

    the only good thing about this campaign is that there will be real passion in fighting it and politics is reborn ;)

  252. 252
    Marquis de Sade says:

    This is either a Hilton-esque idea for cranking up the poll ratings, or it’s a last bid attempt for Murdoch to avoid TOTAL wipe-out in the UK & USA….

    ..either way, it’s utter desperation from a bunch of politically bankrupt losers.

    Guido, you have taken the NI shilling for and lost a lot of readers. Twat.

  253. 253
    Paleo says:

    I bet you are one of the bleedin’ hearts that infests VB. Hang ‘em high and in public. Better one innocent dies rather than 100 murderers go free. And whilst we’re at it remove all namby pampy gun laws, which will have the good economic effect of reducing court expense in many cases…

  254. 254
    Paleo says:

    Twisted scum like you should be first in the line for reeducation.

  255. 255
    Middleclass Mom says:

    All those that claim to oppose the death penalty should ask themselves a question.
    Could you look a mother in the eye, and tell her that her child has been raped (possibly analy) and murdered by a released convict, simply because YOU were too squeamish to see a handful (and it would only be a handful) of ‘innocent’ people executed?
    So called ‘innocent’ people, who more than likely only became suspects because they’ve been in trouble with the police before.d ask themselves a question.
    Could you look a mother in the eye, and tell her that her child has been raped (possibly analy) and murdered by a released convict, simply because YOU were too squeamish to see a handful (and it would only be a handful) of ‘innocent’ people executed?
    So called ‘innocent’ people, who more than likely only became suspects because they’ve been in trouble with the police before.

  256. 256
    Anonymous says:

    should read conhome won’t print!!!

  257. 257
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    I’m for the death penalty because it will save an awful lot of cash. Can you imagine the cost of keeping a killer in jail for 30 odd years? Its astronomical. I begrudge every penny of my hard earned cash being used to keep ‘the cannibal killer’ locked up for life. These killers hurt society by doing the crime, then they compound the offence by expecting to be kept housed, fed, and warm for years at public expene. Its just completely unacceptable. It can’t be allowed to happen.

    The solution is execution. But we need not be barbaric. Michael Portillo did a TV program to investigate the most humane method of executing someone. He discovered that hypoxia or oxegen starvation to the brain is the least traumatic method. You go out on a high….but ‘go out’, you do! We need to introduce this humane method of executing the worst offenders right away. Calous killers need to know, in advance, what their fate will be. Who cares if they are deterred or not, execute them anyway and let’s spend the saved cash on something useful.

  258. 258
    Bile says:

    The statement that the public will be able to see which MPs support child murderers is breathtaking in its crassness, but seems to be designed to garner airtime and publicity, for Guido, rather than right any perceived wrongs in the judicial system.

    It seems that underneath that libertarian facade lurks just another right-wing blogger.

  259. 259
    S.B.S says:

    Capital punishment no.
    The right to defend your self with a firearm yes, pistol preferred.

  260. 260
    Hang The Bastards says:

    SBS – U daft twat !

    This would lead to more deaths & more muddled who was to blame.

    Death penalty for the likes of Huntley, Sutcliffe et al !! SIMPLES

  261. 261
    Hang The Bastards says:

    SBS – Just remembered…..

    How many child murders would be stopped by allowing people to defend with firearm ????

    Are we to let kids loose with pistols….

    You fucking TOOL !

  262. 262

    What a bloody load of Tory cobblers.

  263. 263
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    No, No, No … you lefty shites – bring it back and bring it back now

  264. 264
    Anonymous says:

    I wasn’t aware either of them had killed a child or a policeman! I don’t see that Guido is calling for conviction to lead to the death penalty. The sentencing would still be down to the judge – who could take account of all the circumstances

  265. 265
    Cynical Old Man says:

    13Eastie, if you read my words properly, I’m not far off your way of thinking. We clearly have a criminal justice system that’s corrupt and clearly not working. Prisons are like holiday camps – TV, fully equipped gyms, 3 meals a day, playstations, etc. If you see some of the shitholes some of these lowlife scum live in on the outside, HMP is five star accommodation.

    I’m sick of Stephen Lawrence being mentioned. Plod has ballsed up murder investigations of white victims too, and some of those have led to the deaths of others. The Lawrence investigation was a case of previous experience working against the coppers on the case. In the vast majority of cases where a black kid is stabbed, it’s other blacks who have done the deed. Same today with black on black shootings. It wasn’t “institutional racism”, it was knowing how certain sections of the community behave from previous operational experience. It was also a matter of getting enough proof to bring a prosecution. Don’t forget the Lawrences brought a private prosecution against those five white lowlifes using the same evidence the police had and that resulted in not guilty verdicts. No, the Lawrence case is not a good example of police incompetence, but it is a good example of the left wing cause celebre.

    I still stand by my initial post.

  266. 266
    Rage Against Polticial Elite says:

    I can answer that one. Its called deflection The Roman corrupted Governments used it to placate the masses. Our now Corrupted institutions need the same S–t to deflect the attention of the Stupified from how they have overspent, frauded and broken this countries democtratic and trusted institutions.

  267. 267
    Disappointed says:

    I have been a regular reader of this blog for a number of years, but this campaign is crazy and embarrassing.

    This is a campaign more suited to the Daily Mail.

    It doesn’t reflect well on this blog and I’m left with no alternative but to cancel my subscription.

  268. 268
    Rage Against Polticial Elite says:

    The whole argument about Capital punishment is to deflect us from talking about how this Knacker government has allowed all of our institutions to be corrupted. The Murdoch Empire is part of the Establishment. Spying and corrupting everything. How much support did Bliar get to invade IRAQ from them. How have we ranked up 4.3trillion pounds worth of dept. Its Fraud Corruption of the State. Economic Terrorists have taken over the country. This is what needs talking about.

  269. 269
    Rage Against Polticial Elite says:

    Of Course the Jury would believe Christie he was a trusted Part time Police Officer

  270. 270
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    I agree with this campaign, The top crime for the death penalty should be criticising and exposing corrupt politcians. The power to impose the death penalty should also be granted to Local Authorities, like Portsmouth, to stop the scurrilous exposing of corruption, graft and wrongdoing. Only by doing this will we stop the steady decline in this country. They do it in China and look what is happening there.

  271. 271
    Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

    We agree totally with Lord Handycock.


  272. 272
    Rage Against Polticial Elite says:

    Sorry Nick. But are you trying to tell us that he just admitted to the Police that ‘I DID IT GOV’ We have all heard that before and it turned out to be lies. Why the F–k do you think they have to Tape and Record all interviews now. Yes because it was proven that to many innocent people where being fitted up by the Police, it was easier than looking for the Real Culprits

  273. 273
    Portsmouth City Council is the most corrupt Local Authority in the World says:

    Robert Mugabe.Well done boys, keep it up, we do the same in Zimbabwe.

  274. 274
    Back seat driver says:

    But Mr.Handycock, what punishment would you recommend for those who use their positions of Public Trust to haul mentally-disturbed constituents, 14-year-old girls and foreign orphans into bed?

  275. 275
    Ancient Prisoner says:


    Yeah, first offense. Best thing the Romans ever did for us. Oh yeah. If we didn’t have crucifixion this country would be in a right bloody mess I tell you.

    Nail ‘em up I say! Nail some sense into them!

  276. 276
    krokodil says:

    I think a referendum on capital punishment is a good idea, and it would be a sound NO vote. then we should have one on the EU membership which would be a resounding LEAVE.

  277. 277
    boredwithguido says:

    Jesus, this is a GCSE level debate, everybody votes “Yes” pre debate then has a think about it and votes “No” post debate. Grow up. Do you really want to give the gubmint the right to hang you?!?

  278. 278
    boredwithguido says:


  279. 279
    Dr Kelly says:

    Very good point.

  280. 280
    boredwithguido says:

    To clarify: I’m not willing to murder a “handful of innocent people” end of; I am moral you are a sick fuck.

  281. 281
    boredwithguido says:

    It’s appalled, and shouldn’t and don’t both have an apostrophe.


  282. 282
    Four-eyed English Genius says:

    DNA evidence is pretty conclusive. No CP without corroborating DNA evidence.

  283. 283
    boredwithguido says:

    Count your thumbs up/down. It’s you that’s in the minority you cock end.

  284. 284
    Meoffg says:

    As a PR stunt it is pretty effective

    Therefor no correspondence shall be entered into

    But as Guido is an Irishman the Guildford 6 would be relevant would they not

  285. 285
    boredwithguido says:

    Erm, sorry, but I don’t believe you. And how exactly is it “flippant” to decide not to kill someone?

  286. 286
    Anonymous says:

    I really cannot believe that Guido is as dumb as to suggest this. A site that specializes in exposing the elites incompetence, self interest and outright criminality and he wants to give them the right to kill us. What planet are you on? This isn’t mere populism, it is outright pathetic. Cancelling subscription etc, etc.

  287. 287
    boredwithguido says:

    Off has a double “f”; carry on though, I’m quite enjoying reading your posts. It’s like watching a monkey trying to get nuts out of a jar.

  288. 288
    Nick says:

    Rage – the details of the case come from the Ludovic Kennedy study. Kennedy wrote the book ’10 Rillington Place’ in support of the case against Capital Punishment and for the pardoning of Evans. It was scrupulously researched. At no time does Kennedy suggest that he was fitted up by the police as you suggest (and surely a supporter of Evans would be the first to do so).
    Furthermore , you have quite nicely demonstrated the exact same mis-assumption that the police did , namely that ‘disposed’ meant the same as ‘murdered’. It didn’t then and doesn’t now. Respectfully suggest you read the book as it is probably the most definitive version of events and certainly (to Kennedy’s credit) probably the most unbiased.

  289. 289
    Nemo says:

    Maybe that is the case The Holy Inquistion does not now excist in name but has changed its name and guess who was head of the renamed Order, the present Pope, also he was for a time a member of ther Hitler Youth, which of course a lot youths were coerced into. The RC as well the ruling elite in all countries thought nothing of condeming people to terrible torture before death, we get it now in Islam as well and other religions, when not torturing or killing peope in other religions, turn against sects in their own religions (easy example, in the island of Ireland, Guido’s adopted country) when you get zealots in any religion, they use religion as justification for what they do, it has the effect of covering what is a sideline crime theft, killings, tortures etc

  290. 290
    Nemo says:

    Except where the crime is comitted or commissioned by News Iternatioal

  291. 291
    HenryV says:

    To summarise then,

    Nobody has much understanding of detection rates and safe convictions.

    Better for innocents to die by the hands of murderers than one innocent die by the hands of the state.

    It seems at a basic level we see the state as separate from ourselves.

  292. 292
    Nemo says:

    Mr Banana, Guido is a libertarian on things he wishes to be liberal about

  293. 293
    Nemo says:

    Middleclass Mom says:
    July 30, 2011 at 2:51 pm
    There are many examples of people wrongly convicted of murder, but by-and-large they are generally odd-balls, outcasts or Irishmen.

    Guido claims to be Irish!

  294. 294
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    I’ve had another thought on this question of capital punishment. The Truth about anything is always a double sided coin. Example: the motorcar is a magic carpet. (half truth) The motorcar is choking us to death and soon we’ll all be living in a ginormous car park. (1’2 truth). Light can be a particle or a wave. A person’s life is precious. In an overpopulated world, it doesn’t matter at all if millions perish.

    What matters is balance and a balanced approach. The Goldilocks Effect or ‘just enough’ principle rules the entire world I think. You have to aim for a ‘just right’ approach to things. When confronted with someone who has commited an horendous attrocity, anger and vengence would be going too far. But in cases of crimes of extreme one-sidedness, that person should forfeit their life for the sake of balance. The sentence should be carried out using hypoxia or oxegen starvation to the brain which is the ‘just right’ and most humane method of execution.

    A mistake could be made and the wrong person executed. However, miscarriages of justice are more likely when the accused is approached in an out of balance judgemental frame of mind. In emotive states, we see in others that which exists in ourselves, unacknowledged. We project onto the susspect the contents of our own subconscious which can lead to a wrongful conviction.

    If the approach is ‘just right’ then a conviction will be based on the evidence only. And today we have cctv, dna, eyewitness evidence and good forensics etc which make a correct conviction more likely. Also a life or death decision weighs heavilly on jurors in a sober frame of mind. If there is the slightest doubt they will tend not to convict. So the chance of a mistake is reduced.

    A person convicted properly of a henous crime should forfeit their life. A 30 year jail sentence would allow the killer to take further life from society because a working person ‘spends’ their life earning the tax to keep the offender in jail. That burden is unfair and should be removed. The death penalty would do that.

  295. 295
    elguapo says:

    A reasonable justification for being against the death penalty is there are plenty of cases where the innocent swing. It’s a lot harder to get the wrong man in an abortion.

  296. 296
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    He wants to give them the right, not to kill ‘us’, but to kill the perpetrators of henous crimes so that we can live in more safety. You are obviously a well intentioned person. But let’s not forget that ‘The road to hell is paved with good intentions’. And so we read almost weekly of new attrocities committed.

  297. 297
    Whistleblower says:

    I have worked at a number of Councils, but none like this. It is run entirely to the satisfaction of Handycock and his Masonic buddies. The rationale behind planning decisions, which Handycock is poltiical Head of, would perplex the brightest High Court Judge.

  298. 298
    Reasonably bright High Court Judge says:

    I find it difficult to understand that this conflict of interest can exist. If a Consituent of Mr Hancock MP has a compaint about planning in Portsmouth, they can hardly complain to him about Councillor Hancock, Head of planning. He is hardly likely to investigate himself is he? I am at a loss to understand why this situation has been allowed to happen by both the Parliamentary Authorities and the Local Government Ombudsman. The Chief Executive Portsmouth City Council and Monitoring Officer should have made a formal complaint about this situation as it would appear that clearly democratic and human rights are being abused by the situation. Having read about Mr Hancock’s membership of the Freemasons on these pages, it would be interesting to know if the Chief Executive and Monitoring Officer are fellow members. As for the Regulatory Authorities, they are clearly not doing their jobs properly.

  299. 299
    Socialism is a mental illness says:

    Damn right, do you really want to give the state the power to kill you? The law and the police are in the grip of the left, truly, and i will never give them the excuse to kill people. To see what i mean, read Chris Brooker in todays sun telegraph on the nazis in our social services, it’s chilling.

  300. 300
    Socialism is a mental illness says:

    Right, come on guido, get behind chris booker on the sun telegraph and expose these evil lefty social workers for destroying peoples lives and taking kids away from their parents on flimsy evidence. Bootfaced shoesmiths the lot of them. This is a hidden evil, Booker needs big guns to help him out.

  301. 301
    Mark says:

    “It’s okay for the state to kill you, as long as they don’t mess about with your internet access, eh?”

    I do like that :)

    … and why waste time on something which will _never_ be enacted. Not a hope. Not in a million. Taaaaaxi.

  302. 302
    Whistleblower says:

    Both Members.

  303. 303
    Anonymous says:

    “It is the longstanding policy of the UK to oppose the death penalty in all circumstances as a matter of principle. I consider that its use undermines human dignity including of those ordered to carry out the execution, and there is no conclusive evidence of its deterrent value. Furthermore, any miscarriage of justice leading to the death penalty is of course irreversible and irreparable.”
    – David Lidington MP, 29 July


  304. 304
    Loftytom says:

    Any stats to back up the dubious first para?
    The majority of British people support the death penalty and are in favour of abortion.
    I concur with both.

    As for para two, would you restrict abortion to an embryo with no nervous system?

    Let me help you, a foetus at 38 weeks can be killed for the crime of a club foot or a cleft palate but child killers have a right to life, a right they deny to their victims

  305. 305
    Anonymous says:

    I agree with you that taking a human life undermines human dignity. It really does. But that is a half truth. The Truth is always a double sided coin. The other side of the coin is that taking the life of someone who has perpetrated an absolutely monstrous crime does not undermine human dignity at all….provided the execution is ritualized and not approached in a one-sided sprit of vengence or retribution and provided the most humane method of execution is used….which, in my view, is hypoxia.

    Your mistake is to make an ‘across-the-board’ statement that all capital punishment is undignified and wrong. Would you have day without night? Good without evil? The ‘opposites’ exist and sometimes we have to do unpleasant things. You maintain dignity by approaching an execution in a balanced frame of mind.

    People do not understand the dual nature of Truth. It is admirable to have good intentions. But you can go too far. Too much one-sidedness and the road to hell becomes paved with good intentions. And Hell is where we are today. Thanks to the opposition to the death penalty as a matter of well intentioned principle we have increasing numbers of monsters incarcerated for 30 years or more at enormous public expense and at a time when we are suffering austerity measures thanks to the government sanctioned banking fraud.

    It is well known that MPs have to be dragged by the hair kicking and screaming before they will do the right thing. We are in a debt crisis because government supports, no doubt as a matter of principle, the institutionalized fraud of Fractional Researve Banking. Are they proposing the absolutely essential monetary reform? No they aren’t. Are we coming out of Europe? No! Do we have a policy on population control? No! And we’re not getting capital punishment for crimes that warrant it either.

    Perhaps you would have argued with God over His demand for the death of His only beloved Son. If you’d won the argument, we wouldn’t have known of the resurrection and the life.

  306. 306
    Fantasists 'r us says:

    I assume that you are referring to the two teenage boys who scrawled the word ‘paedo’ in small letters on the paediatrician’s door.

    Hardly an attack, and I doubt the two boys hanging out in the doorway as they do have ever read the Sun.

    Try again son, if you repeat it enough it may come true!

  307. 307
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    Let’s hope that drink driving (you could have killed a CHILD!) or organising illicit raves and taking loads of illegal drugs (you are encouraging the IMPORT OF ILLEGAL DRUGS!) don’t become capital offenses, hey, Paul?

  308. 308
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    No, this was a true case. I remember going down there and reporting on it. And the kids set fire to the place.

  309. 309
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    Yes, and we all know that judges are the most balanced, tuned-in and up-to-speed members of society, don’t we?

  310. 310
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    Yes, Summerisle! Then they could get forced in a Wicker Man and loads of chickens, sheep, pics etc ….. bah

    People backing the death penalty are idiots. End of. Apart from anything else, it excuses Islamist attacks like 9/11. It allows (one or another) society to make that famous judgement: “He who is not with me is against me”. We surely cannot tolerate that

  311. 311
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    If I believe you, which for the sake of this post I will, the problem with your argument is that you are not neutral. You have suffered a great loss which is personal to you. That means you are the most unqualified person to administer justice.

    Justice is neutral – a judge sits and a jury sits and they hear the evidence, from both the proscution and the defence. The judge sums up. And then the jury retire to make their deliberations.

    They then come up with a verdict.

    Your idea seems to be going after someone who may or may not be innocent or guilty, and hacking them in the back of the neck with an axe. That’s not justice – that’s retribution.

  312. 312
    Roddy Ashworth says:

    Yes, except we don’t have an upturn in potentially CP crimes.. The number of “proved” murders/rapes etc corresponds to nothing more than the increased way of gathering evidence – ie forensic, DNA profiling etc. Your argument holds no water.

  313. 313
    p155ed off says:

    … or being a hypocrite. I’ve read so much shite on this blog from ignorant people who haven’t a clue, yet would happily instil “their” version of justice on others.

    I’ve been in prison twice. Both times I was innocent. The first I won on appeal. The second I haven’t a hope, but it was their word against mine and with NO physical evidence to support the allegation, yet I was still convicted because juries are made up, unfortunately, of idiots drawn from every village in the land.
    Police corruption is still rife, and evidence showing your innocence is routinely ignored, hidden or destroyed, while anyone helpful to the police/cps side is free to fabricate evidence unmolested. No questions asked.

    Try calling for CP when you have a relative who’s been wrongly convicted. Or if it’s happened to you.

    And for those of you suggesting prison needs to be harder, no visitors etc. Have you actually stepped INTO a prison, or been in that situation?
    No, so don’t talk bollocks until you have the correct information

  314. 314
    p155ed off says:

    The good thing is that the overwhelming response to your call for the death penalty has been one of “what are you ON?” Just look below each post for how many disagree with you.

    If you are so keen to kill people and have them killed at your behest, I suggest you go and get stuck into Call of Duty and then you can kill people to your heart’s content.

  315. 315
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    Would it make any difference to you anti-capital punnishment people if I reminded you that God not only supports capital punnishment, but is also in favour of wrongful capital punnishment? When Big ‘J’ pleaded to be let off the hook in the Garden of Gesthemany, the loving Father ignored him and an innocent man was nailed to a tree the following day. On this particular occasion God certainly was in favour of execution. You have to ask yourself: ‘What kind of loving Father would demand the death of His only begotten Son’?

    However, since the Truth is always a double sided coin, God will probably be against CP in different circumstances. This is why esoteric texts are full of contradictions. I conclude that life must be a paradox and what is acceptable at one time and place, might be unacceptable in another. So it is impossible to make a hard and fast judgement one way or the other on CP.

    I just think this is the right time to try the death penalty again using hypoxia as the the method and without judgement, vengance or retribution.

  316. 316
    gerry says:

    I am against the death penalty. The main reason is because people can change. Some apparently don’t, some apparently do. A person who committed a horrific crime might be able to change later down the line while he or she is in prison. On his/her own or with other people’s help. It’s a big MIGHT, I know. But this is why I am mainly against the death penalty — I don’t think it is right to take away permanently even a glimmer of hope for a change in a murderer’s, for example, heart.

    I also think that a person who is a murderer, for example, shouldn’t be considered only a murderer. There are many other facets, good and bad, to a person’s life and we cannot reduce someone to a label like ‘murderer’ (or even ‘saint’).

  317. 317
    Alys says:

    Guy Fawkes was in opposition to the government of his day, remember remember? Because of the persecution of people of his religion. And he was executed by the state was he not? Bit ironic isn’t it that you are in favour of bringing back execution to this country? What this bill is about is safeguarding the lives of police officers, not the man or woman in the street. Which is fine – depending what the police officers are doing. If it is beating peaceful protesters – and there are likely to be a lot more protests in the years ahead – then I say ‘an eye for an eye’ goes both ways. They are meant to protect us but what they do is protect the government and rich corporations. They are proven corrupt at the highest level. This comes on the back of the request from the police for citizens to report anarchists. Anyone see a pattern? Clearly we are heading for a police state of the very worst kind. Syria today, UK tomorrow. Think it can’t happen? Don’t kid yourselves. Never ever hand the state permission to kill it’s citizens lawfully. They will use all the excuses in th world to justify it – ie evil murderers, paedophiles and terrorists – they kill children! We want them dead right? Well, be very careful. It never stops there. And Guido Fawkes – go and find out what your namesake really stood for. Check out V for Vendetta. I was born on 5 November and Guy Fawkes is my hero. You are not.

  318. 318
    Jim S says:

    This will bring the dogooders and Yoghurt knitters out of the wood. As usual this wont get anywhere because MP dont give a dam about the people they are supposed to speak for. Too busy sorting out new forms for expenses. They know that abot 75% of the people support the Death penalty but so what the silent Majority will be ignored again and again.

  319. 319
    Lilith says:

    You are so right. “They will happily protect the guilty but not the innocents.” Not unlike the Catholic Church.

  320. 320
    Anonymous says:

    You call Hitler left wing?? This just sums up the ignorance of the majority of the people who believe in capital punishment. The death penalty might well be debated in the House of Commons but I can tell you now it will never be reintroduced. The whole debate is just a waste of taxpayers money.

  321. 321
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    I’ve had another Big Idea. For those wicked people who have killed someone else for personal gratification or in pursuit of some onesided and therefore totally unrealistic cause, why not make capital punishment optional? The offenders will have been properly convicted, with the prospect of spending a lifetime in jail; so now let them choose the death penalty for themselves. If the method of execution is hypoxia which is non-traumatic (you go out on a high), I think we would get a surprisingly big take-up from the monsters in the jails.

    An optional death penalty would lift from us the responsibilty for imposing the death penalty. Offenders would get the oportunity for relinquishing the offer of being kept warm, housed and well fed for the rest of their lives and gain the prospect of some measure of atonement for the henous crime that they have commited. We, the general public would save the absolutely massive costs of keeping wicked people incarcerated for ever. The saved cash could be used to compensate the victim’s families and the rest could be spent on useful projects like clearing litter and dog crap from the streets. Some saved cash could even be spent on a people’s campaign to fight the biggest institutionalized fraud in the history of the universe….which is Fractional Reserve Banking. This would be very worth while since most people and in fact the entire country (not to mention all the economies in the world) are in ‘debt slavery’ to banks who counterfeit the loans and the money supply out of nothing!!!

    So making capital punishment optional would be a win, win proposal. What do you think people?

  322. 322
    Andrew Craig-Bennett says:

    Oh, jolly good, the forces of Catholicism and Reaction, being kicked out of Ireland, where they managed to wreck the place, try to show up here. Would have voted in favour, until I read that comment and realised whom I would be allying myself with. No thanks!

  323. 323
    p155ed off says:

    “The offenders will have been properly convicted.”

    Are you for real? Clearly you have no idea how corrupt this legal system is, how you can be convicted on the basis that you “look the type.”
    And you have no idea that once stuck with the millstone of a corrupt police agenda trying to have you offed, getting your name cleared is virtually impossible.
    I was convicted of something I am innocent of, and even though there’s evidence which clears me, I can’t appeal, because it’s not something which has come to light since the trial, but wasn’t used at the time either.
    So, fresh evidence is the only way you can clear your name other than arguing on a technicality.
    Properly convicted? Pah, properly stitched, more like.

  324. 324
    p155ed off says:

    Anyone who wants capital punishment introduced, I have one response…..

    You first.

    At least that way we can rid our society of you barbarians who want to return to the Middle Ages. You have no place in this century.

  325. 325
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    but I havn’t killed an innocent person!!!!!!!

  326. 326
    Mr Hypoxia says:

    So if I reintroduced capital punishment, even though I hadn’t killed anyone, it would be me first. Does that mean you would actually participate in CP and thus become one of the barbarians you profess to despise? I think you’re a bit confused.

  327. 327
    Boredwithguido says:

    Bit late but and possibly a Zombi post but: no it isn’t. It’s partial, open to interpretation and subject to misunderstanding and misrepresentation and abuse in just the same way as any other evidence. Watch less CSI.

  328. 328
    p155ed off says:

    I’m not confused at all. I’m suggesting if you want to bring back something so barbaric, you are too ignorant to see how barbaric it is. Maybe the only way you’ll comprehend how barbaric it is, is if you’re on the receiving end of the treatment you wish to dole out to others, but not yourself.
    As per usual with hypocrites.

    I’m not the one advocating bringing it back, and I didn’t say I’d participate (no matter how much I feel this blog would be better without you and your hypocritical do-unto-others-but-not-to-me attitude) so the confusion is all yours.

    I haven’t killed anyone either, but bet your life once YOU brought it in for murder, it’ll be on for what I was convicted (but innocent) of.

    Before asking for this sort of thing, you should first realise that the system is far from honest, and the Court of Appeal is swamped with appeals, but for every appeal in process, there are hundreds who evidence doesn’t fit the Appeal Court criteria, even though strong.

    You would have hundreds, thousands of people murdered. Just one is too many.
    And don’t go the “they were convicted” route. A conviction means nothing, you can get convicted without any shred of evidence.
    At the end of the day, it’s an “opinion” of a jury. Just that, an OPINION.

  329. 329
    p155ed off says:

    I want to make it clear I’m not having a go at you, just that when people like you don’t have all the facts – ie closed minds – but try to influence others equally ignorant, or gullible, this is how bad things get rushed through. Compare Germany in the 1930s. No one would have voted Hitler in, if they had known what his plans for many of his voters were.

    But as usual what you wish to visit on others will never affect you. Maybe you’d think again when you found, later on, that it did.

    Maybe this is just a british thing; “do unto others but not to me” or “do what I say or else, but I’m going to do what I like.”

    It is very easy to fit someone up today. A friend with a grievance can use his daughter (or in fact any female) to accuse you of impropriety. No evidence needed. Her word is good enough.
    Or you visit adult porn sites? That’ll be enough on your pc (due to hidden illegal images) have you swinging.

    Think again before thinking you’re immune.

  330. 330

    May I say that I am SO totally in favour (or out of favour???) of the Death Penalty that if it is returned then I vow to execute Guido Fawkes immediately!

  331. 331
    p155ed off says:

    The three Right Hon Buffoons at the top of this page has brought another prurient point to the fore.

    Ms Patel says in the Guardian that she favours restoring it. Yes Dear, but do your constituents? You have to vote for what they want, not what YOU want, or favour.

    Andrew Turner, MP for Isle of Wight, doesn’t seem to have thought this through either. Mr Turner, have you realised there are three very large institutions in your tiny island, with a large population which are about to be given the vote? Much as giving that right to vote makes David “I’m a man of the people – moneyed people” Cameron physically sick?
    If I were you Mr Turner I would realise that most of the people in those 3 prisons (now merged into one) are let out at the end of their sentences and allowed to vote. And that once they do so, their vote won’t be for YOU. In the words of the fairground, “Come in, your time is most definitely up.”

    And that applies too to Mr Davies. Are you too putting your own agenda forward, instead of that of your constituents? Because a large number of your constituents are prisoners with voting rights, and if you ain’t taking their views seriously, then bet your bottom dollar where their vote will be going at the soonest opportunity.

    Don’t get too comfortable; your time in the House is clearly now a lot shorter than you think, certainly once your constituents realise what you’re about.

  332. 332
    p155ed off says:

    Well, checking the e-petitions site today, guess what the petition is with the highest number of signatures?

    Petition to retain the ban on Capital Punishment, with 10,669 signatures.

    I think it’s fair to say the vast majority DON’T favour the return of this barbaric practice.
    Thank God.

  333. 333
    Anonymous says:

    “We are not living by the teaching of our Bible.”

    Thank the big bang for that. Bronze age fairy stories have no place in the laws of a modern democracy.

  334. 334
    Anonymous says:

    I can see why you are pi55ed off and accept that you are not having a go at me. But you are viewing the issue of CP from the perspective of someone who has been wrongly convicted of a crime. Your experience is understandably colouring your judgement. I don’t think the justice system is deliberately convicting people wrongfully of crimes. There is no conspiracy to wrongfully convict someone. What would be the point? It may happen occasionally and when it does, that is a dreadful mistake.

    Have you ever made a mistake? The answer to that is yes you have. You are mistaken when you say that I don’t want capital punishment to apply to me. I do want it to apply to me….but only if I commit an absolutely dreadful crime against an innocent person. I’m very likely to kill a burgler, but I don’t expect to be topped for it. There are many types of murder for which capital punishment should not apply.

    There is a tipping point in the great scale of possible offences and when a person exeeds that point, as you would if you killed a child or a granny or if you murdered for personal gain or gratification, or if you committed an attrocity for some onesided and therefore totally unrealistic cause, then you should forfeit your life. This is not to say that I am in favour of CP for ‘others’ in general!

    I agree with you, capital punishment would be barbaric…….if we used traumatic vengful methods like hanging, stoning, electric chair and the rest. But we have hypoxia where you leave this world feeling euphoric. I would introduce hypoxia into every abatoir and I think it is a scandal that this hasn’t been done to minimise suffering. Hypoxia is the very least forceful method of execution and should be used with regret. No one wants to murder anyone! But execution in certain proven cases must be carried out for the sake of proper atonement for the crime.

    There is a risk that a person could be wrongfully executed. I don’t believe for one moment that a person would be deliberately murdered for a crime. We have to accept some risk in life. Shit happens. But I have every confidence that a conviction will be secured on the basis of incontrovertable evidence and not on pure opinion as you suggest.

    What is the alternative to capital punishment? It is to keep wicked people who have done very wicked things incarcerated for 30 or more years at the hard pressed taxpayer’s expence. How can this possibly be acceptable?

    I find it unacceptable that fiddling MPs are sent to jail at great expence. They are not a danger to the public. They should be sent home with a substantial fine that will require them to sell their house. Why is expence to the taxpayer never taken into consideration?

  335. 335
    Anonymous says:

    I back the death penalty, unfortunately Europe is in the grip of the socialists who are hell bent on taxing the educated, law abiding, tax paying middle class (caucasian) so much so that we cannot afford to have one child whilst the ignorant, fanatical, third world country animals breed away without a worry in the world. This is the silent decimation of our race. Just look at the numbers, at the facts all around the world! We are betraying our own race. I wish I was Chinese or Japanese. They have seriously got it right.

  336. 336
    Anonymous says:

    You’ve been to jail twice!!! You were innocent, really???You are a criminal, don’t try and say otherwise!!

  337. 337
    Anonymous says:


  338. 338
    Anonymous says:

    Loser, I have left London and moved to Dublin and I can tell you Dublin is fucking paradise compared to London!!!! You need to get your lardy, premature ejaculating ass out of the sofa and see the real world. and no, I am neither British nor Irish, just clever!!!


  339. 339
    Anonymous says:

    Guido, you are a legend, thank you for standing up to this nightmare that has become Socialist/Liberal Europe, where the only ones that lose something are the victims and the law abiding!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  340. 340
    YES says:

    Bring back the death penalty

  341. 341
    p155ed off says:

    Anonymous, your views are so barbaric in themselves that frankly I sincerely hope that if you succeed in bringing back CP that you continue in your ignorance, because this country DOES convict people of various crimes – including murder – on occasion as part of a vendetta, and the justice system DOES convict people – innocent people – of capital crimes.

    And yes, my judgement is clouded – I’ve been on the receiving end of it.

    My crime? I was brought up intending to join the Met (Police) and as a teen I reported everything which went on around me. No doubt I was a pain, and every crime statistic there was my name next to it, reporting it.

    Then when a robbery happened at my place of work, guess who got the blame?
    Then later when my then-completely-loopy wife murdered my baby son, they did me for it. Because even though they knew the mother was the guilty party, they knew she’d claim post-natal depression, and the only sentence would be 6mths for infanticide. Oh, let’s charge the dad – he’ll get life. Plod got commendations all round, pay rises and promotion.
    And I got a son in the ground, and a life sentence for something I didn’t do.

    You think this country’s honest? About as honest and fair as your silly views.
    Trust me, you won’t be in favour of it when you find the noose going around your neck, sunshine.

  342. 342
    p155ed off says:

    And where do you get the idea that “There are types of murder for which CP should not apply.”?
    Oh really? Now some types of murder are “better” than others?

    You’re keen to expound how the barbarism is in the manner of CP, yet you fail to comprehend that CP is the barbarism, regardless of what manner it’s carried out in.

    And “shit happens.” What happens when you’re that unlucky “shit?”

    I hope for one thing you never breed, because I fear for my kids being among yours.
    You are the prime reason we DON’T have CP in this country.
    To protect the rest of us from ignorant, stupid, moronic, unthinking neanderthals who think that a return to barbarism equals a step forward in evolution.

    Now, I am not going to respond further. You are offensive and make me sick.

  343. 343
    p155ed off says:

    You said: “Why is expence [sic] to the taxpayer never taken into consideration?”

    Maybe because human life is of more value than mere metal discs or little sheets of paper.
    That’s the difference between a moral person, and an immoral one.

    And you still don’t get it.

    You said: “But I have every confidence that a conviction will be secured on the basis of incontrovertable [sic] evidence and not on pure opinion as you suggest.”

    An opinion IS what the decision of a jury is. It’s nowhere near incontrovertible (spot how at least one of us can spell). Proof only exists when you have untampered video, or caught in the act. The word of another is not proof. Someone dissecting the act months later has no hope whatsoever of gaining 100% proof, fact or incontrovertible evidence. This is why you can have several people all witness the same event, and come up with different variations of it.
    But this is all forgotten when it comes to how a trial works. People like you are force-fed the idea that the judicial system here is honest and far from wrong. Just because you haven’t seen it at work, does not mean it’s 100% correct every single time.
    Our system is FAR from honest, and far from right, and the fallacy is kept going when no-one bothers to get their head out of the sand or their arse and check the facts.

    You are incapable of seeing how things actually are, because you are stuck in your own little closeted view, “safe” in the hope it won’t happen to you.
    Well, if hypoxia’s so painless (again, how can you exhort that it’s painless unless you’ve tried it?) then you have nothing to fear when it’s pumped into you.
    But just because you’re prepared to gamble with your life, I expect you not to gamble with mine.

    Enough said. I think you’re a troll. Plain and simple.

  344. 344
    p155ed off says:

    PS Before you delude any others about Hypoxia, perhaps you may read up on what crap you spout.
    Hypoxia is oxygen deprivation, ie SUFFOCATION, which is FAR from going out on a high.


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