July 22nd, 2011

James Murdoch Claimed Three Sentence Long
Law Firm Memo “Cleared” News International

Under questioning this week by the DCMS Select Committee, James Murdoch said he “relied upon” media law firm Harbottle & Lewis’s report when he and Rebekah Brooks claimed that hacking was the work of one rogue reporter. According to a Bloomberg newswire report Harbottle & Lewis is now seeking clarification from New York-based News Corp., by whom they were retained, about the extent to which its duty of client confidentiality is waived. The lawyer who first reviewed the emails, Lawrence Abramson told the Guardian that “Professional duty of confidentiality prevents me from commenting on this.”

Guido, in an effort to be helpful, is publishing the report. The report is from Lawrence Abramson of Harbottle & Lewis LLP to Jon Chapman, the in-house counsel at News International Limited, which James Murdoch told the Select Committee cleared News International is published in full below:

Re Clive Goodman

We have on your instructions reviewed the emails to which you have provided access from the accounts of:

Andy Coulson
Stuart Kuttner
Ian Edmondson
Clive Goodman
Neil Wallis
Jules Stenson

I can confirm that we did not find anything in those emails which appeared to us to be reasonable evidence that Clive Goodman’s illegal actions were known about and supported by both or either of Andy Coulson, the Editor, and Neil Wallis, the Deputy Editor, and/or that Ian Edmondson, the News Editor, and others were carrying out similar illegal procedures.

Please let me know if we can be of any further assistance.

29 May 2007

Count ‘em, it is three sentences long. Not exactly in-depth is it? Guido is increasingly of the view that James Murdoch is, without being too legalistic, totally f****d.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Shame , ilked James Murdoch………


    • 5
      Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

      He might be a nice guy, but he’s only there because of his genes rather than merit or ability. Wendi Deng is da man now! :-)


      • 72
        Anonymous says:

        Wendi is the only adult in Rupert’s family that is not tainted, it will be amusing to see Rupert’s kids faces when Wendi is made CEO and Chairperson.


        • 96
          Anonymous says:

          Look on their face will be priceless for every thing else they need Wendi’s signature.


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            I really don’t care, in the realms of life this is minor stuff. How about a judicial inquiry into the Iraq war- thousands of people died; MPs expenses, Lords expenses- they gave evidence as their defence that everyone was at it- what has been done about this corruption? Second jobs and lobbying continue, just like courting media moguls- what is being done about this?

            Meanwhile in the background Lie Dumb McClegg sees this as an opportunity to further entangle the UK in Europe not get back some of the social and economic powers we deserve and want. The EU is still acting illegally to bail out countries. They are now trying to further this illegal activity which McClegg supports. When is McClegg going to pursue David Laws investigation and make sure the police are truly independent. If they [police] were the case would have been completed by now. Come on Nicky sort your corrupt party out. As an atheist, where is your child going to school this September??


          • Don't give him your name Pike says:

            Ever wondered why these pages take so long to load up?

            They are tracking your IP address.

            Everything you write has a time and date stamp on it, and can be tracked back to your computer.


        • 122
          nell says:

          wendi is mother to 2 of his children – I’m sure if that happens her kids will be very pleased for her.


        • 234
          Anonymous says:

          What about his mother who was appalled when he bought the News of the World in the first place and made him tidy it up – which is why I believe he genuinely did not know that it had reverted to its traditions – and those of its competitors.


        • 248
          smoggie says:

          The long term strategem of the Chinese Government is coming to fruition. Did you see Agent Deng protecting their investment the other day?


      • 136
        b34st says:

        Wen Di is the kind of stepmother that we would all like to fuck
        Velly horny
        Long nails and silky black hair
        Then you get the pleasure of getting one over on your father
        All before the cruel fucking bitch turns you over *shudders*
        Maybe its my ploblem to be attracted to highly intelligent cruel looking Chinese women
        If James wasnt a kweer he would be up her like a koala up a euchalyptus tree


      • 239
        Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

        How much did Wendi Deng cost the old man?


      • 313
        Anonymous says:

        Any chance of this Norwegian being invited to the Labour Party conference?


    • 6
      Betty Swollocks says:

      How many sentences do you want?


      • 8
        Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

        One for Andy Coulson, one for Rebekah Brooks, one for Piers Moron, etc. etc., plus a bonus sentence for Chris Huhne the Hoon…


      • 71
        A Bucket of Whitewash says:

        Did somebody call?


      • 80
        Drew Pecock says:

        A life sentence for them both


      • 123
        His honour says:

        Guido is fighting a losing battle here. Best he returns to the more mundane Hunting of the Huhne.


      • 125
        Plain Speaker says:

        Quite. It seems to me that this is a breath of fresh air when legal council has given a precise and brief opinion. What the Fuck is Fawkes rabbiting on about?


      • 167
        Hannam says:

        Once again this blogger misses the point. The memo or whatever may be 3 sentences long but is an executive summary. The investigation may have been extensive. We don’t know either way at the moment. But don’t let’s let that stop Guido or his stand in from trying to draw conclusions where none can yet be drawn.


        • 179
          MrAngry61 says:

          Sorry – don’t believe that the statement is purely a summary. It simply refers to ‘the emails you have provided’, and is therefore heavily qualified.


          • Hannam says:

            On what grounds do you say that this is not a summary? None. There has been nothing put forward, as yet, to show how extensive the investigation was. If the emails were examined in great detail then this is a summary. If not then the company clearly did not do it’s job properly.


    • 27

      You didn’t listen to Uncle Moniker, Billy.


    • 110
      Anonymous says:

      According to the Telegraph, the judge chosen to carry out the judicial enquiery has links to the Merdochs family. He was the only proposed candidae, Oh Dear! There must be dozens of judges who have no connection to the Murdochs so why put him in this position it will only create the suspision of a potential whitewash.
      This is not fair to the judge or the publics perception of a propper enquiery

      Are our poloticians stupid or do they think the electorate are?


    • 114
      Simple Tone says:

      Am I being thick here? But that Email seems to clear everyone of wrong doing.


      • 124
        nell says:

        If it was a email from God clearing the murdochs, slimy twatson wouldn’t accept it.

        His ‘reputation’ is staked on getting a murdoch scalp and pleasing gordon!!


        • 129
          Knocker White says:

          But what on Earth is the point that Guido is trying to make? Or has H@rry been on the sauce?


        • 180
          MrAngry61 says:

          Nothing would please Gordon except for the keys to No. 10 & the nuclear launch codes…


          • Only me says:

            You mean that someone has given Cameron the launch codes!

            The guy has very poor judgement.


      • 132
        giant gonad says:

        You need to think carefully about what it doesn’t say.


        • 151
          easy1_guy says:

          …”reviewed the emails to which you have provided access”

          and therefore not the ones they didnt provide access to, m’lud.


    • 120
      MacBook Laptops Vulnerable to hack that Explodes Battery says:

      Onli Bcause I like U and fink U probably R daft Enuf to Bi Apple Products:


      I don’t give a monkies about Aple but I like U…..


    • 142



      my cap lock was on ok ?


    • 152
      Crikey says:

      Bloody Hell Guido. For once a lawer gives a concise precise answer and because of that you think it is “Totally f****d”?

      Have you been put up to this by T0M W@ts0n? I’ll provide you with the email as long as you take my side in this?


    • 330
      Chutney says:

      The shooting and bombing in Oslo is being portrayed as an extreme rightwing action

      I would suggest it is more national socialism attacking international socialism, a disagreement between socialists

      The shooter himself states that it is not an issue with capitalism v socialism

      If socialists had the power of a companies like microsoft, apple, vodafone, nike, i am sure they would put it to much darker use thank making money


  2. 2
    Spartacus says:

    For the general public this is still pretty much a non event


  3. 3
    Albert Hall says:

    Guido, without doubt you are an extremely helpful person.


  4. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ok , Guido, I read it, unless it some legal thing i dont understand what is the inconsistancy, J.Murdoch and the e-mail seem to say the same thing?


    • 7
      Paul says:

      Because there should be a more in depth investigation than a scan through a few emails for Murdoch to rely on this?


    • 18
      Ivor Biggun says:

      Why is it no surprise that you make a rushed, banal comment immediately, then come back later to let us know that you’ve now taken the time to read Guido’s pearls of wisdom?

      1 out of 10 for effort Billy – must try harder!


    • 94
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      Speaking as a regular high-street solicitor (not one of your jumped-up London types), I can’t see a problem here either. In my experience, the longer a lawyer’s statement is, the more it can be interpreted in different ways. I would kill for a counsel’s opinion like this.

      Maybe I’m missing something huge, though, which is why I don’t get the big bucks… :-)


      • 189
        East India Company wallah says:

        Would you happen to know a corporate lawyer who is honest and would not sell you out at the first opportunity-I have never come across such a specie-though I am desperate to find one


      • 285
        bergen says:

        I suppose it boils down to whether the e-mails examined had been pre-screened or complete access to the original records (undeleted) had been given-if the former,I can understand the letter,although I would have hated to sign off to it myself given those instructing, because it reeks of garbage in/garbage out and set the writer up to be patsy.It was a bit terse,to say the least.

        On the other hand,if they had full access ,then James Murdoch can hold his ground and has a good chance of successfully blaming someone else.

        You can be certain,whatever the answer,that some poor minion at the bottom of the ladder will be held responsible and not any of the chiefs.


        • 287
          Anonymous says:

          Well Vaz is heavily making the contrast with the former DPP’s evidence that he saw 5 emails and concluded within minutes that there was evidence of criminality.

          I would doubt very much that H+L saw every email. Possibly they saw only a small %.


      • 350
        Nemo says:

        Ok, ok, 2 solicitors, 20 opinions


    • 97
      Span Ows says:

      That’s what I thought…hope someone can eleaborate a bit. To me this seems to say that:

      (a) “JM told the truth”
      (b) “JM is totally f***ed”


  5. 9
    Safe Bet says:

    Now this is much more like it.

    I’ve got shedloads of cash at stake on this chappie.

    “Guido is increasingly of the view that Chris Huhne is, without being too legalistic, totally f****d.”


    • 181
      East India Company wallah says:

      I would not go too wild betting the Huhne gets tanked,he is a selfish,liberal,two-faced,cheating,global warming fanatic,uni eduacated,carbon trading,ex-banker,establishment stooge with the morals of prostitute so the judiciary will wonder why the CPS even had the cheek to place him in the dock

      He and his views are here til the next ice age-sorry


  6. 10
    Rumpole Stiltskin QC says:

    Never mind, eh, Jim?

    The Daughter also rises.


    • 134
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      My recommendation James, is join the Brotherhood asap for protection, but don’t ask me for a nomination. Boaz.


  7. 11
    Anonymous says:

    You can over-analyse things like this but the obvious question is does “known about and supported” also cover “known about without supporting”?


  8. 12
    les says:

    No, the letter isn’t in depth but Harbottle & Lewis will have to explain how they came to that view won’t they?

    I would say Harbottle & Lewis have some explaining to do.

    I don’t think Murdoch is f****d at all


    • 82
      AJC says:

      What did the instructions to Harbottle & Lewis LLP say?


    • 92
      Let's hear it for the lawyers says:

      Harbottle and Lewis have no explaining to do. They were hired by their clients to look after thier clients’ interests. That is all.


  9. 13
    Keith Adams says:

    Guido, you may argue that it’s not an in depth analysis and you may argue (as Tom Watson will) that Murdoch should have questioned the advice but you cannot argue that the advice was clear. Given the letter, neither can anyone argue that Murdoch lied – at least not on this specific issue.


  10. 14
    Lord North Street Casuals says:

    News International could have done with this Norway thing a couple of weeks ago.


    • 154
      Norris Stampton says:

      The BBC wouldn’t have touched the Norway story a couple of weeks ago. They took long enough covering the Mumbai massacres last week.


      • 320
        Sir Reginald Titbrain [Decd.] says:

        I was watching it as it unfolded on Sky, 4 possibly 5 dead on the Island at just before 6pm.
        Switched over to the BBC News; I was quite apparent I had more knowledge of the events than them.


      • 322
        misterned says:

        But their lefty friends in the Mirror are now in the cross-hairs in the hacking scandal AND it turned out that the Norwegian terrorist could be a right wing extremist instead of a nice follower of the religion of peace, so the Norwegian terrorist goes to top billing on the BBC.

        If it turns out that the guy is also anti EU and a ‘climate denier’ [sic] then he will become an anti-hero for the BBC and they will run with stories about him for weeks.


  11. 15
    A says:

    How does the contents of that ‘report’ suggest James Murdoch is “totally f****d”? My head hurts.


  12. 16
    Tuscan Tony says:

    I’m not so sure Guido: you quite often retain experts to distil a wide and serious issue down into a few words or sentences, and someone of the seniority of James would expect to pay serious £££ to serious peeps to give him 30 seconds reading worth of answer. The real measure would be the thickness of the H&L file and the hours they put in to produce the letter. Remember Hitchhikers’ Guide? It takes Deep Thought 7½ million years to compute and check out the key question, the answer to which turns out to be “42”.


    • 36

      I suggest we cut to the quick, TT. This is binary. Either JM knew or JM did not know. My money is on the former. If Guido’s copy is authentic, it is difficult to see how he can wriggle out of this, Bell Pottinger notwithstanding.


      • 148

        I see that my comment only has one supporter and a stack against. I stand by it for the following reason:

        You can delegate authority – but never responsibility.

        I see a need to differentiate between Harbottle & Lewis’s advice on what I take to be the contents of unlawfully gathered emails, on the one hand (which advice, incidentally, app.ears to me to be quite sensible), and the fact that they were unlawfully gathered in the first instance, on the other.

        If I have misinterpreted the situation, I would be grateful if someone could advise me. Otherwise, a million “thumbs down” would leave me unmoved.


        • 177
          Anonymous says:

          Can’t remember @ 144, You are wrong in your 2nd sentence.
          The art of good management is:-
          Delegate all responsibility
          Shift all the blame
          Appropriate all the credit.


          • mush says:

            like adolf!!



          • Thank you for your ironic comment, anonymong. I see that in just 13 years, we have managed to invert every value and principle that we ever mastered in a manner that would make NewLabour look amateurish.

            I despair. Casing away 2500 years of civilisation, we now have to relive a grander version of the Peloponnesian war, the decline and fall of the Roman Empire (possibly with China taking the main role), the Dark Ages, the second rediscovery that the world is round, the Re-Enlightenment, The Re-Industrial Revolution, The Wars to end all Wars, Hiroshima and, God help us, NewNeuLabour where we forget all our past yet again. Does not anyone read Santayana?


          • misterned says:

            I agree CRMM, Some people claim we are going back to the dark ages. If the climate alarmists get their way, we’ll be going even further back to the stone age.


        • 220
          Osama the Nazarene says:

          Murdoch (James) would be responsible whether he knew or didn’t know and he’s accepted responsibility by apologising.

          What he is fighting against here is allegations of complicity by not handing over other alleged hacking culprits. That is what Watson wants to nail him for.


        • 346
          Davy Crockett says:

          Cant remember my moniker – 7.45 am
          Does drawing a bead on him count?


      • 214
        Osama the Nazarene says:

        It doesn’t matter if he knew or not. You, or Tom Watson, have to PROVE he knew. This letter corrobrates James’ testimony.

        So the question then boils down to is TT correct and H&L trawled through thousands of pieces of evidence to produce a succinct report or did H&L sell James a pup, which is what Guido seems to think.

        What’s more James seems to be sure of their “report” in his response to the Select Committee.


    • 37
      Judge Judy & Executioner says:

      Agreed. Its typical of the executives ‘I’m paid to lead not to read’ mentaility.


    • 323
      Sir Reginald Titbrain [Decd.] says:

      It is a well known fact that D Day was 3 days later than originally planned because Eisenhower, when asked if it was go or no-go replied.

      ” Hang on, we’ve been planning this for months, so it’s not ‘yes’ or ‘no’. I will now retreat to my bunker and compile a lengthy report outlining the benefits and disadvantages of commencing this operation today. I expect it to be ready in 72 hours.”


  13. 17
    Keith Adams says:

    Ooops should have said, “you cannot argue that the advice was NOT clear”


  14. 19
    Anonymous says:

    Letter does seem to hint at least possibility of limited scope, but dated long before J Murdoch arrival.


  15. 20
    geoffers says:

    The lawyer gives his advice and the client is entitled to rely on it. Can’t see what Murdoch’s got to worry about if this is it.


  16. 21
    You heard it here first says:



    • 24
      Anonymous says:

      Heard it on Drudge he heard it from WSJ.


    • 64
      Allegedly Posh Jock says:

      And it was shown to be an unsourced, uncorroborated piece of nonsense- which is being looked at by the FBI not forming the basis of a major investigation……


    • 78
      jabbathecat says:

      From the WSJ

      “Commenting on the FBI inquiry, a News Corp. spokeswoman said: “We have not seen any evidence to suggest there was any hacking of 9/11 victim’s phones, nor has anybody corroborated what are clearly very serious allegations. The story arose when an unidentified person speculated to the Daily Mirror about whether it happened. That paper printed the anonymous speculation, which has since mushroomed in the broader media with no substantiation.””

      Sounds like Toilets Maguire is shit stirring again to try and get the spotlight off the Mirror.



      • 196
        East India Company wallah says:

        Indeed in the US my phone co. sent me by post my voice mail code only after the 14 day cooling off period for contract return and that was in 2001,until you used this code you had no voicemail, I think the status quo was encouraged by the police here as it saved them getting court orders,naturally some dim plod then informed dim journalists how it worked and the rest is history,dim cops,dim journo’s.but very dim mobile customers


    • 352
      Anon says:

      ‘Sir Paul Stephenson MAY BE criticising David Cameron for taking on Coulson’ -(BBC) – EMPHATICALLY DENIED by Stephenson

      ‘Allegations that Buckingham Palace MAY HAVE warned David Cameron about taking on Coulson’ -(BBC) – DENIED by Buckingham Palace.

      There should be an independent enquiry into the BBC news coverage of the last 2 weeks.


  17. 23
    Anonymous says:

    big queue at the checkout today in Tesco’s all talking about it !


  18. 25
    Teddy Timebomb says:

    How on earth does this contracict James Murdoch’s evidence? If anything it absolves him. What crap Guido.


    • 63
      Sir William Waad says:

      One might, rightly or wrongly, read Guido’s post as indicating that the legal advice may have been the result of rather less than a thorough and rigorous investigation, indeed, that one might even, at the extreme, form the opinion that it was superficial, although of course it would be wholly incorrect to describe it as a ‘whitewash’.


    • 69
      Allegedly Posh Jock says:

      Sorry Guido, you have let your prejudice against Murdoch cloud your judgement, you are just plain wrong in your interpretation…


      • 150
        Nigel says:

        Try reading it again.

        It effectively says: “based on the evidence which you provided for us to review, you’re in the clear”.
        Doesn’t that strike you as being a little circular ?

        I’m with Guido: the youngster is f***ed.


        • 172
          Elgin's lost his marbles says:

          Lawyers always qualify their advice that way. If they’d said “there’s a gaping hole in the evidence”, then he might have a problem.


        • 306
          Peter Grimes says:

          Well, Nigel, H & B could hardly give an opinion on emails they didn’t see, could they? Hence the wording.

          JM is only fucked if H & L weren’t provided with all of the emails from those named.


    • 73
  19. 28
    Sqeeker of the house says:

    This is the same legal firm who held of small file of emails for three years, and when it was reviewed by Lord Macdonald took him 3 minutes to see that criminal acts had taken place. Don’t think I would use them for house conveyance let alone corporate governance.


  20. 29
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Am i the only one who is not getting this?


  21. 30
    mrsean2k says:

    To repeat my Tweet, I agree with (4)

    The advice pretty unequivocally says that they are in the clear.

    In fact this is often the case with expensive advice in other areas – you pay for an unequivocal opinion and for that opinion to be expressed with brevity and no ambiguity.

    Then, when it goes tits up, you point at the enormous invoice and ask your advisors why they got it wrong and what it was that they did to ensure that they’d get it right in the first place

    I’d guess that JM paid a lot to receive this advice. H & L might end up paying a lot more


  22. 31
    Morgan's Organ says:

    From the moment he appeared on SKY TV eulogising about the integrity of Rebekah ‘Murdoch’ Brooks you just knew he was a bullshitter supreme!


  23. 32
    Whendi Deng says:

    My boy rupi has tons of cash in the attic. he’ll see jamie cleared.


  24. 34
    Jimmy says:

    You’re giving up just like that?


  25. 35
    Ironside says:

    How does this square with Lord Ken Macdonald saying that it was ‘blindingly obvious’ that the mails disclosed criminality ?

    Perhaps Harbottle & Lewis were writing for News International on legal affairs ?

    And now it appears His Lordship has broken bread with NI.

    Where does this all stop ? (apart from jail)


  26. 38
    Didn't U notice says:

    Big Clue as to which staffers Emails were submitted though.

    Jules Stenson who he/her


  27. 39
    Mark Skid says:

    Why do you say that James Murdoch is f****d? He told the truth, and you have very kindly provided the proof.
    I don’t pay lawyers for paper by the pound, I pay them for answers, as clear and as short as possible.


  28. 40
    ssdb says:

    I can’t see the problem with this.

    The letter was sent before JM took over, so presumably he read it after the event and came to the conclusion that there was nowt to worry about.

    It’s only because they found the new cache of emails and then acted that this is a current news item. What more should he have done? Paid for lawyers and then come to his own conclusions? (which is what it appears Dave has done)

    Now we’ll have fatty Watson droning on and on ad nauseam and muddying the waters with party political rubbish.


  29. 41
    FonyBlair says:

    I would say the advice is fairly clear! You don’t need War and Peace to make it clearer or give it more justification?

    What am I missing?



  30. 42
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    KP 202 told you all this morning he was going to get a big one!!!!

    england declare.


    • 109
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Well done Billy. Mind you, Zaheer pulling up lame did no harm to your cause. Actually, you said Trott for 150 and KP for a ton. In the event they got 250+ between them, so I forgive you. That last 50 in 26 balls was something very special.


  31. 43
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Update: 474-8 dec


  32. 44
    Its odd that this person has no entry in Wikipedia says:

    Paul Carlucci


  33. 45
    ZT says:

    A little ambiguous for a lawyer – what does “and others were carrying out similar illegal procedures” add to this spiel?


    • 208
      A Pensioner says:

      Its poor drafting. “and others” should be “nor that others”

      Can’t get the help nowadays.

      BTW I’m with the view that James is in the clear. This length is normal for legal advice when the issue is unambiguous – otherwise there would be lots of lawyer arse covering stuff.


  34. 46
    Gladiatrix says:


    I think you have missed the point about this email, and H&L’s investigation. Lord McDonald, whose connections to NI may be open to question, has looked at the same emails and has said he finds the advice H&L gave ‘incomprehensible’.

    H&L can whinge about the terms of its retainer and what questions it was asked all it likes but a former Director of Public Prosecutions, i.e . a man who knows evidence of a crime when he sees it, has said H&L has cocked up and done so in a big way. If he is right and H&L has been professionally negligent then James Murdoch has a legitimate claim to have been misled by legal advice on which he was entitled to rely.


  35. 47
    Its odd that this person has no entry in Wikipedia says:

    Jules Stenson


  36. 48
    Tooth fairy says:

    “appeared to us to be reasonable evidence”

    A jury of 12 are the true judges as to what is reasonable or not.

    A solicitor employed to come to a view would have a hundred arguments as to why things “appear” different. The test should have been if it was reasonable to assume a jury might think otherwise.


    • 224
      Lord North Street Casuals says:

      Murdoch can only go with the advice he received at the time, and remember he wasn’t invloved with NI when the original hacking arrests took place, a jury can’t decide quilt on facts we know today but that weren’t presented to Murdoch by his lawyers 4 years ago.


  37. 49
    Johann Hari says:

    I love to be totally fucked.


  38. 51
    Desperate Dan says:

    Far from being f***ked it looks as though he was telling the truth.

    “…..we did not find any……….reasonable evidence that Clive Goodman’s illegal actions were known about ……… by both or either of Andy Coulson, the Editor, and Neil Wallis, the Deputy Editor, and/or that Ian Edmondson, the News Editor…”

    How can that be interpreted as anything other than letting James Murdoch off the hook?


  39. 52
    Brian Gilhooley says:

    I hold no candle for james Murdoch, but I’m getting sick of the BBC’s feeding frenzy on this matter. Basically, outside the leftist media such as the BBC and the Grauniad, who gives a stuff?


    • 55
      The bowler's Holding, the batsman's Willey says:

      Agreed. the Telegraph has barely mentioned the hacking scandal.


    • 67
      Crikey says:

      Poor BBC, they may be now forced to allocate at least a small part of their near monopolistic news resources onto the developing situation in Norway. At least for a few minutes. Then back to the Murdochs ASAP.


      • 228
        Redberry says:

        Norwegian gunman once a Murdoch employee, says Chris Bryant, from a well-placed but anonymous source.


      • 331
        misterned says:

        They will move about 80 different journalists there now that it turns out it was a right winger and not a Moslem who killed all those people. It has suddenly become newsworthy AND it distracts from having to report on the increasing number of allegations against the Mirror.


    • 76
      thespecialone says:

      You should have said “outside the media”, because they are all at it one way or another and they are not clean. I know of no one who really gives a stuff and the general public are “hacked off” as there are far more important news stories. After the Oslo bomb/shootings, as dreadful as they are, it will keep the Murdoch story off the headlines for a couple of hours.

      ps…isn’t the euro going down the pan? Is Libya still being bombed?


      • 98
        Lord North Street Casuals says:

        To the Guardian & BBC there is “good” law breaking and “bad” law breaking. For instance if the NOTW breaks the law and discovers the Deputy Prime Minister is shagging his secretary over his desk when he is supposed to be looking after Britain’s transport network that is “bad” law breaking deserving of the paper to be closed, the editors & executives sent to prison and the US parent company dragged through the US court system. However, when the Guardian receive stolen goods which reveal classified Ambassadorial cables between say Yemen and the US State Department in which the Ambassador discusses secret help the Yemen government is giving the United States and as a result of the leaking scores of people end up dead, that is “good” law breaking deserving of a ‘Newspaper Of The Year ‘ gong. Maybe if the US Department Of Justice started arresting all Guardian journalists when they landed at JFK the Guardian wouldn’t be so quick to egg on DoJ fishing expeditions.


        • 201
          East India Company wallah says:

          Correct,either the press are free or they are not

          even car repo guys contact neighbours to see if car is about,a labour sell out of private info-I had no idea my neighbour 3 doors down was behind on his payments-so disgusted I told a lie-fuck em


  40. 60
    God is an Englishman. says:

    James Murdoch came across as a slimy little bugger!


  41. 66
    Gordon Brown says:

    I am a strange, angry man.


  42. 68
    I don't need no doctor says:

    I still think the new quiet Tom Watson MP is spooky.
    Is Piers Morgan still protesting his innocence.
    Come on Watson lets see you ask Morgan about hacking. In fact lets see you tell James Murdoch he is guilty, but do it outside of parliamentry privelege.
    If, Watson, you do this it will go some way to showing you are not just trying to score political points, and of course show how sincere you are.


    • 75
      Allegedly Posh Jock says:

      He is of, of course, being disingenuous. He is a fat troughing Hoon who is pissed off at being unmasked for the greedy, grasping thieving Hoon that he is.


      • 81
        I don't need no doctor says:

        Yes we haven’t heard the BBC question Watson’s integrity has a committee member. If Watson has fiddled his expenses then maybe he has fiddled his information. Incidentally, where did Watson get his information from.


      • 221
        arrow_ straight and true says:

        am i seeing a denial from all sides coming?

        cameron can cement his position for the next 3 elections if he digs in and sees this through.

        hacking is the lesser angle. go for it young man, and i was always labour till blair!!!


  43. 77
    I don't need no doctor says:

    BBC News – we don’t let facts stand in the way of our unbiased reporting.


  44. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Muzzie Watch.

    They are at it again in Norway.

    Enough is enough, time for all decent people to disown thes bastards.


    • 89
      Not again says:

      Have they claimed it?


    • 146
      Another Engineer says:

      Are you sure that’s the case?

      I’m assuming the gunman is the same person that did the bombing. Does it not seem a bit more McVeigh?


    • 164
      Norway Forever says:

      ‘Anonymous’ = Khazarian cocksucker psycho scum. Fuck off back to Mongolia, Y*d.


    • 334
      misterned says:

      Turns out (according to the BBC who have suddenly taken an interest) that the bomber and shooter is a right wing extremist Christian fundementalist.

      All he needs is to be anti-EU and a climate denier and the BBC will have him on our screens for weeks, giving them plenty of reason to not cover endemic hacking at the left wing Mirror.


  45. 83
    nell says:

    Ah! Being economical with the truth!

    No doubt militwit bliar and brown will be entirely open , honest and forthcoming when cameron’s Inquiry asks them to make a detailed declaration of every time they have met with NI employees and murdochs over the last 13 years!

    Of course I’d like to see them asked to make a detailed declaration of all the times they’ve met with mirror, graudian and beeb folks too.

    Pigs will fly. One law for the murdochs and another one for them!


  46. 84
    Prole says:

    This ‘report’ refers to emails ‘to which’ JM had provided.

    Have we seen which emails these are ?

    Law can emphasise the best and worst aspects of humanity, I hope morality and legality win this one.

    Otherwise we’re left with foam pies.


  47. 85
    I Only Arsked says:

    It’s allright for you posh gits to ask who knew what and when did they know it , blah de blah, and follow the money, blah de blah.
    But us Normal, Hard-Working Fambley Men still think there aint enuff sex in thus’un.
    So, for a start: C’mon, tell us, was Rupert knobbin’ Rebekah?


  48. 86
    Don't you just hate a smart-arse says:

    Length isn’t everything. I passed one of my bar exams by writing for a mere 15 minutes. I just happened to know the exact answer to the question.


  49. 88
    joescotus says:

    i demand the lovely johann give us his incisive insight into this murdoch thingy scandal!…joooohaaaaaaann!…..johannnnnnn!
    ermmm can anyone tell me where he is?


    • 116
      Alice in Wonderland says:

      He is too busy helping Churchill with his maiden HoC speech, after which he will be bringing peace to pre WW1 Europe by appealing to the league of nations.


      • 202
        East India Company wallah says:

        Oh Alice you big big fibber,why only this morning I saw him resining the archers bows at agincourt,he simply cannot be in three centuries at once-wibble-wibble


  50. 93
    Scam Me Not says:

    Oh! Moderated.

    What a suprise. Clean up your Ads Guido FFS!


  51. 99
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    I hear the religion of peace has struck in Norway.


    • 130

      Could be wrong there mate the reports say that the gunman who opened up on those kid on the island was 6foot tall blonde and spoke fluent Norwegian

      The island looks bad, there are bodies floating in the sea all over the place
      reports say that they ran into the sea to escape ,but the water is so cold that you would die within two minutes !


    • 251
      smoggie says:

      The Lutherans?


  52. 103
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    FFS! Moderated again! I’ve got to learn to stop putting the innocent word “spe_aking” in my posts. Can you not at least get rid of that auto-mod, Guido?

    I’ll try again:

    Sp’eaking as a regular high-street solicitor (not one of your jumped-up London types), I can’t see a problem here either. In my experience, the longer a lawyer’s statement is, the more it can be interpreted in different ways. I would kill for a counsel’s opinion like this.

    Maybe I’m missing something huge, though, which is why I don’t get the big bucks… :-)


    • 117
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The more it can be interpreted in different ways, the more time the lawyer spends in court explaining it. You’ll die honest, but in poverty.


  53. 104
    Alex says:

    Fraid you are wrong there Guido. This is just a letter confirming a finding of facts (or rather confirming a lack of evidence). It is about the same length as an auditor’s sign off on a set of company accounts. I wouldn’t expect it to be any longer(and I wouldn’t expect Murdoch to trawl through the e-mails himself).


  54. 108
    adge says:

    I found it quite amazing James Murdoch was able to answer the questions by Watson as well as he did, I could hardly understand some of Watson’s words what accent does he have?


  55. 113
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Allah Ackbar Oslo Norway


  56. 115
    Robert Peston BBC says:

    Only in the insane show trial world of planet la la land could a letter that clearly corroborates Murdoch Jnrs version of events be seen as proof of guilt because it is too short.

    WTF is going on? Its like claiming that a convicted murderer is actually innocent because his conviction only ran to the words ‘guilty as charged’ I mean to say what do people want? Would a 1000 page sworn testimony in front of the assembled UN do the trick?


    • 121
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      The UN is composed of the largest gathering of theives, murderers and rogues yet unhung. No, it wouldn’t.


      • 173
        HenryV says:

        By Christmas of their first semester even the stupidest International Relations under grad’ knows the UN is a grade f*ck up. Why do the majority think it is some sort of world government? And then there is the way idiots use the term international law. Makes me weep.


    • 157
      annette curton says:

      Peston and co will still bounce back, Newsnight? (groan).



    • 160
      Phil says:

      Thats the first comment from Pest house that I would unequivocably endorse.
      Murdoch has obviously instructed H & B to investigate his senior management in an attempt to find out if they were in any way involved in this and H & B have said NO!
      I fail to see how this lands Murdoch or any of the named in form of shxt.


  57. 118
    Cynic says:

    It all depends what ‘others’ means doesnt it.


  58. 127
  59. 135
    annette curton says:

    Pity such concern and thoroughness was not and is still not being shown by Parliament and the msm into some of the things that really matter, Iraq dodgy dossiers and cash for Peers to name but two instances that really do strike at the heart of our pretend democracy, fuck wasting time and money over MPs, celebs and pundits sleazy voice mails, its a bleeding pantomime that’s going to go on for years and cost us tens of £millions, if they thought they had been subject to illegal information gathering why did they not make a formal complaint the Police at the time or take civil legal action against the alleged Newspaper groups involved like any normal person would.


    • 342
      Lord GaGa says:

      because that would be like expecting a guilty man to point the evidence out…labour know they are bang to rights in all of this and the further they have pushed and pushed for purely political expedience they have dug a deeper and deeper hole into which I hope they fall…hypocrites


  60. 137
    A state of Unrest says:

    Went to Iceland this evening. Every one was pleased with the 20% hike in energy bills, they were ecstatic that you can’t buy butter for less than a quid anymore, jumping with joy that 90% of a plane ticket is spent on hugging a tree, quite bowled over that they are going to subsidise a new train line to Birmingham, positively ebullient that their loan to Ireland had just had its interest rate halved in order to prop up the Euro project and they were in a state of great turmoil and gnashing of teeth that Hugh Grant and Jemima Khan had had their voicemails listened into because they were not bright enough to change their PIN.

    This Iceland store was located in the Westminster village mind.


    • 145
      annette curton says:

      Not the one that blew around £4 billion of UK Local authority investments then… Councillor Dickhead went to Iceland (sucker).


  61. 139
    Elgin's lost his marbles says:

    One sentence “There’s nothing there mate, don’t worry ’bout it” would summarise that memo. No other conclusion springs out.

    Duff conclusion, sir.


  62. 140
    b34st says:

    Just why arent we having a good long hard look into where James the kwerst likes to stick his penis?
    Its blokes
    Sydney meets francisco accent wise and dick wise
    Total fucking knob jockey


  63. 141
    A lawyer writes... says:

    I’ve read it and I’ve read it again. What’s the problem?

    (By the way, that’ll be £100.00)


  64. 144
    No one else would touch it says:

    Reckon W@tson has found a friendly printer for the email in Gu1do’s blog.


  65. 147
    Why? says:

    Why does the religion of peace want to blow everyone up who is not a member of their peaceful religion?


    • 238
      Anonymous says:

      It doesn’t.

      The only people who use religion to blow people up are:

      a) People who don’t understand the true original teaching of that religion.


      b) People who pretend that the religion teaches something other than what it does teach, in order to further their own personal twisted cause.

      Also, a lot of people who are part of that religion don’t understand the difference between the religion, and the “traditions”. For example, in islam, there’s absolutely nothing that says that women can’t drive, or that they have to cover themselves up from head to toe etc; all that bullshit is pure “tradition” that was created in places like saudi arabia and pakistan and it has absolutely nothing to do with the religion; it’s purely a kind of cultural apartheid that they’ve inflicted on their women as a way to subjugate them.


    • 258
      Grumpy Old Man says:

      Because,” Peace”, is obtained when there’s no one left to fight against. Co-incidently, this is also the Marxist-Leninist definition of Peace.


  66. 153
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    There is no deity
    (none truly to be
    worshipped) but, Allah,
    and I bear witness that
    Mohammad is the
    Messenger of Allah


  67. 155
    Surely this man has to be arrested and deported ? says:



    • 159
      There has to be a limit to this. says:

      He certainly has no place in Great Britain. Yet we continue to provide him with benefits and the full misguided protection of the law.

      If a Christian had Twittered such views his collar would have been felt by now.


    • 163
      Anonymous says:

      Bin Laden’s ‘troops’ killed countless Muslims over the years, as did the thugs of Saddam’s security services. Is there any record of Choudary condemning those two? Or does Choudary look the other way when the person doing the killing is himself a Muslim?

      …and one of the principal complaints they level at the West is that we have double standards!


    • 165
      cleric says:

      And that makes it OK to Kill and maim Norwegians, women and children and all ?

      I’m not so sure Mohamed would agree with you Anjem.


      • 170
        The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

        I think he would, all is game in the Dar al-Dawa until Islam rules completely.


        • 175
          nell says:

          that’s only anjem’s interpretation.


          • The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

            Wrong again DOZY, it states it clearly in EVERY .Q.u.r.a.n as the words and will of Mo and Allah.

            It’s YOUR interpretation of the facts dozy.

            I’ll spell it out for you as once again you prove your thick as pigshit.

            Moderates and Extremists believe in the exact outcome just differ on the means of obtaining it.

            Much like the Mensheviks and Bolsheviks did during the 1900′s.

            Extremists like Anjem tell it like it us straight up to your face and put themselves in plain-view to target.

            Where as thick yokels like you nell let the moderates tell you one thing on one hand about living in ”peace” and ”denouncing” the extremist methods while they sit and outbreed the rest of us for a silent ‘PEACEFUL’ takeover with the other hand.


        • 204
          East India Company wallah says:

          Islam will never rule as the adherents are the most corrupt on the planet,hence the need to portray the old world (Christendom) as satan,bong minded shites with the morals of a Lib Dem


    • 169
      Anonymous says:

      Didn’t Saddam send troops to kill Muslims in Iraq in the 1980s?
      Diidn’t Saddam send troops to kill Muslims in Kuwait in the 1990s?
      Didn’t Saddam send troops to kill Muslims in Halabja in 1988 – with chemical weapons. no less?

      I invite Anjem to tweet his condemnation of any or all of the above.


    • 174
      OH come on Sarah. It is time you are saddened at Musl1m terrorism. says:


      • 178
        nell says:

        Anyone who hosts slumber parties for people her husband purports to despise needs to ask herself and her husband where their values lie!!


        • 341
          Peter Grimes says:


          But that was just another of McMong’s lies in an attempt to down Boy Dave. Like all of his previous adventures, he failed!


      • 184
        Stupid Woman says:

        Would it not be better just to be saddened at the brutal attack rather than consider it was a Labour youth camp? You seem to be as biased as Anjem Sarah.


      • 186
        Anonymous says:

        Stupid fucking bitch


    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      Stop this bastards benefits now and kick him out. Scum.


    • 192
      Tell it like it really really is says:

      Why are the bbc suppressing the fact that these people now want Bradford, Dewsbury and Tower Hamlets to be islamic states – the taxpayer still funding them, of course.

      Their intention, I quote here, “To pave the way for the worldwide domination of *slam.”


    • 216
      The Looking Glass says:

      Anjem is probably a government stooge. He talks a lot but does very little. They have him get up to this nonsense because he acts as a lightening rod for even bigger idiots.


    • 218
      HenryV says:

      Um. Isn’t that incitement to religious hatred or something? I thought that was a crime?


    • 253

      If I were to say, or imply, that the truncation of Anjem Choudary’s existence could be justified because of the 9/11 or 7/7 attacks on British citizens, I would most likely be arrested.

      By contrast, this enemy of society can make his claims with complete impunity. How did we ever allow ourselves to get to this desperate situation?


    • 336
      misterned says:

      Interesting that another Moslem thinks it was a Moslem attack, even though it looks like it was a right wing fundementalist Christian.


  68. 161
    Engineer says:

    Interesting listening to ‘Any Questions’. A straw poll of the audience on the question, “Do you think the media coverage of the events surrounding News International and phone hacking has been excessive” gave a resounding “Yes”. (I think Toenails – the current Dimblebore substitute – was a tad taken aback, but he had the grace to apologise, after a fashion.)

    The public aren’t stupid. They see all this as Westminster Village froth. They know that there are far more important and far-reaching events going on.


  69. 162
    Recall says:

    Guido it’s best you got back from France PDQ. H@rry has lost the plot.


  70. 168
    Little Angussie says:

    For Gods sake lads give this a break now – its been done to death.

    We all know the NOTW is guilty of hacking – why get in a lather if James Murdoch knew or not. Is it not time to go after the Mirror or Guardian/Observer journos? Im sure there must be some skeletons lying around somewhere.

    What about that fat bas tard Brown and the barefaced rewriting of history last week? Go after him Guido ffs.


  71. 171
    bystander says:

    Who cares and the BBC using Neil and Cambell to sit in judgement !

    If you don’t like it don’t buy the fucking papers, simple


    • 176
      nell says:

      How can the beeb use alicampbell, bliar, prezza, twatson, chrisbryant as moral arbiters for anything?!!

      What idiots!! Of course, the public is going to despise them for that!!!


      • 200
        Anonymous says:

        Why not Lady Nell; is not Chakrabarti (Liberty) selected as a member of the Leveson committee of enquiry?


        • 206
          East India Company wallah says:

          She has a mind of her own,does that worry you,the government is Libertarian not Liberal


  72. 188
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Criminal damage? Not murder?! What the fuck?!


    • 191
      Social media? says:

      Yep very odd. No doubt more to follow.

      Moral of the Story DO NOT USE Facebook. EVER


      • 255
        Anonymous says:

        If she did these crimes there would be other evidence as well, eventually leading to her arrest.

        I don’t see that facebook made a huge difference, apart from maybe making it happen a little quicker.

        But I agree – don’t use facebook, because it is ridiculously banal.


    • 211
      b34sts yellow tinged shorts says:

      Tell me that you wouldnt like it to give you a bed bath

      Dirty looking slut with homicidal habits
      Scarey but exciting
      Sorrta like Sarah Palin


  73. 193
    Anonymous says:

    Reads like very, very carefully chosen words.


    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      Yes it does. Gu1do has lost the plot on this one.


    • 199
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      I should bloody well hope they were. I choose my words carefully even when I’m acting on a shitty house conveyance.


  74. 194
    blood n guts says:

    Can’t see how the DM can justify the publication of this photo into the mainstream.


    • 207
      b34sts yellow tinged shorts says:

      Fucking apalling but just look at the size of the nipples on her
      Why the fuck would you need a reindeer hat stand when you have those around


  75. 215
    Nothing to see here, move along folks says:

    The News Corp/Conservative coalition have deployed the massed ranks tonight in an operation worthy of FUSAG 1944.


    • 223
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:

      Mirror Group has just got fucked on live TV, not bad after ED and Balls got fucked over on live TV during the week, along with baldwin, Campbell, McBride, Bliar and Brown.
      Piers will be facing an arrest warrant, the beeb and the tax evading Guradian have made complete bias arses on themselves…


      But baldwin or Liebour still owe me drug money so fucking cough up!


  76. 226
    That's News says:

    What??? Are we sure about this? A law firm that uses 100 words were most law firms would use 1,000 and charge by the word?

    I wonder if that might catch on?


  77. 227
    rafa says:

    Was it a REPRESENTATIVE sample of emails?

    It looks to me like Guido thinks James is f**ked, because the sample of emails presented for comments, may have been obviously far too limited to establish whether email hacking was widespread in the NOW.

    If, say, you only present a few score emails, when actually there were thousands of emails from many individuals, available, then obviously you are rigging the evidence and the law firm’s report.

    Could we have this point clarified please?


  78. 233
    Blackberry Islamofascia says:

    James Murdoch is like a private sector David Miliband


  79. 236
    History of the World in reverse: Motorhead, Reading 79 to Hawkwind, Stonehenge 82 says:

    Just for the lulz, yeah?


  80. 237
    Anonymous says:

    In other news, it turns out that the case of the guy who the police arrested for stabbing a burglar when a bunch of balaclava-wearing burglars stormed his house in the middle of the night, was even more badly handled by the police than we thought.

    Not only did the police arrest a clearly innocent victim immediately after he’d been traumatised by one of the most terrifying crimes imaginable, but it turns out that they weren’t just balaclava-wearing burglars storming his house in the middle of the night, but that they even had machetes.

    Fuck me, if the police arrested me after I’d stabbed a machete-wielding bunch of balaclava-wearing burglars who stormed my house in the middle of the night, I’d be off to the newspapers like a shot and do my best to name and shame all the coppers responsible for such an absolutely obscene way of treating a victim.

    If anyone from the police who had anything to do with this case is reading this; shame on you, you’re a fucking disgrace to humanity, and I hope your balls get chopped off by a machete-wielding balaclava-wearing burglar that storms your house in the middle of the night, you fucking inhuman pieces of shit.



  81. 240
    Jeremy says:

    You are nearly always right and we love you but you have got this spectacularly wrong.

    Harbottle and Lewis are ranked as the Number 1 media law firm in London. They advised NI that there was no unlawful activity based on the evidence they viewed. They could have summarised their advice in one sentence let alone three and yet James Murdoch would have still been entitled to rely upon it.

    If anything this shows that Andy Coulson was not aware of the Goodman activities.

    The only caveat is what emails did NI provide to Harbottle and Lewis upon which to base their advice?


    • 332

      The point is that they were given a selected 300 emails, first seen by NI execs, which H & L said were in the clear. James Murdoch then used this as cover to say that a respectable law firm had investigated and cleared NI in a report. Which is a stretch.


      • 340
        Lord North Street Casuals says:

        But James Murdoch wasn’t working at NI when the emails were forwarded to the lawyers. I think if you get a letter from a law firm telling you they’ve reviewed the evidence and everything is okay you are entitled to believe it. I don’t see why he should be expected to ignore it and demand a whole new investigation. Obviously from where we are today he’ll wish he had, but not 4 years ago.


  82. 241
    Anonymous says:


  83. 242
    Toby Jug says:



  84. 243
    albacore says:

    Seems to me that that legal opinion is remarkably concise and unambiguous, as these things go.
    Not like, say, treaties signed by our very wonderful Parliaments, the majority of whose members would have us believe that they have less grasp of their own, horridly complex, expenses claims system than Larry the cat.
    Still, Dave soldiers on, brow hardly furrowed at all except in contempt at that awfully inconvenient and cast-iron clear-cut word “referendum”.



    • 244
      History of the World in reverse: Motorhead, Reading 79 to Hawkwind, Stonehenge 82 says:

      We already know all that. Say something interesting you boring c unt. This blog is a sham.


  85. 246
    Divorce is an expensive suck! says:

    So what a lawyer tells you, mat not be relevant or stand up in court? And may not even be used as part of your defence at a later stage?


  86. 247
    Glenda Slagg-Chav says:

    Just listened to BBC Hardtalk on the current CRAP(sorry hacking thingy) on World Service and who did they have on??
    Greg Dyke and I am whiter than white and I did not live in my sisters box room EX Cabinet Minister (yes you got it) J SMIFF!!!!
    Balanced or what…almost as good as having greasy Vaz on!
    Thank fcuk I am not in the UK stan


  87. 250
    Anon says:

    if we really want to be happy we should go back to the 18th century ideal


    utter bollocks from the government.

    One thing that would make me happy if all politicians fucked off and left me alone


    • 252
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      Looks like some more of Hilton’s rubbish…..Happy Index mania.We’ll be having some more crap about “The Big Society” soon mark my words…

      “Dave & Co” haven’t got it…the British like being fucking miserable…moaning about the weather,their job, their relations,the state of the country, bloody foreigners, prices. You name it.

      They should study history..it’s what made this country “great”…our inbred cussedness has seen off quite a few things over the centuries…..


  88. 254
    Anonymous says:

    The Today 7am headline just described the Norwegian gunman as ‘blonde and blue eyed’.

    I wonder if he was a little ‘darker’ would they be so specific about his features?

    When people are stabbed in London by non-caucasians there is never any description of them nor even the use of their names.

    Oh, and of course they are reporting the gunman has ‘possible’ links to a far-right organisation.


    • 257
      The Black Shirts. says:

      Was out and about yesterday and it struck me as sinister that every policeman I came across was dressed in black and armed to the teeth and I am talking about rural market town england.

      Seems to me that policing with consent is going out the window.


    • 261
      Bystander says:

      Must be those wicked Q*1s.1ngs! They’re everywhere! We have them here in UK, only we call them EUSSR apparatchiks and toadies.


    • 263
      Fjord Prefect says:

      Must be those quiz people again


  89. 268
    Huhne off the hook says:

    “he could be saved if Miss Pryce rows back from her position. It is understood she has declined to comment in both police interviews.
    Crown Prosecution Service lawyers may decide a trial would be too difficult to mount without her full co-operation.”



    • 270
      Anonymous says:

      She didn’t think this through when she kicked it all off. The police don’t like playing other people’s games, or being used.

      It looks like she was blinded by her desire for revenge, but didn’t have the balls to do it properly.


      • 272
        Huhne watch says:

        I would guess she was out to ruin him by using the papers but when she realised that the law was getting involved and she too would be prosecuted she bottled. A pity really as it is obvious that the Huhne was driving and HAS perverted the course of justice.

        Bad judgement by Cameron yet again.


      • 283
        One of the Wimmin says:

        Hell hath no fury …. etc


    • 276
      Big Al says:

      She can fucking row her fucking boat anywhere she fucking likes so long as she fucking don’t fucking come near me or the missus who’s gonna fucking be the fucking next female P fucking M.

      Wanna buy my book?


  90. 271
    Eye_Spy says:

    So what have we found?

    That journalists are all a load of swingeing mother suckers.

    Did we not know that already?

    The monopolistic position of Murdy in the News and Entertainment industry was already due for compulsory dismantling and regulation. This story could have really broken at any time.

    It’s when you can’t watch England internationals on free-to-view that top Civil Servants start to grumble and whisper. The more intelligent news watchers can appreciate the put-up-job nature of all these events.


    • 275
      Anonymous says:

      Certainly the timing seemed forced and convenient. Nothing new came to light 2 weeks ago to make this suddenly a major issue. All of the essential facts have been known to NI, the police, and probably politicians, for years.


    • 277
      No such thing as a free lunch says:

      ‘Free-to-view’. That’s just language, none of it is ‘free’.

      Your only spreading their lies.


    • 279
      More to it than that says:

      That the police can easily be bought, The police national computer is not secure and the other state databases are not secure. Phone company and Bank records can be easily obtained? And it is not mainly journalists garnering the info but PI’s operating at arms’ length from the papers.


  91. 273
    Ben E FitzClement says:

    Let’s get James on the Germy Vile show. Germy’ll elicit the truth.


    • 282
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      I thought hate week was just that a WEEK. How long can this nonsense go on for ffs?

      Who gives a toss, no one would by his papers or watch sky if they really cared.

      Bring back Bush, at least he gave the B-bbc someone to focus on.


  92. 274
    Lord North Street Casuals says:

    Remember in the good old days journalists never revealed their sources and would go to jail to protect them. Now, in what appears to be a complete one eighty, they are revealing their sources and both are going to jail. Strange world.


  93. 286
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    For all the flak the bbc gets, here you have it: Newsnight has uncovered evidence of YEARS of routine phone hacking by journalists at…

    …the Sunday Mirror.



  94. 290
    Jeremy Kyle says:

    James, we have the DNA results. You are… NOT the father of Chaniqua.


  95. 291
    Anonymous says:

    BBC Balanced news! – earlier this week it was wall to wall coverage of phone hacking scandal – veirtually nothing else. This morning entirely focussed on the tragedy in Norway . Why not a regular update rather than constant repeating the same material. We can focus on more than one thing at a time you idiots!


    • 337
      misterned says:

      But the bomber/shooter was a right wing extremist, so clearly newsworthy. Had it been a muzzie, it would have warranted 10 mins at best. But it is a right wing extremists who gives the BBC a perfect excuse to not cover routing and endemic hacking at the Mirror.


  96. 292
    Where is Our referendum Dave> says:

    Cameron is a twat. He promised us a referendum on any major changes to the EU constitution. Instead he is trying to negotiate some minor concessions in return for allowing closer integration of the Euro zone to go through on the nod



    • 299
      Ssssid The Sssssnake says:

      More slippery than I am.


    • 307
      HandsomeDavid says:

      I am sure that election manifesto promise passed into law about two weeks ago. Lets see if it has any teeth.


      • 318
        HandsomeDavid says:

        Ignore my post above, it’s bollox, tried to substantiate it but could find no info on google.

        Besides it would have had to go to the Lords so could not have happened.

        That is one election manifesto promise that needs to be delivered for no other reason than they need to honour their promises.


    • 321
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      The “Daily Mail”(which of course does not actually support “Dave”‘s style of liberal conservatism) has already “kicked off” and put him on notice regarding this and said that after Hackgate he’s on borrowed tim and can redeem himself by holding a referendum. I don’t expect him to take any notice(the establishment knows that anything with Europe in the title will be vooted down by the British Electorate) but it shows that he’s likely to get a lot of hassle from sections of his party and backbenchers if he tries to weasle out on his promised referendum a la Lisbon on the basis of a few words that as non members of the eurozone it doesn’t affect the UK. Once bitten twice shy…rat on this referendum and any small remaining support he has in the Tory party will be gone(it’s not very strong as it is) and his judgement called into question…..again !!



  97. 293
    MB. says:

    The shootings in Norway are obviously a terrible tragedy but I am puzzled by all the references to a political party taking hundreds of young people to a remote island for “training” (as described by the Norwegian PM). I just wonder what would be said if a right-wing party took hundreds of young people to remote place for “training”?


    • 295
      annette curton says:

      Paradoxically, similar to the tactics used in another ‘socialist’ youth party who it seems the perpetrator is a fully paid up member of.


      • 298
        non believer says:


        80 young people lie dead and partisan cretins on here take that as an opportunity to try and play the “right wing victim of a left wing media conspiracy’ card and make Godwinesque allusions to Hitler Youth training camps.

        That’s your reaction to this tragedy?

        truly pathetic.


    • 297
      Anonymous says:

      That’s your response to 80 young people being murdered?

      Not sure now is the time to play the right wing victim of a liberal media here you twat



      • 301
        Stalin says:

        He’s just making a point.

        I mean “Labour Party Youth Movement” …..How sinister does that sound!


      • 302
        annette curton says:

        Expected response, there is an unwritten rule that nobody is allowed to comment on the circumstances surrounding these all too frequent killing events until at least 2 weeks has passed, then its O.K?


        • 305
          non believer says:

          No, just pointing out that’s it’s extremely telling that the first response to a tragedy of this magnitude (from some partisan cretins on here at least) is to use it as an opportunity to make snide comparisons between the victims and Hitler Youth, as well as using it as an opportunity to play the victim card.

          Depressing; predictable perhaps but depressing none the less.


          • annette curton says:

            Hmm, Godwins Law you say and yet you are the only one to have used the H word (twice) time to shut down the conversation.


          • You ain't going to control my mind Dude. says:

            Total clap trap. The notion of a political youth camps is abhorrent to most British people but they are under pressure to say nothing from sanctimonious people like yourself.


          • CHRIST ON A BIKE! says:

            Most people who post here would probably have the same gut reaction upon hearing that any political party was running “training camps” for it’s youth members.
            To free-thinking righties, any such organisations sound a bit sinister to say the least.
            That is not to detract from the horror that some psycho just unleashed on them and the mass media isn’t going to judge the politics of the victims when compared to mass murder of them.

            But sites like this provide a platform for a different take on events, you may not agree with those opinions, but they have a right to express them, even if it is off-topic!


          • non believer says:

            I’m not trying to shut down the conversation, I was making a comment about the feeble minded and incredibly peurile nature of your initial post.

            I was just responding to your pathetic and unseemly allusions to Nazi youth training camps.


          • Anonymous says:

            I am sure no one here is not deeply shocked and saddened at what has happened. The poster has merely pointed out that political youth camps seem very odd to the British. Presumably if the Norwegian Labour party is holding summer camps to train its youth movement then the Norwegian Conservative party must be doing the same. How can this make for an inclusive society if children are being indoctrinated into political tribes.

            Why do you think people should not have the right to question this?


          • non believer says:

            These aren’t Children you cretin!

            These are people, students mainly, in their twenties FFS!


          • Lord North Street Casuals says:

            Wait a minute, there used to be Young Conservatives who used to go to weekend conferences to be indoctrinated. The only problem was there wasn’t much indoctrination but there was a hell of a lot of drinking, drug taking, shagging, swinging from curtains and general debauchery and as result of all the bad publicity didn’t Central Offce shut it down?


          • Anonymous says:

            ‘I tried to call them over but soon realised they were dead': Norway massacre hero who ferried dozens of children to safety



      • 312
        MB. says:

        I was very careful to make no reference to any of the extreme parties on either side but I heard various references last night to a political party camp where young people were “trained” and it just stood out as being strange from a UK point of view.

        I suspect that most of the young people attending do all the usual things that people of their age do but it is odd that it is organised by a political party though perhaps no worse than the many similar camps organised here by religious organisations.


        • 329
          East India Company wallah says:

          It is brainwashing pure and simple,and the award for inane comment of the week goes to sarah brown see above twitter post-“attempting to engage with public service”———-puke


          • Mrs Brown's Twatter says:

            Yes. That Tweet by S Brown was pure political tribalism. I don’t understand why it hasn’t been picked up by the MSM. Making political capital out of this tragedy is awful.


          • MB. says:

            S Brown’s Tweet sounds like what you might expect from her PR representative but she was a PR person before marriage so perhaps she talks that way.


  98. 304
    mds says:

    The legal opinion is commendably succinct -, less room for ” interpretation”.

    Size does not matter.

    ” Not Guilty” is none the less powerful for being only two words.


  99. 309
    A Majority decision. says:

    Looks like the court of public opinion has decided that Guido is wrong.

    Take him down.


  100. 315
    Armitage Shanks says:

    The Murdoch crime family clearly believes it is untouchable – and perhaps they will be proved right if Britain’s recent history of bogus public enquiries is anything to go by.


    • 326
      Sometimes just sometimes being a member of a tribe clouds your judgement says:

      Proof shitface proof, it appears your guilty until you prove your innocence, 13 years a Liebour with corruption from politicians of all tribes and we still have them as innocent little babes, but the nasty paperboy made them all misbehave and is guilty even before they have there day in a REAL court of law, not a fkin shambolic,sports and social club shakedown by a gang of snake oil suppliers.


  101. 325
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Still dont get it.


    • 339
      Henry Ford says:

      Re open the cash for honours file.Plod obviously did’nt look too close.Was Yeats of the yard involved?


  102. 353
    Kenneth Widmerpool says:

    Despite the enormity of his crimes, Blair is still waltzing round the world, spouting lies, and enriching himself, wherever he goes, so what hope is there of justice prevailing in cases against the Murdoch Crime Family?


  103. 357
    Anonymous says:

    ‘I can confirm that we did not find anything in those emails which appeared to us to be reasonable evidence that Clive Goodman’s illegal actions were known about


    supported by

    both or either of Andy Coulson, the Editor, and Neil Wallis, the Deputy Editor, and/or that Ian Edmondson, the News Editor, and others were carrying out similar illegal procedures.’


    So they could have been known about, but not supported by?

    I wonder how much they charged for that service?


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