July 20th, 2011

Why Piers Morgan Should Testify

When his inquiry gets going in the next month, Lord Justice Leveson will have the power to call witnesses and question them under oath. Guido expects him to interview current and former tabloid figures. Those who have been at the heart of the Sun,  News of the World and the Mirror, or all of them. People like Piers Morgan.

Though Louise Mensch gave Morgan a slight get out clause last night by misquoting his book, the allegations she levelled at him are still valid. He did write about the theory and he has been accused by former colleagues of putting it into practice to break the Sven and Ulrika story. While Morgan can bluster from the comfort of CNN, will he be so gobby in front of a judge? There is only one way to find out.

His expertise in the field is rivalled by very few, so his evidence to Leveson is key. Lets just take a few things he has said in the past. In 2003 Morgan told the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee:

“I think, the working practices of a daily tabloid newspaper, of actually what goes on, you need to understand… in my view, there is very little difference now between the way the tabloids operate and the broadsheet newspapers.”

And what tactics were used in those operations?

In the same year that phone-hacking was rife on Fleet Street Morgan said:

“I have never known standards to be higher than they are today, particularly in relation to how we deal with ordinary people. I have never known it better.”

Perhaps he could expand on that a little, given what we now know?

He conceded “the problem is that if we slip up it becomes huge news.” He found that one out the hard way a couple of years later… 


  1. 1
    Gordon Brown says:

    i need a poo


    • 3
      Simon says:

      Not long now !


      • 16
        Anonymous says:

        Mrs T, Major, Blair, Brown and Cameron should testify as well. They should also say why they let Rupert through the back door.

        Cameron should also say what he get up to with Brooks when they meet in her house his house or friends house.


        • 25
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Do you treat voters with contempt?

          Do you not think they can make thier own minds up?

          Anyway, 2 of the ex Pms you mention are not fit to testify.


          • I cried when I read this says:

            Exactly – Brown would need a Hannibal Lecter mask and a nappy for a start.


          • Betty Swollocks says:

            Piers, do you like prison food?


          • MURDO'ER'OCRACY says:

            What background checks are being made into the Private investigators and which Spooky organisation Train them in this type of espionage?
            Mudoch empire attacks democracy by holding onto information of wrong doing obtained possibly illegally, to be used to coerce MP’s and Crown Ministers.


          • Anonymous says:

            1) Votes were mislead.

            2) Then Cameron should should call an election as votes were mislead.

            3) Why are two not not fit to testify? Is there some thing wrong with their mental state? Did they have this problem when they were PM as well?


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


            1 how were they mislead and by whom?

            2 see 1

            3 Baroness Thatcher has been ill in the last few years (Get well soon Mrs T) and Brown is a complete lunitic.


          • Anonymous says:

            Miss lead by the media, especially that has over 40% readership.

            Some one being ill is not an excuse, if she has gone mad then she doesn’t have too. Are you saying Mrs T is mad? I don’t think she is.

            I am sure Brown is fit and well to testify.


        • 43
          Rat's arse says:

          Anonymous……….. STOP VOTING FOR YOUR FECKIN SELF. Moron!


        • 54
          Sir William Waad says:

          Harold Wilson was PM when Rupert Murdoch first set up in the UK.


          • Anonymous says:

            He is dead, otherwise he could testify as well. If you could being him back then he should.


        • 93
          South of the M4 says:

          Mrs T would have forgotten, Major would not have listened, Blair will lie, Brown will narrow his eyes and whisper “.. I know where you live and the route your wife takes to work….” and then he will make that sickly smile and Cameron will say a lot of words that mean nothing. Yep, that’ll be a success.


          • Northern Convert says:

            Anyone seen Mandy lately? He is the puppet master controlling everything! I bet his phone wasnt hacked!


        • 112
          Cynical Old Man says:

          Brookes said yesterday that media stories about her going horse riding on a regular basis with Cameron, that she co-owned a racehorse and plots of land with him were totally untrue. She was so emphatic that I believe her. She didn’t know where the stories came from. She should look at Labour spinners.
          Remember Campbell planting stories about John Major tucking his shirt inside his underpants and David Mellor wearing a Chelsea team shirt whilst shagging his bit of extra-marital? These stories gain currency with the public and soon became accepted as fact. Both totally untrue. McBride and Dolly Draper took this practice one step further with “Smeargate”.

          Now Milliband junior has Campbell’s protege, Tom Baldwin, working for him. You join up the dots.


        • 126
          A different Anonymous says:

          Do you also agree that Brown should say what he got up to with Rebecca during their sleepover when he was supposed to be bawling his eyes out?


    • 5

      I already pissed myself when you threw me out of my chair.


    • 6
      fat soap dodger comes to sticky end whilst on holiday says:


    • 37
      The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

      Just go in your nappy.

      Mummy will change you later.


  2. 2
    Popeye says:

    With a modicum of luck Morgan will, at last, get his deserved cum-uppance.


  3. 4
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Piers Morgon is a twit.

    Full of shit .

    Loose lips and all that

    And FFS Hang him!!!!!


    • 119
      Handycock Teen Fondler says:

      I can categorically state that Piers Morgan and the Daily Mirror never hacked my phone, because I lost it in the sea along with my passport. With regards to Louise Mensch, she looks OK to me , is she Russian with a surname like that? If so bring it on.


  4. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    As to Louise , i think most will agree she is a rising star, there was another MP that was good, female, blonde, sitting next to James Clapper something, very calm and collected.


    • 20
      Billy Bellend says:

      A rising star! If she is the future of the Conservative party then they are f*cked. Did you actually see the spat on CNN between her and Morgan? She is a liar and a coward.


      • 26
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        On CNN?

        Away fixture, lets see what happens on the return leg.


        • 29
          Billy Bellend says:

          Have alook at the clip and then tell us again that she is a rising star. http://www.thisislondon.co.uk/standard/article-23971427-piers-morgan-forced-to-deny-that-he-personally-hacked-phones.do


          • Snotrocket says:

            It seems that Louise has put herself in a difficult position. The least she should do now, if she hasn’t already, is RTFB (but certainly not admit that she hasn’t read it!).

            One thing puzzles me: If she is covered by privilege in what she says and it subsequently turns out that she was wrong – and can be proved so, is she guilty then of misleading parliament? If she admits her wrong, is she liable for damages? And will she have to apologise to parliament?


          • Anonymous says:

            She’s a useless fuckwit with all the clueless arrogance of a spoilt 14 year old.


          • Snotrocket says:

            @Anonymous (the one with the really foul gob): In your assessment of Louise Mensch, are you doing that under privilege or the influence of alcohol?

            You really have no idea what you’re talking about and all you do is invalidate any future (valid) argument you may make because of your foul assertions. In all that we may make free on this blog with fruity language and toilet humour, a little courtesy and manners can go a long way.

            Please feel free to ROFLAO now, if it pleases you. Me, I like to take a more balanced view, even if I do think that Brown, by consensus, is a toe rag.


          • Anonymous says:

            She’s still a useless fuckwit with all the arrogance of a spoilt 14 year old.

            A-lister, my bum!!

            The evidence is here should you need to remind yourself:


          • Anonymous says:


            A person who is not only lacking in clue but is apparently unable or unwilling to acquire clue even when handed it on a plate in generous portions.”


          • Snotrocket says:

            In the words of Louise Mensch, Anonymouth, I refer you to what I said earlier in a post. When you’ve done with the foul-mouthed tirade, perhaps you will answer the question:

            If she is covered by privilege in what she says and it subsequently turns out that she was wrong – and can be proved so, is she guilty then of misleading parliament? If she admits her wrong, is she liable for damages? And will she have to apologise to parliament?

            And yes, I have watched the video, and being a fair-minded person, I don’t see how she can row make her allegations stand up. But then, I haven’t read Morgon’s book, and I don’t know what she might know having, as it were, access to insider info.

            So, stop your juvenile shouting and try to communicate on an adult level. The snag being that, if you do, no one will be able to see it is you, anonymouth, or another.


          • Anonymous says:

            She’s already made a fool of herself on CNN. Piers Morgan can easily produce evidence that she misrepresented what he said in his book, and of course Piers can do that to a very large US audience.

            If it sticks in the US that a Committee member has made such obviously false allegations, then News Corps can claim that the British Committee is just throwing about false allegations willy nilly and thus protect their interests in the US, which is of course where their important business lies.

            If such a state of affairs were to come to pass then it could reasonably be argued that she had undermined the work of the Committee.


          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            Anonymong on this thread, you’ve obviously not bothered to read Guido’s original post above in which he says,

            Though Louise Mensch gave Morgan a slight get out clause last night by misquoting his book, the allegations she levelled at him are still valid. He did write about the theory and he has been accused by former colleagues of putting it into practice to break the Sven and Ulrika story.


          • Anonymous says:

            Others may claim as they wish, and produce their evidence accordingly. I hold no brief for Morgan, and if he falls he falls. I couldn’t care less.

            She made claims which are unsupported by the evidence she cited.

            Not only that. She made a total fuckwit of herself on CNN, ensuring that Americans might reasonably view all the allegations being made in Britain as similarly tainted thereby letting Murdoch off the hook in US public opinion.

            A-lister, my arse!!

            Unless it was deliberate, of course. In which case, in time, she may join those hallowed ranks in Rupert’s Holy of Holies.


          • John Bellingham says:

            Only a sick, bitter, deviant– devoid of testosterone, intelligence, culture, breeding or any claim to being a member of the human race would slander the Lovely Louise.


          • Anonymous says:

            Louise is being protected by an Ubermensch.

            You put that thing back in your hosen and pretend you weren’t here.


    • 23
      HenryV says:

      You mean Nicola Blackwood?

      At the moment I am suffering from MP envy. It is a bit like penis envy.

      My local MP was piss-poor as normal. Thanks again Paul!!


    • 53
      Archer Karcher says:

      Louise Mensch?
      Did she vote to give Greece another £10 billion the other day? You know the £10 billion we will never see again and is not needed here for anything?
      Rising star?
      If you admire international welfare socialism, maybe.


      • 67
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Under both leaders , whoever was in goverment would have passed that, not to say i am fucking annoyed at it, just saying she came across really well in the committe hearing and has a future if she learns what it means to be a Tory (tho this would have helped before her election)


    • 76
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      Nicola Blackwood…Conservative MP Oxford West ??



  5. 9
    warwick hunt says:

    The man lives on his ego….. I for one will piss myself laughing when he gets brought down….


    • 59
      End of the Piers show? says:

      Piers Stefan Pughe-Morgan (born Piers Stefan O’Mear)

      What’s in a name?


  6. 11
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Be careful, many thought Murdoch was going to get skinned alive and James was thick and stupid, what happened was good tatics by Rupert and a very impressive performance from James.


    • 17

      I agree. But the effectiveness of a performance under question cannot be compared with the level of culpability in a position of authority.

      As Harry S Truman said, “The buck stops here.”

      Something I always tried to remember in management was:
      You can delegate authority – but never responsibility.

      The modern world has tended to forget this.


      • 40
        Evabrickatim says:

        It doesn’t matter. They didn’t nail him. They didn’t kill the beast much less drive a stake through his heart.
        Admiral Yamamoto after Pearl Harbour:-
        “I fear that all we have done is to awaken a sleeping giant whose revenge will be swift and terrible.”
        Anyone who was on that select committee – look at your future career and kiss it goodbye. The Murdochs don’t forget and they don’t forgive.


  7. 12

    Can a judge call him back from America?


  8. 13
    Vladikavkaz says:

    “People like Piers Morgan”

    Are you sure about that?


  9. 18
    PJ Brown says:

    When Gordon Held his slumber parties at Chequers did he take his Teddy with him?


    • 21
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Eds mum wouldnt let him stay out weekends, not at his young age.


      • 75
        Johnny says says:

        Sounds like Dad’s Army – Ed Miliband = Pike. Brown = Mainwairing. Mandelson = Wilson. Balls can be the ARP warden.


    • 24
      Brown on Oath says:

      Ed has opened up a whole can of worms calling for the judicial inquisition. Gordon is not going to be best pleased at having to talk about the slumber parties on oath. I dread to think what the Blairs got up to,


      • 30
        Mike Hunt says:

        Indeed, not very bright is he!
        Thought he would get a good headline without a thought to the consequences.

        Why do you think Dave agreed to it?


  10. 19
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Ya what makes this sad for me?

    Peirs is a cricket fan.

    He has brought the noble sport into disrupte and should be barred from Lords with immediate effect!

    He is a disgrace and should strung up before his trial as to warn all those who may think of bringing the noble sport into such depths of perversion that it is acceptable.

    Prepare a lampost!


    • 28
      HenryV says:

      Cricket is only game. Now if it was a religious issue like rugby I could understand you getting angry.


      • 32
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        Well bowled :-)


      • 37
        Mike Hunt says:

        WHAT! cricket only a game?

        How dare you say that sir.


        • 97
          HenryV says:

          I have consulted the runes. Any activity involving handling wooden equipment and that can only be conducted in the dry is a game. Like snooker, billiards, or chess. Now if they hit each other around the head with afore mentioned wooden equipment it would be different matter entirely.


    • 34
      Mike Hunt says:

      30 years ago today, a certain IT Botham was thrashing the Aussie bowlers round the park on his way to 149no, aided in no small way by Graham Dilly.
      The nation united in sporting drama.


    • 131
      Left back (behind the goal) says:

      Agreed. He is a Gunner fan too – and we don’t want him. Perhaps he can get a free transfer to the Mancs who seem to be buying up all the flotsam and jetsam of the soccer world?


  11. 22
    Ed Milimong says:

    As Mr Cameron said, innocent till proven guilty. Did I win? Really? Oh my God.


  12. 27
    Dalai Llama Ding Dong says:

    Billy Vaugue on R5 Live just now at 4.18, talking about NO 10,

    “I often go in the back door…”



  13. 31
    The Piers Slayer says:


  14. 39
    Piers Brown Turd Morgan says:

    Piers is getting fat and should go for a jog on a busy motorway.


  15. 44
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Gerald Kaufman has just spoken in parliament. He has go to be the biggest twat in the labour party. He really is an arse.


  16. 45
    Shakey says:

    the back door is green


  17. 50
    God says:

    I apologise for creating the pathetic excuse for a human being who goes by the name of Piers Morgan.


  18. 57
    David Cameron says:

    As I gave a second chance to Andy Coulson, it is the right thing to do to give a second chance to Gordon Brown.

    I therefore declare the last General Election null and void and give a very warm welcome to Gordon Brown to resume his role as Prime Minister.


  19. 58
    Westminster Village says:

    Piers Morgan is a smug git, but he is innocent until proven guilty.


  20. 60
    Piss Organ says:

    Anyone got any share tips ??


  21. 62
    Norman Tebbit's Rotweiler says:

    Tim Montgomerie tells Jon Serpel: “Warsi must go !” in an oblique sort of way…apparently the Noble Baroness is very busy working on the Party Conference which is in September.”I asked CCHQ if she was ill or on holiday out of the country!” says Tim…but then again she could just be hiding under a desk ! Tim went on …” Deputy Chairman Michael Fallon is doing a great job ! But perhaps it’s time for a fresh team at the top of CCHQ !”(subtext: But Warsi isn’t”)

    Under Mrs T…Norman would have been out touring the studios hitting two kinds of shit out of Labour. Expect sparks at the 1922 meeting tonight…”Dave” is safe but if I was the “noble Baroness” I’d strat clearing my desk…….


  22. 63
    Alan Duncan says:

    My all time favourite tune is “Back Door Man” by the Doors


  23. 64
    Simon Cower says:

    There is a Brown t u r d that is on the end of my knob that goes by the name of Piers Morgan.


    • 83
      Louis Felch says:

      I can’t believe it. You’re so talented. Red is a great colour for a sports car but not for an anus Piers.


  24. 84
    micha987 says:

    From HuffPo:

    Today 2:19 PM Interesting Press Release Sent By The LibDems

    The Labour Government spent nearly £38m on advertising in News International titles between 2005 and 2010, a Parliamentary answer to Co-chair of the Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Treasury Committee, Stephen Williams, has revealed.

    The Tory-LibDem government has spent less than £900,000.

    •More than £17m was spent advertising in The Sun, including £4.5m between April 2009 and March 2010.

    •More than £7m was spent advertising in the News of the World, including £1.8m between April 2009 and March 2010.

    •£877,153 was spent advertising in all News International titles between April 2010 and March 2011.

    Stephen Williams said:

    ““Despite the dire state of public finances, the Labour Government continued to spend millions with the Murdoch tabloids.

    “This confirms the impression that the last Government was obsessed with spin and prepared to use taxpayers’ money to push its agenda with a bloated advertising budget.

    “I am glad the Coalition has slashed expenditure by 90 per cent with these titles, continuing only essential information messages.”


    • 105
      Aunt Hilda says:

      well said …very telling information that just shows labour’s crass hypocrisy.


    • 111

      BBC Reporter.
      This is dynamite! Thanks!
      We’ll put it straight up on the ten O’clock news , lead item.

      “….and it has also emerged that the Tory-LibDem government has spent £900,000 with news international.”


  25. 87
    Moley. says:

    There are two matters which stand out in this affair.

    Firstly, Miliband is keeping on Baldwin, not in spite of his links to News International and corrupt practices, but BECAUSE of those links.

    Baldwin’s inside knowledge has allowed him to guide Miliband throughout this affair and give him his first chance to score one over Cameron.

    It must also be stressed that Miliband is well aware of the accusations made against Baldwin in regard to the hacking of information and other matters; he is kept on by Miliband BECAUSE of his knowledge and complicity in those matters.

    The second matter of supreme importance is that the media and the BBC in particular, (one expects it of the Guardian) are being totally biased regarding the standards expected from the leader of the Government and the Opposition.

    Miliband’s retainment of Baldwin and his continued use of Baldwin’s inside knowledge is an infinitely more disgraceful matter than Cameron’s employment of Coulson, which has at least been terminated.

    Labour cannot expect anybody to regard them seriously until they begin to act with the same degree of probity and transparency as the Government.

    The BBC will continue to be regarded as a national joke unless they can treat the PM and the Leader of the Opposition equally, and expect the same standards of behaviour from both of them.


    • 90
      Tom Badwind says:

      ‘Probity and transparency’. No we don’t do that. We do Hypocrisy and Mendacity. It’s in Liebour’s D-N-A.


    • 91
      Jess The Dog says:

      Moley, exactly right. It’s why Cameron hired Coulson and kept him so close. The politico-media mire of sleaze is everywhere and it’s an arms race. If Miliband had any integrity, he would let Baldwin go in an amicable manner, and strive to start afresh, but like the scorpion on the frog’s back, they can’t help themselves.


    • 96
      Westminster Village says:

      You may be over-estimating the amount of choice Miliband has. Who, other than damaged goods, would want to work for Ed?


    • 103
      Tom Baldwin's Liebour Ajax supplier says:


      and pay up for Toms coke!


  26. 89
    Sean Hoare's psychic says:

    A long time before his death, Sean Hoare mentioned being in the company of a powerful Mirror journalist with a serious d r u g addiction. Who could that be?


  27. 94
    Aunt Hilda says:

    what a damp squib milliband was today…asking questions that were obviously prepared before hearing the Pm’s statement and as totally expected centred upon Coulson and Wallis as predicted last evening.

    Over a 100 questions answered by the PM…who has only just left the house having listened to the current debate which frankly has been no more than a perpetual rehash of the same stuff.

    The steam is falling out of this whole issue now but expect the media to keep it on the front pages as we shortly enter holiday silly season when the best we can usually expect is bucket and spade shots of gordon in his suit.

    Milliband’s eventually manages to get his appointments list out but short in time terms and nothing revealing beyond what was already known …he was crawling all over the same media groups as everyone else.

    Political expediency impetus draining fast..terrible judgement of the shadow bench to be seen to be so biased in their recall of their own actions and being seen to adopt a high and mighty attitude…when the mirror et al antics come to full view in due course Milliband and people like balls will realise how mis-judged their tactics are on what should have been dealt with as a cross party problem to be resolved and moved on from.


    • 106
      Aunt Hilda says:

      just to correct an error the PM is still in the HOC.


    • 110

      Shame no Gordon in his suit on the beach at Bournemouth this year.

      Just before he went into the HOC this week his spad had to untuck his jacket from his trousers and remind him black belt – black shoes, brown belt – brown shoes.
      The reversible belt had confused Gordon so he had on one shoe of each colour.


      • 125
        the old Dufflebag says:

        you are on very drole form today Bill ….are thoughts of holidays buoying your mood ?


  28. 104
    Sick of being followed about by Edinburgh Dogshite says:

    The American’s must be dumb watching Morgan’s shows.


  29. 107

    That Greek debt?
    Didn’t it appear after they hosted the Olympics?


  30. 115
    AnotherAnon. says:

    Looks like someone has busy scrubbing their archive? Lots of stuff missing Re: The Mirror.

    Missed this one though,best save it…



  31. 129
    spaceyg says:

    If you do get Piers in front of your Parliament to testify please send him back. No journalist at CNN can even program a VCR. They’ll be needing their tech tutorial.


  32. 132
    dr. sipp says:

    heres the sun headline



  33. 133
    RB says:

    People like Piers Morgan

    No they fucking dont.


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