July 20th, 2011

Rohan’s Raise Riles Rivals

While yesterday’s twelve hour naval gaze dominated Westminster, Downing Street thought it would be a good idea to sneak out the Special Advisers pay list. Due to the government pay freeze announced when the Coalition was formed, not much has changed from last year. Except for one lucky boy…

Eyebrows have been raised across Whitehall that Rohan Silva, über-Hiltonite and No. 10’s blue-sky thinker, got a nine grand bump, when all the other SpAds were politely informed by letter that there would be no pay-rise this year.

“It can’t be performance related” said a colleague…


  1. 1
    Kernow Castellan says:

    Were you spending yesterday staring at ships? If not, then it should be navel-gazing.

  2. 2
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Isn’t this the arrogant wanker who apparently screams at everyone to assert his authority, and sleazed against women who had zero interest in him?

  3. 3
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    Today is a better day to bury something. Cameron’s emergency debate will take a lot of news focus. Ed also might wan’t to slip something out whilst we are all looking the other way.

  4. 4
    Spartacus says:

    Rohan Silva?
    Is this the cartoon competition??

  5. 5
    Rohan Shitva says:

    Listen, yeah? I’m the asian bad boy of politics, yeah? I get shit done, yeah? I’m the one everyone’s scared of, yeah? Just do as I say, yeah? Ladies love me, yeah? And if they don’t, I make them, yeah? I’m the man about town, yeah? I got my job on merit, yeah? Yeah, yeah?

  6. 6

    As i posted earlier
    Why do Scotland Yard need FORTY FIVE press officers ?
    Is it because they are under obligation to employ all the children of NotW managers ?
    Can a check be made to see how many actually are ?
    what a great start in journalism ,to start your CV off with that !

  7. 7
    Postal Vote says:

    In case the Ed you refer to is Mili, Ed indeed still needs to come clean about his romance with a journo from no other stable than Murdoch’s …

    and that Ed may also want to tell us if he checked whether Baldwin was encouraged to write about David Kelly …

  8. 8
    Anonymous says:

    Will Cameron resign before or after meeting 1922 committee?

  9. 9

    Were the screams coming out of William Hagues hotel room ?
    that could warrant a rise !

  10. 10
    A Pensions Wonk says:

    Does he have a silva-plated pension too?

  11. 11
    Sophie says:

    Just how bad is it in Downing Street for the answer to be “Rohan”?


    Desperate Dave, truly desperate.

    Now we know its all over for Rusty.

    Blue Labour out.

  12. 12
    Peter says:

    I might twant to slip something in.

  13. 13
    Postal Vote says:

    Anyone else not surprised that a so-called liberal newspaper like The Independent omits in its main story about hacking that conservative party have stated they did not pay Wallis nor his company for any advice he may have given Coulson prior to the election.

    Fake liberals don’t want plurality, they just want to brainwash you.

  14. 14
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Rohan apparently behaves like a mini-Hilton and claims to speak for the PM. Tosspot.


  15. 15
    Anonymous says:

    Is Wendi younger than Rupert daughter(s)? Look at Wendi and the energy she has, then look at Rupert, I cannot understand how Rupert keeps it up with Wendi.

  16. 16
    A Downing Street Sauce says:

    Does he throw Nokia’s too? Who could his covert mentor have been?

  17. 17
    Jonnie Marbles says:

    I had a bag of marbles rammed up my botty last night in jail. At least, I think it was marbles.

  18. 18
    Righty Right Wing (Mrs) says:

    Is that the sound of a barrel being scraped in Downing Street I can hear?

    Cameron – just go now.

  19. 19
    Geoffrey G Brooking says:

    Why are Labour so slow at publishing their lists?

    And what’s happened to Red Ed Balls?

    Are other readers thinking what I am thinking?

  20. 20
  21. 21
    A Downing Street Sauce says:

    My votes for Mensch.

  22. 22
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    Tough shit.

  23. 23
    Judge Dread says:

    Hang him

  24. 24
    The fantasist's conundrum says:

    Wendi, Louise or Rebekah?

  25. 25
    Anonymous says:

    And Rohan can spend his raise in the January sails.

  26. 26
    Gerry Mandering says:

    Papers corrupt, Politicians corrupt, Police corrupt, Banks corrupt (as usual).

    WTF does anyone want to come here?

  27. 27
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    No contest. Louise. Not only a hotty but she can get you VIP tickets to Red Hot Chili Peppers and Metallica from her husband who’s their manager.

  28. 28
    ;) says:

    Yes – my mind’s completely blank

  29. 29
    Archer Karcher says:

    Mensch? Louise Mensch? The Louise Mensch who voted to give the Greeks another £10,000,000,000 of our money that we will never see again? That Louise Mensch?

  30. 30
    Ed (Bernie Winters) is weird says:

    I am not thlippery.

  31. 31
    A King-size Bed with Mirrors says:

    Who needs to choose?

    As Dave says we could all be in this together.

  32. 32
    PD77 says:

    Good morning Mr Murdoch. ;)

  33. 33
    A Treasury Wonk says:

    Hot totty can be allowed one little mistake.

  34. 34
    Anonymous says:

    They should form an orderly queue outside the bedroom.

  35. 35
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

  36. 36
    Postal Vote says:

    Ed Balls has acknowledged he won’t have any chance becoming labour leader before the next general election since Mili has reasserted himself internally. Ha, Ed B even did not tell Mili about the content of his recent Plan B (you can solve a debt problem with more debt) speech at the LSE! And now Ed B is definitely on the B list, plan B or not to plan B. So Ed B needs his own plan B.

    Still wondering whether Ed Mili will disclose all his encounters with the media, including all his encounters with Newscorp employees, whichever type of information was exchanged during these encounters.

  37. 37
    Benny Fitz says:

    Can’t imagine.

  38. 38
    pt says:

    For the past 2-3 weeks I sense that this blog has crossed the floor and this article is yet another example. But of most significance, in so far as you have commented on the hacking scandal your thrust seems to me to have been anti David Cameron in just about every way. I am behind Cameron because I do not want another Labour government in my lifetime and the re-emergence of the Tory right and eurosceptics will, as it did on 3 occasions since 1997, virtually ensure a Miliband victory. Please give your support to Cameron at least until the Party has achieved full detoxification of its “Nasty” image.

  39. 39
    Speedy Gonzales says:

    I see that the equally useless Liz Sugg is still on the payroll. £80k for going down to Pret a’ Manger to order the sarnies. Nice work if you can get it.

  40. 40
    prick watch says:

    Pricks always come up smelling of…….well, pricks.

  41. 41
    YorkshireLad says:

    What is it that these SpAds actually do? They all look as though they’ve just crawled out of their prams (Much like their political masters).
    I would advise Cameron and his ilk on the price of fish for £50k a year, see, they’ve saved money already!

  42. 42
    Anonymous says:

    Big fucking deal. Only morons like you have any interest in pop singer/bands/ groups or whatever they call themselves. That’s exactly the trouble with the country – “media” fucking wankers like you. Get a life instead of rating the “chili .. whatever” as important.

  43. 43
    Anonymous says:

    Under Andy Queen’s grand children’s mobile phones was hacked. Then Cameron brought Andy in and gave him access to all the sensitive information. Hope Queen didn’t jump up in joy!

  44. 44
    Archer Karcher says:

    The entire establishment don’t want plurality. That is why we have three parties dancing on the head of a pin pretending that there is some great ideological chasm between them, when in reality they agree on about 90% of all issues.

  45. 45
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    While I think that the Muscular Liberal has done more than enough to show that the Conservative Party got it wrong, right-wing calls for his resignation smack of a desire for instant emotional gratification rather than a considered appreciation of the consequences. Cameron may well be over-stretched as PM, but his resignation would mean an instant election with no obvious candidate to lead the Right. Clegg would be defenestrated by the Dim-Libs, and the bulk of LibDem seats would go Labour’s way. Tne LibDems woud probably end up with fewer seats than the Ulster Unionists. There is a very real chance that Millitwit would end up as a puppet PM with Balls pulling the strings, or even mounting a Red Ken-style palace coup. At the moment, Cameron is the least of many evils.

  46. 46
    Gordon Brown says:


    Chris Bryant is scaring me!

  47. 47
    Anonymous says:

    Don’t be a silly Billy.

  48. 48
    Gordon Brown says:

    My name is Gordon Brown and I endorse this message

  49. 49
    Anonymous says:

    Have decaf.

  50. 50
    A Press Officer says:

    There’s a lot of bad news to ‘manage’ at the Met. I’d like to know who gave an AC job to Andy Hayman? The guy came across as being a ridiculously stereotyped cockney who you wouldn’t buy a bag of apples from and wouldn’t have been offered a job in Only Fools and Horses for being too over the top. Its typical of todays police forces that they spend oodles of time and money counselling and suchlike but little effort in actually catching or preventing crime. The top cops are part of the modern university set (we don’t do dirty or difficult jobs brigade, but manage expectations and to do this need ever-greater empires – like 45 press officers). Time to get some old-fashioned politically incorrect rozzers at the tiller.

  51. 51
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Anyone who doesn’t like music is a sad, lonely git like you. Get out a bit more you pathetic fuckwit. And if you couldn’t even detect the obvious tongue in cheek nature of my comment, you’re clearly retarded and best off being put down. Now fuck off and listen to some music instead of spying on your neighbour and wanking into a teacup whilst shouting “mummy!”

  52. 52
    Tax Payer says:

    Strange that – someone regularly in a hospital, with access to saline drips and the knowledge how to us them turns out to be a nurse.

  53. 53
    Hot and dumb totty says:

    The pair engaged in an extraordinary nine-minute row live on CNN on Tuesday evening, during which Mr Morgan repeatedly demanded an apology and Mrs Mensch threatened to walk off set.
    The MP for Corby claimed during a culture, media and sport select committee hearing earlier on Tuesday that Mr Morgan had admitted to phone hacking and had even bragged that it won him an award.
    To back this up, however, she misquoted an entry from ‘The Insider’, the 2005 diaries of Mr Morgan, who edited the Mirror from 1995 to 2004 and the News of the World from 1994 to 1995.


  54. 54
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    Ed Balls is keeping his head down because of NI.

    They have a file a metre thicvk on him.

  55. 55
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    For Blinky, it’s a case of, “To B or not to B”, surely?

  56. 56
    Detective Simple says:

    That hadn’t occurred to us. We were having a rest at Champneys.

  57. 57
    Percy Longprong says:

    It”s only public money. I”m surprised it”s only £9000

  58. 58

    Its worse than you think.

    Order a Sweet Chilli Crayfish & Mango Bloomer & get a Kid’s Cheese Sandwich.
    And not once has she remembered the long stick and the sugar for the coffee.

  59. 59
    A Pensioner says:

    How can anyone survive in London on 69k?

  60. 60
    Moley. says:

    Support has to be earned.

    Tell your man to earn it.

  61. 61
    Tax Payer says:

    It’s only a matter of time before it all comes out.

    We’ll see how composed and arrogant Yvette is then.

  62. 62
    Anonymous says:

    Wouldn’t surprise me if Cameron isn’t with Kinnock on the issue of introducing impartiality rules for the dead tree press. The BBC should be abolished so no impartiality rules apply right across the media. Let the market decide, and the peoples true voice might yet be heard.

  63. 63
    Sandra in Accounts says:

    So we have to vote for “Continuity Blue Labour” to keep “Red Labour” out?

    That is the politics of despair.

    I would rather fight the disease – (Red & Blue Labour) & vote for a cure & fail than support the same fiscal insanity as we have experienced under Brown & Cameron.

    The country is quite franly sick to death of neo-internationalsits on the “centre left” – look at the damage they have done to us all – & to the taxpayer yet born.

    Cameron has to go.

  64. 64
    PD77 says:

    “It can’t be performance related” said a colleague…

    Is there a suggestion here of cash for ahem… favours ;)

  65. 65
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    Only Fools and Horse – made me laugh. I suppose Hayman’s nickname could have been Trigger, but that is probably already taken by Dessida Crick.

  66. 66
    Mornington Crescent says:

    I bet you’d keep it up all day and night if you were with Wendi. I would.

  67. 67
    Archer Karcher says:

    Fuck Cameron, he’s as Labour as you can get, without actually wearing the red rosette.
    I hope, I really hope, the Fabianist tosser crashes and burns.
    So what if we get another Labour government, they all take their orders from elsewhere anyway, if you haven’t noticed.
    Apart from no ID cards, yet, what exactly is Cameron & Co. doing differently from the last gang of looting traitors?

  68. 68
    Mrs Merton says:

    So, Wendy, what first attracted you to the billionaire, Rupert Murdoch?

  69. 69
    BBC Removals Team says:

    Why do you think we’re moving oop North t’ Salford Quays ? We hear you can live like a lord oop north on’t £69,000 and buy a mansion with 50 acres with lots of plucky outta work northeners available as cleaners/gardners etc on minimum wage for the sale proceeds of a bijoux flat in Hampstead !!!

  70. 70
    Tax Payer says:

    Keep an eye out for a surprise ninja attack when you’re shaving the next morning, though

  71. 71
    The special one. says:

    Who is Rohan Silva and why not pay him £15,000? If he doesn’t like it then he can always go back to his own country where I am sure if he is a special one then they will reward him.

  72. 72

    He’s just grateful that the OJ Simpson level of Murdoch coverage has hidden the fact that both the EU and USA’s ‘borrow your way out of recession’ plans have failed.

  73. 73
    Polldaddy says:

    If Cameron goes and Davis becomes leader, what will their coalition partners do? Could it mean a general election is just around the corner?

  74. 74

    He’s a pretty straight sort of guy.

  75. 75
  76. 76
    Barbarypirate says:

    Or Hi Ho Silva away!

  77. 77
    Gonk says:

    Blue Labour dead.
    Real Conservatives sidelined.
    Politicians from the two main parties
    avoid the tiresome business of listening
    to the people and come up with ever more ruinous
    manipulative policies that only they like.

  78. 78
    fuck the bbc says:

    Moving to Salford Quays, a political decision made by an impartial, nonpolitcal organisation….hahaha.

  79. 79
    Anonymous says:

    Business as fucking usual. Meanwhile the useless EU edifice is crashing all about us FFS.

  80. 80
    Polldaddy says:

    The €uro, not to mention the EU is on the verge of collapse.
    Perhaps that’s why the BBC is still pushing Hackgate.
    Smoke mirror, mirror smoke.

  81. 81
    The Umpire is always right! says:

    Hilton 3 Coulson 0

  82. 82
    John Bellingham says:

    Deer antler, rhino horn, ground pearls, dried mushrooms, royal jelly and some Eastern promise.

  83. 83
    The Phantom Flan Flinger says:

    Is there any truth that the unfortunate incident involving Mr Marbles was simply a misunderstanding after Tom Watson had ordered some pies be delivered?

  84. 84
    slug balancer says:

    Biased BBC News 24 have just given about 20 minutes airtime to unsubstantiated allegations made by Labour MP Chris Bryant that advisers at Buckingham Palace warned Downing St about Coulson. Bryant ‘could not name sources, but someone he knew, knew someone else who knew.’

    This is what the BBC are passing off as news this morning.

    How in God’s name are they allowed to get away with this?

  85. 85
    baked bean bonanza says:

    Are we truly fucked Bill? I await your decision.

  86. 86
    David Cameron says:

    I had a dream

    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson
    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson
    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson
    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson
    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson
    Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson Coulson

  87. 87
    Ah! Monika says:

    Err……… that’s a football not a cricket score

  88. 88
    Saddle Sores says:

    Excuse me, but wasn’t Silver the closest thing to The Lone Ranger’s arse?

  89. 89
    Selohesra says:

    Don’t forget famine in Africa – that is obviously less important too

  90. 90
    pundit says:

    Detox/Retox whatever. The point is to be popular. Deliver low taxes, low regulation and low inflation and gut the mainstream subsidised nerve centres of permanent leftist power & opinion leads (BBC etc). Give power to the people (elected sherrifs etc).

  91. 91
    East India Company wallah says:


  92. 92
    the gayfather says:

    Lots of gays work in Buckingham Palace and the BBC, so work it out for yourself.

  93. 93
    Ah! Monika says:

    BBC said that having seen him almost bare they believe his every word

  94. 94
    Moley. says:

    Because the BBC management doesn’t.

    All the programme directors appear to follow their own individual (biased) agenda with no oversight whatever of the totality of the BBC’s output.

    The BBC is biased because it recruits only from the left and it has no formal mechanism to monitor its output.

  95. 95
    Left over right, right over left. says:

    If Tom Watson doesn’t know his left from his right how does he tie his shoe laces?

    Not that he has been able to see his feet for many a year mind.

  96. 96
    The Umpire is always as thick as shit says:

    Are you really surprised?

  97. 97
    Gordon Brown says:


  98. 98
    Ah! Monika says:

    Sounds like a ‘load’ of balls

  99. 99
    Iloathlefties says:

    So I can think up another saving of £69000. What do these SpAds actually do??

  100. 100
    Wazza says:

    Oh but he’s very pretty!

  101. 101
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    So now we have sources from the royal household saying senior staff warned Cameron about Coulson. Even the royals are hanging Cameron out to dry. If he doesn’t give a strong performance against Miliwank today, then his backbenchers may turn on him. Rough seas ahead.

  102. 102
    Orf with his head. says:

    Breaking News DAVE IS TOAST.

    The Royals were gobsmacked that Dave employed Coulson

  103. 103
    Gonk says:

    This is the home of the Libertarian Brit
    who doesn’t want to be pushed about.
    What was disappointing about Dave six
    months ago is now turning to anger and
    despair. He’d better pull his fucking finger out.

  104. 104
    Ireland says:

    Can we blame England for it?

  105. 105
    HM Liz says:

    I am not amused Dave.

  106. 106
    Anonymous says:

    ID cards is a big one, very big indeed when in the hands of a socialist state.
    Not that I agree with much else he’s done, but in mitigation he is partly hamstrung with the rump of the Lib Dems.

    I only hope they get to change the boundaries before another election, I’d also like to see the B-bbc dealt with but that’s a bit to much to hope for.

  107. 107
    South of the M4 says:

    Sigh, age mellows some, others it just makes rotten.

  108. 108
    Nemo says:

    Being in power is a wonderful thing, the chance of patronage, money for those in ministries, power, power, POWER, just ask the those that were in power under B’Liar, nothing was said about hacking, nackering, wars (illegal), close association with The Screws, Tit and Bum, NI (B’Liars constant trips to the omnipotent presnce to recieve his orders, they only started objecting when NI policy shifted when Brown started losing the plot and his policies start unravelling.

  109. 109
    Bye bye Davey, Davey bye bye. says:

    So every Queen and her corgie was warning Dave and Dave ignored them?

    Time for wavey Dave to wave bye bye.

  110. 110
    Bill d'Sarse says:

    Anyone who orders a ‘Sweet Chilli Crayfish & Mango Bloomer’, deserves to get a chesse sandwich. Poncy nosh – can’t abide it.

  111. 111
    Iloathlefties says:

    Can we move on from this hacking bullshit that labour and the left are prolonging? Lets talk about the EU financial meltdown?? Please!!

  112. 112
    The Sheikh Of Arabeeee says:

    Don’t talk fucking bollocks.

    Cameron & co. are as bad as fucking Labour. Fuck them and their fucking caring and sharing Social Democracy Lite. It doesn’t work and this country is fucked every fucking way you can think of for at least two generations until the ridiculous debt is paid off and the stranglehold of Fabianism/Frankfurt School/Cultural Marxism/Common Purpose is removed from all the public services and the BBC.

    Cameron is a fucking useless fucking wanker.

  113. 113
    Nemo says:

    What Cammer’s underpants or his saddle?

  114. 114
    Archer Karcher says:

    Conservative win by a landslide?

    Easy, stand up for this country, halt mass immigration.

    Pull the plug on the EU and aid for dictators.

    Provide real fiscal management, stop giving multi billion pound contracts to the French, Germany and China.

    Ditch the green garbage and social engineering bollocks.

    End the Quagocracy and repeal the Human Rights Act and all the other compliance legislation forced on us by the EU.

    Then cut taxes and abolish the council tax, using the billions saved, under one simple slogan,

    ‘It’s your money, it’s time you got it back’.

  115. 115
    Anonymous says:

    Yeah, a few gay footmen and butlers warned Cameron about Coulson. This is the sort of copy that’s handed over for chip paper about 2 minutes after it’s been aired FFS. Grow up grandad.

  116. 116
    Nemo says:

    Shouls add little or no chance of winning the general election with Gordy in charge

  117. 117
    Nemo says:

    Why, does he use slip-ons or those velcro fasteners used by disable people?

  118. 118
    South of the M4 says:

    We have Bryant saying that sources from the royal household etc. As it stands right now, is this more, or less likely to be a load of bollocks? Was Lizzie really following the tittle-tattle of the NOW? Did she really know who the *uck Coulsen was? Did she really give a sh*t?

  119. 119
    Nemo says:

    Stop insinuating things against our little Willie, everyone should have one.

  120. 120
    SocialGhism says:

    Resign? What a daft comment. The whole world’s financial system is about to collapse & you suggest he’ll resign over an eavesdropping issue that is emotive to half a dozen people. Anyway, who cares about hacking – it really is the most boring scandal ever to winge its way out of Whitehall.

    I’d rather know what this country is doing to stave off economic collapse. The circus filling every inch of the news at the moment is a conniving distraction instigated by Red Ed to boost his ratings and sh*t on the gov.

    R.Ed should be taken outside and punched in the face.

  121. 121
    Nemo says:

    Don’t forget, you might be 30 something but Ruppy is 80, if you cannot at your age go and see your doctor.

  122. 122
    Anonymous says:

    … at Rohan


  123. 123
    Archer Karcher says:

    The average socialist city inhabited by our northern cousins, is invariably modelled on the Detriot public spending / welfare plan and about as financially successful too.

  124. 124
    Anonymous says:

    I always understood that the royals didn’t comment on such inanities

    Mind you if they were to wait unti PMQs, a full house, and then blow the whole fucking lot of them up I would see that as a necessary intervention

  125. 125
    Nemo says:

    You have missed the obvious HoP, silly lad

  126. 126
    Anon says:

    Is your MP under pressure?

    He/She/It should be

  127. 127
    Jess The Dog says:

    As someone else has said, ‘what do these Spads actually do?’ Sack them, and replace them with civil serpents.

  128. 128
    Julian and Nat says:

    Ermmm whadda you say, stay cool, wtach/listen to some me proper music..

  129. 129

    Not looking good.

    Buy both guns and butter.

  130. 130
    Sir William Waad says:

    He had a special clause in his contract that made him exempt from any general pay freeze – it was one of the riders of Rohan.

  131. 131
    Archer Karcher says:

    There is at least, that ray of sunshine to gladden the heart. Whatever arises from it’s ashes, pray it is not as malevolant and poisonous as it’s predecessor.

  132. 132
    Chuka Umunna says:

    I am the prettiest brown boy in Westminster.




  133. 133
    Labour Lies Backfire says:

    Buckingham Palace issue a denial to claims re Coulson appointment: “On no occasion did any officials from Buckingham Palace raise concerns to Downing Street and indeed it is outrageous to suggest this.

  134. 134
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Utterly unimportant to us.

  135. 135
    God is an Englishman. says:

    Nice weather?

  136. 136
    God is an Englishman. says:

    100% correct!

  137. 137
    Wazza says:

    Nah just the fat bastard’s trouser belt!!

  138. 138
    it aint clicket says:

    that’s Ravi Bopara that is

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