July 20th, 2011

Gobby Out of the Lobby

Paul Waugh has the full story, but it seems the BBC’s roving fixer Paul Lambert, affectionately named Gobby for his polite and considerate questioning style, has had his parliamentary pass removed after he chased the Murdoch pie tosser through the estate, filming him in cuffs.

As if the Commons authorities and security didn’t humiliate themselves enough in front of the world’s media, now they are trying to pass the buck. Instead of kicking out hacks for broadcasting their embarrassing failings, perhaps the men in tights should be pointing fingers at their own ranks. Maybe they didn’t want Gobby shouting “Are you going to resign Serjeant at Arms…?” 


  1. 1
    Curious of Ealing says:

    Who’s Ms. Pay?


    • 5

      Like all of them inside. Takes pay and performs no service.


      • 13
        Anonymous says:

        Back in the Commons, Don Foster, the Lib Dem MP, has just finished speaking. He said that James Murdoch said in his 2009 MacTaggart lecture: “The only reliable, durable, and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit.” Foster said he profoundly disagreed.

        The MacTaggart speech is worth reading. According to Isabel Oakeshott in the Sunday Times (paywall) at the weekend, the speech had a significant effect on Brown’s relations with the Murdochs.

        It was a stringent critique of the BBC and Ofcom, the media regulator. Brown hated every word.

        Inside Downing Street, he pored over the text, line by line. “I can’t overstate how important that speech was,” said a former Labour strategist who was with Brown at the time. “It changed everything. He saw it as very rightwing and a direct attack on what we were doing. He felt the Murdochs didn’t share any of our values.”



        • 47
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          ““The only reliable, durable, and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit.”

          Yep thats about right, means you have a sucsessful buisness liked buy the market (people).


          • Anonymous says:

            David Cameron is to examine allegations that a senior government official was subjected to “disgraceful and illegal” phone hacking and hostile media briefing while Andy Coulson was the Downing Street director of communications.

            The prime minister said he would look “closely” at the claims, raised in the Commons by a former Labour minister, that the cabinet secretary, Sir Gus O’Donnell, was alerted to the allegations.



        • 49
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Cameron is so discredited. No one can believe that after so many meetings with all concerned in NI about phone hacking he had limited knowledge. The crap firewall he has artificially put in place to protect him is absolute bollocks.

          We need a Tory who will do something about the budget, stop the 72% EU contribution in the last year, no more EU laws for the UK, stop immigration, proper defence strategy, stop overseas aid, change welfare benefit system, cut public spending, Cameron’s piss poor performance today lacked total credibility and only matches his piss poor performance over the last year with the Lie Dumbs. no wonder corruption is still rife in parliament when people like Cameron do nothing to bring about change or lead by example. Complete tosser. Time for election please.


          • Anonymous says:

            Its like Al Capone saying he is completely innocent he did know what people working for him did.

            I don’t understand why Cameron wants to spend a lot of time with Brooks. He hasn’t told the country about the number of phone conversation he had with her.


          • Anonymous says:

            Conservatives have two choice

            1) Let Cameron and Osborne go and elect a new leader and govern the country until LD support them or parliament run its course. This will be a clean brake with minimum damage.

            2) Keep Cameron and Osborne and continue spending time defending Cameron; this is not going to go away for years in this country or US. Every day more and more information will come out. Government will be forced to spend most of its time in this issue.


          • Duncan Disorderly says:

            Next week there’ll be something else to entertain the mob. Don’t be such a twot.


          • Anonymous says:

            Duncan Disorderly says: July 20, 2011 at 6:25 pm

            This is the best story media got. Rest of the media hates Rupert so they will continue to highlight this. There are worse to come, this is what Brooks said.

            Just one guy had 4,000 names only 170 has been told to date. There is more and more to come. Then there are emails.

            Every time some thing comes out, Cameron’s relationship with Rupert and gang will be high lighted.

            It will be better for the conservatives to cut the cancer off than let it spread.


          • Duncan Disorderly says:

            Ordinary folk have the attention span of a black gnat and are already bored shitless with this story.

            Don’t believe me? Then you need to get out more.


          • Anonymous says:

            Duncan Disorderly says: July 20, 2011 at 6:49 pm

            Ordinary folk doesn’t believe Cameron, as every day passes more and more people don’t believe Cameron.

            Until the police investigation are finished inquiries will not start, there are years and years more for this story to run. Every time a story comes there will be a photo of Cameron with Rupert, James, Brooks or Andy.


          • The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

            Exacatly, David Cameron couldn’t win a fucking majority against Gordon Disaster Brown when the public where no longer buying his bullshit and giving Labour all time record low poll showings.

            The idiots at large on this site are well and truly showing how thick they are if they think the Cameron has a chance with the public next election after all this.

            They though he was a cock then, they think he’s an even bigger one now and are bored off all this shit dragging on when they want to get back to watching X Factor and living out their mundane lives in their little bubbles without too much Real Politiks being forced onto them.


          • slug balancer says:

            Yes, right. Let’s bring back the incompetents who nearly bankrupted the country and let them finish the job. And who exactly do you think will suffer when that happens? The rich? Gordon Brown, Balls and Cooper, and all the other hypocritical troughing MP’s?


        • 140
          Political pundit. says:

          We all knew this as he correctly stated that the BBC wanted to take over the full media spectrum.
          The BBC’s borrowing of hundreds of millions of Euros from the ECB for its “commercial interests” underlined this ambition of Thompson.
          NOTHING has been done to curtail this ambition and that Hong Kong fellah is still dawdling in the wings.


        • 144

          The proximity of the names MacTaggart and Oakeshott, in the same post, takes me back to the chance encounter of the same names in the previous century.

          John (JME) McTaggart (1866 – 1925) was a notable Idealist philosopher and, together with Russell and Moore, the three were known as “The Mad Tea-Party of Trinity”. He became increasingly conservative, it is sometimes claimed as a result of studying Hegel. MacTaggart later turned against Russell and actually took part in the latter’s expulsion from Cambridge.

          Michael Oakeshott (1901 – 1990) was one of the most conservative of philosophers of the last century, despite (or maybe because of!) his father being a member of the Fabian Society, and was hugely influenced by MacTaggart. Oakeshott declined a knighthood proposed by Margaret Thatcher, which at least shows the respect that she held him in.

          Oakeshott died without issue. Unfortunately, I have been unable to discover any links in either of these two family names.


    • 11
      Gobby Twat says:

      Gobby does not mean polite and considerate where I come from. Those people in Westminster are really out of touch.


      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        There was me thinking it was a HP reference. Luckily twat had a universal meaning for you.


      • 32
        ffion says:

        You don’t think its ironic in the same way Little John (Robin Hoods’ boyfriend) is not a small toilet?


    • 12
      Neo-Guido says:

      serjeant at arms


      • 16
        MrAngry61 says:

        i.e., a worthless heap of shit left behind in May 2010, which no-one has cleaned up yet.


      • 38
        Met Protection Squad We Know Our Priorities says:

        With that debacle, surely Serjeant with no arms!!!


    • 17
      Eric says:

      As the MPs have buggered off for their summer Hols a temporary ban is hardly going to bother him.


      • 40
        Handycock Teen Fondler says:

        I shall be going to my Villla on the Costa Del Crime, courtesy of my boys in Portsmouth. There will be plenty of security there.


    • 62
      Who, me? says:

      Why, she’s ‘Tilly the Typist’, of course; an epithet first coined, I believe, by the excellent Quentin Letts. She with hair the colour of cheap plonk. Makes you proud to be British.


    • 136
      Airey Belvoir says:

      Ms Pay is a horrible ginger with a face like a bag of spanners, or a bulldog licking piss off a nettle. Her sack-worthy failings include the Damien Green search outrage, and now this.


  2. 2
    • 30
      Tapestry says:

      The elites staged the pie attack.
      They didn’t want any questions asked.
      Here’s how we know.


      • 78
        Duncan Disorderly says:

        You know he was “elites” because he was conveniently wearing a suit, to aid identification by the anoraks and assorted train spotters.

        If he was on the ball, he’d have worn jeans and tee-short then nobody would have noticed him. But there’s no mystique in that so he wore a fucking suit to stand out like a sore prick.


      • 106
        Old Tory Bigot says:

        You are a fucking loony, Sir.


        • 133
          Tapestry says:

          No. You are mere media fodder who can’t look beyond the end of a tin of shaving foam. Look at the clear evidence from the eye witness report that this was not a spontaneous lone operator, but a carefully set up op. Common sense would tell you anyway that a scruff would not get so close to Murdoch in the middle of the hearing, unless it was arranged with staff etc.


      • 141
        Political pundit. says:

        Ho Ho Ho
        So now we know
        From the Mirror on the wall
        Just how low you can crawl.


  3. 3
    Andy Dunn says:

    Can’t believe the security from yesterday was barely referred to in the debate/statements. If they want to be seen as more credible they shouldn’t avoid one of the elephants in the chamber. (Not Pickles)


    • 19
      Anonymous says:

      Tom Watson?


      • 39
        Lard Presclott of Bulimia, Bog Seats, Beams,Bellies,Banjos,Punches, Croquet, Pies, Jags 'n' Shags says:

        Me ?


    • 43
      Admiral Leach says:

      Thank God the Mad Mullahs didn’t fancy taking a pop, the security at the hearing was disgraceful but this is typical of our tired old legislature not keeping up with the way of the world but thinking it can simply get away with the old hidden ways of doing things. They really do need to spend some time in the real world and not in the cosy tax payer subsidised club they seem to think they work in.


    • 107
      Phil says:

      How did he get in? and if legally as a spectatator Why didn’t someone check his bag and ask why he’s carry plate and shaving foam/readymade pie? or did he have say a female accomplice who used her handbag?
      Simple questions anybody know?


      • 120
        Tell it like it really is says:

        Why didn’t the bbc admit they knew exactly who Johnny Marbles is, Labour member, leading light of UK Uncut and star of bbc film?,,,,,,,,,,strange isn’t it ……………………..NOT.


        • 134
          Anonymous says:

          And why did the tv transmission have a strategically placed white blob to obscure the lapel insignia of the pc plod who chased after Marblees?
          To prevent i d of his number perhaps? Hmmm.


      • 142
        Tacitus says:

        Look at the lack of any movement at all in any of the filmclips of Tom Watson, and you will see he keeps only one stance throughout the event.
        Any body watcher will tell you what this means.


  4. 4
    Discostutoo says:

    Sky News pass also withdrawn


  5. 6
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Bit fuckin harsh, public service broadcasting and all that.


  6. 7
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Good one mong down 20,000 more at the BBC to go. Why did the media film this twat? If they all agreed not to film these stunts or give them publicity then they wouldn’t do it.

    If this guy had run onto a football pitch and slapped a pie in the face of Wayne Rooney the media wouldn’t have shown it, so why some leftie mong?


  7. 8
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


    That is our parliament, we have a right to see what goes on, as we the taxpayer will pick up the bill.



    • 20
      MrAngry61 says:

      If Parliament would only reintroduce some cruel & unusual punishments, none of this misbehaviour would occur.


    • 53
      Hang 'em High says:

      Bags I have my go first, – then over to you. Piano wire won’t hamper you will it?


    • 111
      Nemo says:

      Billy I think Madame Guillotine gives a very close shave


      • 135
        Anonymous says:

        Nah, too quick & not painful enough. How about the Rack or the Iron Maiden?
        Or perhaos a variation of that old favourite, drawn & quartered.Then Billy can hang ‘em.


  8. 9
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Tis quite wierd tho…………

    Leftie beeboid exposing Leftie attacker of 80 year old man…….


  9. 10
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Oh Yeah

    H@rry give us a wave , H@rry H@rry give us a wave ;-)


    • 21
      Grammercy says:

      Made a packet buying News Corp shares yesterday after the star turn from Rupert, but selling today – extracts from 4 Gb of NI emails expected to be leaked very shortly.
      As you say, Billy, an 80-year old man who has been badly let down doesn’t deserve this sort of rough treatment from lefty scum, just because they have hard evidence. Endgame for James, of course, but he never did do much for shareholder value, so he ought to do the decent thing and take the rap.


  10. 14
    Sophie says:

    Did the BBC really need to be there at the Murdoch inquisition?

    They seem to have set their narrative in stone days in advance.


    • 22
      HenryV says:

      Well this is where the confusion is……

      The Beeb should be there because as the state broadcaster they should be transmitting the workings of our democracy out for all of us in the provinces to see. No biased analysis, no smarmy put downs, or whatever just camera in room and off we go.

      But the Beeb are really there as you suggest because they have an agenda which means biased analysis, smarmy put downs, etc. etc.


      • 125
        Tell it like it really is says:

        I watched all the debate in Parliament today (in spite of the bbc trying to cut out all smacks to Millitwat). I then listened to pm R4 and their coverage was of something entirely different to what I saw and heard.

        Of course the usual weasel words were used to alter everything and NOT A WORD about the slapping the Labour shite received.

        Situation at bbc normal then.


    • 137
      Anonymous says:

      Also Sophie,how did Vazoline get his Committee’s report out within hours of the questioning? Perhaps another narrative set in stone?


  11. 15
    M says:

    Could you Hunts stop talking about yourselves
    The fucking unions who are not emptying bins in our area are causing a health & safety hazard not just here but around the country. Or are you as out of touch as the labour party & it’s union pay masters


  12. 18

    Why hasn’t anyone reported that Andrew Neil first blamed Kevin Maguire from The Mirror for the attack on Murdoch?


  13. 23
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Thanks to all those that pointed out on last thread the MP i was looking for was Nicola Blackwood, someone did tell me the name yesterday but i forgot (Maybe i should dye my hair blonde?) :-)


  14. 25
    smoggie says:

    A new soap is born, Gobby and Wendi


  15. 26
    The Westminster 650 says:

    Listen up everyone

    We have shown how serious we are about the alleged misdeeds in the press and the police. We guarantee that proper solutions will be found to resolve these problems. We also accept that MPs have been resolute in their efforts to correct things. We remain in charge and will seek results that are pleasing to us. in the meantime, despite the internal problems at Westminster, the problems with the economy, the problems within the Eurozone, the increasing poverty in this country due to the increase in unemployment, the total lack of any jobs strategy and the new premiership season due to start we are all going on our holidays for four months so can somebody kindly hold the fort until we come back

    thank you


  16. 33
    Anonymous says:

    Having a look at that enquiry panel it doesn’t look as compliant as the Hutton enquiry did for Tony Blair. If I was Cameron (or Guido) I’d be very worried.


  17. 34
    Multiple Jags N Shags Miggs Prescott says:

    Pies, Pies, someone mention Pies?

    I just bought an ap for my iphone but it didn’t sat nav me to the pie because it had no mince in it, talk about robbed!


  18. 35
    Sir William Waad says:

    Gobby was notably polite and subservient in the Harry Potter films. It’s hard to believe this is the same house elf.


  19. 35
    Jan says:

    O/T – It appears that Incapacity Benefit can be claimed by the mentally insane. So, the likes of Ian Brady and Peter Sutcliffe (et tu Gordy?) can claim up to £94 a week. Anybody would expect this would be claimed back for their board and very expensive five star lodgings.No…… HM Govt has decreed they keep it all to themselves for little treats.


    • 57
      Anonymous says:

      Most likely it will be fiddled out of them by their nurse,carer,cleaner or some other heroic front line worker


    • 146
      Allegedly Posh Jock says:

      It’s claimed at the higher rate and paid to the majority of patients in ‘Special Hospitals’ throughout Britain, if you were a ‘normal’ punter in hospital the Disability Living Allowance (not Invalidity Benefit) would be stopped. Still it’s good to know that these lovely people can watch their LCD tellies and build up a big bank account at your expense, assuming you are a taxpayer. Sucks doesn’t it!


  20. 37
    Sick of being followed about by Edinburgh Dogshite says:

    Left wing pie thrower. What an arse!


  21. 41
    smoggie says:

    Who will resign or be sacked for yesterday’s incompetence? And if no-one, why not?


    • 139
      Anonymous says:

      Parliamentarians do not get sacked for incompetence,although some may be punished by elevation to the H.of L’s.


  22. 42
  23. 44
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “perhaps the men in tights should be pointing fingers at their own ranks.”

    Only fingers? If they need teaching lessons……………


  24. 46
    Not having my life controlled by Edinburgh dogshite! says:

    Lefty retards!


  25. 48
    Popeye says:

    I cannot believe there was no complicity with security that allowed the pie man into the inquiry. Shoot the messenger, that should work, works for fiddling MP’s.


  26. 51
    Prezza says:

    Pie tossing? My two favourites in one!


  27. 54
    Jimmy says:

    Say what you like about security, but it was their swift intervention which prevented a serious assault. If it hadn’t been for them, Wendy Deng would have kicked the living shit out of the pie tosser.


  28. 55
    Sir William Waad says:

    A few years ago I took on a new farm manager by the name of Watson. He’d only been there a few days when the staff skittles evening came round, a very beery do, and what should happen but our man Watson won it! Standing up in the skittle alley of the Jolly Tar, the well-lubricated chump told everybody that he won because his wife hadn’t yet joined him in Waad Magna and he had had ‘plenty of wrist action lately’! So of course, after that, he was known to one and all as ‘W*nker Watson’!

    Strangely, he is the spit and image of Tom Watson MP.


  29. 67
    Bob Crow says:

    Oi! Waitah! Where’z me pinyo greajyo? Urry up! Andd brung the eggspensive stuff, none ov dat cheep shit the commonaz dringk. Up da workaz!


  30. 68
    The Master says:

    Put Flying Wendy in charge.


  31. 69
    Larry the Cat says:

    I’ve been away on my hols for the last few weeks. Have I missed anything?


    • 86
      East India Company Wallah says:

      Watch the back door Larry,thats where the action is

      Funny isnt it,Our Tone beloved leader of New Labour came to power with the votes of the Animal “Rights” lobby,anti-hunt lobby,and a bunch of other lunatic fuckwit animal charidees.I seem to remember even the RSPCA batted politically for saint tony of sedgefield
      Despite this larrys predecessor was the first eviction from downing street in may 1997
      fast forward to 2001 to see these animal lovers deal with foot and mouth
      reaction from these animal charidees (keep quiet,think of the funding)
      Gordon did not replace the cat,the camerons did
      Larry I know cats dont vote but if they could I dont think they would vote Labour,do you?


  32. 71
    Gordon Brown says:

    Did you see me tear David Cameron to shreds today in the house?


  33. 73
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Is it me or does Jeremy Corbyn look like Filch, the grouchy old schoolkeeper in the Potter films?


  34. 77
    nell says:

    Well truth is Parliament was once a respected institution with respected officers protecting it’s traditions.

    In comes labour and in 13 years they’ve trashed it’s traditions, wrecked it’s reputation and destroyed all the respect that was accorded to it.

    As for the officer’s of parliament. After 13 years of people like gorbals mick, the squeaker and mspays it’s very difficult to see how that respect can be restored.


  35. 80
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Have the bbc mentioned that Mr Marbles is a member of Labour and UK Uncut?


  36. 90
    White Van Driver says:

    Was Wallis’s unpaid consultancy, valued by the Metropolitan police at £1,000 per day, recorded as a donation to the Conservative party? If not why was it not?


  37. 92
    Loungelizard says:

    Sadly, I find myself forced to admit that David Cameron is too much of a gentleman. What we need now are a few good old fashioned public school yobs, that’d ‘ larn ‘em’.


    • 127
      Nemo says:

      Until the election of B’Liar in 1997 we hadn’t had a public school boy/girl since Mac the Knife (MacMilllan) was beaten in 1963


  38. 94
    Piers "Morgan" Moron says:

    Mensch tweets that his pass has now been restored, after a Twitter “save Gobby” campaign.


  39. 95
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’ve got bigger tits than Colin Montgomery and The House of Commons.


  40. 101
    Gordon Brown says:

    Apparently some bigots said some very mean things about me in the debate today. Some of them even dared to refer to me by my name and not my constituency. They’ll pay! They’ll all pay!


    • 116
      A Constituent of Currrrrr-Kuddeeeee says:

      Gordon is the nicest kindest man you could ever wish to meet. He’s helped me and my family many times. We all love him.

      Will that do? Can I go now?


  41. 104
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m changing my name by deed poll to Fellatio Brown.


  42. 105
    Peter Bone says:

    Mrs Bone wanted to know what’s for dinner.


  43. 113
    The Rt. Dishon. Phoney ‘£rd-Way’ Sanctimonious Bliar, Banker Wanker & ***, emoting & wiv stupid grin says:


    None of this would ‘of’ happened when I was Leader!

    I knew how to smooth things out.

    Oh – and just a reminder, – me and the missus are very, VERY, VERY RICH!!

    And we owe it all to NooBoringLiars!!

    My boy Dave’s got lots to learn!


  44. 124
    Onlooker says:

    Does Rebekah Brooks wear a hacking jacket when she goes horse riding? Just asking.


  45. 126
    nell says:

    So who ordered gobby’s pass to be withdrawn?

    It couldn’t have been mspays could it? given that she’s the one now under siege and looking as though she’lll have to resign.

    I bet Her Maj is having a little chuckle at gorbals mick’s and gordon’s disastrous serjeant at arms appointment.


  46. 128
    nell says:


    Interesting that the man who caused this furore for the officers of parliament is a jonathon may-bowles, grammar school educated of middle class quaker parents.

    More interestingly he is a founder of ukuncut, labour member and is closely associated with the graudian who gave him a top ten award for his ‘comedy’.

    Though it doesn’t seem that too many other people rate his comedic talents very highly.

    militwit I suppose is patting himself on the head for his hysterical outbursts provoking this unfortimate young man to such stupid behaviour.

    jonniemarbles parents have my profound sympathy.


  47. 132
    question says:

    So did this this twat get let in the house because somebody was practising wilful blindness hoping for something more dramatic?


  48. 138
    grumpy geoff says:

    I can’t decide who to hate most:

    the rest of the bbc
    the MPs
    the pie tosser
    serjeant at arms
    the security

    so just fuck’em all


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