July 12th, 2011

+ + + Johann Hari Suspended Pending Investigation + + +

Ed Howker broke the news that Hari will be suspended for two months while he is investigated by former Indy editor Andreas Whittam-Smith. Polly, Kelner, Helena, Laurie, Sunny: your boy took a helluva beating.


  1. 1
    David Rose says:

    Not me though

    • 3
      Anonymous says:

      MPs expected to vote against Rupert Murdoch taking over BSkyB. With Labour and the government in favour, the motion – “This House believes that it is in the public interest for Rupert Murdoch and News Corporation to withdraw their bid for BSkyB” – may well go through unopposed.

      • 7
        English Liberation Front. says:

        Any such motion is purely advisory though – it is a little bit of political posturing without any substance.

        • 23
          Anonymous says:

          It is like a country telling some one to fuck off. After this more regulations on media ownership could be passed.

          Another way to put it; it like criminals UK cannot deport.

          • Anonymous says:

            Christopher Hitchens, Johann Hari, Claire Rayner… all part of the vocal anti-papal parade in early 2010.

            Richard Dawkins must be getting nervous.

          • Anonymous says:

            In the last 30 years this might be the first time Rupert hasn’t meet the PM.

      • 25
        Go down the pub says:

        If they all agree, why have a debate?

        Of course, I was forgetting that they are all squeaky clean politicians and will want to have their say about the bad Mr Murdoch and the awful Mr Coulson and that witch Rebekah. I wonder if Mr Baldwin will get a mention too?

        • 30
          Anonymous says:

          They will all have a go at Rupert and his gang. Everyone will want to have a one up on the other side. It will be nice to watch.

          • Circuses for the masses says:

            Seems that Culture Sport and Media have also extended an invitation to Murdoch Snr;Murdoch Jnr & Brookes to appear before them for ritualistic flaying on live televison although whether the three choose to do so in view of the proposed vote is debateable seeing as how the takeover is probably dead for some time if forever and there is no legal compunction for them to do so…..if I was “Roop” I’d just get on the next plane back to US with junior in tow after having given son clip round the ear for such incompetence …….leaving Rebekkah to take the drop………….

          • sockpuppet #4 says:

            Oh the facile roller coaster ride of populism and mass hysterical outrage.

            If I sound bitter its because I am actually kerry katona.

      • 36
        Gordon says:

        Job Done.

      • 69
        Pamela of Rempstone says:

        Can we have a vote on the size & influence of the BBC?

      • 107
        Jack says:

        It should read “Rupert Murdoch and News Corpor

      • 109
        Jack says:

        It should read “Rupert MLurdoch and Newe Corporation should be placed before a Court of Justice for industrial scale criminal activitity”

      • 118
        Erskine May says:

        A Dangerous Parliamentary precedent though…….you could effectively table a motion on anything/anyone you didn’t like and how could the government square their role in impartially deciding issue if they’re supporting the motion ? Just because the Culture Secretary abstains doesn’t necessarily solve the matter

    • 17
      God hates poofs says:

      It’s not over until the fat poof lady sings!

    • 46
      Lord Lucan says:

      Jeez, Hari-kari getting a worse fisting than when when he visited that gay brothel in Rio…

    • 72
      Rupert's Revenge says:

      I think Gordon could potentially be in serious trouble here. He made his attack on NI from his home and he does not have the protection of parliamentary privilege. We already know that the Sun did not steal Fraser’s medical records and if it turns out no criminals were employed to hack his accounts, Murdoch could sue his arse off.

      • 80
        Dear God, I know I don't usually pray, but..... says:

        please please please please please!!

      • 99
        Circuses for the masses says:

        Mm that would be a difficult one for a jury to decide…………Gordon or News International …………they’d probably have to settle for a draw

        • 119
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          I was hoping for a harry hill joke when i started reading that.

        • 120
          Justice Eady says:

          It’d be like the Winterton/Al Fayed case, one where both sides deserve to lose.

      • 124
        rocknrolla says:

        Gordon McTwat Brown has done the impossible – I’ll be cheering for Murdoch all the way if he goes for it.

      • 135
        Tell it like it really is says:

        From his home? I thought Jonah lived under a stone as do so many other crasling slimy things.

    • 141
      Mark Skid says:

      The Orwell Prize should be taken away from Johann Hari and given immediately to David Rose.

  2. 2
    trog says:

    Rupert Murdoch might hire him.

  3. 4
    Ross says:

    He’s a man of no integrity although I hope that he has friends to keep an eye on him given how unstable he seems.

    • 10
      Anonymous says:

      Then he could have a top job with Rupert.

    • 38
      Milliband-wagon says:

      He’s a man of no integrity you say ! Thats good we need somemore to appear on TV to express their moral outrage over these Hacking shenanigans. I can give him a spot directly after Lord Foulks if he wishes to comment.

    • 140
      Poetlister says:

      No problem, his type never does the fatal deed.

      He’ll just become another fat gay twerp fiddling Wikipedia talk pages. Probably while posing as a woman. There’s dozens of them.

  4. 5
    David Rose's brother says:

    Thank goodness you’re being kept busy.

  5. 6
    Anonymous says:

    He gonna be the next Labour Spin Doctor?

  6. 8
    Jimmy says:

    He may have to resort to blogging now.

  7. 9
  8. 11
    Billy Blofeld says:

    Time to dust off the cross hairs Guido………. that last post seems to have done the trick….

  9. 12
    Tom says:


  10. 13
    Obi Wan Kenobi says:

    No point in NI hacking his phone as Johann would have made the messages up himself.

  11. 14
    LD says:

    There are going to be a few more journalists in the dole queue very soon by the looks of things. The job centre is going to resemble Soho House. Streets of shame indeed.

  12. 16
    Polly, it's eat your words time says:
  13. 18

    DPRUK.blogspot.com: An article on Boutique Leftism, why Miliband will fail and how the Murdochs are identical to the unions http://t.co/ZZyB9QP

  14. 19

    In my last interview with Gandhi he told me this might happen, I wish I’d listened to him rather than that Jesus bloke who told me not to worry.

    • 47
      Jonah Hari says:

      Stop stealing my shit,man. Not cool. Let’s meet and sort this out. And maybe do sex or something. Yeah.

  15. 21
    50 Calibre says:

    Suspended on or off pay?

  16. 22
    Johann Hari says:

    Read my lips. It ain’t over till it’s over. I’ll be back.

  17. 24

    “He will be suspended for two months while he is investigated by former Indy editor Andreas Whittam-Smith.”

    Bit harsh, after two months being suspened he may not be alive!

    And what would be the point of investigating him after he is suspened?

    Still, I better get the lampost ready.

    • 39
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      There must be a massive back-order for lamp posts by now. Perhaps they could employ more people…….?

  18. 26
    Johann Hari says:

    I don’t mind. I can get to work on making my first film. It’s a science fiction about alien robots that can transform into vehicles. It’s called The Robots That Can Transform.

    • 43
      AndyN says:

      That reminds me of a film I saw once. It was about a bus that had to SPEED around the city, keeping its SPEED above fifty, because if its SPEED dropped – it’d explode!

      I think it was called “The Bus That Couldn’t Slow Down.”

  19. 28
    There are three things that smell like fish says:

    Leave the bbbboy alone anddd brrrring me another Brrrwandy Alexander.

  20. 31
    So What? says:

    So he’s been given a two month summer holiday, which he had probably booked last autumn anyway.

  21. 32
    Johann, we all know you're David Rose says:

    Hari’s critics should check their profiles on Wikipedia later tonight in case the mysterious David Rose has made any more naughty edits to them.

    • 68
      Johann Hari (for it is he) says:

      I’m not that stupid. It’ll be …. er …. er …. think of an original name, Hari ….. Come on …… err ….. Ravid Dose. That’ll do.

  22. 33
    Drug addict bisexual gay trans says:

    Well done Fawkes. You’re next you drunken right-wing bastard.

    • 88
      Anonymous Right-Wing Bastard says:


      You made me spill my Guinness all over my solar-powered thong.

  23. 34
    nell says:

    OK so militwit wants a vote in the HoC to tell murdoch to clear off and not come back.

    And if he does just that and shuts down his other UK papers making even more people redundant , what exactly is militwit proposing to say to those left without a job?

    Or perhaps he’s hoping the guardian will buy them up and run them alongside the rest of their loss making empire.

    • 95
      Archer Karcher says:

      Ed Minibrain does not ‘do’ consequences.
      Just like when he saddled the economy with an 80% cut in Carbon emmissions at a staggering upfront cost of £720 billion, with no quantifialble benefit.
      Action and reaction just fly right over the numbskulls head.

  24. 34
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    If Murdoch has ploughed a lot of money into a political party to ensure he got a yes vote, he’ll be extremely pissed off.

    Wouldn’t like to be on the wrong side of him, but would like to see who has to fall on their sword next………

    • 49
      nell says:

      Murdoch seems to be a gambler. I suspect he’ll play the long game and wait his chances for revenge somewhere around 2015.

  25. 37

    As Arnold once told me, I’ll be back.

  26. 40
    Titford Hat says:

    Pressure piles? Sounds painful!

  27. 42
    nell says:

    I bet Gordon has three hopes tonight:

    One that murdoch and rebekah don’t keep their word to attend the HoC Committee next week that wants to question them.

    And two he has to be praying that the Committee doesn’t ask them about their source for this 2006 gordon story that he’s been weeping about all over the telly today.

    And three he’ll be hoping they don’t ask mcbride to appear .

  28. 44
    Loungelizard says:

    Can we expect to see any ‘Accidents’ over the next week or so. If I were Brown or Miliband I’d stay away from the theater and restaurants with street frontal plate glass windows.

  29. 48
    Anonymous says:

    Grim to see the name of Whittam Smith twice in the news today. Dreadful pompous prat.

  30. 53
    hari botter says:

    I’m lookinh for a new opening

  31. 54
    Kelner Xeditor says:

    .. Take a load off JohAnni (Rah), And (and) (and) you can put the load right on me. …

  32. 55
    News Corpse says:

    News Corp may be at risk for U.S. probe over bribery

    That law makes it a crime for any company with U.S. ties to bribe foreign officials to obtain or retain business.

    British media outlets reported that News of the World reporters bought phone details for the royal family from a security officer. The Daily Mirror newspaper reported, citing an unidentified source, that News of the World reporters had also offered to pay a New York police officer to retrieve the private phone records of victims of the September 11 attacks.

    • 64
      Cat says:

      This is a few days old.

      Yanks have a bloody cheek anyway – they’ve used Menwith Hill for years to listen to all our telephone conversations for free.

      • 82
        News Corpse says:

        No it’s not, the charges are but the fact that Obama may take on News Corpse is breaking News stateside

        • 93
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Look at the flock of vultures, I bet half of those circling are rival american news organisations.

  33. 56
    Katie Price and what she had for breakfast says:

    I want to know if my phone was hacked and if not,why not?

  34. 57
    Sasha Grey's best bits says:

    I’d give the Hunt a beating if he asked for it. That’s all he’d get mind you: he’s still a Hunt after all.

  35. 58

    It reflects badly on The Independent that it took them so long to realise. Or maybe they were pretending it wasn’t happening, News International-style.

    • 130
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      They didn’t know it was happening until they hacked Hari’s phone.

  36. 59
    nell says:

    So how much of gordon’s sob story that he told us today was true??? Hmm??!!

    “There is also the issue of permission. Sun sources tell me that Rebekah Brooks gained Brown’s permission to run the story. There are also claims that Brown effectively did a deal on the story, whereby George Pascoe Watson could break the exclusive online first and then Number 10 could put out their own statement” Paul Waugh.

    • 112
      Brillo says:
  37. 62
    Johann Hari says:

    Double first!

  38. 63
    Krisnan Guru Murphy still rummaging through Tesco's bin says:

    Pork pies past their sell by date. Now back to the studio.

  39. 66
    Tron says:

    When the papers went for the MPs over expenses ‘they were all at it , or at least they all knew about it’ the MPs all said ‘not me Guv, I didn’t know nuffink’.
    Then the journalists blamed the Bankers for the crash -’they were all at it , or at least they all knew about it’ the Bankers all said ‘not me Guv, I didn’t know nuffink’.
    Now the journalists know how it feels to be the public’s whipping boy.

    • 85
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Oh the wonderful journalists.
      Porn, duck houses, bath plugs and moats. eye catching. short words. not too hard on the brain.

      Leaving 200 of them stuffing their pockets to the max in more dull ways to live on peacefully.

    • 89
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Oh the wonderful journalists.
      Porn, duck houses, bath plugs and moats. eye catching. short words. not too hard on the brain.

      Leaving 200 of them stuffing their pockets to the max in more dull ways to live quiet lives

  40. 70
    Rebekah Vulture Brooks says:

    Hari is an amateur.

  41. 75
    Who The Fuck is Johann Hari ? says:

    Who cares and will it improve my quality of life?

  42. 86
    The BBC Trust says:

    There is a job for Hari with the BBC.

    Kind Regards
    BBC Trust

  43. 87
    Polly Tuscany says:

    This site wants a final solution for Johann Hari.

  44. 90
    Popeye says:

    I yam what I yam.

  45. 91
    Gordon Brown says:

    I love doing a poo in Waitrose

  46. 92
    Honest Citizen says:

    I love running around the UK Guido

    Makes me think of the old days

    Buggery, thuggery and skullduggery at every corner of the street

    No 10 when you were so well informed

    Both Houses of Parliament

    The legal profession (have you seen the lovely professional porkies of Murdoch’s solicitors cited ion the HoC today?! – you only need to be “under instuctions to tell any lie to cover up criminal behaviour)

    Now the largest press organisation in the UK (and the world) telling lies, hiring criminals and tre

  47. 94
    Honest Citizen says:

    I love running around the UK Guido

    Makes me think of the old days

    Buggery, thuggery and skullduggery at every corner of the street

    No 10 when you were so well informed

    Both Houses of Parliament

    The legal profession (have you seen the lovely professional porkies of Murdoch’s solicitors cited ion the HoC today?! – you only need to be “under instuctions to tell any lie to cover up criminal behaviour)

    Now the largest press organisation in the UK (and the world) telling lies, hiring criminalS

  48. 96
    Hubert says:

    I cannot think of anybody I would less less like to piss off than Rupert Murdoch

    do the left really think he hasn’t got industrial quantities of woe that he can spray where he wants?

    • 104
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      He’s also got industrial quanities of money he can spray where he wants, too.

  49. 98
    Pundit says:

    You couldn’t make it up!

  50. 101
    Jack says:

    If you believe as a libertarian in individual rights

    What are you now saying about Murdoch’s industrial scale breach of those rights FFS? And his organisation’s criminal cover up ?

    Either you come out fighting on this or your are a total fraud..

    • 111
      Anonymous Right-Wing Bastard says:

      Harry’s in charge. Speak to him. I’m on my eighth pint.

    • 121
      nell says:

      Nobody here is denying that NI were hacking phones for 10 years or more. Even NI’s not denying it.

      The elephant in the room, emphasised strongly by gordon’s appearance all over the news today, is why, when labour clearly knew what was going on , neither bliar nor gordon did anything to stop it and rather a lot to hush it up?

      Why? Hmmmm?! Hopefully cameron’s inquiry will provide the answer.

    • 129
      Cato Street Conspirator says:

      ‘Libertarians’ only belief is in the right of the rich to do what the fuck they like.

      • 136
        Lord Mendeleson says:

        Here, have an apostrophe ‘ and a ‘believe’.

        Choose wealthier parents in your next life, you whining toad.

        • 143
          Cato Street Conspirator says:

          Libertarians in quotes (denoting irony). Belief – as in ‘their belief’. Noun rather than verb you see.

          Now tell us which bog-standard comprehensive you went to Bigboy.

  51. 105
    Hard-Lazing Voter says:

    Johann Hari has an exciting two months of sitting on the couch in his boxers, sobbing, eating Haagen-Daaz and getting fat again to look forward to.

  52. 113
    Johann Hari says:

    It is old but it is beautiful, and well worth putting in my column!

  53. 115
    Johann Hari says:

    There’s nothing worse than the British in one of their fits of morality.

  54. 116

    Its hard being a queen.

    Am i the only one that thinks Brillo is the best journo/interviewer at the BBC?

  55. 123

    The barbell on his back is tiny, the grip is too narrow, the elbows are in the wrong position and he is leaning too far forward.

    If you are going to squat with a barbell, he should at least have the dignity and sense to use a man’s weight.

  56. 125
    who is this David R says:

    This is simply disturbing.

  57. 127
    M says:

    The pubic buy the shite , the press sell the shite . Collateral damage was bound to happen

  58. 128
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Mr Hari has just been offered the editorship of the ‘News of the World’.

  59. 138
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    Gordon Brown: ”Mmmmmmm Missssterrr Speakkker please protect me from that nasty man Mmmmmisssstttterrrr Murdoch.

  60. 139
  61. 146
    joescotus says:

    Willard foxton huffington post
    really puts the cheating little shit to the sword

  62. 147
    Lord Lavender et al. says:

    So Yates has the Fish’s full support? I think we can see where this is going. Ta Fish. BTW, do you know that Johann Hari’s a poof? It’s not natural, dat sort o’ ting.

  63. 148
    bobby dazzler says:

    No big deal when you consider the phone hacking of Milly Dowler’s phone

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