July 8th, 2011


Further to Guido’s speculation earlier about whether Steve Hilton had passed information about Coulson, given to him by Alan Rusbridger, on to Cameron. Downing Street have confirmed this afternoon that Rusbridger discussed the hacking scandal “in general” at a breakfast with Hilton on 12th November 2009, and deputy editor and Mr Mumsnet Ian Katz called him on 25th February last year regarding an imminent story going to print.

This is hardly the specific warnings Rusbridger claims he gave, but it beggars-belief that Hilton would not mention it…


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Taxi for Hilton!

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        Anonymous says:

        Hope she goes at night and wake Rupert.

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          Preston Person says:

          One wonders that with her vast salary she doesn’t spend some of it on a visit to a hairdresser. Her style is that of “dragged through a hedge backwards look” and makes her appear to be a scruffy cow,

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          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Judicial inquiry for MPs expenses please, Dr Kelly’s death and the Iraq war. it appears the Met can not be trusted to investigate crime independently without a steer from the government.

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          Would the last person to escape from England to an independent Scotland please turn the lights out.

          all hope remains in 5p1d0 5h0rt5

          • Jabba the Cat says:

            If I was ‘escaping’ from England, believe me Scotland is the last place I would go, too many Scottish mongs around the place.

          • Anonymous says:

            Tony Blair, for example, would do anything to help out his close friend and ally. I can even disclose that, before the last election, Tony Blair rang Gordon Brown to try to persuade the Labour Prime Minister to stop the Labour MP Tom Watson raising the issue of phone hacking.


          • Anonymous says:

            There is a reason for Cameron’s inaction. Fundamentally there are two factions inside his government. There is the pro-News International faction led by Osborne. Its other members include Michael Gove, the Education Secretary, Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary, and Hunt’s deputy Ed Vaizey. Andrew Cooper, recently awarded a senior job as director of strategy in Downing Street with the support of Osborne, is another figure in this camp.
            It is important to bear in mind that when Osborne threw his 40th birthday party at Dorneywood several weeks ago, the place was apparently knee deep in News International figures. Another example is even more recent. Only last weekend Matthew Freud, the PR tycoon who is married to Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, threw a party in his Cotswold home. Michael Gove and Ed Vaizey – both semi-detached members of the Chipping Norton set – were both in attendance. Showing characteristic lack of judgment, Vaizey was reportedly seen at this party deep in conversation with James Murdoch.


          • screw 'em says:

            if the reward of scottish independence is that all the scots f off back to scotland…get voting fast and watch with glee as scotland stubles through the realities of fiscal freedom. GDP scotland anyone ?..miniscule if the depleting oil volumes are removed.

          • Scottish Border Control says:

            Dear Jabba the wank, your request for asylum in Scotland has been rejected as you are a bigoted simpleton and would be much better off living in the bigoted cesspit known as ingland. Regards.

          • Jabba the Cat says:

            Dear Scottish Border Control mong, if I was a simpleton I would already be living in Scotland…toodle pip!

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        hacked off says:

        Someone commented on (I think ) the Guardian site that closing the News of the world ‘is the medical equivalent to cutting away the healthy tissue in order to save the tumour …’

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          Anonymous says:

          What’s really making me sick about this is the way the BBC is now being protrayed as the oracle of truth. Nearly puked my ring up just now, watching the sanctimonious bitch Harman and the eternally bitter Coogan on Newsnight. Harping on about the misogyny, the xenephobia , anti single mums (ffs??), anti asylum seekers , right wing press.

          Get ready for Pravda – it’s coming your way soon. You may not like the News of the Screws but what the left are planning will be infinitely worse.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest arsewipe ever ! says:

            Bowden you arsewipe – this is serious stuff now. Please fuck off back to your batty boys and leave the discussion to more serious people.

          • Delusional twat says:

            Don’t worry. This is still a non-story. It’ll go away and brave uncle Rupe will lead us into the sun filled uplands at the head of BSkyB. The Bolshevic Broadcasting Corp is dead in the water.

          • Jabba the Cat says:

            I always suspected Coogan was a complete leftie pillock. Last nights appearance on Newsnight confirmed my suspicions.

          • its on the computers, you know says:

            Harman’s interview just now on BBC, with Charlie Stayt, was jaw droppingly bad. Worth a Guido blog all in itself…

          • clear-eyed fabulist says:

            That wasn’t Coogan, it was a handbagging by his Aunt Hilda on a bad hair day. What I saw was a small-time celebrity with -as was mentioned- a moribund film career, equating his sense of injury (the revelations about his squalid personal indulgences) with those of murder victims’ families. Ironic after him saying the hack must be on a ‘moral crusade’, to claim in pious tones that’d he’d give any damages he might make out of this to children’s charidees. Humility clearly not in his repertoire, the hissy, self-referential c unt.

            I’m sorry, but I doubt the purity of the motives of Coogan, Grant and not least, Rusbridger and I think many or most of these wielders of stainless swords-of-truth are entirely capable of bad faith.

            I agree with something I read elsewhere: that the curious thing about this affair is that people like those caught getting a blowjob in the front seat of a car from a drug-addled prostitute, are taking the moral high ground.

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          equity abhors a Maxim says:

          A bloke doing a version of that gag was doing the rounds of TV and radio studios last night. He seemed pleased enough about it to repeat it verbatim in a manner which reminded me of the finest moment of Ed’s custodianship of the Labour party.

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        Glass topped table. says:

        That ginger bird named Brookes/Wade now says she has “visibility” on revelations to come? What is this awful woman crapping on about? She could have saved hundreds of poor bastards jobs by falling on her sword but chose not to. Now she’s blabbing about some mysterious disclosures, is it all bull from a dippy red head or is there a shred of truth in what she says… I think we should be told, Guido spill the beans ffs!

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          Anonymous says:

          Hope Cameron doesn’t spend the weekend with his friend Brooks or Andy. After this Cameron will not be able to spend time with both these people.

        • 111
          W.W. says:

          Don’t know what she knows, but she clearly has the Mudroch’s crapping themselves. That is no mean feat,

          Now Ashcroft weighing on the otherside.

          You can’t say it’s now interesting.

          Pass the pop corn.


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          Pharmacist to the Rich and Powerful says:

          Nah! – wimmin don’t do falling on swords.

          Poison’s more their line.

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          Anonymous says:

          Worse to come? Maybe they deleted messages from Maddy McCann’s kidnapper to her mother’s phone explaining how they could get their daughter back. Whatever the new revelations are I’m sure the shredders in Wapping and Fleet Street are smoking like an Icelandic volcano at the moment.

          Interesting that Downing Street refused to reveal which day over Christmas Dave had James Murdoch and Rebekah Brooks over for dindins. I’m sure he wants to conceal the fact that he’s so close to them that he shares his Christmas Day dinner with them.

          • Cynical Old Man says:

            Anonymous, you’ll probably find your comment about Maddie McCann headlining tomorrow’s BBC news, something along the lines of …”the BBC has learned that messages by the kidnapper of Madeleine McCann were deleted by a News Of The World journalist.”

            That’s how ridiculous this whole affair is becoming.

          • Anonymous says:

            “Murdoch claims to determine the results of general elections.” Hope this doesn’t mean vote rigging.

          • Anonymous says:

            “It was the Sun wot won it.”
            I seem to remember the Labour party being pretty grateful
            back then. Rather than the ‘victims of Murdoch’s menacing presence’, as Harman claimed on Newsnight on Friday night !

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          What the fuck does that mean ? says:

          Can someone please interpret what the phrase “visibility on revelations to come” means in english ?

          • smoggie says:

            Managementspeak for: whatever is about to be revealed, she didn’t know about it. Even though in saying that, then she can’t know what it is that will be revealed so how can she say …

          • smoggie says:

            Managementsp­eak for: whatever is about to be revealed, she didn’t know about it. Even though in saying that, then she can’t know what it is that will be revealed so how can she say …

          • Aesop o'Sardis says:

            It means, I believe, that she knows where more of the bodies are buried than do certain others who might feel that they are in a position to threaten her.

            They truly all deserve each other!

        • 336
          Airey Belvoir says:

          At the risk of farting in church, why is everybody getting so awfully aerated about people listening in to voicemail messages, the vast majority of which are utterly banal and inconsequential, along the lines of ‘I’ll call you later’, ‘train is running late’ etc.
          It must be tilling very thin soil for the journos, and miles removed from listening to actual conversations, (impossible with digital phones anyway.) Have any of the outraged ‘victims’ suffered harm or even inconvenience? They did not even know about it until told by the police.If they could not be bothered to set a PIN, why should there be so much sympathy for their ‘ordeal’? I’m no fan of sleazeball tabloid hacks, but neither do I weep for the likes of Prescott, Hugh Grant, etc. It all seems rather over the top compared with really serious misdemeanours.

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      Mrs George W's BUSH says:

      Taxi for CaMoron !

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      Gary says:

      The BBC does not hack into murdered girls phones or the families of dead soldiers, and, unlike Murdoch, it does not seek to control the police (who clearly bowed before Murdoch lin a manner which can be best described as treasonous; the police “investigator” who then went to work for NewsCorp should frankly be executed). The BBC has many flaws but it at least does still perform alot of excellent journalism in amongst the crap. Unlike Murdoch the BBC is at the very least actually BRITISH.
      Why does a foreigner control a very large chunk of the UK media? Why do our politicians court this foreigner so slavishly?
      Murdoch is essentially a corporatist; he does not believe in democracy, he despises it, believing multinational corporations to be the natural rulers and the politicians their little errand boys.
      Errand boys who do what Murdoch and the Fat Bankers tell them to. They certainly don’t serve us.

      • 176
        Cynical Old Man says:

        So says “Gary” of the Tooting Popular Liberation Front!

      • 183
        Jabba the Cat says:

        Leftie tosser…

      • 202
        Anonymous says:

        Its a disgrace to the country when our PMs behave like bellboys to Rupert.

      • 247
        smoggie says:

        The BBC doesn’t have to do any of this because the BBC is subsidised and has no need to appeal to the people.

        One of its many flaws is that it is partisan. It licks the hand that feeds it – the Labour Party.

        • 341
          Anonymous says:

          Smuggie, don’t be a cock. The NoW didn’t HAVE to break the law either. And as for the BBC licking the hand that feeds it – erm that’d be the current government’s hand, which ain’t being licked right now.

      • 269
        Aunt Hilda says:

        gary you say…..

        Murdoch is essentially a corporatist; he does not believe in democracy, he despises it, believing multinational corporations to be the natural rulers and the politicians their little errand boys.

        Complete nonsense you are clueless as to Rupert Murdoch’s real motivations… whatever they may variously be or not be …he relies on democracy to thrive.

        • 322
          Deng Xiaoping says:

          “Complete nonsense you are clueless as to Rupert Murdoch’s real motivations… whatever they may variously be or not be …he relies on democracy to thrive.”

          Like in China, no?

        • 342
          Anonymous says:

          He doesn’t mind it, as long as he’s unaffected by it.

    • 232
      ShortTheEuro says:

      You can’t ignore the story now Guido. You fat catholic wanker.

    • 319
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Has anyone noticed that at the Independent all reader comments have been turned off for any article related to Murdoch and the NOTW story?

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    Z4ppp4 says:

    Does that mean that he didn’t?

    • 73
      going where no man wants to go again...A Voyage to Uranus says:

      didn’t leave you a brain cell…no he didn’t

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    Muhammad Saeed al-Sahhaf says:

    It’s about time you left poor Cameron and Coulson alone. I’m sick of this vendetta now.

  4. 4

    “In general” leaves plenty of wriggle room for a breakfast conversation but Hilton can’t know whether or not Katz has a recording of the phone call.

    • 197
      Nemo says:

      Best thing is to play safe and surmise that he did record the conversation (if I was in his position I would), just to cover your back, wouldn’t you now that the brown stuff is being flung about.

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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    So, is Dave under orders from Murdoch to out the grass?

    This is nearly as good as a Labour civil war ;-)

    Grabs popcorn

  6. 6
    Anonymous says:

    Ladbrokes have stopped taking bets on Cameron being the next person to leave The Cabinet, they are still taking bets on Chris Huhne

    • 11
      genghiz the khan says:

      Huhne is welcome to pay my heating bills. That useless Hunt is determined to stiffle recovery by diverting more of our hard earned cash to food, petrol, taxes and heating costs.

      When the lights go out when the subsidized windmill farms aren’t turning, he will pop up and tell us that we should be so glad that he helped us save the planet.

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    My liver will never forgive me says:

    it beggars-belief that Hilton would not mention it…

    Who’s to say that he didn’t?

    • 19
      Non believer says:

      That’s what Guido is saying numb nuts

    • 74
      Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it valeted her volvo says:

      the ‘if’ is obvious ‘he did’…its the ‘to who’ thats more relevant

      • 116
        Truthful Volvo Valet says:

        I could give her a quick going over

        • 271
          Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it valeted her volvo says:

          you’ll be at the front of the queue…alone

          • Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it violated her vulva says:

            Is it a girl…is it a man?
            It’s androgyny Yvette!

          • Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it valeted her volvo says:

            yvettes the model that looks very jaded in mid blue with brown carpets smelling of old dogs and/or fishpaste

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    They think its all over says:

    Awful job growth in the US for the second month in a row. Obama will be finished next year if this keeps up for a few more months.

    • 192
      Harriets Pants says:

      Essential for world economy to recover.

    • 351
      Filthy Rich Capitalist says:

      It won’t continue because Obama will announce QE3 as soon as the Stock markets start tanking. Stay long boys.

  9. 10
    Come again? says:

    “given to him by Alan Rusbridger, on to his Cameron.”

  10. 13
    bobfarl says:

    rebecca brooks effectively blackmailed a parliamentary commission by threatening to “set rottweilers on them” !!! and outing MP as gay! please say something

    • 16
      Redpoll says:

      Snarl, snarl!

    • 17
      Mrs George W's BUSH says:

      She said to mp’s words to the effect “You make me appear before that committee ,and i ruin your fuckin lives “

    • 18
      Come again? says:

      Why did Labour goverment protect them?

      • 20
        Non believer says:

        Protect who?

      • 155
        Anonymous says:

        Two words – Operation Ore. Labour MP’s are paedos.

        • 337
          Airey Belvoir says:

          If I were the last editor of the NOW I would be very tempted to open the safe and make the final issue a real cracker by running all the ‘too hot to handle’ stuff on politicians as a final flourish – affairs, Operation Ore, suicide attempt in Downing Street, the murky background of Dunblane, etc. Fire every last shot in the locker, and go down with all guns blazing.

      • 200
        Nemo says:

        Simples, because they actually believed that the sun wot won it for Liebore, they are just as culpable as Cameron et al

    • 75
      Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it valeted her volvo says:


    • 224
      Nemo says:

      They are two a penny now, right, left and centre no great deal, it’s not like the 1960′s when it would have political death.

  11. 15
    Redpoll says:

    And that’s the difference between Rusbridger and Scrote International, at least he tried to warn ‘em…he should have followed the “little chat” with a Special Delivery letter and email and then run a leader (oops sub- judice, but that never stopped Scrote International,did it?)…may be Dave would have got the message then?

    • 77
      the old Dufflebag says:

      year 2 of 5 year term…shit economic news every day…whatever he does the media will f’uck him so does he spend endless hours worrying about their reaction…the Beeb…no friends there sounds just like love labour week daily…NI not deafening in their support….best strategy get on with it and concentrate on the core issues. What are the alternatives…little Ed ?…UKIP ?…exactly…when it comes to it the only game in town and power.

  12. 21
    Mark Oaten says:

    What sort of muesli are we talking about here?

  13. 22
    Jimmy says:

    Rusbridger also told Clegg. Cat appear to have got his tongue too.

  14. 23
    Time for a quiet puke.... says:

    Corrupt politicians, corrupt cops, corrupt journo’s,(and this is just the start) deeper and deeper we sink into the cesspit. Rusbriger doesn’t know what he has started.The barbarians aren’t at the gate anymore, the shit is only starting.

  15. 26
    Gordon Brown, live from Fairy Dairy Land says:

    I could have still been prime minister.

  16. 27
    Jimmy says:

    Grauniad statement

    In a telephone call around February 25th, Guardian deputy editor Ian Katz told the prime minister’s director of strategy Steve Hilton a number of details about the case of Jonathan Rees, a private detective who had worked for the News of the World, which the paper had been unable to publish due to ongoing legal proceedings. These included:

    • Rees’s name – he had been described in a Guardian report published online on February 24th and in the paper edition of February 25th only as “Mr A”

    • The fact that he was awaiting trial for a murder in which the victim was found in a pub car park with an axe in his head

    • The fact that Rees had been jailed for seven years for conspiring to frame a woman by placing cocaine in her car, after which he had been rehired by Coulson’s News of the World.

    • The fact that Rees’s illegal activities on behalf of the News of the World had been prominently reported in the Guardian before he was rehired under Coulson.

    None of these details was included in any report for several months until after the collapse of Rees’s trial in March 2011. The thrust of the conversation was that Rees was a murder suspect who had been involved in massive corruption on behalf of the News of the World of which Coulson could not have been unaware. The Guardian understands No 10 chief of staff Edward Llewelyn was informed of this conversation.

    • 150
      I Squiggle says:

      My second cousin’s dog once bit a postman who delivered a letter to someone who was wrongly accused as a serial paedophile. Her neighbour told her that dog was a bad one. Am I bang to rights? Seriously, this is the Guardian desperately trying to find an angle, backed up by the BBC. Why don’t they concentrate on the real story – I bet there are some Guardian journalists right now, or some who had a previous employ, wondering when the phone will ring..

      • 331
        Aunt Hilda says:

        lets hope its sooner rather than later…retributive shitkicking is such a great leveller when it comes to hypocrisy

  17. 29
    I'll have a P please, Bob says:

    Funny how you never see Rebekah and the young Robert Plant in the same photo

  18. 31
    Mrs George W's BUSH says:

    The worst is yet to come !Rebekah Brooks told NotW staff !
    If she knows nothing about nothing How does she know ?

    • 124
      Boudicca says:

      Brooks told NoTW staff :”This is not the best day of my life.”
      What about the hundreds of redundant hacks and other staff?

  19. 32
    The Piss Soaked Tramp Formally Known As TAT! says:

    I put 10 grand on Rebekah Brooks leaving during July.

  20. 33
    MrAngry61 says:

    NMATV summarises the saga as only they can…

  21. 37

    Great to see “The Flying Squad” dashing round to Coulsons house this morning to seize his computers
    lets all hope he hasn’t bought a new one or deleted it’s contents since he left the NotW in 2007

    • 38
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Will be intresting to see the E-Mails from alistiar Campball and Damian Mcbride then.

    • 51
      Time for a quiet puke.... says:

      Why not 9 officers, camera’s whirling ala Damien Green? At some god awful time of the morning, children crying etc

    • 180
      Tapestry says:

      Coulson’s had months of warning to clean his disc.

    • 208
      Nemo says:

      You would wipe your disc, but you would retain the information somewhere so if you were sent down you would make sure that you are NOT the only one sent down a left to face the music on your own.

  22. 39
    Dirk Diggler says:

    If it’s got anything to do with the left, it’s corrupt, downright dodgy and bent. It’s in their DNA.

  23. 40

    Coulson Just released Only thing he said is “There’s a lot i would like to say, but i can’t !

  24. 41
    Call me Dave - EU whore says:

    How many comments deleted?

  25. 42

    Inspector Vagina !
    For sale ! Andy Coulson interview tapes, hot off the press !
    Meet me down at McDonalds
    Cash sales only !

  26. 44
    I'll have a P please, Bob says:

    It’s a lot harder than you think to delete stuff off a hard drive. Formatting the whole thing or “deleting it’s (sic) contents” doesn’t cut it at all. Lots of people who know this tend to hang on to old computers rather than tackle the problem of securely disposing of them. Lots of people who don’t know this are in HMP.

    • 330
      Anonymous says:

      I don’t know. The old ‘smash it to bits and put it out with the rubbish on bin day’ can thwart even the hackiest of hackers.

  27. 45

    Cumming Soon Rebekahs first Skin Flic
    Titled “WoW thats Wapping” !

  28. 47
    Mark Oaten says:

    I prefer chutney.

  29. 48
    Casual Observer says:

    Whilst utterly condemning News of the World practices, I can’t help but notice the irony in that most vociferous condemnation comes from those who were exposed by the paper: Prescott, Bryant, Simon Hughes, George Michael etc. Where are Fergie and Sophie Wessex?

    • 60
      Anonymous says:

      A lot of NoTW practices over the past 15 years have been unacceptable.
      Without making excuses, that was the culture in the media and politics.
      Spin, lies, half truths and burying bad news. Aggressively pursuing your own ends at all costs and vigorous attacks on enemies.
      If the NoTW overstepped the mark, they learned from people like Campbell, McBride and their Labour political masters.

      • 282
        Ghengis says:

        Slowly and oh so slowly the truth will dawn as to who was in charge at the time.

        Dave thought by employing one of their old attack dogs that he too would enjoy a Houdini persona with a Teflon coating. Oh boy he got that wrong.

    • 61
      eh? says:

      I think many ordinary folk are equally as condemning. You can’t put this on the celeb trash culture whining.

    • 89
      News of the Phews says:

      fergies having her toes surgically enhanced pre-suck and sophies looking after numpty

  30. 49
    Rebekah Brooks says:

    I am one of gweedo’s greatest fans.

  31. 50
    Bob Crow says:

    It’s aLL FaCHeR’s fOLt! uP dA wORKAz! leT’S hAVe aNOTHEr sTRIKE!

    • 64
      Scotts of Mayfair waiter. says:

      Another glass Mr Crow?

      • 91
        Mount Street Slapper says:

        how about a strike…journos..give us all a fucking rest

        • 332
          Mount Street Kerbist says:

          a rest would be nice …I’m sick of dressing up as an arab or anything needed to dig the dirt for those shitsticks in fleet street …..but the moneys good.

  32. 56
    • 98
      Tessa Tickles says:

      “She said: ‘There were only one or two customers a day. They spent a lot of days sitting around chatting and drinking tea.’”

      Sounds like my local Jessops.

    • 212
      Nemo says:

      Billy, I notice that she is another ginger piece, and no politicos found there well I never but by the looks of the premises they would go for something a bit more up market, still in dimly lit rooms one is as good as the other.

  33. 58
    Death Cab for Hiltie says:

  34. 62
    Don't read all about it. says:

    I shall miss fake sheikh Mazher Mahmood’s investigative reports, Carole Malone and Fraser Nelson.
    I would say I’ll miss Ian Hyland, but that would just be silly.

  35. 66
    Musings of a simple bloke says:

    Interesting listening to PM

    1) The UK Government CAN NOT legally scrap the PCC
    2) American investors are very concerned about News Corp and it ain’t just about BSB

    Get the feeling that Big government and Big Biz will maintain their interests in the end and just like MPs expenses nothing will really change.

    I could not understand why Dave ate so much humble pie today when on the face of it he had no need to. Can only conclude that there is yet worse to come out.

    • 71
      hacked off says:

      NO, but it could establish something with teeth.

      Better still it could simplify the libel and defamation laws and make access to this kind of justice justice cheaper, and prevent behind-closed-doors confidentiality agreement settlements.

      Or what about making journalists personally liable for damages when it can be proved ‘on the balance of probabilities’ that they were professionally negligent, and such professional negligence had measurable financial consequences for a victim?

      It wouldn’t hamper free speech, just require journalists to be diligent.

      • 92
        down at the old dick and flush says:

        nuj would rather disembowel themselves than be put on the line for the shit they throw and write

    • 72
      Cameron = toast says:

      At the press conference Cameron appeared shattered and a very hollow version of what was seen strutting about before the election and a few months after he failed to get a majority.

      He looked frightened.

  36. 68
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight i will be a CD player.

    • 87
      Mike Litorus says:

      Cross Dresser?

      Still better looking that that ugly tranny you’ve shacked up with.

  37. 88
    Anonymous says:

    “beggars-belief that Hilton would not mention it”

    Beggars belief that the warning wasn’t specific.

  38. 94
    Guido is the most partisan 'libertarian' blog ever! says:

    You’re horribly ‘behind the curve’ Guido!

  39. 96

    So that’s why they have always called journalists “Hack’s”

  40. 99

    You cannot defend the indefensable ! Cameron is treating you all like fools
    and he does have a good point !
    you lot think the sun shines out his arse !
    he knows a lot more than he is letting on and he will pay for it with his job

    “Ignorance is no defence ”

    we are just at the begining of something major
    I think the Sun needs looking at and anywhere else the slug trails run too !

    • 104
      nell says:

      Of course, best practice re hacking and use of private investigators at the mirror wouldn’t bear too close a scrutiny either!!

      And how would alicampbell and damianmcbride during their terms at no.10, come out of an in depth investigation into their behaviour?

      • 107
        Just a thought says:

        wait and see !

        • 127
          Anonymous says:

          People, Mirror, and Mail all guilty.

          • oh the pleasures of a media driven society says:

            tip of the iceberg Anon…doubt if many will escape the exposure of similar tactics in the end …expect many used the same agencies and individuals repeatedly so only a matter of time if the investigations really do mean something this time around and plod gets their finger out.

  41. 101
    Dan Maskell says:

    I say, if the boot was on the other foot this blog would be heaving.

    New cucumber sandwiches please, I say!

  42. 102
    Ah! Monika says:

    About time Cameron killed B i N La d in In

  43. 103
    Ah! Monika says:

    It All Started In Australia

  44. 106
    Just a thought says:

    Its funny that this beacon of virtue of a news paper which exposed all the wrong doings and failings of others,
    While conducting a crusade on moral values
    Didn’t seem to have any of it’s own !

  45. 109
    PollDaddy says:

    I really am an utter steaming pile of shit.

  46. 112
    nell says:

    I thought it really laughable that alicampbell has been all over the news today today about how the ‘ truth has come out’.

    alicampbell and truth? Not a concept this master fiction writer , whose major work, ‘the sexed-up dodgy dossier’ will be one of the greatest historical deceptions of all time, recognised when he was bliar’s director of communications is it?

  47. 114
    nell says:


    And let’s not forget it did good things as well as bad.

    It’s more than we can say of labour.

  48. 118
    albacore says:

    Was Dave told or wasn’t he? Shock, horror, gnashing of teeth and rending of raiment.
    Compared with the strokes of genius he’s pulled with the EU, defence, immigration, foreign aid, global warming and you name it, this ain’t even a drop in the bucket.

    • 121
      Call me Dave - EU whore says:

      It’s ‘just’ another huge fuck up on my watch.

      I’m fucked
      You’re fucked
      We’re all fucked


      (Will sorry cut it?)

      • 190
        Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

        Sorry most of this shit happened while Blair was PM.

  49. 119
    Gordon Brown says:

    Every Tuesday at 19.36 GMT I suck on cock.

  50. 120
    Man on the clapham omnibus says:

    I find it hard to feel sorry for the News of the World and its staff – it and they have made their money out of other peoples misery, mistakes and by way of setting people up in sting operations.

    If you had been raped or abused would you want all the lurid details published in a way to titilate creepy readers?

    What goes round………..

    • 133
      Anonymous says:

      It often crossed the line, in the most appalling manner, but it also broke some great exclusives which millions of readers enjoyed over many years.

  51. 126
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    I have taken over from Lard Pressclot on ‘Pious Politician’ watch on Newsnight now.

    Even the Pope doesn’t do ‘Holier than Thou’ as well as we can in the Liebour party.

    • 131
      Anonymous says:

      Harman claimed the Labour party only ever cosied up to Murdoch because it feared his “menacing presence!”

    • 164
      equity abhors a Maxim says:

      This painful and bogus outrage is meant to divert us from noticing the existential threat to the left-liberal media diet upon which the British people are unceasingly fed. Here in the UK we now see the media attacking Murdoch because they see him taking control of BskyB as threatening it.

    • 338
      Airey Belvoir says:

      I do wish one of the many current interviewers of the appalling, over-exposed Lord Prescott had the balls to point out that his media outing for getting his knob polished by a junior Civil Servant in the office, on our time, while Deputy PM ,was certainly a matter of public interest, and arguably a case of misconduct in public office, a criminal offence. It would be fun to see the old gasbag explode like Monsieur Creosote….

  52. 128

    All of tomorrow’s headlines from the big 10 papers: http://t.co/LGD1yBW #notw #guardian #rebekahbrooks #sackbrooks #andycoulson #headlines

  53. 129
    Just a thought says:

    There is worse to come !
    maybe a list of MP’s who are in the pocket News international
    Lets reopen Cash for honours
    and Cash for questions !

    the MP’s are saying exactly what was said when they got caught with their thieving fucking hands in the public till

    “Now this is out in the open we have the opportunity to sort it out”

    Yes but while it was not out in the open you were quite prepared to let it carry on You utter scum !

    • 144
      You can't go wrong with the two and a half party system. It's got us where we are today says:

      Beg to differ old bean, but aren’t the scum the people who continue to vote for them time after time, even in the face of demonstratable evidence of mass corruption and sleaze, to blame?

  54. 130
    pissed says:

    Rebekah Brooks should fall on my pork sword as soon as fucking possible.

  55. 134
    Monkey see, monkey do says:

    A copper’s got to earn a living wage somehow!
    If MPs can represent the people full time alongside a lucrative earner from Fleet St, why not us?

  56. 135
    Paul McMullan - NoTW says:

    I love myself and I love Guido too.

    We could do great things together!

    Call me!

    Paul x

  57. 137
    Randy Vicar and the Choirmistress says:

    I think we’re in the clear.

  58. 138
    Ed But Look Balls says:

    PollyTwaddle seems quiet on the NI Issue, is the fat ugly lard-arse incommunicado in Tuscany?

  59. 139
    Paul McMullan - NoTW says:

    I noticed you gave me the could shoulder with my previous trist. Why so coy? You and I could be really great together.

    Tittle tattle is what we do best.

    P x

  60. 140
    Tell it like it really is says:

    As I see it:-

    Phone hacking, cash for honours, etc., etc., all taking place during the reign of Labour. No action taken by Labour.

    Now raging torrent of possible exposes of what was really going on – during the reign of Labour

    Bbc et al not pursuing an expose of what was really happening – during the reign of Labour

    Bbc continuously trotting out proven liars, adulterers, total tosspots, to pontificate about – what? Not what has been happening during the reign of Labour but “How to get Cameron”.

    FFS – what does it have to do with Cameron – Answer f*ck all – as I write particular uglies and posers including Will Self, Steve Coogan, some superior mummy from mums net grasping with open mouths the opportunity to hear themselves spout shite.

  61. 141
    Gordon Brown and Scooby Poo says:

    I wanted to stay prime minister. And I would’ve gotten away with it too if it hadn’t been for these meddling voters.

  62. 143
    P McMullan - NoTW says:

    Oh dear, this is getting tedious. Is the mention of your first name in the Name field so hard for you?

    Man up man! We’re in this together.

    I love you Guido, we could do so much tittle tattle together.

    You know it makes sense.

    Call me.


  63. 159
    Hiatus Hernia (Mrs) says:

    Five hours since your last tweet? Surely on such a politically momentous day as this you would be tweeting to buggery! A few extra posts with your prescient reading of the runes might be good too.

    What? Nothing? Call yourself a libertarian?

    What gives?

    • 254
      smoggie says:

      Perhaps he’s in the pub having a pi­ss-up to celebrate massive stats this week? That’s the hols in the Dordogne sorted this year.

  64. 161
    P McMullan - NoTW says:

    I like the sound of that. I’ve been pissing mine for days now.

  65. 162
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Labour are fucking shit. Discuss.

  66. 163
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    The Met Police take Coulson’s computer.

    Problem Met is Coulson probably inserted his Windows book disk and selected

    Format c:

    Are you sure Y/N


    The Met Police FUCKING MONGS

    • 168
      An0nym0us says:

      If he’s really done that, then he’s in deep trouble. If you ever need to ‘clean’ a disk of your plans for a daisy cutter, I recommend a method that works.

      Try a Linux boot disk and shred.

      Or better, physically shred the platter.

      • 335
        Aesop o'Sardis says:

        Or just don’t do vile, dishonest, unpleasant or illegal things that would make people want to search your hard drives.

        Being a decent human being is a lot less effort than being an utter shit!

  67. 165
    rubba rebekah says:

    She’s so good lookin’, but she looks like a man,
    Well you should see her in drag dressed in’a polythene bag

    Get a dose of of ‘er in jackboots and kilt,
    She’s killer-diller when she’s dressed to tha hilt,
    She’s the kindofa gurl who makes the newsahthawurld,
    Yes you say she’s attractively bilt

  68. 166
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:


  69. 169
    Lord Michael Caine says:

    What an arse that Cameron is turning out to be. Next he will be telling us he’s saved the world and that tractor production is up.

  70. 170
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    After a few dull months, there’s plenty of political entertainment in the coming months.

    More NOTW revelations
    Chris Huhne’s impending arrest
    Denis Macshane’s hopefully impending arrest
    John Edwards facing trial
    Labour meltdown and plotting over Miliband’s woeful leadership
    Another Vince Cable cock-up (it’s bound to happen)
    Bercow swapping places with Af g han speaker
    Hopefully embarrassing revelations about Tom Baldwin
    More dodgy Johann Hari stories exposed

  71. 171
    Gordon Brown says:

    Plop. I’ve just done a Tony. Plop. Another Tony. He thinks he was a great prime minister but I’ll show him. I’ll be the greatest prime minister ever. I’m planning my comeback for 2018. Plop. Tony.

  72. 178
    First Ladies says:

    Betty Ford RIP

  73. 185
    frank bruno says:

    I do like a tory punch up

  74. 186
    rupert murdoch says:

    I’m in the uk plc shortly to lead the funeral procession

  75. 188
    Hacker Fawkes? says:

    So. How did Gu ido obtain the McBride : Dolly Draper emails?

  76. 189
    Sam Cam says:

    Why is Rebekah married to a horse trainer?

  77. 198
    Fried Bread and Black Pudding says:

    The moral of the story is never to have breakfast with a Muesli muncher. Insist on nothing less than a full English.

  78. 203
    Eamonn U Ensis says:

    It’s nice to know that despite the debt problems in Greece and now Portugal probably requiring another contribution from UK;Gas/Electricity Prices rising 16/18%;employment worse than expected in US resulting in fall in markets and the possibility of US default on Aug 2 if Obama can’t get agreement from Congress by then for his tax/spend measures and the cataclysmic results of that for the global economy etc etc that the BBC has its priorities right and thinks the most important item of news is Andy Coulson and NoW……almost 24 hours continuous coverage of the story now,,,,,,,,and of course parading all the Labour spokesman and has-beens to pontificate about Cameron’s lack of judgement and closeness to News Int whilst glossing very quickly over Labour’s involvement over the years…..you have to laugh and whilst “Dave” only has himself to blame for the mess the criticism is perhaps a bit one-sided

  79. 206
    Background checks says:

    But are MI6 at fault surely all No10 employees are vetted by the security services especially those with access to state secrets.

    • 215
      MB. says:

      Security checks are not done by MI6, as bad as this morning’s Daily Mail with a line about CIA agents protecting the Royal party in California!

  80. 210
    DAVE call me a liar Cameron says:

    So Mr Hitler there is nothing in your past that may prevent me from appointing you my immigration advisor ?

  81. 217
    DAVE call me a liar Cameron says:

    Toilets is on sky spouting his usual shite !

    why does he have such a floppy top lip !
    very Bart Simpson !

  82. 220
    Witty Commentator No 32 says:

    Roll Up Roll Up! Greatest show on earth!

    In the Red Corner From The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA outta the “Sun” shock and awe….The cavalry arrives in the form of the Great MURDO!

    In the Purple Corner, Calamity Cameron, and assorted Bent Coppers.
    Supported fair weather friends, dead beat Journos, and vested interest!

    Your promoter is News Corp International…Ready to SPLASH the CASH,
    DISH the DIRT and, SQUISH the truthful.

    Pass the Popcorn, standing room only, its going to be a hellluva show!

  83. 221
    Gonk says:

    Boo hoo hoo, we were so scared of nasty Mr. Murdoch
    we couldn’t do anything for 10 or 12 years, but the way
    the devil worshipping Tories have behaved over this
    is completely unacceptable. Wouldn’t you say so Alastair ?
    I most certainly would Harriet.

  84. 222
    voyeur says:

    I feel quite guilty witnessing all this delirious leftwing triumphalism – like looking at a car crash.
    They haven’t been like this since Gordon Brown got to office. They don’t understand that Labour are despised – for things they directly did and would do themselves, not for what Campbell might have done at the Mirror. Funny lot.

    • 266
      nothing more to say says:

      All you’ve to take on board is that most of them are as thick as shit………end of.

      • 275
        Anonymous says:

        Let’s face the facts, if you still choose to be a leftie after seeing that every Labour governmant we’ve ever had has wankrupted the country, your intellect has to be a little suspect to say the fucking least.

  85. 223
    Dave on the back foot says:

    At the start of this week I would have said it was inconceivable that by Saturday Dave would be on the ropes about coseying up to the Murdoch empire and Labour would be presenting themselves as a party free of spindoctors and Murdoch free,

    But it’s happened. And now Labour have taken the initiative yet again, demanding that Dave appoints a judge NOW this morning to stop NI shredding the evidence. There is probably no need as NI is already under a Plod investigation and should have been told that destroying evidence is a criminal offence but be that as it may Labour are running rings around number 10.

    Does Dave like Rebekah know that there is worse to come?

  86. 225
    Anonymous says:

    If the population of the United Kingdom is so upset and outraged by what has happened, and if politicians, media owners, journalists, and media commentators are so disgusted by the actions taken, then why is no-one in the MSM, or anywhere else, explaining to the great British public exactly what was done, and how, and telling them how to protect themselves against such actions.

    Is it because throwing the word hacking around is so much more exciting?

    Even the pathetic e-mails that routinely circulate, inviting people to receive huge sums of money from Nigeria, are highlighted by the MSM, with appropriate advice about how to guard against losing money to such cons.

    The huge crocodile tears being shed for the victims is rank hypocrisy.

    It is a shame that the British media no longer consider it part of their role to provide accurate and helpful information to their audiences.

    • 239
      non believer says:


      I’ve seen several explanations on TV, newspapers and Radio as to how phones are hacked and that all you have to do is change your remote access passcode from the default, altho all the major networks have required you to actively set up remote access for a few years now which is probably why all these cases are from a few years ago.

      • 251
        smoggie says:

        Another one – don’t leave incriminating messages on other people’s answerphones.

  87. 226
    Political Points says:

    Harman on the Telly saying that Dave should speak to Ed this morning and appoint a judge to stop NI shredding the evidence. Of course this is all politics but it sounds Good.

    Dave has got to start taking charge of the situation and stop recting to it several days late.

    It’s laughable that the party of bad AL and McPoison can present themselves as squeaky clean but they are, it’s working and they are winning points.

  88. 229
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Wonder what the “Fake Shiekh” is gonna do now?

    Ps Dont forget the NOTW uncovered the spot betting scandel at Lords last year.

  89. 230
    Anonymous says:

    Not so very long ago Guido was saying that Cameron wouldn’t sack Coulson.

    I suppose it’s difficult to scent a story when your nose is covered in shit.

    Now it looks like Coulson will end up in prison.

    The question is, will it be in England for corruption, or in Scotland for perjury?

    • 236
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      He didn’t !

    • 262
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      “Now it looks like Coulson will end up in prison.”

      Point of Order: Firstly Coulson hasn’t actually been charged with any crime to my knowledge…he’s just been bailed to appear at police station in October. Whether or not he’s actually charged with any crime let alone actually convicted is a matter of conjecture despite the frenzy in the BBC,Labour Party and lefty media. And of course we have the situation of if the media go overboard any case against Coulson that is likely to be brought could be dismissed on the basis of the them endangering the chance of him getting a fair tria in view of all the coverage to datel(if as I say it comes to that and in my opinion it’s still a BIG IF so don’t count your chickens just yet)

      It’s also a fact that a person is presumed innocent until proven guilty although in our present society of trial by media this seems to have been forgotten. In addition of course no one has actually heard Coulson’s side of the debate…

      It will be the biggest fucking laugh ever if in October nothing actualy happens……and nothing would surprise me in this case……..

    • 292
      Eva Precious Brick of Love says:


  90. 231
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    News night last night was very good !
    best bit was when Steve Coogan and Greg Dyke ripped apart a total tosser of a so called journalist who tried to justify phone tapping

    if you dont want to watch it all it starts at 25.55 in the programme !


    • 260
      Anonymous says:

      Steve Coogan the manc leftie, and Greg ‘hideously white’ Dyke, you mean? Yeah, sounds like the sort of wankers you would endorse, Hadcock. Tosser.

  91. 234
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Hello Dixons ! yes its Rebekah here at Wapping have you got 200 computers in stock ?
    Only some silly billy has managed to spill acid on all our hard drives !

  92. 237
    • 250
      Tessa Tickles says:

      “Yet most of them are foul-mouthed, lazy scroungers, cheats, layabouts, dr*unks, dr*ug add*icts — who are totally dependent upon the goodwill of taxpayers”

      One could abbreviate that paragraph, thus: “Yet most of them are Labour-voters.”

    • 255
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      A bunch of benefit scroungers making a documentary about benefit scroungers :-)

  93. 240
    Yarnefromhorsham says:

    The Great and the Good will always win thro despite corrupt politicians,corrupt media and currupt police – just cant wait for the FSO and CPS to cock things up. Bound to be something thats “not in the public interest”

  94. 244
    Rabbit food says:

    If breakfast is the most important meal of the day, why ruin it with muesli?

  95. 252
    Gordon Brown says:

    Only last week I called Betty Ford to wish her well.

    • 258
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Betty Ford destined for her last service !

    • 268
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      You’d better bloody well have stayed away from Jensen Button this weekend, or I’ll hunt you down and make you look at naked pictures of women. You won’t like that.

      • 281
        Gordon Brown says:

        Women? Are they those bigoty things that make me angry and shouty and caused me problems at the election? I don’t like them. They disturb me.

        • 293
          Infuriated of West Mids says:

          Yep. Don’t you remember? Your friend Prescott saw one without its clothes on once. The bits were all over the place, apparently.

        • 298
          Big Girl's Blouses Club says:

          believe us its mutual

  96. 253
    Marian says:

    Westminster turned a blind eye to banking fraud, MP’s expenses fraud, and now corporate approved telephone hacking and payments to Police it appears.

    Proof if ever it was needed that Westminster is the real institution that should be closed down and all its power transferred/split up to a new confederacy of the nations that make up the UK.

  97. 257
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    FFS the newsroom at The news of the world will become a crime scene as soon as it is vacated this evening !
    Staff have been encouraged by management to take souvenirs from the news room
    Fuckin un real !

    • 267
      Anonymous says:

      Reckon a lot of cops and politicians would be well pleased if All the evidence was destroyed

  98. 259
    GORDON McPOTTY says:

    I found a large piece of Sarahs poo !
    i have been saving it for a very special occasion
    so i am going to give it to Mr Murdoch and ask him if i can have my old job back as prime minister !

    wubbly woooh !

  99. 263
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Where’s my Saturday Seven Up! I like it right up from behind.

  100. 265
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    England win toss and chose to bat, Broad out Samit patel in.

  101. 276
    Dee Prest says:

    Can’t tell you all how fabulous it is to see you guys and Fawkes scrabbling around for any crumb of comfort in all this. THERE ISN’T ONE BOYS. I haven’t been back to this site for ages but right now it is PRICELESS!

  102. 279
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    This supposedly secret recording of Brooks talking to her staff which has been played on Sky news is the most blatant, transparent stunt of recent times. Anyone who believes it’s a genuinely secret recording is clinically retarded. In the tape Brooks conveniently says she’s shocked, had no idea what was happening, and that she was told by police she herself had been hacked.

    What a steaming pile of bullshit. That bitch has some real chutzpah to pull a stunt like this to try and portray herself as innocent. Years of hacking and corruption and only NOW some journo decides to secretly record a meeting and conveniently leak it to the news? Yeah, sure. Fucking evil c unt.

  103. 280
    Alan Rubbishbringer says:

    Alan Rubbishbringer brings something useful?
    Willwonders never cease?

  104. 285
    Anonymous says:

    All a bit quiet re Huhne. Let’s hope someone had the noddle to hack his phone that day of the M11 dash…….

  105. 286
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    The moronic masses who buy tabloids aren’t blameless in all this. Their hunger for venal sleaze fuels the NOTW’s corruption. And yet, like the thick sheep they are, they’re now up in arms because they have a vague sense that something evil has been committed and they’re supposed to be appalled, but lack the cognitive skills to understand why or their own culpability.

    Of course, true to form, the great British chav class will turn out in their droves to buy the final NOTW tomorrow. “I fink, like, it’s well big and controversialist and fing and, like, it’s the last one sort of fing and everyone gonna be buying it sort of fing and I wanna see what it’s all about sort of fing cos everyone’s talking about it and fing.”

  106. 290
    The fun's just starting! says:

    Ed is fucked! :-D

    • 291
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Ed was a loser anyway, just part of the election cycle.

    • 302
      nell says:

      well david wearing, whoever you are, I hope you won’t forget twatson’s scandalous attack in the HoP, during the week, where he used parliamentary privelege to call named people associated with the NOTW , crooks.

      Of course, twatson himself is a man completely above reproach. He and his pal mcbride never schemed to tell lies about innocent people or attempted character assassinations or acted as gordon’s attack dog . And he’s not fulfilling that same role for militwit now!!

      And he has never ever taken a penny of taxpayer’s money to which he didn’t feel entitled.

  107. 294
    • 295
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I thought taking coke was ilegal?

      • 301
        non believer says:

        yup, just ask Dave and Gideon.

        • 303
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          oh comeon, what student has not dabbled in drug taking?

          • Ed Milimong's Parasite Party says:

            No glorious wholesome left-winger has ever taken drugs. It is purely a Right-Wing weakness.

        • 309
          nell says:

          perhaps you’d get a more balanced view by talking to gordon’s pal the labour ex ceo from glasgow.

  108. 296
    LOL says:
  109. 297
    cheche says:

    Although the BBC seem to have gone balllistic about this its still not pub talk

    • 307
      terrible breath and worse wind says:

      what is suprising that balls has been conspicously quiet thusfar…the ascerbic tart hes married to couldn’t resist but very unusual for him to miss a knocking opportunity… frightened shitless that when the labour partys black arts are exposed he will figure central to the plot with his long time master the scottish moron …oh please if there is a god…bring it on.

  110. 308
    David Cameron says:

    Once more I am forced to wish the very best of luck to the shower of shit masqerading as the England cricket team.
    They are a bloody disgace and I really do think that Ed Balls could do th ejob as captain.

    • 320
      terrible breath and worse wind says:

      yes agree entirely but only if he plays silly mid-on in his underpants

  111. 311
    Jon Shuttleworth says:

    Which potential conservative leader is untainted by association with the Murdoch empire/corrupt police? Dominic Grieve perhaps? (20/1)

    • 343
      J. Shuttleworth says:

      “Dominic Grieve’s fate as shadow Home Secretary was sealed by a lunch at News International headquarters in Wapping. Grieve went to lunch with various Sun executives and rather than talking tough on crime he laid into the paper for how it covered the issue, claiming that it stoked fear of crime. The word then came back to Tory high command, via Andy Coulson, that the paper would not endorse the Tories as long as Grieve remained in that job. He was duly replaced by Chris Grayling in the ‘pub-ready reshuffle’ of January 2009 after less than a year in the job.”
      Spectator Blog May 2011

  112. 313
    Ed's very dangerous game says:

    Can’t understand why Red is making enimies of the Murdoch organisation, publicly insulting current and past senior employees who have not been found guilty of Any wrong doings and scuppering the selling off of Sky News.

    End result will be the alternative news channel of the UK at war with Ed and and his chancers. Tom Watson may be protected by parliamentary privilege but that protection only applies when he is at work. As for Baldwin, no doubt NI will have a lot of dirt on him.

    As Dave said He will look pretty for a day and then……

    • 325
      Aunt Hilda says:

      you know why …because hes so politically stupid he believes the expediency route is best to bolster his completely risible performance as shadow leader.

      To hear this week on the box that he has ‘come of age’ is a joke at which even his most seasoned supporters whince.

      Labour are dead in the water when the light shines on them and their members including the unions…and rest assured their moments are coming in spades.

      • 347
        Anonymous says:

        No, he’s probably called it right. Public are onside, Dave has no choice but to follow, Murdoch’s influence will be reduced.

        • 349
          Aunt Hilda says:

          so the mantra ‘cameron exercised bad judgement in employing coulson’ puts the public onside Anon and all of a sudden the initiative magically passes to the labour leadership….thus extrapolating that logic the public’s clear sight of labour’s hypocrisy vanishes and labour is the all conquering crusader against the vested interests of the media.

          Lesson learnt thanks for that. In summary 13 years of craven media manipulation and economy wrecking negated by a pathetic simplistic expediency driven soundbite.

    • 356
      Fish says:

      Berlusconi is looking to buy an TV chanel!

  113. 316
    Ah! Monika says:

    Job opportunity for out-of-work journos


    At 27, he is a full-time “tracker” for American Bridge 21st Century, a new Democratic organization that aims to record every handshake, every utterance by Republican candidates in 2011 and 2012, looking for gotcha moments that could derail political ambitions or provide fodder for television advertisements by liberal groups next year.

  114. 318
    Billy Bongo says:

    Where’s my saturday seven up? I like it right up, fed piping hot straight into my botty.

  115. 327
    Martin Buber says:

    Anti-semitic fuck – crawl back to the bunker and have a cup of Zyklon-B while you’re at it – cheers!

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