July 8th, 2011

Ed’s Glass House

For once Sally Bercow hits the nail on the head:

While Tom Baldwin was overheard pacing around Parliament earlier shouting the line, presumably to a press office minion or one of his old friends at News International, “Cameron has been consistently behind the curve… from the presser this morning, all day” down a phone, his boss was taking to the air. However when Ed Miliband was interviewed on Sky, Adam Boulton didn’t just want to talk about Cameron’s judgement, but Ed’s too. Especially in light of Lord Ashcroft’s curveball this morning.

Despite it being public knowledge that Tom Baldwin stands accused of using  a private detective to raid the Tory party’s bank accounts for a story in 1999, Ed claims he checked and was “satisfied he was the right person to be hired by me” and called Boulton’s line of questioning “desperate stuff”. Clearly flustered he demanded that Ashcroft put up the evidence, which he has already done in a 368 page book – Dirty Politics Dirty Times. Baldwin hasn’t challenged the facts contained in that book. It’s not just the media raising eyebrows, John Prescott told the Daily Politics today he “was a bit concerned” about Baldwin. Lots of people were “a bit concerned” with Andy Coulson, and look what happened to him. 


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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Hacks finished lunch now?

    • 2
      daedalus says:

      second lunch due to start in about 13 minutes …

    • 12
      BBC says:

      But hang on Baldwin is helping the Labour party. So we don’t want to talk about him.

      Andy Coulson is a conservative.

      • 23
        Anonymous says:

        If Andy has gone after criminals then public would have supported him.

      • 42
        Anonymous says:

        and an Essex man.

      • 68
        Anonymous says:

        Andy is accused of hacked Milly Dowler’s phone Boldwin Conservative bank account. Who do you thing public will back?

        Robin Hood was a criminal but public love him for what he did.

        • 72
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:


          Andy is accused of being in charge when hacking by private investigaters hacked phones.

          you do understand there is a difference between vengence and justice?

          • Parker says:

            Anonymous propaganda midget.

            Very poor argument, this Baldwin thing is causing some fear I see.

            Plus all the dirt unfavourable to Labour that will come out.

            They have helped to start the shit storm, I think it may well overwhelm them..and so it should, rank hypocrites.

          • Anonymous says:

            Who authorise payment for the investigaters? When you pay someone to do a criminal act you become a criminal as well.

          • Anonymous says:

            Justice is not to put a criminal in a hotel (UK prison) and send him/her on foreign trips.

          • Anonymous says:

            Parker says: July 8, 2011 at 4:05 pm

            How ever you look it, it goes back to Brooks, James and Rupert. It is their papers who paid for these wrong doings. All these people are close friends of Cameron.

          • Mr Hubris completes his to do list says:

            John prescott
            Alistair Campbell
            Various other Labour lackies

          • Anonymous says:

            But they were closer to the Labour administration for around 15 years.

          • Anonymous says:

            Anonymous says: July 8, 2011 at 4:22 pm

            Yes and it was wrong. One wrong doesn’t cancel another wrong doing.

            Only think I can say on labour’s difference is that they were not as close as Cameron. Andy was involved in all most all the decisions Cameron made, Cameron spent a lot of time with Brooks and Rupert.

            Even though I dislike Clegg and LD they were the only party that didn’t care about Rupert.

          • Anonymous says:

            Cameron spent a lot of time with Rupert?!? I don’t think so.

    • 14
      Anonymous says:

      Billy, do you seriously think Bin Ladin is innocent as he hasn’t been convicted in courts?

      • 19
        The Archbishop of Canterbury's trembling hairy face says:

        I do. And I’m seriously upset that this poor defenceless man was shot dead in cold blood.

      • 21
        Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

        no, I believe he wasnt given due procsess and a fair trail.

        • 49
          Anonymous says:

          What is your view on OJ Simpson? He had a fair trial and was released.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Justice is like democrcy, Sometimes you dont get the result you want.

          • Anonymous says:

            Its not like democrcy. You cannot buy voters in this country but justice you can buy the best lawyers.

            The problem we have with Rupert is he is controlling the law makers.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            But the law is still the law, passed by parliament.

            what laws do you think are wrong or paid for by Murdoch?

          • Anonymous says:

            Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says: July 8, 2011 at 4:07 pm

            Public didn’t vote for Rupert, so any law that he made Blair, Brown or Cameron to make are wrong. More than that it is disgracing UK, especially when UK PM runs to Rupert when even he is called for. He is a PM not a hotel waiter.

        • 99
          I'll have a P please, Bob says:

          And what about condemning Huhne ahead of any form of trial?

          You possibly think you are some kind of loveable site joke, What you actually are is an arsehole. Simple as that.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            but i am not on the jury, My thoughts and the juries thought (bear in mind they will see more eveidence than i will) are 2 different things, I can say my view (be it right or wrong) , But the only view that matters is that of a court.

          • Anonymus says:

            I don’t have a bear in mind. I once got a semi-on watching the hairy bikers, but I turned it off immediately.

          • Strewth says:

            Billy, old chap, you’re on good form today

    • 19
      Ah! Monika says:

      Guido hasn’t had time for lunch today.

    • 27
      On the Job says:

      Red said he didn’t want to ask Baldwin about his private life. But wasn’t Tom caught taking the cocaine at work covering a party conference?

      • 139
        Anonymous says:

        Maybe one of the newly redundant hacks at NI would like to enlighten us about Baldwin as his boss Ed is partly responsible for the paper’s closure.

      • 239
        This gets up my nose says:

        It was the white thing to do.

    • 35
      Ah! Monika says:

      I see a copper shadowing Baldwin

    • 88
      Anonymous says:

      Worst thing Baldwin did, certainly worse than blagging his way into bank accounts, was identifying David Kelly. Blood on his hands as much as Tony Blair’s for that.

    • 106
      He has blood on his hands says:

      You do realise that it was Tom Baldwin who first published Dr Kelly’s name and Tom Baldwin is a personal friend of Alastair Campbell.


      • 238
        Sagitarius says:

        Was it him who tried to get access to the hospital records (Kensington and Chelsea) of one of the victims of the Paddington rail crash after she made a fuss

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    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    This is going to be great.

    Drip after drip until the election.

    Ed Miliband and Labour have not nailed Murdoch, Now they will taste revenge……

    • 8

      Read it Billy. Baldwin was working for Murdoch at the time. So Ashcroft is joining the kick Rupert bandwagon as well ,or is that oops, I didn’t mean to do that?

      • 33
        MrAngry61 says:

        Ashcroft refers to the Times as pro Nu Labour – IMO Ashcroft already treats Rupert as potentially hostile, or not to be trusted.

        Incidentally the book with the relevant denunciation of Baldwin is downloadable off Cashcroft’s website.

      • 162
        Anonymous says:

        Remember Rupert’s throwing all ex-employees under the bus. He’ll be only to delighted to discover – shock horror – that an ex-employee at the Times was breaking the law. If he happens to work for the Labour Party that’s the way the chips fall. Remember this police investigation is being carried out by PC Murdoch and WPC Brooks.

    • 24
      Ah! Monika says:

      I hope they have the backup copies stored out of our jurisdiction

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    All the fun of a lynching without the mess says:

    I suppose Mr Baldwin can always save his unsullied reputation by suing Lord Ashcroft for Libel. I wonder how much he would win?

  4. 5
    Ken Clarke says:

    I can’t imagine why they thought Lord Ashcroft might have something to gain by supporting a political party.

    No doubt Baldwin is an unpleasant character. Not quite the same as rummaging through a dead girl’s things, though.

  5. 6
    Andrew Efiong says:

    Labour in no position to give lectures when it comes to employing suspect journos.

    Dodgy dossiers and wars on false pretences overshadow any tabloid scandal.

    • 13
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      It would be interesting to reflect on how keen the tabloids were on the wars.
      and whether they actually knew/cared/bothered to find out about those false pretences.

      Have you ever seen a tabloid saying “don’t go to war, lots of civilians will die” … other than when they’ve got 20:20 hindsight of course

      • 80
        Uncle Oinker says:

        I think you’ll find that in previous wars fought outside the UK (i.e. non-IRA wars) since Murdoch bought it, the Sun has been rabidly keen on war and has so expressed itself in headlines from the Falklands, the Gulf War, Iraq and now Afghanistan.

        Crudely put, “dead soldiers sell newspapers”, as does any form of jingoism.

      • 105
        sockpuppet #4 says:

        I’m sorry, I’m being a dick there of course, Its never “interesting to reflect”.

        Pictures of tits for “our boys” is what you really want.

  6. 7
    Mike Litorus says:

    In all of this, the most surprising thing has been that Prescnut has been concerned with more than where his next pie is coming from.

  7. 10
    Anonymous says:

    If what Lord Ashcroft says is untrue, which seemed to be dimwitted Ed’s line on the ‘World at One’ then lets see Baldwin sue for libel. If he doesn’t then one can only assume it is all true. And why aren’t the Metropolitan Police investigating the matter ? Illegally gaining access to a bank account was a crime in 1999 and is so now. So get on with it.

    • 171
      Anonymous says:

      Ashcroft should demand publicly on the BBC – Prescott like – that the police do investigate this.

    • 197
      Helpful says:

      Doesn’t someone just need to make an official complaint to the police about a prima facie offence?

  8. 11

    In an interview today David Cameron said
    ” the Shadow Prime Minister was, “someone who didn’t seem to get it. he doesn’t seem to be able to lead the change we need in the way the press works in this country.”

    “He couldn’t even bring himself to apologise for hiring Tom Baldwin.”

    Mr Cameron added that the British public wanted the Shadow Prime Minister to “face-up to what he did wrong.”

    • 55
      lola says:

      “…lead the change we need in the way the press works in this country.” Christ. That’s terrifying. Cameron sounds like he thinks time is up for a free press. Authoritarian little shit.

      • 69
        Sleepless in Kirkaldy says:

        If you swap Cameron for Milliband and Baldwin for Coulson you get the actual quote. Methinks BQ was being ironic

        • 152
          Sir William Waad says:

          Time for a game of Scumbag Top Trumps.

          My Campbell beats your McBride on TV presence but your McBride scores higher on Dirty Tricks. Now it’s your Coulson against my Baldwin….

        • 156

          Thanks sleepless. That is the case.

          Poor Miliband. I said yesterday that there was no need for him to directly attack the PM. The papers were doing all the dirty work for him. he could have just sadly shaken his head and mused that ….”Cameron seems to lack judgement, but let us think of the real story…the poor hacked families and the poor print workers now facing unemployment.”

          But Tom insisted on doing a Milibland on all the media yesterday. identical quotes on all stations. “The PM is the only person in the country who thinks Rebekah should keep her job.”

          Bound to set off a retribution war Ed. Not very bright.

      • 169
        Raving Loon says:

        He who controls the present controls the past…

    • 180
      Anonymous says:

      The Tories better grow a fuckin’ pair and get out there over the weekend and kick the fuckin’ shit out of Labour over Baldwin and their complicity over all this NI law breaking during the Labour years. Christ, Hugh Grant’s putting up a better fight than them.

      • 189
        same old, same old says:

        hugh grant is the butch version of dave

        ross kemp is somewhere in the middle

  9. 15
    Ken Clarke says:

    i think the idea is to be better than them – not ‘you can’t point the finger at our low-life, when you have one too!’ That’s feeble, and indefensible.

    The idea is not to be as stupid as them in the first place.

  10. 16
    Moussa Koussa says:

    OMG… have you lost the plot.

    The best defence is attack , isn’t gonna work on this occasion…believe me- Makes “The Right “ look even worse that it currently does.

    Using Ashcroft as a commentator…. Jesus, Barrel = bottom.

    • 25
      Parker says:

      Your very sad and and lonely existence as a propaganda poodle and pipsqueak = bottom.

      Millipede made a gibbering fool of himself on the radio and tv today. Didn’t like it up him, oh no.

    • 26
      Mongwatch says:

      So you’re not enjoying opposition, then?

      Blessss! LOL. Only another 9 years.



      • 181
        Moussa Koussa says:

        LOL…. Enjoying none Majority Gov. One term wonders. This isnt over Mongy….This is going all the way to No10. Recipients of dodgy hacks is also an offense. Keep on apologising

    • 37
      you dopey spaz says:

      Haha, Baldwin is toast!

    • 53
      Cynical-old-bag says:

      The bottom of the barrel was scraped over thirteen years to within an inch of its life, by Messrs. Brown, Blair, Cameron, Balls etc., etc.

      How you have the brass neck to lay blame at someone else’s door is way beyond comprehension.

    • 78
      daedalus says:

      what you talking about, cupcake?

      Ashcroft isn’t commentating, he’s just relating well known, previously public, facts about Tom “Charlie” Baldwin.

      It’s actually a really good point — raised by one of the dahlings of the left; or at least the champagne party circuit.

  11. 17
    John Bercow says:

    Sally, please stop! I didn’t mean “toss me out of the window”!

  12. 18
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    For the first time in her ‘fragrant’ life…. .apologies to Lady Archer…..Mrs Speaker has actually said something of meaning.

    And In the meantime in another Galaxy far, far away….. notw has admitted donating in excess of £40k/year to the Metropolitan Police Widows, Orphans and Scroungers fund from 2002 – 2004. Wasn’t a Labour administration in power then with Millibugger and Balls featuring?

  13. 22
    Errol Flynn says:

    “It isn’t what they say about you, it’s what they whisper”

  14. 29
    Postal Vote says:

    Please also start an investigation into the huge number of public sector job adverts that under the labour govenrment somehow all were published in the Gaurdian rather than the Independent or any other newspaper! Labour bought the Guardian to get favourable coverage and it was also handy that beeb programs invited many Guardian reporters.

    There should be a proper inquiry into the revenue percentage of all the newspapers and their affiliated websites accounted for by government advertising, including all the job adverts for civil service, nhs, bbc, councils etc.

    Regardless of the inquiry there should be one central website for public sector jobs to save costs and prevent clever purchase of partisan coverage. Recruitment companies hired by the government should use that site as well.

    If there is one thing the labour PR machine and Campbell deserve credit for it is for their covert bribing of the Guardian.

    • 63
      rasputin says:

      definitely worth an investigation. The Graun basicallly survives because of massive gvt and BBC handouts (in the disguise of “adverts” for equality directors and that sorta shit.

      pretty shady.

      would like to see that smug wanker rusbriger taken down a few

    • 83
      Dee Prest says:

      Sadly people who work in decent public sector jobs usually read the Guardian. It would be a scandalous waste of public money to put the ads in The Sun or the Mail where they wouldn’t be seen. And people who read the Times and the Telegraph wouldn’t be seen dead in charge of a sweaty under-resourced social services department in a crappy northern town, so they’d ignore the ads too. Therefore as we can’t afford to waste cash and somebody’s got to look after the crap part if society, I’m afraid we’re stuck with having to hold our nose and pay the Guardian.

      • 107
        Postal Vote says:


        That’s why:

        -there should be one central website; this website can be highlighted by 1 advert of, say, one-sixth of a page in the Guardian (I wouldn’t mind on front page and pop-up on home page, rather than pages and pages);

        -a comparison with the Independent is very relevant rather than with Telegraph.

      • 126
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        On the other hand you could just put the ads on a government website.

        Only needs 1 person with web design skills, a mobile, an office and a laptop+ internet connection. Pay them the going rate. Taxpayer saves a fortune.

        Simples :-)

        • 260
          Tom Paine says:

          The ads would be seen in the Telegraph if people want jobs and that’s where they were. But a website is the way to go. Starve the beast.

      • 270
        Bleeding Obvious says:

        Since the Public Sector is being cut back (too right), jobs should be advertised internally, so sacked Lesbian Co-ordinators can apply for vacant dusbin collectors jobs.

  15. 30
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    For once I think Bigcow is correct – almost all the protagonists are sitting in glass houses. In regards to Baldwin the allegations about his behaviour were in print prior to his appointment. I was quite surprised the media didn’t make more of it at the time.

    • 254
      Dumb Twat from the BBC says:

      he’s a leftie and they don’t do any wrong and they also shit chocolate buttons don’t you know?

  16. 31
    Cynical-old-bag says:

    I think I just heard Nick Clegg on the radio referring to the NOTW scandal, saying that it wasn’t acceptable for these people to act with impunity.

    Impunity is reserved for MP’s then, Nick?

  17. 32
    Milibanter says:

    ‘Not very Coul-son’, Mosley wades in on the NotW debate with some fucking stunning comments: http://t.co/WpELeP4

    • 57
      Black Shirts had a point says:

      I particularly liked:-
      “The Press will not be free to tell lies. That is not freedom for the people but a tyranny over their minds and souls. Much humbug is talked on this subject. What is Press freedom ? In practice it means the right of a few millionaires to corner newspaper shares on the stock exchange and to voice their own opinions and interests irrespective of the truth or of the national interest.”

    • 175
      Smack my journo up says:

      And George Orwell not only predicted the problems with the BBC (a bigger monopoly in the UK than Murdoch’s) he stated they were a problem at the time.

  18. 34
    Anonymous says:

    Has it just dawned on these thick lefties what shit storm they’ve started?

  19. 36
    I don't need no doctor says:

    It’s strange that Ed Miliband is not questioned by the BBC as he was on Sky.

    • 52
      Time 2 CTRL, ALT & DEL says:

      i dont

    • 70
      If looks could Kill says:

      He did all the channels one after the other and quoted the “Prime minister still doesn’t get it ” line in all of them.

      Boulton though touched a raw nerve by asking about Baldwin and Ed lost his composure. Very telling indeed

    • 97
      Gene Poole says:

      You sound surprised!

    • 164
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      same Coke dealers ;-)

  20. 38
    rasputin says:

    completely off topic, but what the hell …

    Thought I saw the fragrant Laurie Penny near Old Street today. three things:

    1. Her voice. Oh my sweet lord. She should permanently shut the f’uck up (even if she had anything worth saying). It’s like a whiny lisping drill.
    2. she very short. like 5’0″
    3. still would.

    when she heard me speak it was apparent though that I was a male pimperialist bent on oppressing the sistahood, the unions, the students, and whatever other right-on group has the dubious benefit of her support this week… I think it sort of scratched her itch to be perfectly honest

    • 141
      Mr Walrus says:

      I’ve known you for fifteen years and that’s exactly what you’re like. Not a bad thing though.

    • 153
      daedalus says:

      “pimperialist” <– I'm getting me some business cards with this on

  21. 39
    Politicians are CUNTS says:

    Getting sick of the yaboo nonsense.

    Cameron should resign now and if he had any decency he would. Brown argued he was the only man to sort the economy and look where that got us FFS

    Cameron OUT NOW

  22. 40
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I like Murdoch, He was always my favorite in the A-Team.

  23. 41
    ichabod says:

    Was that Brooks woman, nee Wade, christened REBEKAH or, as usual, Rebecca and decided that it would attract more attention if spelt differently. Anyway it’s bloody irritating and makes her look like some sink estate slapper.

  24. 43
    Martin Day says:

    Are any comments about Andy Coulson subject to the sub judicae rules ?

    • 54
      Parker says:

      Martin you failed Goebbels for Labour,

      This post is all about that powder nosed ex NI creep Baldwin who your rubber faced gonk of a leader Millipede E employed.

      Btw did you see Ed bumbling through some juicy hostile questioning today? Embarrassing.

    • 144
      Anonymous says:

      Sub judice only applies once someone has been charged ie becomes an accused person and not simply a suspect.

  25. 45
    Jimmy says:

    So you’re going to see our Milly Dowler and raise us Lord Ashcroft?

    Good luck with that one.

    Dear God is this really the best you can do?

    • 51
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      No, I think it was this:

      You mention Coulson , we will rasie you a Baldwin.

      • 79
        Jimmy says:

        You say potato…

        I don’t know which is funnier, the idea of the tories opening a new front against another Murdoch title, or that the public is going to be outraged by a journalist snooping into Ashcroft’s somewhat opaque financial affairs.

        • 102
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          I am sure he obeys all current tax laws.

          If Labour gave a shit about Milly why did they brush this under the carpet while in goverment?

          • Jimmy says:

            Tax laws maybe…

            Labour did nothing for the same reason the tories did nothing. Apart from Watson and Bryant, they’re all scared shitless of the tabs.

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Watson? Chief smearer? Not a good name to mention.

          • Jimmy says:

            Chief Smearer, of whom?

          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            anyone Mcbride and co told him to.

          • Jimmy says:

            What is it with you people and this McBride obession?

            Can you remember off the top of your head how much Tom got from the Daily Hitler for printing that?

        • 201
          Peter Grimes says:

          Who gives a fuck about the public, a proper judicial enquiry will ignore the public and look at the evidence, ALL the evidence.

          • Jimmy says:

            Let me put it another way. Instead of taking my word for it, why not ask yourself why no-one in the Tory Party apart from Montgomerie (and now apparently our host) appears to think it helpful to start an argument about a secret party slush fund sponsored by Ashcroft immediately before he got his peerage?

            It’s a puzzler isn’t it? Perhaps you could ask your MP to be the first to raise it?

          • Jimmy says:

            What’s the mod trigger here? Can’t be Ashcroft. Is it slush fund?

          • Jimmy says:

            Obviously not. Montgomerie?

    • 61
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      I think perhaps the real point here is that this particular shit-storm is going to spread very widely indeed. Plod caught on to the implications once thing spread from phone-hacking to paying police officers for information.

      What many of those revelling in the discomfort of Murdoch, NI and Cameron have failed to realise is that this won’t stop there. The NotW has covered itself in shit but people are now starting to look further afield.

      The allegations about Baldwin’s coke snorting and account hacking were in print well before he was appointed by Ed Miliband. It was clear today that Ed is clueless in dealing with these issues and appeared to deny that they were true (which from where I’m sitting appears to be a lie).

      Hopefully this will result in a cleansing of the corrupt relationships between politicians, the press and the police but given the moral standards of the people involved it doesn’t look that likely.

      • 91
        Jimmy says:

        Of course you’re right it’s not just about Murdoch, but I’m afraid the idea that Joe Q Public gives a flying fuck about Ashcroft getting his knickers bunched is delusional. As for the coke, glass houses and all…

        • 116
          you may go says:

          Oh dear, little Jimmy sounds rattled. This has only just started Jimmy, and already your shitting yourself. Very bad form, very bad form indeed.

      • 104
        The shoe hasn't dropped yet says:

        The politicians having a row about greasy disposable media help is simply an hors d’oevre. I want to know who are these bent police officers and whose newsworthy ‘cases’ were they selling information about.

      • 134
        same old, same old says:

        there’s an easy way out for this type of problem – just say that you wanted to give someone a second chance and everyone will believe you.

        isn’t that right dave?

    • 92
      Sophie says:

      Jimmy, face it. The nuke the liberal left BBC, Guardian & the likes of you have created was a dud.

      It failed to take down Ruperts Empire. Or the PM.

      What it has done is hole your beloved Liebore Party. You know they are nuts deep in this shit – why else did they brush it under the carpet when they were in Government?

      Now you all have years & years & years to wonder what will be introduced into the public domain at critical moments before an election.

      I am so excited about Ruperts eventual revenge on the British left – when I think about it a little bit of wee comes out.

      • 111
        The shoe hasn't dropped yet says:

        Don’t get too excited. Murdoch will die. Life will move on.

      • 138
        Jimmy says:

        I’ve never suggested this was either just about Murdoch or the Govt. It’s still fun to take a pop now and again. As I said, the problem has always been that with a few honourable exceptions everyone (pols, cops, judges, celebs) is scared of the tabs.

      • 249
        Bored Now. says:


        This is Brown and his sons revenge for dumping Labour.

        If I was RM I would begin with Bryant – To my recollection he did not take the “pants” thing too well at first. And from PMQ’s he is not very good at accepting criticism. He will crumble. Then Ed will go next after being exposed because of Baldwin- 2 for 1 there.

        Campbell – will get his day. And it will be glorious.

        Brown will be next – Murdoch must have the goods on Brown and a few others.

        Oh and Navy Seals shoot/stab/blowaway /cook bacon on and piss and shit on Anjem Choudhary.

        Some great Headlines there match the words… VILE , SORDID , LIAR , ORGY. MILITWIT, NEW COKE , DISGUST, SEX BEAST… FINALLY , GOD BLESS AMERICA.

  26. 47
    Axe The Telly Tax says:

    The only things i want to hear from Call Me “Rusty, Limp Dicked, U-Turn, Heathite-Traitor” Camermong is the following:,

    1. An immediate in-out referendum on the EUSSR

    2. An immediate referendum on the death penalty for murder

    3. A halt to all immigration

    4. An end to all overseas aid (except for natural disaster relief)

    5. An immediate end to the telly tax

    If the Swiss government can give their people referendums on crucial issues then so can ours.

    Listen to the people Dave or it’s UKIP and a massive defeat at the next election.

    • 74
      Colin the Meek says:

      Sieg Heil!

    • 86
      Professor Sir Robert Winstons says:

      I fucking likes the cut of your fucking jib

    • 103
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      State sponsered murder?

      No thanks.

      • 120
        Anonymous says:

        No, the murders are private. The executions would be done by the state following a trial. personally, I don’t like the death penalty and think it should not return, but calling it ‘state sponsored murder’ is stupid. There is a big difference.

        • 133
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Fair play , but if the state has power it will abuse it.

          Was a good debate of here few weeks ago about it, I dont believe in the death pen

    • 124
      Raving Loon says:

      1) yes
      2) no
      3) better to end welfare then see what happens
      4) Yes (including natural disaster relief, use voluntary sector if you want)
      5) yes

    • 146
      same old, same old says:

      referenda are for little people.

      they are extremely dangerous as they could come up with the wrong result.

      best leave all important decisions to those members of the political class able to demonstrate excellent judgement

      anthony charles lynton blair
      david – i love you tony, i really do – cameron

      representing cun*ts of the world inc

    • 157
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      Er….right so it’s Onward to Victory Comrades !!!!!….. RFLMAO…..sorry whatever happens to “Dave” at the election it won’t be UKIP who benefits electorally that’s totally and absolutely rock solid certain and you have my definite personal assurance on that(personal assurances are of course not necessarily always worth anything you understand)…..the simple fact is that not enough of the electorate will vote in the necessary numbers to elect even one single UKIP MP………….nor even massive defeat probably more of a whimper………….

      • 186
        Axe The Telly Tax says:

        Enough to send Camermong to a massive defeat :-)

        Has Dave paid the £50 miilion in EU dangeld to emperor Van Rumpy today?

        Pay up Dave your EUSSR masters won’t tolerate any disobedience.

        Woof woof. Good boy Dave.

      • 202
        same old, same old says:

        alternatively, a conservative party, with conservative policies and, critically, a conservative leader would win hands down.

        as we look back on dave’s 14 month record of achievement, since failing to win a majority against a massively unpopular government, what do we conclude?

        that if you want to give labour a fighting chance of getting back in and continuing their all too successful destruction of britain, then get right behind dave.

        other than reneging on every commitment that he’s made, demonstrating appalling judgement on a range of major issues and failing to provide any form of effective leadership, dave has produced nothing.

        at this stage, we could and should be 10 to 12 points ahead of a demoralised labour party. it is a tribute to dave that, with all the advantages offered by the current situation, he manages to trail by 6.

        britain is a conservative country and will vote for a conservative party. this moron is so obsessed with “detoxifying the brand” (and with himself) that he is failing totally to respond to and provide leadership for the british people.

        we want our party back.

        cameron out now

      • 241
        Anonymous says:

        Sad but true, but if the B-bbc were dismantled then things might be a little different. As there would be a chance of libore getting only enough votes to come third after u k pip and what with the lack of EUSSR propaganda and maybe some truth about the EUSSR then pressure would mount and things might change.

        • 243
          sergei sukmiov says:

          all this shite about bbc bias is a complete red herring. most of the bumboys who currently populate cchq are too young to remember, but the bbc was no less biased in 1979

          or 1983

          or 1987

          and we did rather well in those elections.

          the difference being that then we had conservative policies put forward by a conservative leader who understood and cared about the british people.

          cameron believes he is entitled to take his place among the world elite and couldn’t give a shit about the people that he is supposed to represent.

          what makes it laughable is that, for all his arrogance, he’s completely fucking useless and everyone, not least mr murdoch, can see it.

    • 223
      Mike Hunt says:

      It’s referenda, same as stadia.

  27. 48
    Of course says:

    Before you start wetting yourselves over Baldwin I’d wait and see if he was guilty of bribing policemen, intefering with murder cases, exploiting dead srvicemen and child murder victims and placing detectives under 24 surveillance to the point that they are put under Witness protection; detectives that were instigating a murder where news of the world detectives were prime suspects.

    Btw if you think either Cameron or Osborne want cocaine abuse to become part of the conversation you must be high yourself…….

    • 62
      Parker says:

      Nice try,

      Looking forward to seeing that deformity of a smirk wiped from geek Millipede as hubris descends and this starts blowing up in his rubber face.

      You may go.

      • 82
        Ken Clarke says:

        He’s got a point about the coke, though … it’s not really a lid that anyone wants lifted just at the minute.

    • 273
      Bleeding Obvious says:

      Just thought – didn’t these events happen when Bliar & Broon were crawling around the corridors of power.

  28. 59
    Kim Jong Il says:

    BBC velly good way to lun state bloadcaster, peopal pay for own plopanda shit, innit? Flucking genius!

  29. 66
    Tom Baldwin's mum says:

    The lisping Jooist was flustered by big bollocks Boulton’s line of questioning as he had been given the red carpet treatment all morning by the BBC filth

    • 76
      Professor Sir Robert Winstons says:

      This only a big story because the vermin at the BBC want it to be

      No mention will ever be made about Baldwin’s past

      If the Tory party has an ounce of sense, or willingness to stand up for England it will begin attacking the BBC and its all powerful position as the Labour party’s propagandist

    • 101
      The literal English meaning of Celt, is scrounger says:

      Yes I heard that Oirish bullock Shelagh feckin tarmac Fogerty on Radio Five Labour fawning all over the fucking little pogrom dodger this am

      The left fester like incestuous degenerates

    • 115
      The Right Honourable Gordon BrownS, MP says:

      If Mr Boulton is viewing this, Today I will be giving interviews as to why I should become Labour leader.
      Please contact my press officer Mr D McBride for a slot.

      • 271
        Bleeding Obvious says:

        Is the Gordon Brown who has to present his pass on visiting the Commons since the security can’t remember him since it’s so long since his been there.

  30. 67
    Joss Ayinglike says:

    It’s an ill wind Badwind that blows nobody good.

  31. 71
    Martin Day says:

    The time is right for Gordon Brown (remember him) to make a comeback as leader of the Leader of the Labour Party.

    All hail Gordon Brown !

  32. 73
  33. 85
    daedalus says:

    BTW still can’t stop laughing at the Mentalist’s claims that he’d still be prime minister… I’m going to keep a tight hold of that one for those dark tea-times of the soul.

    • 154
      Axe The Telly Tax says:

      He missed his vocation in life as a stand-up comedian. He could become the first funny jock comedian. Who said the left don’t have a sense of humor :-)

  34. 89
    Rat's arse says:

    I too saw Presclott on the daily politics and was struck by what a selective memory he has. Not only did he degrade the office of Deputy PM by sh@gging that mut Tracey Templeton when he should have been working, but he was part and parcel to an illegal war….. I could go on.
    As for Millitw@t, he who lives by the sword dies by the sword, and I can’t wait for the cross eyed idiot to get his comeuppance!

  35. 93
    Dennis Skinner says:

    Ashcroft profits from money-laundering criminal’s money as de facto Dictator of Belize, where he runs his banking operations. Tax-dodger Ashcroft owes the Treasury £100,000,000, and bankrolls most of the Conservative Party’s money. At the s…ame time under Cameron and Murdoch who run this country, Brooks is overseeing the Police investigations where a High Court Judge should be. I am not satisfied that News International’s Computers, data storage and electric communications equipment have been seized by the Police and properly examined for phone-hacking, Police Bribery and other criminal evidence. There is another preposterous situation where the Metropolitan Police are investigating themselves over failure to take action in the past over this monumental Political, Criminal and Ethical Scandal. Cameron, Hunt, Coulson, Brooks and Murdoch are all in the picture and must be investigated. The British Public Must Be Treated with Decency and Respect, by the government. The Police investigation should be Competent, unsullied by government corruption and all the victims of the scandal (e.g. the late Millie Dowler and her family notified through a Judicial Review. While very many people are worried about being hacked by News International et al, many MP’s have been hacked including John Prescott. And also, what about MP’s from other political parties? The General Election of 2010 must be made void, NOW. David Cameron and his government must Resign Now! If anyone agrees with me, pass the message on far and wide with your comments!!

    • 108
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Bollocks, full of holes and cut and pasted from facebook/labourlist/guardian etc

    • 109
      Evie Lennon says:

      Dennis dear, wipe the shite off your own door- step first.

    • 117
      Anonymous says:


    • 121
      I'll have a P please, Bob says:

      Too long, too many Initial Caps and you are A Fuckwit.

    • 122
      Socialists = Sociopaths says:

      Fuck me, the Moral High Ground resembles a cesspit now with Presclott, Alyingstare Campbell, Huge Rant suddenly joined by the Beast of Bolsover. All we need now is the ghost of Josip Stalin to join them and we should have a full house – of hypocrites.

    • 147
      Sir William Waad says:

      This is a Parody, Right?

      • 161
        Tessa Tickles says:

        “The British Public Must Be Treated with Decency and Respect”

        I Think It Must Be A Parody, Because If One Lot Of MP’s [sic] Do Not Treat The Public With Decency And Respect, It’s Milimong’s Bunch Of Hoons.

        • 163
          Tessa Tickles says:

          (Is this a new style of writing as decreed by Skinner, by the way, or can we go back to writing in the way educated people usually do? Those Capitals Are A Bit Tiresome.)

    • 158
      Socialism is a mental illness says:

      “If anyone agrees with me,”

      Cue deafening silence.

    • 193
      Bored Now. says:

      Why would anyone want to Hack John Prescotts phone?

      Takeaway orders are hardly newsworthy…

  36. 96
    Sherbert Dip says:

    “The day Alastair Campbell appeared to give ­evidence to the Hutton inquiry into the death of Dr David Kelly, he was given a good-luck hug by his friend Tom Baldwin.”

    Meet the champagne (and coke snorting) socialist who is Labour’s new Alastair Campbell


  37. 118
    Come on the fruit loops says:
  38. 123
    Eamonn U Ensis says:

    I always think that before you press for the nucleur option that it’s best to ensure that you don’t actually blow yourself up too although “Little Ed” obviously hasn’t thought the matter through to its ultimate and inevitable conclusion

    • 139
      I'll have a P please, Bob says:

      It’s the inEdequacy of the labour response which will be seen as the point of all this once the dust has settled. Cameron has pretty much been caught having sex with underage goats and if labour didn’t have a void where its leader should be he would be toast by now. Just imagine what D Mil or E Balls would do with this material and be profoundly thankful that the unions know how to fix a leadership election.

      • 166
        Politicians are CUNTS says:

        Even more pertinently

        we pay these bastards to look after the country and ourselves. They once again have been caught with their pants down with notions of self-interest and delusions of grandeur.

        They are totally fucking out of order. It doesn’t matter what labour say, it’s irrelevant. The government is in crisis and seeking ways to look after itself. the people should have their say on this pantomime, not in 5 years, but now. cameron should resign and call an election. let the people decide.

        • 177
          sockpuppet #4 says:

          Lovely. I can probably put a comment at this point without everyone assuming I’m just anti-tory.

          For decades I have known that the newspapers print shit, yet year after year I say “how could I be so naive”. I therefore rejoice today and don’t want to ruin the fun by somehow trying to deflect the story onto dodgy dossiers and that sort of shit.

          Has there ever been a better day in the past 20 …30 … 50 years to nail these gits who distort and sensationalise?

          In the aftermath of of Princess Dianna dying they might have been nailed for what they’d been up to, but instead they deployed the massive deflecto-tron of public sympathy. And instead of getting buried by a massive shitstorm they got huge piles of flowers, and a crap fountain.

      • 168
        Eamonn U Ensis says:

        That is of course why people in the Tory Party thank their lucky stars every day for Ed….the gift that keeps on giving. Labour should be at least 15 points ahead in the polls now and “Dave” should have had his arse kicked from one end of the Chamber to the other….it’s all rather like watching England take penalties in a World Cup qualifier….and being unable to get the ball in the back of an open goal…..”Dave” was floundering at his press conference and in full bullshitter mode but Ed fluffed it……….nice bloke but absolutely no leadership charisma at all………

  39. 127
    Peter Grimes says:

    This must be the most percipient tweet that Slapper Bercow has ever written.

    • 144
      South of the M4 says:

      If even Sally B thinks you behaving like a twat then you really are in trouble.

  40. 130
    Mr Walrus says:

    Raiding political party bank accounts for a story is eminently justifiable.

    It’s doing it to war widows that’s an issue.

    Check the Popbitch update.

  41. 137
    Sir William Waad says:

    There must be an intersect between the set of people who would like Stardoll.com and the set of people who like to make caustic, witty, apposite or obscene comments here but – well – the mind boggles a little.

  42. 165
    Smack my journo up says:

    Why would the oh-so-tolerant socialists be concerned about a coke head?

    Perhaps they just want him to keep his powder dry.


  43. 176
    Ed Miliwank says:

    I am the man with the right character to lead thith country! You can put your trutht in me!

  44. 179
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    O/T Looks like i done ok i caption contest (Didnt win) , Gives hope that one day i will win one!!!! ;-)

  45. 183
    That's News says:

    SMASH! Oh, dear! Who on EARTH left this big pile of stones SMASH! outside SMASH! <TINKLE! Ed’s New Old Labour House of Glass? What a pity! Such a shame!

  46. 184
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    OK. I’ll admit it. I have not been irritated by anything Ed Milliband has said today. Although that is because I haven’t actually heard anything he has said. on the other hand I might have just forgot.

  47. 188
    nell says:

    It’s not a glass house sallyalley, it’s a forest fire started by labour.

    And if the wind changes direction labour will be engulfed too.

    • 198
      BBC Spokesperson says:

      Don’t worry. We have put up a thousand fans to ensure it does not.

    • 206
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Not keen on the analogy. It sort of suggests that getting this stuff out in the open is something akin to arson.

  48. 191

    Little Ed thezth

    Peopwull who liff in glath houtheths shouldn’t thwow thtonesh

  49. 192
    Oona King says:

    Oona King

    Dear friends, I’m hosting a reception and party at the Ministry of Sound on Monday July 18th. The keynote speaker is Ed Miliband, but there will also be live entertainment, including singers, DJs and even a comedian,Billy Bowden. It will be a fantastic night. Tickets start from only £15! So there’s something for everyone. I hope to see you there!

  50. 199
    Gordon Brown ate my hamster says:

    Not in the mood to write a long or profound or funny post. So I’ll just say:


  51. 200
    Hazel Blears says:

    Enough about red tops. Who’d like to see my red front bottom?

  52. 203

    CaMoron is now damaged goods
    and if Clegg knows whats good for him he should end the coalition
    Now !

    • 215
      not a machine says:

      er I wouldnt wager on that one , that report was on labour home sec desk in 2009 and nowt happend because of election , labour invented and ran the spin era only now they are finding it a bit too big to not be caught .

  53. 204
    not a machine says:

    ed got a toasting on aljabeeba at lunchtime , suggest you have a listen to what al cambel is saying on radio ,

  54. 207
    Labour says:

    Yes, we have no bananas.

    • 211
      I don't need no doctor says:

      Snort a line now. Courtesy of the late great Frank Zappa.

  55. 208
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Bet the Labour – BBC anti Cameron band wagon is in full swing tonight. Get Ed Miliband on the BBC tonight. I bet the script has already been written. Rubbish Cameron at all costs.
    I am surprised the BBC even bothers mentioning the NOW or the police.
    Still no mention from the BBC that the hacking took place while labour were in power.
    Just think how much labour shit there has been.

    • 218
      Politicians are CUNTS says:

      I don’t need no doctor

      yes you do

    • 229
      Anonymous says:

      Labour and the BBC are just looking desperate and hysterical.
      While most people would agree hacking the phones of murder victims and dead servicemen outrageous and unacceptable, they really don’t give a shit about all the political machinations.
      And many will just miss reading the NoTW over their fry-up on a Sunday morning.

  56. 209
    Tron says:

    Kelly from Stafford phoned BBC R5Live this morning. She made so many good points, so well that even Nikki Campbell shut up.
    Listen on Biased BBC.

  57. 210
    Ghengis says:

    I don’t want to repeat myself but can I just say who was in charge at the time ……………

    Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair, Tony Blair.

    • 245
      nell says:

      And don’t forget his director of communications was that absolute example of ‘integrity and openness’ ali’sexed-up dossier’campbell !!

      • 246
        Hang on a minute says:

        Surely Campbell has excluded himself from being able to comment objectively on anything to do with the Conservatives by virtue of officially being Labour’s biggest financial doner?

  58. 213
    Time to abandon communism says:

  59. 220
    Rebekah Brooks says:

    Do I really have to trawl through Billy Bowden’s drivel to find out what’s really going on here?

  60. 224

    It has become very clear over the last week that Murdoch is the only person who decides who runs this country !
    Cameron has been sucking up to him for the past couple of years knowing that without his support
    Cameron had no chance of ever winning the general election
    All this bullshit about giving Coulson “a second chance” is totally unbelievable
    would you give an ex bank robber a job in a bank ? No you would not ! So why would you give someone authorising hacking politicians phones ,a job at the center of government where he would be reading or even writing the very imformation that he was paying others to obtain ?
    Coulson was put there by Murdoch in return for a change of loyalty from Labour to the Tories , so desperate was Cameron to get elected !

  61. 225
    FreeLoaders -R-Us says:

    Oh it’s agreat life


    it’s great being an ‘elite’ sort of person in the UK – what a shabby little country though

    • 232

      Even a lot of the athletes could not get tickets for their own family
      the official line was
      “There is a procedure where all athletes can apply for two tickets to any event that they are taking part in ” Fucking great if your an only child with no living relatives and no friends !

  62. 226
  63. 227

    Why does James Murdoch talk so funny !

  64. 228
    English Liberation Front. says:

    Ed should understand that he is hardly in a position to lead the charge against Cameron over this – it is one of those rare occasions when cross party consensus is called for.

    Glass houses indeed!

  65. 231
    Desperate Dan says:

    I think the BBC has shown a serious error of judgement in mixing with people whose reputations leave something to be desired the worst of whom are: John Prescott the fat oaf who enriched his son with govt contracts and planning permissions and who liked to f*** his diary secretary on government premises after he’d charged her on expenses. And then there’s Alastair Campbell who sexed up the dodgy dossier to mislead parliament and is thereby responsible for hundreds of thousands of deaths including that of David Kelly.
    What is the BBC’s idea of integrity I wonder.

    • 263
      Anonymous says:

      I think you’ll find the BBC were actually pretty forthcoming in reporting the sexed up dossier. So yes, that is integrity. Muppet.

  66. 244
    Mrs George W's BUSH says:

    Dave “Call me an equal opportunity employer” Cameron said Clarity is what is called for and Clarity is whats required !
    and when i leave this press conference
    i will be having a couple of bottles with my lunch !

    burrrrrp hic !

  67. 247
    HenryV says:

    How many chances did Mandelson get?

  68. 248
    TimC says:

    Sally B accompanied her husband to see ‘Yes Minister’ last night- along with Huhne and Pickles (and other press and politicos who I failed to name). Perhaps she took a lesson in ‘morality ‘ from ‘Bernard’ and ‘Sir Humphrey’

  69. 251
    What a bercow says:

    Oh God, *please* don’t say we’re throwing stones from a glass house….

    What a stupid cow.

    Its what Labour always do is thrown stones from glass houses. The day after they were turfed out of office they were blaming the coalition for everything that happened for the last 13 years, rewriting the history or airbrushing it and suddenly getting that ‘holier than thou’ fucking left wing attitude.

    Labour = a bunch total utter fucking scumbags and Huntz

    • 257
      English Liberation Front says:

      No, please don’t because the expression is throwing stones IN glass houses not FROM them.

  70. 259
    Anonymous says:

    Red Ed took on Tom Baldwin as his spin doctor/head of communications….the man who exposed Dr David kelly when he was at the Times, exposed him by what means!!!, considering the Times is News corp, News corp hated the BBC, Liebour wanted the source of the leak, Liebour and News corp were in bed together!

    Possible hacking, Dr Kelly exposed, BBC knocked down a peg or two and fully under Liebour control, Dr kelly commits suicide, Tom Baldwin gets a Job with liebour!

    Blood and lies on the Liebour hands….Tom Baldwin, chief Liebour hacker…..and if Ed’s cleaning lady can’t find the Ajax, it means Tom’s dealer must be in Saint Tropez for a few the summer!

    Oh Red Ed….how could you be so dumb….

  71. 261
    Surrey ABC says:

    Could the raid on Daniel Kawczynski’s office be linked as well

  72. 262
    Ponder says:

    I have thought about quite a lot and have come to the regrettable conclusion that with a suit as badly fitting as that, Baldwin simply has to go.

  73. 267
    Comrade Tebbit says:

    Blower Baldwin will be caught hanging out the back Red Ed.

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