July 4th, 2011

Hari’s “Scoops”

The sun isn’t going down on the Johann Hari scandal. The careless whisper that he was tidying up what the subjects of his “interviews” were saying, doesn’t cover all of his artistic prose. What about when the interviewee isn’t a writer, yet still gets a spruce up? How are we meant to find a little faith then? 

Anna Raccoon and The Debrief have been pondering Hari’s “exclusive” interview with George Michael in the Indy back in 2005. The same interview exclusively appeared on Hari’s personal site the same day. Amazingly Hari seems to have blagged another interview with the troubled singer in 2009, this time for the Huffington Post. Except it’s not a new “exclusive” interview, it’s the same one – he simply changed the ages in the piece to reflect the time passed. A simple google from the HuffPo team would have proved that. Oh and of course there were bits of the original stolen from elsewhere. Wham!

Elsewhere around the web Archbishop Cranmer has his take, the Staggers’ notes Hari’s great affection for the Daily Mail. The HuffPo covers the scandal of the Indy journalist (Hari) who is a terrible fraud, neglecting to mention that Hari has written (or rather cut and pasted) for them, for years. Fancy that…

UPDATE: Guido understands that this week’s edition of Private Eye is going to be Hari-tastic.


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    OMG, the gift that keeps giving.

    Should he not do the noble thing a reaign?


  2. 4
    boulay says:

    good to see Jeremy Duns getting stuck into Hari, he was always an argumentative bastard at school and i can’t imagine he is going to let go until Hari is finished!


  3. 5
    Sandra says:

    And still the liberal left establishment protect this fraudster.

    I suppose BBC Pravda will be beating down the door to sign him up when he gets sacked from journalism?

    I am sure there is a future in fiction for this lying thief & cheat.


  4. 6
    daedalus says:

    looking forward to Private Eye … they’ve been onto him for a while though


  5. 7
    Ah! Monika says:

    Syd James et al in remake of ‘ Carry on Hari ‘ coming to a news-stand near you


  6. 8
    Oxonian says:

    Brilliantly he also repeats the mistake that it’s ‘Club Tropica’. It’s Tropicana darling. Attention to detail is required – or was no one reading this rubbish?


  7. 10
    A BBC cunt says:

    Why is this a story you Pikey fuck?
    The little chap is a darling of the left, of course he tells lies, and fabricates his stories.
    Remember its the bigger picture his readership of public sector paper shufflers, and yoghurt knitters is supposed to pick up on, and Mr Hari merely cuts n pastes his ‘interviews’ to that end.


    • 21
      Meter Reader says:

      Mind you, the Huffington Post makes the Indie seem a great newspaper. Wankers like Hari will cut ‘n paste for anything.


    • 73
      Jasmin Alibi Cunt says:

      You are not a BBC cu’nt ,you right wing, dirty foreign imposter

      BBC cun’ts are all on the darling Hari’s side, and despise the hatred of the right wing mob causing trouble for him.

      You haters make me want to shit


      • 78
        Johan Sebastian Hari says:

        You know Jasmin it’s uncanny…fior it was on my recommendation that Martin Lufor Kings removed the line ‘yo jaters makes me want to sheet’ from his ‘I have a dream speech’

        We met in Memphis and he was captivated by me, wanted to quote me in speeches an stuff, it was magical


  8. 11
    man perched on a barstool says:

    for once a good article in the Indy by Mary Ann Seigheil. we all had a drink..


  9. 15
    Johann Hari says:

    I’d been nervous but as soon as I entered the room, Santa Claus put me at ease. He welcomed me with a friendly smile and offered me a hot chocolate. “Take a seat. Make yourself at home.” But this was no ordinary home. This was a beautiful, magical grotto filled with wonders. And I was the only writer in the world who’d been invited to visit.


    • 26
      Hari Kari says:

      santa’s eyes twinkled as he started to remove his suit…elegantly clad in csahmere underwear he stood in front of the fire and oblitereated the warm ember’s glow…now if you bend over we can discuss your continued study of clairvoyance …touch your toes he said gently and as I glanced behind me and saw what he was holding I could not resist exclaiming…’you’re going to f’cuk me aren’t you ?’.. you’re learning he jingled…ho-ho-ho. Nobody likes a smartarse but perhaps its better than a sore arse.


    • 30
      Jasmin Alibi cunt says:

      Oh darling a triumph of journalism

      These actual journalists baying for your blood are just so right wing it makes me want to shit


      • 53
        Hari Kari says:

        as jasmin parted her legs the grass started to waft gently in the not insubstantial breeze she had created… ‘now thats a wonderful void you have down there almost as vacous as the space between my literary ears’ …. before I could say alikazam she was all over me like a rash. As she lifted her lips to mine I strained to break wind but failed miserably as she pushed my testicles one by one very firmily up my bottom..I really must remember to keep my mouth shut next time.


  10. 16
    Jelly Belly says:

    Oooooooh Ro-land!

    Did Johann Hari play Roland Brown in Grange Hill


    • 109
      steam iron says:

      roland was better looking; johan played the floating Harkonan fat man from ‘Dune’ if I recall….


  11. 19
    Anonymous says:

    So we should go out and buy Private Eye for the first time in years? Will it finally be worth the money?


  12. 20
    Hari Monk says:

    Yeah, but what they going do? Sack the guy?


  13. 24
    george michael says:

    During our interview I found Johan to be a taker rather than a giver during the
    “greek lessons” he sought from me


  14. 25
    Polly's Stance says:


    • 60
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      How Tuscany?


    • 62
      What's the Matter Hari? says:

      Twitter-twatter of the first order.


    • 90
      Anonymous says:

      That should of course read, ” Johann Hari, one of the best plagiarists”


    • 91
      Archer Karcher says:

      ‘Murdoch / Mail press’

      The old harridan is beyond parody, clearly someone who makes shit up during ‘interviews’ is a victim of a Murdoch / Mail hate campaign and not a lying plagiarist at all, in her twisted mind.
      I would like to be kind to the old fraud and say it might be an age related disorder, but in reality she has always been an illogical moron, a holier than thou hypocrite and an incredibly bad writer to boot.


      • 102
        Anonymous says:

        Could Polly please enlighten current students as to how to gain entry to Oxford University with only one A’level?
        I’m sure they would find her experience and advice most enlightening.


        • 104
          Socialist aristocracy says:

          Various combinations of nepotism,cronyism privilledge and the hereditary principle come to mind.


          • steam iron says:

            that or the old trout could suck the chrome off a tow bar…. brain bleach please doctor


  15. 27
    Ed Milibean says:

    The strokes are wring at a tomb when negligées are still underwear. The gooniment has acted in a brickless and evocative minnow, but it is time for both snides to set aside the carbolic and get a round in at the negotiating thimble and strip this from hip-hopping again.


    • 46
      EdMiliband says:

      The truckers are wiring at a loom when nephews are still underwater. The regiment has acted in a airless and evasive manor, but it is thyme for both slides to set aside the garlic and get a round the negative cable and strap this from hippening again.


      • 103
        Leftin Frefall says:

        The right are strong even when they are provocatively wearing foundation and that necklace, it’s time for both thighs to get astride and pet the erotic navel.


  16. 29
    Martyr Hari says:

    Leave me alone you bitches


  17. 32



  18. 33
    Sir Simon Says says:

    Johann Hari the Robert Maxwell of Journalism.

    Someone please lend him a boat and a bottle of whisky.


  19. 36
    Johann Hari says:

    The Easter Bunny was reticent at first but I succeeded in gaining his trust. He opened up about his life and how he spends the other 11 months of the year.


    • 42

      Interviewing Elvis I remarked on his unusual shoes.
      “They’re Blue Suede” he grunted in his Tennessee drawl.
      “Well, they’re really nice. You should write a song about them.”


      • 67
        Hari Lime says:

        Vera told me that her dog, Rover, had a bad cold, and that he was unable to control his sniffing. This had irked the neighbours so much that Miss Lynn told me she was sure that ‘There’ll be blue words over the wild sniffs of Rover.’


      • 70
        The English Tourist Board says:

        and hence the Heartbreak Hotels Group for angina patient carers and midgets.


  20. 38
    Point of Order! says:

    Guido, You forgot to re-tweet the link.


  21. 39
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:


    Here’s some diversity and tolerance in action.

    A christian tries preaching at an Arab festival in America

    (from Bias BBC)


  22. 40

    Hari’s Soliloquy: Act 5 Scene 5.

    Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow,
    A creep in this petty place
    So like ‘The Day Today’.
    To spin to the last syllable of recorded air-time,
    And all yesterday’s news, only gave political fools
    A pause for breath.

    Out, out, truth vandal!
    Life’s but a walking shadow, a poor Hack
    That cuts and pastes his hour upon the page
    And then is heard no more.
    It is a tale, told by a half-wit,
    full of soundbites and perjury,
    Justifying nothing.

    {This has been used before. For Derek Draper. And it even won a prize…but , as its Hari..I thought he can hardly complain about reusing old material, can he?}


  23. 41
    MR T says:

    I pity da fool


  24. 43
    genghiz the khan says:

    Hari scoops to conquer.

    In his next job he will be advising Deadward Miliband on media strategies.


  25. 45
    Johann Hari says:

    “Why do they hate me?” asked Gordon. For once I was speechless. This was Gordon at his most honest, his most vulnerable. And at that moment, I felt a surge of fury at the way he’d been treated by the public, his political opponents and the press. This was a man deeply misunderstood, a man mercilessly ridiculed by those who are his intellectual inferiors.

    I hesitated before replying “Many great people don’t have their greatness recognised until long after they’ve left the world stage”. Gordon nodded and said in a gentle whisper “You’re right. Do you think that’s what will happen to my reputation?” I was surprised he had to ask this. “Of course. Your name will be celebrated. You’ve earned it.” He nodded again. Here was a man who knew his value and knew that history would judge him fairer than his impertinet contemporaries.

    “Thank you” said Gordon. But it’s us who should thank him for his service to the country and the world. “No,” I said, “Thank YOU, sir.” And he gave me that warm, winning smile which his wife had mentioned. What a statesman. What a hero.


    • 48
      Jelly Belly says:

      You will be known as poo scoops Hari


    • 63
      Gordon ( SoldGoldAtThe ) BottomBrown says:

      Don’t mention Sue’s decision to sell all that bullion.


    • 81
      Hari Kari says:

      here is a man at peace with himself and his record….before leaving as he showed me his comic collection I noticed that he was evacuating his bowel on the cat….oh don’t worry its only sarah’s pussy..she loves it…he quipped as I ran for the gate.


  26. 51
    George Michael says:

    Johann – the interview’s dragging on – please wake me up before you go-go.


    • 74

      Johann has been reassured by fellow left wing journalists that he will not be abandoned.

      “Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down
      Never gonna run around and desert you
      Never gonna make you cry, never gonna say goodbye
      Never gonna tell a lie and hurt you.”

      Jackie Astley.


  27. 55
    Johan Hari favourite quotes says:


    “Fuck em if they can’t take a joke” – Bette Midler

    Send your favourite quotes to johann@johannhari.com and if I’m gripped by a rare burst of efficiency I’ll post them here…


  28. 57
    The Piers Morgan award for crap journalism says:

    A case of the sinners judging the sinner. With the exception of a handful of journalists, journalists write rubbish.
    For all the rubbish journalists out there, people in glass houses….


  29. 58
    it was the news of the world and the bankers wot done it says:

    according to the Guardian Hari has an exclusive interview with “missing teenager Milly Dowler”


  30. 59
    Question says:

    Is it true that JH has had sex with a neo-nazi and, separately, with a pious member of the East London Mos-que?


    • 61
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Ed Balls and George Galloway? I heard that too.


    • 69
      Mr LOL says:

      Supposedly he poked a young Islamic Extremist from Anjem Choudrays mosque’s poo in after getting him high on weed and later a Redneck Neo Nazi In America after a Far Right Rally in a hotel room after a marathon vodka session .

      Until you actually look a picture of the fat ugly fucker and realise he probably fantasised and dreamt it all up.


      • 105
        Mundabor says:

        I never understood whether Hari is an ugly fat lesbian trying to look like an ugly man, or an ugly man trying to look like an ugly fat lesbian. In both cases, he/she/it is too ugly for the “neonazi” claim to be credible.

        Now if it had been Helena Kagan, the matter would have been different…



  31. 65
    Maximus says:

    I haven’t ran a diff over the two stories, but at a glance they appear the same. The only dissembling may be in the word ‘exclusive'; typographic proximity to the words ‘Johann Hari’ does not imply he was responsible for that. It is common practice for freelancers to recycle their prose: publications purchase these on a one-off basis known as First Serial Rights, Second Serial Rights, etc. It is of course open to editors to purchase all of these rights as a bundle, so that the publication rather than the writer gets the recurring revenue. If indeed the Indy contracted that with Hair, then the HufPo piece is him getting one over on the Indy, which would put the ball in the Indy’s court, but only he and the Indy would know for sure.

    ‘Pressure Piles on Hari’ seems less about his serial dissembling, and more about his haemorrhoids. And as for pumping iron with ad piles – ouch, I’d guess. Isn’t it past time for the little shit to go?


    • 80

      Not always so.
      Paid for pieces are the property of the purchaser.
      They are not allowed to be used again.

      Many publications won’t touch anything that has previously been used. Even if it was free, like on a blog post or comment.


  32. 68
    wham. bam thank you man says:

    I watched him sleep in the morning stllness, his nostrils still a little white from the night before. I dared a secret kiss on his exposed derriere, the sheet conspiring to cover his ample cock. Had I really got to know the real George Michael that night I wondered, or was it just a dream from which I was about to waken? A tentative answer came from a dull ache in my bumhole, as I gingerly stepped into the crisp morning air.


  33. 72
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    You really don’t like this guy do you Guido ?


  34. 75
    Jimmy says:

    Meanwhile in other media news, the Sunday Murdoch hacked Milly Dowler’s voicemail.

    Now back to our main story….


    • 82
      Johann Hari says:

      Meanwhile in other media news, the Sunday Murdoch hacked Milly Dowler’s voicemail.

      Now back to our main story….


    • 83

      You’re right Jimmy.
      Unfortunately that piece of lowlife hacking will give the left wing media another let off.
      Allow them back onto the moral high ground where they feel so comfortable.

      Screws’ actions are completely indefensible.


      • 85
        Jimmy says:

        Hari’s actions are completely indefensible

        For the screws actions there really are no words


        • 96
          Archer Karcher says:

          Err, Jimmy, the biggest hackers were the Mirror Group, something that none on the left wish to talk about. Must be the hypocrisy gene kicking in.


  35. 77
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Whilst looking up what plagiarism actually means, and giving up because the precise definition of the word is pointless- its not as if “plagiarism” carries a specific sentence in the court of public opinion after all – I found out this:

    There is such a thing as “self plagiarism”. In scientific journals, if you publish the same thing twice, its that. Almost like handing in the same essay twice on different occaisions.



  36. 79
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Call me Dave “I told the military not to bother flying me around concentrate on finding this young man ” What the fuck are you doing there you tit you were only there last week piss of back to London and stop trying to get your fucking stupid mug on the telly
    these people have enough to do without having to babysit some Toff TiT


    • 98
      Archer Karcher says:

      It’s a photo-op to bolster his failing popularity.
      Someone should ask him for the names of all who have fallen during his premiership, you know the ones who he says he will never forget during PMQ’s every week.
      I bet he couldn’t name one.


  37. 84
    Johann Hari says:

    What sort of a fucking name is Johann Hari anyway?


    • 99
      Porn Director, NVQ Level 3 says:

      Hmmm …. “Fuck me, Johann! Give me your meat, Johann!”

      No, you’re right. It doesn’t work. Can we call him “Corporal Studcock” for this scene?

      And ….. action.


  38. 87
    Jess The Dog says:

    Britain’s foremost intellectual leaned forward, clasping his hands together. ‘When interviewing a writer for a 6000-word profile, accurately quoting their writing is not “plagiarism” or “cut & paste journalism”‘. He sat back with a wry smile. ‘Has John F Kennedy complained? Has Dr Martin Luther King complained? What about Winston Churchill? John Lennon?”‘He grinned impishly. “So the twitterati can all just fuck off!’


  39. 100
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    Oh Mr Hari, has your naughtiness no limits? Do us all a favour, will you?


  40. 101
    H Doodson says:

    An update to the HuffPo now states “Hari, who has frequently blogged for The Huffington Post in the past, won the prize in 2008.” Good to see they they fessed up to him writing for them. Perhaps an amendment to your article is necessary to show they atleast have some credibility left.
    Also, can’t wait for Private eye now.


  41. 106
    Mundabor says:

    I can see a new verb coming: to hari = to copy and paste.

    “Wait, I’ll hari it for you”.

    “Can you hari it and send it per email?”



  42. 108
    Lord Flashman says:

    Guido you made much use of the term ‘Jonah’ to describe Mr Brown when Labour were in power. You did not invent this epitaph and neither did you credit it at the time or subsequently. The student who did use it has asked you on several occasions to fess up or even buy him a few beers – neither of which you have done. How does that make you different to Hari? Doesn’t it just suggest a certain hypocrisy on your part?


  43. 111

    Arianna Huffington likes to employ people with whom she has something in common. I’m just sayin’…


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