June 27th, 2011

Rich & Mark’s Monday Morning View


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    ED REALLYBLAND more re-launches than the fuckin space shuttle says:



  2. 2
    Postlethwaite says:

    Any clue what this is about?


    • 6
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      teachers strike i assume ?
      but what a pileof shite !


    • 26
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Its completely incomprehensible. Well done Skid and Mark.


      • 43
        The Mechanical Turk says:

        There’s a baby in the luggage rack. Do babies go to school? No.

        I can’t believe I’m even typing this.


        • 56
          misterned says:

          That’s not a baby. It is a sad and accurate depiction of the lack of parenting skills in 2011. It is actually a 5 year old, who has not been weaned off its dummy yet.

          The cartoon is a reflection on how this Thursday’s selfish, unrealistic and pointless strike is going to hurt millions of families and the choices they will have to make to decide whether to take their kids to work with them, or take a day off from work to look after them.

          Many others will simply leave them at home with strict instructions to not answer the door or the phone.


          • Anonymous says:

            Does the head of the NUT lose pay on strike day and what are his pension arrangements looking like?


          • Grumpy Old Man says:

            Of Course the Head of the NUT doesn’t lose pay! Causing major disruption to the struggling UK economy is what he is expected to do! Oh and refusing to accept that graduate teachers need to be numerate and literate.


          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur. says:

            The General Secretary of the NUT is a woman you plonkers


    • 87
      He's Spartacus says:

      You couldn’t make it up… striking teachers’ grammar http://finhampark.co.uk/


  3. 3
    Postlethwaite says:



  4. 4
    Ivan Agenda says:

    2nd and I still do not understand the message – thankfully.


  5. 5
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    For the first time in my life i am speechless !

    Priceless ! what i mean is i hope you didn’t pay fuck all for this shite !


  6. 7
    Impartial Observer says:

    I guess this cartoon is about the forthcoming teachers strike on 30/06/2011

    For my husband and I this means yet another full long day with the grandchildren!

    I asked my husband if we could “run away” but he said no, we have to do our duty. Whatever happened to retirement? There are more grandparents at the school gates these days than parents. It wasn’t like that when I was at school.
    I’m just too hot and grumpy today. Bugger it all!


    • 48
      Nemo says:

      Like you I am retired, no dustbin lids though or their offspring, I bet that you are greatfull that you have retired your off spring might have to work till they are 70 or older, the bods in power be they Con, Liebore or LimpDem do not realise that things do not work in quite the same way when you pass 60/65, things seem to take longer to do, time passes much quicker ( it’s not time it’s the individual that is slower) and worst of all you seem to get aches and pains for not particular reason


      • 64
        misterned says:

        I am glad that I had my retirement years when I was younger. I was fit enough to enjoy them. Now I am working my way to an early grave having already paid back what I took from the state in benefits.

        I would have hated to work to 67 or 70 and dropped dead just before retirement. My family history of heart disease means I probably won’t see the official retirement age. So I stayed unemployed through my 20s. I did a college course and other odd-jobs to keep busy, but I had a nice retirement.


        • 90
          Nemo says:

          Yup, if you look around a cemetry its suprising how many have popped off just before or just after 65.


          • misterned says:

            My wife’s Grandpa worked his whole life from the age of 14 right up to when he retired from British Rail at the age of 65 and was dead within a week of retirement. I was damned sure that such a thing would not happen to me. My own father died at the young age of 47 (when I was 21) from a heart attack. So I chose to have a state funded retirement early and then work till I drop dead.


      • 103
        Impartial Observer says:

        Hi Nemo, I am glad to be retired actually and I do indeed feel very sorry for the next generation because it looks as if they are going to have to work until they drop!
        The point you made about many people dying at or around 65years of age is a good point. All that pension money the Government have saved because of that fact, surely must go some way in terms of being able to pay the “lucky ones” who have made it past 65 years of age.


  7. 8
    Xopher says:

    If Government wanted to cover up the problem and save money it could have promoted it as a State sponsored parenting day.


  8. 9
    BBC News, The Guardian, Polly Toynbee says:

    The govt has been thrown into a major scandal as it’s believed Chris Shale was murdered after he embarrassed the govt with an embarrassing leak which led to his murder at Glastonbury where he was definitely murdered by the murderous govt. This is in stark contrast to the law abiding Labour govt which went out of its way to protect the dishonest Dr K e lly who cowardly committed suicide, unlike the murdered Mr Shale who was murdered by this murdering Tory govt. Murder.


  9. 11
    Bag of shite says:

    In the pantheon of utterly shit and unfunny cartoons, this one takes the crown. It makes Billy Connolly look funny. And that twat is about as funny as Bobby Davro, who’s about as funny as Lenny Henry, who’s about as funny as Dawn French.


  10. 18
    Pobo Lycwm says:

    Mwth crwyth y ‘shite’ chrwynel.


  11. 19
    Lou Scannon says:

    Huh ? Is this something to do with one-parent families ?


  12. 21
    tory right winger says:

    Sack the strikers and invent a new meaning to free schools


  13. 22
    Told you says:

    O/T but vital.
    Anyone else worried about China becoming EU’s money lender? What happens when they up the interest to a couple of 100% What price our gold reserves then(thanks Gordon)


  14. 23
    Anonymous says:

    I never knew that cartoons could have tumbleweed moments until I discovered Rich and Mark.


  15. 25
    Mornington Crescent says:

    Randall on top form this morning, including a swipe at Huhne:



  16. 29
    BrianSJ says:

    The ‘seen elsewhere’ item on UK Uncut in the Guardian is well worth a read; well, the comments are. The Guardianistas really don’t get it.


  17. 30
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    oooh yeah cartoon’s from this : http://bit.ly/3ah1DH


  18. 35
    Ed Balls (Trainee Moderator) says:

    Guido Fawkes is having some technical difficulties with Billy Bowden, we’re working to resolve the problem as soon as possible.


    • 96
      Nemo says:

      Now don’t get Billy angry, you would not like him if got angry, he turns all green and becomes the Hulk and will leap straight out of your monitor and sort you out, now leave him alone, he has a right to post to this blog as well as anybody else.


  19. 37
    Penis Macshame uses death for political point scoring says:


    • 44
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Dirty Lying Thieving Fucker !

      The Actions of a top Labour MP should never be forgotten


    • 49
      Blue Labour out! says:

      He’s right!


    • 55
      Denis MacShameless says:

      I can plumb the unfathomable depths of gutter politics when it comes to exploiting any situation to enhance my lefty credentials.


  20. 40
    Andy Coulson says:

    A sexy girl says to Paddy ‘do you want a blow job?’ Paddy replies, dunno, will it affect my jobseekers allowance?


  21. 41
    Cynic says:

    Here I am. Brain the size of the Universe and this cartoon is the best you can do


  22. 42
    Voice of Treason says:

    Why worry about the teachers’ strike. Just treat it as they so often do – teachers’ training day. These are almost always held just after the idle bastards have had a six week’s holiday, then on their return they decide to close the school for a teachers’ training day. Fucking parasites.


    • 66
      Selohesra says:

      I wonder why the teachers didnt chose to go on strike in August?


      • 80
        p*ssed-off parent says:

        They could have chosen to strike during their six week summer holiday, two weeks at Easter, two weeks at Christmas, or three weeks of half terms. A grand total of 13 weeks holidays a year.
        Private sector workers who saw their pension arrangements changed a couple of years ago, who work longer than 8.45- 3.30 every day and only benefit from 4-5 weeks holiday, are unlikely to feel any sympathy.


        • 98
          Nemo says:

          You you sound just like the person Gove is looking for, trying to teach 35 oiks who seem to have lost the will to learn, it only takes 1 or 2 to make it impossible.


    • 77
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      Like most professions you can do a lot or the bare minimum…I know friends who are teachers who go into school several times during the holidays to prepare for the new intake in September and who stay at school until 6pm to prepare lesson plans or take out of school activities…equaly there are some lazy bastards who bugger off at 3pm and do the bare minimum and who regard teaching as merely a job or a means to gain positions of power with union and politics


      • 99
        Nemo says:

        “who bugger off at 3pm and do the bare minimum and who regard teaching as merely a job ”
        Do you mean they are just there for the beer, just like some members of parliament.


  23. 45
    Andy Coulson says:

    14:00 David Cameron walks into a library and asks for a book on Dementia.

    14:02 David Cameron walks into a library and asks for a book on Dementia


  24. 46
    Jimmy Edwards says:



  25. 51
    Do one, tosspot says:

    Looking forward to Andy Murray losing this week.


  26. 57
    Year 6 Respect Class says:

    We don’t need no education
    We don’t need no thought control
    No dark sarcasm in the classroom
    Hey teacher!
    Leave us kids alone!


  27. 59
    Rich & Mark's adopted kid says:

    When I grow up, Dads, will I be a cartoonist like you?


    • 67
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      We have to come clean son !
      we are really shite
      So while your asleep we steal pages out of your crayoning book


  28. 69
    Selohesra says:

    Actually I thought it was one of their better efforts – chosing to go for general people rather than some one in particular avoided all the problem of not recognising the subject


    • 88
      the only way is anal says:

      it was one of their better efforts – which is what makes it so fucking pathetic


  29. 78
    SIMPLY RED ED says:

    First picture : As johnny was being groomed by the pervy old MP
    he had no idea that two more victims were locked in the cupboard !

    Second picture : You don’t need to call me Sir , Mr Jones will do !


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