June 25th, 2011

+++ Police Getting Tape & Signed Statement from Vicky Pryce +++


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Clean Bowled!!!!


    • 11
      Judge me not says:

      yet another review from umpires passed for review…….

      At least guido did not say ./…. “not soon now”…. lol


      • 54
        Guido Forkes says:

        Not long now


        • 85
          Lord Mandelbum of Fondleboys says:

          Clean bowelled more like!

          Is this a new statement and tape from Vicky, or is it the one that the newspaper(s) already had?

          Too bad Huhney – still, you’ll gladden the hearts of many when you’re gone!


          • Somewhere, over the paywall... says:

            Secret tape on Huhne seized

            The energy minister was recorded discussing claims that he made his estranged wife take penalty points for speeding on his behalf

            Police have won a court order to obtain a tape recording and signed statement in which the estranged wife of the cabinet minister Chris Huhne implicates the energy secretary in a criminal offence.

            A court has ordered The Sunday Times to hand over a recording of a telephone conversation between Vicky Pryce and Huhne discussing allegations that he pressurised her to take penalty points for speeding on his behalf.

            During the exchange, Pryce can be heard talking about her fears of a police inquiry if the claims became public. “It’s one of the things that worried me when I took them; when you made me take the points in the first instance,” she says. Huhne, a challenger for the leadership of the Liberal Democrats in 2007, is heard urging her not to discuss the matter with journalists. He also warns her that it is not “sensible” to talk about it over the telephone.

            After a private hearing at Chelmsford crown court last week, a judge ordered that the evidence be handed to the police. The Sunday Times is considering appealing.

            Essex police is investigating claims that Huhne avoided a driving ban by persuading Pryce to say she was driving when his car was clocked speeding in 2003. Huhne, who denies the allegations, lost his licence later that year.

            If there is sufficient evidence, Huhne and Pryce, an economist, could both be charged with a criminal offence.


        • 133
          Nemo says:

          Oh dear, oh dear, oh dear, things don’t seem to be very rosey for Speedy Huhne, still he has only himself to blame still there is always public transport or a push bike. Oh by the way Guido, I think some of your responders on this blog seem to be a little confused sometimes as to whether it is Hoon (liebore) or Huhne (Lib Dem)


    • 35

      How much are Tory HQ paying you for this one?

      Their commission payments must make your ad revenue pale into insignificance.


    • 108
      Mark Spack says:

      Move along, nothing to see here!


  2. 2
    MrAngry61 says:

    Well, she’s left Hulne dangling for long enough – time to administer the coup de gras before the story’s too old.


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Update in tomorrow’s Sunday Times…”

    Er Guido, Is that the sunday times that is behind a paywall with fewer readers than before?

    If so , can you please provide a update for us mere mortals that choose not to pay for the Times ? :-)


  4. 4
    Postlethwaite says:

    Hang her

    – by those bloody thumbs


  5. 5
    An Serious Question says:

    Guido on all your nights out on the lash did you ever shit yourself by accident? I did it for the first time the other day.


  6. 7

    Well, that’s the Pryce of divorce nowadays


  7. 9
    W.W. says:

    Revenge certainly seems to be a dish best served cold.



    • 48
      A Serious Question says:



      • 55
        W.W. says:

        I am not he.

        I have visited these parts over a number of years, I used to go by the name William Wilberfarce.

        But frankly I was looking for something that required less typing.



  8. 10
    Ah! Monika says:

    Huhne is Pryceless


  9. 12
    Mark Pack says:

    Have you right wing nutters even thought that she may be confirming the fact she was at the wheel?

    I am really looking forward to the apology that Guido has to publish, maybe i will take a picture and frame it.

    No offence Guido but you seem to be yesterdays blogger, now you are just a stooge of the Rupert and Dave.


    • 15
      W.W. says:

      No offence Mark, but I think I can speak for most here.

      Fuck Off!

      Find someone else to bore!

      You and your fickwitt kind have had 13 years in charge, and look at the fucking state you have left it in.




    • 16
      Lady Penelope says:

      Fuck off you speccie prat.


    • 18
      nell says:

      Pity he has so many readers isn’t it?!!

      I bet the times would give it’s right hand for half as many.

      I bet the graudian would give it’s right hand for half of his advertising.

      And I bet labourlost or leftfootinthemouth would give their right hand for half the media exposure he gets.


      • 39
        DUI Offender lectures others on road etiquette says:

        Nell, you seem most indignant about the issue of Huhne trying to palm off a few points for speeding. A fairly harmless offence in the grand scheme of things.

        But how do you feel about someone driving whilst under the influence who is uninsured so if they killed someone the family person would be left without a breadwinner.

        For that is what your hero, Mr Fawkes is guilty of.

        It is a bit rich him going on about people who have committed lesser offences, wouldn’t you agree?


    • 25
      Anonymous says:

      You have the affontery to call us nutters when you have the likes of Mike Hancock and Simon Hughes in your party? Cheeky bastard.


    • 36
      OOh says:

      Get you Betty.


    • 41
      Four-eyed English Genius says:

      No, FOAD


    • 42
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      What a Twat Guido is “Yesterdays Blogger” Ok now lets see your last five posts

      Guido’s last five posts
      Oh and this one has been posted for an hour and already has 39 comments which is more than you get in a week !

      “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for oblivion” !


      • 123
        Hanky Fraddock, Son of Billy says:

        The comments are precisely why people come here. No-one gives a toss for the bollocks at the top.


    • 43
      Liberal exposure. says:

      Oh Dear. Mark you can not post anonymous comments until you sign out of wordpress.

      You have truely been banged to rights this evening. Your only hope now is to Blag it out.


    • 83
      Anonymous says:

      She was in two places at the same time? Her timeline that night doesn’t get her there in time to be snapped speeding.


      • 94
        smoggie says:

        We’ll know soon enough when the trial comes to court. And maybe Mark Packfudge will have the good grace to come back and apologise.


    • 101
      Teacher of remedial English says:


      Still having difficulty with those nasty apostrophes, eh Mark?


    • 143
      crash says:

      are you really mark park? you seen too confident to be true. As a lib dem you will know that you don’t want to be a hostage to a fellow lib dem’s integrity.


  10. 13
    Gordon Brown says:

    Good jobby.


  11. 17
    I'll have a P please, Bob says:

    ST front page



  12. 20
    • 22
      Mark Pack says:

      Can you lot not leave a minister of crown alone, This hounding of Chris Hunt who has done so much for to make this country greener and cleaner is really unfair.

      Some might say it should be banned.


      • 26
        The truth will out says:

        Sounds like you are rattled Mark.


      • 27
        Anonymous says:

        We need to be rid of this wind turbine loving freakshow, before he does any more damage to the future energy needs of this country. Fucking nutter.


      • 28
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        well he certainly cleaned up the munters


      • 29
        Beg to differ. says:

        A minister of the crown is NOT above the law.

        And how is covering our Landscape with white windmills making it greener?


        • 95
          smoggie says:

          And how is zooming around the country with his foot firmly depressed on the gas pedal making the country greener?

          If he went about on a bike like Boris, you could say he’d made it greener and he probably wouldn’t have any speeding points to worry about either.


      • 33
        Gotcha!! says:

        Hook, line and Sinker.


      • 49
        Moley. says:

        Huhne’s personal life is a shining beacon of morality which should be an example to us all.

        Not to mention his wisdom and sagacity in predicting doom and disaster on a biblical scale if we did not join the Euro.

        Now we learn that his apocalyptic vision of global warming is based on a misunderstanding of 19th Century physical chemistry.

        Huhne announces too that science knows everything there is to know about climate; “the science is settled”, he says. Most scientists, especially the good ones would admit that the more they learn, the less they realise they know about their subject matter. It is only children who think they know everything.

        And don’t mention all those global weather stations deliberately sited adjacent to thermal pollution, such as airports, urban parking lots, and air conditioner outlets.


      • 59
        Ah! Monika says:

        If a butterfly in Brazil can cause a storm in Bangladesh just imagine what thousands of windmills can do.


      • 67
        D Lloyd George says:

        You really are a spoof – aren’t you?


      • 112
        Jabba the Cat says:

        Huhne is a water melon ecomentalist cvnt who has done more to damage the landscape of our country than anyone else in the name of that scam they call AGW. Not only should he be hounded out of government, but he should be strung up from the nearest lamp-post soonest.


    • 23
      Surgery Defined says:

      The treatment of injuries or diseases in people or animals by cutting open the body and removing or repairing the damaged part



    • 24
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Your last one !
      dave is ready to accept it now
      you lying little twat
      now go and clear your desk you pondlife scum sucker !


    • 126
      Hanky Fraddock, Son of Billy says:

      Vicky driving?


  13. 21
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Hurray ! Lets all rev the bollocks off our cars to celebrate
    then all burn some car tyres !



  14. 30
    Down With Brown! says:

    Hopefully the statement will read my husband is a Hunt.


  15. 32
    Mark Pack says:

    You lot make me laugh so much, one day you are screaming for the right to be innocent till found guilty in a court of law, but when it comes to one of the most efficetive ministers of the crown you want him hung.

    You fail to see your own double standards, No court of law has convicted Chris Hunt of a crime, yet you want blood.

    Nutters was the right phrase, Though genuine nutters might be offended.


    • 34
      Hounding of the Pack says:

      Have you been out on the piss Mark?


    • 37
      Eeu to me says:

      Looks as if your using the wrong type of bait, you tried the threats, now your trying victim goodness, you must try harder,


    • 38
      W.W. says:

      “No court of law has convicted Chris Huhne of a crime, yet you want blood.”

      Show a little more patience, and it shall be rewarded.



    • 47
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Enjoy it while you can !
      Being of a generation that can call a glib dumb “A minister of the crown ”
      there is more chance of us all living through another ice age than seeing another glib dumb ever sit on the front bench again !


    • 52
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Yes indeed i agree
      The right must be nutters ,To ever get into bed with a gang of losers that people only vote for because they don’t like the TWO party system
      and because the ballot paper does not have a box for “none of the above”
      You know full well you could offer anything to the voters,because you will never get in
      you could see the sheer terror on Cables face when they gave him a job in government
      and he realised that for the first time in his political life he was expected to actually work for his money
      he looked physically sick ,and since has tried his hardest to get himself sacked
      what a wanker !


    • 61
      Ah! Monika says:

      Mark, in the very unlikely circumstance he is found guilty, what do you think his punishment should be?


      • 72
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        His punishment should be
        he has to sleep with Simon Hughes and David Laws
        Which looking at what he has been shagging
        should be an improvement !


      • 88
        laughing hangman says:

        Hanging drawing and quatering, seems reasonable


    • 70
      D Lloyd George says:

      You’re not very good at this, are you?


    • 137
      Moley. says:

      There was a mis-spelling in your post,

      defective is spelt d-e-f-e-c-t-i-v-e, not “efficetive”


    • 139
      Aesop o'Sardis says:

      No court of law convicted Hitler of genocide – but one feels that lives might have been saved if he had been prosecuted early enough.


  16. 44
    Wanker Watch says:

    Yasmin Alibaba Brown at her MOST OBNOXIOUS on Sky news NOW


    • 51
      Tell it like it really is says:

      I think you may mean “fat, dwarfish ugly, stupid, screeching, free loading, up her own ‘a*se, witch” Alibaba Brown, I’ve just had thr misfortune to tune in to her by accident.


    • 89
      laughing hangman says:

      Hanging drawing and quatering, seems reasonable or do i just stuff my cock in her throat as a gagm or does she enjoy a brown holeing


  17. 50
    Sing This One says:



  18. 53
    Mark Pack says:

    And so the smearing goes on, the only minister to stand up to the most right wing goverment since Thatcher (spit).

    Try winning a election outright next time.


    • 58
      W.W. says:

      Try winning more than 20 seats at an election next time.

      You lot my friend are going to take the rap for everything.



    • 64
      Anonymous says:

      An, FFS!


    • 68
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Stand up to it you prick !
      he’s in fucking bed with it you tit !


    • 73
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      Try coming up with some policies you can stick to in the reality of government next time and see how you do – it should be a laugh. You know – the kind of policies that actually work in the real world. Which most of us live in. I don’t personally believe you can possibly be Mark Pack, as surely even he (spit) wouldn’t be dumb enough to spout such bollocks on a public forum. If you think this government is actually right wing, then your milk-bottle “warning: paedophile” specs need another inch of glass adding to them.

      But, just in case you are:

      Please fuck off. Fuck off now. While you’re fucking off, please step on a rusty nail which pierces through your sandals and into your bloodstream – with a bit of luck, maybe even catching an artery. Give it a go calling the emergency services before you realise that the Fisher-Price windmill on top of your house isn’t turning tonight, because there’s NO FUCKING WIND. All the best – I think you left the elastoplasts in the cupboard under the sink. Off you tootle. Twat.


    • 96
      smoggie says:

      You lose what little credibility you might have had when you call Dave’s lot “the most right wing government since Thatcher”.

      What the hell are you on?


  19. 57

    “Mr Huhne! Mr Huhne sir?”

    “Columbo? What are you doing here in Eastleigh? … Look if its about the Sunday Papers then I can explain..you see..”

    “Oh, no, sir..no. It wasn’t about that. No. I’ve got all your statements already sir. I’m very satisfied there. No sir..Its something else that’s bothering me. ..Something from your statement to the press.”

    “Yes? Which statement..”

    “Erm…Lets see…I have you press release here somewhere…lets see..could you just hold this cigar a second..thank you…Now ..I had it..Ahh Here we are! Yes ..
    Thank you sir..I’ll take that cigar..thank you..right here sir..see this sir.? Its bothering me.”



    “Columbo..what are you getting at?”

    “Well sir…If nuclear, with all those lovely subsidies you’ve given the nuclear lobby, if they can’t get built in time..then surely windfarms..well they can’t..”

    “Detective..windfarms can be built in a fraction of a time of a nuclear power station”

    “Yes sir..but only provide a fraction of the power. And there’s no grid for them at present. And they are susbsidised too. The feed in tariffs; the consumer. We pay for that. Its added to our energy bill. So unless we actually own the wind/solar power the cost of our power will go up even more. And it will be unreliable and there will always have to be a backup supply.
    And then there’s nothing in your paper about future energy use sir? I mean..all politicians are on twitter 24/7..my nephew, he told me about that..he’s very technical..went to Oakland High. Got a major in communications..well anyway, he says just 5 years ago, hardly any smart phones. Now, millions. And tablets..brand new media..Now you need a re-charger to read a 50c newspaper! And kindles..even a paperback need electricity today! I mean..when I think of all the things coming ,that are going to use power..well..sir, you’re the energy secretary.. you should know.”

    “Its all … been thought about carefully..Columbo. great people have looked at the figures..”

    “That’s my point sir. The experts have had a look. And no mention of gas? Why is that sir? Isn’t that the best interim?”

    “A single windmill powers 20 households Columbo. ”

    “Yes sir. But the energy departments definition of a household is 4 light bulbs of power. 4 light bulbs? I looked that up.. ..Just your office..I hope you don’t mind,I checked there today, sir. Your secretary was very sweet. She said it was Ok….Well I checked your office and you had … lets see… I wrote it down….here it is..’THREE MOBILES, 1 I-PAD 1 I-POD ON CHARGE. 6 LIGHTS ON PERM, 2 TEMP{TOILETS}. 1 FRIDGE. 1 MICROWAVE. 1 COFFEE POT. 4 DESKTOP COMPUTERS/MONITORS/PRINTERS. 2 LAPTOPS. 1 KINDLE. 1 VIDEO/DVD PLAYER. 2 TVS. 1 SKY BOX. 1 ELECTRIC CLOCK. 1 BOILER/HOT WATER THING OVER THE SINK. 1 DESK LAMP . 1` SHREDDER. {GETTING A LOT OF USE} RECHARGING BATTERY DEVICE. ROUTERS, ELECTRIC REMOTE PHONES,FAX, RADIO, TOASTER AND KETTLE … ohh yes…AND A TROUSER PRESS.’

    I make that 35 households worth of power from your one office. And that doesn’t include any hoovers or other appliances. ”

    “Columbo!! What is your point? What are you saying? What’s this got to do with my alleged speeding?”

    “well sir..I just wanted to know if a man who might lie about speeding might lie about…oh something like, oh…the real cost of energy in the future.
    Well…goodnight sir. I’ll read your story in the Sunday Telegaph in bed in the morning. I’ll be reading it on my lap top! Even a crumpled old technophobe like me has got one. Amazing isn’t it, sir?”


  20. 63
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Its just not cricket!


  21. 65
    Gordon Brown says:

    Tonight i will be a statement.


  22. 74
    • 76
      Infuriated of West Mids says:

      So, according to Yahoo news, the Sunday Times are considering an appeal against the tape being released. That seems a bit odd…


  23. 78
    Infuriated of West Mids says:

    Oh, FFS, stop automatically modding perfectly reasonable posts. I’m getting sick of having to second-guess what the hell your modbot will censor next.

    Grrrrr……….. Going to bed now. Fuck it.


    • 80
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Anything with a small gree vegrtable init , Plus *ice and a few other ones , this post miht vanish

      Guido and his sidekicks real name as well :-)


      • 81
        Infuriated of West Mids says:

        Thanks Billy, and I know – but it’s a pain in the bastard arse to think about every permutation of every letter contained in a word as you attempt to type a stream of consciousness!

        I know I can collect my refund on the way out, but I’d really rather not – I quite like it here – I just want my bloomin’ voice heard!

        P_E_A P_E_A P_E_A P_E_A (sorry – feeling petulent!)


        • 90
          Do tell says:

          Why is a vegetable beginning and rhyming with p verboten then?


          • albacore says:

            It’s been suggested here that Fawkes was leaned on (an unspeakable fate, considering the avoirdupoi(d)s content of the reputed leaner) to redact all references to an item of Caribbean cuisine.
            Alternatively, The Rotund One permits no positive mention of even the name of the only British political party whose policies are not of the Alice in Wonderland persuasion.
            It’s even being mooted elsewhere (shock, horror, derision) that Dave Himself must either steal that party’s policies or sink into oblivion along with the rest of his motley crew.



          • Anon says:

            It’s a slur on that fat thick effnic bint who tried her luck (and failed miserably) in the Labour leadership contest.


          • I'll have a P please, Bob says:

            it might refer to a dish of those things and stuff of which one kind is basmati, allegedly a staple of those of the west indeean efffnik persuasion


  24. 98
    No comment says:

    But wouldn’t forcing the Times to hand over the tapes suggest Vicky is Not co-operating with the police?


  25. 105
    Chris Huhne says:

    This ain’t no technological breakdown
    Oh no
    This is the road to hell


    • 107
      U-Turn Dave says:

      “There is no reason for Chris Huhne to resign.”



    • 118
      Mark Pack says:

      Just run away
      From these lies
      Back to yesterday
      Safe tonight
      I feel the sun creeping up like tik tok
      I’m trying to keep you in my head but if not
      We’ll just keep running from tomorrow with our lips locked
      Yeah you got me begging begging baby please don’t go
      If I wake up tomorrow will you still be here
      I don’t know
      If you feel the way I do
      If you leave I’m gonna find you
      Baby please don’t go go go go
      Baby please don’t go go go go
      Baby please don’t go go go go


      • 132
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        WTF are you on ? Methadone or Heroin ?


      • 135
        Chris Huhne says:

        I’ve been alone with you inside my mind
        And in my dreams I’ve kissed your lips a thousand times
        I sometimes see you pass outside my door
        Hello, is it me you’re looking for?

        I can see it in your eyes
        I can see it in your smile
        You’re all I’ve ever wanted, (and) my arms are open wide
        ‘Cause you know just what to say
        And you know just what to do
        And I want to tell you so much, I love you …


  26. 106
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    The Sunday Times may appeal the court order ?
    Do the bastards for obstruction of justice !


    i hope they charge Huhne with perjury when they get it !


  27. 109
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    There’s a Chinese guy on sky at the moment
    his name is Wang Dong !
    discussing the Chinese premier’s visit to Birmingham
    Does anybody think he would be visiting Birmingham if the Chinese hadn’t acquired MG
    and why are all the parts made in China and then sent here for assembly
    could it be to by-pass EU import laws ?


  28. 111
    Chris Hunhe says:



    • 141
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      Chris, there is nothing we can do with the Sunday Times, Murdoch is not a Member of the Brotherhood so he won’t cover up for us. Look what they did to me


      I have spoken to my boys in Portsmouth and there is nothing they can do either. Sorry, Boaz.


  29. 113
  30. 114
    Cynic says:

    Bye bye Chris


  31. 117
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Woke up this morning spooning the dog. Wife slept on sofa, says she doesn’t remember doing anal.


  32. 120
    David Cameron....Weather Forecaster says:

    Good morning everyone! Are you ready for it today? It’s looking dry & sunny for the south of England & Wales today, hot & humid inland. Northern England & Wales will be warm with sunny spells but also the odd shower. Cloudy with showers for Northern Ireland, drier in the Republic of Ireland but cool. Rain at times for the bulk of Scotland. Enjoy! xx


    • 122
      ichabod says:

      I’ll believe it when I see it. In spite of week long promises yesterday was really not so nice–and still windy. This morning it is grey and overcast ( Welsh borders) , though the wind has dropped. The BBC ,inevitably, has introduced into the news some patronising bint telling us how to cope with hot weather…dears it’s only going to last for two days.


    • 125
      Dick Porridge-Gunn says:

      Is this the sunlit uplands you woz on about?


  33. 128
    Columbo on ITV3 at 10.30. Legend. says:

    “Mr Huhne… Just one more thing”.


  34. 129
    Harry Hill says:

    I like Vicky Price. I also like Carina Trimmingham. But which one’s better? There’s only one way to find out. FIGHT!


  35. 130
    Jokes says:

    What do you get if Dire Straits team up with Chris Rea?

    Dire Rea.

    I’ll get me coat.


  36. 131
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Katherine Birbalsingh or Sideshow Bob
    on the box spouting that 463 children in Lambeth still do not have a place in a local school !
    Thats because they fucking breed faster than they can build the schools !


  37. 136
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Liam Fox is a twat !
    He has just admitted on sky
    That after making all our trainee pilots redundant
    He is now going to pay senior pilots £100,000 each to stay on !
    Yet more policy on the hoof by this clueless coalition !


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