June 21st, 2011

Silent Pryce Smirks at Points

Given Vicky Pryce is demanding that the BBC did not mention the allegations she made against her estranged husband as a condition of her touring the TV studios to talk about Greece, full points to Krishnan Guru Murphy for sticking the boot in:

Wonder if she smirked like that in front of the police? She might as well have winked to the camera…

UPDATE: Krishnan also asked “The Donald” if he was wearing his own hair. He explains himself here, must be something in the water on Grays Inn Road…

Video via Liar Politicians.


  1. 1
    David Jones says:

    “….. of winked …..” ??


    • 14
      Secondary Modern says:

      They should of used a grammar checker.


      • 21
        God is an Englishman says:

        +1. “should of”, indeed!


        • 52
          Judge Judy says:

          i note there is no

          “No long now………” comment as per pro….. good to see guido getting some perscpective ……..

          there may be story in this…… but probably not…. all fine and well to make claims…. but standing up in coourt when your kids will go into care if both parents banged up is a different story…..


          as ever…… this story gets weaker and weaker and time goes by…..
          My guess “not in the public interest” will be verdict.


      • 40
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        have winked AT…? TB’s influence is becoming very obvious.


    • 19
      Chalky White. says:

      Looks like H@rry is the new P@ki as far as the auto mod is concerned


    • 25
      Billy Bowden and the missing link says:

      This blog has become so Billy friendly, it’s fucking bordering on the ridiculous.


    • 29
      I says:

      Funny how after years unknown as a financial expert that she is now making almost daily appearances


    • 58
      Ron says:

      Who is The Donald?


    • 65
      Who Do You Think You Are? says:

      Stupid Woman. Doesn’t she realise that no one and that means NO ONE is interested in her views on the Greek economy or any economy?

      She seems to have fallen into the Sally Bercow trap of thinking people are interested in her, rather than who she is married to and what goes on behind closed doors.


      • 97
        Inconsequential Woman alert says:

        The stupid cow is also is to far up her own arse to realise that the whole points debacle reveals she has seriously poor judgement hence rendering her views on Greece as worthless.


        • 101
          Brian Dead says:

          Choosing to marry the Huhne shows that she has not got one iota of sense in the brain.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    POlitics is rotten to the bone,Hang em all!


  3. 3
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    slightly O/T But one tokeep a eye on Guido.



  4. 4
    Tom FD says:

    Grammar fail highlights Britain’s sliding educational standards


    • 56
      Squirty says:

      “Fail” is a not a noun. The word you seek is “failure”.

      This is not America. Yet.


      • 86
        Epic Fail says:

        “Fail” is not a noun in American English either but it is employed as a noun in colloquial internet-centred English.

        Since this is the internet, its usage is valid even if it’s somewhat grating to the Grammar Nazis among us.


  5. 4
    Anonymous says:

    She’s just as weird as he is.

    She could well find out that the police don’t like people playing games. She might get Huhne, but at a cost to herself as well.


    • 6
      Tom FD says:

      Of course she’s weird, she married Chris Huhne


    • 15
      wind turbines 'r us says:

      Welcome to weirdy beardy world.


      • 54
        D Lloyd George says:

        Jesus, they are scary…


        • 64
          Anonymous says:

          Somebody has got to stand up for the rights of the weird and the downright peculiar….and who better than the following?

          Mike Handcock
          Simon Hughes
          Mark Oaten (ex Mp, but a prime example)
          Vince Cable
          Chris Huhne…..etc etc.


    • 59
      Peter Grimes says:

      The ugly bitch is enjoying her few moments of fame.

      She’ll be on a ‘reality’ tv show soon, showing her grey minge!


  6. 7
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Comment lost in post again ,Bloody unions!!!!!

    Greg Hands reported for being a politicon .



    • 12
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Apologies Guido, Comments are being sent but not turning up on screen.

      Is there no a time lapse before they appe*ror is it my browser being a twat again?


  7. 8
    MiguelM says:

    Should HAVE!!!! Education, education, educarion.


  8. 10
    Anonymous says:

    But she is the ideal person to talk about Greece, as the ‘point’ is that Germany are going to have to ‘volunteer’ to take the penalty which is to painful for Greece to swallow…


  9. 11
    Billy 'F5' Bowden says:

    Does the existence of Guidos blog mean that I’ve died and gone to heaven?


  10. 16
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Yesterday I said “”well done 24 hours without a U-turn””. I knew I was being too optimistic.

    Today. Pension Transition to be implemented ( Yes – that is a U-turn ) .

    Also Today. Sentencing policy U turn

    Oh…. Not forgetting the immigration cap , of tens of thousands, is now widely accepted to be a load of Cameron Boll*cks


    • 24
      Crash says:

      From now on just assume whatever Dave says he’ll do, he’ll do half of, except when he does the opposite. Therefore I expect a deficit of between 5 and 6% by 2015.


  11. 17
    Anonymous says:

    ‘..should of…’ ?
    How are the mighty fallen!


  12. 22
    Dennis McShamed says:

    More in today’s Telegraph….tick, tick, tick, DOCK


  13. 23
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Only a matter of time now. How is he gonna wriggle outta that one

    “Let me be clear – Moussa Koussa is not being granted immunity”


  14. 26
    Huw Clayton says:

    If she makes daft comments all the time, as she did on radio this morning (“the only way Greece can repay its debts is by borrowing”, I ask you) then I really don’t think anyone will suffer a great loss if they ask her about “other matters” instead.


    • 36
      I'll have a P please Bob says:

      “(“the only way Greece can repay its debts is by borrowing”, I ask you)”

      Sorry to be stupid but what is wrong with that statement? If the proposed bailout is not a proposal to enable Greece to borrow to pay its debts, what on earth is it?


      • 48
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        It appears that the Brownian theory of political economy is alive and gaining ground in every socialist country


      • 62
        Peter Grimes says:

        You must be taking lessons on ‘repaying’ debt from the likes of liars BrownBalls & Cooper!


      • 63
        misterned. says:

        You cannot borrow your way out of debt. It’s like trying to eat yourself thin.

        Greece can borrow to make a repayment, but that only makes the long term problem worse, compounded by increased interest rates.

        No wonder Greece’s economy is fucked.


        • 66
          Anonymous says:

          They don’t give a sh*t. And I don’t blame them.

          They knew what they were doing and have been p*ssing themselves laughing at our expense.


        • 69
          I'll have a P please Bob says:

          No, but you can borrow your way out of default for the length of the term of the new debt and that is what everyone is talking about in the case of Greece. So what was wrong with what Pryce said?


          • Huw Clayton says:

            Because there is a difference between “repaying” debts (i.e. making payments out of income or other capital to reduce the ultimate sum of debt) and “servicing” debts (which is what you are talking about, but she was not). Greece cannot pay off its borrowing by borrowing more, just as paying off a credit card with another credit card does not repay the debt, merely move it. Similarly, borrowing from the EU will not reduce Greece’s debt, it will change the creditors (and, I might add, the interest rates charged mean that there will still be a real problem for Greece in keeping up with them).

            Hope that’s clear.


          • misterned says:

            Correct Huw, we have gone past would could be construed as a debt restructuring at this time. That was the last ‘bail-out’. Greece are now trying to borrow extra money just to repay that bail-out, let alone service its’ debt. Paying off it’s debt is wholly out of the question, as is merely servicing it. They are in difficulty servicing the bail-out and subsequent bail-outs will cost more and more and more and will inevitably be met with default.

            It is a mathematical certainty.

            I think the EU are trying to negotiate a way to (A) defend and protect the insanely inept bankers who lent Greece all that money and (B) Secure the least damaging way to let Greece collapse whilst trying to hold together the Euro, or failing that, how much of Greece’s physical assets they can take lawful ownership of.


        • 75
          Correction says:

          Greece is being screwed so that the banks who made ridiculous loans and used ENRON type accounting tricks be protected by at the expense of millions of ordinary tax payers from the losses they (the banks) should rightly suffer.

          ditto Ireland, Portugal, UK (yes, QE) , USA etc etc.


          • steam iron says:

            Greece screwed itself by thinking that having the same currency and interest rates as German, a country that works for a living, was a good idea………and thnking it would be on the euro gravy teat for ever.


        • 84
          Titford Hat says:

          To be honest, you can eat yourself thin if you change from a high-calorie diet to one that is equally bulky but composed of low-calorie things like lettuce and celery and the like.

          Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity.


  15. 27
    God is an Englishman says:

    Wavy Davy will “fight hard” to stop our money going to the Greeks.
    Yeah, maybe.
    He will take a fall in the last round to earn his back pocket money.


  16. 28
    Germaine Sneer says:

    Equal treatment for wimmen – Oh! hold on- except for pension age of course and any other fringe benefits!


    • 46
      Selohesra says:

      and having their own events at Olympics and Wimbledon etc – they dont want equality there either


      • 85
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        And getting 75% of the NHS budget spent on them while only representing around half the population.


    • 77
      WokinghamChris says:

      Equality when its convenient and privilege when it ain’t.

      Apparently, it’s not about equality, it’s about “fairness”.

      Individual men have been forced to work for 5 years more than women for the 36 years since the passage of the Sex Discrimination Act, even though women have a longer lifespan.

      So “fairness”, as defined by feminists, involves prolonging this gross discrimination against men.


  17. 30
    Moussa Koussa says:

    The PM ( Twat Boy ) has told the BBC that Larry the cat has caught three mice since he moved into Number 10.

    Jesus Christ, will someone delivers us from this Jolly hockey sticks numpty. All you Tory Trolls must be soooo proud of your man. He is embarrassing – and you know it.


    • 38
      Tory for 65 years says:

      Unfortunately I agree with you


    • 39
      Dr Otis Spunkmeyer says:

      I sink you have ze class war syndrome. Are you unhappy zat ze posh people are better zan you perhaps ya!


    • 41
      Backwoodsman says:

      No, gordon brown is embarrassing and we all know it – except you worthless c unts were prepared to pretend he wasn’t , just so you could carry on running the country into the ground while you milked every system out there.


      • 45
        Moussa Koussa says:

        You didnt get the memo then…. Brown isnt PM anymore.


        • 51
          Grumpy Old Man says:

          But the damage that he did lives after him. Never Forgive, Never Forget.


        • 60
          Balflower beater! says:

          Hmmm well we will shut up about Gordoom when you leftards stop dropping ‘Thatcher’ in every f^^king time you open yer mouths!


        • 73
          misterned says:

          Moussa, Gordon’s utter destruction of the UK economy did not miraculously unravel and cure itself the moment Gordon left Downing Street for the last time.

          In fact even after Gordon lost the election (getting a million fewer votes than John Major’s historic defeat BTW) labour still signed this country up to these EU bailouts, so all the current economic clusterfuck that we are having to clear-up IS down to Gordon Brown. Thank FUCK he is not in Downing Street anymore. The three years he was PM were bad enough!

          Funny how labour were proclaiming every economic uptick was down to Gordon’s brilliance right up till 2008 crash. The record number of quarters of economic growth (which started under Major in 2002), The global economic boom was largely down to his rules and leadership setting the City of London free to create huge wealth (debt) letting the rest of the global economy follow, Yet when it all turned to shit, suddenly Gordon was not responsible for anything. He’d been sat with his fingers up his arse for 10 years doing nothing,… apparently.

          You can’t have it both ways. Gordon’s borrowing more than the country can afford and pissing away the proceeds whilst overtaxing enterprise and trying it up in the longest tax code in the world, and creating a tax system so complex that even tax lawyers cannot comprehend it, allowing Tony’s Cronies to avoid shit loads of tax, whilst doubling the income tax on the poorest workers and freezing their allowances thus taxing their income more and more and more, whilst rewarding failure in the City by knighting the most corrupt and incompetent bankers and cutting their taxes, then blaming Thatcher for it all???

          You lefties are FUCKING DERANGED FUCKWITS!


          • Infuriated of West Mids says:

            Hear fucking hear.


          • Ted says:

            Very well said Mr Misterned, however as regards signing up to the EU bailouts I think you’ll find that this was done with the full connivance and support of George Osborne who is after all a fully bought and paid for Bilderburg boy (as is Cameron). They are fully committed to the EU and the Euro mutually assured destruction pact.
            The politico’s running the coalition are the true airs to that famous treacherous closet homosexual Tory Ted Heath.


          • misterned says:

            Ted, Osborne told Darling NOT to sign up.

            Although he may have been winking and may have had his fingers crossed when he said it.

            It does not change, nor alter, the fact that labour signed us up to these bail-outs even after they had been defeated and soundly rejected at the general election.


          • Who, me? says:

            Wish I’d said that. Bravo, sir.


    • 55
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Cameron might be a twat, but Brown was a fucking MONG and Testicles hasn’t got a clue.


  18. 31
    I says:

    She actually said ” I’ve come to talk about grease”


  19. 34
    I says:

    Add to the list of things to do before you die:-

    Get modded by Guido


  20. 44
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    YEsterday i mentioned: “1st country to leave euro” : Greece 5/4
    Well 24 hours later its: Greece 5/6

    Perhaps by tommorow they won’t be taking bets


    • 79
      misterned says:

      It looks inevitable and unavoidable that Greece will have to leave the Euro, but at what price? The EU’s executive will not let it go lightly. They have to defend the Euro at ALL costs. The rest of the EU project could finally begin to unravel if Greece left and the economic dominoes start ta fall… so the EU are utterly desperate to avoid that happening.

      Barroso et al will fight to the bitter end to defend their trough.

      How far will the destruction of Greece’s economy go? What new rules will the EU impose on Greece? And will they be forced (by their own people) to leave the EU entirely?

      It could be a good time to start looking for an apartment in Greece then.


      • 88
        Must get a pseudonym one day says:

        The smartest thing would be for Germany to leave the Euro, then the rest of the cabal of corrupt continentals could sink in their own slime.


  21. 47
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Her response is as telling as Huhne’s. If this had not occurred both of them would have been all over the media issuing categoric denials and accusing journalists of fabricating stories.

    The fact that neither are doing so is very strong evidence that she did take points on his behalf.


    • 80
      misterned says:

      So long as their is the continuing police investigation, it would be wrong for her to comment publicly.


  22. 49
    That's News says:

    She could be playing a dangerous game.

    Police do not like to be used or made fools of. And tend to react badly to people that do it.


  23. 50
    I'll have a P please Bob says:

    So weak. This is the trouble with the red cross hairs malarkey: you put up a story like this without them and the subtext is “even I don’t believe this dreary shit any more, but motions have to be gone through”.

    And I wouldn’t call it a smirk, she looks plain nervous to me.


  24. 57
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    I see the Bum Bandit Corporation is still droning on about Tory cuts.


    • 82
      misterned says:

      Getting to fever pitch over care homes.

      The budgets are shrinking when costs are increasing…. AAGGHHhh

      People in charge of spending budgets under labour got used to sticking their hands out when costs increased and getting the Government to borrow more to cover it.

      They should take a leaf out of Tesco’s book and see how they spend money when costs are increasing. They refuse to pay increased costs.

      Tesco spending = “If you want to sell to us, you will sell at a price we are happy to pay.”

      Labour state spending = “How much? Aw OK, we’ll just go borrow that from the bank, we can always create a few more laws to make that back in fines, or invent new taxes!”


  25. 76
    #QTWTAIY says:

    Is that Simon Hughes with a wig?


  26. 83
    Quis Separabit? says:

    Guido, i know you like to pretend you’re Irish (God knows why) but it’d be nice if you didn’t project your faux-Paddyness onto other people.

    The man’s name is Krishnan Guru-Murthy. Not Krishnan Guru Murphy. His family originates in India, not Donegal.


  27. 90
    gildedtumbril says:

    The ‘evidence’ seems to suggest, as we all knew, that huhne is a huhne and his ex-wife appears also to be a huhne. One is tempted to enquire whether there is anyone in the house of conmen, or associated with it, who is not a damned huhne.We seem beset with huhnes. Awash with huhnes and suffering a tsunami of huhnes.


  28. 91
    I fucked Sally bercow in the ass, hard. says:

    What if he is not lying… and that either his lesbian dominatrix ‘partner’ or YET ANOTHER WOMAN was actually driving the car that fateful night.

    The other mistress story being here.


    Whereas he got Vicky Price to eat the bullet, claiming it was for him, actually it would have been for his mistress.. But technically speaking it was not on his behalf.

    I mean. How pissed off would Vicky Price be if this turns out to be his defence?!

    All he has to do now is find a suitable floozy to take the rap.. for a generous consideration, and get her to claim she knew nothing of the actual event, but claim that he asked his wife to take the points on her behalf. As a gentleman.

    And with a leap and a bound… he’s escaped. Scot Free.
    See what I mean?

    Somebody should ask what Ms. Trimingham, was up to that night…


  29. 93
    Anon says:

    Why does this Young Lady insist on putting her head “above the parapet” and then demand to talk only “about Greece”

    Surely she would be well-advised to maintain low-profile and to keep her mouth shut, when it is her Young Man’s driving licence which is such a matter of public interest


  30. 95
    pachebal says:

    Of all TV presenters/interviewers/newsreaders Krishnan GM must be the most narcissistic and clueless.


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