June 14th, 2011

Bunny Dorries

Guido is intrigued by the imminent arrival of the Playboy Club in London. But not as excited as some it seems. One of Nadine Dorries’ many loyal internet fans signed her up for membership:

He’s a little disappointed by her response though:

Sounds like a bargain this end…


  1. 1
    Billy's Missus says:

    He’s takin a shyte i tell ya


    • 11
      Anonymous says:

      How is the NHS fuck up progressing?


      • 27
        You are cordially invited to come and live in the real world says:

        Vote Labour and you’ll get a socialist government led by traitors who happily give away our sovereignty while feathering their own nests.

        Vote LibDem and you’ll get a socialist government led by traitors who happily give away our sovereignty while feathering their own nests.

        Vote Tory and you’ll get a socialist government led by traitors who happily give away our sovereignty while feathering their own nests.

        FFS people wake up. Have some backbone, get some principles.



        • 30
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          UKIP have had there fingers in the europeon till, turkeys wont vote for christmas?

          Why would they give up there 200K tax free (plus expenses) salary each year for 68k?

          They are politicons!


        • 44
          Jobless wonder says:

          We had this conversation on a previous blog, lets just say by some miracle you get 30 seats and that’s being optimistic, you still need another 284 seats to get a majority. Have you thought this through properly ?

          Tessa tells me that UKIP took %10 of the tory vote without getting any seats and they did this to give the torys a bloody nose and deny them a Majority. Which then begs the question why the fuck UKIP are now complaing that the torys are not acting like true torys……..

          The answer is because they are in a liberal coalition with the Lib Dems. So you can whinge all you fucking like if UKIP stopped the torys have a proper tory government then quit fucking moaning that they are to liberal and having to appease the lib dems, you cant have your cake and eat it!


        • 45
          Anonymous says:

          Possibly no worse with UKIP,but maybe then a government trying to retain/recover our sovereignty while feathering their nests?
          Whilst the trough remains uncontrolled & not subject to the strictures imposed on the rest of us I don’t think many parliamentarians would be able to resist the temptation to feather their nest.


          • David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

            Cameron and McClegg are giving away so much of sovereignty that there will not be anything to take by the next election. mc Clegg’ s future is in Europe and Blair hopes to be the president, he gave back our rebate to secure the post. To date it has not worked because Cameron is exceeding this donation by his multi billion pound give away scheme and mass immigration policy ie sit and do nothing- it pleases cuckoo Cable.


          • crash says:

            UKIP surely have a higher proportion of troughers than even the Lib Dems. What are their other policies other than leave the EU?


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            @crash – UKIP’s other policies? Who cares, but they probably don’t involve increasing our taxes and letting prisoners out of jail early.

            Vote UKIP, let the Cons know how many votes they would have got if they weren’t pro-EU filth, high-tax, criminal-loving scum.

            Every vote for UKIP is a vote the Cons could have had. And the Cons can see those votes. It’s a metaphorical kick in the nuts for Dave’s drones.

            Simon Kirby, my local Pro-EU Tory MP, has a majority of 1,300, and he loves voting against British interests. He loves the EU. I shall enjoy contributing towards his P45 in 2015 by voting UKIP.

            Ah, Dave can lose a seat or two, can’t he? heh heh heh.


          • tell it like it really is says:

            Re Sex Crime – above – at least it is a small step int the right direction after years of trying to get plod to address the issue, the previous Lancashire Ch of Plod told complainers “So, you’ll just have to get used to it.”


        • 47
          Jobless wonder1 says:

          We had this conversation on a previous blog, lets just say by some miracle you get 30 seats and that’s being optimistic, you still need another 284 seats to get a majority. Have you thought this through properly ?

          Tessa tells me that UKIP took %10 of the tory vote without getting any seats and they did this to give the torys a bloody nose and deny them a Majority. Which then begs the question why the fuck UKIP are now complaing that the torys are not acting like true torys……..

          The answer is because they are in a liberal coalition with the Lib Dems. So you can whinge all you fucking like if UKIP stopped the torys have a proper tory government then quit fucking moaning that they are to liberal and having to appease the lib dems, you cant have your cake and eat it!


      • 166
        nell says:

        We have to accept that the nhs was utterly ‘fucked up’ as you so succinctly put it by 13 years of indifferent, uncaring labour.

        I’m not sure how it can now be put right but it won’t happen in 13 months.


        • 180
          Contrary says:

          Just before the last election the satisfaction level with the NHS was the highest it had ever been and life expectancy was at it’s highest.

          Good to see a former don like yourself researching your carefully thought out views nell.

          Are you related to Billy?


          • Southern Softy says:

            Life expectancy will continue to rise for those who lead a reasonable lifestyle and eat well and dr*ink in moderation. The rest will start to see a fall off of life expectancy. Live hard, play hard (that includes those who choose to fight for their country) and die young.
            My prediction is that life expectancy will peak at about 85 and will start to reduce again from about 2020.
            Not too long awy from now.


  2. 2
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    i would give her one i suppose ………well she would have to drug me ….


  3. 4
    Man on the Clapham Omnibus says:

    Does the wittiest comment win a £15,000 lifetime membership, Guido?


  4. 5
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    She says that some her fellow MPs have been there, Do you know who guido? Was it on expenses?

    Side Note: Guido, can we please have a poll at PMQS about this new thumb thing, I know its your site , your rules , But it makes loading a thread 3-4 times longer (Depending on length) and if you reply to more than one post each time you have to wait for the page to reload and the thumbs to reload.

    As i say, It is your blog and i know i am fully entitled to collect my refund and depart, But why try and fix something that isnt broken?


    • 7
      edward balls says:

      Billy , you invariably have the best thumbs up , why not accept the accolade?


    • 33
      Anonymous says:

      Re Billy’s side note; I tried the “disable Javascript” advice for removal of the thumbs & it hasn’t worked.As far as I am concerned the sooner Guido gets rid of them, the better.It’s just an aid for bloggers too lazy to type their comment.


      • 68
        Nemo says:

        Well Guido’s got relieve himself and after emptying his tanks he has to go and fill them up again with liquid food (Guiness)


      • 212
        Helpfully yours says:

        Dear boy/girl, simply use Firefox and activate Noscript.

        Then you can choose what you want to see. It really is that simple.


    • 55
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      You’ve provided another reason to keep it, Billy.


    • 82
      crash says:

      I love the thumbs, when I get rejected even by a crew like this it makes me grateful for my family who are more or less obliged to be nice to me.


    • 95
      Niall the Thumbs says:

      The Telegraph on-line used to be worth reading, but then one day it got revamped – a sign of a much deeper malaise – and it went rapidly downhill from there.
      Don’t make the same mistake.


      • 152
        Grumpy Old Man says:

        I like the thumbs. One can signify instant approval/disapproval and only post when you think you got something to add. Also, it gives the mods a chance and cuts out a lot of the crap.


        • 173
          Jemima Clarkson says:

          I like the idea of rating posts, I just don’t like the thumbs themselves. The Mail’s red and green arrows are much less obtrusive than the thumbs.


          The thumbs also look a bit like the finger sign if you suffer from poor vision like myself


          I say keep the ratings, but change the design.



          • I look at Cherie and I think Gordon!! says:


            Er, hang on, just let me check the job description for EU President.


          • Lee P Lee says:

            Are you seriously offering the Mail as a role model ? I’m afraid there’s little hope for you.


        • 199
          Niall the Thumbs says:

          ‘instant approval/disapproval’ ….. really ? Strikes me as an even worse system than AV (if that’s possible). The numbers are meaningless.
          ‘cuts out a lot of the crap.’ ….. How ? Or do you mean that one lot of crap has been replaced with another lot ?


    • 183
      Anonymous says:

      Don’t keep repeatedly voting for yourself Billy and you won’t have to keep waiting for reloads.

      Out of curiosity, you say you’re not on benefits yet you seem to post every ten minutes. Are you retired? What is your job that allows you such freedom?


  5. 6
    Jesus wants you to strip down to your bra and panties says:

    Nadine has the perfect rack to be a Bunny.


  6. 9
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Nadine is just another Tory embarrassment. Surely the story of the day is yet another 2 U turns.

    Errrrr not forgetting the very very very long list of other U-turns…..

    Liam Fox stated in election campaign “a bigger army for a safer Britain”.

    Michael Gove stated in election campaign “”Ed Balls keeps saying that we are committed to scrapping EMA. I have never said this. We won’t.”

    Scrapped aircraft carriers

    Scrapped RAF units

    NHS Reform has turned into a disaster.

    A gigantic colossal massive influx of SpAds and hanger on’s recruited into No 10

    National Citizen Service – died a death kicked into long grass

    Big Society – dying, soon to be slowly passed into long grass

    NHS Direct to be scrapped – eeeerrr Nope

    Forest Sell off – eeeerrrr Nope

    I could go on…Keep up the good work


    • 18
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Labourlist that way>>>>>>>>>>


      • 25
        Tessa Tickles says:

        No, I think it’s fair. In case my earlier comment doesn’t survive mo dera tion and appear below, check out the link:


        Nadine’s a scumbag.


        • 37
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Of course she is, she is a politicon .

          TT you know Guido doesnt like little green veg (mod) :-)


          • Tessa Tickles says:

            I didn’t know about Guido and little green veg. I don’t like them, either. Especially sprouts.


      • 28
        Moussa Koussa says:

        errrrrrr for the 1000th time…… According to Guido this isnt a Tory site


        • 29
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          But what has your post got to do with the topic of this thread?


          • Moussa Koussa says:

            Oh please Billy. You very rarely keep to the thread subject…twat. Now go back to Daves cock…apologist


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Thats why i love the left, when they lose part of a debate they throw insults, So consistant.


          • Anon. says:

            and what’s your topic got to do with the thread of this post?


          • crash says:

            Billy, I don’t come here to discuss the trivia Guido posts on a day to day basis, I come here because 1) There may be a Hague/Huhne/Pilgrim style scoop on the go and 2) because people here are far more sane and have a better sense of humour than on the telegraph/mail/guardian despite trying to hide it behind insane spelling.


        • 187
          r says:

          Any relation to Micky Moussa?


      • 59
        Squirty says:

        > Labourlist that way>>>>>>>>>>

        <<<<<<<<<<<<<< that way, shurely?


      • 182
        Some Tory boyz are shit says:

        Way to lose us the next election Billy.

        So in your opinion Dave is a leader of vision who’s turning this country around instead of being the useless f uckwit he is?

        I’m guessing, based on your spelling, that your education reflected your intelligence. You’re clearly a very bright bloke given to reflection and thought.

        Please, no comments about Dave’s poor performance being down to the mess the last labour govt left us with. That sort of comment reminds me that we don’t have a leader capable of doing a good job in the situation they’re in and that we’re in this coalition because f uckwit Dave came across as an idiot to the majority of the electorate.


    • 21
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Embarrassment and traitor:

      How Nadine Dorries votes

      24 May 2011
      Voted for:
      Hostile amendment to Mark Reckless’s motion to halt EU bailouts

      18 March 2011
      Did not vote on:
      United Kingdom Parliamentary Sovereignty Bill (Second Reading)

      11 January 2011
      Voted against:
      The sovereignty of the UK Parliament in relation to EU law

      10 November 2010
      Voted for:
      European Economic Governance

      13 October 2010
      Voted against:
      Draft EU Budget 2011 – amendment calling for a reduction in Britain’s contribution

      14 July 2010
      Voted for:
      European External Action Service


    • 91
      Anonymous says:

      The more this clown and it’s ilk post, the more you know they’re worried that their precious Labour could be out of power for a while, which doesn’t look good for the freeloading that it and all the other leeches have got used to.


      • 121
        Tessa Tickles says:

        U-Turn Dave’s just scrapped his plan to cap parasites’ benefits at £26K. A green light for their sponging.

        And he’s increased immigration. And increased borrowing. And increased spending. And broken almost every single one of his manifesto promises, with the exception of the one saying he’d increase foreign aid to countries that hate us.

        May 2010, a new government took over. Indistinguishable from the old one.


        • 143
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          I’m with you mate ,we can afford an EXTRA 817 million to help Indian Pakistani and Chinese children stay free of disease
          These are countries who choose to spend their money on nuclear weapons space programmes and aircraft carriers while it is left to us to feed their unwanted children
          But we can’t find 100 million to stop our kids contracting disease from un-emptied bins
          there is something radically wrong with this guys thinking and morals
          and he is ripping the piss out of the very people who put him there !


    • 200
      William says:

      Moussa, can you send me your recipe please. Is it a bit like tabouleh?


  7. 10
    Funnier than all the R&M cartoons put together says:


  8. 13
    Mike Tinycock says:

    Take up the offer Nadine. You can take me there. You in a Bunny costume with your tits hanging out, will do my waning libiido a great deal of good.


  9. 14
    Doc Trough says:

    The thought of Nadz in Bunny suit is intriguing. Ladies of her vintage tend to favour the intimate gardening practices they grew up with. I will make myself available for any border tidying required – strumming and hoeing.


  10. 15
    Gordon Brown says:

    During breaks from my prime ministerial duties, I shall be a Bunny Girl.


  11. 17
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Can someone apply for one on behalf of Ryan Giggs?


  12. 19
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    I bet it will be closed in a couple of years.

    Then it wouldnt be worth £15k.


    • 36
      Whi says:

      Its not worth £15K. Tame and lame.


    • 38
      Tessa Tickles says:

      The way inflation’s going, in a couple of years £15k won’t be worth 15p. So you won’t have lost much.

      The power of positive thinking!


  13. 22
    I'll 'ave you, Butler! says:

    Is it just me or does Ed Miliband look like Blakey from On The Buses?



  14. 23
    Moussa Koussa says:

    Last month Dippy Dorris proposed a bill to require that sex education in schools should include promoting abstinence to girls. While sex education already mentions the option of abstinence, Narky Nadine’s silly ill-advised bill would require active promotion of abstinence to girls, with no such requirement of the education provided to boys….What ever next Nadine..Creationism …Nutty Neo Con Nadine strikes again…..GO AWAY !!!!!!!!!!

    PS…you aint seen me right


    • 35
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      Of course, most boys wouldnt be at the level required to start the lesson.

      Just explaining to them that at some point in their lives a woman might offer them sex … about half of them wouldnt be able to comprehend or believe it, and the other half would come in their keks.

      And then of course, a small proportion wouldn’t be interested in the lesson at all. Eh jonty?


      • 46
        Product of NewLabour State School says:

        u r wrong. I know loads about sex thanks to new labour. In fact i know more about rimming than I do about the second world war cos of section 28 being repeeled.

        my old man reckons the section 28 thing was just charter for every poofy devient goin to foist homosexuality on impresionable young lads and thats why i turned out bicurious.

        But what does he know, man, he was born in, like the victorian times or somthing.


        • 52
          Tessa Tickles says:

          Do they do the homosexuality-teaching in state-funded Muslim schools, too? Just curious.


          • Hamza, the islamic product of NewLabour Muslim State School says:

            No we are above gays in the hierarchy of victimhood. I have been expertly tutored by the Imam to play the race card if anyone questions Islam’s tendency to hurl pieces of rock at homosexuals until they are dead.


  15. 32
    Big Breasts Watch says:

    I want Nadine to give me a soapy tit wank.


    • 40
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Nadine wants to give Herman van Rompuy a soapy titwank. Check her voting history; she’s very anti-British and pro EU.


    • 53
      the only way is anal says:

      anyone done her up the arse?


      • 94
        Anonymous says:

        Cameron for a start – how else do you think she got away with all her thieving?

        Posh boys always love a dirty scouse slapper.


    • 209
      Errr.... says:

      In that photo she looks a bit like Julia Davis from Nighty Night. Yes please.


  16. 48
    Guido Tweet says:

    : “Multiple Labour sources say we hit the target with Dougie Alexander. Damian McBride on the phone complaining about story. So def true.”

    Another plotting Scot!


  17. 64
    Jimmy says:

    This story degrades rabbits.


    • 65
      Engineer says:

      The story hardly mentions rabbits (which, incidentally, are delicious in a cider sauce). It does mention an overpriced and arguably somewhat tasteless London club, the waitresses in which may wear a rather unusual outfit, and a serving Conservative politician with an ‘interesting’ back-story.

      No bunnies were groped in the making of this comment.


  18. 67
    Engineer says:

    How many Greyhounds have applied for membership, and were their applications accepted?


    • 107
      The Wind in The Willows says:

      ‘That rabbit is a weasel’!!!


      • 128
        Engineer says:

        About a century ago, there was at least one pack of Weasel Hounds in the South-West of England. They were much like Fox Hounds, but smaller, apparently.


  19. 73
    Moley. says:

    For those who missed this;

    Scotland is to issue its own Sovereign Bonds.


    Given the prominence of Sean Connery in the Scottish psyche, will they be known as James Bonds?

    On a more serious note, I cannot help feeling that this is a momentous decision with vast (and as yet) unknown repercussions.

    What is behind the decision and what will it lead to?


    • 76
      Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Hopefully it will lead to the jocks fucking off finally, however, it’s more likely to lead to yet more debt for which the English will pick up the tab


    • 87
      crash says:

      fucking hell these scots are going to ruin us. how I wish we’d disposed of them right after we claimed the oil.


      • 124
        jgm2 says:

        Fucking great. They’ll be running up bills on their own tab. Come independence they can take all their local debts plus their percentage share of the UK national debt.

        Time to revisit the Barnett formula. If Scotland is prepared to run up its own debts rather than putting its hand out like some giant national benefit claimant then we should look into cutting their benefits.

        Rather gives the lie to their so-called sovereign oil fund though. We all know the collateral the bond-buyers will be factoring in to the equation in the event of independence.


    • 102
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      …what will it lead to? Junk bonds.


    • 110
      jgm2 says:

      It’s basically another cost-free propaganda exercise for Salmond.

      If the bonds sell then he’ll portray it as the market taking the view that Scotland can function as an independent nation. Ie there is no risk of them not paying out even if they go it alone.

      Which of course is true. If Scotland default while part of the UK then the UK (England) will pick up the bill. If Scotland plump for independence then they do have oil so they should be able to afford their lavish lifestyle and pay the bonds back before the oil runs out.

      Too bad Salmond isn’t working for UKIP. We’d all be independent by now.


  20. 74
    I says:

    Guess who wants to Join the Eu gravy train


  21. 77
    Rt Hon Gordon Brown, Member of Parliament for Killkiddies and Cowdungbeef says:

    Rub my belly.


  22. 83
    Drop a daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Don’t know if anyone else is listening to radio pravda (Radio 5) but some BBC type just did a piece from Havana on Che Guevara and some new work that’s come to light.

    Oh dear, it’s quite clear the BBC are in love with this mass murderer, the rather soppy sounding BBC male kept calling Guevara ‘Che’ and talked of “his lovely long flowing hair”

    Looks like a lot of wanking in the toilets at TV centre tonight.


  23. 85
    I says:

    The Sun Headline

    Doc tells PM’s group: Off my ward


  24. 86
    bergen says:

    Is Rupert Murdoch having a laugh? I see that Forrest Gump is on Sky One tonight…


    • 100
      Ed M says:

      I’ll be too busy with my Rubik cube and choosing my choccy bar. Get down Schnorbitz.


    • 136
      EdMiliband says:

      I’ll be busy tonight on my Honda 50, delivering pizza to the good folk of North London


  25. 92
    not a machine says:

    £15000 for life time membership , I think I would ensure they had adequate difribrulation equipment before parting with the cash .

    I rather thoughts todays memorable news cycle , reminded me of what it is like to land the space shuttle , check here we go and then 20 lap of the gods and NASA engineers work , minutes of flames heat bumps , settling out to then land at 200mph on a (high altitude view) sixpence with no way of a second attempt .
    Lunchtimes press briefing was unusual in that it got better as it went on , Lansley showing at some ease how some of the new structures will work and fit , some of the terminology was a bit hard to follow and was not new to the health sec but clearly a little new to others present , “senate” , commisioning body , care and wellbeing group and the nurses seemed as baffled by they do by the current ones , but at least i began to see what it should look like . Patient centered perhaps does not mean , a nurse, doctor and ambulance following you round everywhere in the system , but I can see that he intends to get back to some concept of medical professional lead idea , and as the PM pointed out there are gaps in the sytem that perhaps are affecting outcomes .The commons statement was , as expected a little more brutal , although the fact that the opposition did not respond to the question “if he agreed with future forum ” and I got the feeling that what had started out as a rightous left attack on Lansley began to look like , a clueless and botched attempt to cover that Labours own proposals had no idea what to do about the inefficences they had created , that were placing the NHS budget in so much immediate and future difficulty . Whilst the patient improvements should be welcome (and I note the staff caught a hopeful whiff of the slightly more ethos base of outcomes) it should not be forgotten that the new economic realities of labours mismanagement are necessesatating the need to control the budget in order to ensure future service functionality , is the only real option as the next few years require debt to be repaid , to get to a point where the economy can support it .
    Lansley took quite a inflamed staement and questions , and I think if medical terms can be used , the situation has been aspirated in quite a determined way to relate to the staff whos job will still be treating and caring for people indeed labour seem to have gone neurotoxic .

    although of little consolation for Mr Gove for an NUT strike to be called , for the days dessert , suggests to me that whilst a bit of re think ,it was a balanced comptent launch, from revolution to evolution …. mmmm what was wrong with contemplation (all right argument, bust up and dissolution) to creation. I thought it saved the day and the reform imperative, even if one hell of few hours of space shuttle flying experience was gained when not expected .


    • 97
      Tachybaptus says:



    • 98
      Just passing by says:

      Erm … Good?


    • 99
      sockpuppet #4 says:

      If you get the reentry wrong, or theres a small hole in the wing, you and your 4-6 colleages get burnt to a crisp. correction thousands of crisps.

      On the other hand day after day dave’s crew fail to do things as simple as selling a few trees, and get away with it.
      If they really really cock things up they’ll be stuck drawing their 80k a year forever, plus what they can get from the BBC for their amusing has been act on HIGNFY or countdown. or a column.

      Nope, its more like sitting near the leafy street where the sixth form college is, watching the buggers do their three point turns in small hatchbacks … but without the patient instructors.


    • 185
      Postlethwaite says:

      Too long to read


  26. 101
    EU Commission for refugees, asylum seekers and assorted chancers says:

    What we need is a holding station, located somewhere off the mainland of Europe, where all claimants can be temporarily detained while awaiting clearance to be subsumed into the EU project.
    This “holding station” should be a minor backwater with no capability of resisting its place as a transit camp and should be stripped of any adequate means to refuse.
    All the better if the rulers of such a place should be fully amenable to such an arrangement and are given approval in their belief that they are a major player in this operation.



    • 106
      Tachybaptus says:

      I suggest the Dogger Bank.


      • 125
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I think that’s a bit cruel. I’ve found a more humane solution.

        “Rockall is an extremely small, uninhabited, remote rocky islet in the North Atlantic Ocean. It gives its name to one of the sea areas named in the shipping forecast provided by the British Meteorological Office.”

        In the words of Jack Straw, “there’s no practical limit to the number of immigrants” who can stay there.


        • 216
          Mully Tover says:

          Isle of Mull – so they can all mull over (for say 10 years or so) why the hell they left their original countries in the first place.


  27. 103
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a Lotus Esprit.


  28. 104
    Margaret Moran says:

    Can I be a Bunny girl?


  29. 108
    PMQs verbal punch-up says:

    I predict a classic PMQs tomorrow. Milimong will try to go with the NHS and Cameron will have tons of ammunition with the Telegraph memos and the Sunday papers’ coverage about David Milimong.


    • 113
      jgm2 says:

      Miliband will go with the ‘NHS U-turn’ and Dave will present it as ‘listening to the voters concerns’ and highlight example after example of the Maximum Imbecile and his Idiot government ploughing on regardless of any warnings to the contrary.

      Hence 170bn quid deficits.


      • 116
        Gordon Brown, live from a toilet in Fife says:

        I did not leave a deficit.


      • 127
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Ed will mention the teachers’ strike. Instead of learning about Black History and the Evils of the British Empire, for one day only children are going to learn nothing at all. And at no cost to the taxpayer.

        I really really want to know how Ed says this is a bad thing.


        • 144
          Anonymous says:

          Millibands latest “strategy” is to identify with the “squeezed middle”.
          Well the squeezed middle will hate months of industrial action by public sector workers anxious to protect unsustainable pension and working conditions the rest of us are paying for.
          As Milliband is only in power thanks to the union bosses behind these various disputes, I would think this puts Cameron in rather a strong position.


      • 137
        Steve Miliband says:

        Nailed on certainty that “pizza delivery’ will be mentioned.


    • 155
      Mrs Faye Merritt says:

      He will go with the bins.


    • 162
      nell says:

      militwit should go with his blank sheet of paper.

      It’s far superior to anything else he could talk about!


  30. 109
    Spit or swallow says:

    I bet Nadine is great at deep throat.


  31. 112
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Why would anyone want to frequent a club run by a lecherous old corpe
    who shags blonde brain dead lumps of plastic who have to be told when to breath in and out !
    and if there is any sad lonely bastards out there who are willing to stump up 15 grand to watch a couple of tarts serving you champers at 50 quid a glass
    then they should be shot !


    • 123
      nell says:


      Life can be tough and short.

      Live and let live and enjoy when you can.


      • 130
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Just look at the first post Nell Had a great time dropped 6 K (six thousand pounds )but had a great time !
        Just about says it all
        Pop out at lunchtime pay £15,000 to get in, lose £6,000 on the tables and maybe even pop back tonight to “drop” a few more grand
        What sort of people are these ?


        • 139
          nell says:

          As I said Frankie Live and Let live and Enjoy.

          I don’t have that sort of money and wouldn’t spend it that way if I did. And it doesn’t bother me that they spend their money that way or that I haven’t got that sort of money. I like my life just how it is. I hope they like theirs.

          Likewise I’m no bunny girl now and wouldn’t want to have been one in my heyday. But those that choose to be one, I hope they enjoy it.

          I sure wouldn’t want to be a sour puss hatty harpic or germaine greer with their narrow minded puritan views on how life should be lived along the lines they dictate, and only along those lines.

          Each to their own.


          • Errr.... says:

            Agree. Live and let live as long as people are enjoying themselves and aren’t being expolited. Seeing Heffner with those young women is a bit disturbing though. Had a quick look on that FB link and it seems like the ex-bunnies have fond memories of working there. I’ve been to casinos a couple of times and it seems people go there to throw money away. Not my cup of tea, but I guess that’s coz I haven’t got money to throw away. Germaine Greer made a total arse of herself on QT last week. “Fathers flirting with their daughters when kssing them goodnight”…….silly woman. GG probably needs a good rogering.


  32. 115
    Chris Huhne says:

    I’ve just had a right result ‘ I sold a bucket of rocking horse shit on irish ebay


    • 119
      Gordon Brown MP (Ret. but still paid) says:

      I paid a very competitive price for that rocking horse shit, and I predict that its value will only go up.

      I’m just off to buy some gold.


    • 190
      Marge Inallyinterested says:

      Yeah but they’re paying you in Euros, you hoon.


  33. 120
    The easiest card to pull says:

    Hilarious. On Police Interceptors, a black driver ranting at officer that he’s only been stopped because he’s black. The officer told him not to accuse him of racism. It turns out there isn’t sufficient insurance on the car. And he still said he’d been stopped because he’s black.


  34. 122
    The new improved Billy Bowden says:

    The rian in Spian falls mianly on the plian.


  35. 126
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Dave’s Daily U Turn !
    yesterday call me clueless gave away 817 million pounds of mine and your money to help stop disease killing un inoculated people
    great photo opp world press for Dave to play to
    nice big slap up feed on the backs of British tax payers afterwards no doubt !
    Today Dave adds yet another massive u turn to his already growing list of u turns
    by telling the British tax payer that he can’t find 100 million to empty their bins every week thus helping to prevent disease maggot and rat infestation !
    somebody has got all his priorities wrong !
    this guy is rapidly becoming a total embarrassment and will soon go on record as the Worst PM this country has ever seen


    • 129
      Brown's still no1 on that says:

      He’s a bit shit but he’s got a long way to go before he can beat Jonah to the title of worst PM ever.


      • 131
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Sorry mate i have to disagree !
        this guy is giving money away faster than Jonah ,all this money saved was supposed to go to pay off the debt that was left to him
        but up to now he is borrowing more and spending it on any worthless cause that will get his stupid fuckin face on the tv !


        • 138
          Anon says:

          5 years from now, all those kids he’s going to inoculate will be dying of starvation. I doubt Cameron will give a stuff, he’ll be working in Brussels – if the EU still exists. Perhaps he’ll be strutting the lecture circuit, like his mentor Tony.

          Overpopulation is clearly Africa’s biggest problem. Until that’s dealt with, people like Cameron are just wasting their time, and our money.


          • nell says:

            gordon is making himself The Champion of Afric a!!!

            Much like he saved the world from economic disaster, he’s now going to save Af rica!!

            So No Worries!!!


      • 132
        nell says:

        There will never be another PM who can beat gordon to the title of Worst UK PM Ever!


        • 135
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          You have Four more years of Dave the Cave-in see if you still feel the same then !


          • nell says:

            As a family we have struggled through 13 years of bliar and gordon.
            Don’t forget gordon was chancellor first and then pm so he was there all the way through.

            The labour NHS made young nell disabled and then left us fighting to get the best for her that we could from an uncaring labour structured nhs and education system. We’re still fighting.

            And young nell’s winning! Gonna be a marine biologist one day!! Mebbe!

            cameron’s not doing as good a job as we had hoped. But it’s a damned sight better than it was during that 13 years of hell!!


        • 148
          Ronnie Corbett says:

          I hope
          You hope
          We hope
          they hope


        • 154
          Moley. says:

          But you can’t fault Labour for really trying.


          • nell says:

            Really trying for what?- to be the absolute worst, Ever?!

            Well they sure achieved that didn’t they!!!!


      • 217
        Scowsy says:

        According to loony Libdem councillor from Liverpool on the Beeb yesterday, “we only do one collection a fortnight because, as everybody does all their own recycling now, there is really not much other rubbish left to pick up.”

        So now you know!


  36. 133
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Call me Clueless Dave !
    Big trouble brewing down the town hall !

    Teachers voted to Strike !
    Civil service vote tomorrow , Result will be Strike !
    Fire service being balloted ,Result will be Strike !
    And why ? over cuts in their pensions !
    Dave will do yet another U Turn and cave in to their every demand !



    • 142
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Shall we take bets on how long he’ll take to capitulate?

      It’s interesting, Brown stole everything he could from private pensions and Dave’s done nothing to rectify it. Not a word. But when the unions moan that their members’ gold-plated un-earned pensions are under threat, Dave’s urge to intervene and protect them is going to be almost obscene.

      Worst PM ever? Yes. I’d bet money on it.


      • 149
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        I’m with you on that
        he will give them everything they want and a pay rise to keep them sweet no doubt
        my pension was fucking destroyed by Labour
        i was never a jealous person but now i am
        everything i have ever worked for has gone tit’s up and it is all down to politicians
        and night after night you see he stolen that on his expence’s and this bloke stole that
        I’m sorry but piano wire and lamp posts is the only thing that will give me closure !


    • 153
      nell says:

      Teachers are going to strike !

      Don’t worry about it. Homeschool. You’ll do a better job for your kids than they will!!

      Teachers don’t believe in uniform. Don’t believe in discipline. Don’t believe in the three R’s. Don’t believe in homework.

      And if when your little jenny gets to senior year 9 to choose her GCSE options they haven’t managed to stir themselves to educate her well enough to sit anything worthwhile well she can still take a GCSE in how to claim welfare benefits!!

      I wouldn;t trust them top train a hamster!!


      • 171
        Anonymous says:

        Teachers are in a diferent universe, they all work hard, like f*****. I know I left school in 1958 and had to go go night school and do correspendence courses to teach myself. A load of Welsh loosers trying to teach, yes and I still can’t spell. And now they wouldn’t want to campare my life style now, no one gave me F A but I retire ion wealth


  37. 141
    Guidos loyal followers says:

    Baa. Baa. Baa baa baa!


    • 145
      Teacher of remedial English says:

      There’s a possessive apostrophe in “Guido’s”.

      Your state education cost £120,000. Let’s see some results from the investment.


      • 150
        nell says:


        talking of education.

        gordon , on our payroll at £64k pa to do a a job he isn’t doing plus drawing another £250kpa for security personnel and a constituency office and staff , is spending his time travelling 5 star in afric a , according to him, “trying to push education to the top of the agenda”

        Pity he didn’t do that for the kids of the UK when he was in power!!


        • 163
          MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

          If he’s swanning around Africa promoting Education !
          i suggest charity begins at home
          and as he writes like a fucking four year old
          he should come back here and sharpen his crayon !


        • 178
          Dark Lord says:

          Agree with you abhout Gordon but not all schools are the same. Many good , many bad. The key is the standard of leadership.


          • Southern Softy says:

            Agreed, with the standard of leadership, but would add, accepting responsibility.
            The Heads (backed up by the School Governors – what DO they do?) should be weeding out the useless teachers and that would almost inevitably mean the millitants.
            Pride in achievement would soon be the norm.


          • scratch and sniff says:

            It’s always about standard of leadership in any context – just look how dave’s strong, inspirational leadership is taking our country forward.

            list all his achievements in the last 13 months and you can see why lifelong conservatives are so proud.


          • MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

            A list of Conservative achievements !
            and .


  38. 147
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    On sky just now Cameron at yet ANOTHER Photo opp in a hospital sat talking to a patient all very cosy
    untill the consultant came around
    He started screaming and shouting at Cameron and all the press
    it appears they were in a sterile type area Cameron was in shirt sleves which was OK
    but the scruffy bastard press were there in the same clothes they had on at Christmas , and this guy fucking lost it OUT OUT OUT Get OUT NOW!
    Cameron looked very sheepish
    love it !


  39. 159
    It was not me it was the other three says:

    Is it just me or does that Surgeon on the news protest a bit too much about the PM in our Hospital. Fully paid up member of the Labour party perhaps


  40. 165
    Socialism is a myth says:

    Sky’s review of the papers; The Guardian & The Independant.
    Miliboyband is asked for his opinion on everything.
    Sky has turned as red as The Pinko Boys of the Anti British Broadcasting Clowns.


    • 168
      nell says:

      That’s good!!

      The more militwit is pushed into the media spotlight, the more people will realise what a paper tiger he is!!


  41. 167
    JuniorDoc says:

    Don’t think so, just fed up with the stupid window dressing rules that we are forced to comply with. If it’s that important why are the rest of the entourage exempt?

    He has a reputation for calling a spade a spade.



    • 169
      nell says:

      My mum is in a residential home.

      I was there the other day as one of the carers was doing the rounds of the residents asking them for their preferences for the next day’s menu.

      The carer was a foreignor who barely spoke english. Mum and her fellow residents are very elderly (Age90-100) and some are very deaf. None of them could understand what the carer was saying or what menu choices she was offering and they became very distressed because they couldn’t understand what she was saying to them.

      This isn’t about racial prejudice. This is about common sense and how we cherish and take care of our elderly and vulnerable.


  42. 172
    Tom says:

    This is the first thing I have read by Nadine Dorries that looks like it was written by an adult.


    • 176
      nell says:

      Let’s face it nadine’s grammatically polite responses to ‘mischevious suggestions’ are far superior to gordon’s felt-tip, ego-ridden scrawls or bullyballs italianate notes on the use of a stiletto for assassination!


  43. 179
    Legz a Kimbo says:


  44. 181
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m a bunny.


  45. 192
    Daily Beck says:

    Only 13 Episodes Left.


  46. 198
    pigs in space says:

    Hugh Hefner has ben jilted, Nads should make her move now to become the next Mrs Hefner



  47. 202
    David Cameron says:

    I pledge that if elected to serve as Prime Minister weekly refuse bin collections will be re-introduced.

    Believe that and you will believe anything


    • 203
      Eeu to me says:

      What do you expect with all those rusticles doing u turns around him, he better hope his “friends” for one year vote for him, because they will be the only one’s who will.


  48. 207
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    The Tories answer to keeping stinking rotting rubbish off the streets !
    keep it in your house via a slop bucket
    very Victorian
    i for one will be looking for places to empty the contents as to cause maximum
    environmental impact i e rats maggots etc
    if everybody did the same they would have to do yet another U turn !



  49. 208
    Sir Keith Josephs preserved head says:

    We have never met her but we thing she might look nice in the outfit

    ANYWAY… Since it seems ANYTHING can be hung on this thread…
    Here’s something that has got myself and Lady J all riled up…

    Not so long along ago many “enlightened” people were supporting the admission of Turkey to the EU.
    Well if it were a member of the EU look what we would have on “our borders” right now!
    Syria! Refugees etc etc


  50. 210
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Breaking news in Violent Britain
    Sky reporting that two men have been arrested for plotting to
    Rob and Murder the singer Joss Stone !
    our laws are now so soft the criminals dont fear it !

    Well done Ken !


  51. 214
    Cynic says:

    £15k for life for an MP …sounds good to me.

    No sorry …..I meant life for stealing £15k in expenses


  52. 218
    Anonymous says:

    The last bunny club was told to close down and fuck off because dirty old men like Hefner were using it for money-laundering and various other criminal purposes.


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