June 12th, 2011

Dead Ed


  • Headline: Was Ed Miliband the right choice to lead Labour?
  • Headline: Clock ticking as Labour leader Ed Miliband starts fightback
  • Quotes: Labour strategist “If he doesn’t come up with an energetic, memorable speech at conference, it will be a slow lingering death”
  • Quotes: Labour SpAd “If Ed has got this plan, then we need to see it now. It is time for him to show us why we are coming to work every day.”


  • Headline: Brothers at War
  • Headline: MPs set deadline of months for Ed Miliband to shape up
  • Quotes: David Miliband is ‘waiting for his brother to fail’

Mail :

  • Quotes: Labour MP John Cruddas urged David Miliband regarding Ed ‘Why don’t you f*****g punch him? That’s what I’d do.’
  • Quotes: Ed Miliband’s ‘dislike for macho Ed Balls was an open secret’.

Sunday Times :

  • Headline: Labour big beasts maul Ed Miliband.
  • YouGov: Half Labour Voters Don’t Know What Ed Stands For
  • YouGov: 41% Labour Voters Think Was Wrong Leader Choice
  • YouGov: Two Thirds of Labour Voters Think Ed Ineffective

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  1. 1
    Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

    So soon?
    I thought he’s at least get to the conference season!

    I can just see Balls sharpening the knives…


    • 2
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      Edit: Good God; I beat Billy!!


      • 129
        Aunt Hilda says:

        skates under the wunderkinder ed already..clearly not up to the job …never was the right chioce…cannot be expected to improve …dead duck….roll in the David and another go ….better at delivering rhetoric but same hollow platitude content.

        What a pleasure to see the labour party imploding so soon. Balls to be joining brown janitoring bog blocks in the outer hebrides ?


        • 159
          Sunny Jim says:

          What have the Outer Hebrides done to deserve that pair of scrotes, Auntie?

          But I share your delight in Liebore self-destructing :)


          • Nemo says:

            Crisis. What crisis?


          • Iloathlefties says:

            I don’t give a rats ass about Labour and their disgusting lying bigots. I want CaMoron to deliver what we want on the EU, Human Rights Act and Immigration!!! Its time they got on with it.


          • Lord Wayne of Trombone says:

            A Nepalese killer, Rocky Gurung, allowed to remain here even though he was a single adult with no children, who lived with his parents.
             A Sri Lankan robber allowed to remain here because he has a girlfriend in Britain.
             An Iraqi killer who, it was ruled, should not be deported because he would be a risk to people in his homeland.
             A Bolivian man who avoided deportation partly because he had bought a pet cat.



      • 176
        captain sensible says:

        “Edit: Good God; I beat Billy!”

        He needs a good fucking beating.!


    • 44
      Anonymous says:

      What ever this government touches is becoming a mess. Rather than looking at the government this blog is worried about the opposition which hasn’t got the power to do any thing.

      Main Government failings

      1) Defense, UK is begging US for ammunition to destroy Libya.
      2) NHS waiting list is increasing by the day. Care failing.
      3) Economy; growth at best is zero, high inflation, stock market falling and retail sales is negative. Unemployment increasing by the day
      4) Education, useful courses being cut only courses were students are sure they will not make money to repay are growing. Only free schools that are opening are Musli* schools or ex private schools.
      5) Immigration, still as before at best or worse.
      6) Paying billions to other countries as aid or rescue package


      • 66
        Rufus Stone says:

        Yes – the opposition hasn’t the power to do anything, but neither have they policies, direction or leadership. They are in total denial over the crap they’ve left us in.

        Dave Moribund’s leadership speech, which he would have given had he won, admits to some of the faults of the last government, but he was a senior member in cabinet & should have expressed concern at the time. But no… in true Liebour tradition he kept his head down to maintain his own career.

        So if not Dave M for the leadership, then who? Harriet Harpic? Ed Testicles? Hillarious Benn? Maybe a come back for McRuin? There is a dirth of talent in Labour that is not stained by their 13 years of mis-government.


        • 99
          jrand says:

          Definitely a dearth of talent in Liebour and thank God.

          Let Tiny Testicles, Millibonkers I and II and all the rest of the ruinous brigade carry on with their childish squabbles, in the best Socialist traditions. Whatever is bad for Liebour must be better for Britain.

          McSnot’s parteh should crawl away and bury itself leaving room for much needed political realignment.


        • 227
          Jethro says:

          66 – ‘not ‘dirth’, but ‘dearth': when there is a shortage of something, it becomes ‘dear’ (except in Socialist Eco-non-mics), and so the price goes up. So, when there is a lack of something, and the price is helium-high, there is a ‘dearth’.
          There: not all that hard, was it? (As the, no doubt, Bishop said to the Actress)
          p.s. When there is cause to be merry (not much now!), when there will be mirth.


          • Jethro says:

            … of course, it should be ‘then’ not ‘when’. See, sometimes these Cornish Typists need a bit of a slapping.
            Course, when I said ‘slapping’, I was speaking Metaphorically: mind you, some of they Typists look a bit like they might be not so much ‘slappees’ as ‘slappers’.


        • 253
          Anonymous says:

          If this is the case Cameron would have gone for a general election. Why will anyone want to be a PM without the ability to sack ministers or has to wait around for LD to give permission?


      • 74
        genghiz the kahn says:

        13 years of New Labour, 13 months of a new coalition government, and somehow all of these failings become short term problems created by Clegg and Cameron. Trying to absolve New Labour of blame is trying to claim that you could trust Ryan Giggs with your wife.


        • 124
          BBC says:

          Look at us, we still blame Thatcher for the financial crisis McMong created.


        • 134
          Start as you mean to carry on says:

          Ewwerything ith rothy in the Labour camp. Ed ballth ith my clothest ally in the war to make the torweys hithtory and David is wight behind me.
          My blank theet of paper has finally been filled with our 4 word metthage to the the electowate “Admith nothing – oppowse ewerything”


        • 201
          Nodrog Nworb says:

          Who the f*ck cares – I’m all right Jack/Jaqui


      • 118
        misterned says:

        Anonymous I taught you in a previous thread how wrong you are yet you stick to the same bullshit. Do they have unicorns on your planet?


      • 132
        Aunt Hilda says:

        Actually Anon not much there that wasn’t pre-existing really apart from Libya and 13 months in not really suprising plenty of problems remain but can you really say we are worse off…would you think brown et al would be doing better..I think not.

        Plenty criticise the coalition but frankly I quite enjoy this new way of british politics…the debate usually taken up between the two major parties is well advanced by the time labour stick their teeth in and their influence on events is trailing away very nicely as the Tories and Libdems refine the process of consensus.


        • 158
          Archer Karcher says:

          Consensus=removal of choice, something totalitarianism is founded upon, end of story.


          • Aunt Hilda says:

            I think not given the fall in the libdem vote…coalition within the Uk political scenario plays out quite well with the voters they like to think there are other voices …crafting the direction … I suspect tories feel the process arguing out initiatives is actually a process that takes the wind out of labour’s sails. The tory strategy remains pretty much on path to concentrate on bringing the economy back into balance.


      • 136
        Archietheescapee says:

        Which government are you talking about here?


      • 269
        Dilligaff says:

        “1) Defense, UK is begging US for ammunition to destroy Libya.”

        Or a dictionary in order to spell defence correctly. The UK is not seeking to destroy Libya; neither is the US, avowedly. Simply seeking to defend civilian lives and bring about a change in leadership


    • 46
      :) says:

      3D this year. Where’s my glasses.


    • 80
      Casius Clay says:

      The best advice there was from John Cruddas.


    • 174
      AC1 says:


  2. 3
    Judge Tugendhat says:

    dick ‘Ed is the best thing to happen to the Tories for some time.

    Labour have fuck’d themselves good and proper this time!
    :) :)


    • 52
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Now the thing is to make sure Labour stay fucked until the next election and beyond. Fortunately the Cleggies are doing a wonderful diy job on themselves. Perhaps we can then have something resembling a real Tory government.


      • 79
        Archer Karcher says:

        Not with Cameron and Co hanging around, he would rather the tories morphed into the Lib-Dim party over the next five years and forgot all about that nasty putting Britain and the British people first stuff.


    • 101
      Grammar School Boy says:

      Never interrupt these lunatic socialist clowns while they are in self destruct mode!


  3. 4
    Labour in disarray makes my day says:

    There’s nothing quite as entertaining and satisfying as watching Labour in a civil war. Where are the nachos? This is gonna be a fun show.


    • 23
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      Labour in meltdown.
      It’s nothing more than they deserve.

      Infighting, back-biting.
      It’ll be a joy to watch.


    • 35
      Editor says:

      I wonder how many he’ll sell – the Unions who put him in may buy the whole publication so its a sell-out, and give a copy to all their members.

      I am beginning to feel sorry for them already. Not a lot!

      If the book was free on Kindle, I still wouldn’t download it.


    • 169
      Sir Jock Slack-Scrotum says:

      Dead Ed

      Oh I wish!!!!!


  4. 5
    blackbyle says:

    Balls as ever not Shady Chancellor but aspirant Chancer of OUR Exchequer


  5. 6
    Billy Blofeld says:

    Save Ed…… his inability to lead anything is the best way ensuring Labour remain in wilderness.

    Also….. Anyone noticed that in the Balls cash of papers that Ed Miliband was responsible for developing policies when Gordon was PM?

    …. Of course Gordon has ZERO policies when PM, just a lust for power. Now Ed is leader he STILL has no policies…. what an unimaginative twat.


  6. 7
    Just As Seedy says:

    I’m amazed that I haven’t been asked for a super-injunction for Minibrain to hide behind.


  7. 8
    Dazza says:

    Dead man walking… Balls. Wrong Ed. Actually dead men walking?


  8. 9
    Ed says:

    I am a leader of great thtrength and thtamina. Do not underethtimate the determination of a uthelethh man.


  9. 9
    what a plonker . says:

    Please,please let Balls be the next labour leader .


  10. 11
    HandsomeDavid says:

    The truth will out.

    The lies we were told about the harmonious reletionship between Brown and Blair is a classic example of the deception that was fed to the general population by a lazy and lying press.

    Well it’s all coming out now, this is just the tip of the iceberg.


    • 28
      Anonymous says:

      And we are forever told to ‘move on’ as though it has no significance for the population of this country.

      We deserve to know what lying two-faced bastards they were and still are!


  11. 12
    MrAngry61 says:

    Pity that the internecine warfare has erupted so soon – it’d have been nice if RedEd could stumble along until just before the next election.

    Who is in the wings to take over? Didn’t Bananaman rule himself out?


  12. 13
    mitch says:

    Ed milliband is Gordon without the charisma…….hahahahahaha how did labor find a more useless social cripple than Mcsnot muncher.

    I bet Blair cant stop laughing.


    • 26
      Tony Bliar says:

      Laughing lots, in between getting paid millions and doing very important work as middle east p e ace envoy. Must dash. Got a first class flight to catch to one of my many homes around the world. As you can see, I benefited greatly from the Labour government.


  13. 15

    Ha ha ha ha


    Not if Blinky Bollocks has anything to do with it !
    i think he would like to depose useleth Ed


    • 24
      oh dear says:

      A mild-mannered accountant friend of mine was in a post office queue somewhere in London the other day when a large African woman pushed in front of him just as it was his turn at the counter.
      He politely objected to which she responded with insults and aggression. He tried to explain the concept of queueing to her at which point she became extremely agitated and accused him of ‘racism’.
      He gave in and put his head down and she started collecting her money at the counter.
      Meanwhile, somebody had summoned the police who, to cut a long story short, ended up arresting him for a racially aggravated public order offence of some sort after which he spent a night in the cells followed by release the next day after a caution.
      He is now planning to move away from London.


      • 37
        Archer Karcher says:

        You never know he may even find England, it still exists though the media refuses to admit it and the political class wish it didn’t.


      • 47
        Fed Up With It All says:

        I suggest away from the UK, it ain’t gonna get any better.


      • 48
        Enjoy this says:

        That’s why a video like this is so satisfying. It made an internet star of the old man a few years ago. Enjoy.


        • 54
          Enjoy this says:

          Notice how the blacks on the bus egged on their bro (the one filming it said “kick his white ass”) but started shrieking and yelling “lord have mercy” when the old man kicked his fucking arse into dust.


        • 178
          Peter Grimes says:

          And the photographer thinks that their tape would support the bringing of charges against the old white guy who appeared to have been pursued and hit first!
          No wonder we have so much trouble!


      • 63
        Barnehurst Bob says:

        I witnessed a similar thing at London Bridge train station a while ago. The ticket machine at my station was broken so I and many others had no ticket and had to see revenue collectors at LB. A young builder was first in the queue in front of me, he explained to the black revenue collector what had happened. The revenue man didn’t believe him, the builder was putting his case well, being polite and not getting excited. At this point I leaned over and told him I too had no ticket, the machine was broken and most of the queue would be in the same position. At this the builder said ‘see, I told you, now sell me a ticket I’m late for work’. At this the revenue collector turned his back on us and yelled out ‘Call the police! These two men have just racially abussed me!’ Then he walked off and left a queue of commuters standing there waiting to pay. We all had to then join longer queues to pay, no doubt his union would stand by him and want us all prosecuted.

        Playing the race card is too easy and always results in a ‘win’ for those that play it. Right or wrong I now doubt anyone who uses it.


        • 82
          Trashbin Alibi Clown says:

          You WERE racially abusing him! You should be in prison.


        • 94
          Stinkfinger says:

          You should have all just hopped over the barrier without paying like the young bredrin do.
          The collector wouldn’t have done fuck all,maybe a cursory ‘eh come back…yer rass’


        • 125
          john in cheshire says:

          This is what happens when inferiors are perpetually told they are your equal. Eventually, they begin to believe they are superior.


        • 173
          Peter Grimes says:

          Same thing happened to this mild-mannered accountant at Clapham Junction. Have season ticket home to London but had to get to Guildford. Easiest change is at Clapham where from the pedestrian tunnels you can see the rush-hour queues at the ticket office. Quickest, I thought, was to buy an extension from the (Black) excess ticket collector on the tunnel-side of the barriers. Only punter in front of me was a (Black) schoolkid, who had no ticket and, apparently, no money, a phenomenon I’ve often observed at major interchanges or on buses!

          After ten minutes of hearing him counselling this kid and with the queue growing behind me, I remonstrated with the ticket collector as to the time this was taking, whereupon he let the kid through, took me away from the queue to a quieter place (no CCTV?) and threatened me with travelling without a ticket and a charge of racial abuse. I’d been polite and not strident but had only said he was taking too long. Rather took the wind out of his sails when I produced my valid ticket, but he wouldn’t sell me an extension ticket and made me go through the barriers to buy one. Missed train but totally pissed off at his attitude and wish to use the ‘race’ card!


      • 141
        Anonymous says:

        Was it di ann e fat bot?


      • 161
        Anonymous says:

        While we are on the subject – something is stirring that this is actually being published……



      • 162
        • 197
          cheche says:

          Nothing at all will happen. The MSM dont really care. The Brits gave up on their own country years ago. Never get trapped with a public official without a witness.


          • Barnehurst Bob says:

            I agree with Cheche, nothing will happen.

            Gilligan will be smeared as racist in the short term, working to an extreme right wing agenda no doubt. In the long term he will be proved right, we all know that.

            He’s proved to be a right pain for the progressives, with his persistence in doing thourgh reasearch and then telling the truth.

            I wouldn’t sell him life insurance.


      • 248
        Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

        The police were absolutely correct in arresting this man, as they always are when they free me without charge. This woman did no harm pushing to the front of the queue as she was probably in a hurry and the man should not have racially abused her.



  14. 16
    • 22
      Eeu to me says:

      Bitten by laws that were forced on the majority by the minority now taken on and used on the minority by the minority, political correctness at it’s best, the old sayings are best, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me”, taking people to court means you lost they lost and the laws lost, only winners the lawyers.


    • 61
      Suck it says:

      Love it! Serves her fucking right. Can you imagine what SHE would have done if someone had called her a coconut?


  15. 17
    Hugh Janus says:

    Could we please revert to the goings-on of Ballsgate? Much more satisfying listening to confirmation of the fact that he is just a common-or-garden liar of the first order. The only interest that I have in either of the Militwat creeps is for one or the other to lead the Liebour parteh into the next GE, as it is the only chance that Call Me Dave has of keeping this wretched bunch of serial incompetents firmly in opposition for the forseeable. Of course, with the thuggish, odious Balls as leader then his chances will be that much better.


  16. 18
    Eeu to me says:

    Who gives a toss, two millionaire brothers trying to via with each other the way a so called “peoples” party has to be led, and a so called right wing prime minister writing a how to piss more taxpayers in money sink hole called Africa in the said “peopes” company house newspaper, left left we’ve all gone left.


    • 21
      culture of critique says:

      One Frankfurt School, England-hating alien in a feud with another Frankfurt School, England-hating alien.


    • 93
      AC1 says:

      Where did communist dad get his money, and why was he allowed into the U.K.???


      • 224
        gildedtumbril says:

        A very apposite question. Perhaps it had something to do with the renaming of the Planet Earth as The Planet Rothschild?


  17. 20
    mitch says:

    Perhaps labor should get Simon Cowell to chose the next leader…….if nothing else it would be a laugh watching the inevitable freaks parade on TV . Ed bollox doing Britney Spears, Ed millivolt juggling policies ( props obvs) and david having a strop behind the curtains.


  18. 27
    Mornington Crescent says:

    What amuses me is how Labour thinks Milli-major will be their saviour. He may be a bit less geeky and a bit more telegenic than his brother but, otherwise, he’s exactly the same: never had a proper job, never been outside the salons of Islington in his life and he’s part of the out-of-touch clapped-out cabal that lost Labour the last election and put the country in the shit we’re in today.


    • 31
      Gordon Brown says:

      What makes Labour think all those bigoted women in places like Rochdale will vote for a party lead by a Belgian Khazar who looks like Bernie Winters?

      It’s me they really want.


  19. 30
    Blinky says:

    Damn! When I saw the headline I’d hoped it was the other one,


  20. 32
    Benedict Brogan says:

    I’m Labour till I die.

    This is a diversionary tactic by the conservative led coalition to take attention away from th ephone hacking scandal.

    Watch this space and David Camerons’ fall from power.


  21. 33
    tat says:

    Fed up of people on this right wing blog bitching and moaning about Ed Miliband! The fight should be against the Tories, not ourselves!


  22. 34

    Mili major: If only I hadn’t chopped the head off his hammer with my sickle when we were two little boys…



  23. 36
    India needs more dough to send astronauts into space says:

    Mitchell’s on Marr’s show. Marr said he’s going to raise the issue of objection to increased foreign aid.


    • 50
      Archer Karcher says:

      Why? The marxist loving Marr has no problem with tax funded largesse.
      The only possible reason for Marr to raise the issue, will be to allow the character assasination of anyone who objects to third world dictators buying £30 million personal jets and the like, with money extorted from people on minimum wage here.


    • 107
      ! says:

      Mealy mouthed bullshit from Mitchell, especially about Indian aid.


  24. 38
    SurAlan of Lord Sugar says:

    Well this weeks task was to rebrand a politician and Team Drongo came up with comparing Brown to a Volvo car!!

    I’m stuck, I really am. Ed, you are a pathological liar and deluded and the other E, you are a lightweight. With regret, Ed you’re fired!


  25. 39

    Where on earth did they find enough information about this Boring little oik to fill a book ?
    He is a nobody thats done nothing ,who is desperate for headlines because nobody (including his own party) take him seriously
    he is the straight man for Ed Balls
    He is a walking joke that could be written about in a pamphlet rather than a book
    It’s another one for the 99p bin at tesco !


    • 59
      Archer Karcher says:

      Done nothing?

      Well nothing apart from landing the British taxpayer with a £720 billion bill for Climate Change bullshit.


  26. 40
    Arch Bish-o-Prick o' Cunt-er-Bury bad news. says:

    It doesnt look as if I have helped lithping tother Ed with my anti Tory ramblings. And I kept oh so quiet about no-one voting for Gordon or his spend spend spend policies. Thankfully I dont think anyone has noted my blatant bias.


  27. 41
    nell says:

    Labour has no record for removing failing leaders.

    Besides he is the unions choice and the unions are the only people funding labour £millions debt that gordon so conveniently created for them.

    Nope. ed is going to go on and on giving us endless entertainment right up to the next election.

    kinnochio says he’s got his party back – Enjoy!!


  28. 42
    Multi culturalism says:

    You sound surprised. I often see this kind of behaviour go unchecked. A few weeks ago I saw a woman on a bus politely ask a black woman to just move to enable the driver to get off for the changeover of driver. The black woman responded by screaming “You get the fuck off the bus! What the fuck are you gonna do about it?! What the fuck you gonna do about it you bitch?!” Charming lady. And she had her young son with her. And people wonder why so many end up thugs and criminals.


  29. 43
    Ratsniffer says:

    Dear Labour, Ed is a splendid leader. Please feel free to keep him for another decade or more, while your MPs contemplate life in perpetual opposition.


    • 62
      Archer Karcher says:

      Most of them deserve to be in prison, not opposition.


      • 233
        gildedtumbril says:

        At the risk of seeming repetitive they do not deserve prison. They deserve a 10 minute trial for treason, followed by a 1 minute appeal, followed by Tarring, feathering, hanging, drawing and quartering, then head on pike Westminster Bridge…Seems reasonable.


  30. 45
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    Gordon Brown seen distributing his new book around London
    Titled “The Big Issue”


    • 51
      nell says:

      The nominations for the IMF job closed yesterday with lagarde favourite to win.

      gordon has quietly returned home from his high profile trip to promote his ‘economic briliance so suited to the imf job’ around the african continent and his odious wife has quietly returned home from her high profile trip to europe and america where she has been promoting herself as the ideal charity supporting wife for the new head of the imf.

      The Brown Project No.1 to secure high income from the imf , post pm’s job – failed.

      Where to aim next!?


      • 67
        Archer Karcher says:

        His buddies in EUroland will find somewhere suitably rewarding for McMental, as soon as the dust settles.


        • 69
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          Make him president of the EU:

          1 It will piss Tony Blair off.

          2 it will speed up our exit out of the corupption filled marxist org!


      • 225
        Alexsandr says:

        head of bin collection for fife council. just about his level of incompetence, i reckon.


        • 246
          gildedtumbril says:

          There is no way ‘the absentee of Fife’ would ever be competent in the proposed capacity. He is a bigot and a traitor, and a piece of marxist filth. He is worthy only of my recommended remedial treatment for high treason.


      • 265
        Yvette wouldn't recognise the truth if it valetted her volvo says:

        assistant janitor outer hebrides division..incontinence department…part-time


  31. 49
    smoggie says:

    Any more of the Balls’ papers released today or has he got an injunction served?


  32. 53
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I do feel a bit sorry for Ed, ok he has poor judgement ( He gets that from Daddy),He looks like a geek , sounds like a geek and has a poor team around him (some would say Toxic).

    He has been forced to get married and leads a party divided, getting attacked from the left , right and centre.

    Bet he wished he had come second for the first time in his life.

    did Dave have the same problems when he took over the Tory party?

    Ed aint no leader, like Gordon over promoted.


    • 100
      smoggie says:

      It’s a classic case of be careful what you wish for. Nobody is forcing him to stay.

      But maybe under that geeky exterior he ith totally ruthleth. He thit on hith brother now maybe he ith thitting on Ballth. If tho – then kudoth to him.


    • 119
      Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

      I understand your sympathies for Ed (in some ways I agree: he’s a born loser in charge of a party that increasingly doesn’t want him as their leader), but this man was part of the previous shower and in many ways responsible for the mess we’re in now.
      He deserves a bucket of shit* over his head every damn day along with Harpic, the Maximum Imbecile, Darling and the rest of them.

      *In Balls’ case, we can make that a bucket of Hydroflouric acid.


  33. 55

    Excellent. Carry on.


  34. 58
    Eeu to me says:

    I thought when we voted last May 2010, we were voting for mp’s to look after the interests of people who lived in the mp’s constitunacies, since when did we vote for the same mp’s to look after people in Uganda or any other African money sink hole, the countries have there own managment , I just can’t understand these tossers coming on Marr tv and throwing taxpayers money around as if it is confetti.


    • 73
      Eamonn U Ensis says:

      ‘In my 30 years in politics, I have never been so proud as when George Osborne said we would stand by this commitment not to balance our books on the backs of the poorest people in the world.’

      Andrew Mitchell Secrtary of State for International Aid

      Thank Andrew the Indian Government and People much appreciate your contribution to their space programme and will put a small “Union Jack” on the surface of Mars when they land. Meanwhile back in “Third World” Britain ..pot-holes go unfilled;rubbish bins unemptied and school building fall down. “Makes you proud to be British !” as Andrew says……………..


      • 89
        AC1 says:

        > Meanwhile back in “Third World” Britain ..pot-holes go unfilled;rubbish bins unemptied and school building fall down

        I think that’s not due to under-funding, more the nature of the extortion funded sector being run for the benefit of staff, not the extorted.


        • 117
          A chief executive of a council near you says:

          Shut up or you’ll be in jail so fast your feet won’t touch the ground.

          Unless you’re a lovable pensioner, in which case your fine will be paid by a “mysterious benefactor”.


    • 249
      Handycock (Teen Fondler) says:

      We MP’s have to visit these third world countries to show an example. In any case, how are we to get our shagging in, if these visits were to stop?


  35. 65
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    “Pre-order offer “Ed: The Milibands and the Making of a Labour Leader“ for £14.39 saving 15% (£2.60) with free delivery. Order today…”

    Next weeks caption contest peize?


  36. 68
    Stinkfinger says:

    Half of Labour voters don’t know what Ed stands for.
    Join the fucking club.I bet half of Conservative voters feel the same way about Cameron.
    Just a bunch of shake&bake clones born from the same Westminster spunk bubble.


    • 87
      Moley. says:

      Half of Labour voters neither know nor care who their leader is.

      It is irrelevant and does not affect their voting intentions.

      Balls knows that too.


      • 155
        Little Miss T says:

        In the run up to the Morley and Outwood elections last year I seem to recall many of the typical liebor followers posting on facebook such quotes as “I have been and voted. It may be Balls but I have still voted Labour”.

        Stupid twat is hardly ever there… well once a month in the early hours of the morning to avoid any backlash. Well its his fault that his supposed “safe” seat is now a marginal.


    • 96
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      All Liebore voters care about is who pays their benefits or gives them their passport and house.


    • 199
      A Cronim says:

      Ed stands for Evidently Deranged.


  37. 72

    Rowan Williams still bleating about cuts. There aren’t enough IMHO.

    His beard and his throat are two contenders.


  38. 83
    Arch Bish-o-Prick o' Cunt-er-Bury bad news. says:

    I don’t do God


  39. 88
    The Odd Couple says:

    Gyles Brandreth and Dyanne Fatbott are on Sky’s Murnaghan programme in a few mins. I hope the green room has got a sufficient supply of ryce and peeea for Lady Flabbybutt.


    • 105
      ichabod says:

      Well at least she didn’t sleep her way into Cambridge. Presumably she was part of that year’s coloured quota.


      • 127
        Afghanistan Banana Stand says:

        She wobbled instead.


      • 168
        humptydumpty says:

        I still can’t understand how she got there. One of the few things about modern Britain we can still feel proud about, probably the best university in the world, every American academic is envious yet somehow that moron got in. The mind boggles.


  40. 90
    Jess The Dog says:

    Utterly stupid. Given the money situation, the unions would have had either Miliband by the balls and could have avoided all this by backing front-runner Miliband D, rather than Miliband E. Mind you, either of them would have fucked this up.

    What about Balls? He reminds me of Hitler. He really does, and it’s not just the Nazi fancy-dress photo! A very sinister man who should never be allowed anywhere near power.


    • 95
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Does Red Ed only have one testicle? His boy wife looks like an ugly version of Eva Braun for sure.


      • 148
        Jess The Dog says:

        I think that Balls looks uncannily like Nick Griffin, who lost either an eye or a testicle in a ‘fireworks explosion’… he also resembles the camp commandant from Schindler’s List. At least the WW2 rhyme would be easier… ‘And Ed Balls/Has No Balls/At All..’


    • 218
      Anonymous says:

      The Unions don’t want Labour in power for a while. They want ‘nasty’ Tories who will attempt (eventually) to purge the economy of ballastexistenz (useless mouths). Such actions will drive the threatened workers running to the unions for protection and the unions will have lots of those lovely strikes they enjoy so much.

      Remember that the unions are pretty much communist organs and see strikes and the opportunity for class war as their great chance to start the move towards a socialist utopia.

      The unions love opposition as they can bitch, moan, strike and grandstand without their ‘brother’ in parliament having to keep them in check.


  41. 91
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Well Radio 5 as suspected has totally ignored Red Ed and his failings, concentrartion (quelle surprise) on evil tory cuts, with a classic from Hugh Pimm.

    According to Pimm when Gordon Brown came into power for the first few years he was fiscilly neutral in his spending and it was only in the last couple of years that he really let rip and that was just unfortunate.

    Anothe BBC lie, as Pimm is well aware, the first term of Nu Liebore stuck to Tory spending plans which was WHY the economy didn’t go to rat shit right at the start.

    So did Marr concentrate on the infighting of Nu Liebore this morning?


    • 164
      Anonymous says:

      All of Browns Chancellorship led to the cluster fuck at the end. He spent years sweeping it all under the carpet .


  42. 92
    The Odd Couple says:

    Just days after memos proved the plotting against Blair which we all knew about and Labour denied, Fatbott is on Sky saying there’s no rift between Ed and David. Yes, of course, we believe you. There’s absolutely no tension.


  43. 106
    Labour politicians have no principles says:


  44. 108
    I am not a free man, I am a number says:

    Message to Guido.

    The thumbs up/down symbols are too close for a small touch screen. Put them in opposite corners or at least separate them with the i symbol.


  45. 110
    Harridan Harmanhater says:

    Our next leader should be a woman.


  46. 120
    Percy Thrower says:

    Dead Ed

    “Take them off to develop new growth”

    …..on second thoughts….


  47. 121
    Voice of Treason says:

    How fucking sad that New Labour appear to have only two odd prats that are considered good enough to lead the party – the Milibands. What has happened to NL when Dave is waiting in the wings for Ed to fail and take the crown of leader. Who the fuck does he think he is – royalty!

    As the song goes – “Is that all there is…”


  48. 131
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    How amusing it’ll be if deadloss Ed is replaced as leader by deadhead Dave.


  49. 135
    Surrey ABC says:

    Perhaps after Ed ‘leaves his day job’ and after he has spent more time with the family. He could get a commission in the army and do a real job before coming back to Parliament again.


  50. 140
    nell says:

    OK Guido so are you going to publish a top 10 chart, every so often, for these thumbs up thumbs down thingies bit like school housepoints?

    And maybe offer a prize for the one having the most points. That’d please Billy – might even make him try harder with his spelling!


    • 142
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      I do bloody try.


      • 181
        AC1 says:

        You don’t have to try Fire-fox comes with a spelin chequer.


        • 182
          Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

          spell checker is for cheats :-)

          I get moaned at when i spell wrong, yet when i spell everything right they say” Not real Billy, no spelling or grammer fuck ups”.

          Dammed if i do etc…..


          • get your fucking head screwed on says:

            Billy, without a spell checker how are you going to learn to know the correct spelling…..you twat?


          • Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

            Pratice and reading.


          • What more can we ask for says:

            You’ve just spelt wrong and right correctly.


          • get your fucking head screwed on says:

            You’ve just spelled ‘practice’ wrong, a spell checker would let you know the correct spelling immediately without any further reading. WHAT IS SO FUCKING DIFFICULT ABOUT THAT YOU PLANK!!


          • Billy says:

            Thanks but I have problems when I gogle Spelchequer


    • 149
      Eeu to me says:

      Let’s vote to get rid of them, they seem to be the last loaded and they really slow down moving around from one link to another, my vote is dump them .


  51. 144
    PC Plod reporting from the Long Grass off the M11 somewehere in Essex says:

    Sundays arn’t what they used to be without the crosshairs on the Huhne…


    • 171
      Kat Chuintheryegrass says:

      If we really must have a gimmick on this site, let’s ditch the thumbs and have movable cross-hairs together with a choice of targets to play with.


  52. 152

    A look back at the making of a pop political legend.

    “The Depleatles”
    Tony, John, Alistair & Gordon

    Formed in a Glasgow basement in early 1994 the band achieved almost instant fame doing hand outs in working class areas. The early line up was Tony Blair and Gordon Brown on lead and rhythm guitars and vox pops. Alistair Campbell dictating the newsbeat from the drums and Prescott on thumping bass

    It was in 1997 that the legendary writing partnership of Blair & Brown really began to bear fruit.

    “They was sensational,” said Alice Chumbley, a checkout clerk in Liverpool in 1995. ” Cuz, like before, there was only just grey and bawrin’ politicians, like Thatcher and Major and that ginger git one. But now, like, they wuz all sharp suits and carefully combed huur. And Tony had these incredibly tight, tight denim jeans. It looks funny now, but at the time it was gear.”

    The four were quickly characterised by their manager, Peter Mandelstien, as

    Tony – The Cool one

    Gordon – The Moody one

    Alistair – The Manic one

    John – The Stupid one

    Continued at..



  53. 156
    I don't need no doctor says:

    The Labour Liars have nowhere to go. Not even the biased BBC can spin this one.


  54. 157
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Ed Balls asked, the other day, why now, after the revelations in the Telegraph.
    Well Ed, it’s because you are a lying shit, simple. The only problem is that you are so up your own arse and in denial you can’t accept the truth.


  55. 160
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Guido, sir, May i ask ( as to the thumb ratings) that you give it till wednesday, Then at PMQS ask readers to vote in a poll on whether they good or bad?


  56. 170
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Firefox and noscript installed turns Guido’s website back into something viewable.


    • 204
      Blue Labour Out says:

      + 1


    • 221
      Anonymous says:

      Thumbs up!


    • 243
      Tachybaptus says:

      In Chrome, no need for a plug-in.

      Just click on the spanner at top right, choose Options, then Under the Bonnet. At top of window, next to the Privacy heading, click on Content Settings. Next to the Javascript setting, click on Manage Exceptions. Add to the list *both* polldaddy.com and order-order.com.

      If you can’t find this setting, update your copy of Chrome.

      Don’t use this option to block all Javascript. That cripples YouTube and GMail.


      • 260
        BBC Tumbleweed Watch says:


        If I could see the thumbs-up any more I’d give you one, so to speak…


  57. 186
    Nostrodamus says:

    I called this to happen play by play when he won the leadership election last year, i’m not fucking looking through a years worth of topics to prove it though.


  58. 190
    I says:

    Billy, your days as No.1 are doomed. The page takes so long to refresh you’ll be lucky to make the top 10


  59. 196
    Anonymous says:

    When people were lying dead in the streets of the capital from the worst terrorist attack we’ve ever had, where the attacks were still going on throughout the morning and nobody knew if more would come during the rest of the day, Brown/Balls/Miliband (who, let’s remember, were in government at the time, not just in opposition) were spending all their time plotting how to overthrow a democratically elected PM and put in place an unelected idiot through a process of smears, lies, and political bribes/blackmail.

    For this alone they should be ejected from Parliament, and never allowed anywere near power ever again.

    When you compound that with the fact that they actively ignored all advice about the economic disaster they were creating and used lies to cover up and obfuscate what was happening so that they could put Brown in charge, then really people like Brown/Balls/Miliband should be in jail for treason.

    The fact that people like Balls/Miliband are still even in Parliament, let alone top of the labour leadership tree, means that the rest of the Labour MPs have absolutely no morals and are only intent on hiding the disasters that they create rather than working for the good of the country.

    I’ll never forgive the labour MPs for being so utterly spineless that they allowed a man to become PM despite not ever being subject to the most basic valid leadership election, or that they all knew how utterly insane and mind-blowingly negligent he was but still allowed him to run the country purely in order to stop themselves from having to have an early election where they might lose their seats.

    Labour as a party are truly evil, as is the BBC for spinning the hard-left labour propaganda throughout.

    The doubling of the 10% tax rate is a perfect example of where what labour and the BBC did was truly evil; they all knew it was a doubling of the tax rate which would effect the lowest-paid worst/badly, but they just ignored the basic laws of mathematics and pretended that 2+2=5 because saying that 2+2=4 would have proved that Brown and his followers were either evil lying bastards, or that they all had the intelligence of 3 year olds.

    I hope that labour get 10% or less of the vote in 2015, and that they cease to exist after that.

    Or, better still, I hope that (as they created more economic damage than any terrorists could ever hope to achieve, and then lied about it) labour get put on the list of banned terrorist organisations and that all the labour MPs get put in jail and never let out again.

    Labour are self-serving, moronic, lying, evil bastards.


  60. 205
    I says:

    Just going to mow the lawn whilst the page refreshes……..and I’m on Infinity at max speed


  61. 207
    That's News says:

    The trouble with Labour is that everyone seems to hate everyone else, and they delight in fighting each other.

    They’ll never be a party fit for government because of this.


  62. 211
    I don't need no doctor says:

    Yesterday on the BBC news there was a report stating that labour had accused the coalition of a u turn on education. There was no mention by the BBC of the Telegraph report on Brown’s wilful over spend.


    • 222
      Lazy Sunday Afternoon says:

      No need to shout


    • 259
      Foxgoose says:

      Labour don’t need to have a hold over the BBC –

      Labour ARE the BBC

      Here’s a website I put up a while ago illustrating the revolving door between the BBC and Labour in the Blair era:-

      An abbreviated list of known Labour supporters and the postions they’ve occupied at the BBC since the the early 90’s:-

      Chairman Gavin Davies (later Labour adviser)

      Chairman Sir Michael Lyons (previously Labour council chief)

      Director General John Birt (later Labour adviser)

      Director General Greg Dyke (previously Labour donor and candidate)

      C.O.O Caroline Thomson (previously Roy Jenkin’s aide)

      Head of Political Research Bill Bush (later Labour spin doctor)

      Deputy Head of ditto Catherine Rimmer (later Labour spin doctor)

      Director of Strategy Ed Richards (later Labour spin doctor)

      Head of Corporate Planning James Purnell (later Labour Minister)

      Head of Northern Ireland News Tom Kelly (later Labour spin doctor)

      Scottish News Editor Tim Luckhurst (previously Labour spin doctor)

      Political News Edit Joy Johnson (later Labour spin doctor)

      Political Editor Andrew Marr (student Labour organiser)

      Home News Editor Celia Barlow (now Labour MP)

      Head of European Affairs Chris Bryant (now Labour MP)

      Newsnight Producer Phil Woolas (later Labour Minister)

      Foreign Correspondent Martin Sixsmith (later Labour spin doctor)

      Current Affairs Reporter Ben Bradshaw (later Labour Minister)

      Current Affairs Reporter Lance Price (later Labour spin doctor)

      “Question Tim Gill Penlington (previously Labour researcher)

      Many of them actually worked for the Labour party before, after and even during their BBC employment.


  63. 212
    Voice of Treason says:

    Whatever happens I hope that perv looking David Milipede shaves his top lip a bit more and removes the bum-fluff which makes him look like a second world war spiv. Then again both of them have leanings and looks of that type.


  64. 215
    genghiz the kahn says:

    Did anyone else watch fat boy Balls keeping wicket on the Politics Show?

    Some classic shots.



  65. 219
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Quote of the day contender.

    “The working class enjoy paying taxes”

    A blogger that runs a left leaning site.


  66. 220
    hava nagila says:

    The solution is simple. The next Labour Party leadership contest will be held in the Thunderdome.

    Two milipedes enter; one milipede leaves.

    Guido can run the book on this. My money’s on Dave.


  67. 223
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Sorry full quote for Quote of the day contender:

    “I explained to you before, the working class enjoy paying taxes… give them a fair wage to do so.. ”

    12 June 2011 14:11


  68. 226
    Jess The Dog says:

    Why doesn’t he sack Ed Balls? That would be a break with the past! Leaders usually do bold things…hmmm…


  69. 228
    Chuck Berry's Old Guitar says:

    1. Ed is not a leader

    2. it is not Labour

    3. they’re all crap


  70. 230
    David says:

    I can’t see why Ed can’t be Labour leader. He won the vote and he’s ahead of the Tories in the polls, pretty consistently. I believe Labour will win the next election whoever is leader. Anyway, Ed needs to be given a chance to fight a General Election then we will see…

    I just can’t understand it, Tony took us into Iraq but his party never turned on him. Gordon had Labour 3rd in the polls at one point in a General Election year and finished with less than 30% of the vote but his party stood by him. And now Ed has managed to stay on top of David Cameron in the polls that’s not enough and the party are going to ditch him? I don’t think so.

    If their is a plot against Ed it will be a few nasty disloyal scum Blairites at the top doing it and not the Labour party. I smell a conspiracy…


  71. 231

    Headline: “David Miliband forced to deny plot”

    Truth value: zero.


    • 237
      Family affair says:

      What plot would that be?

      The plot to overthrow Gordon that he bottled out of?
      The plot by his brother to stop him taking out Gordon?
      The other plot by his brother which is probably linked to his brother’s first plot, to be Labour Leader?
      Or the plot to bring down his bruv that is now playing out in the press?

      Or has he quite simply, lost the plot?

      Tell you what the Milibros must be mental to put politics before family.


      • 242
        Ralph milliband & his Mancurian Candidates says:

        All those years of Brainwashing and indoctrination wasn’t for nothing you know.


  72. 232
    Worser and Worser says:

    Did ya know that Windmills are now adding 10% to leccy bills and it’s gonna get worse, much worse.



    • 238
      Voice of Treason says:

      It will get worse if that Chris Huhne has his way, he just loves windmills, a bit like he loves perverting the course of justice. The stupid twat has said today that people should just change suppliers if they are concerned about energy price rises. The stupid c-u-n-t forgets that all energy suppliers are all in a cartel and just juggle the prices around each sharing top dog money every so often.


    • 240
      Luke A Nuvvascam says:

      It costs money to keep them turning when there’s no wind, you know.


    • 252
      Chris Hoon says:

      Excellent !!


    • 254
      genghiz the kahn says:

      Are these the same windmills whose owners had subsidies to not produce electricity when it was too windy?


  73. 245
    Mornington Crescent says:

    O/T but here’s an excellent idea in The Spec. for the D of E’s birthday:


    Chances of Camoron and BluLabour agreeing to such an idea? Ooh, about minus 50.


  74. 247
    Paracelsus says:

    Milliband did nothing whatever to bring Blair and his accomplices to justice, when both were in office, and has done nothing about it since, making him, in the eyes of many, an accessory. Why our country should go on and on having more of the same is not easy to understand.


  75. 251
    Seymour says:

    You are all not nice people.

    Leave Edward alone or he’ll set his big brother on you, if he can find him.

    Edward, with his friends Balls and Mrs Balls are perfect to lead the labour party to where it deserves to go.

    They’re all awfully smart and the brightest bulbs in the labour party, a guiding light to perdition.


  76. 257
    anonymouse in the shadow cabinet skirting board! says:

    Ed Miliband is turning into ID-S far faster than ID-S did.


  77. 273
    Dead Man Walking says:

    Ed-who? Lifeless speech just now had all the zest of roadkill and he appears to have all the usual stooges in the audience talking all the usual bollocks. Yawn… he’ll have to do better than trying to pinch Cameron’s lines, or indeed, his own sibling’s! Nothing new here, move along….


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