June 11th, 2011

Quote of the Day

David Miliband would have said if he had won…

“The deficit. And there is a deficit. A serious one. Which needs to be reduced… This is the biggest argument in politics, and the biggest danger for us. George Osborne says we are in denial about the deficit. Because he wants us to be. So let’s not be. It is a test… Step one is to recognise what is obvious: that we did not abolish the business cycle. We should never have claimed it. You can’t in a market economy. And public spending plans cannot depend on it. Nor can you write your own fiscal rules and then be the judge and jury for how they are calculated and when they are met.

We should have been proposing the creation of an Office of Budgetary Responsibility and we should be campaigning today for its accountability to Parliament to be strengthened. There is no point in denying those things; they are true.”


  1. 1
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    The Guardian is redolent with the smell of burnt rubber as it makes some of the tightest, fastest U-turns in the paper’s sorry history.


  2. 2
    Den Now says:

    It’s not just about business cycles. There is far more to it.


  3. 3
    Word says:

    One would be forgiven for thinking Dave may have been the better choice…


    • 8
      Minimum two terms in opposition thanks to Red and Ballsy says:

      What difference would it make? Parachuting Dave M into Red Ed’s seat would still leave him stuck with the dregs of Brown’s government sitting in his shadow cabinet.

      Sadly, in opposition, Labour leaders cannot choose their own shadow cabinet members. Labour Party rules.


      • 21
        pamtay says:

        That is the real reason why people should never vote Labour. Not for any other ideology. If a leader of any organisation cannot choose their own management team he is killed, stone dead, right from the start.

        If the party I support did this, I would be off like a shot, and would never vote for them again.


  4. 4
    MisterE says:

    Reading this just makes the two Eds seem even more deluded… entirely coincidental, of course, that Dave’s speech is leaked at this time…


  5. 5

    Business cycles can be abolished by scrapping fractional reserve banking, as both of the weird-haircut brothers ought to know.


    • 7
      Tommy Cooper says:

      ..just like that!


    • 15
      Shepshedrichtea says:

      Blimy that’s 200 years of economic theory rubbished. – you know a lot about the subject! Imyself still follow sun spot theory


    • 18
      K94QR says:

      He’s right though, it would end the “business cycle”. Without reasonable access to finance, which fractional reserve banking allows, the economy would simply collapse.


  6. 6
    Doc Trough says:

    At the end of a bad day, Blinky, whom I believe is a-Bildeberging, at least doesn’t have to go home to a face that would make crops fail. Or does the boy Yves get to go and eat a further two dinners?


    • 10
      Henry Wood says:

      Who is Yves, please?


      • 13
        Balls up says:

        Might be Yvette Cooper – Balls’ partner at the public trough – would be interesting to know how much they scoff a year at our expense!!


    • 16
      Flatcap Army says:

      Amazing how little coverage Blinky’s Bilderberg trips get, especially as he flew back from them (twice) in Conrad “Jailbird” Black’s private jet


      • 20
        Ivan Agenda says:

        The BBC are only giving the “Balls I am innocent” talk over the leaked anti-Blair plotting documents. It is almost as if the BBC is now Ball’s Broadcasting Corp. They are also disappointed in that the Palin emails have no real information that they can promote to paper over the Balls traitorous manoevres while the country was going downhill fast.
        This morning on the Toady Programme we also heard that the opposition had ambushed a Colonel and 8 troop and killed them before they had got out of their vehicle. They state they have video of the event – strange how they state it is the opposition and not the government killing off prospective renegades without producing proof, and also that their narrative besides hand wringing has been that they cannot confirm these reports.
        Has Asad or the Baa’th Party supported the BBC in the past????


  7. 9
    Henry Wood says:

    I’ve just read all of his supposed speech and I want to ask him one thing:

    “We were in the wilderness, and we inherited a wilderness. No minimum wage. No equal gay rights. No nursery entitlement. No tax credits. Not just people dying waiting for a hospital bed but pensioners waiting in queues for hospital trolleys. In Britain. At the end of the 20th century. Our government had a purpose – to stop the rot and start to build.”

    What is it with these people and their obsession with gays? Why on earth does gay rights come second on his list of priorities? Are they all at it?


    • 11
      Anon says:

      It’s bizarre, isn’t it? Labour love gays, but paradoxically also love Muzzies, who want to throw gays from cliffs.

      I also like “Not just people dying waiting for a hospital bed”. OK, so patients finally got their hospital bed, only to be left there, lying caked in their own excrement, dr*inking water from vases, slowly dying of neglect.

      And all for £100billion a year.


  8. 14
    Those demon-eyes posters were right says:

    The speech would also have scrabbled to manufacture evidence in support of Labour’s police state:

    “Why are they undermining the DNA database when it XXX?”

    “Why are the government reviewing CCTV? When it offers security and helped catch the XXX.”

    The Miliband boys are authoritarian statists. Economics aside, they can’t be trusted with basic freedom.


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