June 7th, 2011

Essex Police Yet To Demand Key Huhne Evidence

Essex Police are still refusing to comment officially, but Guido understands that they are yet to obtain a Court Order for the document that Vicky Pryce signed promising to defend the Mail on Sunday and the Sunday Times in court over the allegations she made against Huhne. Why not? 

The official word is that there will be no update any time soon, perhaps later in the week.

The document is a key piece of evidence to this case, if they haven’t made a move to get it yet, what exactly are the detectives up to?


  1. 1
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Essex police are couppt, Me thinks a whitewah here guido.

    • 5
      Billy is A full on English Cunt says:

      Learn to type you c’unt

      • 34
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Leave Billy alone, you little shit.

        • 37
          Billy Bowden is the greatest tosser ever ! says:

          Fuck Bowden and fuck you. It has been so peaceful not to see his ignorant mis-spelt comments for the last few days – unfortunately it looks like he has now cashed his giro and has coins for his electricity meter.

        • 79
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          Leave Billy alone. He’s got Uman Rites.

          Police will make policy decision with CPS not to prosecute in the public interest. They only consulted the CPS to cover their arses. This will go the same way as many other of the MPs crimes- kicked into the long grass.

          Where is McClegg’s pledge to clean up politics when you want it?? hiding, making another U turn, preparing the cabinet table for Laws?

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            There’s conceivably a difference between Billy Bowden and the useless bunch of subhuman c’unts we have in Downing St.


          • Maximus says:

            Public interest grounds won’t come into play if there is a priori insufficient evidence to secure a conviction. You could call it farcing about.

          • misterned says:

            From Guido’s twitter feed: “about 8 hours ago: “@grayrayner operational independence and democratic accountability are not mutally exclusive.” “

            We would also need an operationally independent and democratic CPS too.

            If we had elected commissioners and an elected head of the CPS, a damn site more MPs would have been prosecuted for theft.

      • 41
        Raol Moat's fancy-man says:

        I love big muscles, me

        • 81
          David Laws Lib Dem fiddler says:

          19 % increase in energy bills on the way. Everyone needs to check their bills because about 25% of it (combined electric and gas) is taken for government obligation to the environment. This actually means subsidising private energy companies to make a profit and to build useless wind farms that use more energy to make than they produce in a life time. Guido, get Huhne to explain the mad economics of energy to us. Obligation to environment my arse, another stealth tax.

          • AC1 says:

            Green = Poverty.

          • Green Nazis says:

            50,000 extra cold related deaths last winter. When does subscribing to an extreme cult belief, become genocide?

          • misterned says:

            The following article explains the vacuum in the heads of left wing environmentalist politicians when it comes to business and how businesses are effected by “green” taxes:


            Businesses save more money by closing productive plants down and claiming carbon offsets, than they do employing people to produce anything. It is an industrial “set aside” and it is destroying industry, jobs and livelihoods.

            Then this brain-dead lefty bint has the fucking audacity to suggest that companies are being vengeful in closing down?

          • Wear the Fox Hat says:

            LIVE GREEN

            DIE BROKE

          • Don’t know why people keep whinging about wind farms. They won’t get built due to NIMBY’s whining about their house prices, which is why coal, nuclear, oil, gas, refuse power stations won’t get built either. In another couple of decades UK is going to be a very cold and dark place to live, but not to worry our houses will be worth £1BN each by then. Meanwhile India, powers away with Nuclear, Coal, Hydro and Solar..


          • misterned says:

            Won’t get built? These huge bird shredding monstrosities are getting built fucking everywhere round where I live “oop North”

    • 8
      nothing to see here says:

      “….if they haven’t made a move to get it yet, what exactly are the detectives up to?”

      Going on diversity outreach courses and eating donuts.


      • 33
        Tessa Tickles says:


        Yes. Basically, bingo.

        PC Plod are c’unts. You know it. I know it. Everyone knows it.

      • 113
        pissed off voter says:

        Plod is directed ny CPS -that’s the CPS who decided Blair did not have a case ro answer. I think the CPS will only consider prosecuting pwople who earn less than 100k

        • 237
          Dame Someone Fan says:

          Mentioned elsewhere on Guido.

          Keith Jessop was hired by the British government to rescue 456 or thereabouts bars of gold that were sent to the Soviet Union on a ship that was sunk. He rescued 441 and was then charged over not paying VAT on the gold that was brought to the UK. (The Bank of England was most upset that they cleaned the gold with diesel!)

          Upshot is it some talented bird (Jobs for the girlies Rah! Rah! Rah!) decided to prosecute and twice lost the case and was Damed. This would have been the same “prosecutors” who lost the (insert cases here)

    • 17
      Lord Lucan says:

      Huhne likely gave the head detective a house from one of the 10 he owns, and a lesbo 3some with his Mrs thrown in…

    • 39
      Anonymous says:

      Go back to licking Cameron’s ass.

    • 66
      Iloathlefties says:

      You’re assuming they either want to investigate this properly or are in any way competent investigators Guido.

    • 106
      2 tier Law says:

      But if we are all subject to the same law in this country, why are all the Huhne’s speeding offences considered by Kier Starmer and my only speeding offence by a local judge?

  2. 2
    Andie99uk says:

    The answer to the last question?
    One word…

    • 56
      Osama the Nazarene says:

      Could be, very plausible assumption. Or friends protectors in high places.

  3. 3
    Cynic says:

    Look it was a long time ago ….everyone does it ……not in the public interest ……he can afford good lawyers …..she’s a woman wronged and so unreliable ……. these trail thingy’s are awfully expensive …….juries are unreliable ……. what’s a few points between friends …….. they would need to do an awful lot of work to make it stick ……they could spend that time doing important things like stopping dog mess and kids playing football and scaring old ladies …..budget cuts ……

    • 67
      sunbeam alpine says:

      But- no-one should be above the law…he’s supposed to be a responsible and respectable leader in society…how will anyone trust him knowing he’s got away with such a scam…if the matter is not properly investigated it will haunt him and his family forever…. how can other drivers be expected to adhere to driving laws if a law-maker is seen to flout them and get away with it….

      • 243
        Biffo says:

        If CPS do nothing, his constituents have the choice of refusing to vote for the c*** next time round.

    • 224
      Santa says:

      spot on…

      but no doubt guido will have another “not long now…………”

      ho ho ho

    • 238
      Dame Someone Fan says:

      Referral to Guidos past. MP wrongly claimed first class ticket to Pontypridd resigned. Though it was an innocent mistake a member could not be seen to have benefitted from an innocent mistake. The past is another country.

  4. 4
    Anonymous says:

    Just means they are as bent as most other plod forces out there. this will get swept under the carpet soon enough under the standard excuse of not being in the public’s interest…..

    • 212
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      It does seem that police forces across the country are very reluctant to investigate politicians and – even more strikingly – local councillors properly.

  5. 6
    Billy Bowden says:

    That’s out

  6. 7
    ex Met Woodentop says:

    Obviously a Lazy enquiry.How can you present evidence to the Criminal Protection Society ( CPS ) for a charging / summons decision when you haven’t got ALL of the evidence pertinent to the case ? One would think that after the phone tap enq by The Met and the shite that was thrown around afterwards, that they would complete a thorough investigation ! Not so it seems !

  7. 9
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I’m a chubby chaser.


  8. 10
    The proper Chris Huhne says:

    That’s not out. I’m still in, carting the ball to every corner. I wasn’t there and I didn’t just say that. Bad line.

  9. 12
    Victimofactualcrime says:

    Got my car knicked the other month in the middle of the night. It actually drove past me the next afternoon, so I called the police and told them exactly where it was and to get after it! Was told there were no officers available and we’d just have to wait til the dumped it (burned out, of course)

    Probably all dealing with this type of pointless bullshit

    • 16
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Actually 50 of them are investigating Twitter as some nasty people are saying rude things.

      The Police are useless fucking mongs, get rid of the lot. you want your car back, turn up with a sawn off and petrol bomb the chav scum.

      I wouldn’t piss on a plod if they were on fire. C u n t z the lot of them.

      • 38
        Tessa Tickles says:

        I like you.

        I had some c’unt in my back garden a few years ago. I phoned plod and they said they couldn’t send anyone round and advised me to lock my doors and windows. This was at midnight, on a Tuesday. I asked if I should go out and deal with the bastard myself, they said I’d be committing an offence.

        As you say, all police are cun’ts. And I now own a small armoury.

        • 49
          Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

          As do I, some c u n t comes into my home he’s gonna get lead.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Your armoury is somewhat more sophisticated than mine.

            Many knives and hammers. But I’m a big girl.

        • 88
          AC1 says:

          Just make sure that if you deal with them you
          a) don’t inform the police.
          b) they “never leave”…

      • 52
        Who voted for Shami?? says:

        Daisy… Calm down.. Dear.. Calm down..

        A tad bitter me thinks.

        Did Old bill turn down your application because of your nervous tick and crawly bum rash..??

      • 87
        Anonymous says:

        hear hear

      • 90
        AC1 says:

        Example of Police being useless fucking mongs.


  10. 15
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Yet more one sided reporting by the BBC, some fat hag moaning on BBC news about “Tory cuts to Libraries”

    So the BBC rides to the rescue, ignoring the fact that most people don’t go near a library, schools have libraries that kids access the most and that if libraries are so important to not turning out a useless mong, how come a generation of kids are complete fucking retards under Nu Liebore? What was it Bliar said again…education..

    So the BBC do some vox pops with middle class WHITE mummies who think libraries are very important, not the ‘efnik’ minorities or thick chav scum they normally interview say when benefits might be cut I noted, who of course are only interested in getting Al Qaeda books on bomb making or porn.

    • 62
      Municiple Library Accounts says:

      We never did get that book back on How to Fly a 747 Once.

    • 85
      Tell it like it really is says:

      /\/\/\/\/\ so true.

    • 120
      Crafty Fox says:

      The BBC Editor’s Blog today tried to defend the BBC against the allegation by the Chancellor on this morning’s Toady Programme that the BBC is biased in its negative viewpoint on the economy.
      Imagine their surprise when 4 out of 5 responses criticised the BBC for its economic coverage and almost everything else.
      Will they learn? Never.

    • 227
      misterned says:

      We tax-payers are funding keeping expensive buildings in use by a tiny insignificant fraction of the population. The fact is everything they offer can be found online. So WTF?

      Close the libraries. They are a relic of an expired age.

  11. 18
    Lord Prescott says:

    Daisy Daisy,
    Give me your answer do!
    I’m half crazy,
    All for the love of you!
    It won’t be a stylish marriage,
    I can’t afford a carriage,
    But you’ll look sweet on the seat
    Of a bicycle built for two !

    • 21
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      Oi Prescott get me a gin and tonic and be quick about it.

    • 25
      Lord P says:

      Mr Hoo Mr Hoo
      Give me your answer do
      I’m half crazy
      All for the love of you
      It won’t be a stylish marriage
      I can’t afford a double carriage
      But you’ll look sweet on my loo seat
      With bulimia and the shits too

    • 43
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Wavy, Davey,
      Give us an answer, do!
      You drive me crazy,
      with all of the shit you do.

      You say that there’s no money,
      for an airforce, army or nay-vee,
      Would that be, you tit,
      ‘cos you’re wasting it,
      on foreign-aid and the EU?

  12. 19
    essex joke says:

    Essex Police……..hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha.

    • 44
      Tessa Tickles says:

      “Oh, well, we only had two years’ warning that the bloke was gonna kill his wife and kid.”

      I spot a side-ways promotion and pay-rise coming on. Or a £1million ‘Shoesmith’-style compensation claim in the offing.

  13. 20
    Bardirect says:

    How is it “key evidence”? In a criminal case a spouse is not a compellable witness for the prosecution so if she is an unwilling witness they can lead no evidence from her at all, nor can they get such “evidence” in through the back door as in general a prior statement will not be evidence of the truth of its content but only admissible as to the credibility of that witness. Can’t see the basis for getting a court order to obtain a document which will not be admissible from a witness who is not willing.

    Furthermore that evidence may well be privileged in any event ie made to lawyers in contemplation of legal proceedings.

  14. 22
    Wile E. Coli says:

    Perhaps they know the law and realise that the alleged document has all the evidential value of a used asswipe? It is inadmissible against Huhne cos it’s hearsay; admissible against Pryce as a confession, but she has a plausible case that she was lying to the press for understandable reasons and is now telling the truth to the court.

    It would also be admissible as previous inconsistent evidence to challenge evidence given by pryce against huhne. which brings us back to the delightful point that as long as they remain married they can decline to give evidence against one another. so they may have brighton rocked themselves out of a divorce if the filth decode to go after both of them.

  15. 24
    Lady Hamilton's Pussy says:

    Guido, it seems that you have made this a personal crusade, with Huhne’s departure as the objective by which your influence should be estimated.

    Fine; he is a slimeball and people like him shouldn’t be in parliament, let alone in the cabinet.

    But beyond demonstrating that he has obviously broken the law, there is nothing else that you can do. Our police are generally inept, corrupt or both. If they have decided that they can’t be arsed to arrest someone who is definitely a criminal, then they won’t.

    Move on and don’t take it personally.

    • 27
      Dixon of Dock Green says:

      Steady on old son. However bent or inept the relevant coppers are they are going to play it by the book on a high profile case like this

      I would hate it for my lads to find distressingly large amounts of hard pawn on your hard drive. and if it isn’t there now it will be by the time we have traced you by your IP address and thoughtfully placed it there ourselves to save you the trouble.

      mind how you go now

    • 29
      EC1 PhD says:

      It is precisely because he shouldn’t be in either the cabinet or in Parliament that pressure must be kept up against him. Otherwise we’ll have more Wiggins and Huhnes just raising two fingers at the rest of us, all of the time.

      • 36
        Wile E. Coli says:

        But if the evidence is already strong enough for you to draw that conclusion, why is further evidence needed?

        Do you think there shouldn’t be rules about fair trials and stuff, or just that they don’t apply to people you don’t like?

        • 45
          EC1 PhD says:

          People who do their potentially litigious washing in public should carefully consider the potential consequences in this overtly media/blog obsessed world. No doubt a fair trial is possible but I return to my point that the man is unfit for office, whether I like him or not.

      • 80
        Handycock (Teen Fodler) says:

        Chris Huhne is an embarrassment to Parliament as am I, Wiggins et al.


        Still no matter, Chris will be protected by the Essex police, as am I and my friends in Portsmouth. Boaz.

  16. 26
    Kered Ybretsae says:

    Busy out nicking false parkers.

    • 35
      Boaz says:

      False parkers?

      Are they the sort no self-respecting Mod would be seen dead wearing?

      • 54
        Tessa Tickles says:

        It’s Germanic. “False Parker” = people who park illegally.

        Such as out of the way places where they don’t cause any problem, but what the fuck, let’s ticket them and make some money.

        It should be legal to bludgeon parking wardens to death. It’s such a pain having to dispose of their bodies discretely.

  17. 31
    Heraldry Expert says:

    Why have they got three billhooks on their badge?.

    • 48
      PC Essex says:

      They are Saxon seaxes, or that’d be ‘swords’ to you.

      And while we are on the subject of crime, I think it’s a crime the Chief Constable doesn’t let me have even more time off to pursue my outside business interests.

      After all, I’ll need something to do to make a living when I retire on my top rate pension at 50 after 30 years service.

      It’s only fair I spend my last 20 years in the force developing my own business.

      • 68
        Dixon of Dock Green says:

        Well, think on, it just shows if it hadn’t been for Andy nobody would have suspected the Chief Constable, G’night all and “mind how you go” (friendly tap on the head from his truncheon).

    • 51
      oh no you arent says:

      In heraldry, the seax is a charge consisting of a curved sword with a notched blade, appearing, for example, in the coats of arms of Essex and the former Middlesex.

    • 229
      Wear the Fox Hat says:

      They’re white feathers.

  18. 32
    Boaz says:

    I have it good authority that Mr. Huhne is one of our own beloved brothers.

  19. 40
    A Charming Martini says:

    Essex Police want to see may Huhne?

  20. 42
    Slowjoe says:

    Can we FOI the number of police hours spent on the case yet?

  21. 46
    Pc fuck-face says:

    We are extremely busy protecting mothers whose nut-job ex-husbands are planning to murder them and their children with shot-guns. Don’t you want us to protect the public?

  22. 47
    An Englishman says:

    I love big 10″ willies up my bum, we English are a very benevolent society we take it all ways, all comers welcome.

    • 53
      Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

      You do realise that what you posted has sexually aroused 20,000 BBC men? I’d avoid TV centre if I were you, you might get gang raped by skinny men in cheap suits.

    • 57
      Tessa Tickles says:

      You are Scottish, and you’re fantasising that your pitiful patch of land can cope alone, by itself.

    • 61
      Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

      Each to thier own englishman.

  23. 55
    Finally dropped the gunsight says:

    Still flogging a dead horse I see, Guido. Are you on the sauce again? Don’t go drink driving, that’d be your fourth arrest.

  24. 58
    G uido is a fucking... says:

    A L C O H O L I C !

  25. 60
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    Oh Bollocks, Just hang him!

  26. 70
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    He’s got away with it. Just as Laws has.

  27. 72
    not a machine says:

    And yet it could all so simply be sorted out if he could remember if he was driving home alone from the airport in the ratmobile .

    I thought the PM sounded good at press confernece and Ed sounded like a man who couldnt even remeber what Alan Milburn did in the need for taming the NHS budget,indeed forgetting that the current 31000 elderly caught in a “botched” business plan that was “botched” by his own partys standards both at the alarm level and the did nothing in 2008 level,via a “botched” major bank which was truley “botched” when it had to be nationalised. As Mr Lansley pointed out Labours budget (not that any detailed figures have come form Mr Healy) would not be as secure as the coalitions . The presence of the blairites was most interesting as I dont associate Mr Healy as a blairite , perhaps its one of the few departments where there are opposition national bucks fizz and disco nights freebies.

  28. 73
    Tough choices says:

    So Huhne got some other mug to carry the can for his misdemeanours.
    What self respecting, career minded, egotistical representative of the finest democracy in the western world doesn’t?

  29. 74
    Must get a pseudonym one day says:

    No doubt ‘pointless’ Huhne will be taking tips from Asil Nadir, you know, that multi-millionaire, double-dealing, bail-jumping crook, who has just been granted Legal Aid.

    You couldn’t make it up.

  30. 75
    Hacked off Non-Voter says:

    Huhne and Pryce have decided to stitch up plod and the public. Self-interest wins out again amongst the elite.

    • 76
      Tough choices says:

      Aided by the brain dead voters who re-elected over 400 of them after reading the expenses revelations.
      With sheep like those queuing up to be fleeced, who can blame them?

    • 118
      Maximus says:

      Still open to prosecute someone for wasting police time.

  31. 77
    Tough choices says:

    Doesn’t matter which party he represents, this is their attitude to you.

    • 78
      Tough choices says:

      In the interests of cross party balance.

      • 207
        Parliament of Thieves says:

        Both rats re-elected, sums up the depth of tribal stupidity in this country and the utter inability to break out of tribalist habits.
        You get the government and opposition you deserve, until people vote out these pisstakers, they will always be shat upon from a great height.

        • 230
          misterned says:

          And it will remain so for as long as the mainstream media continue to condition us into believing that there is no serious alternative to the liblabcon and that voting any other way is quaint and all, but ultimately a complete waste of time.

          Polls consistently show that people want different policies, cutting foreign aid, referendum on the EU, repealing or amending human rights act to allow for tougher law and order policies enforced against convicted criminals and now also a recognition that human induced climate change is NOT going to be catastrophic, and that nature has massive natural swings in cycles, always has and always will and what little impact that mankind’s emissions are having are negligible at worst.

          People on the left and the right have the opportunity to vote for the above policies if they choose to, but are passively conditioned 24/7 by the mainstream media to vote against their own best interest to keep the crooks in the liblabcon in power.

      • 233

        Really good BBC interviewer, who of course hasn’t been seen again unlike Blears.

  32. 91
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    So now we have the proof.

    There is only one difference between Brown and Cameron.

    The deficit improves slightly faster under Cameron, even though we will still owe more than we did at the end of the last parliament.

    All other policies remain the same.

    Guido you are spot on again.

    Cameron really is the heir to blair.

    Does any one know if there really are any Conservatives left now? Where, even, is Dan Hanan?

    They were all happy to say what the public wanted to hear to get elected. The silence is deafening. Needless to say,categorically, they can kiss goodbye to my vote, hello UKIP.

    • 92
      nell says:

      The only difference between brown and cameron……that the deficit improves slightly faster under cameron??!!

      Do you know Nothing of brown? Gordon’s deficit was becoming a black hole ready to swallow us all! He was a madman, drunk on spending other people’s money, intent on spending us all into perfidy!!

      The deficit would Never! have improved under him or bullyballs.

      • 93
        Cato Street Conspirator says:

        Nothing to do with the banks, eh? Must remember to keep saying that.

        • 95
          Cato Street Conspirator says:

          And must remember – banks collapse when they run out of other people’s money. So let’s bung them some more, eh?

          • AC1 says:

            Failure rewards is the modern-marxist way.

            You didn’t see many on here advocating bank (bondholder) bailouts…

        • 97
          Any conservatives left out there? says:

          gordon restructured the control of the banks and took it away from the bank of england

          cameron really is the heir to blair, blue labour I guess

      • 94
        Any conservatives left out there? says:

        you need to read the comment again before you comment!!
        #read it again and again

        • 96
          Cato Street Conspirator says:

          Yes, banks collapse when they run out of other people’s money to piss up against the wall. So let’s give them some more.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            well labour gave them plenty, certainly freg goodwin any way

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            labour are very good at just giving money away to any one; they dont even have to work for it any more.

            well gordon doesnt any way. gets his parliamentary salary and he doesnt even have to go near the place.

            unfortunately i aksed my firm if i could have the same terms; they fired me!

      • 102
        Any conservatives left out there? says:

        the deficit is not going to improve under cameron. you must read up more!

        it is the rate of increase that slows, not the deficit itself!

        • 105
        • 108
          nell says:

          I agree with you. cameron and osborne are not going far enough or fast enough!!

          The point about brown and bullyballs is that they were in reverse gear going in the opposite direction…..spend!spend!spend!, print money, dig big hole, spend more money and then give people like fred the shred and shifty sugar a lordship!

          What they did to do this country’s economy is nothing short of treason. And bricking them up in a deep dank hole in the Tower of London that occasionally flooded from the Thames, would be too good for them!!!

          • Tough choices says:

            They were elected three times under our free and fair democratic system.
            Do you have a problem with that?

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:


          • Tough choices says:

            All within the rules, Old Bean.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:


          • Tough choices says:

            Didn’t seem to bother Westminster.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            true, but then the pigs in troughs never did really care about outsiders.

        • 138
          nell says:

          ACLOT. No need to shout.

          The labour trolls are dense but not deaf!!

        • 244
          Biffo says:

          Any ‘deficit’ Cameron saves is immediately spunked out on Foreign Aid – like Brown he’s trying to run the country into the ground.

    • 159
      Roger Jolly says:

      Cameron is just another NWO stooge sailing under a flag of convenience.
      The Conservative party died out long ago.

      • 161
        nell says:

        That’s OK the labour party just died a death too.

        Perhaps it leaves a void for something more decent,caring, centre right wing and economically competent to grow and it won’t be militwit’s blue labour!!!

  33. 99
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    looks like cameron could lead the labour party now if only he could get balls to agree to osbournes economic plan.

    • 104
      Eeu to me says:

      Rusty Cameron the warmonger makes promises to the NHS, it’s safe in his hands, shame he hasn’t made the same promises to the BBC.

      • 111
        Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

        They should nuke every NHS shit hole and make sure the vermin staff are in them at the time.

    • 117
      nell says:

      Don’t be silly. militwit’s blue labour is going to win a landslide victory in 2012.

      bullyballs is going to be the greatest keynesian, biggest public spending, chancellor ever and bob crow is going to be the most comedic chief secretary to the treasury that we’ve ever had.

      hatty harpic is going to be reduced to a tealady and gordon is going to get his heart’s desire to become Really Important and be made Senior CEO of the HoC loos.

      • 124
        Tough choices says:

        And you’ll still be bleating in the meadow at the poor choice of grass.

        • 126
          Any conservatives left out there? says:


        • 140
          nell says:

          Certainly not.

          Drought means less grass.. better sighting of rabbits for the guns…more rabbit stew!

  34. 107
    Anonymous says:

    Why don’t you fuck off and let them do their job ?

    Just a thought.

  35. 109
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Another example of lefty bias from Peter Allen at Radio 5.

    Click on the link and go to about 38 minutes in to the interview and hear Allen continually suggesting the NHS is to be privatised and then slag off private care homes (re Panorama) note he makes no attempt to balance the debate by mentioning the thousands murdered by the NHSd every year


  36. 112
    A Truth. says:

    It suites our “democratic leaders” that most of those they lead have cheap TV and booze.

  37. 114
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    The next big question. Will Dave and George support Jean-Claude Trichet in his quest to set up a European Ministry of Finance?

    The experiences so far of the pair indicate that they are very good at making time for EU legislation and ordering a three line whip to get it passed, so the answer is probably yes!

  38. 119
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    Trichet Says EU Should Have More Control Over Member States


    • 122
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      he President of the European Central Bank (ECB), Jean Claude Trichet, has proposed the creation of a Community Finance Minister to members of the European Union, and has proposed that the EU officials be given more authority over European countries straying “down the wrong path”, including the right to veto certain policies.

    • 130
      nell says:

      Hey! Trichet is proposing the creation of a Community Finance Minister!!

      You can just hear gordon’s little bells begin ringing can’t you?!!!

      He’s lost the IMF job – just watch him and sarah latch onto this one !!

      He’ll instantly stop travelling around Africa ( which he’s been doing at our expense) trying to convince everyone about his ‘international qualifications’ for the imf job, and will now start travelling around europe (again at our expense) no doubt with his ‘trusty’ self-promoting wife in tow, trying to convince the eu powers that be that he’s the best thing since canned beans for this job!!!

      • 136
        Norman Tebbit says:

        At least he’s on his bike looking for work.

        • 142
          Any conservatives left out there? says:

          Is it one of Boris’s bikes?

        • 143
          nell says:

          Even normantebbit would tell you that EU community finance minister or eu foreign minister (aka ashton) , are not real jobs and hence not work!!!!

          • Norman Tebbit says:

            Privatising BT and then getting a seat on the board.
            That works for me.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            and getting my new lines installed within a day, that works for me too, instead of the union setting the date a year ahead.

          • nell says:

            I went down to BT’s privatised HQ/township in Ipswich.

            Very impressive.

            Pity they made all their loyal customers pay for it. BT are finding out now that betrayed customer loyalty hits your profits, aren’t they?!!

          • Norman Tebbit says:

            Everone’s a winner!
            Especially me.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            yep and my bt shares

          • BT Broadband is still shit though. 3G is 5x faster than my fixed line BT broadband and 4g isn’t far away. My phone is faster than my home connection. BT’s business model anyone?

  39. 128
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    I guess Dave will be supporting his liberal conservative colleague any way.

    • 132
      Tough choices says:

      Anything that keeps him atop the dungheap.

      • 135
        Any conservatives left out there? says:

        and freshly steaming at that!

        • 202
          GDS says:

          What fucks me off about people like you is that you think the Conservative party is your views and yours alone. It’s not you stupid, selfish, ignorant Kant. It was, is and always will be a broad church of right of centre views that happily accepts “liberal conservative” as much as it does your “rabid Tebbitian”. The Conservative party doesn’t belong to you or your extremely narrow views, it belongs to all of us. I am proud to be slightly right of centre, mildly libertarian and strongly “fuck you” to authority. I’m a proud Tory to boot. Why are you more of a Conservative than me? UKIP and BeEnPee offer narrow, single issue, low intellect views, why not go that way rather than slag off what you say is your own party. Dickwad.

          • Parliament of Thieves says:

            Bee and pee are left wing authoritarian nationalist’s thicko.
            The current tory party is not centre right or even centre, they are centre left fabian, wealth redistributionist, socialist’s. Clearly, education was wasted on you.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            I think your rant just proves me right. The tory party does no longer exists.

            You prove it.



          • +1,000,000 The Tory party as advocated by some would never get into power again, not after 13 years of Labour statist client state policies and electoral gerrymandering. No one can take on the whole world at once. We have a “tory” PM at least in Downing Street, not a lunatic Scottish mong.

  40. 139
    Any conservatives left out there? says:



    More Authority for the Union

    TricKet stated that if a country does not comply, everyone would be able to agree that the second phase should be “different.” So, he wondered whether it would be “going too far” to give the authorities in the euro zone greater “voice and vote” and authority in the creation of a country’s economic policies, “if they should go astray”.

    In this respect, he explained that the basis of this approach requires finding a balance between the independence of each country and the interdependency of their actions, especially in exceptional circumstances.

    In this way, the current system of governance would be radically changed based on security, recommendations and sanctions.

    “Under this new concept it would not only be possible, but in some cases compulsory, that in a second stage the European authorities themselves would be able to take decisions applicable to the economy in question,” TricKet emphasised, adding that this would only be conceivable if European authorities had the right of veto on certain domestic economic decisions.

  41. 144
    Eeu to me says:

    Strange innit , Scottish power puts up gas energy prices and British gas close the Morcambe Bay gas fields because of Ossie’s tax hike, one would think the energy suppliers are setting themselves up to take on Ossie.

  42. 146
    zenbadger says:


    There is of course the alternative theory that they dont need that document because Vicky Price has told them what she told the MoS and the Sunday Times.

  43. 147
    Tough choices says:

    PMQs tomorrow!
    Five minutes crying into an onion over some squaddies pissed down the toilet of Afghanistan, another ten minutes dealing with brain dead Ed, followed by the usual assortment of inane questions from wannabees anxious for their two minutes in the spotlight.
    Tune in to Guido’s live broadcast.
    Be there, or be square.

    • 150
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      will there be any conservatives there at all?

      • 154
        What's in a name? says:

        Are they the bods that led Britain into the EU in order to conserve us all?

        • 158
          Any conservatives left out there? says:

          no they led us into the common market only, first time round

          • What's in a name? says:

            So as the common market turned out to be an unmitigated disaster, they’ll be the first to demand withdrawal then?

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            the public do want us to withdraw but the political elite dont

          • What's in a name? says:

            What “political elite” would that be then?
            The ones elected by cannon fodder like nell and other such drones?

          • Anonymous says:

            you obviously dont follow politics much

          • Traitor Heath says:

            Joining the Common Market will have absolutely no effect on our national sovereignty and parliament will remain supreme in all aspects of law.

        • 210
          Isabella Beeton says:

          ‘to conserve us all’ ….. in other words, to get us in a jam.

    • 151
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      looking forward to dave’s new blue/red rinse

      • 168
        nell says:

        No! No! You have it wrong!!

        The New Blue for the coming Autumn is militwit with his New Blue Labour !!!

        • 170
          Any conservatives left out there? says:

          he will be replaced by cameron in the autumn, you’ll see. Dave will be in a coalition with every one soon except the conservatives!

          • nell says:

            Nope. Don’t think so.

            In 2015 at the next election the Conservatives will win a majority . Then we will have True Blues.

            Until then we have comedy and I mean to enjoy it!!

          • Last of the dying breed says:

            With any luck you’ll be dead by then.

          • Any conservatives left out there? says:

            if he couldnt win a fucking majority when brown was at the helm, he has no fucking chance of winning in 2015. enjoy your laugh now, and wait for your choking in 2015.

          • nell says:

            Last of the dying breed …

            Nope I shan’t darling.

            Truth is in families like mine we believe in looking after our own. When I go, someone else will take over the nurturing role. It’s what proper families do.

            Of course we have to remember militwit doesn’t believe in families or marriage.

            Marriage, according to him, is only a sop for public consumption!

  44. 163
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    What policy will dave ditch tomorrow so he can save his coalition partners?

    EU harder stance, already gone, 3 line whips imposed on EU legislation to get it passed.

    Immigration, just carry on coming, so already gone

    Crime and justice? completely busted!

    NHS, went today

    Defence, went when we got into bed with the French so nearer to creating a european army.

    Have I missed any?

  45. 164
    Billy Bowden is the greatest umpire ever ! says:

    I want fizzy orange and a finger of fudge for my supper!

    • 166
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      can i just have a nice finger?

    • 171
      nell says:

      Billy you are behind the game. ( And I’m disappointed that England only drew at cricket!!)

      gordon has given up his fizzy orange for french champagne whilst he touts himself around for the new job on offer – EU Community Finance Minister !

  46. 169
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Paxman making an utter prick of himself on Newsnight, muttering away to himself like some wino smelling of piss in a bus shelter.

    • 172
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      well dont watch it ffs

    • 174
      How to avoid economic downturn - Tip No. Five says:

      Another tip from the gift that keeps on giving………..


    • 177
      nell says:

      Why ever would anyone watch the beeb for anything?

      Even their weather forecast is rubbish!

      • 180
        Last of the dying breed says:

        Paid your licence fee nell?

        • 184
          Anonymous says:

          no, but im keeping up my payments for my funeral plan!

        • 188
          nell says:

          Of course! As you say – Last of the Dying Breed and Proud of it!

          We pay our dues, abide by the laws and yes watch idiots like huhne breach laws and be absolute ba……!!

          At the end of the day my lifestyle will prevail. Her Maj and her offspring will still be in her palace and My Family will still be here with someone like me still looking after them.

          huhne however or bullyballs or brown or even cameron and osborne – well they come and go !! They’re fun to watch but it’s like they put their hands in a bucket of water and then take it out. It causes a ripple and then fades away.

          Gone forever!!

  47. 181
    shooty* says:

    Not read all the posts, but as a solicitor who has had the misfortune of having to deal with the CPS/ police on traffic offences in the past, Guido is rather sweetly naive to expect competence and/ or giving a rat’s ass and/ or basic elbow/ a**hole differentiation. Bless.

    • 182
      Any conservatives left out there? says:

      still that will all change when we have elected commissioners, won’t it?

      next you’ll be telling me that call me dave has already ditched that policy too, don’t laugh!

      • 196
        What a fucking shit idea says:

        Yes just what we need Police Chiefs who are full time politicians with one eye on the next election. Nothing to concern us there is there, after all it works in America , doesn’t it.

        • 225
          Fog says:

          Elected Police chiefs would maybe do what the people want, and not do as directed by the government. The police have been politicised by years of Labour, and the protection of the public is no longer their first priority. That needs to change.

    • 195
      Anonymous says:

      Solicitors have ruined this country

    • 240
      Steve Anderson says:

      The thing we learned from the Raoul Moat incident was that police force got a media award for the way they dealt with a young girl being knocked down by a police car on its way to an incident and the way they informed the media. They never informed the girl’s parents though.

      They don’t give a rat’s ass (or elbow take your choice) as long as they come out looking well.

  48. 183
    Dave's unerring judgement says:

    Another soldier dies in Afghanistan.
    Hooray! That’s one less potential dole bludger to worry about.
    P45s to all his comrades in arms.

    • 187
      Anonymous says:

      but i thought we are all in this together aren’t we?

      • 200
        nell says:

        You actually have the arrogance to think you could even begin to understand what our lads are going through in Afghan istan?!!

        Your ego is greater than gordon’s and bullyballs rolled into one!!

  49. 189
    @tollypointbee says:

    Good old Newsnight doing a PR interview with a Chiinky mum selling a book and now E Coli!

    Funny how the world’s worst nuclear disaster is going on and no mention of it whatsoever.

    Paxo is now a total toothless clown!

    Ciao from the Tuscan Socialista


  50. 192
    Any conservatives left out there? says:

    Can’t understand why no Conservative has made a contribution tonight? I do know that this blog is widely read.

    • 193
      ZaNuBluLabour says:

      Widely, but not very deeply alas.

    • 198
      nell says:

      Indeed it is.

      But sadly for you not by the the bluelabourites that you hoped were reading it!

    • 206
      albacore says:

      With old Blighty down and broke and busted
      The poor, old Tories must be disgusted
      Though, it’s said, “Comes the hour, comes the man”
      All they got was Dave, The Man with No Plan

  51. 194
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Another fine example of the NHS in action, but don’t expect Peter Allen at the BBC to report it.


    NHS = fucking scum

  52. 199
    smoggie says:

    Unless they have an unlimited budget and excess manpower I would hope that the Filth can find better things to waste their time on.

  53. 201

    Ozark Mountain Daredevils – If You Wanna Get to Heaven, You got to raise a little hell…

  54. 203
    @tollypointbee says:

    Oops I nearly forgot. Could any Guido blog fans who feel that they have been disadvantaged by the savage cuts that the Govt has not yet implemented and who is not white or english please get in touch to tell me your tales.

    Although I spend weekends in my Tuscan Villa I share your pain!


  55. 213
    Black n Decker says:

    Why have Essex plod got 3 electric jigsaw blades on their badge?

  56. 214
    Moley says:

    As most people have lost all trust in the Police, Judiciary, and Crown Prosecution Service, whether or not Huhne is prosecuted is utterly irrelevant.

    What matters far more is his malign incompetence as energy Secretary.

    The question the Police need to ask Huhne is this;

    ” Have you read and understood the article shown in Guido’s “Seen elsewhere” titled “Climate models grow cold”?

    The Cabinet need to read and understand it too.

    Then they can read this, about energy prices being increased by 20%;


    But we know that, being complete and utter idiots, they will continue like lemmings to destroy our country on the basis of their lunatic “global warming” fantasy.

    The people of this country deserve far better. This must be the most catastrophic piece of Government lunacy that history has ever seen. It would be comic if it was not so tragic.

  57. 215
    City of Vice says:

    Let’s face it. The cops aren’t going to do anything about Huhne. A polite warning at best.

    One law for them, another for us etc etc…

  58. 216
    Magna Carta says:

    Sure that VP signed anything? She says that never signed the “plan B” document published at the weekend. Perhaps it just was a coffee stain.

  59. 218
    White Van Man says:

    Us freemasons,and that includes Chris Huhne have to stick together.

  60. 219
    Anonymous says:

    The words SQUARE,CIRCLE,FISH and FIX can be heard in dark corners,

  61. 221
    sockpuppet #4 says:

    Morning all.
    wheres the new thread?
    What’s today’s U-Turn then?

  62. 228
    Jess The Dog says:

    The Crown Prosecution Service will not prosecute this case unless it is near-certain to succeed, and for perfectly understandable reasons. It is an old case, with no victims other than justice, with significant doubts about co-operative witnesses and a large cold-served chunk of revenge. Plus it will cause enormous embarrassment if it fizzles.

    There is no point ranting on about it, and slipping into the world of tinfoil hats. The flip side of the coin is this: if there is a certainty of success, then they will prosecute, given the fact they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t because of Huhne’s profile.

    My guess is that, if this had been Joe Public, the case wouldn’t even have got this far. There are plenty of nastier unsolved crimes out there, and more with every day that passes.

    Huhne’s Top Gear days are over. Next time he speeds, he loses his licence.

  63. 232

    http://essexhunter.blogspot.com/2011/06/essex-police-plumb-new-depths-of.html – This guy’s take on Essex Police inaction is revealing, hope Guido and fellow Co Conspirators don’t have to wait too long before Essex police take action with regard to ensuring Huhne’s ‘points make prizes’.

  64. 241
    Anonymous says:

    ladies and gentlemen, we didn’t get him

  65. 242
    Unsworth says:

    This is Essex Cops. Enough said.

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