June 5th, 2011

Arianna’s HuffPo Will Find Us Tougher to Beat

The coming of Arianna’s Huffington Post to British shores isn’t generating much buzz yet. It should, the product is perfect for the internet generation’s short attention span, the connectivity of the site is superbly executed and search engine optimised to make millions in advertising. She also sold out to AOL for $315 million.

Far from being daunted Guido welcomes the competition convinced it will spur us to work harder to break more stories first. She’ll find us a bit tougher than her past rivals. And it won’t be just Guido, in politics she’ll be up against Ashcroft’s growing online political media empire; ConservativeHome, PoliticsHome (a fellow aggregator), ePolitix, Dods, BiteBack, and TotalPolitics. Aside from the billionaire’s stable the NewStatesman’s Staggers and the Spectator’s soon to be ramped-up CoffeeHouse will not cede ground without a fight. Iain Dale’s return with his The Daley posse will give her a run for her money on political comment and he is her match when it comes to grabbing media attention. On the user generated commentary front she is up against the well-established Guardian’s Comment is Free and the newer rival right-of-centre The Commentator.

On the showbiz gossip front she is up against Popbitch, Holy Moly and the Mail Online. The tabloids are ruthlessly competitive when it comes to showbiz stories and she’ll find them a bit more punchy than USAToday. They’re not going to roll-over easily for Ari.

Meanwhile word reaches us from across the pond that all is not well at AOL-HuffPo, combined traffic is down, the integration is not going well and there is a lot of dissent in the ranks, as well as some backlash from unpaid HuffPo bloggers. Perhaps Ari should sort out her problems at home before expanding?


  1. 1
    Anonymous says:

    Dale is no match for Huff: he’s unpleasant, narcissistic self-publicist, bitter at never having made it onto the green benches, whose political commentary is less than third rate. Huff wouldn’t give him the time of day!


    • 2
      Anonymous says:

      First rate analysis from a regular contributor.

      Hat’s off to you sir or madam, you are destined for greatness. Have you considered sending your pithy posts to the Daily Mirror; you have their brand of journalism down to a tee.


    • 13
      Anonymous says:

      Some of Britain’s leading economists are warning the chancellor, George Osborne, that the economy is too fragile to withstand his drastic spending cuts and that he must draw up a plan B.

      Experts, including two former Whitehall advisers and two signatories of last year’s high-profile letter backing the Tories’ cuts, have told the Observer that they have profound concerns about the direction of Treasury policy.

      Since the chancellor laid out his plans to balance the books by the end of the parliament in his “emergency budget” a year ago, the outlook has deteriorated markedly. Growth has gone flat over the past six months and a slew of dismal data has raised fears that the UK could be sliding towards a double-dip recession, as the US recovery wanes and the Greek debt crisis rattles the eurozone.

      Jonathan Portes, the director of the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, who until February was chief economist at the Cabinet Office, advising the prime minister, said: “You do not gain credibility by sticking to a strategy that isn’t working.”

      He said that the recent slowdown in growth was partly the result of factors outside the government’s control, but insisted: “It isn’t just about the international environment, it’s because of the strategy the government has followed.”

      Another former Whitehall insider, Vicky Pryce, the head of the government’s economic service before becoming a director at FTI Consulting, said that ministers would be advised to begin preparing the ground for a U-turn: “It’s a very risky situation, and I think that at some stage they’ll panic.”

      Professor John Muellbauer of Oxford University, an expert on the housing market who signed the letter to the Sunday Times last year supporting the Conservatives’ approach, said: “Things are going badly. I had hoped that the focus in the budget would be on improving growth in the places where there are growth prospects, and also maintaining infrastructure investment, and that they would tackle failures of planning.”

      Tim Besley, a former Bank of England monetary policy committee member who orchestrated the letter, said: “Everybody has been disappointed with growth.” He still believes that the chancellor must stick to his guns, but complained that the Treasury had failed to articulate where growth would come from in the months ahead. “The disappointing growth has almost nothing to do with the fiscal plans of the government – I’m coming to the view that it’s just a long, slow, hard slog – but what I would like to see from the government is a much more clearly defined growth strategy.” Danny Blanchflower, another former MPC member, said: “Economic policy is in disarray.”


      • 19
        Carrie Ontroffin says:

        Which spending cuts would those be ?


        • 24
          Squirty says:

          > Professor John Muellbauer of Oxford University, an expert on the housing market

          Reminds me of Horace Bachelor — if he’s such a fucking expert, why is he drawing the measly stipend of an academic?

          Answer: because no one can predict the housing market, except possibly Bob Crow, who foresees an imminent need to move into the private sector (or reduce his annual salary to £99,999.99).


          • COMRADE BOB CROW (ANNUAL SALARY £95K) says:



          • Man from K.E.Y.N.S.H.A.M says:

            Horace Bachelor? Who he?


          • Colonel Blimp says:

            Horace Bachelor – now remembering HIS radio advertised scams gives away your age!


          • 1569 Rising says:

            His radio adverts on Luxembourg became a cult in the 1950’s. Those were the days when we listened to the New Musical Express Top Twenty at 11pm on Sunday nights, if you could hear the records through the static. Weren’t his adverts for his pools forecasting service?


          • Garner Ted Armstrong says:

            Shit! If that is Horace Batchelor that I can hear, then I’m on in a moment…


          • terence patrick hewett says:

            Horace Bachelor – the dreaded Infra-Draw Method based at Keynsham

            “Horace Batchelor, Department One, Keynsham (spelt K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M) Keynsham, Bristol” – happy days.


        • 27
          Anonymous says:

          Cuts in UK not the money we give to other countries. The money we give to other countries has gone up and up, under this government.


          • David Camoron (traitor, thief and liar) says:

            Basically, whenever I see a bit of growth in the economy, I tax it to oblivion and send the money to Pahkisstan, so they can spend it on nukes, and weapons to kill British soldiers in Afghan!stan..

            P!ssing your money down the drain Spending your money gives me a warm glow inside.


          • Crash says:

            Britain got ahead by having the most advanced navy, being the most advanced at getting coal out of the ground, having the best weapons and having an ordered society.

            There is no British google, we buy our nukes from the Americans and power stations from the French. Osborne idiotically taxes our only energy asset into extinction. He’s also removed tax relief on our surprisingly modern and innovative computer games industry,.

            Meanwhile the Germans, who still make cars unlike us, are now getting ahead in the clean energy industry, the Chinese in making everything else and we don’t have anything left to dig out of the ground.

            Let’s pray for oil around the Falklands and hope the Navy lasts long enough to defend it until we’ve drilled it all.


          • smoggie says:

            You forgot to mention the German organic bean sprout industry.


          • Airey Belvoir says:

            ‘Horace Bachelor’s Infra-Draw Method’, the shite we had to endure while twiddling the dial of a pocket radio under the bedclothes to bring in a fading Radio Luxembourg…..happy days… it was all fields round here then…..zzzzzzzz


        • 32
          Dave is a cunt says:

          The ones Dave made to the armed forces, just before he started another war.


      • 39
        Cynical Old Man says:

        VERY selective in your quotations, Anonymong. I note you didn’t include the rest of what the contributors to the letter said. In short, they agreed with Osbourne’s running of the economy but stated that he needed to explain in greater detail the areas where he expects growth to come from. But that doesn’t fit with your narrative so you conveniently ignore that bit of the article. Typical Labour tosser, never let the facts get in the way of a good anti-government rant.


      • 43
        Cynical Old Man says:

        DAVID Blanchflower is a Labour stooge. He writes articles for the Guardian, The New Statesman and various leftie blogs. He’s ALWAYS talking down the economy, ALWAYS predicting economic disaster. Even the other members of the B.O.E.’s Monetary Policy Committee thought he was a tiresome prick.


        • 47
          Anonymous says:

          DAVID Blanchflower predicted the recession will before it started.


          • Cynical Old Man says:

            Fuck me, ANYONE with any sense could have predicted a financial meltdown the way Brown and Balls were running the economy. SEVEN years ago I was telling anyone who would listen to get their finances in order as, even then, I could see a bust developing. Brown was spending more money than he received in tax receipts. It was economic boom built on massive debt. It could not be sustained.


          • I'll get my coat says:

            he couldn’t score like his brother Danny either


        • 124

          His wife ran off with a lezza too


      • 45
        Prole says:

        It was a shit article in the Guardian why
        would anyone want to read it again.


        • 52
          Labour-voters are mutants says:

          Now now. It makes reference to “more than 50 prominent leftwing academics”

          Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach. Those who can’t teach are “leftwing academics.”


          • Anonymous says:

            Please read it, lot of the economist supported the cuts last year. The mess we are in is due to cuts in the wrong places and increased expenses in the wrong places.

            When one loses his income, only a fool will stave himself and give what he have to others. This is what Osborne is doing.


          • Archer Karcher says:

            ‘Please read it’

            You’re kidding right? An article in the useless Guardian, written by a lefty tosser? Life is too short for that level of drivel.


      • 46
        MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

        Yes no 13 if Guido had bothered to get up he would have seen some of the political stories of the day and maybe posted the odd one or two
        but instead he decided to leave us with some tosser attempting to sing a so called funny ditty about the rather irelevant nick clegg !


      • 66
        BillyBob... No 'free' NHS treatment for immigrants, reform reform!! says:

        Bollocks……. cut deeper and faster methinks !!!


      • 83
        William says:

        First word, second paragraph. That’s where I stopped reading.


      • 101
        Errr..... says:

        Yeah great, let’s help the economy by stimulating the national joke that is our housing market. In other words let’s rack up more debt. Has Blanchflower worked in the private sector? Has he ran a company? It’s hard to take seriously much that these guys come out with, They all seem to be very wise after the fact. The best plan B we could have would be to hire some of the peple that direct German economy.


        • 104
          Anonymous says:

          Has Blanchflower worked in the private sector? Has he ran a company?

          Do you know the experience people running this country has.

          1) Cameron, PR, got the job due his wife’s mum.
          2) Osborne, enter dead people’s name in a computer.
          3) Clegg, none
          4) Alexander, PR for parks in Scotland


          • and Gordon Brown, Saviour of the World?


          • Crash says:

            We shouldn’t have run up any debt during the longest boom in UK history. It is a disaster. However Dave lacks substance and is beyond a joke as a PM due to his constant flip flopping. The thing is that if you ask 100 economists what’s best for the economy you get more than 100 opinions. Nobody knows. But we know we want to end up with secure public finances that is not reliant on the money lenders and a tax system which allows industry to grow so that Britain can become a world leader again. One way or another you have to deal with the deficit and only one party is serious about that.


      • 123
        Liam Byrne. says:

        There’s no money left.


      • 152
        not a machine says:

        I too have some doubts about ammount going on foreing aid and dont for get EU contributions have gone up as well, just hope Dave considers how we may yet need some cash to cover overhear before international matters.

        If anyone enjoyed tonights family guy with the redbull , nice take on Obama , but fell out of chair laughing when cow got milked (could symbolise labours ecnomic policy) and then noticed chris in background !


      • 171
        Anonymous says:

        Osborne must stick to his guns and continue the work of three decades to fuck the economy. No Plan B. No retreats. No delays.

        The sooner the shithole this country has become finishes falling to pieces the sooner we have regime change the sooner we kill all the liblabcons. Hallelujah.


    • 49
      Cynical Old Man says:

      Off topic, but if you want to stick two fingers up to Cameron and his E.U.quislings, visit the Peoples’ Pledge website and sign their demand for a referendum on the E.U.

      By the way, they’ve kept quiet about the proposed changes to the Lisbon Treaty which would enable Brussels to keep bailing out bankrupt economies like Greece with our money ad infinitum. What did Wavey Davey promise us about giving the people a referendum about any future treaty changes? Another broken promise on the way, perhaps?


      • 105
        Anonymous says:

        Soon we are going to have a common defense force. France and Germany have agreements for a joint force, now UK is going to share with France.


      • 106
        girl enginner says:

        didn’t the last lot sign that off after they’d lost the last election?


      • 114

        They are not bailing out the bankrupt economies. They are bailing out the investors who invested in the bankrupt economies, aka German and French banks, and no doubt some of our bankrupt banks too. Thats what the IMF does, its a kind of debt collecting agency for “the rich.”


    • 59
      Susan Bor says:

      Netscape, Time-Warner anything AOL turns to … the RBS


  2. 3

    After a rather pointless 1970s, Ari spends the 80s underneath Bernard Levin who refuses marriage offer. The Greek stunna then marries oil billionaire who after a few years decides he’s bisexual: Ari keeps his WASPy name and moves out clutching large bag of swag. Eager to prove herself as more than a just a Mediterranean emissions receptacle she throws a lot of Huffington oil dollars at creating HuffPo, by luck missing the first dotcom debacle. The blog relies heavily on the goodwill of its nil cost posters and witty commenters (GF please note). She sells to AoL, a business that like Microsoft lives on past glories and the inertia of its increasingly middle aged client base.

    She’s been lucky at every turn, and I wouldn’t be surprised to hear she was tolerated within the business solely for her cash flow rather than lauded as a real natural copper-bottomed startup entrepreneur.

    I think that sums the position up.


    • 6
      Saving Ryan's Privates says:

      Sounds like a very sharp buisiness woman. Apart from having to suck a circumsised intellectual knob, she’s done extremely well.

      Well done Ariadne, may I have the pleasure of starting your first British thread?


    • 14
      Witty Commentator No 74 says:

      ËÝåé ï ðáððïýò óôïí åããïíü
      -ÈÝëù íá ìïõ âñåéò Viagra. Ãéá êÜèå ÷Üðé åãþ èá óïõ áöÞíù Ýíá ðåíôï÷ßëéáñï êÜôù áðü ôï ìáîéëÜñé óïõ.
      ÐÜåé ëïéðüí ï åããïíüò, âñßóêåé Ýíá Viagra êáé ôï äßíåé óôïí ðáððïý.
      Ôçí åðüìåíç ìÝñá êïéôÜåé êÜôù áðü ôï ìáîéëÜñé êáé âëÝðåé üôé Þôáí ôßãêá óôï ðåíôï÷ßëéáñï. Ôá ìåôñÜåé, âëÝðåé üôé åßíáé 55 ÷éëéÜäåò êáé óêÝöôåôáé üôé ï ðáððïýò ôá’÷áóå áðü ôç ÷áñÜ ôïõ êáé óêïñðÜåé ôç óýíôáîç.
      ÐÜåé ëïéðüí, ôïí âñßóêåé êáé ôïõ ëÝåé
      -Áöïý ñå ðáððïý åßðáìå Ýíá ðåíôï÷ßëéáñï ãéá êÜèå ÷Üðé, ôß Þôáí áõôü ðïõ Ýêáíåò;
      -Êïßôáîå, ëÝåé ï ðáððïýò, åãþ Ýíá ðåíôï÷ßëéáñï óïõ Üöçóá, ôá õðüëïéðá åßíáé ôçò ãéáãéÜò óïõ…


  3. 5
    Anonymous says:



  4. 8
    Dogsbreath says:

    Yes, yes, but does she play away thats the real question.


    • 18
      smoggie says:

      “Huffington Post” holds all the appeal of mumsnet. Will she allow swearwords, trolls and windup merchants?

      I doubt it.

      I’ll stick to Guido’s gaff where it is quantity not quality what counts.


      • 37
        Anon says:

        If it’s owned by AOL it’s going to be even more sterile than the interior of Red Miliband’s head.


      • 67
        Wile E. Coli says:

        She might let us say Pisum sativum in English. Or is that just a whacky dream?


        • 96
          Squirty says:

          Next thing you know, you won’t get Gr*g*r M*nd*l past the modbot.


          • Infuriated of West Mids says:

            This is why this blog’s the best! No-where else on the internet will you find intelligent genetics quips next to puerile scatological references.

            God Bless order-order.com! Bring it on at your peril, Huffington!


  5. 15
    Wile E. Coli says:

    FLASH: German-grown beansprouts may be the cause of the deadly E.coli outbreak, says German official


    • 20
      smoggie says:

      Grown in Alsation dogs doings, watered with pregnant frauliens pee… it didn’t stand much chance of being clean even though it passed the Green PC machine.


    • 56
      labourunionsbbc we are one says:

      It seems like the ratio to big green food safety laws is equal to big food poison outbreaks.
      Things can only get bigger, soon nobody but accredited food people (the giant food corporations) will legally be allowed to grow, prepare and sell food at which time there will be an outbreak of food poisoning when half the world will be affected.


    • 95
      AnotherAnon. says:

      Probably down to the Uighurs,they’re a dirty bunch,capable of anything.


    • 125
      Anonymous says:

      Good of them to announce it a week after destroying the Spanish cucumber industry.


  6. 16
    M11 tumbleweed says:

    Looks like this is a ‘Huhne free zone’ at the moment


  7. 23
    Anonymous says:

    ‘the Spectator’s soon to be ramped-up CoffeeHouse’

    Have I missed something?


  8. 26
    smoggie says:

    Anyone know what she urns?


  9. 28
    smoggie says:

    Beware of geeks bearing gifts.


  10. 29

    Who is going to write for for Huff for peanuts when they know she shafted previous contributors? Sod that. The only one who will will be the kind of groupthink-addicted leftie subsidy junkies who inhabit Illiberal Conspiracy and Komment Macht Frei – ie, it’ll quickly become another circle jerk for the dullwitted socialist hordes.


  11. 31
    Bazz says:

    I blame it all on self abuse and masturbation.


  12. 36
    Anonymous says:

    “Perhaps Ari should sort out her problems at home before expanding?”

    I suspect she doesn’t really care that much anymore – she took the money and ran…

    Just like Guido will do when Ashcroft offers him £ 2m [or a million for a quick sale if Guido walks away and handcuffs the ‘tory bear’ to the ship instead]…


  13. 38
    Grumpy Old Man says:

    ” Perhaps Ari should sort out her problems at home before expanding? ”
    Arianna is a Leftie. We know to our bitter cost that Lefties sort out their problems by doing more of the same with other people’s money. Sell AoL.


    • 53
      Student in Berkeley not at Berkeley says:

      Nah, she ain’t a lefty – she’s a political whore; wherever the money or the kudos is, Arianna will be huffing along.


  14. 40
    MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

    “Convinced it will make us work harder to break more stories ”
    Get out of your hangover pit on sunday before 4.49 PM that should help you break one or two


  15. 41
    Mark Oaten says:

    Can I be there when Arianna H & Guido really start chucking the shit around.


  16. 55
    John says:

    I love that quote that says Economists are people who know 100 ways to have sex but have never had a girlfriend.


    • 72
      Prole says:

      Reminds me of a friend who, when driving
      about in an Austin mini, routinely rubbished
      an Aston Martin DB6 for a slow gearchange.
      Or a Think tank big head pronouncing on national economies
      and then these marvellously well run organisations going bust.


  17. 61
    Antoine Clarke says:

    Google downranked HuffPo immediately after the sale went thru. So the search engine optimisation may not work so well either.


  18. 62
    Steve says:

    I was up at Cambridge same time as Arianne. A formidably ambitious woman!

    She used to be called “Arianna (self censored, as rude and sexual, and no evidence for it!))


  19. 77
    Jimmy says:

    If Cashcroft comes calling, tell him not a penny less than fifty quid.

    “Far from being daunted Guido welcomes the competition convinced it will spur us to work harder to break more stories first.”

    See you can be funny when you try.


    • 100
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      Grow up TAT you piss soaked retard !

      as always fuck all constructive to sat


    • 162
      smoggie says:

      With material like that, there’s a top job for you on the HuffiePost.


  20. 81
    Young Tim says:

    huff puffington will struggle to understand the wit on here let alone compete with it.


  21. 82
    Chris Huhne. says:

    No Comment.


    • 107
      MAD FRANKIE HADDOCK son of COD says:

      LA LA LA LA I’m not listening i can’t hear you so i can’t answer any of your questions Mr Plod !


  22. 84
    Postlethwaite says:

    At 7.00 p.m. this evening watching the BBC report on the bad and evil Palestinian’s being mortared by the Israelis. I then watched the entirely unopposed Israeli apologist say how awful those unarmed guys were and more or less asking to be shot at (on camera) by the Israeli storm troopers.

    This is a nice little hit and run job by the BBC TV and is as such a reliable source.


  23. 87
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    The performance will depend on who they employ in the UK. If it’s someone with the insight of Toilets Maguire then they are fucked before they start.


    • 112
      nell says:

      Ah! They are going to employ someone to run it?

      I have just the person.

      Dearest gordon is desperately looking for a high profile job. sarah is a personal friend of huffy so I’m sure she could persuade her to employ gordohubby to do the blogging.

      Scintillating stuff! Guido will really need to watch out then!!


    • 122
      Jabba the Cat says:

      Then Maguire must be the top nominee, someone inform Huffington immediately.


      • 139
        1569 Rising says:

        But, she’s an American, so won’t be able to understand Geordie Maguire’s accent.


        • 141
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Even when translated into the Queen’s English I can’t make head or tail of anything McTwat or Toilets say.


      • 158
        smoggie says:

        These socialists don’t come cheap.


  24. 89
    Anonymous says:

    Clearly, Huffy has got Herr Guido very worried.


    • 94
      Anonymous says:


      Isn’t that what the plank that looks like Shrek (thank you, Richard Hammond), has just had implanted?


  25. 92
    AnotherAnon. says:

    The coming of Arianna’s Huffington Post to British shores isn’t generating much buzz yet…. That’s because it’s rubbish.Who I their right mind is going to want to blog for that bit of old Chitterling [for free]?


  26. 97
    AnotherAnon. says:

    Someone has nicked Hague’s tub of Vaseline.Thought he was walking with difficulty in Benghazi the other day?



  27. 108
    nell says:


    ariannahuffpo that pal of sarahbrown’s ?

    Don’t think that they’re going to be much competition for you guido. They seem to spend their lives looking at what each other are wearing. Not much political commentary in all that.


    • 127
      nell says:

      Really? ariannahuffpo had/has a thing for bliar the liar and/or vice versa?!!

      And it wasn’t the subject of an injunction?

      Doesn’t say much for her taste in men though does it?


  28. 111

    Tell you what that guy annonymous I have difficulty figuring out,he talks so many different ways and is apparently an expert in all things he leaves me confused.
    Well actually he doesn’t I have seen many many jack of all trades king of none in my lifetime which would lead me to a certain conclusion.
    Hope he replies to this and maybe he and I can discuss on an intelligent level.


  29. 117
    Handycock says:

    Does she ride tandem?


    • 128
      Anonymous says:

      Alistair Campbell has been throwing his not inconsiderable weight around at a football match. All in the name of charidee.


    • 130
      TATS MUM says:

      Tat you little cripple !
      Why are you fixated with all things Gay ?
      you were obsessed with Nick Griffin and Martin Webster to the extent you were jealous that they didn’t let you join in
      now you are obsessed with Hague and Mayers
      you really are a closet Gay
      It’s just a shame that your spazzy legs make you so repulsive to Women


  30. 118
    Why has no one been charged with perverting the course of justice? says:

    I see the Pope is bemoaning the destruction of family life in our modern society. Good to see such sentiments from the head of an organisation previously engaged in the systematic cover up of horrendous child abuse by many of it’s Priests over generations. Morality eh, can’t beat it !


    • 131
      Parish Priest says:

      No, but you can tie its naughty young legs to a table and spank it, and spank it, and spank it and spank it and spank it and yaaaaaaaaarrrrrgh ………… excuse me. ………………

      *fap fap fap fap fap FAPaaaaaaaaaaaah*


    • 132
      Another old German bloke says:

      Religion is the opiate of the masses.


    • 143
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      And also a man who has never had sex let alone a family in his 80 yr life.

      Since he’s a former member of the Hitler Youth it’s quite hard to believe he hasn’t had sex with anyone.


  31. 120
    MP, Kirkcaldy and Cowdenbeath says:

    M- M- M- M- Mr Speaker, if I may, I would like to welcome this beautiful young Greek entrepreneuress to our great country. And, if I may say, if she enjoys it up the tradesman’s, half as much as I enjoy it up the tradesman’s, then she’s in for a very enjoyable stay here indeed.


    • 144
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      It’s the traditional Greek girl’s way of not getting pregnant.

      For Scottish girls – it’s their boat race.


  32. 133
    TATS MUM says:

    Adriana huffington is Live on family guy now on bbc3


  33. 135

    I’ll huff and I’ll puff…


  34. 140
    Colonel Blimp says:

    Methinks Mr. G. Fawkes is worried, despite his bullish comments – otherwise why mention Huffington at all?


  35. 142
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    On further reflection I think the Huffington Post will be about as successful in the UK as Private Eye would be in the US.

    Top tip: get Polly Toynbee to write for you – she is well loved by intelligent people in the Uk. Failing that Mary Riddell or Jackie Ashley.


  36. 146
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Look – with regards to shiny faced Dave.

    He is not a Tory. Watch what he does rather than what he says. Oborne got him bang on today when he described him as the most Europhile PM since Heath. The useless twat is cutting UK social programs whilst ring-fencing the DfiD and increasing payments to the EU and the home of Islamic terrorism – Pakistan.

    The only thing keeping him perky is that most people realise that Miliband and Balls are just Gay Gordon reincarnated and none of us want that.


  37. 147
    not a machine says:

    How do you beat a michevious irish libertarian who can do city talk ?? ,huff and puff all you can , beside you can go to telegraph bloggs if you want west wing politics. See if USA version of Guido Fawkes could work in, very large irish community …..although given number of Irish people who might not be so keen to forgive the bust&bailout looking like its been repeated over there , Donegal daily, Patricks Post , emerald eyespy.

    didnt catch much of todays politics , Andrew marrs had harriet on who was not present for sofa wave goodbye and missed question on child sexualisation and instead talked about Egypt and UN wimmins rights . Ed balls managed a sound bite but those pesky figures escaped him yet again , given labour would only cut 2% less on budgets ,ed obscured the fact he was still talking about a teaspoon to fill his goverments grand canyon of debt , or for that matter where he thought the growth would come from . I might remind that his Vat cut in 2008 didnt really help the deficet or economy oopps . the real tradgey is that we needed as much deficet cut as possible while interest rates were low a bad winter and now a potential poor harvest from drought is not how things could best have worked .thats the trouble with credit busts they also hoover up future demand as everyone buys household goods on the cheap credit , also ruining savings culture and then having credit boom was a plague on so many ordinary people who thought tony blair was nice bloke looking after the ordinary person , who subsequently had to pay for his wonk champagne socialist ecnomics grand bust.
    anyway isnt vince leading the growth . besides eds 50% cut dont make much sense if interest rates go up as that could lead to even less spending on the goods needed to start filling the hole ,those pesky imports .
    Cameron sounds better on NHS , there is no non reform position if the budget is to work for its people and patients better in the future , god knows the money labour blew on things like IT would have been better spent , truth is only reform will save the NHS which Labour have jeapordised by spending care money on minor organisational efficencies .

    Andrew Marrs meagcities , I think he needs to get out more if that pastice of city life is all he encounters , try megadebts next time , see how that one runs .


  38. 148
    ! says:

    Fuck Thatcher.


  39. 151
    Baroness Ashton says:

    ‘This is the same Pat Cox, who while President of the European Parliament agreed with Romano Prodi that the investigative report into wholesale abuse and corruption of the EU budget, called the Eurostat scandal, be kept secret.

    ‘Only a select group of MEPs were permitted to see the audit and report, and then only in a darkened room, under surveillance from security guards, having been denied the use of a photocopier, camera or even mobile phone, and after having been forced to sign a declaration promising not to reveal the contents of the report. When a hearing was held to discuss the results, it was Cox and Prodi who ensured that the results of the use of taxpayers’ money never became public.

    ‘Corporate Europe Observatory also recently addressed the subject of Mr Cox’s lack of transparency. They pointed out that he is director of two lobby firms, Strategic Consulting firm CAPA Ltd and European Integration Solutions, but has chosen not to register these voluntarily with the European Commission’s transparency register. ‘

    Guido your Irish chums must vote for this charl, er, man.


  40. 157
    smoggie says:

    smoggie doesn’t do Youtoob Vids… but if he did, they’d probably be the best ones on t’net.

    Not some old tat.


  41. 163
    the moneyshot says:

    i see giggs is in a bit of brother


  42. 165
    AlbaMale says:

    So many bloggers rushing around rearranging the deck chairs as the Titanic inexorably goes down.

    Why don’t some of you ask the ‘BIG’ questions instead of joining the presstitutes and patting each other on the back?


  43. 173
    Anonymous says:

    Nothing to fear: she has cashed out and the whole thing is now in the hands of a big dumb US Corporate whose middle rankers will, despite the best intentions of senior beings, wreck the USP.

    Huffpo of yore versus $315M? Well, who would not walk away and smile!


  44. 175
    Auntie Flo' says:

    I was on the US Huffpo but got fed up with the left wing censorship and spin. If the mods don’t like the polictics of your comments you find your posts are delayed from appearing on the site for days, these will only be posted once the topic is old and dead and no one will see your post. That way, you can’t complain about censorship because your post’s on the site by the time you complain.

    My posts pointing out the hypocrisy of Gordon Brown’s pro womens’ rights articles on US Huffpo, given that a female member of his team was driven to resign by his sexism, were held back or not posted at all by Huffpo.


  45. 176
    dlj says:

    Guido – you and your readers should be aware of this Huffington Post’s partnership with Russia Today, propagandising ‘news channel’ for the Kremlin, its seeking to undermine the West, the EU, our British alliance with the United States. Partners also of Russia Today with this Huffington Post are the website ‘What Really Happened.’ Believe me, you will not like this content! Please, no more puff pieces for this stuff. We can make our own minds up!


  46. 177
    Sandi Talksbig Talentless BBC Lesbain See You Next Thursday says:

    The Tories put the n into Huhne.


  47. 181
    non believer says:

    For better or worse Huffpo is the largest and most popular blog of any kind on the planet, never mind just political

    America has and continues to have far greater political web content and a far more competitive environment than here and yet Huffington Post has beaten them all.

    You’d have to be pretty fool hardy to write it off here imo, but I guess we’ll wait and see.

    btw from what I read at the New York Times only 4% of HuffPo’s traffic is derived from it’s unpaid contributors.


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