June 2nd, 2011

Order of the OTT For Red Ken

It’s definitely time for an Order of the OTT given some of the absurd hyperbole that lefties have been spouting this week. Revolutionary darling Owen Jones gets a special commendation for his attempt to pull up the ladder with his “Abolish Oxbridge” campaign. Guido is sure it must be a spoof.

However Red Ken’s bad case of foot-in-mouth-disease has struck again, leaving even the most loyal of Labourites wincing. Showing his characteristically spectacular poor judgement, Ken described Boris’s new Chief of Staff as the “the Mladic of local government” at a campaign event last night. Eddie Lister reformed Wandsworth Council, streamlining services and creating savings. Mladic killed 18,000 Muslims. Good day for Boris.


  1. 1
    Full on English Cunt says:

    Why do i never here such talk from the right?

    • 3
      Full on English Cunt says:

      Sorry, that should be “Hear”.

      • 39
        Anonymous says:

        “Ministers have criticised Boris Johnson for saying he would not allow “Kosovo-style social cleansing” in London, amid a row over housing benefit reforms.”

        I didn’t vote for Ken (last time but voted for Boris), this time I will vote for Ken.

        As things are Ken will win, I have to accept he did much more to London than Boris. The main reason Ken will win is Cameron, Clegg and Osborne.

        • 49
          How Sad says:

          Worst piece of Liebour trolling I have seen on here for a long time!

          • Osama the Nazarene says:

            The salient point is …I have to accept he [Ken] did much more to London than Boris. Precisely.

        • 50
          Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

          Boris is way better than Ken. Imagine all those disgusting con-artists like Lee Jasper back on the scene.

          No thanks.

          • Anonymous says:

            You have a point, but who do you think will win? Not who deserve too win but actual win.

          • Anonymous says:

            Look at the betting odds, Ken is sure to win.

          • smoggie says:

            The only thing Red ken did for London was to subsidise LT fares. With Londoners rates. So the tourists and the rich long distance commuters had their travel costs partly paid for by those who lived in town, whether they used LT or not.

            The way the backstabbing bastard became leader of the GLC tells you all you need to know about the man. Eyes passim

          • AC1 says:

            Which had the effect of increasing house prices outside London (as subsidies always do see Ricardos Law of Rent).

        • 56
          Major Paddy says:

          By your deeds shall you be known-arsehole

          • WHAT IS 365BLACK?

            At McDonald’s®, we believe that African-American culture and achievement should be celebrated 365 days a year — not just during Black History Month. That’s the idea behind 365Black.com. It’s a place where you can learn more about education, employment, career advancement and entrepreneurship opportunities, and meet real people whose lives have been touched by McDonald’s. Plus, you can also have a chance to win exciting once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. So make sure you visit often — you just might get inspired.

          • smoggie says:

            So 24/7 fried chicken macs?

        • 65
          Steve Miliband says:

          Mike Naylor

      • 90
        Anonymous says:

        I think your name says it all you twat.

        Check out some of Jeffrey Archers comments……..

    • 32
      Smokin' Butt says:

      Maybe, just maybe, it’s cos the right has less in the way of melodramatic, hand-wringing, holier-than-thou, irrational, ideologically-blinded, cloud-cuckoo-land-dwelling twunts.

      Of course I could be wrong.

      But I’m not.

      • 40
        Anonymous says:

        Just read what Boris said about housing benefits cut.

        • 55
          Sir William Waad says:

          I think he was against it, wasn’t he?

          • Anonymous says:

            This is how he supported it

            “Ministers have criticised Boris Johnson for saying he would not allow “Kosovo-style social cleansing” in London, amid a row over housing benefit reforms.”

          • The Paragnostic says:

            Boris was simply trying to appëase the multi-culti constituency.

            There is no good reason why housing benefit should continue to subsidise London landlords merely to artificially keep low income families in houses that a medium-income family cannot afford to rent – it distorts the rental sector, discourages Mustafa and his tribe from working and contributing to society, and is overtly political, just as much as Shirley Porter’s funny business in Westminster was.

            And the Kosovo reference? Just Boris being Boris – same as Ken was just being Ken when he made the Mladic reference. They’re both flamboyant deployers of the hyperbollocks, and as such add to the gaiety of life. One is fit to be mayor, the other is a newt fancying knobend, but still a good laugh.

    • 38
      AC1 says:

      Mind you when the Melons do see someone abhorrent they clam up


    • 41
      Anonymous says:

      Cllr. Eddie Lister, Tory Leader of Wandsworth, says local councils should hike up the prices of local services as far as they can go:’We will look to increase charges as far as possible beyond inflation so that consumers of the services are bearing the full cost’*
      He’s prepared to play Tory politics with services that people rely on:“It is worth taking a trial and error approach to see just what the market [residents] will bear.” So while, with one hand, the Tory council appears to give by making reductions in council tax, they take from families with the other hand.

  2. 2
    Sandy Gray says:

    & on that note I might just flop into bed!

  3. 4
    Red Ken says:

    I’m such a cnut.

  4. 5
    Anonymous says:

    Where’s Billy?

    • 22
      is it says:

      Poor Billy – he can’t win – first he is here too much, then when he fails to appear then questions are asked.

      Maybe he is not working in the Library today or what ever tax payer funded job he has.

    • 48
      Twat Watch says:

      Where`s Gordon?

    • 76
      Anonymous says:

      Hope he found a job and trying to find a life!

    • 86
      Tessa Tickles says:

      Some of you were thoroughly rotten to him. He loved posting here.

      • 102
        smoggie says:

        He’s OK our Bill, with his homespun truths and dislec..dyslexxhs..diz.. his pisspoor spelling.

        He’ll be back shortly. Have faith.

  5. 8
    Senator Bloodn' Gore, says:

    I kinda like Red Ken……..the man who saw buses and thought ‘bendy’, saw any road in Soho and thought ‘close it and mark it detour’ ……he has a sense of humour. Trouble is no one else gets it.

    • 16
      AC1 says:

      Does anyone like the bendy buses?

      Does anyone else think the quality of bus drivers has fallen recently maybe due to “affirmative action” recruitment?

    • 23
      Postlethwaite says:

      Londoners voted him in more than once.

      Maybe they have a sense of humour too?

      • 54
        Anonymous says:

        Yep, first time it was because he was on the underdog ticket after being kicked out of the Labour party, second time he had no credible opposition and had been given four years to buy more votes with taxpayers’ money.

        • 80
          Anonymous says:

          This time Ken has Cameron, Osborne and Nick to thank for, with their help Ken is sure to win.

          • smoggie says:

            Dream on. Nobody but the Cloud Cuckooland wishful thinkers of the left believes that for a second. Whatever else you can say about Boris, he is his own man.


    • 69
      Nu Attack Dog says:

      Ken is a cockroach

  6. 9
    simon r says:

    Looking forward to him campaigning next year especially if he ropes in Miliband.

    The combination of nasal whining and thick tongued lisping will be hoot.

  7. 10
    Sir William Waad says:

    He’s a bigot.

    • 15
      EC1 PhD says:

      I remember coming across some of these romantic leftie / commie types at school, aka Colin Firth in “Another Country” where they would go around spouting Marx and Engels and calling for the downfall of public schools while being educated in them. Sad, really.

    • 72
      Gillian Duffy says:

      So am I!

  8. 11
    Wooden Tops says:

    What’s D.I. Burnside from The Bill doing in that picture on the left.

    • 19
      DI Burnside says:

      I’m deep undercover in Ken’s inner circle, having sexual relations with female supporters, organizing transport for his many jaunts etc. Once I’ve got enough on him I’ll have him sent down (to the Lords after he loses the election).

      • 28
        Backwoodsman says:

        Ken ‘n Oona, high on the list of the most repugnant double acts ever produced by labour !
        Taking the meaning of parasitic to new levels.

      • 128
        DI Roach says:

        Let me know if you need a hand Guv.

    • 26
      String emUp says:

      And how did Gollum get in the other one

  9. 12
    Steve Miliband says:

    Owen Jones is a bit chippy. Write a crappy article, tweet it and before you know it you’ll be an MP

    I mean, who wears brown shoes with a dark suit

    • 60
      Major Paddy says:

      All Italians,black shoes are for box parties only

    • 75
      English Viking says:

      Jones’s idea that the University that he graduated from, putting him in his privileged position today, should be shut down, is typical lefty spite.

      • 173
        Sicko says:

        I’d put it down as self-loathing resulting from low self-esteem. I’ll bet he was the type who developed a sense of overpowering resentment watching all those Sloaney public school types having fun with daddy’s money.

  10. 14
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    I live in Wandsworth and compared to most other London boroughs it is extremely well run indeed – a top rating for services and the lowest council tax in the country. It is hilarious watching Sadiq Khan trying to blame them for things as the population responded by electing Tory councillor after Tory councillor. Tory dominance is actually a bit of a problem – it’s something like 54 Tories in a council of 60 (IIRC the only Labour ones are from the Asian enclave around Tooting) which is not healthy.

    Boris has made a good choice in my view and even better if it annoys yesterday’s man Livingstone

    • 17
      AC1 says:

      Yes it’s pity about that Islamist colony blighting the rest.

      • 31
        Anonymous says:

        Are you talking about Bosnia?

      • 82
        RealityCheck says:

        No, I just think he’s talking out of his arse.

        • 92
          AC1 says:

          I lived there once.

          Mo hamed
          Mo’ Problems

          • Anonymous says:

            I realise that. Of course, Mladic was also defending the Serbs against Islamic fundamentalism. No mention from our government or the controlled media of the massacres and ethnic cleansing perpetrated by our islamic allies in Bosnia. But then, our foreign policy is decided in Riyadh.

        • 98
          Archer Karcher says:

          He is talking about the ‘ diverse and vibrant’ third world colonies of Tooting and Balham, AKA shitholes.

          • Diversity is Strength says:

            Don’t forget Peckham, Lewisham, Stockwell, Wembly, Tower fcuking Hamlets…well you get the picture.

          • Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

            Balham’s ok – the shit starts once you get past Tooting Bec tube.

    • 162
      will says:

      I live in the so called asian enclave and can assure you that my ward which elected 3 labour councillors is not mainly asian but what i would call old style labour especially thats why cllr fairbrother get relected every time nad the fact that thye bothered to canvass last time. Ps i voted against sadiq in the general election as he got rid of my nice old style labour MP tom Cox. ( a proper labour rebel Mp and independent minded) not a robot like khan

  11. 18
    marcus Aurelius says:

    I’m shocked at Ken denigrating his socialist brother Mladic. Mind you lefties do love to fight each other.

    Livingstone is the Pol-Pot of local politics

  12. 20
    Kevin T says:

    Ken lost it years ago and it would be a surprise if he came out with something which wasn’t obnoxious crap. I think Jones is more deserving of the award for his disgraceful rant – yet another example of a lefty wanting to “level” the education system by doing away with the best institutions (which he already benefited from).

    Here’s a radical idea – instead of whinging about the privilege enjoyed by students at Eton and Oxbridge, why not try modeling what they do and making the state system more like them? How can lefties be against these sorts of old-fashioned schools while accepting the undeniable fact that they provide a superior education? We’re dealing with morons here.

    • 51
      Give them what they want says:

      Why not empty “Oxbridge” of all these self professed lefties and send them to former polytechnics and fill up the better Uni’s with the proles.

      • 59
        P_Dorff says:

        Who would take the lectures?

        • 67
          Major Paddy says:

          very wise observation,the class war is inverted all these establishment hoons con the loons and degenerates that social mobility only comes through big government-oh,gosh,the levels of mobility plummeted since john major left power and the gap between those with the most and those who WORK for the least has widened,thats no accident,socialism=I empathise with workers,downtrodden,etc…while robbing them blind

      • 153
        The Paragnostic says:

        Why not just cut funding for all but technical subjects at these universities? If a PPE from Oxford is really that good, surely it’s worth full m*rket value to prospective students? Lawyers charge a mint for being able to read and follow an argument, so charge full prïce for law degrees too.

        Pity about the ‘liberal arts’ subjects, but there’s plenty of time in most people’s lives to read the odd bit of literature or look at a history book or two…

        A good dose of Philistinism is what the buggers need…

  13. 24
    Postlethwaite says:

    Ken has not been in the news for a while. Just attention seeking, poor dear.

  14. 25
    Full on English Cunt says:

    How is he doing in the polls?

    • 27
      Kevin T says:

      Very well in Tower Hamlets.

    • 30
      Steve Miliband says:

      Poles don’t like him

      • 174
        Sicko says:

        True enough. There was a story in Private Eye back in the days of the GLC which turned upon the fact that, even though he was portraying himself as ‘friend of the ethnic minorities’, he wasn’t doing anything for them because they were the ‘wrong kind of minority’ (ie not likely to vote for him).

        Funny what having experience of totalitarian Stalinist oppression does to you.

  15. 29
    is it says:

    is Billy a moderated word now?

  16. 33
    East End Islamist says:

    Ken was a great mayor. I endorse him so strongly that I will cast at least thirty votes in his favour.

    • 99
      Even realer IRA says:

      Our Ken was always sympathetic to our cause, even when bombs were going off in London.

  17. 34
    Red Knobhead. says:

    You are right Ken, saving public money is the act of a genocidal maniac. That money could well have been thrown about all over the place.

  18. 35

    Mr Livingstone remains married to Marxism and divorced from reality.

  19. 36

    Is Red Ken still around? I thought he was in a care home or somethng.

    • 62
      Wayne from Bristol says:

      If he is I’ll batter ‘im, but only if he’s smaller than me and has fewer tattoos, ‘cos I’m not as stupid as I look, innit.

  20. 42
    Anon says:

    It never ceases to amaze me how wankstains like Livingstone always manage to float, turd-like, to the top of the barrel. There is clearly something very wrong with our democracy if such low-calibre scum can achieve this. He’s not alone – there’s Balls and Balls, the Wintertons, Smiffy, Mandelslime, McBust…..bloody hell the sodding list is endless. Depressing, isn’t it?

    • 154
      Archer Karcher says:

      The list is indeed dire and yet no matter what they prosper.
      The woman who presided over the Mid Staffordshire Health fiasco where hundreds died in her squalid hospitals, is rather unbelievably, now the head of a government Quango which is responsible for err… the standard of health and social care in England and earns over £200,000 pa.
      Make of that what you will.

      • 167
        Designed to fail says:

        What do you expect? The witch in charge, Cynthia Bower, is a saboteur from Common Purpose.

  21. 43
    Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

    Now had a read of Owen Jones’ puerile nonsense. His basic mistake is to consider the word “chav” as interchangeable with “working class”. The same mistake in fact that Polly Toynbee made earlier in the week. What is it with these socialist morons that they can’t see the difference.

    I have plenty of time for the working classes (the background of my family) as they tend to want to put the hours in to get the nicer things in life for the family. I have zero tolerance for the chav element in society – basically those who forgo employment for a state subsidised existence punctuated by outbursts of drunkenness, fighting and petty (or serious) crime.

    • 45
      Hugh Janus says:

      “….basically those who forgo employment for a state subsidised existence punctuated by outbursts of drunkenness, fighting and petty (or serious) crime.”

      You obviously detest MPs as much as the rest of us.

  22. 44
    The Beast of Srebenicia says:

    At least Mladic sorted out the postal vote problem in Srebenicia
    Boris could be on to something here.

  23. 47

    is best not done….
    ║                                             ║
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  24. 52
    (I've been renamed) DA-Notice says:

    Lister only kept the Council Tax down there by taxing motorists through parking, bus lane and yellow box junction enforcement, a contrived additional motorist stealth tax.

    • 53
      Lady Virginia Droit de Seigneur says:

      Interesting – I’ve lived in the borough for 15 years and never had a problem with any of that.

    • 58
      Sir William Waad says:

      Ah, so you’re the blighter who keeps fouling up the traffic.

      Tend to agree about bus lanes, though, A literal waste of space.

      • 77
        labourunionsbbc we are one says:

        They should halve the road tax on moterists as we are no longer allowed to use half the roads.

  25. 66
    Well Paid Shill says:

    Abolish Oxbridge? How exactly? Any attempt amde to force Oxford or Cambridge to change would be met by both universities going private and telling the government exactly where to go.

    • 71
      Major Paddy says:

      Oxbridge are not this generations to abolish,they are institutions in our care,well like the royal yacht…..

    • 97
      AC1 says:

      You could however institute a Land Value Tax on which Oxbridge derives a large part of it’s money (e.g Oxford Street).

      • 168
        The Paragnostic says:

        A LVT would also have the advantage of pissing off the Chief Druid, as the CofE owns vast amounts of property around the country, mostly extorted from the credulous in past generations.

        The Duke of Westminster might be a bit pissed off as well – so it’s a win-win!

  26. 68
    bergen says:

    Has Ken formally been adopted as the Labour candidate yet?I realise he considers it his entitlement but others may conclude he has long passed his sell-by date after more than thirty years in power or opposition.

  27. 70
    Drop a Daisy cutter on the BBC says:

    Boris rocks, Boris will walk the next London election.

    • 147
      smoggie says:

      …or bike it. I agree though, it’s in the saddlebag for Boris.

      Top bloke.

  28. 79
    A full on English Cunt says:

    What will the Labour party do next, Select Gordon to fight the election as leader after Ed is rejected?

    • 84
      Hugh Janus says:

      I sincerely hope so. Call Me Dave isn’t capable of winning the next election if he continues to govern by press release alone. It will be have to be a case of Liebore comprehensively losing the GE rather than CMD winning it, hence my unbridled support for Miltwat – or even Balls when he’s dumped. Currently this is the best we can hope for.

      • 91
        Tessa Tickles says:

        Balls becomes leader and appoints Brown as shadow Chancellor?

        • 96
          Hugh Janus says:

          The dream ticket.

          • Tessa Tickles says:

            Rats, the flaw in my idea is that the Labour Party doesn’t trust its leader to select his/her own shadow cabinet members

            This is partly why Red M – having initially declared that a “new generation” was in charge – got lumbered with all the dross from Brown’s old cabinet.

            Balls will have to hope that Brown gets appointed by the Parteh.

        • 114
          smoggie says:

          Or Mrs Balls becomes leader and we have yet another big family sulk.

          The problem is, with no credible opposition, the Tories have become complacent. We’ll never get another Maggie in this environment.

      • 138
        Shock,Awe and Total Indifference says:

        Well let’s face it even against the most unpopular and worst Prime Minister for nearly 50 years “Dave” couldn’t even scrape a majority of one…and who advised him to allow Clegg into the Prime Ministerial debates last year ? That poor judgement call cost him at least 15 seats…trouble is he’s still taking advice from the same fella….hence the present out of touch policies and debacles….let’s also remember the old adage that “Governments lose elections;Oppositions rarely win them !” “Dave” should thank his lucky stars that Labour elected a “deadbeat” as Leader as anyone with a semblance of charisma and the best the Tories can hope for in 2015 is being the biggest party and even that’s no certain on the present showing…

        • 151
          smoggie says:

          I struggle to find anything of substance in this raving, not that I care. But what I’d really like to understand is why you find the need to put Dave in quotation marks.

  29. 81
    labourunionsbbc we are one says:

    Shouldn’t red ken be sleeping with the newts.


  30. 83
    Polly Toynbee, Alan Bennett, John Simpson, Oona King says:

    This site wants a final solution for lefties that is like child abuse and waterboarding and makes it seem like the k k k are in charge.

  31. 88
    Niall Ferguson says:

    Ken is full of rubbish. The socialists would make a profit if they could privatise the rubbish tip that is Ken Livingstone. The Eco warriors would profit from recycling Ken’s environMental trash. We can even send Ken’s rubbish to the third world where poor kids can make a bob or two selling on Ken’s garbage to any socialist that will buy.

  32. 89
    Doppelganger says:

    Anyone noticed how an angry, well-fed Bob Crow looks more than a bit like an angry, well-fed Serbian genocidal maniac. Separated at birth perhaps?

  33. 94
    A Fifer says:

    Kens rubbish :)

  34. 108
    Gordon Brown says:

    Spank me big boy.

  35. 110
    A full on English Cunt says:

    Does anyone recall when Ken called someone a Nazi?

  36. 112
    Gordon Brown says:

    I’m 100th!

  37. 115
    Polly "Final Solution" Toynbee says:

    I’m still guilty of the biggest OTT comment. I’m off to Tuscany.

  38. 116
    Chucky Yomomma says:

    I’m a future prime minister.

    • 144
      smoggie says:

      Where will you be in 20 years? My guess is on the back benches if you’re lucky. the voting public do not like chancers.

  39. 117
    John Simpson says:

    Freezing the licence fee is like waterboarding.

  40. 129
    Engineer says:

    One of many things that baffle me about lefty thinking is their obsession with destroying anything of quality. Abolish Oxbridge? Why?

    We need more elitism. Elite academic institutions, elite sportsmen (funny how they seem to have less of a problem with this), elite manufacturers, elite plumbers, doctors, car mechanics, dustmen, farmers…you name it. Bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator is a recipe for disaster.

    • 132
      Hugh Janus says:

      “Bringing everything down to the lowest common denominator is a recipe for disaster.”

      And MPs are a wonderful example of this principle.

  41. 130
    Cato Street Conspirator says:

    I think Livingstone is a two-faced hoon. But he’ll knock Johnson off his pedestal new time round.

    • 135
      smoggie says:

      As what? Woman Shagger of the Year? No frikkin chance of that. Ken’s never had one.

    • 142
      Anonymous says:

      You certainly like to keep up your reputation as the dopiest troll on here don’t you Cato?

      • 160
        Archer Karcher says:

        Cato can’t help it, he has a genetically imprinted socialist gene, he still believes and has convinced himself, the only reason socialism has failed and that it’s hands are covered in innocent blood, is because the ‘right’ kind of socialism has not been tried yet.

  42. 136
    John Ward says:

    Here’s another OTT order. Sadly, it’s true.

    DSK, DSK’s brother, Geithner, Lagarde, and why Strauss-Kahn has really been banged up…

  43. 141
    Owen says:

    Oxbridge should be turned into a vibrant high quality cultural centre for colourful tracksuited folk.

  44. 145
    Robert Catesby says:

    Blimey. Fear not – a Labour member has told Owen to pipe the fuck down by actually writing something that makes sense.

    There is hope.


    • 157
      Engineer says:

      Blimey – that does make sense.

      He won’t last long in the Labour Party writing sense like that.

  45. 148
    BoJo supporter says:

    I like BoJo. He’s kept his promise to bring back Routemasters. It might seem a small thing but they were infinitely preferable to the new ones. There are two “heritage” routes still operating, 9 and 15. I hopped on one last week and it was a reminder of how superior they are.

  46. 152

    Fred Goodwin inserted his member into Susan Bor’s vagina. More than once.

    Susan Bor was rapidly promoted in RBS for reasons that we cannot be sure of. Maybe she was good at her job? She remains RBS’s director of group resourcing. RBS is 83% owned by us. We have an interest.

    This information is the subject of a super injunction. Her lawyer is still trying to keep this information from our knowledge on the basis that it will cause distress to her family. So you are not allowed to know it.

    Are the family’s interests more important than the need for transparency in a spunked-up mess of a failed bank? If so, why?

  47. 155
    Vazeline® The Slipperiest Substance On The Planet says:

    “The UK Border Agency is not fit for purpose”

    Quite, they let me in. QED

  48. 163
    I fucked Sally Bercow in the ass, hard. says:

    Ken’s a commie.

    Boris is a buffoon.

    Tough choice. As usual.

    Good job Lutfur Rahman isn’t running.

  49. 164
    Handycock, No1 Trougher in Parliament says:

    There is nothing wrong with Ken. He is a shagger, and supreme Trougher, just like me.

    • 166
      I fucked Sally Bercow in the ass, hard. says:

      He also like the taste of cock, I gather.

      So the similarity doesn’t end there.

    • 170
      Hiram Abif says:

      Take no notice Brother Handycock. You are the Widow’s son. Jahbulon.

  50. 169

    Comments like Ken’s just make the speaker lose all credibility. Maybe an apology for the victims he disregarded when making his comments, and to the general population he tried to mislead into thinking someone was a war criminal who has committed crimes against humanity, and to the person who he falsely characterised as such, and maybe, just maybe, he might get a ‘second’ chance.

    The default position has to be that the Ken has no credibility which makes him unelectable by anyone with a sense of judgement. Sadly, many of his voters are too stupid to consider credibility when choosing their political representatives. On a more positive note, he’s quite old and will be dead soon.

    I’m not particularly anti-Ken, but his policies when in power, such as the congestion charge, seemed to be focused on preserving privileges for himself, his staff, and the rich. He’s a traitor to the working classes who have to live in poverty to pay his regressive tax.

  51. 172
    MacShame on Newsnight Now says:

    Enough of this lying, thieving bastard! Why do they keep wheeling him out?

  52. 175
    neonoctafish says:

    Wasn’t Mladic “Dr” John Reid’s drinking buddy back in the day? Curiously, the good doc seems to have gone awfully quiet of late.

  53. 176
    Simply Ken says:

    ere leave it out i’m just a simple man with simple opinions looking to do simple things for simple people.


    anyway keep avin a go at me and i’ll get my terrorist mates in libya and the ira to do you

  54. 177
    TootingToryInfidel says:

    Here in the Brighter Borough we tend to think of Eddie Lister rather as the Ante Gotovina of local government…

    As Wikipedia puts it, “The Conservatives have had an overall majority on the council since 1978, despite demographics that would suggest a higher level of support for Labour and the Liberal Democrats.” Something else for Sad Eek to be sad about.

    Z D S

  55. 181
    brian gilhooley says:

    Livingston is one of Liebour’s biggest arseholes (in a party stuffed with them), as big an asset to the Tories as The Palazzo Princess, Madame Toynbee. Keep spouting, Ken!

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Guido-hot-button (1) Guido-hot-button (1)

A confused Nick Griffin says Nigel Farage is a shill for the City, forgetting that City banks want to stay in the EU:

“Farage is a snake oil salesman, but a very good one. His supposed anti-immigration stance is all smoke and mirrors, as is his carefully cultivated image as a ‘man of the people’. The truth is that UKIP is a pro-immigration party that exists to lobby for the interests of the City of London.”

Nick Clegg says:

Do you want lies with that?

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